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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg    December 26   2018









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IT IS not surprising at all that even a far-leftist  New York Times has released an exposé on the infamous Gupta family and it’s alleged corruption . The article also linked the ANC to the family, saying that the party had been the main agent of corruption in the country .  DA leader Mmusi Maimane applauded the piece, saying he was hopeful local media would cover the ANC in a similar fashion .

The New York Times, a extreme leftist newspaper from the states has released an in-depth article on the exploits of the notorious Gupta family. Although the piece focuses largely on the family and its alleged corruption, it also dealt some brutal blows to the African National Congress Party (ANC). The NY Times accuses the ruling party of being the ‘main agent’ of corruption in South Africa. It details how the party pocketed billions of rands meant to help the poverty-stricken and vulnerable in the country whilst crippling government agencies.

The American Newspaper drew similarities between the ruling party and the mafia, claiming that the ANC assassinated fellow members in a bid to conceal the corruption as well as the publication thereof. The ‘new leaders’ who have promised a ‘new dawn’ for the nation after ex-president Jacob Zuma’s resignation has also not been spared from the articles disdain. The paper claimed that SA’s leaders have ‘pocketed money meant for basic services, like schools’.

Democratic Alliance leader and presidential hopeful Mmusi Maimane tweeted that he had read the exposé and expressed his hope that local media would cover the ANC in the same way. He commented that the article had been a reminder of a system of corruption that the ANC has transformed into. Maimane also expressed his hope that arrests would soon be made to bring those who had captured the country to justice. (That would mean the whole ANC top structure we are afraid-Ed)

BUT the rot with the Guptas started with Mandela already. Mashela Koko, former acting CEO at Eskom has divided social media after posting old videos of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki praising the infamous Gupta brothers. Former president Thabo Mbeki had been speaking at the world premier of Gandhi My Father in 2007 which had been hosted by the Guptas in South Africa. Mbeki had claimed that the day had been the highlight of the year for him as he had met the mother of the Gupta sons. He had sung Mrs Guptas praise and expressed his honour at having met her. The former president went on to thank her for making the film possible.  Another video clip saw ex-president Nelson Mandela congratulating the Gupta family for the same film. Mandela said that the movie had shown a new perspective of Mahatma and wished the family the best success for their efforts.

WHAT the New York Times found will be old news to South Africans…..the ANC mafia mob is rotten past human imagination. They rule -or try- to rule their self proclaimed “hood” even worse than the old Chicago Mafia or Sicilian Mafia ran their organizations. At least those hoodlums made profits which they again invested in  more lucrative investments – which again generated more dividends. They were some of the best businessmen around town. Most of the American cities or big hubs such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York , Las Vegas , New Orleans, Philadelphia , Dallas and many more were under direct control of the Mafia- mayors, judiciary, security forces, businesses and about every level of vice operation included. Ventures such as the Pink Flamingo hotel, Grande Cheese, Del Chemical, the Stonewall Inn , the Margaret L, the world’s largest tuna fishing boat in the 1970s and many more belonged to the mob or was created by mob money.

In contrast this bunch of useless Robin Island convicts South Africa now sport as their so-called “government” waste all the money they steal or deal with. Every venture they try ends up in a financial disaster. Even their state-controlled SOE’s all are on the brink of total collapse. Whatever their sticky fingers touch become a total f*ck-up! Up to today- after 20 years of “struggling”–  there is not but ONE example of any business venture they started that actually become a viable lucrative and functional  productive corporation. No…WAIT- there are TWO sectors that one can mention that actually became  big businesses to such an extend that it forms the  mainstay of the ANC mobsters’  biggest source of income: CRIME and CORRUPTION! The ANC’s whole governing  organizational management systems  revolves around this two centrifugal axis. The only other progress this bunch made so far otherwise bar screwing up the economy- was working their fingers to the bone in transferring all South Africa’s assets into their overseas private bank accounts.

But then again must one take in consideration the difference in the levels of intelligence as well. There simply is no comparison between say Lucky Luciano and Cyril Ramaphosa – or between Al Capone and Jacob Zuma – or between Vito Ginovese and Thabo Mbeki– to mention only three comparisons. And then to mention is the one most single difference between the American/Sicilian mobs and the South African mob that set them apart is the fact that the American/Italian mobs actually capitalized on their extortion and criminal racketeering  corporate crimes by re-investing dividends into expanding their business dynasties. The South African mob on the contrary simply are too greedy- and either neglect their ventures, squander all the dividends, are too stupid or lazy to control their vice operations. They care less about  re-investing into expansion- and simply appoint incompetent arrogant AA and BEEE idiots to run their illegal state-owned  vice operations.

To name ONE such example of pure mob-corruption pour excellance one have not to look much further than the “Teflon Don “ himself….Jacob Zuma. This slick bugger has been slipping through the state prosecution radar for almost 15 years now- and still the old fossil walks free. How come he is still free and not as yet been taken out points to the fact that the mob is protecting it’s own as he cunningly involved most of the mob into his scams. Should his arse be “iced” like Moklaba, Modise and the rest of the unlucky ones- many mobsters fear their own arses will be next. Zuma have a tight grip on many black balls by means of blackmail– and trust you me there are many bags of sour beans that will be spilled to the media by certain “anonymous”  lawyers , whistle blowers and family members should the old bugger suddenly “expire” due to a “mysterious” demise. So the safest bet for the gangsters is to keep the tyrant alive and well – praying for the time that even God had enough of the mobster –  and remove the piece of devil spawn Himself. 

Sporting 783 corruption charges, 2 rape charges and umpteen human rights abuse charges linked to his involvement in the Quatro Camp killings he not only side-slipped the prosecution hunters- but scarcely being “wrist-slapped” and “ suspended” from active presidential duty by the corrupt mob- the old bandit is fast on his way back into parliament and politics ( and more plundering)  by the look of it. The mob voted the old gangster back on their list as parliament nominees for 2019. A lot of bullsh*t “board of inquiries” and “ investigations” by the NPA was launched at the tax payers cost- but the best the useless unproductive prosecuting attorney general could do is slap a  7.8 million spent on installing non-security features at his Nkandla homestead in rural KwaZulu-Natal – seven years after renovations first started.on his tab. This after it was found the old bugger actually stole  R246-million through inflated pricing.  instructing him to pay back the R8.5-million the corrupt VBS bank lended him. The high court in Pretoria (Thank God) has dismissed  Jacob Zuma’s bid to appeal a costs order of appr. R 10 million made against him in his personal capacity when he went to court to review former public protector Thuli Madonsela’sState of Capture’ report.

But there are bags full of dirty laundry in that old fossils bag, too much to even mention here. That includes the 783 corruption charges for his part in the 1999 ($5bn; £3bn in 1999) arms deal- a large-scale bribery and corruption scandal currently under investigation by a top-level commission and if  proven true, it will be the biggest corruption scandal in the country’s history, with millions of rands of public money lost to bribery and other irregularities by ANC mobsters. The charges have been challenged, dropped, changed, challenged again and reinstated over so many years, by so many different lawyers, judges and prosecutors, that they now carry about them a cobwebbed, Dickensian, aura of legend. The charges that will not die. But Zuma uses his blackmail with perfection to stay out of jail and in the gold rush.

Then there is his involvement  in the 2015 Oil scandal with his co-conspirator Tina Joemat Petersen– where they illegally sold 10 million barrels of crude oil at a mere $ 28 a barrel. Also there is the “secret” Nuclear deal with the Russians where Zuma had placed pressure on the then minister of finance Nhlanhla Nene to finalize the financial aspects of an apparent secret nuclear deal that would have had profound material consequences for South Africa for decades to come. Again the sneaky Joemat Petersen also was involved.

Then came another Zuma “banger”  come to a head in 2005, when a court found Durban racketeer businessman Schabir Shaik guilty of soliciting bribes from a French arms company “for the benefit of Zuma”. The Supreme Court of Appeal concluded that “all the accused companies were used at one time or another to pay sums of money to Jacob Zuma in contravention of… the Corruption Act”. Shaik was sentenced to 15 years in prison (after which Zuma helped him getting oparole on “medical grounds” ) -and South Africa waited as prosecutors built up a seemingly formidable case against Zuma. But the trial never came.

Zuma has been accused of benefiting from dirty tricks – the timely leak, for instance, of mysterious wiretap recordings of senior officials discussing the case led to it being dropped just days before he was due to become president. Once in power, he was criticized repeatedly for appearing to stack the criminal justice system with loyalists, allegedly in order to keep the “Zombie” case at bay. “That’s how Zuma operates. He has manipulated government institutions. Look [at] the National Prosecuting Authority,” says Bantu Holomisa.

In April 2013, a chartered Airbus A330 carrying 200 civilians touched down at the Waterkloof high security air force airbase south of Pretoria to an unusually extravagant VIP reception. The plane was carrying guests from India to a lavish wedding at the Sun City resort. The host family’s name was Gupta. Officials rolled out a red carpet and provided a huge police escort. They later told the media that they believed they were acting on instructions from, or anticipating the wishes of, the Guptas’ close friend “Number 1” – better known as Jacob Zuma. The Gupta and the so-called “state capture” era began. Factually the REAL “state capture” began in 1991 already when the Jew,NP and ANC conspirators first gathered for the CODESA eye-blinder.

From on 1994 since the “state capture” of the African National Congress the country’s rich vault were opened and plundered beyond any financial comprehension. The greedy claws of the ANC financial hungry predators simply knew no limitations. Being in control of the state funds, treasury and tender departments- it became a “free for all” to ANC-connected hoodlums, family and friends. In true mob-style and under the watchful eyes of the “Cappa di Tutti(Zuma) -each and every big shot ” lieutenant” (NEC members) immediately and hastily set up new companies, put close confidantes in charge- and the tender pillage began. Greedy claws start to dig deep into the treasury vault – and in typical Mafia tradition- strange and notorious “partners” soon joined up with the local mob to share in the new found loot. It was then out of this murky waters that “big fish” such as Jacob Zuma, Tina Joemat Petersen, Thabo Mbeki, Pneul Maduna, Jackie Selebi, Shabir Shaik, the Guptas and many more notorious criminal mobsters appeared on the surface.

It did not take very long for the country to start showing signs of a very dangerous chronic ANC disease that was busy eating away it’s vital organs. Controlling and governing the country was the least of the Mob’s intentions. Getting rich – and getting rich very fast was their first and foremost priority. Overnight new black communist-tied ” elite” such as Patrice Motsepe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma, Sipho Nkosi, Phuthuma Nhleko, Vincent Mntambo , Leonard Sowazi and many others  rose  to the occasion. The “Inner Circle” was quickly established that would from there-on dictate the size of the canyon between the “rich elite” and the “poor beggars“- those that live in splendor in Bishops Court and dine on Sushi from the bellies of  floosies..…and those that struggle to survive in Bishops Lavis eating scraps from dustbins.

Image result for kenny eating sushi from white lady belly

The mob’s core center was set in stone. Now it was all about getting “down to business” – the allocation of shares, dividing the “hood” into manageable sectors…appointment of all the “captains”(MEC’s)  in various regions (municipalities) and corporals (CEO’s, militia commanders and union bosses) into handling the SOE’s for money-laundering purposes, operations in illegal gun running, illicit contraband operations with Columbia, violent riots in the streets and businesses, farm murder operations for the coming “land expropriation” agenda- persecution of the white minority to install fear – and start digging into the pot of gold. The feast has begun. 


TO sit down and even try to calculate the amount of money the Mob wasted, squandered, spent, laundered and stole will be a task for exceptional patient, thorough and dedicated bookkeepers prepared to do a precise audit which if worked around the clock- may take a full two years of scrutinizing. And then they only would have managed to scrape the surface  of this 10 thousand fathom deep ANC-mob  corruption trench. The mob is rotten from the top to the bottom. Thy have managed to infect every piece, every bit and every part of the state organs with their deadly cancerous plundering tumor. The last- not even reliable- figure stands on R 700 Billion. (this that could be traced.) But there are much more such as private deals, back-door deals, clandestine deals, illegal deals , secret deals and down-right criminal deals NOT accounted for.

And the plundering still  proceeds full steam today. The thousands being stolen by the Mob Inc. quickly escalated into millions- and now running into billions. While a dumbstruck naive and totally idiotic impoverished squatter population just looks on – the “top mob” are still busy looting the Treasury, state pension fund, Road Accident fund, PETROSA, Transnet pension fund and tender funds. Most recently a few more mob-related thievery came to light such as:

  1. The SAA officially went bankrupt due to massive fraud and thievery
  2. The SABC was caught spending recklessly and completely collapsed financially
  3. The South African Intelligence bozos robbed the state coffers blind out of R 1 Billion
  4. The Amersfoort Police arrested the  ANC Chief Whip in connection with corruption
  5. Due to corruption the South African Revenue Service is in a disarray
  6. ESKOM is in deep financial trouble due to wide-spread corruption running into billions
  7. PRASA in financial cesspool due to robbing billions  from the tax payer
  8. SABC boss Motsoeneng was illegally paid a R11,5-million “success” bonus.
  9. The mob paid out R 5.2 million to their suspended cronies while their cronies sat at HOME!
  10. 14 000 ANC mobsters doing brisk business with the state tenders
  11. The SAA wasted R 5 billion in ONE month
  12. Old Ramkraal prison: Another R 120 million ANC f*ck-up.



Need we say more?


The corruption filtered through all sectors of the state organs.

Life is good for the mob and their hoodlums- even their chums in squatter camps are having a good life!


AND so the plundering goes on no-one ever get caught and get sent to jail for extortion, theft, money laundering or corruption like we ” commoners” do. The mob looks after their own- they have their own “Cosa Nostra“- their “own little thing”–  and every-time the tax payer are loaded with extra taxes to stay poor and carry the burden of the mob’s erratic malicious behavior. When caught out or their devious corruption being stumbled upon…they simply start their by now well known delay tactics with one-after-the-other “inquest”- let it drag on for years- and the culprit/s meanwhile maybe  get “suspended” (with full pay like Nkosazana Zuma , Robert McBride , Bheki Cele, Riya Phayega, Jackie Celebi  and Tom Moya– just to get “re-appointed” into another lucrative position a few years later or live out their lives in accumulated dirty money. The mob operations must go on.

While the populace are kept transfixed on the two useless clowns Malema and Mngxitama’s psychopathic theatricals, while the focus are kept on the violent union riots , the witch hunting of those white “racists” , while the media monkeys are having a field day reporting all kinds of propaganda bullsh*t and the “land expropriation” false flag operation keeps the useful idiots busy fighting for their dear lives to retain their properties –  the mob blissfully proceed to rob the coffers empty and sell the country out to the Chinese in the background.Expropriation of Land without Compensation, land grabs, the effect on the economy, the escalating debt problems, an emerging sub economy, the Elections of 2019. The ANC mobsters can’t back out of their promise of expropriation as they are too deep into the process and a failure on their part to now deliver will cause a massive revolt from the masses in South Africa-  and should the process in fact continue the economy of the country will collapse leaving South Africa completely destroyed.

The mobsters realize they screwed-up….and screwed up badly. BUT taking in consideration the alternatives  left for them – screwing on further ( and steal as much as they can with the amount of time left for them) appear to be the best option. So now they keep on screwing up while one-after-the-other sleaze bucket top criminal silently “disappear” from the political lime-light to start packing  their bags for Dubai, Luxembourg, London or wherever wanted criminals run to hide and live off their stolen loot.

MOB  Assassinations:

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, hat, text and closeup

Seipati Lechoano’s body was found in her office basement parking at the Bram Fischer building in Bloemfontein .  Her hands and feet were tied, and the body was already in a discomposed state. THIS is how the communist ANC Mob in South Africa operates.If they encounter any resistance- they counteract in typical mob-style with deadly violence. And their hit-list is growing by the day. Prominent threads to their evil rule that has been “dealt with” the “permanent “ way are names such as Peter Mokaba, Joe Modise,   Nkululeko Gwala, -and the previous public prosecutor Thuli Madonsela also received her “warning call” from unknown mob hit men when her investigations ran a bit to deep for the mob’s liking.  Mob assassinations have become a regularized way of deciding on leadership and access to wealth within the ANC-mob  and its allies.  David Bruce published an extensive report on the 2014 election pointing to the subtle and complex ways in which the ANC-mob  intimidates its political rivals. In total 57 political assassinations have been executed by the mob. Not ONE perpetrator/killer/assassin  was even arrested! Yet they send white Boeremag members on a conspiracy theory to jail for 16 years alleging they tried to overthrow the Mob. Comes to show- the Mob rule South Africa with a deadly grip that will not tolerate any resistance to their stolen throne.


 BUT  they still have the arrogance to send you “reminders” to pay your taxes so they can still plunder a bit more. Not submitting your tax returns is a “felony” they say? How quaint indeed! The small thieves are reminded about their “felonies” while the big thieves are stealing the country into the ground. Yea– The black mob Czars make sure they keep the dumbstruck spectators busy in the South African Colosseum with all kinds of diversions , “racism” – and barbaric farm murder games. Very soon the games will come to an end- the Czars will disappear- and when the clueless majority ” rainbow” spectators eventually return home to empty shelves at last after 20 years of blood lust – they also will ask the same question other careless and ignorant blind spectators asked on 18 July 64 AD……What the f*ck happened to the white food supplier  and Rome??”