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Article compiled  by: White Nation correspondent Witbank     December 10  2018





IRONIC– Isn’t it- how a band of hard-bitten criminals from Robbin Island can become so totally and mentally procrastinated by the mere sight of the old South African flag- they even want to pass a law against it!  Apparently it is too “hurtful” for them when it is displayed publicly. 

Can you ever imagine the hard bitten jail rats from Robbin Island suddenly become so “sentimental ” that the mere sight of a piece of cloth can “hurt” their feelings? I cannot. If I ever heard some brutal bullsh*t- then this is it. The vipers only want to squash any display of the old flag in order to stomp out any remaining white nationalist ideas- if you ask me. Now they come with this cockamamie crap that it is “hurtful” to them when it is displayed.

Furthermore do they say it apparently is “reminiscent of apartheid, “- and now is the subject of a court application to have it defined as “hate speech. “ How the bloomin hell can a flag be classified as “hate speech? Do they even have the foggiest clue what IS “hate speech” after all? Have they now lost all their racist marbles in one thrust of vindictive madness?  Imagine- 20 years down the line and ‘apartheid” still “haunts” them?  Why don’t they come out with the real truth and acknowledge they are living in a fear factor  and the white powers  might unite against them with that flag as a symbol of unity? It’s haunting the reptiles.

Then they blabber on and recon the old SA flag is widely recognized as a symbol that promotes “white racial supremacy “ – and can be put in the same category as the swastika. Now remember- this is the same bunch of genocidal spectacles that murdered hundreds of their own cronies in Quatro camp, brutally murdered hundreds of their own people by necklaces during their “hey-day” “struggle”, killed 11 Zulus at Shell House, –  hundreds of innocent civilians by planting bombs in dustbins, cars and structures like the Church Street bomb , Magoos bar bomb and St.James church massacre- and over 4000 white farmers in South Africa. Now they come with this bag of sh*t and tell us they feel “hurtful” and that flag is “offending” them. What a load of crap!

The communist Nelson Mandela Foundation also has applied to the Equality Court in Johannesburg for an order that will effectively ban members of the public from flying the “apartheid South Africa” flag. The foundation said it wants the court to find that “gratuitous displays of the old official flag of apartheid South Africa constitute hate speech‚ unfair discrimination and harassment based on race”. Its action was prompted by displays of the old flag at demonstrations against farm murders on “Black Monday” in October last year.

AND as quite expected did Cyril “The Squirrel”  Ramaphosa also had a bit of testosterone to pee into the commi fan – and has “condemned “ conduct of white farmers who took part in Monday’s nationwide protest against farm murders. Responding to questions in the National Council of Provinces on Wednesday‚ the Squirrel said he hoped this was the last time any citizens saw the need to hoist the old “apartheid “ flag to try to register any form of unhappiness.

I also condemn those who participated in the march where they flung out the old South African flag‚ if they did anything they actual damaged their own case because by hoisting the old South African flag they demonstrated to all and sundry in our country that they still hanker for the old days of apartheid‚ that they are still trapped by the racist past that we thought we had moved away from and that should be condemned. Anybody who still hoists a flag that is representative of a “terrible crime ” that was committed against “our ” people‚ a crime that the world called a crime against humanity should be condemned very strongly and I’m hoping that that flag will never flown in South Africa ever again and this must be the last time we’ve seen that flag”- the Squirrel squeaked.

What the “Squirrel” conveniently left out of his very emotional speech full of “sentimental” values- was the fact that the ANC rat pack have worst crimes against humanity they committed- and still do. He forgets about all 119 discriminatory “laws” like the AA and BEEE he and his cronies have on the law book against whites. He forgot to mention how 36 mine workers were massacred at Marikana. He forgot to mention that 5 farmers are attacked and one brutally murdered every week. What about all the “terrible crimes” the ANC committed not only against whites- but against their own people as well? How come the ANC flag is still displayed publicly? Yea- there is much our Squirrel conveniently “forgot” to mention- terrible crimes against humanity his gangsters simply wants to wipe under the carpet.

Then we will not even mention the destruction, chaos and mayhem his buddies in the EFF commit on a daily basis against shops and service providers- or his sidekick Mnxitama commits every day by threatening whites , their wives and children (and animals) with murder. Andile Mngxitama daily are threatening to kill white people, Malema also want to kill white people- and the hatred to “kill, kill, kill ” reverberates on a daily basis from this two pieces of human scum  in the media and from podiums to instigate more white killings among their followers. They advocate genocide and war – yet the ANC does NOTHING or say NOTHING against it. Although the media is clandestinely used to spread this propaganda to kill whites- not an eyelid bat about it. No so-called “hate speech,” – no banning of this two scumbags’ oratories in the media either. Between them and the media they keep on advocating hate and murder against the whites.

Yet this same ANC slobs that so bitterly complains about the old flag  and feels so “hurtful” about it’s public display do nothing about it. But they have bags full to complain if a white displays a simple flag! What does that tell you?  The ANC must stop playing the “victim” to hide their own devious agendas. The ANC must stop applying double standards. The ANC must stop waging a war against the white population. Barely does a day go by or the one-or-the-other black despot either blames whites for some “wrongdoing”- or spats dehumanizing slanders or threats against whites. That apparently according to the ANC’s narrative- does not qualify as human rights abuses or crimes against humanity. To dehumanize, slander, threaten or instigate murders against whites became a national black culture. But that is not a crime. Only a simple non-significant piece of cloth poses a much more serious crime than all the previously mentioned atrocities committed by black despots.

Thousands of threatening posts from the black cyber mafia on websites such as Facebook and Twitter appears on social sites daily- calling for the killing of whites, raping of their women- and slaughtering of their children. Yet the ANC and their two-faced social site “administrators” keep an eerily silence about it. No “hate speech” charges are mentioned against this black instigators that terrorizes whites on an hourly basis. Waving their own communist flags with clenched fists of the so-called “revolution” or displaying banners that whites must be attacked also is totally “acceptable” irrespective if it offends the “other” half of the population that is not Ramaphosa’s  “people.” 

Hippocracy and race division plays  major parts in the ANC’s stay of power. The ANC is still that murderous and vindictive terrorist movement they were before 1994- and they have not altered their terror campaigns against whites. Ramaphosa himself threatened white farmers with hard-line action should they not abandon their farms during the planned  land theft exercise. Everything white must be suppressed- the white language, culture, history, human rights and anthem already was brutally attacked and exterminated. Now they attack a simple flag- simply because according to them -it symbolizes white nationalism or as they again slander it ” white supremacy.”

The ANC is ruling South Africa like a bunch of slum lords- either it’s their way or no way at all.  But the mere fact that more than 50 million blacks in South Africa, the so-called “Christian “ churches, human rights organizations and even politicians  sit and watch (and approve) how this dastardly ANC thieves now plan to steal white farms without uttering ONE word of opposition or condemnation explains why South Africans are seen as the most dumbest and racist population on earth. Their own food security hangs in the balance- but still they support an incompetent racist regime that is riddled with corruption and one that brought South Africa to it’s financial knees.

They do not even realize that if Section 25 of the constitution is changed EVERYBODY will loose their property- INCLUDING the blacks. But THAT somehow does not seem to bother them. Will Ramaphosa and his Mafia ilk loose their properties? The answer is a resounding NO WAY! They will kennive themselves out of it. Only the “people” will loose their property. And this is a-ok with the majority racist blacks in South Africa? How f*ckin blind can you be? How f*ckin stupid CAN you be? How f*ckin RACIST can you be?  You want to know? Go ask the black South Africans– they will give you answers on all three this questions. But let us rather go ballistic about a flag that “hurts” the feelings of the monstrous ANC-  rather than getting too deeply involved in the facts. After all- South Africa nowadays is a country with its political foundations caste in lies, deception , corruption, dictatorship, – and government instigated race division.



” It’s not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.“- Henry Kissinger

Then we have the racist black website ” Amandla Awhetu” that also suffers from this mental constipation – declaring that” The old South African flag is a symbol of hate, violence and racial oppression. Every atrocity committed by the Apartheid government was committed in the service of this flag. This flag was flown at every police station where detainees were tortured, it was on the insignia of riot police as they brutalised communities and it was used to promote a society built on racial inequality. Apartheid was a crime against humanity, and this flag is a symbol of that crime. Given this history. the display of the flag is as racist as uttering racial slurs and should be treated as hate speech under the law.”  However, the department of justice admits that current legislation does not technically define the flag as hate speech – the law would need to be amended. Poor vindictive sods! 

BUT then you get those idiots- like the Kiwis– that sucks so deep into the commi’s arses – only their pedicure is visible between the hairs of the cracks.

A South African shop in New Zealand has come in for significant criticism after proudly emblazoning the old apartheid flag on its display windows. The Biltong and Wors Store in Tawa, New Zealand, sells South African delicacies in the small suburb of Tawu, which is just outside of Wellington. Locals noticed the brazen decoration over the weekend, and many were quick to lambast the business’ decision to represent Mzansi in this “racist” manner.

Steve Scheckter is another (poor bum nugget liberal) South African store owner in nearby Petone. He told that the owner should know better, and called out the ignorance of the display: “ This is a very stupid thing to do. I wouldn’t display it anywhere., not in my shop, not in my home- especially in New Zealand.” the poor traitor spit some venom. The owner of Biltong and Wors didn’t seem too apologetic either, telling the publication he was aware of the controversy but had nothing to say about it. This comes at a very “sensitive”  moment for South Africa, as the government look to criminalize the use of the emblem going forward.

SO– to all these white South African “ex-pats” in other countries that nurture the same sentiment as Mr. Schecker- you are useless white traitors to your people – and a shame to that skin you wear. This also goes to all the white liberal trash in South Africa as well. To the Kiwis- you lot are pathetic to say the least. You want to cry “foul” against the whites in South Africa- this after you conveniently massacred  all the Maoris on your own little island first- bloody hippocratsWhen the ANC bandits  feel “offended” every-one must drop their pants and run we suppose? Sorry Brothat flag was South Africa’s old flag- and as far as we are concerned any-one that feels he or she have a memory to that flag can fly it.


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We will not allow the Squirrel and his mobsters to either squash our heritage- or dictate to us what we must do and what we must not. The ANC and all it’s commi goons reserve them-self the right to discriminate against the whites, slander the whites, push them out of the job market, call them all kinds of names, threaten them and murder them- but they want to stretch their foul mouths about a white historical flag? The ANC dearly want to destroy everything that is white- and the bloody cowards continuously hide behind the “law” to oppress whites and rob them of their heritage- JUST like their “land expropriation” thievery agenda.

The ANC commis  quickly could label the old SA flag as a reminder of “white supremacy” – but forget that despicable loathsome ANC rag of them  reminds us of their bloodthirsty black terrorism they  have committed against our innocent people. A message to Ramaphosa and his commi ilk: You are not our government. You are a bunch of racist bigots that usurped the South African throne through deception ,  thievery and lies.We as Boers/Afrikaners will not submit to your Babylonian rule.


So put a ban on that piece of rubbish too! You scrap all the discriminatory laws against whites from your LAW books- we will scrap the old flag from our books- PERIOD! For an illegal bunch of criminals that plunders our economy into bankruptcy they are the last to speak about moral values and flag ethics. So- to all whites in South Africa- don’t let the communist heathens bully youFLY THAT FLAG!!!!!!! Apparently that flag makes them p*ss in their pants- and THAT can only be GOOD news. 



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