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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town    December 14   2018



Murders on farmers in SA proceeds during festive season

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SOUTH AFRICA is a country in chaos. South Africa is a country in peril. South Africa is a country that urgently needs urgent intervention from either the international world- or from God himself.

Since 1994 when the so-called “Tri-alliance ” ( the Communist ANC, SACP and COSATU) psychopaths  joined forces to supposedly “govern” the country- the gates of hell was left ajar and the worst kind  of malicious demons imaginable escaped hell through it- straight towards  one of the (untouched by Babylonian)  pearls of the Atlantic- South Africa. That was one of the gravest mistakes the international communities could ever allow- sending in bloodthirsty incompetent jail-birds from Robin Island to rule a once prosperous society.But the greedy corporate Jews at large had other more sinister plans.

Today that demons still are in charge- still kept in power by the same greedy corporate Jewry. They now call themselves “the government”– and as with the movie The Lion King– the Hyenas are roaming the pride lands now – and after 20 years of utter chaos still consuming everything still left in their wake of total destruction. South Africa became a wasteland full of scavengers,- killing, burning and destroying everything they see, smell- or touch. The South African nation has become the scorches of the earth- murderous tribes of bloodthirsty predators out for the kill.Judge for yourself why?


Posted by Thabiso Molefe ENqutu EManqoleni on Wednesday, December 12, 2018


The dark force  at CODESA- Frederik Willem De Klerk, Roelf Meyer, Dawie De Villiers, Pik Botha, Harry Oppenheimer, Leon Wessels, Niel Van Heerden et al have done their evil work well. They have listened to Darth Kissinger – the evil Jew sith lord they worshiped. Why these evil National Party spectacles still are wandering as free wretches outside the confinements of a jail cell today- enjoying the spoils of their treacherous acts- is still a mystery. They should have been taken to trail for high treason against their own people a long time ago. By their hand thousands of white people has been displaced and impoverished. By the stroke of their pen thousands of innocent white farmers and their families has been brutally murdered. By their treason a once healthy jewel now lies trampled in the ruins and mud of a communist pigsty. 


The National Party traitors – priests of Baphomet– that were responsible of selling out the country to the communist ANC. Today they live in luxury- all while those they sold out  live in squatter camps.


SUCH treachery only would be attributed to arch villains such as Judas Iscariot, Gaius Cassius Longinus, Ephialtes of Trachis and Marcus Junius Brutus. But then again treason and the sound of money never was particular selective about the type of despicable cretin it attracts- as long as the objective is reached. On the other hand are politicians devious,treacherous and pathelogical lairs by nature. Thus then it was to be expected that the conglomeration of spawnlings from Satan at CODESA would not behave otherwise. They acted true to their nature. 



Since that vile deed of treason that took place between 1990 and 1993 -and was sealed by the last signature of  the jelly-livered Roelf Meyer on 27 April 1994 – the doom of the country was sealed. South Africa was destined to be ripped apart and destroyed by an illegal and useless bunch of kleptocrats that only were interested in plundering the country’s coffers for their own self enrichment. The destruction of the country’s resources started.

On the ground the wheels quickly start to fall off as well- and the country was exposed to the worst kind of economical attacks from the Communist Union devils. Hardly did a day go by without violent strikes, riots and the destruction of infrastructure and property. 20 Years down the line did most of the once-functional state departments now came to a screeching halt- robbed empty by ineptocrats of the ruling regime. Services are about none existent- and businesses suffer huge losses due to anarchy and destruction of property.

Wrote one Social site reader Surina Le Roux :


” This is South Africa. A beautiful place where fire stations, schools, buildings, vehicles and buses are set a light. Where service delivery is poor because of a lack of proper knowledge. Where our government is corrupt and pushes taxes up so we pay the money which was stolen by our president. The only country in the world where the big guys at the head of the table want to close police stations at 6pm because it isn’t safe and where protesting destroys everything in its path.

Posted by Surina Le Roux on Thursday, July 12, 2018


Then tomorrow comes and the same protesters want to take a bus they can’t because some busses were burned… or go to a mall or clinic they can’t it was destroyed, or have to travel an hour longer because of detours due to damages to roads which was caused by protesters … They will complain about poor service delivery yet protesters were the ones causing the damages. Protests left right and center about anything and everything. Petrol going up (example pic of such a protest), food going up, everything going up. Yes people have had enough… Cost are rising.

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Posted by Surina Le Roux on Thursday, August 2, 2018


Posted by Surina Le Roux on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Posted by Surina Le Roux on Thursday, August 2, 2018


But must everything be destroyed? Like me, lots of people Love this country and do not want to immigrate. I am not being negative… Not am I a hater… This is facts. This IS happening. We just want to law and order. Proper systems in place and procedures where if questions are raised they are answered. Where you can provide for your family properly. Where a farmer can farm without fear. Where kids can go to school with all the needed equipment. Where a man and woman can go to work without worrying about a road being blocked. 

Regardless if you are purple, brown, pink, black, white, green, blue or Grey…. You do not need to destroy roads, buildings and other people’s property when or during protesting. You do not have to destroy firestations, emergency vehicles and burn trucks and busses etc. You do not need to destroy roads and prevent other people from going to work. That is spiteful and you are robbing someone else of putting food on the table for their family. 

So world here is our beloved country… This is happening and you probably won’t see this on your news. Burning what can be burned, people being killed, murdered. Property, buildings and vehicles destroyed…. Families living in fear… And farmers being exterminated one by one. Food and petrol prices sky high. Welcome to South Africa. Our once free country now being shackled by waves of crimes and mountains of corruption. This is intensely saddening. ” 


Wrote a black reader- Sipho Sipho:


“I think this thing of taking the land from white farmers is going to be a horrible,,, remember ANC stole money from all government parastatetals like Prasa, Eskom, Telcom, Saa and the latest is SABC,, if they took over well functioning companies like that to the ground and to bankruptcy,, what is going to happen to agriculture now,, people we are heading for starvation,,,, I think white farmers should be left alone to do what they know most,, which is farming,,,, look at mining they have also ran it to bankruptcy,,,, when Mandela took over as president a rand was two rand against the dollar,, when mbeki went for second term it was seven rand against the dollar Zuma came then it was disaster,,, what I’m saying is this black and white thing is going to kill our country,,, my opinion is let us live together and all make contributions to our land,, black white coloured Indian no matter colour of skin,,, if we can live this race card and everybody do their part it will be good for our country,,, I’m scared because it seems in the next 50 years we will be Zimbabwe,,,,,,, my opinion….”

Sipho Sipho

But then there will always be the radical extremists that will do their utmost through their blatant lies and assumptions to force down a racial war as this new far-leftist black group again:


Date : 11th Of December 2018,
Time : 22H00.

Azanian Black House Media Statement:

“Azanian Black House would like to say to the President of BLF,Mr Andile Mngxitama,”Thank you for not being a coward.Thank you for being bold enough,and said what most of our so called Revolutionaries are afraid to say.” It cannot be,that these white farmers keep on killing us,and we are afraid to them that we will fight back,that we will also kill them. Mohammed Ali once said,”I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR A MAN WHO WON’T FIGHT BACK.I’M NOT A CHEEK TURNER.IF YOU KILL MY DOG,YOU BETTER HIDE YOUR CAT.”

Azanian Black House is saying to the Black Nation,let us stop of being cheek turners.Let us fight back. Azanian Black House is fully behind what the President of Black First Land First said on the day of the rally.We fully support his statement. It cannot be right that in the land of our forefathers,we are still being killed by these white farmers like stray dogs.We the Black Nation has been quiet for far too long.It is high time that as Black Afrikans we stand united and believe in the fact that we exist on our own,we are intelligent enough to govern ourselves,and have our own economy without being dependent to other races.


Andile Mngxitama is one of our own,therefore he is under attack from these white racists,we must all rally behind him and defend him.

We won’t standby and become spectators while the white media,white people and their white laws crucify one of our leaders.
We as the Azanian Black House we are saying to those black people who have come out publicly and say that they will lay compaint against Andile Mngxitama,”You are sellouts,you are house negrows,you are the ass lickers of the white people period.”

We,the Azanian Black House,are giving a warning to the white racist Trade Union Solidarity,DA,and Pieter Groenewald,the leader of Freedom Front Plus,”That if you dare touch Andile Mngxitama,We the people of Azania will go forward.We shall call upon all Black Afrikans to join us and fight and defend Andile Mngxitama.”

Where was this Trade Union Solidarity,DA,and Pieter Groenewald when our Black people were being shot at,killed and being fed to crocodiles by these white racists farmers?Where have they been when they young black girl was being raped at the DROSE RESTAURANT by the white racist rapist?Where have they been when our black woman was assaulted at the STEERS RESTAURANT by that white racist,the black couple that was assaulted by those white goons?
Now because Mr Andile Mngxitama is telling black people to defend themselves,he is being attacked left,right and centre.
Pieter Groenewald,your roots are in Holland,not here in Afrika.
This is the message to the Black Nation:

Azanian Black House is calling upon men and women who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the totally freedom of our country from Imperialism and Colonialism.

Issued by the Azanian Black House Civil Movement:

For more information,you can contact Azanian Black House at the following details:

email address:

AZanian Black House.


Sikhubekiso James Ndlovu.
Cell : 071-948-0374
email address :

Secretary General:
Tumelo Lucky Malema 
Cell : 071-896-0977
email address :”

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Yea…this is what happens in Libya- yet Ramaphosa, Malema and Mngxitama blissfully choose to ignore the plea of the black people of Libya. They rather have the innocent white Boer/Afrikaner in their cross-hairs simply because their masters in Britain instructed them to persecute the white Boer/Afrilaner in order to impoverish him and then steal his property. The secret agenda is out. Stolen property of the white farmer will go to the Chinese and the Anglo/Brit to start plundering South Africa’s natural resources.

But what else can one expect when the Devil himself is in charge of a once faithful Christian country? What else could one expect if there is a greedy demon sitting in every high position in parliament , legislature and on the boards of vital state departments? What else can one expect when demonic forces are well and alive- instigating murder , genocide , chaos and mayhem  from podiums, on national TV, in the streets, the manufacturing industry and architectural sectors? What else could one expect if deceiving spirits  now are sitting in the leadership of churches- and false prophets advocating un-Biblical lies from the pulpits?  What else can one expect from deceptive racketeering con-artists running city councils?  What else can one expect bar a total implosion of the socio-economic structure which on the end of the day will surely cultivate  a new generation of misdirected useful undisciplined and lawless  idiots ripe for the plucking to the globalist harvest?

The attack on farmers (Brutal Killings) and property rights will result in the destruction of South Africa's farming community, dramatic reduction in agricultural productivity, mass unemployment, increase poverty and starvation. A collapse of the banking sector and the local currency, hyperinflation and bloodshedSpread the word about the plight of White South Africans

Posted by Thomas Anderson on Friday, December 14, 2018



THAT is where South Africa finds itself today- a country filled to the brim with useful directionless  idiots who’s only solution to socio-economic problems is the destruction of their own environment. Like the mindless animals they now are – they are controlled and manipulated to do exactly what their psychopath “masters”   abroad instructs them to do through mass-manipulation media tactics and false propaganda. The “land expropriation” exercise is a very well documented example of this- where the mindless masses have been brain-washed that whites “stole” their land. Now their “boss-boys” in Britain and elsewhere want them to force all white farmers off their God-given land- so the international racketeers can simply “walk” in- plant their industrial towers- and start plundering the mineral resources on that farms.

In the suburban and industrial regions it’s going not much better. Many manufacturing plants, vehicles and properties are destroyed daily in a drive to destroy South Africa’s ability to produce it’s own products from it’s own resources.Through the communist unions the corporate demons are destroying everything in the industrial sector- for the agenda is that South Africa become lesser and lesser independent on it’s own industrial capacity- and more and more dependable on imports from abroad. Natural resources thus then become useless as South Africa with it’s manufacturing industry totally destroyed by the union bosses- cannot produce goods anymore- thus the natural resources must then be sold to international racketeers at low cost- whom in turn do the manufacturing and sell the products back to South Africa at triple the price.

Such is the ordeal with all the other industries, the transport industry, shipping industry, mining industry, clothing and textile industry, steel industry, weapons manufacturing industry and about every industry you can think of. The demonic unions have their filthy destructive claws in every level of industry- deliberately destroying it for their global corporate “masters.” Every train coach that is destroyed cannot be manufactured locally anymore- as the industry was destroyed. Now it must be purchased from example Italy at astronomical costs. In the past there were  many companies such as Dorbyl Rolling Stock Divison manufacturing those coaches. Today there are nothing left…financially destroyed by this union faggots. 

This again lead to another evil system called “tendertripeneuring“- where only certain “chosen” fat cats with the right political affiliations get lucrative tenders and bribes to see through deals like the past arms scandal and Jacob Zuma, the PRASA scandal, Oil scandal , Fishery scandal, Gupta scandal, the current “land expropriation” scandal to benefit the Chinese – and many more. They call it a “smart term”- STATE CAPTURE.  It’s no “state capture”– it’s blatant plundering by international corporate maggots. AND in all of these plundering, arson attacks, farm murders, riots, strikes, scandals and destruction of property the majority perpetrators are black. Not because it’s their culture to destroy- but because of their naive nature to believe whatever whoever tells them (if the remuneration package  is right) – and also because South Africa now became the haven for state granting beggars and criminals from all of Africa’s walks of life.

Image result for china africa cartoon

South Africa which was a world leader in technology with the highest GDP per capita in Africa now became one of the most violent and non-productive countries in the world with one of the highest unemployment figures in the world bar maybe Indonesia and Venezuela- thanks to the Jew corporate vulture and his black African political tsotsis in control…the same Tsotsis the National Party traitors helped into power at CODESA.

Blaming the white man – whether it is Johan Rupert, Verwoerd or Jan Van Riebeeck-  forms part of this economic destruction process. Because the Jew vulture knows that the white man in Africa is the only person that can teach the black man to become more advanced- and self independent- this white man pose a  grave danger to the corporate plunderer’s secret agenda. The black man in Africa must at all times stay illiterate- mere cannon fodder for the international racketeer. That way he can manipulate and control the very existence of the black African – feeding him Monsanto poisonous food while he plunders the mineral riches behind the back of that black African. But with a white man around things are not that easy.

So the solution then is to remove the white man. And who fits the best profile  to get rid of the white man in Africa? You guessed it…the black man! The Jew always will pretend to be the black man’s “friend” – where-as in reality he is the black man’s worst foe. Africa’s history should have indicated to the black man just who is plundering her mineral resources- not the white man I’m afraid as a Jew is not a white man. For every dollar that the British Jewry have put into Africa , they have taken out ten–  irresponsibly looted Africa’s resources and made slaves of its natives without developing their colonies. When the local population protested against this exploitation without reciprocal investment, they were brutally crushed.

This bad situation and their eagerness to improve the lives of their peoples forced them to turn to the Chinese, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank for assistance, and when they went lo and behold their former Jewry masters were there waiting for them. The corporate Jews used their majority votes to dictate to the World Bank and IMF about how these former colonies should be helped.

The corporate  masters dictated to the IMF and the World Bank that for Africans to be helped, they had to open their economies to allow Chinese and Jew-controlled corporations in. This underscores the numerous conditionalities that are associated with loans from these institutions. The conditionalities are nothing more than a smokescreen designed to ensure that the  corporate vultures  never lose their grip on the resources of their former colonies. Some of these conditionalities include instituting secret memorandums of agreement, subsidies to foreign corporations and massive tax concessions (such as income tax, usage fees and property tax) – the primary source of revenue for ‘export-oriented’, developing countries.

The sad thing is that Africans thought independence would give them respite to develop, but this was never to be as the corporate  masters used their corporations and intelligence services to deliver vengeance on the African people. They encouraged and financed civil wars, unashamedly polluted rivers, wells and the soil through their oil and mineral activities, deliberately understated their profits and falsified profit documents, as well as undervaluing their goods, indulging in smuggling, theft and the falsification of invoicing and non-payment of taxes, and employing kickbacks and bribes to public officials such as they are doing now with Ramaphosa and the ANC. They also overpriced projects, provided save havens for looted funds, promoted the sale of guns, overthrew African leaders, supported dictatorships and assassinated those who disagreed with them.

Image result for hungry african clip art

Until today  most mineral and energy companies raping Africa from her resources today are either Chinese or Jewry corporations such as Anglo Gold,  BP, Elf, Shell, Rembrand ,Halliburton, ExxonMobil,  Acres International and many more . For decades they use African front men to sell out the minerals of their countries. And this is where all the Abacha, Mobutu, Bongo, Conté, Kenya’s Daniel arap Moi and the rest of the dictators in Africa such as the  Amins, Bokassas, Taylors, Mugabes, Ramaphosas, Malemas, Mngxitamas and God knows who else will be next – comes into play. To rid Africa of the white Boer/Afrikaner man and ensure the minerals find their way to corporate banks in Europe and America.

These corporate vultures do not want to rid Africa from the white Boer/Afrikaner man per se-Not because the white Boer/Afrikaner  man “stole” the land from the black man that is- but on the contrary because the white Boer/Afrikaner  man want to give the land BACK to the EDUCATED black man. Strange statement this- isn’t it? Especially after you have heard for years on end Mokaba, Zuma, Malema and now the idiot Mngxitama keep on saying the white man “stole” the land from the black man. The white Boer/Afrikaner never “stole “ no land from nobody. Firstly can neither of these lying black Stalinists produce a single document that verify that the “land” belonged to them. Secondly can they not produce any historical fact that South Africa belonged to any Nguni tribe either. But they carve their bullsh*t propaganda in stone they do.

#SouthAfrica has plunged itself into a Marxist abyss, as the radical left champions the government theft of land from landowners as some sort of twisted historical reparation…all the while, once a country fully capable of feeding its population, has become a net importer of food for the first time in its history. Peter LavelleHard-Hitting Facts about South Africa

Posted by Thomas Anderson on Thursday, December 13, 2018

All  they have as a foundation is a bunch of allegations , propaganda and lies they base their claims on. And you know the longer time elapse with a lie- the more “truth” is attached to it until it becomes a “law”– precisely like what’s about to happen now.  If the Zuma generation burned down less schools and libraries during their “Liberation before Education” madness and do a bit more studying in school rather than dancing and Toy-Toying in the streets when they were supposed to be in class- they would have known history better. The “One settler-One bullet” chant should have given  you a cue that the white man must be exterminated from Africa. Not because the black man hates him- but because the corporate plunderer hates him.

Let me explain:(And now I am going to shock you even more.) When Verwoerd- that “evil” “architect” of “apartheid” was prime minister- he ordered 61% of the national budget for BLACK educational upliftment programs! Whoa- NO…but he then was a “racist?” ! Now I startled you. But yes- that is the holy truth. Everything you have heard from the British Press and the ANC is a huge propaganda lie. Verwoerd was murdered because he stood against the dominating world powers- NOT because he was a so-called “racist” or “architect” of “apartheid”  as the British media and ANC communists want to demonize him as. Factually was he never even was the “architect” of “apartheid.” THAT notorious honor goes to the British themselves. They already started “apartheid” in the Cape Colony and Natal longbefore Verwoerd even was born. And it was  Dr. DF Malan that coined segregation as “apartheid” the first time- not even Verwoerd. So how could Verwoerd then be the supposed-to-be “architect” of “apartheid” if he had sweet blue bugger-all to do with it? He only implemented a system already designed by his predecessors...the British! Comes to show how the British Press and the ANC has been lying to you all the time. Verwoerd was demonized all these years and all the time he was an innocent man. BUT again- tell a lie long enough and it becomes the”  truth.” This is how the ANC needed Verwoerd and “apartheid” to stay in power all the time. Both this evil doers owes that man an apology. 

Many programs were launched under Verwoerd- especially agricultural programs- to teach the black man how to define the seasons, plant, harvest and manage a farm. Verwoerd’s perspective was that if you can teach the black man to farm for himself- he will become a supplier/producer of food for his own people- thus taking the extra burden off the white producer which also at that point- was a minority. In other words he based his principles on the proverbial “Give a man a fish and he will be back for more. Give a man a fish and teach him how to fish- and he will look after himself.” And not only that- but if South Africa could only cultivate a third of the blacks into farmers- the country would become a major food exporter in the world due to it’s rich African soil.  Needless to say that idea  did not stick  well with the global corporate Jew vultures that dearly rather wanted to see Africa a starving basket case full of beggars. It’s much easier to control and manipulate a hungry and destitute man than a well fed one. And the whites in South Africa looked well after their black laborers. The population of blacks in South Africa exploded with nearly 80% during the “apartheid” era. Not bad for such a “dreadful” time in the history of black South Africa eh?  That did not go down well with the global Jewry as well. So the white man simply had to go..vamoose…vanish! And you know what happened with Verwoerd afterwards.

Today that same scenario is playing itself off again in South Africa. Because white farmers teach their illiterate farm workers all the skills of the trade- they quickly adapt to farming. Not long after those same workers will have the ability to become successful farmers. And as with Verwoerd- the Jew corporate vulture is nervous again. He wants the country only to IMPORT his Monsanto foods- not EXPORT healthy foods. He wants to see South Africa a poor failed statenot a prosperous 1st world country. We are facing the Verwoerd model  all over again with the “land expropriation” agenda…..the white man has to go. If the white farmer will not let the black man starve- then he will be pushed off his land as well. Let the black man then starve his own kind.

And so- as with the sabotaging  of the manufacturing industry- so the black terrorist are being exploited again to terrorize the white farmer, making it almost unbearable  to keep on farming. Murder the farmer- and 30 people on that farm will also be without food and eventually starve.

Black terrorists slaughtering  hapless animals on white farms- another way to stop the farming community. (Graphic Images)

Mean-while the corporate vulture will work feverishly with his political minions in government through loan upon unaffordable loan to force the tsotsis in control  to  pass a law that would eventually see the remaining  white man forced off his  farm. What happens to all his black farm workers and their families is of no concern in  the “bigger plan.” This way- by eliminating job opportunities both in the cities and farms- the South African black will eventually join his African counterpart on the “food-for-mineral ”  global starvation program. He then will be more “controllable” and easier to manipulate.

The Chinese and Jewry care less how many “land wars” South Africa have-their domestic little“racist”  squabbles-  or how the “land expropriation” is executed. They are patient. They have been patient for many years. They have mastered the art for they know all things will come in good time. Getting a few white Boer/Afrikaners off their land may take a bit of time- but on the end they will submit- whether freely- or by force.

It works like this: The Chinaman get a bit impatient with the waiting game. He want to start the construction of his plant on that white farms. He pick up the phone and phone Ramaphosa- reminding him of the delay in time (and the fact that the ANC owes China millions in debt). Ramaphosa assures the Chinaman he will ‘work on it.” Ramaphosa phones Malema and tells him to start cracking on getting that farms. Malema sez he will look into the matter immediately. Malema phones Shivambu and tells him to rally the troops for a meeting. The next Saturday Malema stands on the podium at the FNB stadium in Soweto- threatening the Boers that ” they are coming for them- toe-to-toe”- and his usual oratorical garbage about “white monopoly, ” etc,etc.

Then the following week Malema organize some hundred or what squatters to start invading the private farmlands- transported to the farms by taxis and busses. The Boers are caught by surprise by this sudden invasion of their private lands- and after getting their senses back- start tearing into the squatters. Malema was waiting for it- and immediately start yelling fire and brimstone in the media about “our poor people” being treated “badly” by the white “racists.” What follows then is a text-book political maneuver and the police rocks up, shoot a few rubber bullets, duck a few rocks coming their way – chuck a couple of teargas canisters here-and-there into the crowd – and after a lengthy “battle” disperse the unruly crowd.

Then they  arrest the white farmer for any old trumped-up charge..“.assault, carrying an unlicenced fire-arm or 2 rounds of air gun ammunition”–  whatever. The media make sure they go ballistic and reports about the “Battle of Houtkoppie”-  and went into fine detail about the suffering and near death experiences of the poor “homeless” blacks.  Mngxitama seize the opportunity and jump onto the podium and blow hot air about the “unjust” way that white “Boer” treated blacks. He also threaten that “they”(not him included-spineless cowards never includes themselves) – will kill all whites if one black man dies due to injuries sustained during the battle of “Houtkoppie.”

Meanwhile the sun is setting on the battle of “Houtkoppie.” The bus drivers and taxi drivers point out they have a schedule to run and all the “poor homeless blacks” board their transport back home again to receive their pay for the day’s “ community services “ from the EFF “war room. ” Malema reports back to Ramaphosa about the “huge” success”- who in turn tells his Chinese masters “I told you I’m working on it. Next time we will get that farms.” The Chinaman turns back to his patient nature  again. Africa in any case has so much to explore – he will squeeze Ramaphosa three years down the line again. Any case does Ramaphosa’s interests on the loans accumulate more and more the longer Ramaphosa delay the “process.” Two years later Ramaphosa suddenly gets replaced by Malema as president- and the old “wait-and-see” game starts all over again. Meanwhile the interests on the Chinese loans accumulate and accumulate.

South Africa currently is  under siege– under siege from the multiple communist union mobsters and it’s own tsotsi clowns   in control. On a daily basis you observe the hordes predominantly jobless illegal alien locust swarms that flood  South Africa’s borders thousands per week – mobilized by the Rothschild/Soros  bank-rolled vultures  invading city after city, one town after the other, one business after the other- devouring and destroying everything in their wake. And as always a trial of chaos follows in their footsteps under the same old bogus pretenses of “wage disputes, salary increases “ and  “working conditions.”  Shops are plundered, vehicles torched, shopping centers invaded, private properties destroyed, whole buildings set alight-  and innocent people assaulted or murdered. All in the name of “social justice.Vodacom and  Gundle Plastics was  perfect examples this past weeks of the total onslaught by the British paid agent Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters and these unruly mobs against the production plants in South Africa. How anyone can phantom himself a “Economic Freedom Fighter” while he is destroying the same economy he is “fighting” for – I suppose is anybody’s guess.

And in the wake of this malicious  dark cloud of economical destruction the investors flee…never to return again. And with them they take their money and thousands of job opportunities. The ANC tsotsi and his malicious subversive communist union has become the one single worst enemy of the peoples of South Africa’s labor security. Job losses run into the thousands each  year as one after the other manufacturing company closes it’s doors. But that all was the plan for a corporate take-over of the country’s manufacturing environment- to render South Africa incapable of manufacturing it’s own products. Already mega industries such as the steel industry, furniture industry, the textile industry, armament industry and paper industry suffered heavy losses to such an extend that no more manufacturing mills exist. With every single company, every single business and every single factory destroyed by this malignant forces brings South Africa a step closer to the end of it’s production ability. The diabolical agenda slowly is nearing it’s objective. 

Now the agricultural industry, plastics industry and car manufacturing industry are targeted for elimination. And again thousands of innocent hard working laborers are staring retrenchment and the loss of income in the face. Still political con artists and white collar criminals such as Ramaphosa and Rob Davis  “ensures” ill-affordable loans from big loan sharks such as China to “sooth” the unavoidable economical disaster every-one knows is coming- but nobody wants to talk about. As long as there is a white man , “racism” or “apartheid” around to take the blame for the looming financial apocalypse created by the ANC tsotsis and their union saboteurs- the eyes of the black masses are taken away from the real omen on their doorstep.


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As long as there is a Ramaphosa, Malema or Mngxitama around that keeps the eyes and minds of the black masses focused on “white monopoly capital” and “colonizing land thieves” they will not notice that the corporate take-over of their country by foreign vultures is gaining momentum. Does Ramaphosa, Malema and Mngxitama really speak for the “people” when they  pretend to do so? (See example below)


Image may contain: text that says 'EWN Reporter Following @ewnreporter #RamaphosaOn702 on the anger of black people in SA: It is justified anger. This is why we say to white people that the majority of this country is becoming tired of their lackadaisical commitment to nation-building. 6:31 PM 13 Dec 2018'


Lackadaisical?” OMG….Wonder where the narcissist Squirrel sniffed that term for lacking enthusiasm out? AND then he sides with mad man Mngxitama- blaming whites for the black hate speech!? 

South Africa President blames BLACK THREATS on white people

On a recent 702 interview President Cyril Ramaphosa was asked about "Black Anger" (for example Andile Mxgitama's recent outburst), and he decided to blame it all on white people…

Posted by De Petzer on Thursday, December 13, 2018



THE question does Ramaphosa, Malema and Mngxitama really speak for the “people” when they  pretend to do so? The answer is No they don’t! These black Czars always pretend to have “compassion” for the black people or side with them- but in reality they care a f*ck about them. They only exploit them for bigger political agendas. They only choose their words carefully to whip up some tensions , racial hatred and anger between white and black- keeping them in each others hair all the time while Ramaphosa and his ilk quietly are selling the country out to the highest bidder without being noticed. IOW they are mind-f*cking the masses. If they cared anything for black people like they try to pretend – then more than 35%  of the black people would not sit without jobs – and more than 60% blacks would not reside in poverty in squatter camps– not so? The biggest racist bigots  and racist propagandists sits  in parliamentnot in Orania. 

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C’MON….help us out. Do we need to SAY more?

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For someone that really want to kill the white “colonial” Malema is one helluva “compassionate” man dining with them eh?

ALREADY China is busy taking over Zimbabwe. More than 100 Chinese companies already invested in Zimbabwe. Did I just mentioned   “invested?” It’s not “investing ” at all- it’s a TOTAL corporate state capture of the Zimbabwean economy by the Chinese.  Zimbabwe is processing urgent paperwork to receive nearly US$2 billion, which is part of a package extended to Zimbabwe by China during President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visit to the Asian giant a fortnight ago. In addition, a $4 billion deal is under discussion as Tsingshan Group — already operating in Zimbabwe as AfroChine (chrome) — seeks to establish a stainless steel processing plant. Tsingshan Group is the world’s biggest producer of stainless steel.

Zimbabwean companies that benefited from the US$2 billion deals said  that “exciting times ” are beckoning as their projects will kick-off after Chinese banks agreed to the immediate release of funds for Hwange Thermal Power Station’s units 7 and 8, Robert Mugabe International Airport’s expansion and NetOne’s Phase 3 extension.

President Mnangagwa’s administration also received special bonuses from President Xi Jinping of RMB1 billion and US$20 million, which will soon go directly into Zimbabwe’s (elite) reserves. Documents availed by Treasury last week showed the first tranche of the $1 billion Hwange deal is due any time from now, and they will be implemented over three-and-a-half years.That is how the Chinese operate- dishing out loans the poor African KNOW he will never be able to pay back. In return the Chinese will be plundering the country’s resources for the next 99 years. And that is where Ramaphosa is leading South Africa as well. The first phase of a huge Chinese mining and energy production facility near Musina already is in progress. And that is where 139 white-owned farms also happen to be listed for so-called “land expropriation” too- right in the  South African Energy Metallurgy Economic Zone.

Farmers in the Eastern Cape said, that no farms will be taken by government’s self-confessed theft, and they prepare to protect their legal property at all times. “No land was stolen by white farmers. It is our property for which payment, interest, taxes, transfer duty and transfer costs are paid. Farmers should be regarded as national assets as a result of their contribution to everyone’s well-being in this country. In fact, the government depicts us as the enemy. We consider the government’s goal to steal our property – of any kind – as a declaration of war against us and we will act accordingly”


Farmers are quite clear. If anybody thinks that they will be able to just come and take the land in #SouthAfrica without compensation, they are actually living in a dream world. If you want to start a #CivilWar then they must just do that. Pieter Groenewald #LandSeizure #FarmAttacks

Posted by Thomas Anderson on Monday, December 17, 2018


27 Free State farms went on auction last week due to the farmers going bankrupt, and the banks taking possession of the farms. After the first three farms failed to get even a single bidder, the auction was canceled. This means the banks now sit with 27 farms that are essentially worthless. And as time goes on, and the houses are vandalized and stripped, and the infrastructure deteriorates, and the land turns to wilderness, they will be worth even less. This is the first signs what’s going to happen after “land expropriation.” 


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The Jewry already posses most of the mineral rights in South Africa- that the National Party saw to – and now the Chinese also want a chunk of that. And that Ramaphosa intend to look after as well. Millions of illegal Chinese already are settled in South Africa in multiple “China Towns”- doing brisk business without paying ONE single cent tax. Many old mines already were sold to the Chinese. Many farms- especially in the Eastern Cape already are in the hands of the Chinese. The state capture of South Africa by the Jews  and Chinese already is taking shape fast.  The tell-tale signs of a corporate take over of the economy that left a history of bloody trails across Africa now also is imminent in South Africa.

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anc nwo china4

The chilling reality is  that the deep rooted racist black masses will again vote the same destroyers, the same Tsotsis– back into power again next year. And again the black masses  will chant “Give…give…give…” and “I want…I want…I want” -(all for free)– but neverwill they offer to factually WORK for what they “want.” The Jew boy and ANC surely has made the South African black a lazy clamorous beggar and a useless unproductive consumer- exactly what they want him to be.


Posted by Leonie Lenie Maritz Booysen on Saturday, December 15, 2018



Why?  Simply because most of them  do not have the ability of reason or common sense to differentiate between the road to heaven – and the road to hell. According to a sensus  79.8% of South Africans are “supposed-to-be” Christians divided in 4 main denominations- yet the demonic godless ANC for 20  years now win one election after the other. If the sensus is / was correct then- then why did the Christian Democratic Party never win any election? It sounds so much like the Christian pastors that keep on “healing” sick people “miraculously”  in front of their followers- but never visit a hospital to perform the same “miracles”  to sick people there. Have you ever see the ACDP win an election? Have you ever see a pastor walk into a hospital and start “reviving” and healing sick patients? Have you ever seen a politician turning honest and start caring for his followers- or a politician staying in a squatter camp and ride a suburban train to work?  THAT is four  miracles we in South Africa still awaits. Why? Go Figure! In all four  these scenarios as described above the people suffer from the same type of disease. We simply call it Babylonian Bullsh*t! 

SO– as we can see- South Africa’s turmoil, it’s violent riots, strikes, land theft programs , disappearing manufacturing industries, – “racism” accusations, and the extermination of the white Boer/Afrikaner all forms part of a very well-planned diabolical international corporate take-over( state capture)  agenda. Taking in consideration all this mitigating factors it appears that Zuma and the Guptas was the lesser evil to the country’s economy by far. They were the small “opportunists.”  They only acted as a diversion, an eye blinder and smoke screen to the real danger, the real hidden agenda is  coming from the West and the East to render South Africa’s productivity dysfunctional. They want South Africa’s industrial sector to totally collapse.  South Africa appear to have much bigger carnivorous predators prowling on it’s doorstep than the Indian vultures ever could be.

Irrespective all the sweet talk Ramaphosa keep telling the naive populace, irrespective of Malema’s testosterone-loaded “Economic Freedom” speeches  and his disillusioned ill-informed band of red gnomes’ theatricals,- and irrespective of Mngxitama’s “war” talks- on the end of the day it all will boil down to deceptive tactics to divert the attention away from the real threat facing South Africa today: The total onslaught to subject South Africa under the control of the globalist slave reign of terror.

South Africa could be such a lovely country to live in, so much to offer it’s inhabitants- and all races can live in harmony and peace together with each other with respect and dignity- was it not for the politicians- those demons and  harlots from hell– that keep on destroying that harmony on a daily basis. Let us get rid of all this politicians- every last one of them. Let us converge and start boycotting and campaigning against them and their bogus “elections” like the European masses of yellow shirts now are doing against their corrupt politicians – forcing them out of our societies.

Because of them we hate each other for no reason at all. Me and my black neighbor live next to each other for years- – respecting each other and having the best of relationships ever. Now we hate each other because filth like Malema and Mngxitame who  advocated I “stole” his land. My sister have a domestic worker that has been working for her for years. The worker needs a job a place to stay- and food to eat. All that my sister supplied her. My sister needed someone to help in the house- that the domestic worker did. They worked together in perfect harmony for years- having a mutual companionship. Now the domestic worker hates my sister because my sister apparently “stole” her land- and she now organized burglars to ransack my sister’s home for no reason at all. Why- because of the deceptive lies and false propaganda distributed and advocated by dirty politicians. Politicians came and destroyed the harmony between races in South Africa. Politicians came and did the dirty work of the devil- bringing hatred and war to our homes and societies. That is what politicians do- they are downright f*ckin evil demonsthat are tearing our peaceful societies apart.

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Because of them we are taxed into poverty. Because of them our country is sold to foreign vultures. Because of their greed we are suffering and our babies are dying in rat-infested in squatter camps while they themselves live in splendor. Because of their lies and propaganda our food suppliers are exterminated. Because of them our dams and rivers are polluted by foreign companies and our elderly and sick are dying in hospitals due to no funds as they keep on plundering our economy. It is because of them that we are not free to benefit from this country’s rich mineral resources as well. THEY sold all the mineral rights to the Rothschils, Ruperts and Oppenheimers. And Now Ramaphosa again is selling it out to the Chinese- but NOTHING for us.

They – the NP and ANC – robbed the Reserve Bank out of R 4 TRILLION worth of gold  after CODESA – and made our currency value useless. Mbeki, Madoena, Joemat Petersen and Zuma stole our oil reserves and sold it to the Chinese. Now we have to pay exuberant prices for petrol. Zuma and the Guptas stole the treasury  blind – but instead of slamming him in jail like they do to us- they now PROTECT him. Mantashe and the rest organized lucrative tenders for their families- but we have to suffer hunger each day.  It is because of them and their incompetence that we are murdered, hi-jacked , our farmers attacked and murdered, – and our women and daughters and raped in our streets on a daily basis while they themselves encircle themselves with hundreds of protective VIP security personnel at OUR cost. It is because of them that racism is rife in South Africa- for they themselves advocate and instigate race hatred.It is because of them that our loved ones are sitting in jail for no concrete reason at all. It’s because they sell our country out to foreighners that millions are loosing their jobs and we  have a staggering number of unemployed people that rose by 103 thousand to 6.08 million while the number of employed fell by 90 thousand to 16.29 million . We live in the country with the largest number of corrupt politicians in the West, and in addition, they fabricate  laws to fit it! This is what these politicians we “chose” do to us. They are the malignant viruses of  our societies. 

Start opening your eyes people! They are oppressing you! They are acting on instructions of their corporate “boss-boys.” It’s time you start to speak out against this corrupt politicians. Let us get rid of all politicians, the Ramaphosas, Zumas, Malemas, Mngxitamas, De Klerks, Meyers, Zilles and all the cretins now sitting in our parliament- doing basically NOTHING bar sitting there- sleeping and destroying our societies on our account. This is what they get paid  per annum to destroy our societies  and sell out our country:

Earlier this week, Ramaphosa declared that there will be no annual salary increases for the deputy president as well as cabinet ministers at a time when the economy is experiencing hardships.As leader of the opposition in parliament, DA leader Mmusi Maimane will get a salary of R1.6 million – the same level as ANC chief whip, Jackson Mthembu. As leader of a minority party, EFF leader Julius Malema will get paid R1.3 million – the same as chief whip of the opposition, John Steenhuisen. Other whips will get paid R1.2 million, just ahead of standard members of parliament, who will get paid R1.1 million.

 Question: Why do they need to get such exuberant salaries while they get housing, groceries, royalties and transport also for  free on our expense? How many of you have earned CLOSE to this salaries- but you have to pay in FULL for your services, groceries, petrol, transport, etc? How many of these politicians have done ONE day’s hard labor to earn that salaries? We can rule ourselveswe don’t need them. We are going to save MILLIONS we could invest in our own communities if we rid ourselves of this political leeches. Do not vote in the next election again- show them we reject their oppressive rule. Let us desecrate and tear down their ugly posters on our lamp posts and street corners. Let us start rebelling against their corrupt rule over us. The only good politician is a DEAD politician. Let us show them they are not welcome anymore . Who said politicians must rule us? Do not attend their gatherings and rallies anymore. We gave them the power to rule the country for our best benefits- not theirs! Let’s now take away that power and invest it in our own community leaders. It is because we tolerated them for too long , voted them into power- and allowed them to “rule” us that we now have Tsotsi’s ruling and destroying our pride-lands.




White Nation

This is what Maimane, Malema and other South African MPs are getting paid