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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria    November 21  2018





Wasting of tax payers money by the ANC kleptocrats  in SA rises with 200%

EFF’s direct links to the VBS bank heist

Black Live Matter leader exposed as white liberal trash using tanning injections

I’m ready to die’ “I’m not scared of Boers- Malema (with 20 security guards protecting him) roars

Germany slapped ANC about BEEE discriminatory laws

Ramaphosa lies again- “assures” German president there ” will be no land grabs.” 









IT appears the EFF already are in the process of “nationalizing” the banks in their own time-(and their own way as we gather.) The EFF and BLF spent most of their time this week outside the Zondo Commission shouting mean things about Pravin Gordhan, and it’s starting to make sense now. Their protest action seemed a bit strange because, at this point, even the most adamant fan of Zuma and the Guptas would find it hard to ignore the never-ending flow of evidence into the public domain.




Gordhan and the EFF have had Zuma as a common enemy for a while now, yet the EFF has taken every opportunity to attack and undermine the former finance minister. This very week, the EFF went on the offensive putting questions to Gordhan about his involvement with state capture and white monopoly capital, also going after Gordhan’s daughter, Anusha, who is the director of 11 companies including Vox Telecommunications, Phuma Finance, DCD Group, AFRIT, and Hulisani Consortium.

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Gordhan’s spokesperson replied that perhaps the EFF should give an accounting of its own finances before they made accusations. Now Scorpio, the investigative reporting team at the Daily Maverick, has helped us out by uncovering some of the what’s happened around the VBS Mutual Bank scandal. A few interesting facts popped out, such as Floyd Shivambu’s direct link to Sgameka Trading as  confirmed through a series of emails. The report also states:

Sgameka received R16,1-million from companies named Robvet Pty Ltd, Wegezi Power Holdings Pty Ltd, Vele Investments Ltd, Malibongwe Petroleum as well as cash deposits and what is labelled as ‘allocations’. Sgameka did not only receive money for ‘consulting services’ to Vele, as Brian Shivambu claimed last month.”

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used many words to describe how the poor was robbed through in order to feed Julius Malema and the ’s political and personal interests.

Better yet, @DianaNeille simplified the illicit money flows for us in this graphic:  @dailymaverick

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THIS is where part of all the stolen money are going to: The EFF are funding their own private army- yet whites are daily accused and witch-hunted by the ruling scum, the EFF rats and the skunk media of “right wing” militancy and “hidden weapons” . Nobody say a word about all this illegal rag-tag black armies running wild in South Africa.

It was also found that illicit VBS funds were allocated to a property in Sandown listed as an EFF asset. Julius Malema lived on the property for years until fairly recently. Deed documents show that the property was transferred to the EFF in June 2017 and that the purchase price was R5.2m, the origins of which must still be traced. Malema and EFF refuse to comment about the funds, other than Mbuyiseni Ndlozi‏ saying it was funded through a “loan from one of the financial institutions.” Read the report in its entirety here. It’s pretty comprehensive, and I’ll only do it a disservice by trying to cover everything in it.

In summary, Scorpio claims to have proof that VBS bank funneled the money it was meant to be holding on behalf of municipalities, stokvels and the widowers and orphans of deceased mine workers, through various ‘companies’ and at least one property to benefit the EFF. According to Scorpio, money was paid to companies belonging to Brian Shivambu, brother of Floyd Shivambu and Matsobane Phaleng, cousin of Julius Malema. Both companies seemed to have no legitimate income and seemed to exist merely as slush funds to help prop up the EFF finances, as much as R1.8m directed into the EFF coffers. In addition, the Sandown home Julius Malema lived in from as early as 2012 and is now owned by the EFF, and seems to have been financed at least in part by funds from VBS Mutual Bank amounting to R430 000.

The funds flowing from VBS were channelled to Malema, his family and the political party he founded in 2014 in exactly the same On Point-style way. In written answers to Scorpio, Malema has, again, denied all wrongdoing. EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, too, carefully denied knowledge of illicit VBS funds propping up the party.  Reacting to Scorpio’s questions over whether the EFF leadership is aware that at least R430,000 in illicit VBS funds were pumped into the Sandown property, Ndlozi said: “It is not true, at least not for EFF purposes.” It is unsure why Ndlozi felt the need to qualify his answer in this style.

Malema reacted, saying “I don’t lie Sisi, I stand by what I said in the press conference”. The fronts and proxies funneling illicit VBS funds towards the EFF and Malema Scorpio’s investigation highlights Brian Shivambu, the brother of EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu, and Matsobane Phaleng, Malema’s cousin, as the two main fronts for the EFF and Malema. Brian Shivambu and Phaleng were purportedly in control of two companies used as conduits for the illicit VBS funds: Brian Shivambu is the director of Sgameka Trading Pty Ltd and Phaleng the director of Mahuna Investments Pty Ltd. Brian Shivambu did not react to questions posed and Phaleng was unreachable.

Last month Brian Shivambu was fingered as a primary receiver of R16.1-million in illicit VBS funds in an investigation sanctioned by the Reserve Bank and conducted by Adv Terry Motau and law firm Werksmans. A leaked Whatsapp discussion between VBS kingpin Tshifhiwa Matodzi and a bank manager described Sgameka as an “extremely strategic account”. (Malema referred questions as to the nature of the “extremely strategic account” to Matodzi, who was unreachable for comment.)

Adv Motau and the Werksman’s report, named The Great Bank Heist, only highlighted first-tier receivers of the illicit VBS funds and therefore did not mention or, in some instances investigate, Phaleng, the EFF or Malema. Scorpio’s analysis, however, shows that Brian Shivambu and Phaleng derived very little personal benefit from the illicit VBS funds flowing into their purported companies.

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( As time goes on more and more blatant corruption and theft and wasting of tax payers and public money are popping up- and it’s always MILLION rand digits. Yet lately the corrupt SARS are sending e-mails and calling tax payers -reminding them about the “penalties” they owe SARS – squeezing them  to keep forking out more dough to feed this kleptocrats in control- “or else” – because NOT paying taxes is a “criminal offense”- but STEALING it apparently is “the right thing to do.” Shall we ask the state- who is now hell-bent in “expropriating” all white-owned properties – to start “expropriating” the EFF heroes’  assets as well- or are they also “indemnified” above the law as with the rest of the ANC/EFF thieves?-Ed)
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