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Article compiled  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   November 26  2018





DISCOVERY in South Africa trends the same anti-white racist sentiment as SPUR did. And the result will more and less be the same. Discovery – which was mainly build on the foundation of white money capital and clients- now  can brace itself for a total white back-lash that will show some negative movements on it’s stock-market shares.

Discovery decided to toe the same black bum nugget line as Landrover, SPUR, Engen, Woolworths, First National Bank and many other ” politically correct” companies that  sacrificed their white customers in order to  seek that black face on their advertisements in order gain more prominence with the bigger majority black customers. Discovery  now plans to give only black depositors 10 percent equity of its tech-led bank, the financial service’s leftist group chief executive Adrian Gore said yesterday.

Speaking at the company’s headquarters in Sandton, Johannesburg, Gore said the bank planned to open to the public early next year and 10 percent of equity would be allocated to black depositors at no cost to them.“The intention is that when black depositors join the bank, they will be given an equity. There will be no requirement for them to purchase shares at all,” said Gore. He conceded that the approach could be challenged politically as the plan excluded white customers, but said that the bank would consult widely and the plan was at an initial stage.

BUT Adrian Gore’s impending venture into the banking sector has come under fire after revealing that there are plans for Discovery Bank to give only black clients 10% equity as part of an empowerment scheme. Gore said during a press briefing where the plans for the bank were outlined: “The intention is that when black depositors join the bank, they will be given an equity. There will be no requirement for them to purchase shares at all.”

Gore stated that he expected “some political backlash”  from the decision but stated that the plan was still at an initial stage and the bank would consult widely in order to refine it. Discovery Bank will be modelled on behavioural economics and a similar rewards model to the company’s Vitality program. According to Gore, Discovery Bank aims to be the first bank in South Africa that addresses behaviors leading to poor financial outcomes.Gore and his leftist cronies in Discouvery plans to endure the white back-lash with the hope that the initial drop in shares will soon be balanced out by a sudden  influx of black customers.

But true to the leftist misinformed narrative did Gore not pay any attention in class what negative effect  this anti-white racist narrative would bring to the company.  Black customers are not as naive as the liberal white Gore expect them to be. Gore cleverly want his bank to fill the gap left by the VBS bank- thinking his bank  can cap that lost niece market and make millions in record time. He is in for a sharp surprise-  as blacks will not necessarily stand in rows to open accounts with his new “Black Friday” venture- and secondly will white Afrikaners now start closing down their investments and memberships due to his treason against them. Various Twitter users already  took to the timeline to lament over the share scheme with some even vowing to boycott the bank.

Wrote Adv. Anton Alberts of the FF Plus: 

Discovery’s plan to allocate ten percent of its shares to black clients at no cost under the smoke screen of empowerment is nothing but blatant racism. In essence, Discovery’s idea to establish a new bank is a good one seeing as it will encourage competition in the banking industry. It is just a shame that this plan had to start off on the wrong, and racist, foot.

Discovery must not forget who its very first clients were and who helped the company to become a financial giant. Today, Discovery has clients of all races and backgrounds. All these people are important and play a role in ensuring Discovery’s success. To tell one group that their skin color disqualifies them from obtaining free shares is simply immoral. And the reason for this is that poverty is a pervasive problem among all races. The general consensus is that poverty nowadays is intraracial and that it is no longer an interracial phenomenon. And thus, Discovery should rather allocate its shares based on the socio economic need.

If Discovery really believes that race must be the determining factor when free shares are allocated, then Adrian Gore must prove this conviction by giving away his own shares as he cannot expect white clients to bear the burden for shares that are only given to black people. If Discovery does no let go of its racist plan, it won’t be long before the company finds out that white clients will voice their opinion by simply taking their money and business elsewhere. Remember what happened to Spur. It is not worth it to jeopardize a company like Discovery that adds value to the economy just because of this silly racist shares plan and the FF Plus is calling on Discovery to seriously reconsider its plans.”



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Dirk Herman of Solidarity also retaliated and in his reply to Discovery’s racist meme wrote:

”  Dear Mr Gore

Discovery is making me sick

I hear Discovery is starting a bank. Apparently, it is a first for banking. I believe the bank is unique because people’s benefits will be determined by their behavior. However, it is not just behavior that will determine people’s benefits, but race too. Unfortunately, behavior cannot change race. Race is an appearance and it is the way it is by birth.

Ten percent of the bank’s black clients qualify for free shares. White clients will not get any shares. You are re-introducing racial terminology and so, in discussing your deal, we must unfortunately talk in terms of black and white. Discovery’s decision to exclude white people from its new share scheme based on race makes me sick. It makes me sick because an overly simplistic pencil test is being used to determine the right to gain access to the benefit. It makes me sick because it is presented as being the right thing to do.

The 1,65 million Discovery clients and potential clients are classified by race – no, not according to need but by race. Not all black people in South Africa are poor and not all white people are rich. This is a simplification – black is a proxy for need. The criterion is not inequality, disadvantage or class; race is the only criterion. South Africa’s demographics and challenges are far more complex than black and white.

Your undiluted racial approach is lacking nuance and it is outdated. When it comes to shareholding I would have expected a far more innovative approach from Discovery. As it is, using need as criterion would have had a better moral basis. The loyalty of thousands of white Discovery clients will not be considered; only their race. Discovery was built on the back of the white middleclass to a large extent. Based on assumptions made from figures from Stats SA, 35% of your clients today are, conservatively speaking, still white. In other words, around 570 000 of the members belonging to your medical fund are white, and if their dependents are added to this figure then it adds up to a total of 1,2 million white people.

What you are underestimating is that the representation of white people in the medical market is 4,5 times higher than their representation in the national demographics. They still have incredible buying power. You are prepared to tell this group: “We don’t see you as being part of us. We are keen to see black South Africans becoming owners of our company – to such an extent that we will let them have shares without risk. White people may, however, remain clients only. We will only take their money”.

You are alienating a large portion of your clients. They feel excluded. This is not just happening at Discovery; it has become commonplace. However, there is a huge difference between the state that excludes a minority, and a company you have to trust with your health and with your money. Your entire model is built on loyalty. Your decision to trade loyalty for race betrays your own model, and your clients will punish you for it. Your loyalty programme taught clients that loyalty is rewarded, and disloyalty gets punished. Good behaviour earns benefits; bad behaviour deserves punishment. Your scheme will be seen by thousands of your clients and potential bank clients as bad behaviour.

You will be punished because your decision to exclude white people does not rest on a moral basis but is a pragmatic decision taken to comply with the requirements set for empowerment. Not even your black clients will see this as a noble, sacrificial gesture because it isn’t one. They are being used to score points. White clients must be kicked out, so you can earn enough points to protect your white profile at top level. You own about 7% of Discovery, and your worth totals around R7 billion. I understand that you are affluent because you are the symbol of innovation and entrepreneurship. Discovery’s top 20 all have shares, black and white alike. When it comes to awarding benefits there is no discrimination based on race at top level. The shares you and a few other top people own almost equal the shares you want to give to black clients. At the end of the transaction you and the other white top executives will still have your shares, but your white clients will have nothing.

You are trading white clients’ loyalty for points on a scorecard. The worst part of it is that it was not necessary. There is no empowerment charter neither the Banks Act nor Reserve Bank, that demands that white people must be totally excluded. In fact, quotas are prohibited by law. Your absolute exclusion is going too far. You are not building an inclusive South Africa; you are classifying South Africa by race. Of late, we have seen quite a bit of this harsh racial approach – white people being kicked out of Sasol’s employee share ownership plan and the young white unemployed who are excluded from Pres Ramaphosa’s YesForYouth programme.

It is not just white people who dare not allow race to be the determining factor and for society to be classified by race again but, as a whole, South Africa dare not allow it. We dare not allow racialism to be presented as non-racialism; inequality as equality, exclusion as inclusion, and enrichment as empowerment. To offer racial programs for redress that have no nuance, is false. We dare not allow a new ideology of race to become normalized.

Discovery’s type of transformation program is making South Africa sick. We must look for a different type of normal together. It is a balance in which imbalances are addressed but the dignity of all is respected; a balance where race of the past is not replaced by institutionalized race in the future; it is a balance of mutual respect and recognition. Simple exclusion is imbalance.

What we are asking is simple: Reward all existing clients according to loyalty, also with respect to shares in the new bank. You can give new clients access to banking services based on need and not on race. You are known for innovation. Go back to the drawing board. There is nothing innovative about simple racial exclusion. South Africa and Discovery cannot afford this deal.

Yours faithfully

Dr Dirk Hermann

Chief Executive of Solidarity”

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WHITES in South Africa in general are fed up being constantly targeted on a daily basis for anti-white racist rhetoric by the communist ANC regime, the leftist Main Stream Media , radical political thugs and adventurous corporate opportunistic gold diggers the likes of Discovery and SPUR that continue to sacrifice whites on the altar in order to score cheap enhancement points with the black majority power base. Whites are sick and tired of the liberal slander – calling conservative whites “white supremacists, right wingers ” and “racists.”  White Afrikaners  especially are tired of the brutal discrimination against them, the alienation of their skin color- and the demonetization and exclusion of their nation from all walks of life by the political mentally deranged liberal filth. They advertise to the world  what a “wonderful” country South Africa happen to be- with a “rainbow nation” that “embraces” each other. Meanwhile back at the ranch this filthy communist regime, their ghoulish media and  the loathsome white liberal trash oppress, vilify, alienate and apply brutal discriminatory racism against white Afrikaners– all in the name of “democracy.” 

If whites start a “white only” enclave like Orania they are called “racists. “ If whites set up an organization for whites only they are called “white supremacists.” If whites set up a bank that look after the interests of whites they immediately are slandered as “white monopoly capital.” But when blacks do the same- it is called “Black Economic Empowerment” or some silly “smart term” to excuse their racist intentions. For the past 20 years since the country was handed on a R 300 million platter kick-back by the National Party conspirators to an illegal terrorist group– whites Afrikaners especially were singled out to be lamented by liberal filth – and to carry the brunt of all the mishaps , downfalls and maladministration that occurred under the incompetent watch of the corrupt ANC ineptocrats.

It did not take long before the corporate fortune seekers also joined the blatant racist narrative . Today “ Bashing Whitey”  became an “acceptable ”  ” political correct” culture in South Africa to exploit , discriminate against and dehumanize the whites for personal  gain and selfish greed. Not a day goes by without either the faux regime, black political hell-raisers, villainous media- or corporate vultures have a swipe towards  the mostly innocent whites of the country. South Africa became a pathetic global  failure- a failed state  which it’s miserable inhabitants now want to sell to the world through blame shifting techniques by blaming the white population for all it’s woes.

By labeling the white population as the skunks of the world they somehow reason  all their psychopathic  misdirected “blame and shame” methods will indemnify their gross human rights atrocities they have been inflicted upon the white Afrikaner population for the past 20 odd years. It will not– for the world at large now are moving away from the sick liberal domination. Trump and Peter Dutton was the first two international politicians that recognized the false pretension of the South African general population. Germany recently also warned the criminal ANC dictators to either stand down on their discriminatory BEEE laws- or face retribution  as Germany will not trade with South Africa while discriminatory laws are still on the books. Soon more rejection by more countries will follow.



The time of the liberal monopoly of our societies is  over. It is time racist liberal twerps the likes of Pierre Van Tonder and Adrian Gore that still clings to the prehistoric liberal values by sucking up black arse for personal enrichment get their ducks in a row. It is not the population itself that are the racists in South Africa- but it is the dirty politicians, the media and companies like this that sets the trends and keeps racism alive in South Africa. Racism is a big money spinner in South Africa- and therefore the Devil’s Triangle must keep it alive and well.


Naturally the white Afrikaner again are blamed and have to carry the cross for the brutal racism applied by by this evil axis. In the meantime it is advisable for white Afrikaners to withdrew their support and membership from utter despicable corporate companies such as these and boycott them in full force. If your skin is not good enough for their business- then so is your money also not exhibiting the appropriate color as well.