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Article compiled by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   November 09  2018




The Bush Family Helped Hitler Rise to Power

How Bush and Dulles assassinated a president, orchestrated a CIA war in Vietnam, and used the military to import drugs into the US. 

Pablo Escobar’s Son Reveals His Dad “Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine”

The Reporter Who Broke the Story of CIA Involvement in Drug Smuggling Found Dead 

The Illuminati of South Africa

Illuminati church of South Africa

Meet the Secret Rulers of the World: The Truth About The Bohemian Grove” 








“The earth i s given into the hand of the wicked!” -Job 9:24

THE world today is infested with evil beings- beings that resemble a human form- but beings that definitely  are instigated from the pits of hell itself- motivated by demonic greed and Behemothian   lust – lust driven through the control of  power and the riches that accompanies it. There are many names for them- Ashkenazis, fallen angels, Reptilians, Annanuki, snake people, shape shifters , “transformers “ and many more. But one thing all this detestable psychopathic degenerate  creatures have in common- is their yearn to “control” everything for their own selfish creaturious gluttony and  greed. We simply call them by their two subdivided categories- “globalists”-  and  “politicians.”

All over the world you see this Luciferian globalist overlords and political warlocks, witches and priestesses perform their destructive reign of evil power in especially global corporations and politics.  We see these creatures bringing back the old Babylonian pagan cultures and rituals. The Bush family are by far, the greatest example of a successful American crime family. No other American family can claim the kind of vile and evil success that the Bush family has, over the past century. We must give credit, where credit is due. Right?

Samuel Bush was a very successful businessman. He was Skull & Bones I believe. He was instrumental in organizing the military industrial complex, with the Harriman family, and the Remmington gun & ammo company. Together, they conspired to orchestrate WWI, and made many billions of dollars in 1917 blood money. That would make them trillionaires by today’s standards, which they in fact are. Samuel’s son, Prescott, was another very successful business man. He began as an amazing tire salesman, then by marrying into the Walker family, he became a banker with Brown Brothers – Harriman. Sound familiar?

BBH, along with another Zionist banking cartel, known as Kuhn Loeb & Company, conspired to orchestrate WWII, and the Nazi takeover of Europe. George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.  The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director involved with the financial architects of Nazism. The evidence has also prompted one former US Nazi war crimes prosecutor to argue that the late senator’s action should have been grounds for prosecution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.His business dealings, which continued until his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave laborers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy.

The debate over Prescott Bush’s behavior has been bubbling under the surface for some time. There has been a steady internet chatter about the “Bush/Nazi” connection, much of it inaccurate and unfair.  But the new documents, many of which were only declassified last year, show that even after America had entered the war and when there was already significant information about the Nazis’ plans and policies, he worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler’s rise to power.  It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty. Remarkably, little of Bush’s dealings with Germany has received public scrutiny, partly because of the secret status of the documentation involving him.

But now the multi billion dollar legal action for damages by two Holocaust survivors against the Bush family, and the imminent publication of three books on the subject are threatening to make Prescott Bush’s business history an uncomfortable issue for his grandson, George W, as he seeks re-election. While there is no suggestion that Prescott Bush was sympathetic to the Nazi cause, the documents reveal that the firm he worked for, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), acted as a US base for the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, who helped finance Hitler in the 1930s before falling out with him at the end of the decade.  The Guardian has seen evidence that shows Bush was the director of the New York-based Union Banking Corporation (UBC) that represented Thyssen’s US interests and he continued to work for the bank after America entered the war.

In fact, Prescott Bush, and his close Skull & Bones buddy, Averill Harriman, had a bank in Manhattan, N.Y., which had it’s assets seized by J. Edgar Hoover, and the FBI, under the “Trading With The Enemies Act”. That happened not once, but twice, to the Union Banking Corporation of New York City. A documented fact, which is undeniable. Prescott’s son, George H.W. Bush, is also a very successful businessman, politician, and CIA agent. Most people don’t know that G.H.W. Bush was in fact a CIA agent as early as the late 40’s, or very early 50’s. Nobody is 100% sure when he became an agent, but we do know for sure it was before 1953. We now know that he was directly involved, and responsible for the orchestrated assassination of JFK, and RFK. That too is a documented fact, which somehow has managed to avoid major exposure.

Conspiracy Theories Surround S is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list Inside Skull & Bones, The Elite "Openly Secret" Society With Highly Influential Members

We know as a fact that Prescott Bush groomed Richard M. Nixon for his political career, and was expected to have G.H.W. Bush on the 1968 Republican ticket as Nixon’s Vice Presidential running mate, but Nixon knowing what Bush did to JFK because he was in Dallas that day, chose Agnew as his running mate because he knew Bush would assassinate him in order to be President without being elected. When Nixon refused to go along with the plan, Bush, and his CIA cohorts, conspired to destroy Nixon’s political career in the Watergate scandal, which worked brilliantly. Bob Woodward himself was a CIA stooge, from the Office Of Naval Intelligence.

“The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters.”Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired (read more HERE)

The Bohemian grove connection

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Every July, some of the richest and most powerful men in the world gather at a 2,700 acre campground in Monte Rio, Calif., for two weeks of heavy drinking, super-secret talks, druid worship (the group insists they are simply “revering the Redwoods”), and other rituals. Their purpose: to escape the “frontier culture,” or uncivilized interests, of common men.

The people that gather at Bohemian Grove — who have included prominent business leaders, former U.S. presidents, musicians, and oil barons — are told that “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,” meaning business deals are to be left outside. One exception was in 1942, when a planning for the Manhattan Project took place at the grove, leading to the creation of the atom bomb. A spokesperson for Bohemian Grove say the people that gather there “share a passion for the outdoors, music, and theater.”

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The club is so hush-hush that little can be definitively said about it, but much of what we know today is from those who have infiltrated the camp, including Texas-based filmmaker Alex Jones. In 2000, Jones and his cameraman entered the camp with a hidden camera and were able to film a Bohemian Grove ceremony, Cremation of the Care. During the ceremony, members wear costumes and cremate a coffin effigy called “Care” before a 40-foot-owl, in deference to the surrounding Redwood trees. Bohemian Grove’s spokesperson calls the ceremony “a traditional musical drama celebrating nature and summertime.” The spokesperson also said that while Jones’ comments are inaccurate, the footage is real.

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Ronald Reagan is one of several former United States Presidents who are or were members of the Bohemian Club. Others include George Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, and Herbert Hoover. Reagan’s administration had a strong overlap with the Bohemian Club, several of his cabinet members were also affiliated with the Bohemian Club. This photo was made July 29, 1989 after Reagan was out of office. He did not attend the summer Bohemian Grove encampments while in office. His travelling companion pictured in the yellow shirt is retired U.S. Marine Lt. General Victor Krulak who, along with Reagan, is affiliated with the “Owl’s Nest” camp within the Bohemian Grove. Sort of a summer camp for grownups, the Bohemian Grove contains over 100 residential camps with names such as “Lost Angels”, “Mandalay”, and “Cave Man.”

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Henry Kissinger, shown here en route to the Bohemian Grove with Drew Lewis of Union Pacific in 1986, likes to attend the Grove gathering and has been featured as a speaker at the “Lakeside Talks” that occur daily during the two-and-one-half week long Bohemian Grove encampment. At the Grove, Kissinger often host guests who have included foreign dignitaries and clients of Kissinger’s consulting firm. Like George Shultz, former Secretary of State Kissinger is affiliated with the “Mandalay” camp, as is Drew Lewis.

Watch the controversial footage of the ceremony below:


Another infiltrator, Spy magazine writer Philip Weiss, posed as a guest for seven days in 1989, when the waiting list was 33 years long and the grove had several thousand members. Weiss published the article “Inside Bohemian Grove,” writing: “You know you are inside the Bohemian Grove when you come down a trail in the woods and hear piano music from amid a group of tents and then round a bend to see a man with a beer in one hand … urinating into the bushes. This is the most gloried-in ritual of the encampment, the freedom of powerful men to pee wherever they like, a right the club has invoked when trying to fight government anti-sex discrimination efforts and one curtailed only when it comes to a few popular redwoods just outside the Dining Circle.”

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Former President Bill Clinton once told a heckler, “The Bohemian club! Did you say Bohemian club? That’s where all those rich Republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees right? I’ve never been to the Bohemian club but you oughta go. It’d be good for you. You’d get some fresh air.”

The Sonoma County Free Press, which has published investigative stories on the grove since at least the 1980s, says activities include plays and comedy shows in which women are portrayed by male actors, and Lakeside Talks, in which high-ranking officials speak about information not available to the public. The group calls them “public interest talks.” Protests take place at the Bohemian Grove nearly ever year. This year’s protest is organized by the California State Greens and endorsed by other social activist groups. Bohemian Grove’s 2011 retreat begins in mid-July. We don’t suggest any infiltrators try to make their way through the entrance, guarded by camp valets and redwoods some 200 feet in height. It didn’t end too well for the last Vanity Fair editor who tried it. Both Bush and Nixon are members of the Grove.

The Skull and Bones– secret society of the “elite.”

Skull and Bones

Every year, 15 Yale University seniors are tapped to enter the ranks of Skull and Bones, one of the most mysterious secret societies on the planet. Skull and Bones, as Esquire writer Ron Rosenbaum puts it, is “devoted to converting the idle progeny of the ruling class into morally serious leaders of the establishment.” Skull and Bones dates back to 1832 when William H. Russell, a student at Yale co-created it after returning from Germany. Inspired by the country’s occult secret societies, the club began as a faux-occult group that worshipped Eulogia, a fake goddess of eloquence, but they would quickly become one of the few secret societies that run the worldThere have been multiple presidents inducted into Skull and Bones: William Howard Taft, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush, as well as many CIA officials, Fortune 500 CEOS, and Henry Luce, the founder of Time magazine. It’s no secret that members of Skull and Bones not only go on to be important, they go on to shape the world. 

Skull and Bones was founded in the height of the antebellum era, and despite its northern location from the very beginning has had its roots in racism and elitism. Originally founded by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, the former who was inspired by occultist groups he’d encountered on a trip to Germany. These same occultist groups influenced the rise of the Nazi Party and were steeped in eugenics and “one race” philosophies. Of course, Skull and Bones also excluded women and very much catered to the white male elite 1% of Yale’s historical student body. According to a piece in The Atlantic, this type of exclusion may be changing, as the club seeks to diversify itself even while remaining secretive and exclusive. The amount of famous Skull and Bones members is staggering, and if you go take a look at any brand names in your kitchen like Kellogg or Pillsbury you’ll be looking at the names of some of the oldest families within their ranks. There’s no doubt a myriad of Skull and Bones secrets: what follows are just a few.

The initiation rituals of the Skull and Bones are some of the most interesting parts of their society, not because of how weird they are (and they’re very weird), but because no one’s actually sure which ritual is true and which is an exaggeration. There are multiple stories having to do with an initiation that takes place inside of a coffin. In some versions initiates lie in a coffin while they’re carried through a crypt while Bonesmen chant “reborn, reborn.” And in other versions initiates are made to lie naked in a coffin and describe their personal sexual history in a room full of their bros.

The Tomb Is A Foreboding HQ is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Inside Skull & Bones, The Elite "Openly Secret" Society With Highly Influential Members

A semi-occult, secretive brotherhood like Skull and Bones needs a semi-occult, secretive lair where they can hold their initiation ceremonies and all night salons. In the early 19th century, Skull and Bones rented out various on-campus halls where they would hold late night discussions. But in 1856, they finally constructedThe Tomb,” a windowless, brownstone where Bonesmen would meet privately every Thursday and Sunday. No one knows exactly what’s inside the The Tomb but there have been a few expeditions inside by curious outsiders.

In 1876 a group calling itself “The Order of File and Claw” – named so because of what they used to break into The Tomb – wrote a pamphlet about what they found inside. Rooms outfitted with black and red velvet, pentagrams on the walls, and photos of an alternate society in Germany. A few years later another group broke in and found a gruesome scene:

“On the west wall, hung among other pictures, an old engraving representing an open burial vault, in which, on a stone slab, rest four human skulls, grouped about a fools cap and bells, an open book, several mathematical instruments, a beggar’s scrip, and a royal crown.”

That’s pretty goth for a group of rich kids.

There are also stories of having to jump in a pile of mud, or maybe wrestle another initiate in a pile of mud. And who can forget the rumor that initiates are given a gift of $15,000 and a guaranteed lifetime of financial security just for being tapped to join the Skull & Bones society? These wildly different stories about the rituals function as a way to make sure everything seems ridiculous while allowing everything to seem possible.

There’s a rumor that some members of Skull and Bones are given special assignments that involve grave robbing, and that one of those assignments was given to Prescott Bush, father of George H.W. Bush. His assignment? Dig up the bones of Geronimo! According to legend, in 1918, Bush and a few other Bonesmen went to Oklahoma where they dug up the warrior’s skull, two bones and some riding gear from his grave and put it on display in The Tomb, the group’s meeting place New Haven, Conn. On February 17, 2009 descendants of Geronimo filed a federal lawsuit against Skull and Bones in order to get them to return the warrior’s bones so he can rest in peace. Geronimo’s great-grandson Haryln Geronimo said, “I believe strongly from my heart that his spirit was never released.”

The campaign for the 2004 presidential election was a horrible slog. Not only was America in the beginning of what would become a forever war in the Middle East, but it was becoming apparent that president George W. Bush was not the best person to be steering the ship. Unfortunately, his opponent, John Kerry, wasn’t really anything special. Aside from having actually gone to Vietnam (something Bush managed to avoid), the two really weren’t all that different. They’re both from old money New England families, they’re both quasi-religious, and they were both members of Skull and Bones.  This isn’t to say that their presidencies would have been exactly the same. Bonesmen don’t all think or vote the same way, but they do both have the interest of their fellow Bonesmen at heart. During the 2004 campaign, both men were asked about Skull and Bones and both demurred in different ways. John Kerry simply said, “It’s a secret.” While W. said, “So secret, I can’t say anything more.” To this eerie group of human misfits both Bush and Nixon also belonged.

How To Clear The Room Of Yale is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list Inside Skull & Bones, The Elite "Openly Secret" Society With Highly Influential Members

Outside of the rumors that persist about the secret society, many people believe that because due to the amount of members who are a part of the government who are inside Skull and Bones that the members dictate a plan for the world from inside The Tomb. The biggest conspiracy theory that the Bonesmen have helped pull off was the assassination of JFK. Much of the proof of this theory relies on the fact that in 1963 George H.W. Bush was the president of the Zapata Offshore oil company, a job that saw him going back and forth between Texas and Miami on a regular basis. He allegedly used his time in Miami to recruit Cuban nationals who would be happy to assassinate the president.  Many conspiracy theorists believe that the Skull & Bones was created as a way to build a modern Illuminati that would serve as a way for the 1% to meet in secret and plan out a dystopia lorded over by Yale alumni. The craziest thing that Skull and Bones supposedly did was put the Manhattan Project into motion.

The New England Mafia is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list Inside Skull & Bones, The Elite "Openly Secret" Society With Highly Influential Members

When Esquire writer Ron Rosenbaum went looking into the Skull and Bones for a 1976 piece, he had trouble finding anyone who would talk to him. The few people he did find who were open to chatting warned him of “reprisals” against him after the piece was published. One friend of a Bonesman allegedly asked Rosenbaum where he did his banking before explaining that there were “three Bonesmen” on the council of his bank and that he would never get a line of credit again. The anonymous man said, “They don’t like people tampering and prying. The power of Bones is incredible. They’ve got their hands on every lever of power in the country. You’ll see—it’s like trying to look into the Mafia. Remember, they’re a secret society, too.”

All the while, Nixon, the ass and evil scum that he was, was busy escalating the war in Vietnam by invading, and carpet bombing Cambodia. Remember? At this same time, G.H.W. Bush’s son George W. Bush was supposed to be in the Texas military reserves. He was assigned to a unit known as the “Champagne Unit”. They were the brave soldiers that patrolled the skies of Texas, looking for Vietnamese invaders. The problem is that G.W. Bush never completed his service as a reserve pilot, and went AWOL from a base in Louisiana, and was never seen again at any military base. Nobody has ever come forward and claimed to have ever even seen G. W. Bush at any military base in Louisiana, but he claims he graduated from there. BTW, it’s a Federal Offense to go AWOL, especially at a time of war.

George H.W. Bush had many different business’, all of which were quite successful, for rather mysterious reasons. Zapata Oil, Zapata Offshore, Dressor Industries, and a bunch of others are all very suspicious. His business ties in Columbia are interesting to say the least, not to mention his friends in Panama, and other Central American nations. One of H.W.’s closest CIA buddies, a piece of garbage known as Allen Dulles, was a prominent attorney for United Fruit Co., and had strong business interests in Central America. Together, Bush and Dulles assassinated a president, orchestrated a CIA war in Vietnam, and used the military to import drugs into the US.

Let’s not forget they had a huge Nazi mind control program going on at this same time where they were using LSD, and rock musicians to experiment on the American, British, Canadian, and other nations civilians without their knowledge or consent. The program was, and still is known as Operation MK-Ultra, which was in fact a Nazi mind control program that was brought to America under Operation Paperclip. Many of us are familiar with George W. Bush, and his criminal activities involving the conspiratorial orchestration of 9-11 with the Mossad of Israel, and British agents as well. These criminals have targeted the American people, and America as a sovereign, independent nation, which it isn’t, and probably never really was, especially after the establishment of central banking in America.

Particularly the Federal Reserve Bank, which is an illegal private bank, and was created by a man named Paul Warburg, who was a Satanic Hebrew Zionist, and an agent of the Rothschild family of Bavaria, along with the Oppenheimer, and Schiff families as well. Schiff went on to fund the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia, which murdered tens of millions of Orthodox Jews, and paved the way for Marxist Communism, and a convenient enemy of America. Of course, many of us know Oppenheimer went on to help mastermind the creation of the first atomic weapons that were to be used against innocent civilians under the guise of war, but was actually another Nazi experiment that was being employed against innocent civilians.

America is in fact a Zionist nation, and America has been controlled by Satanic Ashkenazi Hebrew Zionists for more than the past century, at least. Great Britain, much longer than that, thanks to the Rothschild family. They bring war, misery, and human suffering wherever they set foot, or have business interests. Jeb Bush is a British agent. His entire family are elite blood lines of Europe, or Great Britain. They definitely have very strong ties in Scotland, especially with the Gammell family. Bill Gammell is, or was G.H.W. Bush’s very close friend. The purpose of the Bush family is to behave like a parasite. Sucking the blood and life force from it’s host.

The Bush family have done an extraordinary job at sucking the blood of the American people, as well as the monetary life force of this nation, by creating fake terror attacks, and fake wars, just to make profits, and exhaust the monetary system to the point of weakness, if not collapse. I truly feel sorry for any American that is naive enough to vote for a criminal, who is a direct descendant of a long line of criminals. A true “Crime Family”, and Satanic to boot. Anyone who has investigated Skull & Bones of Yale University knows that they do in fact act out Satanic death rituals, as well as Satanic sex rituals.

CIA whistleblower, Dr Sue Arrigo, has recently accused George H. W. Bush of killing children, as well as being involved at the highest levels in trauma-based mind control programs, child and drug trafficking. You can read everything HEREWe know that Barbara Bush is probably the most Satanic of them all, by default, because Barbara Bush is the daughter of Pauline Pierce. Pauline Pierce was impregnated by the world famous Satanist Aleister Crowley, of Great Britain. That explains a lot. Now we can see why war, death, and misery is so vital to the Bush family. It’s literally a religious sacrament to them to see blood spill in the name of Satan.


THE world today is in a total mess. This mess was created deliberately to sow confusion among the masses. This confusion was created in order to institute a “one world order” out of the chaos- an order that supposedly will take control of the global chaos- and bring “order, peace and prosperity” to humankind- a type of “one world peace” agenda and prelude to the coming and rise of the (anti) Christ.  And this is why so many “secret societies “ were created- to form a global network to enforce this “order” and “discipline” onto the free nations.  That also explains why most of these demons are sitting in the highest positions in corporations and politics- one controls a country’s finances – the other wields the power. MOST (if not every one) politicians belongs to one of this multiple secret Babylonian societies. They have to otherwise their stay in either the corporate or political environment will be short-lived.  Opponents of this  global infestation are dealt with swiftly and permanently- like Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Hendrik Verwoerd, Ghandi, Saddam Hussain and many others.  Some conspiracy theories are absolutely absurd – but genuine secret societies that exert a mysterious influence on the world have existed for centuries.

Here is Express.co.uk’s list of the top five most famous and powerful secret societies who carry out bizarre rituals and conduct their business behind closed doors.

 Secret Societies

1. Skulls and Bones 

2. Illuminati

3. The Freemasons 

4. Bohemian Grove

5. Bilderberg Group