The expulsion of white farmers by the totalitarian regime of former despot president Robert Mugabe has been said to be the catalyst of the recent economic misfortune.From Harare, a mammoth crowd of Zimbabweans are gathering for a nationwide protest over the country’s economic collapse and what the opposition calls the new government’s “cocktail of lies.” Many are of the opinion that had Robert Mugabe not taken land from white farmers, the country would have been saved from the brink of collapse. SOME lesson someone ought to pound into Cyril Ramaphosa and Malema’s  thick skulls.

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Article compiled  by: White Nation correspondent  Pretoria    November 30  2018



Zim economy collapses, heavy protest for return of white farmers

LAND reform blow: Zimbabwe must pay foreign investor US$195m; World Bank unit dismisses Harare’s bid to annul award

How illegal Mozambican invaders cross the border to collect social  grants in SA on the South African taxpayer’s backs. 

Boy (9) found hanged was bullied because he was white

Zille agrees with Afriforum on land “expropriation.”

CONCOURT now want to meddle in your private matters: It’s “unconstitutional” to hit your children at home.

South Africa dithering on the edge of the abyss- Johan Rupert




ZIMBABWE ostensibly – together with  Sudan- are two perfect examples of true failed African-style governance. Their little “expropriation” game spun out of control- and now they’re back to become international beggars for food aid and emergency loans from the IMF again. They now face their own peril through foolish ” you stole our land” actions by “expropriating” too much white farms and businesses. 

THIS African countries is a total f*ck-up with the black “ruling class” lining their pockets-and the general populace suffering the indigestion of starvation. In all of Africa the white “colonials” were driven out due to foreign “vulturism “ and pure African political racism . Today both Sudan and Zimbabwe are paying the terrible price for their brutal arrogance and vindictive misplaced hatred towards the white farmer- instigated by their paid political criminals in control.

BUT lessons that should have been learned from past mistakes somehow did not alter the African parasitic   mind. Raw hatred , blatant plundering schemes, ever “demanding”, forever “previously  disadvantaged” , corruption and destructive  oratorios from black bank-rolled Stalinists such as Julius Mlema, Andile Mnxitama, Cyril Ramaphosa and now also Mmusi Miamane  are recipes that eventually will jolt Africa back to the stone age before the white man ‘s presence again.AND  South Africa is fast tracking Venezuela, Sudan and Zimbabwe to become the fourth failed state on the list of global degenerates. Greedy scavengers such as Malema, Ramaphosa and Mnxitama are continuously feulling the fires of white hatred and “expropriation”– and soon South Africa will join other failed states on the Food-for-minerals wagon. Africans in 300 years have not as yet learn to become independent producers .

And further-more does their own corrupt black governments keep them on the beggar status by robbing them through corruption and plundering the state coffers of funds much needed to educate and assist the African to become successful entrepreneurs. As always the “white man” is blamed for this evil circle of life- NOT the corrupt black politician that is responsible for the starvation and failure of his own people.Mugabe did it and the South African regime are doing it- blaming the white farmer as they did 60 years ago. One wonders who they blame in Sudan and other failed African states as the “white farmer” never set foot in that countries to “steal their land.” 

ZIMBABWE should have been a tell-tale example of what happens when psychopathic dictators are running the show. No white farmers, no food…no fuel.  South Africa should have paid attention to the mistakes the Mugabe dictatorship made and not repeat that same mistakes. Sadly- in some cases the greedy South African kleptocracy are even worse than the Mugabe regime ever was. The result then will also be even more disastrous. South Africa already dithers on  the brink of a economical melt-down. But the South African clowns acting as “politicians ” as always have thick skulls. Their only interest is centered around power and fat bank accounts. 

Poor planning by the Zimbabwe government has resulted in the country facing dwindling fuel supplies. For the past two weeks there have been long, winding queues countrywide. The most affected are motorists with petrol-driven engines. At a queue that stretched for a kilometer in Bulawayo’s central business district,  Charles Moyo told TimesLIVE on Wednesday morning that he had spent the greater part of his night waiting for fuel.

“I spent the whole night in this queue. It’s now morning I have to go to work so my daughter who just finished exams will come and take over. There’s hope that by midday there will be fuel because this is the only station that has been consistent since the shortages started a few months ago,” said Moyo, a builder by profession. Moyo is a member of at least three WhatsApp groups that offer updates on the availability of fuel. Lately there have been inquiries more than updates. “Everyone is asking the same question and no one seems to have any answer. When the situation briefly normalised last month many people exited (the WhatsApp) groups, but now out of desperation they are being added back,” he said.

How's this for a fuel queue?#Zimbabwe

Posted by Dustin Ellse on Friday, November 30, 2018

Government sources said there was less than a week’s supply of fuel and signs of the acute shortage were already showing with some big service stations in Harare going for days without the precious liquid. Ncube said the last quarter of the year is the lowest period of forex earning for the country as such things are bound to be tight. “This last quarter of the year, every year is the time for forex shortage in the normal cycle of foreign currency earnings for the country,” he said.