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Video posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg    December 19   2018





The ANC  in their typical devious manner- today December 22 2018– quietly proclamated the white document in the government gazette with regard to the “expropriation” of land AND  all other property when most of the opposition to this land theft agenda were on leave.






I’VE been reading this past week with quite a bit of abandonment on the social sites about the most recent gratuitous venom-spitting between the liberal South African newspaper The Citizen’s  “democratic” snowflake editorial concubines – and the conservative white Afrikaner activists .

The whole issue that set yet another bitch-fight into motion was the undesirable mocking of the horrible genocide now happening in South Africa against the Afrikaner people. The main miscreant in this latest anti-Semitic spat is a Jew comedian  called Daniel Friedman. Friedman- in all his ancestral-inherited Zionist wisdom- made a very disgusting and tasteless video in which he decided to mock the genocide in South Africa against Afrikaners– sort of “debunking” the fact in a “satirical” way that such a genocide really is happening.


The despicable  little video Mr. Freedman see as “Satirical.” 

Now- Firstly: Anybody with an IQ above the 75 mark and with a bit of research knowledge would at first investigate the truth behind this very delicate issue and being  cognizant of the sensitivity around the situation before making such callous, stupid and senseless “satirical” videos. 

Secondly: It does not matter what the motives may be for making such a repugnant and uncalled-for video- or when (whether 19-tut or 2013) he made such a video-the question to liberal snowflakes such as Friedman- being a Jewish descendant- is whether he also would cast the same “satirical” spectacles about the alleged Jewish “holocaust ”  as well? Will he be quite happy and comfortable when Afrikaners such as Steve Hoffmeyer now also  start mocking the Jews about the alleged “Holocaust?” I sincerely believe he would have been gasping for air in total shock and reeling in  dismay.

You see there are many skeptics that also question the supposedly Jewish “Holocaust “– and in particular the amount of Jews allegedly being murdered by the Germans- simply because hard factual evidence suggests that during that time there only were about 2 million Jews in Germany during WW2- so the other 4 “alleged” million either was flown/transported  in to be “gassed” (by Zyklon-B lice poison)-  created from the progressive fertile minds of the Jews themselves- or that numbers simply did not exist.

The Head of British Psychological Warfare Executive (Propaganda), Victor Cavendish-Bentick in a handwritten note, wrote on Aug 27th, 1943, “We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don’t we run the risk eventually we are going to be found out and when we are found out the collapse of that lie is going to bring the whole of our psychological warfare down with it? So isn’t it rather time now to let it drift off by itself and concentrate on other lines that we are running.” Public Record Office Document F0371/34551 revealed by Stephen Mitford Goodson, ‘Inside the South African Reserve Bank Cabal.

Because the allied forces themselves were responsible for the deaths of thousands of Jews that suffered from epidemics such as Cholera in German transition camps the secret had to be covered up .The  allied forces kept on bombing and destroying vital food and medicine supplies to these camps deliberately that came by train and by road -and because of this many Jews succumbed to illness and epidemics. That was the allied secret plan all along. They planned to prevent all these Jew prisoners to enter Europe again- and after the massacre- simply blame it on the Germans. For this reason the “holocaust” was invented by the allied propaganda masters- to hide the barbarous atrocities of the allied forces against the Jews. And as we know- the “victors” wrote the history books to fit their own narrative. So there you have a bit of true history your teacher did not teach you in school. That is why the Nuremberg trails were held and all German camp commanders and guards quickly executed e-masse before the truth could reach the world. Dead men and women tell no tales. 

But that is beside the point. The point is that the Afrikaners showed compassion and respect for what appear to be a dark time in the Jewish history- and not making stupid jokes about it- or trying to debunk the issue in a ““satirical” manner. But after 1994 it apparently became a national culture to bash the “whiteys”- politically, in the media-  and of course- by careless pink bunnies from the “art” industry.

The Human rights commission found 90% of the 21 000 political deaths during apartheid were committed by the ANC’s communist-inspired “people’s war”. Apartheid government killed 3% and rightist groups 0,5%. Apartheid has become a political weapon to silence minorities and to discriminate against them. Ernst Roets

Posted by Thomas Anderson on Tuesday, December 18, 2018


What amazes me is the reaction from The leftist Citizen when another Afrikaner activist- Willem Petzer– discovered and exposed this  tasteless piece of devil’s work-and I quote: ” The Citizen wishes to place on record that it completely rejects the negative public comments about its digital news editor, Daniel Friedman, and a video he made some years ago.”  And then- referring to the fact that Friedman was not mocking the white farm murders- Publisher Eureka Zandberg proceed with the following strange statement: ” The facts are that the song was first written and performed in 2013 and was a satirical view of the then common white fears that there would be a “white genocide” after the death of Nelson Mandela. Friedman made the video as a comedian and to satirise those white fears – which in the end turned out to be unjustified.

Why do I speak about this, It is so horrible! They ask me don't you relive it? Yes I do! But I'm doing it because no one else will! In the widowed community in #SouthAfrica, the women are to scared to stand up and speak out. We live in fear. We know what they can do. Mariandra Heunis

Posted by Thomas Anderson on Thursday, December 20, 2018


“Satirise??” Is this what she calls this loathsome piece of mockery? They say there is truth in a jest- isn’t it? The problem is that most of these so-called “artists” and newspaper goofies does not know the difference between a joke and the truth. That is why their own private lives most of the times also borders to be  a joke. Now they are trying their utmost to vindicate Friedman from his transgression – and label Petzer as the “aggressor.” Me. Zandberg seem to be lost as to why a 2013 video now all of a sudden is making waves. Well Me. Zandberg- that question you can also ask your beloved communist regime- as whites already are used to ” satirical movies “ made in 1652 that apparently still are making “ you stole our land” waves for the blacks  today  as well.History- especially in South Africa- seems to catch up with you sometime-or-the-other. Cute this liberals eh?


Nog n veraaier vir die boer volk hoor wat se die gemors sy tyd sal kom

Posted by Derick Hattingh on Monday, December 17, 2018


I wonder if Me. Zanberg herself is living on the same planet as the rest of us- and if so- if she ever stood some time down to investigate what the term “genocide” means as per definition from Dr. Gregory Standton of Genocide Watch International? Was she aware that the same Dr. Standton- a most accredited scholar and world-renown specialist on the issue of genocides- already after investigation- placed the white genocide in South Africa on a “level 6” scale before making such preposterous allegations that the white genocide in South Africa is ” unjustified?”  But then again we also know the surname “Zandberg “ also has it’s roots in the Jewish genealogy tree. So it  then is no wonder she is trying to protect a “kinsman.” Evil knows evil – they say.


Does she know the following elements that forms the fundamental nucleus of a genocide  now already is happening against the white Afrikaners in South Africa?: 

South Africa Genocide Presentation

Posted by Tammy Koelling on Sunday, December 16, 2018


1. Racist exclusion from the labor force, economy, national sports teams and admission to higher education institutions through no less than 119 racially based laws and so-called quota systems;
2. An escalating and extremely concerning wave of attacks and brutal murders of defenseless farmers, senior citizens and children with an undoubted political motive.
This includes the
2.1. burning and looting of businesses,
2.2 slaughter of farm and domestic animals
2.3. and extremely cruel torturing of victims by such revolting acts as burning elderly people with :
2.3.1 hot irons, blowtorches etc, dumping little children into scorching hot tubs of water and
2.3.2 raping of women in their 80’s and 90’s.
3. Elderly and defenseless white people are cruelly neglected and assaulted in care taking facilities.
4. A concerning number of potentially productive citizens are now living in conditions of poverty and neglect in so-called “white” squatter camps as a result of Affirmative Action and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.
5. Despite an undertaking that our culture and language will be recognized, the remaining two Afrikaans Universities are now also being turned into English medium tuition institutions, thereby denying the Afrikaans speaking student from the White and Coloured minority groups the right to mother tongue education – a basic Human Right.
5.1 School governing bodies are being forced by ANC and EFF politicians into admitting English speaking students, thereby gradually destroying our language as a language of tuition.
5.2. There is a concerning increase in violent behavior at schools, including attacks and assaults on teachers and fellow learners
6. Through the proposed amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution of South Africa, the white minority population will be robbed of their property, land and possessions through expropriation without compensation. This is not only a violation of the agreements preceding the election of 1994, but is a violation of civil and human rights in its most brutal form.
7. Members of the white minority population are frequently illegally arrested on charges of racism based on the most scantily of evidence. The Constitutional Court stated that a song calling for the massacre of the Boer people (Kill the Boer) cannot be regarded as offensive or racist, despite the conviction by many people that this song is inciting violence and murder in South Africa.

I believe Me. Zandberg must do more in-depth investigations and tap more reliable resources than The Citizen before she make such baseless allegations.

Then she went ahead and pulled the trigger of the gun she and her co-editors already placed against their own heads by making the following stunning statement: ” The Citizen prides itself in being an organisation which does not take sides and which delivers credible, unbiased news, both in print and online. Despite our independent and neutral approach, it is incumbent on us to condemn, in the strongest terms, the attempts to create a false ultra-right wing narrative that is calculated to engender discord and “fake” controversy.”

Merely by using the sentence” false ultra-right wing narrative” she immediately debunked her earlier statements that The Citizen is “neutral” and “does not take sides.” The term “Right Wing” is a term so much loved by ultra leftist concubines – with which conservatives are labelled with. The Citizen– being part of the Media 24 group- belongs to the conglomeration of State-controlled propaganda pieces- and in our humble point of view- never was, could be and never will be totally “neutral”–  even if they try.

But also another article from the same leftist concubine tabloid exposes their false narrative- which reads: Willem Petzer and Danie Barnard, two far-right vloggers, have had their racism exposed after their private chats were leaked.” “Far Right vloggers?” Racism? ” Then the article by Mr. Friedman himself goes on and stated that: ” Unicorn Riot, a (liberal) US non-profit media organisation whose Discord Leaks have exposed hundreds of thousands of Discord chats from alt-right and far-right servers, most of which were in the US, but one of which was Petzer’s in South Africa.” Again the same Mr. Friedman and the same “neutral” newspaper are vehemently attacking so-called “Alt-Right” and “Far Right” websites.

If The Citizen” was such a “neutral” newspaper- how come they are seeking/hunting and attacking so-called “Alt-Right” and “Far Right” sites? What happened to so-called “Free Speech?” Why is the terms “Alt-Right” and “Far Right” specifically mentioned in the article? The Citizen became more and more obvious in their true objective: To try demonizing conservative narratives. They are waging a cyber war against white conservative activists.  By using these terms in their articles they are already “choosing sides” between the “them” and  the “us.”  “Subliminal messaging” the clever men in white jackets call it.They are so busy trying to cover-up the Jew race biter  Friedman’s blunder – they now are exposing their pink undergarments and anti-Afrikaner sentiment more and more. So what will they call White Nation then  …..”Ultra Right”, “Racist”-  or “White Supremacist” website we suppose? That is ostensibly the best slander terms the leftist snowflake fairies  can use to “demonize” us I recon? We are waiting. ( Our back-lash will be unrivaled this side of the equator as we are eager to tear into that realm of pink media bunnies- …we promise.)

However- while this whole little “spatz” are taking place and the leftist liberal jesters are making merrily fun of the white genocide- more hapless victims of their ” unjustified” genocide paid the ultimate prize for an illegal careless and corrupt regime that has neither the will – nor the ability to protect it’s civilians against the murderous and savage attacks from  mainly black terrorists- for example:

  1. A  fatal stabbing of another white victim occurred at a residence on Sialkot Crescent in Merebank during the early hours of 16 December 2018. Alpha Alarms Response Unit responded to the scene after a message was received on a Whatsapp group. Wentworth SAPS and another private security company responded to the scene.

2. At Kolgansdam, Fochville, Gauteng Province a white couple was attacked by 2 black thugs  whilst on a fishing trip on farm. The Male (58) victim was beaten to death with a rock. The Female victim (52) beaten with a hammer. The black thugs broke her feet, knees and hands. Only phones and cash were stolen.

3. A gang of TEN black terrorists attacked another white farm in Philippi– Western Cape- and murdered a farm worker.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

We suppose this two “art students” also say this in a “satirical” manner?

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

4. The Murder of Riana Louw Du Toit from a farm in the Western Cape yesterday has really touched a cord.Her Husband is dead and two small children are left with no Mom or Dad .

5. Johan Kruger [ 60 ] was shot in the head and died on Friday morning during a farm attack near Alldays in Limpopo .

6.  Piet and his wife Elmien Steyn died tragically, being shot on their farm near Bonivale.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

IT’s images like this The Citizen and leftist newspapers will not show, report about- or will not fight to protect the same way they protect evil little mocking birds in their own nest. 

On 14 December 2018, the FF Plus reported that the three farm murders in the past week, including a couple from Bonnievale in the Western Cape and nearly 20 farm attacks just over the last month alone set the alarm bells ringing as it could very well be the start of a dark festive season for farmers in South Africa. Will Me. Zandberg please tell these victims that their death and a white genocide against them was  “unjustified?”

AS we gather Daniel Friedman and his father Steven have, on social media, threatened to sue Petzer. This after Petzer exposed Friedman’s white genocide song and video. This is in true liberal fashion- they begin the trouble and stir up some sh*t-  and after some good ol’ back-lash against them-  they run to the “law” screaming blue murder, crimin injuria and God knows what else with their tails between their legs. Now you understand why liberals are the most loathsome creatures on the face of the earth. No wonder Facebook SA and Twitter also is in such a “hate speech” shambles.

In total FIVE people paid the ultimate price because ignorant and misinformed racist newspaper editors refuse to acknowledge the fact that the real problem does not lie with those “Right Wing Racists, “- or the “Far  Right Vloggers“- but factually the ultimate problem and the reason the white genocide continuous in South Africa – are  created by the communist ANC regime’s handlers and their leftist media propaganda outlets such as The Citizen. That is why ignorant little pink slippers working for The Citizen (for obvious reasons) have their little insignificant spat protecting evil little anti-Semitics making horrible little video clips –  deliberately defying  the fact that a white genocide actually is happening in South Africa… the picture below clearly testifies


Image may contain: 2 people, text