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Article compiled  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg       January 12 2019




SOUTH AFRICA is moving ever so closer to a full communist state– if the country are left in hands of the ANC kleptocracy much longer. The ANC intends to re-table a Parliamentary motion to nationalize the South African Reserve Bank by doing away with its private shareholders. 

ANC Secratary general Ace Magashule re-affirms the nationalization move. 

On Tuesday, just hours before it was set to be heard, the ANC withdrew its initial motion to debate the nationalization of the bank. It said it needed more time consult on the matter within its structures and with key stakeholders. In a media statement issued after the motion was withdrawn, the ANC affirmed its “intent to re-table the motion which will be fully aligned with the outcomes of its 54th National Conference on the Reserve Bank“. It did not say when the new motion would be tabled.  The criminal party said the motion would affirm the bank’s independence, while also noting the “historical anomaly of the bank having private shareholders”, and advocating for full state ownership of the SARB.

At the ANC’s 54th national conference in December 2017, the party’s economic transformation committee resolved that the SARB should be nationalized, meaning the existing structure of private shareholders within the central bank would fall away. The Reserve Bank raised concerns that changing its ownership structure could heighten financial and economic risks for South Africa, especially at a time when political tensions were running high.

This move will be the final cut in the freedom of the country. When the state captures the Reserve Bank the tilt to full communism and a totalitarian state where only a few in the “elite” have it all and controls it all- will be near completion. Already the ANC is being controlled by their NEC (Polatriat) being in bed with the SACP, Ramaphosa a hard-line socialist -calls each other “comrades”– and systematically  are busy seizing all control over all national assets and property.

These criminals now have captured the state- now aims to plunder all private property ownership- and finally- plunder the Reserve Bank. Looking at how they manage the state departments and SOE’s- dire consequences await the South African population indeed if this communist criminals take control of the Reserve Bank too. Next will be the mines. The signs of a civil war is looming ever so closer. A total degradation and implosion of the country’s economy is on the cards. South Africans must make sure who they vote for this coming elections. If they choose this bunch of greedy idiots again- there is much suffering on the cards for especially the black South Africans indeed- and the whites will not be there anymore either to blame- or to help. This fight will and shall be between black and black. Many a black will pay dearly for their racist decisions. If they vote for the ANC again- they definitely  will suffer the  consequences of their idiotic decisions.

A warning to the populace about communism: Explained in a few easy terms:

It is easy to laugh at the ANC/EFF (and their supporters) and their Communist/Socialist affiliations, but in this article I hope to educate those who don’t yet know what the future SA will look like under ANC/EFF rule. Communism is the easiest system to sell to people who are poor, not because poor people are stupid or lazy or envious of partaking in the banquets of the rich, but because Communist and Socialist rhetoric sound so “reasonable, fair, “-and “workable.”

What is wrong with sharing? Why can’t government control private enterprise to ensure affordable prices of basic necessities, etc.? Why can’t people be equal and have enough to cover their needs rather than have an imbalanced society that is run by the greedy at the expense of the needy? These are just some of the sweet, warm affections of Communist rhetoric, and it hardly takes any imagination to understand that to people who see, on a daily basis, the opulence of the rich and successful, this sort of ‘levelling of the playing field’ that Communism promises is a “very attractive “ proposition to those who feel shortchanged in the Capitalist system.

But then there is that pesky thing we need to deal with: reality. The reality is that the tenets of Communism are, indeed, workable; the only problem is that they produce super inefficient economies, such that, even though the people in a Communist system fully support its ideals, they soon start conducting themselves in a manner that shows their deep yearning for the freedoms of Capitalism. Books can and have been written about ‘what Communism is and isn’t,’ and while they provide worthwhile reading, they don’t always get to the core of why Communism has always, still does, and always will FAIL. To understand that you need to understand economics and a bit of history—not exactly the sort of subject the common ANC/EFF supporter (or the EFF leaders) readily dabble in.

I’ll give a brief overview of what South Africa will look like as the ANC/EFF rolls out Communism and abolish the republic. After this brief explanation, I’m sure anyone would see why Communism is hardly favorable … even for the desperate and poor masses who will experience initial ” upliftment, “- and then start yearning for fruits that only grow on the tree of Capitalism.

(Fictitious) News Headlines:

EFF wins by two-thirds majority! Julius Malema decreed ‘The Great Leader’

EFF to start supplanting ‘Imperialist Capitalism’ with Communism

EFF nationalize SARB/the mines—JSE in freefall!

‘The Great Leader’ reassures that hardship is “just a transitional phase”

… [The media is now given the headlines by the regime]

The Great Leader receives nation-wide praise for “immaculate transformation”

Polls show people “have never been this happy”

Between the first headline and the last, we have had a total transformation from Capitalism to Communism—there were some winners, but mostly losers. The winners were those at the bottom of the Capitalist system. While they had to live off a bit of mieliepap and a packet of salted peanuts under the Capitalist system, they now enjoy meals given to them by the regime. Each day at 7AM and 7PM they join queues in the township to collect their food parcels thoughtfully provided by “The Great Leader and The Regime.”

Mondays mornings they get a big scoop of mieliepap and a sizable beef sausage. In the evening, some boiled chuck, rice, and a potato.

Tuesday’s menu is the same, but the beef is replaced by pork.

Wednesday sees the pork replaced by chicken.

Thursday the chicken replaced by fish

Friday the mieliepap and rice are accompanied by a few blocks of dark chocolate and a cup of sweetened hot coffee.

Over the weekends vegetables stew with a fruit on the side are served 3 times a day—to ensure the people receive all their vitamins and nutrients.

To the poor masses, this change from Capitalism to Communism seems like manna raining from heaven. Two (technically) free meals a day, ample variety of meats, and hot coffee! The “Great Leader ” sure kept his promises! But, of course, everyone must do their best in their individual capacity for “The State. ” So the former poor masses are now laboring away for 12 hours a day, in various physically intense occupations—as befits their abilities. This is to give back for what they receive. More capable people work in administrative positions or what formerly was known as ‘blue-collar’ jobs, but salaries are a thing of the past. With no bonuses, no overtime pay, and promotions that are seemingly randomly chosen, efficiency in all sectors drops to an all-time low, as the winter of Communism envelops productivity.

Life takes on a monotonous, regimented fashion, and while nobody is poor, nobody is rich, thus nobody wants to work harder, because there is no point in doing so. One simply does what “The State “ demands, and no more. You can now see the core problem with Communism: it does not provide the opportunity or incentive for the common man to satisfy his own greed. All that communism does is provide for the common man’s basic needs, and no more. Communism thus removes the incentive for anyone to try harder and get more successful—satisfying their greater propensity for greed as compared to their peers. Greed can manifest itself even as the desire for alternatives or greater options. Freedom, basically (another banned thing in Communism).

Maybe they want to decide what ingredients are in their daily meals; maybe they want to work towards a higher position with a better salary, perks, and greater authority and respect; maybe they don’t want to work 12 hours a day to live in a little cramped house and get 2 meals a day, maybe they want a house by the beach and 3 meals a day … a car, a dog, a white-picket fence… OPTIONS, basically. You cannot rise in a Communist system; you cannot break out of the routine, and you can never pay off the debt you own to  “The State “ for so tenderly providing for your needs, so soon people start to quietly rebel against the system, and it is the manner in which they do it that is most fascinating!

One will illegally get hold of a bit of beef or a can of baked beans and ‘trade’ (Capitalism, thus illegal in a Communist state—and severely punished) with their neighbors for whatever contraband (packets of instant coffee, small chunks of cheese, a bit of raspberry jam) from ‘the good old days’ they may have illicitly gotten hold of. Black markets pervade Communist regimes, and the penalty for trading on one is usually torture, imprisonment, or death! Ironically, many officials of the Communist state will dabble in their own black-market trades to get some of what comrades closer to “The Great Leader “ enjoy. So even a Communist government is rife with corruption caused by greed and envy.

Such black markets under “the people ” or the corrupt officials are the seeds of Capitalism again stirring in the economic soil, for the people/ministers have all that they need, but not what they want! And that is where Communism fails so consistently and spectacularly! Of course, we know this from historical Communist regimes that “The Great Leader”  and his closest comrades at the top of the regime are living with the same opulence as the former leaders of the Capitalist system! Only now, the greatly diminished ‘wealth of the nation’ is mostly directed to “The Great Leader “ and his cadre, while the scraps and morsels that remain are given to the masses to meet their basic needs. In a Communist system, everyone eats the crumbs that fall from “The Great Leader’s “ plate.

Once you understand these fundamental flaws of Communism, you can see why it always fails. Ultimately, Communism is the way by which a small group of very greedy people prevent others from exercising their own greed. Capitalism may look selfish and exploitative, but it has to be to allow people to have the freedom to trade what they don’t want for what they do want, provided they can afford it. You don’t go to work every day, work your back-end off, and then come home tired just so your boss can buy luxury German cars and send his children to university, now do you? So you, too, are greedy, because you want to buy those luxury German cars for yourself and send your children to university.

You may firmly believe that you are being underpaid by your ‘selfish’ boss, and rub your hands together, hoping for the day that Communism puts him in his place, but I can demonstrate to you very easily if you really are being underpaid. Quit and find a job that pays more! What’s that? You can’t do that? Other jobs pay much the same for your skills, experience, and qualifications, you say? Well, would you have earned more if you were a doctor or a lawyer or a CEO? Yes, you say? So then, why did you become a clerk instead of a doctor or lawyer or CEO? You see, it is easy to feel cheated by ‘the system’ or by ‘the exploiters,’ but the reality is that most of us cheat ourselves.

Of course, I am well aware that not all of us have the opportunity to become a doctor or lawyer or CEO, but we can all still rise from our current position, wherever we are in the economy; it just takes a bit more effort than signing a ballot paper, but the results are worth it! You can, at any time, rise by doing more of what you are already doing. If you are more productive, your boss will pay more to retain you (or someone else will pay you more to go work for them), because you are more productive than anyone else who can do the same work! So you have an advantage that will help you rise above even your field that is saturated with clerks … or rock drillers. Capitalism is the only system where you can do this, increase your own worth over that of your peers, and leave them behind while you go up the economic ladder.

Communism will only be of benefit to you if you are literally starving now, and once you get bored with the initial ‘manna from heaven’ that “The Great Leader ” provides, you will remember those good old days where you could at least of one day owning and driving a Mercedes, or visiting Paris— because such greed cannot even be dreamed of in a Communist state … unless of course you are the one ruling over it. So be weary of those who want to bring the ‘benefits of Communism to your doorstep; a life without choice or freedom is the life of a slave!

Now this system is the system the ANC is moving towards. The ANC already has more than 14 million people on “state grants” This effectively means the ANC has more than 14 million people impoverished. This means they succeed in preparing 14 million people to support their communist dispensation. Cyril recently gloated that the ANC already have 9 million children on state grants. The terrible truth is he’s not lying! The more impoverish the people are- more easier it will be to sway their support for a communist state where the state(Ramaphosa and his ilk)– will owe everything and the “people” only will get their necessary “daily bread.

In 20 years the ANC and their communist allies unnoticed has step-by-step moved to get more and more people on “state grants.” Systematically they have captured all the “SOE’s”,(semi-state organs)  – and now systematically start to capture private enterprises such as private property as well. The communist monster is slowly devouring all the country’s assets. They do this under the cloak of “our people want their land back.”  This is the blatant lie they now for 10 years has been using to psi-ops the populace in really believing that the land factually “belongs” to them. These ANC criminals thus are exploiting the masses to drive their devious communist agenda.

Cyril and his cronies bloody well knows where this will be leading to- and what the real agenda is. By deceiving “the people” that “whites stole your land” they quickly want to amend section 25 of the constitution that will give them the full power to seize all white farms ( and naturally- ALL privately-owned property.) This they do not tell “the people”– but by false propaganda “sugar coat” their devious agenda with all kinds of sweet  “promises.”  BUT Julius Malema – with his foot in his mouth as usual– already dropped the hint that “nobody will own property- the state will be the guardian of all property.” Now how much clearer do you still want them to tell you they are moving towards a full totalitarian state?

For 25 years they have been hiding their evil agenda behind ” those rich whites”– consistently blaming whites , “apartheid” and Jan Van Riebeeck for all the woes and troubles of the country. What is an irony- is the mentality “governing ” this country. For instance when Ramaphosa, in his speech in front  the ANC’s leaders, says that South Africa has the highest HIV aids  percentage in world- they   interrupt ed him there with an overwhelming applause! Now you try to cap this one! And this is the idiots blaming whites for all the trouble they themselves create through their own incompetence.

What they factually are doing was to create a “common enemy” in order to unite the masses behind them. This propaganda and deception created a “mob rule” system- where the “majority” decided(for the moment.) Once they achieved their objective of rallying the masses behind them- they moved to the next phase: Mobilizing the masses to support their idea of “shared” resources– iow “everybody has the right to own.” The illiterate masses of the “rainbow nation”– which is easily influenced- quickly latched onto this idea. And here comes the above described model of the “Great Leader” into play: The “masses” have their “common enemy”– the whites. The “Great Leader” offers them an opportunity to “share” the riches of the country. Now the “Great Leader” just awaits his mandate from “the masses” in the 2019 elections to proceed to move for the second last phase to take full control of all privately owned assets– then the axe will fall on the root of the tree- and Cyril and his commi rats will finally seize control of all financial institutions and with that- remove the ability of the “people” to be able to generate their own income and become self sufficient. So they cleverly used the white people as a scape goat to unite the black masses as a vehicle to drive their own secret communist agenda.

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Cyril and his “chums” in the NEC now want to capture the Reserve Bank– the second-last step before they also capture all the privately-owned mines. And this Julius also told you: That they want to nationalize the mines as well! Was it not for his personal handler- Robin Renwick– that put a temporary halt on the process- the ANC would also table the nationalization of mines as well. After that- the financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies will follow….and with that- ALL your pensions you have accumulated as well as all your money in your bank accounts! Already now insurance companies are preparing to hand over all their systems to an “umbrella” fund system- which in fact means they now prepare to hand over your pensions to the state!

The whole monetary system, state departments, food supply, natural resources, mineral resources and property will be in the hands of Cyril and his communist cronies. And only they (Cyril and the ANC “elite” ) – will be the ones getting richer while “his people” looses all their private ownership, free speech and total freedom. To explain it in simple terms: Once the Reserve Bank falls-investors will sell off South African stocks and shares  like hot cakes. When that happens the JSE crashes. When the JSE crash- the rand value take a sharp nose-dive. When the rand value dives – the GDP drops– and inflation/recession steps in. Once that happens- you will need a whole wheelbarrow full of worthless South African rands to buy a Chappie…just like what happened in Greece. And guess just who will suffer the most? Cyril’s own supporters! Hallo Zimbabwe!!


ALREADY we start seeing the signs of what I explained happening: Rand reacts badly to ANC manifesto– The rand suffered on Monday morning as Asian markets digested Saturday’s ANC rally in Durban. Areas of concern for foreign investors from the policies announced by the ruling party ahead of this year’s general election included ordering pension funds to invest in state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and maintaining Eskom’s monopoly.


As international banks analysed the ANC’s manifesto, the rand slid 1% from Friday’s R13.77/$ to R13.91/$ on Monday at about 5.20am South African time. The rand was trading at R13.90/$,  R15.95/€ and R17.86/£ at 6.45am.

The most alarming statement in the ANC’s manifesto was probably the following: “Investigate the introduction of prescribed assets on financial institutions’ funds to mobilize funds within a regulatory framework for socially productive investments (including housing, infrastructure for social and economic development and township and village economy) and job creation while considering the risk profiles of the affected entities.” This is precisely what I was trying to explain to you.

And how will Cyril & Co pay back all their loans they took from the Chinese with worthless South African monopoly “tjieng? ” The Chinese will step in and simply take the country. Cyril and his gang will face civil unrest- and as we know already- they will jump ship and flee to Dubai where their stolen pot of gold awaits them while their supporters ravage the country and kill each other back home in order to survive.But will someone please try to explain this simple truth to more tan 55 million black ANC/EFF supporters! They will be dancing and celebrating on the election results when the ANC win again- little knowing their dance will be the dance of their own death. They literally will be dancing on their own graves.


BUT let us have a quick look how “credible” was this ANC so far that the whole country of blacks are about to vote back into power: 

1. Multi-billion $ Arm’s deal
2. E-tolling
3. Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla Homestead Project (Project Prestige)
4. Nkandla Freeway Project
5. Misuse of the plastic bag levy funds
6. Police Buildings and the exorbitant lease saga
7. Travelgate
8. Tony Yengeni’s arrest
9. Jackie Selebi and everything about the trial
10. Jackie Selebi’s parole
11. Shabir Schaik’s trial, during which Zuma was implicated but no prosecution followed
12. Schabir Shaik’s parole on medical grounds, but suddenly, he has fully recovered
13. Richard Mdluli’s slush fund
14. Richard Mdluli’s abuse of safe houses
15. Richard Mdluli’s travel agency scam
16. Richard Mdluli’s abuse of state owned vehicles
17. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang’s liver transplant
18. Nathi Mtethwa’s private residence upgrade with public funds
19. Julius Malema’s Limpopo feeding programme
20. Ntau Letebele’s transport tender in Limpopo
21. Julius Malema’s transport tender in Limpopo
22. School feeding schemes in the Eastern Cape
23. Ms Dina Pule and the ITC Indaba
24. Limpopo textbooks saga
25. Moses Kotane Development Agency corruption
26. Msunduzi municipality officials using more than R1m of taxpayers’ money to fund an ANC rally.
27. Mthatha corruption case over fraudulent legal jobs didn’t exist
28. Ekurhuleni municipality corruption in awarding water meter contracts to Lesira-Teq
29. Thaba Chweu local municipality’s misuse of R3m in 2009
30. Endemic corruption at Nala Local Municipality to the point that treasury have cut them off
31. Desiree Tlhoaele’s axing after going after corrupt officials in sports, arts and culture
32. Viking testing station’s corrupt examiners
33. Police officers Linda Mlambo and Mahlang Shaku fraudulenty conning motorists out of cash
34. Sandton officers arrested for corruption after extorting money from a motorists
35. Willie Hofmeyer’s axing
36. Mvula Trust and the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs’ job creation fraud to the tune of hundreds of millions of rands
37. Government’s endemic over-use and over-pay of consultants
38. Glynnis Breytenbach’s axing
39. The spy-tape saga
40. Thosan Panday corruption in KZN
41. KZN’s misuse of R785m in 2011
42. Madibeng municipality awarding millions in tenders to its own employees
43. Madibeng municipality’s taxation scam with its employees
44. Madibeng municipality paying money to fictitious companies for fictitious work
45. Madibeng municipality paying for funerals that never took place
46. Madibeng municipality paying for home renovations for its employees
47. Taung municipality paying triple digit increases without consultation
48. Morake Incorporated Attorneys & the Rustenburg provincial department – R13m paid in fees for a disciplinary hearing
49. Endemic corruption at Mbhashe municipality to the point of the mayor and 7 others being fired
50. Corruption exposed by SIU at Rustenburg and Madibeng local municipalities
51. Corruption exposed by SIU at Moses Kotane
52. Corruption exposed by SIU at Bojanala District
53. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ventersdorp
54. Corruption exposed by SIU at Greater Taung
55. Corruption exposed by SIU at Tswaing
56. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ramotshere Moiloa
57. Corruption exposed by SIU at Mahikeng
58. Corruption exposed by SIU at Dr Kenneth Kaunda District
59. Corruption exposed by SIU at Maquassi Hill
60. Corruption exposed by SIU at Moretele
61. Corruption exposed by SIU at Lekwa-Teemane
62. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ngaka
63. Corruption exposed by SIU at Modiri Molema District
64. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ditsobotla
65. Corruption exposed by SIU at Kagisano
66. Corruption exposed by SIU at Kgetlengrivier
67. Corruption exposed by SIU at Ratlou
68. Corruption exposed by SIU at Dr Ruth Mompati District
69. Corruption exposed by SIU at Naledi Local Municipality
70. Awarding of tenders to Vivian Reddy following Zuma intervention
71. Twenty five cases, involving R768 827 043 in KZN in 2010 alone
72. The Glen Agliotti case
73. Diverting of public funds to Swazi King
74. Diverting of public funds to Robert Mugabe
75. Diverting of public funds to Zanu-PF
76. Funding of military equipment in Zimbabwe with SA public funds
77. Zuma’s corruption in numerous cases prior to his presidency
78. Fraud, corruption, tender-rigging, kickbacks and irregular appointments at Tshwane municipality
79. Endemic corruption at the heart of Mpumalanga municipality including physical violence to avoid publication of facts
80. Public Works’ endemic misuse of public funds for private residences of government officials, disguised as security upgrades.
81. Public Works leasing back property from its own employees for official use, while footing the initial bill too
82. BEE fronting for SAPS land deals outside of the main contract for PTA head office through Roux Shabangu
83. R2.4bn in improper bonuses paid out by SABC to directors
84. SABC paying fictitious staff
85. ANC controlling SABC with threats of fund withdrawals
86. SABC awarding tenders to its own employees
87. Ekurhuleni employees signing off on deals that do not exist
88. Land fraud in KZN worth R50m involving three officials and a businessman for farms and other properties
89. Department of arts and culture misuse of R42m during the soccer world cup
90. Loss of dockets relating to high profile corruption cases
91. Education department officials involved in examination selling
92. Parastatals’ inflated sponsorship of events hosted by the Guptas and New Age
93. New Age website having massive funds diverted its way from government budgets without readership stats to speak of
94. The City of Johannesburg rigging a large tender in favour of Regiments, an ANC-connected empowerment firm central to a consortium that made the JHB mayor’s wife a *multimillionaire.
95. On-Point Engineering securing Limpopo tenders through Julius Malema and his accomplices
96. Amathole district municipality awarding irregular tenders relating to vehicle tracking
97. John Block’s R112m tender fraud relating to water purification equipment
98. Gaston Savoi’s R112m tender fraud relating to water purification equipment
99. DoC official awarding R500k tender to his wife
100. Martin Masemola from Dept of Minerals & Energy receiving financial kickbacks and land for favours to friends and family
101. Bosasa and Correctional Services corruption to the tune of R3bn in tender rigging
102. Public Works corrupt relationship with Saab and the blacked out agreements that not even they are entitled to
103. R63 million tender fraud at Limpopo traffic department involving Mbhazima Sithole, 45, Felix Baloyi, 34, Mphateleni Musubu, 43, and Lufuno Muladi, 27, all directors of various companies that secured tenders illegally
104. Gauteng Finance dept awarding R23m in IT tenders fraudulently
105. Kelly Group securing labour broking tenders worth R372m by BEE fronting
106. Eastern Cape health department and their tender fraud worth over R800m in just one single case
107. Obed Mlaba securing tenders to the value of R3bn in KZN
108. KZN misuse of public money to the tune of R532m in 2009
109. Public Works in Limpopo involved in tender fraud for undisclosed sum late last year
110. Tshwane kickback scheme for tenders to the tune of R1b
111. Tshwane maladministration in their financial dept for undisclosed sum
112. Philemon Mohlahlane (ex Land Bank CEO) embezzling R19m out of the Land Bank for his personal and business use
113. Prestige Portfolio tender corruption at Public Works as investigated by SIU (this appears to be linked to Project prestige – Zuma’s development)
114. Bobby Motaung’s multi-million rand fraud involving stadium tenders
115. Ekurhuleni Metro IT tender for R21m that was used to buy Porsches and Mercs
116. Limpopo transport tender fraud of R63m
117. Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale’s influence in awarding tenders
118. Buffalo City Metro tender fraud of R12m
119. Ekurhuleni Chief Financial Officer Mr Zakes Myeza, Chief Director Water and Sanitation Mr Slindokuhle Hadebe, Acting Head of Department of then Roads and Stormwater Mr Moses Maliba, Junior Official Water and Sanitation Ms Nomusa Malimabe and Independent Contractor Mr Miyelani Holeni’s all involved in tender fraud worth R166m
120. Julius’ cousing Tshepo Malema involved in corruption and fraud through the government worth R63m
121. Pikitup tender fraud relating to contracts awarded through City of Johannesburg for undisclosed sum
122. Vivian Reddy’s company awarded an inflated contract of R1.25bn for smart electricity meter reading in Joburg despite never having done anything like it before
123. Xhariep district mayor Mongi Ntwanambi’s fraudulent travel expenses claims costing half a million rand a year
124. Free State Government paying R140million for their website created with a $40 WordPress template
125. Limpopo Health’s unaccounted for R739m tender spend for 2012
126. Gauteng Health’s R1bn corruption in 2010
127. ANC’s investment body, Chancellor House, receiving yet another state tender worth billions of rands
128. ANC’s investment arm, Chancellor House, receiving millions from the Medupi and Kusile deals
129. ANC’s investment arm, Chancellor House, to benefit significantly from R40bn Eskom tenders
130. The spending of more than R13.5m on Nomvula Mokonyane’s home. A home that was purchased for R11.5m
Zuma’s position weakens as he loses battle to keep ‘spy tapes’ under wraps
131. Bankrupt SAA
132. Bankrupt Post Office
133. Bankrupt SABC
134. Corruption and takeover of the Media
135. The Gupta’s
136. FIFA
137 Bankrupt Eskom
138 Bashir saga

139. Safa president Danny Jordaan allegedly turned to the Gupta family to cover up a $10 million (R138 million) hole in the organisation’s books

140. 12 000 ‘dead people‘ doing business with SA government, says Treasury

141. 14,000 state employees who are listed as directors of companies that have been awarded state contracts in violation of regulations

142. In the 2017/18 financial year, R45.85m was spent on maintenance for official ministerial residences in Pretoria and Cape Town

143. Senior intelligence officers could land in hot water after a parliamentary committee proposed that they be investigated for allegedly “pilfering” more than R1bn from the intelligence account.

144. Trevor Manuel approved a R200 million salary golden handshake to Coleman Andrews of SAA

145. The corruption around Bidvest and Ramaphosa’s business

146. Truckloads of evidence of corruption of Pravin Gordhan made rounds. Multi Billions missing in Treasury. Mountain of corruption in PIC. Banks he is a shareholder in.

147.  Gordhan award of a R10 million Contract in Treasury, to his own daughter Anisha Gordhan

148.  Top black “executives ” in the SABC earns more than R 12 million

149. Florence Radzilani, the Deputy Chairperson of the ANC in Limpopo and the Mayor of Vhembe District Municipality took a R300 000 bribe for not withdrawing the money her municipality invested with VBS Mutual Bank.

150. The South African  Revenue Service’s head of legal, Refiloe Mokoena, who wasat the center of granting the controversial Gupta family in a reported R420m VAT refund.

151. Suspended commissioner Tom Moyane is still getting full pay while being suspended.

152.  The South African Revenue Service (Sars) paid a law firm R120,000 to read a book to establish whether suspended Commissioner Tom Moyane was mentioned in it and whether its contents was defamatory.

153. SARS executive Luther Lebelo has racked up more than R750,000 of taxpayer money to prepare his submission to the Nudgent commission.

154. Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba has been subpoenaed to answer why his department allowed an unpaid R67 million invoice owed to an information technology (IT) company undergoing liquidation to balloon to almost R800m.

155. Controversial North West MEC for social development Hoffman Galeng has been given until Tuesday to explain why more than R600 000was spent on security at his private residence.

156. ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule is at the centre of a criminal investigation into the disappearance of a valuable Pierneefpainting from the premier’s office in Bloemfontein.

157.  Ace Magashule was fingered for mismanagement amid fears that the province will be placed under administration. The Free State government’s finances are in a dire state. There are various reasons for this: the botched R250 million Vrede dairy farm project; millions of rands shelled out for demolition works for the new provincial legislature complex; and more than R100 000 in monthly rentals for the provincial treasury department.

158. The Free State provincial health department is facing R1.5 billion worth of lawsuits for malpractice,while the education department is alleged to have recorded a bank overdraft of R800 million to help alleviate the financial crunch.

159. A defence force project meant to give jobless matriculants a foot in the door has degenerated into a job creation project for the children ofdefense force generals.

160. Denel accumulated a staggering loss of R 1.7 milliard rands- it’s boss  Riaz Saloojee still gets a hefty bonus.

161. The South African Airways (SAA) will get R5bn, SA Express R1.2bn and the South African Post Office R2.9bn in new funding from the government (tax payer again)

162. Recently fired Transnet CEO Siyabonga Gama will still receive his salary for the next six months despite not having to report for duty.The fired Transnet boss will still be paid R3 million for doing nothing.

163.  Hundreds of millions of rands have been spent by Prasa on dodgy security contractsRoy Moodley implicated in deals worth over R300-million.

164. Jacob Zumja and Tina Joemat  Petersen illegally sold off 10 million barrels of crude oil left the country, at $28 a barrel.

165.  A new factory   are going to build R51bn locomotives that South Africa  can’t use

166.  Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka and the 55 000 Nigerian oil barrel sacndal

167. Tony Yengeni and  his R349 950  Merc  scandal

168. Pnuell Maduna and the oil scandal

169. Defence and Military Veterans Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula has been asked to clean up tender irregularities  in exess of R52 million in the SA National Defence Force (SANDF), as more allegations pile up against senior officials

170. SABC CEO Madoda Mxakwe says that the public broadcaster’s top management cannot let the SABC collapse due to its poor finances that makes it technically insolvent

171.Then there were the humiliation for the SABC incompetent robbers when SCOPA chased them away to go and find R 4.9 BILLION they have wasted

172. An in-depth forensic investigation by Grant Thornton and SizweNtsalubaGobodo Advisory Services into the awarding of a SAPS/SITA contract to Keith Keating’s Forensic Data Analysts amounting to R61 million for the provision of forensic light sources, has uncovered massive potential fraud and/or collusion between at least 20 senior SAPS officials and FDA employees.

173. The ANC received a R2 million election campaign donation from the bosses of VBS Mutual Bank.

174.  Stanley Khanyile‚ a former social development head of department in the Eastern Cape province‚ was allegedly instrumental in stripping some R30-million from the National Development Agency budget over two years via “rigged tenders.

175. With cash-strapped non-profit organistations (NPOs) struggling to stay afloat, there are concerns that the R1 billion being spent by the KZN Social Development Department on NPOs annually, is being channeled to bogus welfare entities.

176. A former acting municipal manager of Makhado municipality in Limpopo, Johannes Kandwendo, is to face disciplinary action over his involvement in the irregular investment of R63m at VBS Mutual Bank.

177. What was meant to be the start of a thriving multimillion-rand protea farming project is yet to get off the ground in an Eastern Cape village – despite R2.5m apparently already having been paid for 290,000 plant cuttings.

178. Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises is now part of a “campaign” aimed at destroying Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba. This is according to the embattled minister, following reports of a leaked preliminary report into electricity provider Eskom. According to Business Day, Gigaba and former public enterprises minister Lynne Browne are among 44 people and 25 companies who should be criminally investigated over alleged mismanagement and corruption at the utility.

179. The quality of diesel produced by PetroSA has become so poor that it is on the verge of losing its last big client, Shell South Africa, which could cost the oil company billions.

180. The SA Police Service (SAPS) is planning to promote 37 former black only Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) and Azanian People’s Liberation Army (Apla) “freedom fighters “ to the top rank of General – a move that could see some of them skip as many as five ranks.

182. In what Daily Maverick suggested in February 2018 was the largest state-sanctioned, corporate-sponsored fraud in the history of Big Mining in democratic South Africa, an insight was provided into how 350,000 mostly unemployed members of the Bakgatla Ba Kgafela were robbed of their inheritance. 

183. DA leader Mmusi Maimane has implicated the son of  Cyril Ramaphosa in questionable financial dealings with controversial government service provider BOSASA‚ alleging that Andile Ramaphosa received a suspicious R500‚000 payment from the company.

184. THE civil rights movement Afriforum is going to take South Africa’s government Health Services head on about the waste of R 10 MILLIARD rands in the 9 provinces.

South Africa had lost around R700 billion to ANC corruption since 1994Not a day goes past that we are not battered by yet another sordid revelation  of the ANC’s “Tsunami of Sleaze”. Municipalities cannot pay salaries …SABC cannot pay salaries and is bankruptDenel cannot pay salaries and is bankrupt… Transnet is bankrupt …SARS is running in a minus…SAA cannot pay salaries and is bankruptEscom is BankruptTelkom is also going down…SANDF has no more funds and is in shambles…our Government Hospitals don’t even have money for bedding and our whole health system has collapsed- and now they want to screw the tax payer again to fund another few MILLIONS for this SOE miserable failures  in “bail outs ” again! .Our police force don’t even have vehicles to go out to a crime scene and most of police officers are the actual criminals. Nearly every minister in the ANC Government has been involved in corruption , bribery and mismanagement of tax payers funds …unemployment is the highest it’s ever been in the history of our country . Our education dept has run out of funds..Crime is out of control …. people have been put into power who earns millions a year but are as dumb as shit .Fuel prices has never been so high .VAT is up, taxes are rising …land grabs are falsely touted as the ‘save all’. The ANC are just as racist as the NP Government was.Mzansi has hit rock bottom and the ANC GOVERNMENT is the cause of this all . AND now they want to control the RESERVE BANK too. God Forbid!


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AND the ANC has promised ( for the umpteenth time this past 20 years) to create over 270,000 jobs a year if it’s elected back into power this year….Image result for laughing smiley gif animation


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This is how the ANC are throwing around money while their supporters live in poverty. A  big weekend for a few ANC members at Sakhumzi’s in Soweto. This was the bill, how insane?


VERYtrustworthy “government they will be voting back into power to run the Reserve Bank indeed!

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South Africa must be the only country in the world where the governing party gives a full military funeral for a birthday cake.

WROTE Mirriam Jass:

The Truth About The ANC’

The ANC government has ignored, abused, humiliated and killed Black people for 25 years. And now they’re asking for another chance to be voted for in the next elections. On what merit does anyone vote for such a political party? Unless they enjoy poverty, insults and a destroyed country and economy, then please go ahead and vote for them again. But please don’t come back and claim poverty, and expect everyone to feel sorry for you. We reap what we sow.

Unfortunately those who know and accept the truth are a minority. And they happen to be taxpayers and feed the majority who refuse to free this country from the shackles of corruption, mismanagement and arrogance of the ANC. Perhaps all taxpayers need to immigrate to better managed countries and leave these ANC sheeplings to fend for themselves. Perhaps we should close our businesses and leave the ANC to continue with its “struggle”, without our monies. Lets see who pays for the social grants that they promise their sheeplings.

I am sick and tired of feeding unplanned children from unmarried parents who know very well that they cannot afford them, yet go ahead and produce them. Only because they know i am going to be forced to support them against my will, while they roam around the streets drunk and prostituting themselves even more. I sacrificed too many things in life to be educated, despite my parents abject poverty. So many times i held more than one job to support my family and finance my education. Today teenagers whose parents have the means to finance their education even beyond Matric just drop out of school and expect me to support their unplanned children. Just because the ANC goverment lets them.

No photo description available.
I am beyond angry with the same people who complain about poverty, yet repeatedly voting for a useless government which makes a mockery of their pain and suffering.  This country will never stop being the laughing stock of the world as long as we have people who are intent on opposing the minority who have been constantly dishing out the facts about our country’s crises brought in by the ANC. I’m sick of the insults, scorn and rejection caused by their government’s carelessness, racism and rampant corruption.
And I’m tired of tiptoeing around stupid, ignorant and selfish people who refuse to reason beyond their noses. The time for begging and compromising is long overdue.

This country belongs to ALL of us and it’s our combined responsibility to make an effort to change the change the status quo.
How long will we keep making excuses when the truth is right in front of us? How many more chances can we really give the same people without destroying ourselves and our country in the process? The truth shall always set us free.

Mirriam Jass

WROTE Hannes Engelbrecht:


I am unashamedly in support of taking back the land from those who stole it from us without any compensation at all. South Africans of all colours and creeds should stand firm on the issue of land. Am I suddenly ANC or EFF? No, you see, I want to take back the land in another way. I want the land back. The land of fauna and flaura, waterfalls, Free State grasslands, sub-tropical Mpumalanga, lush KZN, small General Dealers next to dirt roads. We South Africans want that land back for ourselves, our children and grandchildren that the ANC and EFF have stolen it from us.

Because of rampant crime I cannot stop anywhere and just walk between the marula, mopani, maretla, lekkerbreek and papierbasboom. My freedom of movement has been stolen, for wherever I stop, within a kilometer radius, will be an idle vagrant wanting to relieve me of my monopoly capital, cellphone and wallet. I want to teach my kids about, and show them, a blouwildebees, tolo, phala, ietermago and phukubje but I cannot do that because vast areas are littered with plastic bags, roaming poachers, burnt grasslands. I want to invite friends to share sosaties, morogo, pap, Karoo-skaap and makwele with me without being restricted by pallisades and armed security guards. We want to laugh and have fun and drink a few beers or mageu. Ek soek nie hierdie gangsters en drugs in die Kaapse Fletse nie.

Dear ANC and EFF, not only have you taken the peace and beauty of the land from us with your idiotic policies and non-existent law and order; you also destroyed our land’s riches with Australian, British, Indian and now Chinese companies plundering our mineral resources so that a percentage can end up in your deep pockets. I want to chat to Joe the Greek and Sergio the Porra in his small shop somewhere in the middle of nowhere, without them and Abdool handing me a packet of sugar through thick iron bars. I don’t want to buy crap and dubious products from illegal Chinese, Pakistani and Ethiopian spaza shops.

I want to again, like twenty years ago, pick up hitch-hikers next to the road. “Tobela, where are you going?” “Ek gaan nie ver nie…” We must take back the land from the greedy plunderers, the criminal loiterers, the fat cat politicians and the wealthy foreign magnates. This is our land – we never gave Zuma or Ramaphosa permission to colonize it. We want the lawless settlers in their red overalls off our streets, out of our businesses, banned from our Parliament. We never gave you permission to destroy our heritage and the land our ancestors left to us. We made you temporary custodians of our land and you buggered up big time, wena.

The people shall govern! Voetsek! Ntle! Scram!

-Hannes Engelbrecht


WROTE Sandile B. Gambu


Black people – do you all realize how racist you have become? Stop playing the victim card and just face facts – look at the state of the country and base your analogy on that. This race based politics will be the eventual failure of our country. Stop with this racism! You’re all starting to sound like Zimbabweans, and look how far that nonsense got them. If you’re happy with your ANC then good for you but stop criticizing anyone else who disagrees and labeling them as racist towards your ANC.

There was a time where the ANC movement stood for something. The fact that you choose to sit there and put blinders on your eyes does not make you more knowledgeable then me. Your loyalty to the liberation movement is admirable, I was once like you but I chose excuse myself from being a puppet of greed and directionless. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll forever be grateful to the liberation movement but I fortunately have identified that the movement has gone astray.

Just like you the masses do not foresee the tragedy that awaits the nation in the near future. South Africa is at the brink of being labeled a failed state. Tensions are running high on all fronts. Constant protests in every province, cities and townships. An economy that has come to a complete stand still, citizens demanding free things from government and a completely clueless government. I think apartheid is not solely responsible for our current predicament, anyone who believes otherwise is living in a dreamland.

The ANC no longer promotes unity and social cohesion, rather they have opted to divide the nation along racial lines. Our leaders making irresponsible statements that promote racist views on other races – this is done due to the desperation to stay in power. The rainbow nation is long dead. Unions are running riot in the nation making it unattractive for foreign investment. Stringent labor laws that make it difficult to combat unemployment. Tell me how apartheid is responsible for the mess we find ourselves in? So tell me ANC member, do you know how long you plan to stay a puppet of your beloved leaders?

Sandile B. Gambu

The most intelligent advice we can give to “the people “ is NOT to vote for these commi rats back in power again during the coming elections- for this will be the last time you will be able to enjoy your freedom. Mugabe pulled the same stunts in Zimbabwe- also blaming the white “colonials.” Capitalism was abolished and communism took control. And look where that brought Zimbabwe today. Mugabe now “retired” with all the riches he and his ZANU-PF cronies stole from the “people.” While he and his cronies lived in spledour- his “people” were suffering. Now he is gone- and Zimbabwe is falling into chaos with nothing to eat as they were too used to ZANU-PF ‘hand outs.Does the South Africans not learn from the lessons of Zimbabwe?

No photo description available.

Click on this link and see what is going on in Zmbabwe currently.

Fuel prices in Zimbabwe literally doubled overnight. From 08:00 this morning petrol costs about R45 / litre in Harare. Zimbabwe now deals in bonds and US dollars because the currency finally collapsed. There is no employment, hardly anything to buy and nothing to buy it with. Owning all the land and getting rid of the white farmer brought no wealth to anybody. On the destroyed one of the most prosperous and beautiful countries to a rubbish heap. That is why the white man in South Africa will not sit back and watch a repetition. We will fight for self determination and achieve it and ensure the well being of our people even if it takes years to do..

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THIS is Zimbabwe- a country with a leader who-like Ramaphosa- thought socialism was the ultimate “black Utopia.” Today they think otherwise. Will someone tell all the ANC and EFF  card-wavers to visit Zimbabwe first before they cast their vote this year please? (Just remind them to take enough food and spare petrol with.) 

More than half a million South Africans murdered since 1994 – South Africa’s murder crisis is so serious that some South Africans are more likely to be murdered than the residents of many terror-affected countries Approximately 500,000 South Africans have been murdered since 1994 under the rule of the ANC, according to findings from the 2017 South Africa Survey released by the IRR. In its 2017 South Africa Survey‚ the IRR noted that approximately 445,835 murders had been recorded in the country between April 1994 and March 2016.


BUT then again- Cyril and his cohorts already have rallied the poor balck masses behind them – and the black masses  do not read White Nation. So the black masses  will again vote the ANC back into power this coming elections- to their own demise. The ANC will push through the amendment of section 25– and will try to seize all white property. The whites will stand their ground- backed by the money powers that also want to protect their own interests in South Africa- and as the black heathen Malema said- there will be a war…..a war to liberate our country back from the evil claws of Ramaphosa, Nzimande, Davis and all the communist demons- and a war neither Ramaphosa and his communist cronies-  or the black masses – will be able to win.  South Africa is too a lucrative source of minerals- a source the Western money powers will not relinquish to the communist “masters”  that easily. The only victims in this war will be the common black civilians themselves that had no inclination what they wished (and voted) for.