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Video posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town    December 22   2018


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(By  Genl Roland de Vries.)

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Never let anyone tell you, these attacks are just normal crimes. Never allow the repeated atrocities to desensitise you. Never stop speaking out. Never allow yourself to be silenced. #FarmAttacks are unique & deserving of priority treatment Ernst Roets

Posted by Thomas Anderson on Thursday, December 20, 2018



A DECLARATION of war is a formal, carefully defined act of state through which one sovereign power takes up arms against another. It is a protocol to which all civilized countries have been signatories since 1907. Bitter experience has taught them it is not something to be taken lightly.


And here he is again threatening war.

Posted by Dianne Kohler Barnard on Monday, December 10, 2018

…EN SY TOR HET HEELTEMAL MAL GEWORD! Watsenaam is nou waansinnig van woede. SY DREIGEMENTE NOG ERGER. Sy gillende woorde: " No f….cking Court will stop us"… Nadat hy gesê het wittes het van hulle slawe gemaak. Hulle grond gesteel (selfde flou argument…om tog net rede te kry om dreigemente uit te voer)En dan as jy gemerk is, sal hulle jou kry by jou eetplek, maw restaurante, jou huis en of werkplek en niks gaan in hulle pad staan nie. Hy erken dat hy en sy kaders hulle aan GEEN WET gaan steur nie. Omdat hy alreeds by 'n vorige geleentheid gesê het hulle is reeds n oorlog met die wittes en geen wet is dan wettig nie. (VERSTAAN EN BESEF JY WAT HIER LEES, WERKLIK WAT HY SÊ)Hy sê in baie woorde…hulle sal maak NET WAT HULLE WIL en niemand gaan hulle stop nie. Indien jy nog steeds dink ek saai net haat, twis en tweedrag…besef nou, ek gee om vir jou en jou gesin…te veel, anders was ek laankal weg en het julle aan jul eie lot oorgelaat. Hierdie intensiteit van sy en ander radikale groepe is ontsettend dieper as 'n paar maande gelede en ek stel voor, jy begin werk aan 'n ernstige plan om jouself by enige weerbare groep ingeskakel te kry. Ek bid, julle bid, ons almal bid. Nou is dit egter ook die tyd om te begin doen. Inboks my as jy nie weet waarheen nie. As jy dit nie publiek wil dien nie. Nie alles kos geld nie. Jy kan gehelp word. @LetichiaroseRapporteer hom sommer weer vir hierdie gillende dreigemente saam met die 18000+ vd vorige video by die Menseregte kommissie.Intussen probeer om tog net die horende dowe mede blankes wakker te maak uit hulle beswyming voor dit te laat is. As jy wil hoor hoe skreeu iemand wie se tor van logika gevrek het, kan jy die ingeslote video gerus kyk. Verskoon die taal. Demone vloek altyd gesien by spirituele beradings en dit..kom uit sy gapinge…nie myne nie.

Posted by Letichia Roos on Thursday, December 13, 2018


But the masterminds – if there are any – of the EFF and BLF do not seem to understand this. Despite their minuscule size they have grown so arrogant that they think they can declare war, not only on white people- but on members of all their fellow citizens of the other minority groups. For many months now, they have been preparing the way with ever greater torrents of hate speech and the screeching of ever viler revolutionary slogans. They openly threaten to kill all white people – and it has become clear from what they say that if they succeeded in wiping out the white people and stealing their property, the other minority groups would be next on the list.

They think this is war. It is not war. It is simply banditry. Except in scale it is no different from a gang of robbers breaking into a house, torturing and killing the inhabitants and then fleeing with everything that they can carry away with them. It is the act of barbarians, people who have not yet accepted the norms and laws that are common in – and essential to – any civilized society. Perhaps the EFF and BLF think that white people are weak-kneed because we do not indulge in mass rent-a-mob “demonstrations” or “protests” that almost invariably degenerate into looting, arson, tyre-burning and general violence and murder; that instead we try to hide behind the skirts of the Constitution and the courts.

If so, they had better think again!

We come from warrior stock, we and the coloured people who share our genes and general westernised culture. In the 16th and 17th Centuries our Dutch ancestors fought for their independence from the mighty Spanish Empire for eighty years – one of the longest and bitterest “armed struggles” in history – and won! In 1880-1881 we fought for our independence against the even mightier British Empire … which eventually gave up and sued for peace after the Battle of Majuba, one of the greatest embarrassments to British arms of the 19th Century, just two years after King Cetewayo’s Zulus embarrassed them even more with the stunning victory at Isandlwana.

Just two decades later we resisted the imperialists for two and a half years till they ended the war by means of the genocidal “scorched earth” policy that today would be classed as a crime against humanity, and shamed the many millions of decent people of British descent around the world. But they did not manage to destroy either our people or our culture. We are survival experts. And please note that this applies to the other minority groups as well. At the Battle of Blaauwberg in 1806, for example, some of the stoutest resistance against the British invaders was offered not only by whites but by volunteer colored and Muslim soldiers, all fighting shoulder to shoulder.

Yet we are not warlike by nature. We are peaceful people who are slow to anger and only fight if we have to, and then not necessarily by killing other people. In 1994 we committed ourselves by a vote of nearly 70 percent to the building of a meritocratic, peaceful and prosperous South Africa – only to be slapped in the face by the ANC in spite of all its fine promises. With the ink barely dry on the CODESA accords, the ANC stands back and allows racist jackals like the EFF and BLF to shower us with lies, insults and threats of genocide, while our country crumbles into anarchy around us. So, we fight back, but like civilized people, using the weapons of peaceful and lawful protest that are enshrined in both the letter and spirit of the Constitution. We have been slow to react to the gathering threats, firstly because – as our history has shown – we are not rebellious by nature and secondly because we believe in the democratic process, which by its nature tends to be a slow one.

Vrouekleredrag ten tyde van die Groot Trek

But enough is enough. We take those threats very seriously indeed and, unlike the ANC, we do not believe in ruling cliques whose members do what suits them while making noble-sounding but empty promises to the poor. We do not believe in turning poor people into voting cattle by feeding them on meager (and ultimately unaffordable) social grants instead of providing them with the means and opportunities to support themselves. Social grants are meant for people who are genuinely unable to work and support themselves, not bits of sticking-plaster to slap on to wounds caused by negligence and corruption. So, we are determined to undertake – not just talk about – responsible action, well-planned action.

So, we say this to all those who care to listen: Our people have tilled the soil of this great land of ours for three centuries and more, and they have stood the test of time, mostly against overwhelming odds and challenges. God willing, we shall do so again, with the aid of the Rule of Law that is the backbone of any country that claims to be civilized. We might be angry at the blatant discrimination being imposed on us. We might be deeply disappointed that the solemn undertakings of 1994 have turned out to be nothing but empty vessels. We might be embarrassed by the way that our formerly prospering country is becoming a beggar-nation. We might be all these things – and are. But we are NOT afraid, and we will no longer simply sit still and let the ANC turn us and our children into serfs and perpetual second-class citizens, and our country into an economic ruin.

There is an old saying that you don’t own the future – you only borrow it from your children. And we acknowledge that great truth. This peaceful “war” is not just for ourselves but for our heirs, born and yet still to be born, because they are the future. Not just ours, but the entire country’s. Information is POWER. Fight the lies of the lying left. Know your history and tell why Blood River happened against savage cowards, who today, want to cry “victim-hood. “ They know if they repeat lies long enough, ignorant people will believe it as the “truth.” Let’s rewind to 17 February 1838, 11 months before Bloodriver. 

The massacre at Blaauwkrans

Related image

The biggest mass murder of children in SA history. By the end of the night 185 children, 41 men, 56 women en 250 servants laid murdered. The story I tell tonight is the most dreadful tale in the history of my people. It is a tale of sadness and a tale of unspeakable horror. An account that was so terrible that the hand of history trembled violently when it tried to write it down – and finally laid aside its pen when it found the words to painful to record.

Yet, my family was there. They saw it with their own eyes, just like all the others did. And painful though it was, some of the survivors somehow told their tale. The accounts live on because they wanted their children to know that freedom is a priceless commodity that was bought with rivers of blood. And so their voices continue to echo forever across the blood-stained pages of South Africa’s troubled history.

Sometimes they speak softly, sometimes they cry with pride. But through it all there is a gentle sound which sounds a lot like rain. Only it is not rain. It is the tears of a broken generation. If you read their history even after all these years, you can hear it still. And when you close the chapter finally, there follows a great silence which is louder than a waterfall. It follows you for a long time, that silence. It follows you in the manner of all profound things, after they had touched and left their finger marks upon your soul.

Related image

The tale that follows now is not for sensitive people. If you are easily upset, do not read it. Africa is beautiful, but she has an ugly side as well. Sometimes when you see that side of her, the images remain forever. Think before you read. And if you do, picture the scenes compassionately – because unless they are softened by love, they still remain too sharp to touch.

Blaawkranz and Moordspruit – “Blue Cliff” and “Spring of Murder”

Related image

There was little to be seen on the night of the 16th of February 1838 for there was no moon at all. It was a peaceful night along the Tugela River and its tributaries, yet it would soon become the darkest night of foulest murder. It was the greatest nightmare anyone had ever known. Nobody knew it yet, but more than a week ago the Voortrekker governor Piet Retief and all 70 of his men and servants had been murdered by Dingane – king of the Zulu.

Image result for dingane

They had been invited to a banquet to celebrate a peaceful land transaction when Dingane ordered his warriors to seize them. Retief and all his men were tortured to death in the most horrible way. Some were clubbed to death, while others were impaled, and then cast away to feed his vultures at KwaMatiwane the place of killing.

Related image

Many miles towards the north their families were waiting upon their return. They were, in fact, expecting good news and were hoping to see their returning men any day now. They had reason to feel relaxed. Northern Natal was one of the most beautiful places in Africa. Framed by the towering Drakensberg Mountains, the climate was mild and the rolling landscapes made the world seem enchantingly lovely in a thousand unfamiliar ways. It was a country more captivating than many of them had ever seen in all their lives.

Related image

All along the Tugela River the Voortrekkers families were stretched out across a distance of 56 kilometres . They had no reason to suspect trouble. Dingane has sounded “benevolent and friendly.” There had been no news as yet, but under the circumstances no news was considered good news. Their leader, Gert Maritz, had nevertheless cautiously issued orders that the families should assembly near his own laager. The Voortrekkers found it impractical to be huddled together, however, and only a few families obeyed the instruction.

Related image

The rest remained at their peaceful encampments scattered across the valleys. That afternoon they brought their livestock closer to their camps, set out guards against lions – and prepared their pleasant suppers. Grandfathers read to their families from the Bible, mothers tucked their little ones in and kissed them each good night. One by one the voices all went quiet as the candles were blown out and the campfires were allowed to slowly burn to embers.

Image result for moordspruit massacre

Around midnight, though, people began to stir. Some arose and started peering into the darkness with anxious eyes. From far away down-river came the sound of thunder. Yet, there was no lightning. And as they listened they began to realize that what they heard was not thunder, but the noise of distant gunfire. The sound of shots spread along the river frontage until they gradually fell silent altogether. In places the glow of fires lit up the sky, until these too slowly disappeared. Eyes turned white in the suffocating darkness, for these were men who had already known four generations of warfare. They had guessed what was going on – and they knew were about to join a living nightmare. Little children began to cry. Trembling lips began to pray in silence. They had seen it before. They already knew what this meant – and they all silently understood that the angel of death was on its way to visit them as well.

Related image

Down river hardly anyone had heard the silent tread of 10,000 Zulu phantoms as they marched through the long grass. Here and there a dog strained at its rope and barked hysterically. The cattle milled and horses began to whinny. The animals could sense the approach, but inside some of the wagons the families were still sleeping soundly. When the restlessness roused them, they were still drugged by sleep and slow in realizing what was happening. But then the long grass parted and a figure leapt into the wagon – dark as the night – with only eyes and teeth shining white. For a moment the moon gleamed upon a naked blade – and then there was a scream – a long, drawn-out shriek that shattered the night as if the entire sky was made of brittle glass. And then the warriors were everywhere at once.

Related image

In many places men were quick to leap to their feet and find their guns. By the light of stars alone their shaking fingers poured powder down the barrels, and a little more into the pan of their flintlocks. They hardly had to raise and aim – some scarcely had the opportunity to fire more than one or two shots before Zululand’s sharpest steel sliced into their backs and chests. In some places there was more resistance. The lucky ones who had more warning managed to find a little shelter – from where they fought a fight that required no courage – when fighting for the ones you love beyond reason itself – courage had no meaning. All men became lions and every soul was turned into a hero. Circumstances simply made you one.

Every man and women fought for their very lives that night. First with guns, and then with axes, knives and any object that they could swing. When these weapons were pried from their wounded arms, they fought with their bare hands. Fathers fell across their children, and mothers huddled around their crying infants. The blades found them all. The spears knew no mercy of any kind. The blades went through the mothers and into their children as if they were made from butter. Even the children who tore loose and ran away were run down and caught. Not one of them was spared.

Image result for blaauwkrans massacre

As they threw their torches onto the tented wagons and the flames began to dance – the warriors of Zululand made sure that all the men and women were finished off. Then they took the children – every little child and baby that still breathed. They held them by their feet and swung their little heads against the wagons wheels. Each little crying voice ended with a hollow thud until every one of them was silent. Then they took everything they wanted, and sliced the bellies open of the people they had murdered. Behind them they left utter carnage. Burning wood and canvas, fluttering feathers from sliced open beds and pillows, and scattered flour that looked like snow in all directions. Here and there a life was still gurgling away while limbs contorted painfully. Glass shattered, furniture smashed. Nothing left alive at all. And so they continued up the river to see who else they could still overrun.

Lourens Christiaan de Klerk, who survived the butchery, told that after they had listened to the firing in the dark for some time, a bushman woman had come stumbling into their laager. She was too shocked and traumatized to speak, and however hard they tried, they could not get a word out of her. By this, however, they knew what to expect. Shortly after a white man came running from the same direction. This was Daniel Bezuidenhout, bare-headed and streaming with blood, and only dressed in shirt and trousers.
“All murdered!” he cried. “The Zulus are here!”

Gasping with exhaustion, he told his dreadful story. When the barking of their dogs woke him at 1 o’clock in the morning, he had risen to see whether the livestock was wandering off or being threatened by a leopard. To his surprise, he walked into a regiment of Zulus. Freezing in his tracks, he heard the warriors’ shields going “zirrrr” through the grass, and followed the noise as the Zulus stabbed at his dogs in the dark. Only half-clad, he retreated stealthily. Then he stumbled into a second regiment which was approaching from another direction. Under cover of darkness he hastened to his wagon where his wife was sick with their little baby of six days old. Handing him the child, she beseeched him to flee to safety.

Image result for moordspruit massacre

As he jumped into the darkness and forced his way through the Zulus he could hear them stab his aged father to death. With the child in his arms, he managed to break through after being encircled three times. On each occasion they had been drawn to him by the crying of the baby. They first managed to stab him while he was crouched over the child, so that the spear entered his shoulder blade and went down his chest along his rib cage before killing the little baby in his arms. He did not notice it immediately, though, until after he had been wounded twice more.

When he finally managed to escape, he hid himself among the cattle. He was now safely in the darkness behind the Zulu lines. From here he could hear how the Zulus were stabbing the dogs and chickens to death, the tearing of the tent canvass and the destruction of the wagons. At this point the bereaved father discovered that the helpless child was lifeless in his arms. Realizing that there was nothing more that he could do for his exterminated family, he hid the little body under a bush, and ran through the night to warn the other pioneers. In so doing, he gave priceless warning to the Van Dijks, the Scheepers family, as well as the Roets and Van Vuuren families and the family of Karel Geer. This saved many lives.

Even while Bezuidenhout was still telling his dreadful tale, the thundering of hooves brought Heila Petronella Roberts and her two daughters into their laager. Unbeknown to Heila, her husband had already been murdered with Piet Retief. Having been warned by the shots from a single man that night, she and her children had barely managed to reach their horses and escape in time. She confirmed that all the Bezuidenhouts had been killed.

Image result for dingane

Her own story was just as terrible. As she was fleeing from her wagons, she said she saw the neighboring Greyling and Engelbrecht families – all 36 of them – running for the safety of her wagons. Moments later she saw them being overwhelmed and butchered to the last man, woman and child. There would be many more stories which were similar to these. Gun battles were raging through the night in all directions. Nearly everywhere the fights were desperate to the extreme. The need was so severe that even children had to fight. One example was the little ten year old son of Gert Maritz who had to fire and load just like all the grown men. It is impossible to imagine the utter chaos of that night as thousands of warriors shouted, oxen and livestock scattered in all directions, guns blazed away at sounds and shadows, and the cry of murdered people rent the sky.

Related image

It was a night in which heroes were made. At Rensburg koppie, Willem van Rensburg held his gun upside down to indicate that they were out of ammunition. “Help people! There is powder and lead in Willem Pretorius’ waggon!” he cried. Nobody thought it possible, but a small group of men fought their way through the Zulu ranks. A young man of 18 years old, Martinus Jacobus Oosthuizen, or Tinie, as he was called, made the desperate race to the Pretorius waggons on his horse, “Swartjie” (Blackie).

Laden with shot and powder, the boy then had to run the gauntlet all the way back again. With desperate fascination the men watched as he stormed right into the ranks of 1,500 warriors – dodging clubs and spears as best he could. For a moment it seemed, lost, but then he burst through and completed his five minute death run in safety. His was just one more act of heroism that saved many lives that day. The women who survived the battle with their men showered him with kisses of appreciation afterwards.

Further away, the laagers which had been spared rallied themselves and went flying into the darkness – riding as hard as they could to try and aid whomever they might. In the darkness, however, they could not do very much. They were among the bravest of the brave to attack like that, but it was already far too late for most. The scale of the attack was just too big and the speed had been too great. When the sun rose that morning, it fell across the valleys of a blood-soaked country. What the men saw on that day was something that most would not see again in their entire lives – a scene that few would ever want to talk about. The carnage was beyond description. Entire families had been wiped out. Wagon encampments were still smoking – with the wagons standing like coal-black skeletons upon the lonely landscape. The deeds of valiant bravery that occurred that night were many, yet most are lost to history because the heroes fought until they perished and no one was left to tell the tale. The few who lived were scarred for life. They must have had nightmares for as long as they lived, and more than likely seldom spoke about that night.

One little girl, Johanna van der Merwe, was just 12 years old. She escaped the Van der Merwe laager and managed to reach the Prinsloo family which was encamped elsewhere. But here also, death found the families. Elizabeth (Betta) De Beer could only grab the youngest of her three children, a nine months old baby. She sought shelter beneath a wagon, but her baby was assaulted through the spokes of a wheel. Being left for dead, she managed to flee into the darkness, still clutching her bloody little baby in her arms. At the Blaauwkranz River she discovered the little child was dead, so she left its body there.

Image result for johanna van der merwe voortrekkersRelated image

Johanna van der Merwe               Elizabeth De Beer

Together with Johanna van der Merwe and a Prinsloo girl they were found in a tree, which they climbed during the night of terror. There they were so weakened that they could not make a sound. After the sun had risen, two Zulus had passed beneath the tree. Drawn by the sight of blood that was dripping from the branches, they proceeded to stab at the girls as far as they could reach. One climbed into the thorn tree and grabbed Betta De Beer by her long hair. She became stuck in a fork of the tree, which prevented him from pulling her down.

When they were satisfied that the girls were probably dead, they moved on. They were only discovered by the pioneers when the vultures began circling the tree. Little Johanna had no less than 21 stab wounds. Catherina Prinsloo, was stabbed 23 times. The young Betta De Beer died a few days later. Elsewhere, Gert Lucas Joubert was also found with 21 wounds. His body was retrieved from beneath a pile of mutilated corpses. He, however, somehow managed to survive.

Image result for gert lucas joubert voortrekkers

Another tale of survival is so dreadful that it almost cannot be repeated. One woman had been huddled against the trunk of a tree, desperately trying to shelter her baby with her body. After having stabbed her in the arms and legs, a Zulu ripped the baby from her clutch and disemboweled it with one thrust. Upon stabbing the mother in the back, she collapsed unconscious. When she came to a little while later, the Zulu was laughing as he stabbed at her other child in the tree above her. The warrior laughed while the child wailed with fear. At long last the tormented child fell from the tree, nearly on top of its mother, where she lay with racing heart while pretending to be dead. The poor mother survived the deadly ordeal, probably to be haunted by nightmares for the rest of her life. All through that day, the pioneers followed the sight of circling vultures in search of their scattered loved ones. Often they found the bodies of dead or dying Zulus – which they dispatched at once. Sometimes they found the bodies of their own – and wept with bitter anguish.

Image result for moordspruit massacre

One man by the name of Du Preez was just returning from a hunting trip. When he reached his laager, he found his wife and every one of his seven children cold and lifeless. An entire family wiped out, with only he himself that had been spared by circumstances. Besides that, he had lost everything he owned, except the clothes that he was standing in. Some of the scenes were so dreadful that those who wrote down their memories many years later repeatedly declared that they were too terrible to record in detail. The scent of death hung heavily across the bloody tapestry of that night. Ferdinand Paulus van Gass, who was just a young man at the time, wrote that, “all had been murdered in this gruesome way; children had stakes driven into their mouthsand out the back of their heads, women were sliced open and their entrails were torn out, while the men were similarly treated in a manner that I am not able to recount.”

In the bush and long grass, bearded pioneers must have fallen to their knees and sobbed as they recognized friends and family, or familiar faces and neighbors. Van Gass recounted that at one laager they could not find a single gun that was not broken. The men had fought until they were out of ammunition, and had then fought with guns used as clubs until they were overwhelmed. Everywhere they collected little bundles – the castaway and crumpled figures of terrified little children, or women and servants who had died while trying to escape. Most were mutilated. Their bodies were strewn across the veld like so much rubbish. Even the dogs, cats, chickens and domestic animals were all butchered.

In places the bodies of victims and attackers were still entwined as they had died in mortal combat. Abraham Carel Bothma, who was the brother of Stephanus Bothma who had been hung at Slagtersnek, was found in this way. He had a large spear through his chest while the Zulu at his side had a knife wound in his heart. Bothma still had both legs wrapped around the Zulu from their deathly contest, but his body had been slit open and disemboweled from top to bottom. Around him his colored servant lay similarly mutilated, while in their camp all the women were found with their clothes torn off. They had been sliced open similarly. Above each place of slaughter the vultures were circling patiently – or rattling the branches of the thorn trees before jumping to a hurried feast. In many places families were found inside their wagons. Some of the little children had suffocated to death beneath the weight of their dead relatives. In one waggon, 21 corpses were piled, plus one little eight year old girl who was dragged from under them, still alive.

The 12 year old Hannie van der Merwe was found with 21 spear wounds beneath a heap of 20 bodies. She astonished everyone by surviving. In places the blood scratch-marks showed how frightened women had been dragged from underneath their beds. The savageness defied all description. It was too much to witness women of all ages, their clothes stripped, their breasts cut off, and impaled with spears, before being disemboweled. Some had their Achilles tendons cut off. One such victim, Catharina Prinsloo, had hers cut also. She survived this mutilation, and altogether 17 spear wounds, and lived as a crippled until she died in 1892. Servants shared the same fate – butchered without mercy.

The survivors stared with hollow eyes, and drawn expressions. They were the toughest people in the Colony. Most of these men had grown up on the Eastern Border. They had known nothing but border raids all their lives. Most of them had known war since they were born. Blood was nothing new to them. But this was by far – without comparison – the bloodiest scene that anyone had ever witnessed. They stared at the limbs of little children which had been hacked off and cast into the trees like morbid decorations. All the dreadful memories that they ever had paled into insignificance compared to the unspeakable horror of one single night.

They still found survivors along the rivers and valleys, but not many. In one place, the astonished rescuers heard a whimper. At their approach they discovered a woman that lay sprawled with a spear still protruding from her back. When they rolled her over they found that the blade had sliced right through her, and also through the body of her baby, it was buried in the ground. The mother was cold and dead, but to their amazement they found the child was still alive. They removed the blade with the greatest care and still the little one did not perish. She was one of the few who were destined to survive that night. She would later marry and live until a good old age.

In the regions of Blaauwkranz and Moordspruit the sad pioneers collected the remains of those whom they had loved. Many of their names were recorded, but some were simply lost upon the vastness of the land. Together with their servants, the list of those who were butchered in that single night numbered 525 although it was impossible to be precise as so many families had been wiped out entirely, and so many had vanished without a trace.

The number of Zulus who had been killed was estimated at 500, while an unknown additional number had drowned in the rivers during the night. There were so many orphan children that the pioneers scarcely knew what to do with them afterwards. Funerals were held for ten days afterwards as more and more bodies continued to be discovered. Many were buried in two mass graves of 7 by 7 meters. On top of everything, the news was then received that Piet Retief and all his men had been massacred by Dingane. Not a single one had escaped. When it was over, a spirit of great defeat and desolated descended upon the traumatized survivors. They had lost more than the mind could comprehend, for besides the many deaths of their loved ones, they had been robbed of a multitude of cattle which had either been driven off or been killed and mutilated.

With the death of the popular and charismatic Piet Retief, they also found themselves leaderless. Anxious laagers were drawn while false reports came in that more Zulus were on their way to continue the attacks. Some wanted to return back to the Colony. Most of the others, however, had now been steeled in their resolve. During this dreadful time something occurred which seems peculiar to what would later become the Boer/Afrikaner nation. When desperation was so deep that even the stoutest hearts would lose their courage, it was remarkable how women often took a stand. This was perhaps the first of these occasions when a group of women addressed their men and boldly declared: “If you are not man enough, then we as women will attack the Zulus!”

Their bravery inspired others who similarly declared that they would “expressly not trek home again, but would remain here to avenge this great injustice or to perish as their bothers.” A few turned back, but the vast majority stubbornly remained. Many felt that under these desperate circumstances, they had only the most desperate option left to them – and that was to regroup and find some way to attack their vastly superior enemy. They could not have known it, but a dreadful time of siege and fear lay yet ahead for the shocked survivors. They would still be ravaged by cold and hunger and deadly disease epidemics while they huddled together and waited out months of siege and never-ending rains in squelching mud.

This would become one of the two darkest hours in the history of their budding nation. Indeed, much more blood was still to flow before the Zulu might would finally be cracked at Blood River and then be brushed away at Ulundi. They was destined to become a pioneer generation that was formed in the crucible of severest trauma. These experiences forged them into an indescribably tough people with a strength of faith that seemed unique in all their generations.

Our own Labuschagne trek was there that night, but they were among the lucky ones. Although no historical records about their movements have been found, it is believed that they were laagered at Labuschagnesdrift near Potgieters drift, where in 1899 the Spioenkop battles would be fought. Somehow the Zulus probably just did not chance to find their laager in that night. We were undeservedly lucky for from my own people apparently not a single one of them was lost. Other families, however, were wiped out entirely. Thousands of men and women never lived because of the lives that were lost that day. Not a soul was spared. Old men, women and babies were murdered in the most brutal manner.

Two months afterwards, on 15 April 1838, Andries Pretorius reflects in his journal: “As we were separated from one another, they succeeded in their attack at daybreak at Blaauwekrans, thereby killing 33 men, 75 women and 123 children.”This implies a total of 231 deaths at the Blaauwekranz camps. The name Blaauwekranz (Zulu: Msuluzi) refers to bluish cliff faces present in the area.  The Piet Retief Delegation massacre and the Weenen massacre was the motivation for the Voortrekkers to confront the Zulus in battle on 16 December 1838 when 470 Voortrekkers fought against an estimated 15,000 to 21,000 Zulus; which the Voortrekkers won. The battle is known as the Battle of Blood River. The town of Weenen (Dutch for crying or weeping) was established in KwaZulu-Natal two months after the massacre.

Image result for moordspruit massacre

People still remember the names of Blaawkranz and Moordspruit today, and they know that the names are synonymous with some old tragedy of the past. What they do not realize, however, is that some of history’s traumas were so dramatic that people could not talk about them. And because they could not talk about them, they were not written down to the same degree of detail as other events were. They were just too terrible to tell frequently. And because there was less detail, they are not so well remembered now.

I look outside my window tonight and watch the moon as silver clouds spill across the sky. The charcoal branches of a tree reaches knottily, like the bones of some ancient hand that reaches to pluck it form the sky. It makes the scene alive before my mind eye. And I think about Natal, for I had known it well enough myself. I have been where these events had taken place. I have walked across the rolling plains of the Tugela basin. I have walked with outstretched hands, so that the long grass passed lovingly through my fingers. Along those same very hills my ancestors fought in the desperate modern battles of the Anglo-Boer War, hardly sixty years later. This land holds so much meaning. Sometimes I think that the grass grows so beautiful in that land because it has been fed by so much blood. This is the land of my fathers. It was the land that they had dreamed about. For many it became their nightmare. But still, there is an element of loveliness that continues to this very day.

When the mighty Drakensberg lies snow-capped beneath a cobalt sky at twilight – when the turpentine grass is long and golden and smells like pine – and when the Tugela gurgles like a sleeping child – that’s when the land is so beautiful that it hurts your eyes and makes them water. You think about this night and close your eyes and shudder. But when you open your eyes again the land is smiling. In the early morning when the sun rises and the gentle mists lie lazily upon the valleys – the pleading screams and helpless cries begin to fade. And all you hear is the total silence that whispers that Africa still loves her children – and that she wishes none of this had ever happened.

The biggest child death in one night in South Africa’s history. 185 children, 41 men, 56 women and 250 coloured children and their families who traveled with the trekkers as service personnel, were murdered at Blaauwkranz and Bushmen River. Johanna got up even when death was around her. A submarine in the South African navy was named after her. After 1994, the new government changed the name of the Johanna van der Merwe submarine to Assegaai. The name of the Zulu spear that stabbed the young girls over 20 times!

This year it is 180 years after the Blaawkranz and Boesmanspruit murders and Blood River. 1838 and 2018. The two years have a common feature; High drama and land! The year, 1838 started with some excitement. There was a chance for land. Dingaan, the King of Zulu and the Voortrekker Leader, Piet Retief, concluded an agreement on land. On February 6, Dingaan signs the tract. He invites Retief to an event where his warriors would entertain them, but he cries out: “Kill the wizards!” And Retief and his people, including his son, are taken to Hlomo Amabuto. Retief must first see how his son and the rest of his company are cruelly massacred by Dingaan, after which he is murdered.

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After the murder of Piet Retief, the Zulu impi pulled out to attack the trek group stationed a few kilometers away. On February 17, 1838, the great massacre took place along the Blaawkranz and Boesmans River. There was little hope left. The Voortrekkers were defeated. The Great Trek was on a knifes edge. At that stage, the news of Retief and his people fate was not yet known. On February 20, the rest of the party got the crushing news of the murders.

On 27 February, a sad Lenie Retief writes to the Trekkers: “When sleep dodges me at night and I wonder what I should do, I try to think which advice Piet would give me. What would he have told us all now, how should we act? Your challenges are triple: protect your youth’s future, then your own future is also safe; do not lose courage, but hit the hand of the plow and wanderer with the talents of the Most High to you; and stand together because no one can only overcome the challenges this world offers.”  The tension with Dingaan was not resolved yet. Andries Pretorius arrives at the camp on 22 November. He is appointed as the new commander-general. Two days later, Pretorius left the army with 464 men and 64 wagons to attack Dingaan’s army in retaliation of the cowardly attack of 17 February 1838.


December 16 – the Battle of Blood River.

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The Zulu has prepared to eradicate the Voortrekkers. Meanwhile, Pretorius and his men have made ready to punish the Zulu. A big collision waited. The wagons form a ‘laager’, a circle. Early day breaks on the Zulu which attack. The Voortrekkers retaliated with fury. They drove back the Zulus wave by wave. By 11:00 the morning, the Zulus was demoralized and fled. The might of the Zulus were twenty against one Voortrekker, but 3 000 Zulu’s died, with no casualties on Voortrekkers side. While Zulu messengers took the bad news of their crushing defeat to Dingaan, the Voortrekkers held a memorial service in the evening after the battle. On 21 December, Andries Pretorius finds the bones of Retief and his men as well as the intact treaty in Retief’s knapsack.

2018 – 180 years later and we were again in a year of high drama over land in South Africa. The underlying emotion in the debates was that “whites stole land,”–  they are being criminally vilified, and “criminals do not have to be compensated.”  The public hearings were plagued with emotion and historical drugged depictions were used to accuse whites, find guilty and punish without penalty.

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On December 4, the majority black Parliament decided that Article 25 of the Constitution should be amended so that it specifically stipulates that unauthorized expropriation for land reform purposes is permissible. The ANC MP and co-chair of the constitutional review committee said: “People want their land, give them what they want.”  An EFF MP member’s remark was: “Today we took the farmer’s ground.” Some of the parliament sang battle songs. However, the land excuse of 2018 cannot be carried out without knowing what happened in February 1838. 1838 draws a line through the historical narrative that whites are just angry and criminal, that “land thieves” are deserving to be “punished.

Image result for ooreenkoms tusen voortrekker boere grond sekonyela

Boers/Afrikaners generally worked hard for their land, through sweat, and many died in their battle for land. The other side of the mint is not told enough. They are a small minority that achieved so much, in so little time, with huge odds against them. Understandable why a majority, needs to vilify them and tell lies- Fear. Do not push the Boer/Afrikaner too far. Their culture is about integrity, owning up on wrongs, but not a group of people who will lie down to be victimized. They know hardship, can take a beating, but will give one back harder. Only fools don’t learn from history.

THIS is the true story of The Voortrekkers– the story of Blaauwkrans, Moorddrift and Bloodriver- a historical fact the communist in South Africa want you and your white descendants to forget.. THIS is the true factual history how the Boer/Afrikaner suffered and paid for their right to this land and Ramaphosa and   filth like the ANC, EFF and BLF try to distort, hide and wipe under the carpet to replace it with malicious “liberation” trash socialist propaganda. This is how the black savage murdered the white Voortrekker in the most horrendous ways- and today- they again repeat that slaughter under the guidance of psychopaths the likes of the Broederbonders, George Soros, Oppenheimer, May , Ramaphosa , those “rich whites” Malema frequently refer to of which he himself is an employee of , – et al.

BUT white Boers/Afrikaners again were selected by the secret societies to carry the brunt and blame of all the mishaps, conspiracies and devious dark agendas on the British/American New World Order’s Ouija Board. Already more than 4000 white farmers suffered horrendous torture and murders- yet the very sick and derange politicians across the world and their filthy media reporters still tries to downplay the white  genocide equal by scale to the brutal murders of Blaauwkranz and Moordspruit. The murderers are the same, the modus operandi are the same- the brutality and bloodletting is the same, -and the instigators behind these senseless savagery are the same . The bloody history of South Africa against the Boer/Afrikaner is repeating itself again.

This is what the so-called “sanctimonious”  ANC rats try to hide from public knowledge and write out of their history books.  According to their sick narrative the white man simply must “shut up ” and hand over his land to the black savage who has NO ancestral PROOF of his right to land – bar a bunch of alleged propaganda bullsh*t and allegations that “ you stole our land” which he cannot substantiate with  written recorded facts. The black Africans have not even as yet developed their own alphabet so how in hell did  their ancestors  record their own history about their migrations and land settlements they now falsely and opportunistically claim to be such a  “truth”  they even want to change the constitution for that fake “truth?” Every historical fact they know was written by the white man– but they are very selective to do some “cherry-picking” which part of that history they want to apply- and which they conveniently want to “forget” to fit their own distorted political propaganda campaigns. How can Ramaphosa and his ilk  try to be clever Johnnies and tell you about the Boer/Afrikaner history if they themselves have no factual recollection of their own? The white man must say nothing otherwise he is a so-called “racist? He must just sit there in his little “minority”  corner- keep quiet while the black savage murder his farmer, his mother, wife and children – and sit there and die in silence.

Image result for ooreenkoms tusen voortrekker boere grond sekonyela

This is how the Voortrekkers found the black population in South Africa- mostly nomads. So which part of the land do they now “claim” to be theirs?

This is the truth these alien communist thugs want to hide in order to substantiate their own “land grab” thievery. THIS is the factual accounts that gives the Boer/Afrikaner the right to not only their stake in South Africa- but their right to self determination which the British scum , trash like the National Party-  and ANC ghouls stole away from the Boer/Afrikaner. The Orange Free State and the Transvaal (officially the South African Republic) were independent countries in southern Africa in the 19th century established by Dutch-speaking settlers known as the Boers (Boer translates to “farmer” in Dutch). Occupying areas in what is today South Africa, the Boers of the 19th century were pastoral and religiously-oriented. Together, these countries were referred to as the Boer Republics, which lasted some fifty years until 1902, when they were stolen  in the Boer Wars.

Dutch colonization of the region has its roots in the Dutch East India Company, which first established the Dutch Cape Colony, centered on the Cape of Good Hope and present-day Cape Town, in the 17th century as a re-supply port for trading vessels. In 1795, British forces invaded and took control, thereby establishing the Cape Colony under British dominion. By this time, some Dutch settlers (at this point, referred to as Boers) had migrated further inland to maintain their pastoral livelihoods. Beginning in the 1830s, a greater wave of migration, known as the “Great Trek,” saw thousands of Boers migrating eastward, further from the British controlled Cape Colony. A number of factors influenced the Boers’ tensions with the British that spurred the Great Trek, including the British abolition of slavery in 1833, onerous taxation, cultural differences, and others. Out of this migration, the Boer Republics (Transvaal and Free State) were established in the 1850s. However, continued tensions, including the discovery of gold and diamonds in Boer territory (making the republics the richest in southern Africa), would soon spark war with their British colonial oppressors.

Map of Boer Republics in relation to neighboring colonial possessions.

The Boer Wars were fought from 1880 to 1881 and from 1899 to 1902. When fighting the more powerful and numerically superior British forces, the Boers employed a non-conventional, highly mobile style of fighting from which the word “commando” has its origins. Nevertheless, the map above, which appeared in the Chicago Record newspaper during the conflict, illustrates the Boer Republics’ precarious strategic situation that led to the plundering British invasions. THIS is the truth and factual history political criminals now want to exterminate in order to build their bogus “democracy” onto.


Image may contain: food

ANOTHER conspiracy by the communist regime  to hide the truth of Blaauwkranz and Moorddrift– Removed from public view, in storage, a giant marble frieze depicting a Zulu attack on white women and children, a Zulu warrior shown raising a white baby above his head, prelude to smashing the baby against a wagon wheel. When they found a white pregnant woman, they would cut the baby from white woman’s stomachs whilst she was still alive, and then smash the babies head against wagon wheels. 


Now the rightful owners and homogeneous people of South Africa are driven out and alienated from their inheritance through lies by devils, infiltrators from Africa and elsewhere, demons – and foreign alien political trash who’s only interest is to advance their own dark political agendas and  stuff their own pockets.  This is the true history the ANC rats want to wipe out of the history books and replace it with  “liberation” trash. Looking at all the misinformation, the propaganda lies and baseless deception with witch the political con artists in the ANC, EFF and BLF are spreading among the population about the so-called “Whites stole our land” there is some serious questions to be asked.


No automatic alt text available.

It seem the A N C was created by the Jews to take the land from the Afrikaner people?guess only 3% of the black population knew this, no?A vote for the ANC is still a vote for the white man…the j e w s can’t fight the Afrikaner directly so they use slaves? I did not see that coming…. In 1963 a group of Jews founded the “African” National Congress. The ANC was founded by Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African front men –Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki  In particular, Ruth First, the Jewish wife of Jewish Soviet KGB Colonel Joe Slovo, a leader of the South African Communist Party, was primarily responsible for funneling funds to this “African” National Congress. Then , South Africa’s central bank was run by a Jew named Gill Marcus, with the black front man named Tito Mboweni taking instructions. Trevor Manuel, a J e w, was the Minister of Finance. Rob Davis, a  British Jew, is the Minister of Trade and Industry (maybe changed a bit…but still puppets of the J e w)

No automatic alt text available.


SIMPLE questions such as where did the ANC – who are mostly alien conspirators themselves- source their right to claim any inheritance to South Africa should  be asked? The ANC is not even a race– but a potpourri of greedy alien terrorist usurpers and thieves that jetted in after the big Mandela hoax? Where does the ANC communist thugs get the right to try to change history on school level to try wiping the true history of South Africa off the table and replace it with malicious communist propaganda to poison the minds of children ? Where the hell do they get the arrogance to try changing the constitution in order to blatantly recon they can come and take land away from Boers/Afrikaner people that have a written ancestral history that deem them the right to claim South Africa belongs to them? The Boers/Afrikaners have much more rights to land claims than the devious ANC/EFF/BLF scum ever can. The ancestors of the Boer/Afrikaner paid with blood for their inheritance- whereas the ANC waged a disgusting terrorist war against the innocent civilian population of South Africa -the EFF wage an economic war by destroying everything and the BLF only makes a lot of useless noise –  but through false and malicious media propaganda now “claim” it their “right.”

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33 Years ago today, on 23 December 1985, Andrew Zondo, a member of the ANC Youth League, placed a bomb in a dustbin at the Wimpy in the Sanlam Shopping Centre in Amanzimtoti. Five people were killed in the explosion, while another 40 were injured. The five deceased included two women and three children (one only a baby) – each and everyone a soft target.THIS now is the same ANC that today  want to scream blue murder against so-called “injustices” against blacks in the past- conveniently forgetting their OWN “injustices” against innocent civilian victims.

Image may contain: sky and text

AND the terrorist Andrew Zondo got a street name honoring him  after his disgusting act of terrorism- killing innocent victims. 

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes

The Saint James AK-47 grenade Church massacre was a massacre perpetrated on St James Anglican Church in Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa, on 25 July 1993 by four members of the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA). Eleven members of the congregation were killed and 58 wounded. In 1998 the black terrorists  were granted amnesty for their acts by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission..
The attack occurred during the Sunday evening service. Sichumiso Nonxuba, Bassie Mkhumbuzi, Gcinikhaya Makoma and Tobela Mlambisa approached the church, a congregation of the Church of England in South Africa, in a vehicle stolen by Mlambisa and Makoma beforehand. Nonxuba, who commanded the unit, and Makoma entered the church armed with M26 hand grenades and R4 assault rifles.They threw the grenades and then opened fire on the congregation, killing 11 and wounding.
Today these terrorists are in uniform and are soldiers wearing medals for their deeds of heroism. This is another example of many in their the “war” for “liberation” they brag about and base their false allegations of “rights” onto- a dastardly senseless “war” against innocent civilians, women and children. 

Where is the EFF- and especially their pikkanin hell raiser Julius Malema’s  birth right or ancestral right to claim that even he has any right to claim that any part of South Africa belongs to him? He has no ancestral record that his ancestors fought or owned any part of South Africa. He is yet another “Skorokko” paid by the British thugs to destroy our country. Where does the BLF- a rag tag hooligan band of thugs scraped together only yesterday and their Tsotsi leader Andile Mngxitama get any right to claim any part of South Africa for them or challenge the authenticity of the Boer/Afrikaner to his right of land? Where is Mngxitama’s PROOF that his ancestors even were South Africans at all- and on what historical facts does he base his senseless allegations and threats? What did the ancestors of Ramaphosa, Malema and Mngxitama do or in which battle did they fight, where is the cart and transport that they purchase any land- or where is any historical proof that a Ramaphosa, Malema,Miamane or Mngxitama’s name even appear in any historical event to substantiate their claim that  the white Boer/Afrikaner “stole” their land? The answer is NOTHING and NOWHERE! Everything these political criminals and con-artists are telling you about the land issue are based on lies, assumptions and brutal political fabrications  without any factual historical proof or reference to back it up. Bring the evidence before you start making preposterous claims that “whites stole” your land.


Here is the Boer/Afrikaners’ WRITTEN proof (kart and transport) between Dingaan and Retief that the Voortrekkers  had negotiated and paid for evidence that land was not “stolen” from any black- but rightfully belong to them. Similar agreements were signed between the Voortrekkers and many black chiefs.  This also debunks the ANC/EFF/BLF false claims that whites “stole” their land. This bar the fact that the Voortrekkers was in the Cape Province LONG before the Nguni tribes were visible there. Ramaphosa’s false claim that Bloodriver was the start of “white oppression “ against blacks. Can the ANC,EFF and BLF now please produce their evidence that they own any part of South Africa too? Sadly they cannot- all they can produce is a load of  political unsupported bullsh*t they keep feeding  the populace. 


Image result for Convention of Pretoria was signed on April 5, 1881,

SECOND TITLE DEED OF OWNERSHIP OF LAND IN SOUTH AFRICA FOR THE BOERS/AFRIKANERS :Britain concludes Treaty of Pretoria with Boers, recognizing independence of the ZAR. The Transvaal Triumvirate and a British Royal Commission only signed the Convention of Pretoria, which re-instituted the independence of the ZAR, on 3 August 1881. The independent states of Transvaal and Orange Free State for the Boers was born. Now can any black man please come forward and produce any credible document/ownership bar his skin color  that his ancestors own any part- or claim any independent state in South Africa? Where- except for thumb-sucking- does Ramaphosa, Malema, Miamane, Malema, Mngxitama and the rest of the “you stole our land” get their facts from? 

Image result for Convention of Pretoria was signed on April 5, 1881,

Pretoria was  build by the BOERS–  Founded in 1855 by Marthinus Pretorius, a leader of the Voortrekkers, who named it after his father Andries Pretorius and chose a spot on the banks of the “Apies rivier” (Afrikaans for “Monkeys river”) to be the new capital of the South African Republic (ZAR). Where the hell was the ANC’s Mr. black TSWANE during this time???


Image result for who started johannesburg

George Harrison is today credited as the man who discovered an outcrop of the Main Reef of gold on the farm Langlaagte in February 1886. On 12 May 1886 Harrison and his partner, George Walker, entered into a prospecting agreement with the owner of Langlaagte, one G.C. Oosthuizen. Where was the ANC’s black “you stole our land” activists then? Why did a black man not start either Pretoria or Johannesburg?

Image result for durban 1870


DURBAN was founded by merchants from the Cape Colony under the leadership of Henry Francis Fynn, who had reached a contractual agreement with the mighty Zulu King Shaka authorizing them to establish a trading station. In 1835 the town was named Durban after the Cape Governor of the time, Sir Benjamin D’Urban. So…whites did not “steal” any land- it was BARGAINED for with the Zulu king here. 

Image result for who started pietersburg

The Voortrekkers founded a new town in 1886 and named it “Pietersburg” in honour of Voortrekker leader Petrus Jacobus Joubert. Still- we do not pick up a scent of a black man named Malema, Ramaphosa, Mngxitama or any black that started any town during those years as yet? Why? Where does the “you stole our land” non-sense now come in? 

Facts is that blacks were starving and came to the white man’s city to work and earn a decent living. If blacks were so “prosperous” that whites had to steal their livestock as the ANC’s warped school history curriculum teaches children nowadays- surely then blacks should have constructed towns and cities already when the whites arrived- and the whites the ones starving and came and work for the blacks then- not true? Why is there even today millions of black squatter camps around white constructed cities- and no white squatter camps around black constructed cities then? Simply today-after 400 years– blacks as yet have not constructed even a town on their own without the help and technology of the white man  and secondly- blacks still do what their ancestors did hundreds of years ago…they come to  the white man to beg for a job PERIOD! If you reason otherwise- bring the proof of ONE black city developed and build solely on black invention and power alone without the intervention of the white man!

As we clearly can see– NO black man constructed anything past the height of a mud hut when the white man arrived in South Africa. There were no title deeds as no black tribe settled in one specific area or had the knowledge or ability to create a title deed system at all. Worse even- they did not even have the means or knowledge to record their own historical tribal movements and achievements. So how can they ever lay claim on something they do not even know the historical origins of? Blacks never “owned” any land- but mostly were nomads fleeing black tribal  wars in North Africa. So they were “colonialists” themselves. South Africa at that time belonged to NO – one- bar to God himself.  It was an empty country. The white people did not find any modern infrastructure, transport system, post office facilities or economic infrastructure when they arrived in South Africa. Blacks did not discover gold, diamonds, coal or uranium simply because they had no value to it. The white man came and added value to those precious metals and resources.

What the black man learned about all these Western achievements- he learned from the white man. The white man brought modern civilization and it’s abundance of technology to South Africa- something the black man is very happy about using to his own benefit- but through himself never invented anything better than that mud hut.   Even today all the Ramaphosas, Malemas. Mngxitamas , Zumas and God knows who else still are living off the spoils the white man brought to him and constructed for him. Now all of a sudden the white man “stole” his land. This land South Africa NEVER was the black man’s in the first instance- and never will be. 

BUT the political criminals today play the “Holocaust” game: Playing the “victim” gives you the “right ” for COMPENSATION. Now they bring out a 400 year old 1652 incident to “justify” their land grabs. NONE of the ANC rats even belongs to South Africa. So- shall the Boers also now demand compensation from the British who massacred their women and children in concentration camps? Shall the white farmers also demand compensation for the massacre of their people too? Rightly so they should. That is what these communist usurpers do.

Related image

Will the British also now compensate the Boers for mass-murdering their women and children in concentration camps too?



Image result for voortrekker traktaat swart leiers

Black savages attacks white farms (like they still do today) along the Eastern borders of the Cape Colony

If Ramaphosa and Malema et al again whines about how the white “massacred” the poor blacks- please remember that more blacks were murdered by blacks like the ANC, Tsjaka’s Mfekane and Dingane themselves than blacks being murdered by whites. Please remember that it was because of black-on-black tribal wars that these blacks of South Africa migrated down South in the first place. That age old wars/feuds  were evident in the eighties when the Zulu and Xhosa tribes fought a bitter battle in the so-called “hostel-wars.” Please also remember how black savages murdered whites at Blaauwkranz and Moorddrift. Please remember how black savages already murdered more than 4000 white farmers and their families in South Africa before your start feeling any “sympathy” for these political hooligans’ fake propaganda.

The Capture of South Africa by political and corporate thugs

The period before 1994 was bludgeoned with sabotage, violence, terrorism and destruction.  Even before 1950.   There were frequently ” state of emergencies” during some stages. Black on black violence was caused by themselves, just like today.   Whites were not there, but the Mfecane wars were no different – same tribal fights against each other. Despite this, the devious National Party Afrikaner Broederbond arranged secret meetings in 1982 in America with the same communists that sabotaged services,  power networks have been destroyed and bombs planted everywhere, even in churches. Lives were destroyed and people were killed.   During the Quatro camps it was black on black who tortured and murdered each other – just as our farmers are tortured and murdered today.


From 1986, Van Zyl Slabbert followed the same route as the Broederbond,  mysterious meetings held with Soros and Slovo.   Both with no intention to enlighten  the conservatives or other citizens in South Africa.  Then the so-called “referendum”  followed. A few years later, Lord Robin Renwick (FW DE Klerk, Malema and Mmusi Miamane’s handler) wrote a book how to take over a country. What they could not destroy before 1994 is certainly done after 1994 with manipulation, crime, corruption and killings.  And also “racism ” and discrimination legislation against the whites in South Africa.     A road of communism and destruction – Bolshevism.  Thanks to all the support of communist and liberal whites in SA, liberal governments, BRICS countries and organizations overseas to allow those who are in power now to embark on their sabotage, theft, murders and terrorist acts.


how to steal a country

Just as it is no new secret that “homelands” have been transformed into separate trust areas, just like elsewhere in Africa, where the same pattern was followed. The outside world must think that segregation /Apartheid (separate areas) has been done away with. Before 1961 it was called black reserves – and every time it was blacks who had chosen it themselves and also had the right to vote, they then had the right to vote, they even had voting power in their own homelands. They had their own flags and folk songs. Whites have not deprived them of anything. It’s been so since 1840, the policy was adopted in 1854 – called the “Shepstone Policy.” Today jobs are being advertised that BRICS countries’ unemployed people may also apply here in South Africa – but NO whites are allowed to apply.

How many times are all services at Eskom, Denel and municipalities not sabotaged? What about all the bankrupt municipalities that have been emptied. The banks and the Guptas? The sewage and polluted water is also nothing but subversive sabotage. Who is behind the daily violent riots and EFF destruction of shops and malls? Who had to make sure it didn’t happen? It is direct  sabotage if you earn money and don’t do your job. Or who hijack vehicles and banks (VBS) – who is being prosecuted and where are murderers prosecuted? What about those who assault, kill and prevent farmers from producing food? There are many hired saboteurs and terrorists walking past us daily. Everyone is being hurt sometime in some way, because as soon as people have recorded injuries, insurance is used to make payments or replacements. Crime is rewarding -a penalty of 15% VAT is applied for everything- and that penalty goes straight to the pockets of the government.   Blacks still sing while businesses are first looted – and then burned down.  How many of these vagrants looting torching businesses are illegal aliens? 

In this video by ‘Loving Life’ we see how the Natal Spa in Vryheid, KZN was attacked. Guests had to be evacuated to safe zones after 100’s of weapon wielding black thugs  descended on this popular holiday resort on 21 December 2018. The venue was destroyed as widows, door, fridges etc. were smashed by machete  and knobkerrie wielding terrorists. The terrorists demanded that staff abandon their duties or they would be killed. A SAPS spokesperson said that the group started gathering at 04:00. Welcome to Ramaphosa’s  South Africa!

These political and corporate thugs  are not the “innocent victims” they want you to believe they are. They are wolves in sheep clothing. This whole “you stole our land” is a corporate Jew-driven agenda to disown all white Boers/Afrikaners and start plundering the mineral resources on their farms- as well as totally alienating the white Boer/Afrikaner from his right to self determination and property in a country his ancestors fought and died for.


Peter Hudson- Another Marxist liberal Jew boy at WITS University and main instigator behind the BLF- currently busy giving Marxist propaganda lectures and spreading malicious ideologies to receptive black minds such as:

 The State and the Colonial Unconscious

 Colonialism, Liberal Democracy and National Democracy

The Breast – Value of National Democracy

 Subject and Structure in Fanon

-also offering Marxist  graduate courses in the area of post-Marxist theory and his most recent major research publication is “The Concept of the Subject in Laclau,” Politikon (2006). As we again see- behind all the trouble and chaos in South Africa, behind the riots and farm murders, behind the destruction and white genocide you must just scratch a bit- you surely will find the Jew. 

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It all forms part of a global destruction agenda of South Africa.  BUT playing the “victim” is a BIG money-spinner as well….just ask the Jews! Just blame it on the white Afrikaner. Now these Nguni thieves simply want the WHOLE of South Africa as “compensation” for something that never happened. Just guess “who” taught them some ” Holocaust” lessons? Go figure!


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The British committed the worst heinous human rights crimes against South Africans…black and white– yet the ANC and it’s cronies keep on blaming the Boer/Afrikaner while they still receive millions of pounds from this same British who slaughtered white and black people during the British invasion instigated by Cecil John Rhodes. Now you know who is paying the ANC to exterminate the white Boer/Afrikaner. 


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ALSO– Who the hell gave Theresa May and the Jew-controlled IMF the right to “endorse”  land theft by the communist oppressors to take white Boer/Afrikaner land away? May herself is a European Union bitch that even f*ck her own people for mere Jew scraps that fall off the EU table. The British is the worst human rights abusers in all history. They pillage and plundered many sovereign countries to build the riches of that dastardly island of theirs. May must please rather shut her big trap.

Where does the racist Ramaphosa get the right to give away land belonging to the Boer/Afrikaner? He himself came from  an alien  Ugandan blood-line descendant and has NO right to even open his filthy mouth against the Boer/Afrikaner nation- yet he lie to the world and claim Bloodriver was the start of the “black oppression”  by the Boers. Ramaphosa is nothing but a stuffed pet thug of the Oppenheimersthemselves thieves and plunderers of our country’s diamonds and gold.


Spreading the lie: 

Malema goes berserk, says Whites stole the land and formulated laws to protect the Theft

“Radical leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF Julius Malema has expressed disappointment that the country was still applying colonial laws to prosecute people.According to him, looking back on the timeline on how they stole and formulated laws to protect ownership of the property stolen from us, some of these laws are still in place and we are being taken to court to explain why its unlawful to keep land in white hands only when all they did was kill and grab then later formulated a way of legitimizing their theft. The struggle has always been about land, because  without land our people remain visitors In their own country, even world war 1 and 2 were about LAND, because through land comes the economy and power coupled with dignity. Our forefathers did not “fight the apartheid system ” sacrificing their lives for a right to vote.”

Spreading the lie:

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Spreading war propaganda..


-Then at last the truth:

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If Ramaphosa and his EFF and BLF gangsters recon they can simply change a sentence in the constitution, changing Boer commemoration days like 16 December , fart out a law-or-two – or wiping out the Boer history  from the school books will now give them  the “right” to send in their useless police or rag-tag AIDS-riddled army to intimidate the Boers/Afrikaners to simply “hand over ” their ancestral land they have something coming their way- and that goes for that two-faced treacherous maggots in AGRI-SA as well. The Boer/Afrikaner will not allow thugs such as George Soros, Ramaphosa, Malema or any alien bastard thug or white Broederbond traitor to touch their land- least simply “hand it over”  and “disappear into the night.”

The violation of Human Rights. International Declaration of Human Rights states:

Article 17.

(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

South Africa has signed and ratified a number of similar Treaties. Expropriation – in particular if there is a racist angle – without compensation is illegal in international law. International Law is superior law – it takes precedence over national law. On December 10, 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For the first time in history, it was officially and globally stated that all human beings have the same fundamental rights, irrespective of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Today, there are 53 member states (South Africa is one of them) of the United Nations in Africa. Most of them have signed and ratified many of the core UN human rights treaties. These treaties and other international instruments allow everybody to claim her or his human rights!


Witch hunts on white farmers by the regime’s Stassi Police: 4 White farmers were arrested when they responded to a farm attack. Now the victims are turned into the “perpetrators”– and the criminals turned into “victims.” This all accumulates to the slow genocide of white Boers/Afrikaners and white farmers in particular. Incidents like this are noted and will come back to haunt the ANC regime very soon.


BUT as we know by now the ANC is a rogue terrorist regime who never denounced violence as a means of reaching  their objective since 1994- a vagrant group of political rebel thugs  who barely pay attention to international laws, defy international human rights legislation – and ignore  public opinion.They have turned South Africa into a cauldron of crime, Nigerian drug hole,  hooliganism, lawlessness, mass murder and genocide. And with them is the vile media- keeping very silent about the real genocide South African situation. Under former President Jacob Zuma, negotiations regarding our country’s leadership and SOEs were mostly done behind closed doors and eventually, our country was ‘sold’ to the Guptas. Could it be that we are heading in the same direction with China, under  Cyril Ramaphosa?

A mere week ago  the Expropriation Act is silently promulgated by the ANC  into the government gazette just before Christmas after the green light is given . No media attention- no public warning. What is advertised is the “law” but it is still being asked for “commentaries” and promoted that it is a “draft” – not that the current ANC conspirators  has paid any attention to the hundreds of thousands of others who have already objected to the same legislation to change the constitution unilaterally. This changing of the constitution is about to cause a civil war. So many people will suffer, not only whites. These are crimes against humanity. The corrupt South African Government will answer for the crimes to the world.

Now, once again, data has to be purchased from all the cellphone companies and online newspapers, comments are resubmitted and the same process is followed as the previous year’s year. The public  ATM money making machine is producing more income for the fat cats again.  BUT to divert attention away from this creeping danger and keep dumb naive and passive Afrikaners’ attention focused elsewhere another bomb-shell scenario  or two cleverly and quickly were devised and blasted on the newspaper headlines and social sites: First they tried the Derek Hougaard/Karien Van Jaarsveld little childish domestic spat on the social sites. Ok..that did not invoke too much emotional  ruckus with the old Afrikaner dinosaurs. Secondly they blasted them with the “Zuma back into parliament” bullsh*t. That sort of slightly stir the Cretaceous animals a bit…but not enough. Then the tactic swayed- got a bit adjusted and “fine tuned”tweaked….and suddenly performer Chris  Chameleon hurriedly “performs experiments” about his real father..shocking the poor careless idol worshiping white Afrikaner aunties with their weak bladder syndromes to their core by hinting  Bles Bridges was his true “biological father.”  THAT surely ” touched a nerve. BINGO!!! “Immediately there were overwhelming reaction on the social sites from the half-dead Afrikaner demi-god female worshipers- and two camps of “past expiry date” old aunties responded  and start throwing each other with kitchen utensils  on Facebook – simply because the picture placed suggested  Bles and his family.

Everyone is angry with everyone over even more data is lost in the internet. Intentional “damage” – decide for yourself. Data wastage and a money making gimmick. Anything that is on FB and where responded to, even on Twitter, is unnecessary, stealing your data. Cellphone companies and FB. Isn’t it coincidental at the same time that the expropriation law was announced in the Government Gazette a train transporting coal to Richards Bay harbor  also happened to be sabotaged and derailed? False flag -style Modus Operandi to divert attention away from issues the regime do not want you to pay attention to?   Meanwhile, the bogus Chameleon saga is still raging….and the expropriation law is still running full-speed in the back-ground. 


IN this cartoon the South African cartoonist Zapiro nailed the situation under the illegal ANC regime 100%

Meanwhile the next Bloodriver conflict is creeping ever so closer. Blood then will again  have to determine the outcome of this land issue it seems – as it appear to be the only language the African despot understands- and the Boer /Afrikaner is not afraid to repeat a history lesson to tin pot dictators the likes of  Ramaphosa, Malema et al again. The Battle of Bloodriver appear to be re-incarnated again as African despots do not seem to remember very well. Then again they don’t seem to care much for history as well.  As history repeats itself white Boers/Afrikaners  now again re-live the massacres of Blaauwkranz and Moordspruit. They are being taunted, heckled, challenged, threatened, demonized, mocked , disarmed, hunted, persecuted and murdered by the communist criminals in control.

The Battle of the second Bloodriver is creeping ever so closer- and when that battle  starts- political rubbish such as Ramaphosa, Malema and Mngxitama must please make sure they also are in the front lines of that battle- together with their big mouths to show their “people” they also will be willing to take the Boer/Afrikaner on- “toe-to-toe”, willing to put their actions where their big mouths are, willing to take a bullet like a true “revolutionary” that is not scared to die – and not hide like the cowards they are- behind their VIP guards, security forces and let their “people” do  all the dying.  For when that war starts – the Boers will come , hunt these genocidal perpetrators  and their white liberal treacherous conspirators and drag-queens down wherever they may hide-  drag them out behind their false wall of ” untouchable security” – to face a human rights tribunal as the accused in instigating a white genocide  and justice that fit their crimes whatever that implies afterwards.





Bloukrans and Moordspruit – The greatest nightmare in the history of South Africa. 16 February 1838