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Article compiled  by: White Nation correspondent Melbourne AUS      January 07 2019








” Orania- Oh the horror”


MANY people asked us to place an article about Orania– a white enclave nestled deep into the heart of the Karoo– far far away from the democratic chaos now loosely described as “South Africa.” Because of malicious liberal media propaganda and leftist envy this little island many a time are falsely accused of “racism.” But what is really going on in Orania that so much invoke the leftist paradigm shift?

Orania is an Afrikaner town in South Africa located along the Orange River in the Karoo region of the Northern Cape province. The town is split in two halves by the R369 road and lies halfway between Cape Town and Pretoria. The aim of the town is to create a stronghold for Afrikaans and the Afrikaner identity by keeping their language and culture alive. Anyone who defines themselves as an Afrikaner and identifies with Afrikaner ethnicity is welcome to live in Orania.

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Black and liberal critics accuse the town authorities of rejecting the failed “Rainbow Nation”  concept, and trying to recreate pre-democratic South Africa within an enclave,while residents contend the desire to preserve their linguistic and cultural heritage, and protect themselves from high crime levels is their motivation,and they are seeking the right to self-determination as provided by the Constitution of South Africa. The town’s relations with the South African government are non-confrontational, and although opposed to the aspirations of the community, it has recognized them as legitimate.

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Even Mandela traveled to Orania to meet the Afrikaner hero- Hendrik Verwoerds widow Betsie. The malicious British media willfully and wrongfully demonized Verwoerd as the “architect of Apartheid.” – all while segregation was first introduced into South Africa by the British colonizers themselves. Verwoerd had nothing to do with “apartheid” – but he was exploited as a convenient scape-goat for the Jew corporate wolves such as the Oppenheimer mob that wanted to start plundering South Africa’s mineral riches and banking sector. 

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Jacob Zuma met Carl Boshoff- who’s brainchild Orania is.

The small community has a radio station and its own currency, the Ora. The Diamond Fields Advertiser reported a population of 1,500 in July 2017.More than 100 businesses are located in Orania as of 2013. Due to its unusual nature, the town is often visited by journalists and documentary-makers- not all very friendly as some liberal instigators still try to label the community as “racist”– a narrative that regularly and commonly used by leftists to express their own jealousy and hatred.

According to its founders, the purpose of Orania is to create a town where the preservation of Afrikanerdom’s cultural heritage is strictly observed and Afrikaner selfwerksaamheid (“self reliance”) is an actual practice, not just an idea. All jobs, from management to manual labor, are filled only by Afrikaners; non-Afrikaner workers are not permitted to work unless they have skills no resident has. The idea is to propel white Afrikaners to again start being self independent and self supportive by own initiative. Newcomers often say their desire to escape the violent crime prevalent in the rest of the country motivated their decision to move to Orania,-  and many had been victims of crimes before,  while Orania residents claim the town is a secure environment and they have no need to lock their doors.

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In a barren semi-desert environment the Afrikaners created a beautiful oasis of self determination without the help or constrains of the troublesome ANC concocted regime.


Orania is a success story which in a mere 25 years developed into a micro corporate combustion chamber that drives the fast developing economy within it’s parameters beyond the expected belief of many critics. On a scale 0-10 the rapid expansion and economic success of this little community Afrikaners far excel this the ANC regime has achieved in their 20 years of plundering reign in South Africa. Up to today the ANC plunderers could not even name one recognizable achievement to speak of that deserves the laurels. In contrast did the community of Orania blossom in many remarkable achievements on micro cultural, economical, scientific,industrial  tertiary and socio – economical levels to such an extend that they are self sustainable, self reliant, independent and a trustworthy investment for any proposed investor- locally and abroad. The property market price index in Orania is market related and there is still plenty opportunities for development available.

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The Afrikaner– as with the Great Trek– again started their own micro economy and today already shows some signs of a healthy GDP inside a white enclave such as Orania.

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Pupils at the Volkskool Orania at that institution’s 2018 opening ceremony. They are separate from CVO Orania, using a computer based learning program.

There are still many critics- especially from the leftist and communist orientated political and media cabal such as the far-leftist ENCA reptilian media that sincerely want to see this beautiful achievement destroyed the same way  they have already destroyed the rest of South Africa. The story of Orania’s achievements compared to what the ANC and it’s “rampokker” cohorts have achieved in South Africa can in short only be described as  a story of competence vs incompetence. It is a story of pride and diligence vs  incautious decay. Life in Orania is the total opposite than life in South Africa- peace against chaos, construction against destruction, honesty against corruption, hard labor against union decay, job creation against job losses and so can we go on and on. There simply is no comparison. You will not find ONE burglar bar in front of a window or security fence around a house  in Orania– which again proofs there is very low or no crime at all. And it’s against this backdrop of harmony , success and productivity that most of the South African les miserables have a deep ungrounded jealousy and envy against the Afrikaner in Orania. Simply because they could not achieve what the white “minority” again has achieved. That understandably calls for some degree of jealousy and envy. And naturally because it’s a white enclave and a white enclave that factually leaves the black fat cat ANC and all their commi dreglords red in the face.


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In Orania whites do all the labor themselves- no black man is “exploited” by any white there.This way Orania see to it that whites also have a way of earning an income in contrast with the rest of South Africa’s racist laws that bans them from the job market.


Hoekom of Hoekom Nie ORANIA?Episode: 4-deel 2-" Die Rumors en Leuns"

Posted by Ramkat sê sy sê. on Sunday, January 20, 2019



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Relaxing after a hard day’s work….true Utopian- style.

But because the undeniable evidence is there that Orania debunked most of the liberal false propaganda and direct fake predictions– most of the leftist political and media scoundrels reverts to false accusations and baseless  “racist” slandering. It appears that the rest of South Africa simply cannot come to terms with the fact that a small determent white community  again are showing that the Jew-concocted “democracy” is a  destructive economical disaster that in the end- will result in an economic apocalypse and millions of starving blacks.  Amid this ocean of democratic turmoil, crime, corruption and a white genocide with deadly torrents of farm murders – Orania stands out as an island for white refugees.


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In a racist-motivated drive the communist ANC removed all evidence of Afrikaner nationalism- which duly now become symbols of an awakening of Afrikaner pride in Orania. 



How many blacks already had their own independent homelands such as Transkei, Ciskei, Kwa-Zulu Natal,Venda,  Swaziland and Lesotho- and all ended up in failed ventures now depending on Government hand-outs? The whole of the Eastern Cape belong to the Xhosa clan- and it also became unproductive , destitute-  and being take over by the Chinese. Most black-governed provinces are on the brink of bankruptcy, 90% of black-owned once white managed productive farms became derelict and unproductive, robbed bare of essential machinery and materials. Factually the whole of Africa is a tragic saga of failed ventures, riddled with corruption, wars and narcissist dictatorships of which Zimbabwe is the latest dismal failure of black politics. In 300 years neither the black or colored inhabitants achieved the same success these whites achieved in a mere short 20 years– although they also had many opportunities to proof to the world they are worthy their stay as productive societies.  But it appears the best they could achieve is thousands of squatter camps strewn across the South African landscape and near 15 million modern beggars in deprivation living off state grants.  The difference between them and these whites  is that the whites  are producers-and  not only “demanding” consumers like most of their South African counterparts. 


Here we have a small white enclave that defied all socialist odds – standing out as a beacon of white economical strategy and united co-operation for a common objective to survive between all that reside in that area. From nothing came new life in  a desolated desert-like  region, new horizons of cultivating the earth and uplift the social status quo of all residents  were  reached, new developments were introduced which led to job creation , new achievements conquered and the birth of a new dream that bears the marks of irrefutable  proof to the fact that a system of independence/ confederacy protects sovereignty – whereas  multi-culturism and democracies is a total social failure that in the end leads to a system of monocracy and/or   totalitarianism.  And THAT is the reason why so many liberal human failures of society are green with envy- who also want to see this little enclave destroyed to make their own miserable nonconformities  and the chaos they themselves created seem less  pathetic.

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The Afrikaner now live out it’s cultural heritage with traditional garb- without being subjected to a potpourri mix of foreign cultures- thus preserving their ancestral culture for their children in their own created environment.

South Africa today is no more a safe place especially if you are white. Many whites are caught up in a deadly trap of farm murders, financial impoverishment, high taxes  and political onslaughts. One somehow should reason that white farmers somehow must have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, sell their farms in the chaotic republic- and move to Orania to start a new farming community there where they are safe to do what they do best: Farming. This way will they not only protect themselves against the terrible onslaught against themselves- but also inject the much needed capital to strengthen places such as Orania to become a small economical and agricultural powerhouse in the midst of a general economic collapse South Africa is facing. This way farmers also will create much needed jobs for poor whites in Orania, help in the development of businesses and become another bread basket in times when many other businesses are collapsing around them and food security becomes an issue due to land theft policies and farm attacks.

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Clean and neat streets, no waste paper or beer bottles- a sign of respect , discipline and commitment linked to pride- something you don’t see often in the “new” South Africa anymore.

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Orania is the ultimate Utopia we only can dream of- a small peaceful paradise and place without any crime, hi-jacks, burglaries, politicians,  murder, corruption, genocide , riots, strikes and race hatred- in stark contradiction with the rest of the bogus “democratic” South Africa. 

BUT the irony is that somehow the white farmers and businessmen of South Africa rather would face one onslaught after the other- rather would run to pro-government lackeys such as AGRI-SA  for solutions- and rather would seek refuge in foreign countries than look a bit closer to home for the solution to all  their problems. Rather than uniting and pool their resources together in a farming and business environment where they are safe the white Afrikaner is still too much marinated with treacherous white scum that aligns with the oppressor and enemy of the white people, still are too polarized along political and religious lines- and still have not abandon their age-old monogamist culture of every rooster on his own heap.  Imagine only 1000 white farmers start their business in Orania, only 500 white businessmen take their business to Orania– what a powerful financial injection and economic hub – the  envy of many in a failed communist state – that little place would become. But because of leftist fake propaganda campaigns and stigmatization by  South African communist drag queens such as Malema and the poisonous leftist media many people still are caught up in their misplaced “horrifying” thought of supporting such a “racist” community.  They would rather open their businesses in “normal” South African areas where they get hi-jacked, robbed and their businesses plundered by union mobsters rather than moving their business to a safe environment like Orania  due to liberal propaganda and political misconceptions. Funny how the human mind operates? 


But then again -if we see a sudden boom in Orania we also would see the leftist jealous bastard children of the Annanuki gods focusing their radar on that new developing community out of sheer vindictiveness  and hatred because their own created “democratic” chaos and communist system failed them miserably while white towns such as Orania against all odds seem to prosper. Whites in South Africa simply are not allowed the rights to posses anything. There can be black townships, black economic forums, black organizations, black everything- just not white only towns. But that again underlines the fact that a much deeper agenda is on the cards- an agenda that already started millenniums ago in a war between the evil forces of reptilian darkness that sincerely want to exterminate the white Pleiadian races. Their ultimate fear for a white up-rise or even a military up-rise in such an enclave totally dominate even their racist  economic judgement. Whites only enclaves that prosper furthermore make the leftist “rainbow nation” advocates  and Marxist hobos such as the ANC,EFF and BLF look stupid  in the eyes of the world- especially as their faux “rainbow nation” is nothing less than a failed criminal hive full of detestable reptilian vultures.  God forbid if they ever discover diamonds in Orania– for  THAT would bring all the worst kind of plundering British , Chinese and American Jew  predators onto the little town.

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The daily face you see in the “New” South Africa- white farmers facing hordes of black farm invaders- something you do not see in Orania. It’s because of this “Mugabe-style” threat that white farmers re-locate and food security now dithers  on a dangerous edge of implosion.

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The new dawn of Ramaphosa’s “expropriated” South Africa- starving blacks.

Our advise to all those white farmers and business people that sincerely wants to break away from the evil dispensation of communist rule in South Africa- is to move your businesses to places like Orania– and help  stimulate a white-only economy and support and defend an independent white state instead of pouring your resources into a strange country’s coffers. That may be your last hope for survival in that God-forsaken country today. Also we implore white investors locally and from abroad to start thinking “out of the box” – abandon your pre-meditated misconceptious narratives as propagated by the leftist malicious media viruses- and start investing in white only enclaves like Orania where your businesses and investments at least are safe and administered in a healthy corporate environment without the fear of being  stolen or wasted by the radicalism, greed, racist and corruption of ANC thuggery. Orania’s webpage can be viewed HERE

Orania sports their

  • Own monetary system
  • Own Schools
  • Own growing economy
  • Own culture
  • Own business sector
  • Own food producing sector
  • Own agriculture
  • Own Job creation system that accommodates for all
  • Socio- economic structure
  • Acceptable GDP
  • Own reticulation systems
  • Free electricity

Orania is a place where there is no

  • Corruption
  • Crime
  • BEE to make certain corrupt black politicians  filthy rich and whites poor
  • Riots
  • Strikes
  • Dirty streets
  • Hobos in the streets
  • Lazy pestilences living off “grants”
  • Murders
  • Robberies
  • Hi-Jacks
  • Pedophiles
  • Child abductions
  • Rape  cases
  • Lawless black taxis on the road
  • Blood sucking black squatter camps
  • Unruly mobs burning tyres
  • Plundering of businesses
  • Union chaos
  • Dirty Politicians and
  • Plundering of the community’s coffers


We will conclude with an extract from Mike Smith’s review about why blacks in South Africa still struggles to come to terms with the fact as to why whites could create something from nothing – even in a semi-desert environment: 

”  The simple failure of blacks is first observed at personal hygiene. Then noticed in the abode where the person stays…then one has to ask the question: “If a person cannot even look after himself and his immediate environment…keep it clean at least…then how will he be able to run a farm or a small town?” Is it then not absurd to expect blacks to run a white, westernized and civilized country? Liberals believe that it is possible for blacks to do so. Just a bit more education, just a bit more mentoring and a bit more money, then blacks will be able to do it. Throwing money at a problem always seems to be the liberal’s favorite way of solving issues. What these liberals forget is that they are admitting the failures of blacks. They are admitting that blacks are incapable of uplifting themselves.

Blacks who constantly cry about “Colonialism” and “Apartheid ” that oppressed them, actually admits to the superiority of the whites, because if whites were not superior to blacks, they would not have been able to dominate them “For the last 350 years of Colonialism”. The only solution that blacks see is to undo this “350 years” of colonialism. By that it is meant that Whites should leave behind everything that they have built with no compensation, all their gadgets such as cars and air planes and those whites should leave the continent or be killed, but most of all that whites should take their mirrors with them. Blacks do not like to see themselves in it. Would that take the inferiority complex of blacks away? Certainly not. We live in a modern global world. Blacks will continue having contact with Whites and Orientals and will constantly be reminded of their own inferiority complex.

Somewhere along the line blacks are going to have to face reality and start to accept themselves and be honest with themselves…that a horse simply cannot climb a tree. Horses can do lots of other useful things, but climbing trees is not what they are good at. All the proof is there in the world: Haiti that has been independent for 200 years. Liberia which was never been colonized and never had Apartheid, and which has a constitution modeled on the American one, Ethiopia being independent for 4000 years and which has never been colonized or had Apartheid…are all failed states. Throughout Sub Saharan Africa you see the same thing, famine, civil war, disease, death, chaos…and blame shifting! ”  

There you have it. Soweto for instance is much older than Orania– and up to today Soweto cannot even show any advancement or the responsibility to pay their own electricity bills. In Orania there is no debt to no-one. The reason: All it’s citizens are responsible hard working people and the Jew are kept well out of the monetary system. If you think otherwise or still have issues about the whites looking after their own interests in Oraniayou either are a hippocrate, idiot, damn racist- or a white liberal. We still awaits the white liberals to show us the first black “Orania “-  and show us their success and achievements without the help of the white. 

Writes a black socialist Boytjie Mfanaboy of the Black Political Forum:


There is a place in the Northern Cape called Orania.  Many people in SA, especially black people, speak of Orania either resentfully or with derisive mirth. For those who dont know, Orania was established in 1991 by a group of white folks who wanted self-determination. Only white people live in this place, although people of other races are welcome to visit.

Those who have visited this place tell us that it is a source of wonderment seeing how well developed the place is, although it has been in existence for only 26 years. The economy is said to be sustainable and in general progress in the other aspects of life is amazing; paved streets, running water, state of the art recreational facilities, and a well -run “municipality” or Volkraad.

There are so many good things being told about this place except that it is a mini apartheid state. Now, dear, friends, I ask you to please ignore the racial policy of Orania and tell me what you think about the progress made by this “state” within suh a short a period.
Remember, Orania was started WITHOUT government assistance in the part of SA that was desolate and semi arid; the rugged Karoo.
But today Orania is green, ultra-modern and a source of admiration for those who understand human progress. What if a group (tribe) of black people were given a dry and barren land such as Orania was like in 1991, and were allowed to work it in 26 years? And maybe they call that place, Mzansia. In 26 years, how would Mzansia compare with Orania?”



White Nation