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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent London    November 03  2018


THE world is catching up fast with the reality of the situation in South Africa. The lies and deception of the ANC communists appeared to have gone down in the grave with their dead hero Nelson Mandela. On the Facebook profile of The All-Polish Youth appeared today appeal concerning the current situation of the white population of the Republic of South Africa to the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

THE organization raises the topic of anti-white racism in South Africa, which really takes places, despite Marxist and New Lefts’ propaganda. The Polish nationalist youth also fight back some myths repeated by liberal media ad nausem – like this one about immaculate Nelson Mandela or whites owning the most of the land in SA. They pay attention to Chinese commitment in Africa and the birth of black racial chauvinism, which, according to them, could be a greater danger than Islamist extremism! But what is the most important, they appeal to the Polish government to to bring the problems of white oppression, murdering of white farmers and unjustified expropriation of their land, to the international forum. They appeal also to intervene in the case of Janusz Waluś, who is a political prisoner right now.

Polish version

“Appeal of the Polish nationalist youth concerning the current situation of the white population of the Republic of South Africa to the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

Racism. We all know the word. We hear it almost every day. The media and politicians have been repeating it ad nauseam. It is being used as a weapon in battles between ideologies. For decades it has been instilled deeply in our minds. Slavery, colonization, imperialism, KKK, Holocaust. Constantly being reminded of these issues and events was supposed to make us feel like subdermal racists. Racism was supposed to be a term reserved for people of light skin. We were supposed to live in shame and remorse just because of the way we look. Just because we are white.

Today, anyone who opposes Marxist or, so called, New Left, is considered as “racist”. Due to the everyday use of this word and detaching it from its original meaning, we cannot recognize when racism is really applicable. We cannot possibly imagine that white people can also be victims of racism – and that is what’s happening right now in the Republic of South Africa.

After the fall of apartheid in 1994, the government began the formation of a new society. The so-called “rainbow nation” – an empty slogan borrowed from the United States. Nelson Mandela was the grand architect of this new order. Mandela founded UmKhonto we Sizwe, the terrorist wing of the African National Congress, which never renounced its use of violence. A Nobel Peace Prize laureate and a Marxist, widely loved by the international community. His second wife, Winnie Mandela, was a proponent of “necklacing”, a torture method used against those who “collaborated” with the government. The victim was tied up with barbed wire and a rubber tyre, filled with petrol, was forced around his arms and chest, and set on fire. The victims burned to death for 20 minutes. Mandela himself spoke a lot of reconciliation, which he carried out with measures like affirmative action. The last white president of the Republic of South Africa, Frederik Willem de Klerk, the man who enabled a peaceful end to the system of racial segregation said the following about this policy: “The implementation of affirmative action has led to a substantial percentage of, not only Afrikaners, but of all whites and coloreds and Indians feeling the their groups are being reduced to a sort of second class citizenship.” Universities have a maximum limit of white students who may be admitted into such institutions – even though whites achieve much higher scores on their tests and school-leaving examinations. State institutions are required to hire a minimum number of blacks – even if they aren’t competent for the job. Private businesses are forced to do business with privileged black companies.

Not too long ago, Julius Malema, the leader of the 3rd biggest political party in the Republic of South Africa (Economic Freedom Fighters), claimed: “The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice.” In South Africa “justice” means taking away the land of white farmers without giving them anything in return. In 2016 Malema said that the EFF “are not calling for the slaughter of white people, at least for now.” The voice of the EFF has a very strong influence on the African National Congress – the biggest political party in South Africa.

At political rallies, blacks sing a well-known song called “Kill the Boer”. Whites are accused of stealing land, which has belonged to their family, in many cases, for 9 generations. A political lie about whites supposedly controlling most of the country’s land is spread throughout South Africa. According to a government survey from last year, less than 40% of the land is in private hands – this includes private property of blacks. It is less than that which government controls (directly owned, tribal lands, protected areas, etc.). The black ruling class needs a scapegoat to blame for all of the country’s failures, so they incite hatred against the white population. One of the worst crime rates in the world (over 50 murders a day), a terrible education system (in the OECD’s Economic Survey South Africa ranked 75 out of 76 countries which were compared), corruption eating away at the country’s wealth (the previous president Jacob Zuma, had to resign from his office because of corruption charges), high unemployment (over 25%), no perspectives for the rising black population (which increases by nearly 700,000 every year), a tragic economic situation and problems with water supply – all of these problems are blamed on the white man. The Republic of South Africa is also in huge debt with the Chinese, who consistently invest in the country because of, for example, the large amount of magnesium and chrome found there. It is worth noting that the white farmers’ lands dedicated for expropriation often coincide with these mineral deposits.

Dividing the citizens of a country into the “good” and the “bad” because of their skin colour can lead to a terrible race conflict. Dr. Gregory H. Stanton placed South Africa in the 6th phase of genocide – “polarization”. However, when we consider the recently reported accounts of Julius Malema arming the people responsible for the cruel and savage Plaasmoorde (murders committed on white farmers, which have reached their highest point in many years), we come to the conclusion that the country is slowly going into the 7th phase – genocide preparation.

In 2000, Zimbabwe was in a similar situation to its southern neighbor. Land was taken away from white farmers and given to military veterans and the unemployed, who did not possess the skills necessary to cultivate it. The country was ruined. Today, white farmers return to Zimbabwe accompanied by songs of joy and hope.

The case of South Africa is an important lesson for us Europeans. Firstly, a multiethnic and multicultural society is dysfunctional. Secondly, taking into account the population dynamics of African countries (within 70 years the population of Africa will triple, reaching 4 billion) and the desire of many Africans to emigrate to Europe and the USA, we have to consider the possibility of a rising ideology of black racial chauvinism. The black population of Africa, inspired by racist ideologies and a feeling of historical injustice, will continue to emigrate to our countries. The potential threat could be even bigger than Islamic extremism.

As Poles, we exactly know how communism can destroy a country, an ideology which does not respect the basic principles of our civilization, such as the right to own property. We would like to express solidarity with the Afrikaners, victims of black racism, and appeal to the Polish government to bring the problems of white oppression, murdering of white farmers and unjustified expropriation of their land, to the international forum while the whole world cravenly buries its head in the sand. A single tweet, even if coming from the United States’ president, is not enough. The international community has to react to this striking injustice. Only decisive and determined actions will allow us to avoid tragedy. It is also worth remembering that many South African pilots died in an attempt to bring help to the Warsaw Uprising during Second World War and many Poles found a new home in South Africa in the 1980’s.

We also appeal to the Polish government to intervene in the case of Janusz Waluś. Regardless of how one judges his actions, he is currently a Polish citizen being held in jail in a foreign country because of politics. He was not engaged by any of the amnesties. As a counterexample, 2 cruel Chinese murderers were deported in 2002. They cut up and cooked the body of their victim. If the Polish government wants to build trust among its citizens, it has to take care of every one of them, without exceptions.

We believe that raising this problem by Polish government will contribute to the commencement of appropriate actions in the above-mentioned issues.”

                                                                                                                                                       The All-Polish Youth

NOW the million dollar question: WHERE IS THE WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN YOUTH? Too much time on WhatsApp  and Black Box NIAP 3.0-  talking rubbish with their friends and playing games – and too little time to stand up for their nation maybe? The black youth is fighting for their fair share in South Africa. Youth Brigades from the international world is fighting for the whites in South Africa. The South African white youth prefer to  fight on Orc Wars,  Call of Duty: WWIIWolfenstein II: The New Colossus,  Overwatch, etc,etc rather than fighting for reality. What have we cultivated in the new white Afrikaner generation to take over from that grand super fighting forces that destroyed the armies of 5 superpowers in the South West African Border War…a shameful generation of spineless fluffy toys?



Appeal of the Polish nationalist youth to Polish government concerning the current situation of the white people in SA!