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Article written and compiled  by: White Nation correspondent Melbourne AUS     December 08  2018





Please send this far and wide enough is enough

Posted by Lizanne En Graham Pelham on Friday, October 5, 2018



Help my GROOT asb. om die video van Steve Hofmeyr uit te kry na die wêreld!!!! Ek dank jou 🙏

Posted by Ampie on Sunday, October 29, 2017


SINCE Peter Dutton and Donald Trump entered the South African Farm murder agenda – farm murders enjoyed a lot of international attention. However– despite this new turn of awareness  nothing has changed much. The pseudoligist Cyril “The Squirrel” Ramaphosa and his insidious ANC Murder Inc. butchers only reverted to the power of flat denial against multiple accusations of human rights abuses and a silent war against the whites of South Africa – and especially the covert “black ops” operations to exterminate the white food producers of that country. 

South African farmers are facing persecution, torture and murder. The murder rate in #Australia is 2/100,000 per annum. The murder rate for farmers in #SouthAfrica is 156/100,000 – 78 times the murder rate for Australia. Enough is enough. Councillor Chamonix #FarmAttacks #FarmMurdersPlease spread this video!!!

Posted by Thomas Anderson on Monday, December 10, 2018


FOR 20 years since the dawn of the so-called “democracy” – the agenda to exterminate the white farmer from his land already was pre-planned and cast in stone in the ANC’s book of dark ” revolutionary” secrets. This devious agenda was followed throughout the evil reign of the terrorist ANC movement- and still is very much alive today. It is kept alive through the abuse of the “law”, political inflammatory instigation- and direct attacks orchestrated by political heathens such as Ramaphosa, Julius Malema and Andile Mnxitama.

Julle moet mooi luister

Posted by Nico Smith on Saturday, December 8, 2018


War of the Flea: Hate Crimes in South Africa – The UNREPORTED Injustice

Posted by Henri LeRiche on Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The white farmers are murdered on a continuous basis- and not a single week goes by without especially elderly white farmers being brutally attacked or murdered on their farms. These attacks are nothing but horrifying. The torture methods applied , the   blood lust and slaughter left behind in some of this murder scenes – and the barbarous viciousness how this killers apply their heinous trade  can only be equaled to the carnage and brutality of that of a pack of butchering werewolves attacking a victim – rather that attributed to the deeds of humans. Despite heroic actions by activists such as Lauren Southern, Katie Hopkins, Janice Atkinson MP,  Stefan Molyneux and media outlets such as Fox with Tucker Carlson exposing this heinous atrocities committed against the white South African farming community- the communist assassins in South Africa proceed their silent massacre of the white farmers in South Africa unchallenged from the international community. The South African Mediaas expected- also keep a tight lid on this heinous atrocities committed by black thugs against innocent white farmers and their families.

Private armies of Malema & Co. Yet the lame duck regime do nothing about it.

AND not only does the communist butchers continue their silent holocaust against the white farmers- but they even took it a step further by now illegally forcing a very disreputable “law” through their unreliable parliament to start disowning (stealing) all the farmlands belonging to the white farmers through a devious act of changing their constitution to fit their land theft agenda by changing Section 25 of the constitution to “lawfully” allow them to force the white food producers off their land. And not only farmlands- but basically ALL private property rights in South Africa will be diminished and handed to Ramaphosa’s Mafia mobsters to distribute and do at their convenience. We are about to witness Robert Mugabe’s communist land theft program re-instated in South Africa.


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing

THE international world at large- and especially the psychopaths in the general assembly of the United Nations cares less what happens to white South Africans. To them it simply is not financially and politically “feasible” to side with the white farmers- or even object to the gross human rights abuses against white South Africans. White South Africans- because of the demonetization by mainly the British Press– are seen as the “expendables” to serve the bigger New World Order “plan” of global control-  and naturally the control of South Africa’s mineral assets.



And the black communist front-men are the perfect tool to control the white minority and black masses in order for the globalist thieves and scoundrels to plunder the resources at will. The latest ESKOM saga is just one example how the black Czars are plundering and terrorizing the resources for themselves- leaving the whole country to suffer financial and social damages. And the ESKOM saga- now running unchecked for the past 10 years- only is ONE small drop in the vast ocean of communist and corporate criminal mass racketeering scandals currently rocking the South African economy.

Since the Robbin Island criminals were given the opportunity by De Klerk and his the Afrikaner Broederbond ghouls to enrich themselves from  1994  onward at the cost of the people of South Africa – the majority illiterate and mostly politically un-educated South Africans were continuously exploited for all kinds of capital “experiments.” They were systematically robbed of all their rightful minerals, their pensions and their opportunities to excel beyond their below standard African education. Today most black Africans are jobless and pushed into poverty in squatter camps while only the small clique of “polatriat” members in the ANC/EFF  are enriching themselves through corruption and plundering.



The white “minority” – after they were effectively disarmed- were exclusively chosen to be exploited as “lab rats “ in very brutal  and inhuman atrocities and brutal torture  similar to that applied in  Russia during the Stalin era  and by the allied occupiers  during world war 11. It’s sounds utterly preposterous in this modern times- even exaggerated– but the facts is that hard evidence exists that  all this atrocities are committed even today. The left will at all times deny and try to “debunk “ this horrible truth- but across the Alternative Media and social sites the evidence is unmistakable obvious what really is going on in that country. Genocide Watch International already classified the  genocide  against whites in South Africa on a “Level 6” stage.


Anti-whites in South Africa chant “White man you must die”

Anti-whites chant “White man you must die” today at the Afrikaans high school in Verieniging, Johannesburg. Total black out from the western media, they want it swept under the rug.

Posted by Europa Rising on Thursday, January 18, 2018


From dehumanization, alienation, demonetization, persecution, disownment, deliberate neglect, incarceration,  false accusations, false arrests, assassinations, destruction of their culture , their language, their heritage, forced into poverty, denial from the labor market, witch hunts on bogus trumped-up charges to downright a mass genocide – all formed part to exterminate the white population in South Africa today. The holocaust against the white population that started in 1994 still continue up to today under the watchful eye of the false “church”, bogus “human rights” organizations such as the Red Cross and many others, – and fake “democratic” inspired organizations such as the United Nations and European Union.

False propaganda , denials, lies and downright suppression of the truth by both Ramaphosa and his ANC cronies-  and the state-controlled media are being sent out to the world that everything is a-“ok” in South Africa, no whites are persecuted, no discrimination occurs, the whites have not been impoverished, oppression or land theft program launched against them- and no white farmers are murdered. This is what Ramaphosa- who already proofed himself as a political and a pathological liar- has openly told the world. Cyril Ramaphosa said at a media briefing recently  in Cape Town with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier that there will be no land grabs in South Africa and that foreign investments (He did not speak about LOCAL investments though) in the country are safe. “Investors should have no fear that their land or investment will be taken,” he said The brutal reality in contrast dictates otherwise. Nothing could be further from the truth. 


Help jouself daar is Baie tafels….

Posted by Braam Joubert on Thursday, December 6, 2018


THE  new  black “elite” mobsters at the top now gorge themselves in the spoils of their BEEE state loot – sipped with blue chip (Then steal all the glasses)

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting and outdoor

THEN after all the blue chip are gurgled down and glasses stolen- you go washing your hands with a R9000 bottle of whisky . Then mix it with Redbull Light. PRICELESS!!! For everything there’s a ANC  Mastercard


Jacob Zuma was only one simple example of what kind of  tyrannical “tsotsis” the ANC appointed as so-called “presidents.” Mandela only was the catalyst to propel the worst kind of scavengers and gold diggers into the South African political arena. The National Party– as devious bastards as they were- still held a certain level of “decorum” while they also indulged themselves in racketeering , assassinations and foul play- but the ANC on the contrary does not even try to hide their mismanagement, corruption, nepotism and open hatred against the minority groups of South Africa. Ramaphosa himself is an avid advocate and example of materialism, capitalism- and African Czarism.

Please spread this video. Let people can see world wide what is happening in #SouthAfrica. Simon Roche

Posted by Thomas Anderson on Wednesday, December 5, 2018



While the “elite” mobsters at the top now gorge themselves in the spoils of their state loot sipped with blue chip – at the bottom of the barrel it became a total chaotic nightmare of ill-disciplined scavengers roaming the city streets, with dangerous predatory killers around every corner-  ready to pounce unsuspecting victims. At a rate of 55 murders,  49 attempted murders per day;  and 137 rapes  per day ,458 brutal assaults per day; and escalating- the South African cities became  mega killing grounds and brooding incubators for the most vile type of archfiends imaginable.

Crime Stats released by police for 2017/2018 are:

20,336 murders, or 55 per day;

50,108 sexual offences, or 137 per day;

18,233 attempted murders, or 49 per day;

167,352 assaults with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, or 458 per day;

156,243 common assaults, or 428 per day;

50,730 common robberies, or 138 per day;

138,364 robberies with aggravating circumstances, or 379 per day;

40,035 rapes, or 109 per day;

6,786 sexual assaults, or 18 per day;

2,066 attempted sexual offences, or 5 per day;

1,221 contact sexual offences, or 3 per day;

16,325 carjackings, or 44 per day;

22,261 robberies at residential premises, or 60 per day;

20,047 robberies at non-residential premises, or 54 per day;

71,195 burglaries at non-residential premises, or 195 per day;

228,094 burglaries at residential premises, or 624 per day;

50,663 theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles, or 138 per day;

129,174 theft out of or from motor vehicles, or 353 per day;

28,849 stock-thefts, or 79 per day;

302,656 “all theft not mentioned elsewhere,” or 829 per day;

73,277 “commercial crimes,” or 200 per day;

62,180 shoplifting crimes, or 170 per day;

17,558 illegal possession of firearms and ammunition offences, or 48 per day;

323,547 “drug-related crimes,” or 886 per day.

In addition, there were 238 robberies of cash in transit vehicles; 13 bank robberies; and 1,202 truck hijackings.

According to Bheki Cele, the 20‚336 murders recorded were 1‚320 more than in the previous year, a statistic which he said brought South Africa “close to a war zone… yet we are not in war.” This statistics only reflects the reported cases. There are many more that was not reported at all.And the majority perpetrators in the violent crime wave in South Africa (99%)  are non-whites.


In the rural areas and especially white farms the picture looks no different.  Violent crime on white farms  is rife and horrific.  BUT the prevalence of farm murders and violence against elderly white people on farms has led to South Africa being high-lighted as being most notorious for brutal assaults and torture of  elderly people during  farm murders.  This is largely attributed to the political demonetization by black political despots such as Malema that created a  false but deadly culture that white farmers are the reason why blacks still are  “landless” in the country.

Julius Malema most recently had a true brush with reality when his home address was tweeted by Jacques Pauw to the media. Malema was furious and let fly with all kinds of threats against Pauw and even against his family. Suddenly Malema was on the receiving side of the “fear factor “ line. Malema quickly realized how it feels when his life and that of his family are threatened. Malema continuously instigate blacks to go ” Kill the Boer.” He did not feel the anxiety and fear of being attacked or may be attacked every night the same way those farmers and their families he instructed “to be killed ” must feel. To him it all is a very sick political “game.” It is convenient when you are safe behind your security fences- instigating the murder of others. However- when the tables are turned it is a total different ball game.



Now THIS is how the “poor” ANC suffers in their “struggle.” It must be one helluva hard “struggle” to spend all that hard-earned taxes other people are breaking their backs for. 


Now the cowardice of Malema is exposed. He is a con artist, a political farce. He recently boasted that a “true revolutionary” must not be scared to die. We suppose Malema then isn’t a true “revolutionary?” It’s so easy to sent other people to go and die for your “cause”– but when YOU yourself finds yourself in the firing line- well- then we suppose the “true revolutionary” is not such a “true revolutionary” after all. But Malema only expose what all these political psychopaths are- a bunch of loud mouth cowards that hide behind their status quo and their security guards. The same goes for all of them- Ramaphosa included. They all “think” they are “untouchable”- until….

The Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU), one of the country’s larger farmer unions representing white farmers, issued a statement saying that “according to the SA Police Service 62 murders were committed on agricultural properties during the last financial year. “However, the TAU SA data base reflects a figure of 70 which implies a slightly more than 10 percent higher figure than the official statistics. This difference and the necessity to speak with one voice on a topic which is increasingly receiving international interest, demands to be consolidated.” 



One of the biggest problems with an inescapable farm  attack  culture is that it directly affects survivors getting justice for the crime because not only do many victims feel as though they won’t be believed by the courts and  the outside world; there is a widespread belief that many farm attack victims are to blame for being attacked because of the false propaganda by political despots that they “stole” the land  and treat their farm workers bad. Of course, this is all nonsense as the farmers  rarely is at fault. These normalized ideas also impact how many law enforcement authorities view farm attacks and, thus, process farm attacks and investigate cases. Many cases are deliberately meddled with in order to bungle the investigation and court evidence in such a way that most cases are thrown out of court due to poor investigations or missing evidence.

IN one such case proofing that the police co-operate in the farm murders was the case of one farmer- Andre Van Wyk.  Shortly after being handed over to police in KwaDukuza, a man accused of trespassing on Van Wyk’s  farm and who attacked Van Wyk was allegedly released without charge. Van Wyk says he intends to bring a civil case against KwaDukuza SAPS. Andre van Wyk told the Courier he and his wife were at the home they rent on KwaDukuza lot 16, about six kilometers inland from Stanger when a stranger entered the property.

Farm attack: Terrorist walks free after farm-assault outside Stanger, KwaZulu Natal

He said he has lost faith in the police after they took six hours to respond to his call for help. “We got home at around 3.30pm and my wife went outside to start hanging up some laundry. I heard her screaming for me and went running to see what was going on,” he said. Van Wyk said he arrived in the yard to see a black thug  climbing over their wall. He confronted him, whereupon the intruder produced a small gas bottle and flung it at him. “I turned to my wife and told her to go fetch my weapon, by this time blood was pouring down from my head wound where the gas bottle had cut down to the bone.” The thug produced a knife and started trying to stab him. “He just went mad, thrusting the knife at my body – luckily none of the thrusts went in deep.” Once the thug  had fled, Van Wyk and his wife attempted to contact the authorities. “We must have called the KwaDukuza police at least four times. They actually hung the phone up in my wife’s ear.”

They also contacted their security company, who arrived after about 45 minutes. “I recognized the intruder as a man we have had issues with before trespassing on the property. “Our security company found him shortly afterwards enjoying a beer, they arrested him and took him to KwaDukuza SAPS but I heard he was released that same night without any charges against him. “How can a man climb over my wall and assault me with weapons without the police doing anything to him?” Van Wyk has since been in contact with a senior prosecutor and says he intends to bring a civil case against KwaDukuza SAPS. The Courier attempted to get comment from KwaDukuza SAPS, contacting spokesperson constable Sibusiso Khuzwayo. Khuzwayo however said he was in a” meeting ” in Durban and directed the Courier to contact the station commander. Upon calling the station, it emerged that the station commander was not in. Holding for the acting station commander, the Courier was put on hold five times until being told she too, was unavailable.

Naturally, cases as this has a knock-on effect because a farm attack survivor might then think that a case will be thrown out of court due to insufficient evidence or the attacker or killer  will be given a lesser jail sentence. The police themselves deliberately drag investigations and / or respond with very reluctant attitudes. With the malicious propaganda and both the communist regime and police involved in these attacks- chances is that one out of six attacks eventually get a fair trail. And it is all backed up by statistics.



SOLID evidence that the ANC rat regime is involved in farm murders- weapons and signal jamming equipment  straight from the army stores found in various farm attackers’ bags.

Many farm attack  survivors turn to civil lawsuits against various institutions to seek justice and compensation. Civil cases usually involve private disputes between persons or organisations. A civil case begins when a person or entity (such as a corporation or the government), called the “plaintiff,”  claims that another person or entity (the defendant) has failed to carry out a legal duty owed to the plaintiff. One of the reasons why this is often preferred is the fact that the criminal case won’t succeed due to the burden of proof being “above reasonable doubt” while in civil cases it is “a balance of probability”. The burden of proof is thus much lower in civil court. Of course, here you can also hold others responsible as well where they were negligent in carrying out their legal duty. In South Africa, a farm attack  victim who sues for civil damages will usually be entitled mainly to general damages, which are paid as compensation for shock, pain and suffering, disfigurement, disability and loss of enjoyment of life. General damages are granted on a case-by-case basis and are at the discretion of the judge, although awards made in previous, comparable cases often play a big role.

FARM attacks definitely is on the increase in South Africa. And Ramaphosa’s denial to the world stands in stark contrast with the reality. This past 24 hours alone there were SIX separate attacks on farms in South Africa:

There was :

  • A FARM ATTACK: Zusterstroom, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng Province. 5 suspects attacked 7 victims. Cellphones and 2 vehicles taken. No serious injuries, no arrests.

  • A FARM ATTACK: Addo, Eastern Cape. 3 suspects, 1 armed, entered house and hit male victim over head with firearm. Female victim was tied up. Suspects were masked and took 2 firearms. Fled on foot, no arrests yet

  • A FARM ATTACK: Honingnestkrans, Gauteng Province. 3 armed thugs  shot one male victim in the arm and fled with undisclosed amount of cash. No arrests yet and

  • A FARM ATTACK: Krokodilspruit, Kameeldrift, Gauteng Province. 2 armed thugs  entered house of workers and hit victims with bricks. One male victim was seriously wounded in his face. Attackers fled on foot, no arrests yet.

  • A FARM ATTACK: Bainsvlei, Free State Province. 1 elderly female victim (70) attacked on Tuesday afternoon. SA Police Service detectives only started investigation on scene on Wednesday morning. Victim is currently in ICU in Bloem. Victims face was crushed by attacker.

  • A FARM ATTACK: Burgersfort– A white farmer (82) was viciously attacked and  boiling water thrown over his head. He still recovers in ICU.

This past few days of December there was no less than TWELVE attacks and ONE murder reported. In Novemver 30 farm attacks were reported- one in which renown rugby player Naka Drotské also was shot.  On 16 October 2018, Ian Cameron, presented at Western Australia Parliament in Perth about farm murders in South Africa. Already 346 farm attacks and 46 farm murders have taken place in South Africa since 1 Jan 2018. Ian Cameron and other representatives from Afriforum was in Australia creating international awareness. AfriForum has already met with Minister Andrew Hastie, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, and has participated in a discussion on Sky News Australia’s program “ Outsiders.” 

Amidst all the political and economical turmoil around them – the brutal onslaught against them- the inhospitably environment created by empty-headed politicians – and the uphill battle they have to fight against the elements to still try and farm effectively to feed more than 70 million people in South Africa- white farmers now appear to give up hope of ever be free again to do what they do best-  farming. With their lives in danger and their land on the verge of being stolen from them- many already are looking for greener pastures where the government of the day is not so hostile against them as the South African regime is.

Due to uncertainty created by the South African communist regime’s move to expropriate land without compensation, several South African farmers are migrating to settle in other countries, agricultural industry association Agri SA said on Wednesday. “This is extremely serious, and the knock-on effect on the whole economy is going to be there. If you don’t have confidence [in an economy], why would you invest? Something else is also happening … we are losing young farmers. They decide they cannot do this, they don’t see a future to a certain extent,” said Pierre Vercueil, Agri SA deputy president who is also a commercial farmer. “We see immigration [of farmers from South Africa]. You just have to go the embassies and ask what is happening. Over the last 20 years, we have seen the decrease in farmers’ numbers from something like 60 000 to 35 000, and this is escalating.”  Russia now also stepped in to assist white South African farmers starting a new life in Russia.



AND this  now pose a serious threat to not only food supplies to the ever growing black South African market- but to the Agricultural Industry and economy as a whole. With each farmer murdered at least 10 workers and their families are left without an income. With each farmer leaving the country at least on average 500 tons of food production are lost. And this estimation is very conservative. With each farmer lost to the economy more food have to be imported at humongous costs. And it is not always the best food arriving at South Africa’s shores either- but mostly either by ‘deals” cut- backed by back-handers- or by the lowest bidder.

Lots of times this also is food being rejected by the populace or manufacturer of that country due to Health & Safety reasons- now dumped onto the South African market. And that by itself poses a grave health risk for the South African consumer. The South African regime’s boasting that they either will import Chinese farmers- or train black entrepreneurs to replace the dwindling farmer crisis also is a pipe dream. Most of the black-owned farms turned into total disasters. Replacing white farmers with Chinese farmers again shows us the degree of disdain with witch the black communist regime treat their white food producers. This also was the case in Zimbabwe .  Zimbabwe- once a thriving economy and top food producer- now dithers on the brink of starvation due to erratic racist policies by political despots such as Mugabe. It appears the Ramaphosa regime has either not learned much from this lesson at all- or there is a much deeper and devious agenda hidden that is motivating their mad quest to disown all white farmers from their productive agricultural land. We suspect the latter. 



BUT it’s not only the farmers that endures this demonic onslaught- their animals face the same ordeal.  A hacking gang that hacks up cattle whilst they are still alive has hit a farm outside Fochville in Gauteng on Saturday 1 December 2018 and mutilated a whole stud herd. These gangs regularly hit farms between Fochville, Parys in the Free State and Potchefstroom in North West. On Saturday they hacked up 4 cattle and carried the meat away that they wanted. They cut the achilles tendon of a cow and left the animal behind still living. The cow was also badly hacked over its back and had to be put out when the owner found it. Four of the five cows had calves that will have to be raised by hand now. The cattle was part of a Simmentaler stud herd belonging to the Circle A farm of Pieter de Villiers. The damage is estimated at R100 000 and it is now the third time that De Villiers has suffered huge damage this way. This only is one incident of many. Livestock Farmers along the Lesotho border are hit the worst.

Related image

MEANWHILE the brutal farm murders continue- and it’s on the rise.


Wrote farm attack victim Marlene Conradie: “I want these killings to stop. I do not want any woman to suffer the way I did … My children are heartbroken,” – widow of murdered farmer Joubert Conradie of Uitkyk farm in Klapmuts ( )


In 1990 – 31 Farm attacks recorded
In 1991 – 83 Farm attacks recorded
In 1992 – 113 Farm attacks recorded
In 1993 – 166 Farm attacks recorded
In 1994 – 122 Farm attacks recorded ( ANC Take over )
In 1995 – 113 Farm attacks recorded
In 1996 – 84 Farm attacks recorded
In 1997 – 158 Farm attacks recorded
In 1998 – 237 Farm attacks recorded
In 1999 – 191 Farm attacks recorded
In 2000 – 233 Farm attacks recorded
In 2001 – 162 Farm attacks recorded
In 2002 – 239 Farm attacks recorded
In 2003 – 193 Farm attacks recorded
In 2004 – 123 Farm attacks recorded
In 2005 – 108 Farm attacks recorded
In 2006 – 99 Farm attacks recorded
In 2007 – 106 Farm attacks recorded
In 2008 – 192 Farm attacks recorded
In 2009 – 169 Farm attacks recorded
In 2010 – 141 Farm attacks recorded
In 2011 – 92 Farm attacks recorded
In 2012 – 153 Farm attacks recorded
In 2013 – 181 Farm attacks recorded

In 2014 – 490 Farm attacks recorded
In 2015 – 318 Farm attacks recorded
In 2016 – 357 Farm attacks recorded
Statistics 2016 / 2017 recorded a further 27.5% Increase in Farm attacks

Related image

Yet-yet Ramaphosa and his “Aide de Camp “ Lindiwe Sisulu keep on lying to the world-even become arrogant and spit fire and brimstone at Donald Trump and Peter Dutton for touching a secret nerve they’d rather want to keep a secret to the world in order to prevent a wildfire of information spreading and sanctions starting to pop up like they did with Mandela. Worse even their money-line from abroad may dry up as their once revered bed partners and sympathizers start turning against them .BUT after 20 years various flames of truth now start to flicker across the internet about the true colors of the murderous ANC and their multiple human rights abuses against the white Afrikaner people and white farmers. That is the reason why they also now threaten to block the internet- for the demons in charge are scared their evil deeds will be exposed for what they truly are- a bunch of murderous greedy terrorists cloaked in “democratic” garments. 


Well said. Malema,EFF and BLF please listen to this!!!

Posted by Maxi Nosworthy on Tuesday, October 31, 2017


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