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Article compiled  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg    November 29  2018





ANC MP tells parliament DA’s Western Cape government is ‘Gupta-funded







THE Democratic Alliance in South Africa is limping  on wobbly legs to the left  more and more each day to try to save their tarnished image. In their fear of loosing black votes- they now are close to embrace the communist ANC’s doctrines –  and implement the  ideologies of Lennin’s 1905 socialist manifesto.

In their beginnings they made a bit of room for the whites in South Africa. But that was only on face value to exploit white voters in order to gain strength and base their rising power partly on white and colored votes. But as time progressed they systematically set their compass more to the left in order to appease the black majority and gain more votes with the black masses – slowly rejecting their white , Indian and colored electorate along the way for” bigger “ and “better “ opportunities. They turned their backs on those that helped them come to power.

Then came the expected leadership change with the white Zille  abdicating her throne to the black Miamane. We all expected that this eventually would happen. Jews create political parties- then abandon it in exchange for balck front men. However– when Zille left- she took the political sting of the party with her- leaving a very incompetent and disillusioned Miamane fumbling with the intricate controls to drive a very unstable ship in the stormy seas of South Africa’s extremely corrupt tribal politics .

With Miamane now in the driving seat- the liberal party start to loose it’s initial direction –  and start to slip into a stagnated comatose in a no-mans land full  of scavenging hyenas.. Miamane had to salvage the wreck of the DA’s sunken ship- and fast. In true socialist African style with clenched fist and all- he start to lead the neo-liberal black/Muslim party in Cape Town down the Lennin-lane  in a last-ditch effort to save some “honor” for the party. Miamane was by no means political-wise and had to learn a lot about the true nature of the cut-throat environment he suddenly found himself stranded in.

Then with the last by-election  EFF trolls started to migrate into the DA to help keep the ANC hyenas out of the chicken pen. This maybe was a necessary- but a very dangerous move as now the DA was running with the devil himself. It was not long before the EFF showed their true colors to the DA’s surprise – and start to neutralize the DA in every metro they shared power- rendering the DA useless bar being a rubber chap partner while the EFF hounds held all the powerful positions in constituencies they share. The treason within the EFF manifested itself in it’s true colors   when DA mayor Athol Trollip found himself staring down the barrel of a smoking gun in the Nelson Mandela Metro- where the EFF deliberately tried to oust him with a vote of no confidence.

But that is how it goes in mob land- karma eventually caught up with the DA for their treason against their white  , colored and Indian supporters. Trollip himself advocated that he despises white Afrikaners. No sympathy for the white liberal turncoat  there we are afraid. But the most despicable display of treason came when the DA send a little freak show abroad to try to “debunk” the farm murders. There already they sent a message to white Afrikaners that they cannot trust the DA.


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The DA’s only hope to cling to their failing power was now to become the EFF’s bum nuggets.The EFF controlled the power key positions such as the tender sections where the big bucks lie waiting. The EFF made sure they controll all tenders in order to steal the tax payer blind- stuffing themselves with millions of rands through corrupt tender deals.  The DA were left helpless and only tagged along just to form part of a very unstable coalition and keep the metros out of reach of the ANC prowling predators. They cares less about their supporters and focused more on survival.

Today the crypto-liberal party- out of fear of loosing more voters in the 2019 election and become yet another failed redundant party – now decided to make a full 90 degree turn towards full socialism and “expropriation”(illegal theft substantiated  by party politics)– to appease it’s impoverished black voting worker class. Thus the DA opted to totally abandon any other minority group in exchange to zero in on the black majority support base. This is the last desperate convulsions of a dying political prey. Looking at the way the DA is choking Cape Town tax payers to death with humongous taxes , levies and inhuman service fees- one quietly hope they also loose that city in the next elections to someone with more compassion for it’s residents rather than for the fat cat city Councillors. Maybe the DA should have concentrated more in saving precious water-  than playing little  “diversity” games and waste money to become the ” pink city” -iow  the Babylon of the country. It was the water scandal per se that exposed the DA for the lairs they are- using the drought to bullshit the people of Cape Town into now paying exuberant service fees and taxes.

SUDDENLY Mr. Miamane now start to make very unpleasant sounds such as” Land must be returned to blacks who best know how to use their land”  This came as a shocker to especially the minority groups  in South Africa, as the DA makes a shocking pronouncement about  land in SA. “Our plan we will return land to the people through the biggest land redistribution in  South African history. All tribal land will be given to those living on it, and all government -owned land that isn’t used will be divided among all black people.”  Title deeds will be given to urban housing (black) beneficiaries and farm workers will become partners in the farms they work on. (Do we hear the old PAC slogan reverberating in Cape Town again?) This will make black black people the majority owners of land in South Africa. (Now we hear the EFF rhetoric again.) People will own this land directly, because they are the ones who best know how to use their land”. (And we hear the Red Weasel’s ghost talking again.) Miamane -with this new angle- tries to muscle in on Julius’ sales pitch in order to rob the weasel from his supporters.

DA beweeg na kommunisme.. Hierdie is n uiterste belangrike video. Elkeen moet dit sien voor 2019. Luister mooi wat mnr Maimane se. Hy se as die DA regeer gaan boere aan sy werkers aandele in die plaas moet gee. Banke aan al sy werkers.. Wanneer gaan die DA leierskap die man stilmaak. Share asb

Posted by DA Ontmasker on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Mmiamane sounds to a “T” like another weasel dressed in red  that also strings the same ” revolutionary” banjo. WE wonder where “Pretty Boy” Miamane took his cue from- now don’t we Mr. “Amandla!?”

Whites in South Africa will have to pop their  “wake-up” tablets MUCH sooner than later. If there is still some disillusioned whites out there (and there are many)- that remotely dreamed of the DA being their last hope in this forgotten wasteland we call South Africa-  there is a rude awakening lingering on the horizon for them if they keep on following the black pied piper.  They should be wary- very wary indeed where they pin their hopes ( and their mark) during the following elections. Between the ANC, DA and EFF they are playing musical chairs with the populace- singing “ The Winner (s) takes it all” – all while pulling out the few remaining  available chairs from under the poor misdirected populace’s arses …..one by one. 



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