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Article compiled  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg       January 11 2019





RACISM– name that “terrible”  word- and you just have mentioned one of the cornerstones the South African society has build their total existence onto since 1994. And it’s not those “racist whites” that are responsible for this notorious honor- but factually the whole issue of racism is driven by three other more devious agents: The black (yes I dare mentioned black) politicians, the black (yes I again dared mentioning black) social mafia– and last but non least- the anti-white race baiting South African media. Ironically and unbelievable as it may sound are whites in South Africa  the  victims of this slanderous racist attacks- whether true or false! 

Racism has become one of the main sources of income in South Africa- believe it or not!  And the ANC government, predominantly non-white political parties, black groups , the Main Stream Media media and sectors of the black socialites apply what we refer to as “selective” racism to target only a small percentage  of people (whites) to either enhance or enrich their own standards. This obviously would make you a hippocrate- but in South Africa the morals of the locals already stooped so low since 1994- it now matches the country’s junk status on the same level. So who the hell cares about stupid things such as “morals” and etos in a country ravaged by political and common criminals anyway?

This now has been going on continuously for the past 25 years. It became a national culture to slander and blame especially white Afrikaners as alleged “racists.”  It has become one of the most lucrative ATM -like operations for a quick buck in South Africa. It became a convenient scape-goat if you need someone to blame for your own non-conformities. Selective anti-white racism can make you rich- just as crime in South Africa made lots of people very rich! Without “racism” political parties would not be able to gain cheap political points in their running up for the elections. Without racism the black social mafia will have nothing to gossip about- and no new fragmented radical groups would have seen the light- scoring a few bucks and sentiments along the way.

Without racism the South African media would stare financial implosion and possible retrenchments in the face-  as there would have been no more newsworthy articles to write about  in a country filled with “ innocent angels. ” Without racism no “previous disadvantaged” black would ever be able to receive land for free anymore- stolen from the white farmer by the ANC’s “expropriation” scandal. Without racism the poor Human Rights Court would not be able to function anymore….and a few more scandalous anti-white judiciary   Jack-the-Rippers would be without a job.  Without racism the pathetic white and colored pimps and traitors on Facebook and Twitter would have no extra government slush fund  income anymore.

Without racism the EFF and BLF would cease to exist. Without racism the ANC would not be able to score a few million dollars in donations from “sympathetic” liberal governments abroad. Without racism the writers of hundreds of new “hate speech, racist, etc” laws would be without a job. Without racism many a “wanna-be” politicians, reporters, judges and a few common “nobody’s” would not have made prominence in the media- and maybe score a lucrative job or position somewhere in some government failed SOE. Without Jan Van Riebeeck’s racism the ANC would long ago be exposed for the corrupt and utterly useless organization they actually are.

Without racism half of the unions would have no more riots to plan- and maybe loose a few members because the complacency of a union doing absolutely nothing would have been unbearable and unproductive. Without racism the ANC would have been replaced long ago by an actual functioning government. And worst of all- without “racism” many blacks would have become the racists! So as you can see- flinging accusations of racism against whites is a big money spinner- and also part of the South African daily black  and white liberal culture.

SUCH was the case once again where racism played such an important part in the daily lives of the otherwise very bored South Africans when schools opened up this year. Now the story goes like this:

A very up-to-date and extremely wake up black reporter- Naledi Shange ( that would be the honorable lady below) picked up a tab from God knows where (Luyolo Mphiti from the Democratic Alliance)  about a case of GROSS racism busy playing itself off in one of South Africa’s “democratic” primary schools in Sweitzer Reinecke in the North West Province.





Now as  we know our up-to-date media” guardians of morality “ Me. Shange did not hesitate to see any grass growing under her feet- and with the speed of white pheasant sh*t- she immediately opened up her magic box of media Kung-Fu…and let fly in the Times Live news site  about something some very evil ( a photo) a black social mafia member sent her about “ poor black Grade R children “ that was SEPERATED from the white kids….sitting all by their lonesome at a table in the corner. Those f*cken white racist teachers!!!!!

A picture of one of the grade R classes at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke seemingly depicting white learners seated separately from the black children.


CAN you ever believe your eyes- here we have brutal white segregation going on- and this among poor Gr R children!!

OMG….this picture– arrows an’ all- must have shocked the poor Me. Shange’s confidence in their otherwise Utopian “democracy” totally! Cyril…Cyril…Cyril..….Kwenzekani ezweni lakho wena?!   The mother of one of the black pupils in the photograph was contacted and spoke  to Me. Shange at TimesLIVE, “quashing”  earlier claims that the children had chosen their own seating positions. “When I got to the class before school in the morning, all the children’s names were already written on the desks they were supposed to sit at. The labels had been put on their tables and their aprons,” she said.  She also has accused the school of making excuses for their actions. “Members of Sadtu (the SA Democratic Teachers Union) went to the school and they gave us a report-back. They say the school says the children decided to sit that way, which is not true,” said the disgruntled parent.


As expected the EFF and SADTU had their usual fun and games going on outside the gates of the school.


And that was enough for Me. Shange to write an “in depth” report around this ostensible naked racism at the primary school – with a heading:  “Parents fume as black and white grade R children are ‘separated’ in North West classroom.”  She started her article with a mouth watering intro: “The mother of a grade R learner from Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke in the North West is fuming after a picture showed her child and three other black children sitting separately from the white children in their class. The picture was shared on the school’s WhatsApp group by the children’s class teacher.  “This was meant to be an exciting day for me but it’s not,” said the parent. and then added the picture this “disgruntled” parent sent her  of this dastardly deed . Me. Shange then politely asked the mother how she feel about this evil.  “But I am pissed off,” said the mother, who said she was not sure what further steps to take. Meanwhile, the picture has since gone “viral “ on the black cyber mafia.

A picture of one of the grade R classes at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke seemingly depicting white learners seated separately from the black children.

Job well done Me. Shange!!

SO- now here we have one bloody “stupid” teacher that send a picture of “naked racism” for all to see…knowing that somewhere “out there” will be a “disgruntled” black parent that would ignite the black social mafia into unplanned racial orgasms again..copy that? LONG story short all hell broke loose after her very comprehensive report hit the headlines. As expected that was about the smoking sock hitting the black hornets’ nest. Like bats out of hell and with the speed of lightning the EFF rat pack assembled, mobilized- and stormed the school…and together with parents- breaking down fences to “rescue “ the poor black kids.  Among those who barfed lots of “racist” air  was student activist Mcebo Dlamini.

What is most provoking about this image is not that black kids are ostracized from white kids, that is common in our supposedly post-apartheid Africa. Rather what becomes painful is that there are black people who still insist that racism has ended and who think that blacks and whites can have peaceful relations that do not have undertones of racism,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “This is impossible so long as white people have power, what therefore is needed is to change the existing power dynamics such that black people can have dignity. You can take your kids to the whitest schools in the country but so long as the black majority is poor, your kids will always be reminded that they are black and therefore inferior. Your money can’t buy you out of this anti-black world. It is only when the black collective is free that we can begin reclaiming our rightful place in our land of birth.” 

Well- it did not take the ANC ‘heavyweights” who also want a part of the lime-light cake to react to  this inhuman treatment of the poor black kids. The North West Premier – Job Mokgoro,– took immediate action...and guess what? THE WHITE SCHOOL TEACHER –ELANA BARKHUIZEN- WAS DISMISSED! (As can be expected) No investigation…no questions! Immediate dismissed. And to top it off did the parent control body chairman –Mr. Du Plessis – also throw the poor Me. Barkhuizen for the wolvesThe SA Teachers Union (SAOU)  now is demanding that the Schweizer-Reneke Primary School teacher at the center of the alleged racism row be reinstated immediately, saying labor laws were ignored in the heat of the moment.  “The suspension is nothing more than a transparent fig-leaf of political opportunism and abuse of power. We have already started processes to challenge the suspension,” said SAOU chief executive Chris Klopper.



Image may contain: one or more people and text

Image may contain: bird, outdoor and nature

. And it was not long after the ANC muscled in on this inhuman atrocity- the Democratic Alliance also wanted a piece of the lime-light and pis*ed their little squirt of unwelcome urine:


The “racist” show was on the road– and every anti-white Philemon, Japhta and Solly jumped onto the race wagon. THEN the truth hit the race-baiters’ fan……another picture- taken mere minutes after the first picture was sent- arrived….showing those “poor” black kids now sitting with other white kids and lo.there are white kids sitting in the corner where the black kids were! WTF! guessed it- it was a total irresponsible  race-f*ck up created by the fake reporting of Me. Shange and her cronies in the Sowetan, EWN News , Potchefstroom Herald and other race-baiting South African News outlets. Shame- Me. Shange must have realized her premature racist attacks on the school was without grounds – and wrote in an quick follow-up article: “ Several hours later, the parents received a different picture, showing two of the four black children now sitting at the long table with the other white children. Two white children had been moved to the table with the black children.That picture was sent after the principal told us they would ‘sort it out’. My child said after break another teacher came and moved them around,” said the parent, thinking the second teacher her child was referring to was actually the principal.”

BUT this also was a load of bullsh*t– as one black socialite points out in camera time-frames:



SO– now we had one helluva “shebang” going on just because Me. Shange- in typical SA fake News-style– stormed into a situation with her foot in her mouth- just to get a “scoop” about white “racism” again. Had she being wise- she would have called the school- inquire about the situation- and would have been told this is a normal “meet new friends” standard practice for first year students- and ostensibly small pre-school black children will associate with black children because they feel more comfortable being with their own race as there is no white playmates where they come from– and white children with white children at first due to associating with the same cultures at first. The school also would have told her that the children will eventually rotate to meet other kids as well. If she was wise she would have understand the situation and phoned the mother back- explaining to her the situation  in a calm and professional way. AND guess what- NOTHING would have happened after that!

BUT Because of her and her co-cronies in other media outlets’  over active imaginations , irresponsible hastily goof-ups and unprofessional bias racist narratives–  an innocent  teacher was dismissed and her image tarnished in front of the whole school. A principal was also unnecessarily lambasted and small children  that have no part in this dirty media politics had to suffer some trauma because grown-ups act like vindictive monkeys! NOW- we still want to see this same media-monkeys contacting the school- contacting the principal- contacting the teacher and in their personal capacity- apologize to these white people they wrongfully offended through their fake distribution of race-related misinformation. If they still have any moral ethics left in them (which very little reporters do have these days)– they will follow one of the parents example as pictured below:

Conty Rakgogo Lebepe
Follow · 23 hrs ·

Dear South Africans,

I am one of those who posted this kind of a picture depicting a racial mode yesterday; the story was on one sided scenario and it can divide our people unnecessarily.

I have decide to #APOLOGIES Unconditionally.”

BUT we expect these media monkeys will – true to their form- suddenly have attacks of Amnesia and Laryngitis. You will not hear ONE tweet from them. Neither will they be reprimanded by their editors, nor dismissed from their jobs like the white teacher was. This is the vile media in South Africa- this is the race baiting media correspondents in South Africa- a bunch of despicable harlots that finds solstice in promoting race division and hatred for their own selfish enrichment.And this is not the first time the South African media targeted and attacked white schools for their personal racist narratives – and acted like a bunch of half-baked racist idiots when sending out their fake race related instigations into the world. Where the hell does the South African media editors scrape these half-wit racist nincompoops out of? 

Shall the whites also now start to twist the truth and start a race slandering campaign against blacks such as this one below?


To me. Shange and the rest of this despicable anti-white news hogs: You really must grow up. It’s because of fake news such as yours that – on a daily basis- keep on slandering whites and deliberately instigate race tensions on your websites that this country will never advance past it’s “ junk” status. It is because it’s “junk” that is being employed by your editors, “junk” that is writing this type of  media articles and “junk”  who revels in  politicizing innocent incidents such as this. Your pre-meditated racist narratives are not welcome in this country. If you have a “score” to settle with whites- do not use your tabloid to advance your own personal racist ideologies. You deserve the scorn in the way you handled this innocent situation. You damaged other innocent  people’s lives that did you no harm. You are very selfish amateur gold-diggers and racist provocateurs. We are sick and tired of your anti-white narratives-depicting whites as the “racist” skunks of the country on a daily basis- but have no problems receiving your pay-cheques from that same whites.You are just as fake , Hippocrats – and loaded with double standards as your government. If I was that teacher I would sue the friggen pants of your and your co-media-cronies  back-sides for crimen injuria !!

To the ANC,EFF , student union and Mr. Mcebo Dlamini: You are nothing less than despicable political race biters and opportunists that would exploit any situation just for your own benefit. But then again – we are getting quite used to your racist attitudes  from public podiums and deep rooted hatred against white people. Daily you shout “war” and ” murder”you think you control the country through your brutal and down-right racist behavior? Your brutal anti-white sentiment is legio. You are the biggest racists in this country. But one day this same disgusting attitude will come back to bite you.

As for the  ANC per se with their bloody history of terrorism , assassinations, human rights abuses , intimidation tactics , kleptocracy,  murder, anarchy , deception and Marxist ideologies mingled with corruption of the highest order  that brought them to power and keep them in power – one can understand that they will have no issue venturing into dirty politics – even exploiting  innocent children–  just as long as their devious and despicable party stays in power.

As for the VBS looting EFF- we already knows that their “boss boy” is one of Robin Renwick’s  harem of political bitches – and get handsomely paid for being a secret agent recruited by the British Intelligence Service. So we fully understand that their evil masters in London’s elite establishment are the ones giving the instructions to terrorize white Afrikaner people in South Africa. So Julius and his sidekick Floyd became the white bosses’ bum brushes.

As for Mr. “Wannabe-but-never-gonna-be” Andile Mnxitama’s BLF: Mngxitama and his little band of reject terrorist hobos realize they will never be able  to compete in the “big league” of political criminality- now they revert to the normal somewhat boring “ATM” operations handbook-   and the first instructions to get a bit of the crumbs falling off the “bad boys” table and first step to notorious “stardom” is to start at the bottom of the ladder like all unimportant common political “junior” criminals- and start off by slandering whites. All political despots that did not make it in the “big league” the first time  started off this way- start f*cking and slandering whiteys. 

This is your cut-through EFF member- and they call themselves “democratic” and have the audacity to come and spit venom against a white school for alleged “racism??

"Going to a gas station to burn the whites" – UNBELIEVABLE!

"Going to a gas station to burn the whites" – UNBELIEVABLE!Russian TV is seeing what's happening in South Africa

Posted by South Africa in Trouble on Saturday, January 5, 2019

This is your cut-through BLF member- also playing the “democratic” South Africa game. This is your typical black racist– and they also want to barf some bad talk against whites for “racism?”

As for the black social mafia: We understand that it is your primary objective in life to be as miserable and as repugnant as vindictive racists  can be. You simply cannot live a day without having a bash at a whitey because most of you are brutal filthy racist bigots that have no other meaning in life bar making life as miserable for other as much as possible and sit there on your smart cell phones instigating race hatred and war talk. Because of your own inferior complexes and inability to excel above your very constrained mental abilities- slandering and accusing whites appear to fit you best if you can invoke any retaliation that would bring whites down and elevate your own miserable position in your pathetic  perforated circle of life.

This is a perfect example of the black social mafia racism……this is what’s going on on black social sites- yet the hippocrates of Facebook and Twitter never even give such filthy posts a second look- but prefer to rather attack white Facebook and Twitter users with their faux “community standards” bullsh*t!

THIS two clowns -Mr. Irvin Adams and wife Joy Adams (EFF supporters) – sits in New Zealand- barfing very much sh*t against whites on social sites on their site ” Busting the Myth of White Genocide in SA “  also using a  J van Reenen profile to confuse white socialites- continuously reporting the whites for “hate speech.”  If they don’t mock white people-, they preach hate .It must also be noted that some DA Abroad members like Francine Higham and Renette Booyens are participating members on this page .   Just like so many other Busting bigwigs like Adriana Johnson [ previously Adrian Fleur ] from London and Michael Ricketts from the Netherlands . The other main Busting people are Siham Grigiz and Sikhander Coopoo , they all have more than one profile . There are hundreds of other fake profiles participating in this page which has its aim to deny the slow war against especially white farmers . It is an international Antifa page ,

BUT these social dregs  are the perfect example to show the world that their bogus “democracy” is as fake and smut with anti-white racism  as their  own personal hate-filled perceptions against whites. Whites do them no harm- but like their fake media and their bogus black politicians they too are main instigators of race hatred that forever will keep South Africa divided among race lines. These criminals , their racist politicians and filthy media will be the responsible cretins that will start a race war- and somehow in their  minute minds they have this distorted idea that they also will win that war. They have not seen nothing yet- until that war they so much yearn for arrives at their  doorstep! More black people will die in such a war than white people.But as cowards go- this useless race-baiting bastards will make sure they are well out of the way of the flying bullets. Be careful what you wish for they say. 


Avigdor Eskin reaction on South African Jewish Board condoning Daniel Friedman’s “White Genocide” comedy.

Russian-Israeli conservative journalist and political activist Avigdor Eskin made a reaction video on the South African Jewish Board condoning Daniel Friedman’s “White Genocide” comedy. Original video:

Posted by De Petzer on Saturday, January 12, 2019



On a continuous basis this past 25 years especially white Afrikaners  have been singled out to bear the brunt of this evil regime’s vindictive hatred. White Afrikaners have been discriminated against from all directions in the worst form possible. Laws were manufactured to keep them out of the job market, laws have been manufactured to stop their language, laws have been manufactured to stop donations to their orphanages and impoverished squatter communities, laws have been manufactured to ban their national anthem, laws have been manufactured to ban their flag , laws have been manufactured to ban their history from schools, laws have been manufactured to remove all their historical statues from public places , laws have been manufactured to disarm them and so it simply goes on and on and on- a whole 119 of them! . Now another law is on the way to steal their property too.

When will this human rights abuses against the white Afrikaner community stop? When will this vicious attacks from the racist Main  Stream Media stop? When will racist politicians such as Zuma,Malema, Mngxitame be summonsed before the Human Rights Court too? When will the world at large open their blind eyes and see what the hell is going on in South Africa?  On a daily basis some reptile somewhere attacks white Afrikaners, whether from parliament, public podiums, in the media- or on social sites- but whites are permanently in the cross hairs of this bunch of reptiles. You cannot open a news-site or you read about another baseless racist attack on some white somewhere again coming from this “democratic” reptile’s nest. Gawd– they are so vindictive racist even a Dutch guy that lived 400 years ago now gets blamed for their muck-ups and incompetence. How friggen racist CAN you get? Apparently not racist enough for this bunch of vipers.




These cretins  never have something nice to say about the white- but they get their food from the white, use his technology, his medical science,  get paid by him, run to his countries as “refugees”, wear his designer clothes, use his money system, his alphabet, his transport, his banking system –  and even bleach their skins and purchase fake straight hair to look like the whites…but they hate and slander whites on a daily basis and spare them no rights in their own country? What type of creature can do that?  And then 78 % of them calls themselves “Christians” and you see them in their white attire “worshiping” God on Sundays?? What book do they read on Sundays...the Devil’s Cookbook? Obviously they are not reading the Bible….that’s for sure! They are no “Christians!  If they were such devoted “Christians” – then why is the devil’s prophets still the ruling party? They are nothing but racist behemoths!


This is your DA in Cape Town- typical two-faced cowards that run away and blame a private security company for the shebang in the Clifton Beach saga- while you very clearly can see COUNCIL security personnel joined the private security. But as the scrupulous DA are- they shifted the blame on the security company for the media to roast! After 20 years of beaches open to all and anyone till any time of night – without complaint, a very aggressive and dangerous black mob began descending to the beach every weekend.For ordinary law abiding citizens, residents and foreign visitors to this Blue Flag beach alike, the parking lots and stairways between the bungalows became a warren of crime, holdup, defalcation and urination, common assault and every other anti social behavior you can conceive.Attempted (and perhaps rumors of actual) rapes and stabbings, gang fights and marauding drunks drove ordinary sober beach-goers away.

To the DA: You have become nothing less than the ANC’s bum nugget. Your anti-white narratives lately also places you in the same filthy league as the ANC,EFF,BLF and other “Fu*k  the Whitey” cretins. You have become a party of segregation yourself– just like the ANC,EFF and BLF. You have become arrogant and are pushing the white and colored people aside. You have become a power hungry and greedy party without moral values. We never hear you chirp anything against black racism- yet you have the arrogance and audacity to wash your filthy mouths out against whites without investigating the facts at first.  . You have stooped to the same level as the rest of the smut political opportunists. Your tongues also now are stained with anti-white poison.  Tell us: What will your response be in this case as shown below?

“The Molo Mhlaba “Pan African” school for girls in Khayelitsha is a low fee private school which promotes African education to poor children and its aim is to promote “blackness”, says its spokesperson on eNCA.
It is for black “African” children only.

Can we also have Me. Shange, The Sowetan, EWN, the ANC, EFF, DA and  Mcebo Dlamini respond to this segregated  Molo Mhlaba “Pan African” school for girls”  in Khayelitsha- and see the same responses you have displayed now in the Sweitzer Reynecke incident please? You  had no qualms attacking a white school for racism- now let us see you attack a black school for the same reasons. I think not- silence will prevail- for these bunch of anti-white morons is too dastardly cowardly to act in a matured and anti-biased manner. Screwing whites is so much more convenient. That unfortunately– is the true characteristic of a real racist!  And South Africa is filled to the brim with them.

Ironically all this non-white political parties such as the ANC, EFF or BLF and all the ”  black only”  organizations , media and black social mafia that have so much to say about white “racism” against the whites cannot show you ONE SINGLE INSTANCE where they themselves appointed a white , colored or Indian president or leader in their organizations- but want to bullsh*t the international world that South Africa factually is a “democratic” country with a “rainbow” nation? They cannot even give proof of one single incident where whites attacked blacks for alleged “racism”– or once proof that the media act against non-white racism the same brutal way they act against whites. On the contrary does  hard evidence shows that it only is non-whites that continuously attack whites for alleged “racism- all while they themselves are the worst perpetrators of racism!  They cannot show one single incident where whites attacked blacks in their homes- but go “viral” about two white men placing a black man in a coffin- or a white lady that just had been hi-jacked and called a black officer derogatory names out of shock- even send her to jail –  but eerily keep quiet about the multiple horrendous farm attacks by armed black gangs which left over 4000 white farmers and their families dead. Their lying president even denied it!

For instance: Another Race row erupted in South Africa after recruitment drive for just black doctors. KwaZulu-Natal health department filling 100 positions but not for white Doctors. In another incident at least 31 white-owned houses have been completely destroyed and 28 partially damaged by wildfires on the coastal Overstrand region in the Western Cape.   More than 12 800 hectares of vegetation is also estimated to have been destroyed as a result of the blaze, City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue service spokesperson Theo Layne said on Saturday morning. The fires that now range from Bettiesbaai to Hermanus –   was started by “unhappy black squatters  of of the Masekane  township in Gansbaai –  which is now raging out of hand in Franskraal & Uilenkraals coastal towns. But you will not see the MEDIA  uttering ONE word about this fact. They will “politically correct” abstain from telling the public just who the culprits was. 3 Other huge fires in the Overberg; Hermanus, Bettiesbaai, Karweiderskraal are running rampant.  Houses were burned down and many white people lost everything. Question is where is the race baiters and media now? Where are the political parties now? Was it whites that set fire to a black squatter camp- all hell would have been loose. Who is going to compensate those innocent whites for the terrible damage and financial losses? 


Flames roar behind a house in Franskraal, near Gansbaai on the Western Cape's Overstrand coast, on Friday January 11 2019.

A CapeTalk listener sent us this video from one of the fires raging in Franskraal, in the Overstrand.

Posted by CapeTalk on Friday, January 11, 2019


This is #fire. This is what #wildfires do as weather conditions change and flare-ups and fire-spotting occur.Further to our post of this morning about the #BettysBayFire being 95% contained, this is the current reality. Our thoughts are with all fire services and their crews, residents and homeowners.

Posted by Parkscape on Friday, January 11, 2019



Juanita Booyse and her husband Manie break down in tears outside their destroyed home in Bettysbay. The Booyses have been staying in Bettysbay for 9 years years and the lost of their home is “tragic”.

Juanita Booyse and her husband Manie break down in tears outside their destroyed home in Betty’s Bay. The Booyses have been staying in Betty’s Bay for nine years years and the loss of their home is “tragic”. Juanita says. Once she found out they needed to evacuate, she grabbed what little she could, packed it in the car and left.

Jaco Strauss collects what he can from his burnt house. Strauss said that luckily no one was staying in the home at the time of the blaze as he usually rents it out.

Father Robert Bisell stands among the ruins of a Catholic church that was destroyed.


You see how the system works in South Africa: During election times the ANC buses in thousands of jobless blacks from the Eastern Cape into towns in the Western Cape with lots of empty promises. In each town they set up squatter camps for this jobless hobos. Now comes election time and they get free food parcels and ANC T-Shirts to vote for the criminals in charge. Once election day is gone- so is the ANC rats and their promises too. The squatters then are left high-and-dry and the city council of that town must stress it’s budget for this unplanned flooding of it’s resources. Now the budget cannot cope with this sudden influx and cannot accommodate this extra burden because naturally does this squatters not contribute one single dime for services,  rates and taxes- but only “demand. “  To counter this problem the Council increase it’s rates and taxes of the…..WHITE residents to pay for the jobless demanding BLACK squatters.  Now the budget cannot stretch that far as it already was allocated for other projects- and now  the squatters feel “unhappy” because the ANC promised them lots of bullsh*t- and unfortunately  the DA cannot deliver on all that bullsh*t promises.

Now the squatters start rioting for more “freebees” being promised to them as the black culture in South Africa goes- and lo…the ANC “generously”  send some instigators with lots of verbal noise special effects to assist the squatters to riot even more violently– and they start to set the whole world alight- including many homes of the same white taxpayers that footed their useless stay that in the end- cost both the owners and council millions of dollars to repair.  The ANC make sure they stay out of the picture– laughing their heads off because the next election the DA in this case- will have thousands of “unhappy” residents that surely will vote ANC when they come and promise again. As for the whites that lost everything in this runaway fires- well – the ANC or their black rampant squatters care a sh*t! They were part and parcel of the “bigger plan.” What is a few whites to sacrifice in exchange to win the Western Cape back  into ANC hands again? They are the “expendables”- the same as the white farmers are in Ramaphosa’s evil “expropriation” agenda.

BUT  still Hybrid spawnling Lindsay Maasdorp of the .First Land First group  said that “if famers felt blessed by God when it rained on their fields, then oppressed black people could feel blessed if white-owned farms (are) burnt down”. On Facebook Maasdorp write: “Black god needs servants in CT: wind + matches + white owned farms.” On a previous occasion, on his Facebook page, he had asked the question: “When will we kill them?” Instigating arson and the killing of white farmers  obviously is not racism- but is seen as “black consciousness.” 



On Facebook, Michael Wright posted on the SA Long Distance Truckers page that a tanker was set alight on the N3 pass Howick near exit 99 by black rioters. He reported large explosions in the area. In April last year, violent black riots occurred at the Mooi River Toll Plaza that resulted in the burning of 35 trucks. Trucks were also looted by black thugs. 

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Torching trucks and causing millions of dollars damage to the economy because blacks feel “offended” is a much lesser crime to politicians and the media alike in South Africa than separating white and black children simply because trucks cannot vote!

I bet now silence will prevail! You will not hear a WORD from the disguising political parties, media of black mafia socialites condemning this black squatters the same way they went “viral” about the Sweitzer-Reynecke incident- and neither will authorities remove this destructive black omen from their jurisdiction as well. What will happen is that the-one-or-other politician looking for brownie points will go and talk to the black squatters- listen to their “grievances”– and promise them more “freebees. ” As for the whites that lost everything- well- they are “rich capitalists” and no one will go talk to them. It was blacks that did this- but not one word of condemnation will be uttered. It only was “white racists” that suffered a terrible ordeal. They cannot be victims. The victims was the “unhappy” squatters that deliberately set the world alight- and the whites were the “oppressors” that “rightly” got what they “deserve.” THAT is the South African narrative. THAT is the true face of South Africa today! 


Posted by Griffiths Emmanuel Lekhuleni on Wednesday, January 9, 2019





This is the very sick omen that now are destroying a once prosperous country- and this curse is inflicted on the country by the majority , their disgusting international financiers-  and the vile destructive political monsters pretending to be  “leaders” in parliament.   It does not matter what caused the incident- as long as the white gets targeted as  the “aggressor“- and the non-white end up as the “victim.” They dare throw stones at others while they themselves stands in glass castles! They are nothing but a country full of vindictive hippocrates.


What  all these race-baiters conveniently forget- is that while they are on their hell-bent quest to demonize, attack  and slander whites for alleged “racism”– they themselves in the process commit the worst kind of racist actions . This is where they conveniently apply “selective” racism.” Only whites can be “racist.” If the rest of the non-white population act in a disgusting racist manner- it cleverly is labeled “non-white “nationalism”– or “free speech.” If a white does it- it is “racism” and “hate speech.”  South African Facebook and Twitter is shining  examples of this bias attitudes and actions against predominantly whites.

If a white school caters for white people only- it is “segregation.”  If a black only school exists that caters for blacks- it’s called ” black upliftment.”  If a company appoint whites- it’s fined for being  “non compliant” with BEE. If a company only appoint blacks- it’s called ” Black Economic Empowerment.” If a white enclave such as Orania exist- it is “apartheid.” If a black enclave such as Swaziland or Lesotho exist- it is “ black progressiveness.”  This is how they very selectively play around with “smart terms” to in the end- again blame and discriminate against the white for their own esoteric conundrum of racist bias behavior agendas.  Ironically are the ones that continuously scream “racism” the ones that benefit the most from it- and in the case of South Africa- nothing can be more true. South Africa became a purgatory full of of non-white racists- and a haven for human rights abusers. All the human rights abuses they accused the “apartheid” government for now found a new home in their fake “democracy”- and that human rights abuses became so bad- it turned into a destructive racist monster. 

Non whites never will accept the white man. It’s a clash of cultures. The rift between the African clay-hut ideology , the slaughter of the sheep on the beach against “racism” ideology, consult the ancestral  spirits to  “reform” land ideology – and the rapid Western industrial advancement is simply too great for them to contemplate.  It’s because of this reason that the majority South Africans never will progress beyond their stereo-type of “struggle.” They still “struggle” to adapt to the ever changing world environment- and “struggle” to adjust their own pre-adamic 2-dimensional  Africanized reasoning to a first world mentality.

They are still caught up in a transitional void between African tribalism and Western capitalism. They’d rather have a Zuma with Grade 2 as the country’s leader- than a leader who is a  a professor with a masters degree in economics. The masters degree means nothing to them. Rural non-whites does not understand the difference between a Gr.2 certificate-  and a Masters Degree diploma in any cae…it’s a “white man’s thing.”   It’s a Western “thing.” Zuma they understand. Zuma means something to them. Zuma is an African king- whether he understands the complicated Western system or not. He is an African leader and if he get’s stuck with modern intricacies- then there will always be the ancestral spirits to consult. That is why 90% of the South African parliament sports ministers with “Honorary ” Wits degrees whilst  they failed to pass Gr 7. It makes perfect sense to the populace. And they will vote for them again. It’s a “tribal” thing.





That is why they made a total f*ck-up of South Africa in the first place. They were pushed too prematurely into a very complicated electronically advanced space ship- and they did not know which button to push for lift-off. So they start pushing any old button randomly- and accidentally pushed the wrong one. That space ship disintegrated beneath them this past 20 years – and today they are back into the void inside an empty shell that once was a modern space ship- still struggling to understand why they have not arrived  on planet Non-white Utopia yet. And they are  still pushing now non-functioning buttons in the faint hope for a miracle “lift-off.”  But sadly their own political mechanics have stolen all their important material and parts needed for their “lift-off.”  Now they blame a 1652  white pilot for not having a fully functional space ship to help them “lift-off” anymore.  The rest of Africa should have been factual evidence of this repeated tragic miscalculations.  The Jew brought in raw African material and put it in charge of a well-industrialized Western country. Today we see the results of that immense miscalculation. The Jew should have wait another 400 years at least before pulling such a devastating stunt. While blacks run rampant in their thousands across the country- burning and destroying everything- causing millions and millions of dollars of destruction- the main focus of the illegal regime, media- and socialites will forever stay on white “racism.” Crying “racism” at least bring home some “free bees” and some kind of “compensation” to the poor “victims” of this gross Jew-driven “democratic” misconception that took place in 1994.


“Following the viral picture of white and black kids sitting separately in school, more people have continued to express themselves. It is very true that educated, affluent Blacks in South Africa suffer from a severe inferiority complex which compels them to walk around looking for oppressors who do not exist, but only in their frail minds. One must understand that, from an early age, they were taught by their parents that being Black is not enough. In fact, their parents taught them that being Black is being backward, barbaric and indeed embarrassing.

So much that not only did their parents send them to White schools, insist that they should make White friends (so that they could enjoy the illusion that their children are also White), move into White neighborhoods and avoid “dirty” township/village children. They insisted that they should speak English at home, to their parents, whose English accents they would later despise. And to see children who say, “Mama”, instead of “Mommy” to their Black mothers as cavemen who still need to learn the tenets of being civilized. It is they who look down upon their fellow Blacks who are not as privileged as they are. It is they who mistreat and underpay their Black domestic workers and take advantage of Black foreigners from country’s like Zimbabwe, Malawi or Congo. In essence, educated, affluent Blacks not only bear a gigantic chip over their shoulders, but they have always wanted to be White. And when it finally dawned them that they were Black, they behaved like caged apes raised in the zoo who discover and finally resent their cages because indeed they belong in the wild.

Yet, who caged them?

Apartheid ended the day Nelson Mandela emerged from prison and Black people’s Freedom was was cemented when the ANC became the first Black government in South Africa in 1994. With all this power, they still find the need to run after White people like hungry, deserted township dogs run after cars, thinking that getting inside will indeed give them wheels! Not only are educated Blacks heavily insecure, they are also extremely and deeply resentful over the fact that no matter how much they speak “good” English, segregate themselves from uneducated, poor and hungry Blacks to look more civilised to Whites. They remain Black! This is the one Fact that causes them to be Race Police, looking for Racism in restaurants, clean beaches, rural White schools, White people and their nuances and finally, on social media.

This resentment clouds their judgment (not that they have the best of it to begin with) to even overlook the fact Black communities in general are so violent, dirty, dysfunctional that their own parents moved them out of these communities (and defunct Black schools) into White communities, so that they could have more options/opportunities that most Blacks only dream of. It is they who justify the ANC’s criminality by saying dumb things like, “Well, it’s only been 24 years. Apartheid was here longer!”. It is they who work for the ANC government, compose and administer their destructive, failed policies to the detriment of unthinking Blacks who keep this wicked party power. To this day, there hasn’t been any evidence of racism at Laerskool Schweizer Reneke. Other than speculations advanced by Race Hogs within our racist, redundant, discredited, withering divisive media; the ANC and their corrupt, venereal diseased political prostitutes, the Exclusively For Fools – EFF.

Is it not clear by now that this outrage over Black grade 1 learners who chose to sit in a corner with their Black friends during lunch break; that it is electioneering as usual for National Elections three months from now? These Race Hogs would do anything to bamboozle unthinking Blacks who can barely afford a taxi to Laerskool Schweizer Reneke (much less afford the fees) to get their votes, which are already unconditionally Black, ie, ANC?! O! What a perverted Nation we still are that we would use the innocence of children who most will likely never be racist as the delusional adults who are chanting outside their school to score burnt political brownies! Yet again, this is Mzantsi. The home of unthinking Blacks who burn libraries to make their point.

Vuka Mzantsi!

The Smoke That Is Choking You Only Suggests That Your Own Are Burning Your Country!

-Dumisa Mbuwa


The majority South Africans simply cannot survive without their very sick custom  of racism. It became their national culture.   As long as their are whites in South Africa- this monster will continue to devour that country- naturally to the best interest of the vile political parties looking for cheap political points in their “divide and rule” games that is. So who the hell is the real racists now? We therefore ask our international white donateurs  from other countries to please stop funding   South Africans –  as they have really become pathetic nation of deliberately created faux   racism against whites with which it appears- the majority cannot survive  without.

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