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Article compiled  by: White Nation correspondent Witbank       January 17 2019




DA reacts to Front Nasional article about the Sweitzer-Reinecke Primary School shebang with more lies and a threat!






Posted by Leon Peacock on Thursday, January 17, 2019


THERE was a time we can remember that Rhodesia was one of the most sought after places to visit…the Vic falls, Bulawayo, Wanki and many other places that would make any tourist’s heart melt. Rhodesia was a jewel in Africa- a place that you could visit at leisure and much of Rhodesia’s income was derived from tourism.

One can remember passing Beitbrige on your way to the Wanki game reserve- then Fort Vic with it’s nice hotel and friendly service and the Vic falls that simply was breath taking. It was safe, it was an adventure- and it was a  life-time experience. Then you traveled up to Gwelo, Que Que, maybe make a right turn to Umtali and back to Salisbury before you start your return trip. Rhodesia had so much to offer IF governed amicably as it was under Ian Smith.

But that was a long time ago- all that changed when the stinking American Jew Henry Kissinger got a dirty finger in the pie- and together with his  despot  side-kick Pik Botha forever doomed that once luscious green country into a war zone- just as he did with South Africa. How many white South Africans joined the Rhodesian army and Ron Reid- Daly’s Selous Scouts to try to stop this communist menace from taking control of a beautiful flourishing country? But while they were fighting for the survival of Rhodesia- political menaces such as Kissinger, Oppenheimer, Botha, et al was busy with their devious  and treacherous political “Game of Thrones”just as the bastards did with South Africa!

Together this evil twins threw Ian Smith to the dogs. Long story short Mugabe and Nkomo jointly took control- but Mugabe was a treacherous sleazeball from the beginning and not long- or he ordered a secret assassination contract on his partner in crime. With Nkomo out of the way- the Devil spawn had full control of the country and the decline of a once prosperous land began. For 37 years this evil creature enforced brutal oppression and communist enslavement  onto his people with the blessing and funding from  the British establishment. Under his mentally deranged cockamamie dictatorship the Beast of Bulawayo start to wage a war against the “white colonials”- all while he received a monthly pay cheque from that same white “colonials” in  Britain.  Under his Pol Pot-style regime whites was dehumanized, murdered and brutally thrown out of the country- and with that- most of the food producing farmers too..

In typical 3rd world mentality- he started to recruit his own ZANU-PF dregs from the lowest walks of life- and set up his own “Stassi” police to start a clandestine offense against all that is white. One after the other productive farm fell in the hands of this evil critter and his cronies- and the food supplies as well as exports start to decline rapidly. The farms were distributed among Mugabe’s own political dregs- and Mugabe exploited his judiciary system and “has been” terrorists to persecute white farmers to the ends of the world. This madness lasted for 37 years.

But what Mugabe and his black thugs fail to notice is that his own people became poorer by the day. While Mugabe , his witch and closest cronies lived in splendor- the rest of the Zimbabwean population was suffering poverty and hunger.  Hungry and desperate  Zimbabwean immigrants started to flee the country to neighboring countries such as South Africa. Food was scarce and life was expensive. Things were going downhill for a country that once was referred to as the “bread-basket” of Africa. Only companies belonging to that same “ white colonials” kept the now “Zimbabwe” afloat all this time. But as history goes- all dynasties- even evil ones like Mugabe’s- some time will come to an end. And that also happened one year ago. There was much evil going on in Zimbabwe during this despot’s reign, many murders of his own people, clergymen and nuns, farmers and in general – anyone that pose a “threat” to this psychopath’s insecurity.

After 30 years of a reign of terror his country is now in shut down mode. The highest petrol price in the world, cities, businesses are shutting down. And he is retired in utter wealth that his people will never see. It is estimated that he has a net worth of over R1 Billion if you include all his properties. While the people who voted him in live in the worst poverty. Robert Mugabe, the man who destroyed one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

A new leader- ostensibly a ZANU-PF terrorist himself to keep the power tightly in control of the Mugabe gangsters- was chosen as the new leader of Zimbabwe- Emmerson Mnangagwa. Everybody stupid enough in politics (that would especially be the misdirected corrupt South African ANC regime and their  paid idiots in the Main Stream Media)-  expected and prophetized “radical change”  in the Zimbabwe affairs- as idiots go. It was all smiles with lots of  back-slapping and late-night  parties all around when Mnangagwa took the throne. Another black ill-trained political bubble-head Czar was in control again.  But the sordid reality is that Zimbabwe was too far down the road to perdition already. Mugabe and his bewitched mare Grace made sure his evil legacy will still haunt Zimbabwe for a long time to come. People was running around with 100-TRILLION dollar banknotes to purchase one single bread. Zimbabwe’s economy was in a free fall- and so also it’s currency that once was a match for even the American greenback. Kissinger must have felt elated- another successful  Jew created f*ck-up! 

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“This new President is doing worse than Mugabe did . He is a bigger demon than what Mugabe was

Hi everyone. I’m on the ground in Zimbabwe. I’m going to try and put this in cronological order to begin with. 
1) Last Friday Zuva petroleum ordered and paid for millions of litres of fuel. Zuva is Ed Mnangagwa & crony owned.
2) Saturday last ED calls a SONA at night and announces that fuel will increase by around 250% at midnight.
3) Zuva makes a cool 40m USD over night.
4) ED hires a 2m Dreamliner jet and flies out of the country the next day to Russia with an entourage of about 30.
5) Sunday last the ZCTU calls for a three day stay away to begin at midnight.
6) ED says he hopes thst companies won’t put up their prices. Transport costs skyrocket overnight.
On Sunday night I decided not to open on Monday. I am a service provider and have trucks traversing Harare. The stay away starts slowly. Bulawayo begins to shut down first and serious riots break out. Harare is mixed: part open and part closed. As the day wears on serious messages begin to circulate warning cities: towns : all businesses: schools and all activities to close immediately and go home. Riots and skirmishes begin to break out everywhere. Roads are blocked with rocks & burning tyres. The social media/whattsapp warnings increase. Everything begins to shut down. At least two police stations and three toll gates are burned down. Vehicles that are moving are stoned burned or turned over. We are told to avoid service stations and government buildings etc. Tuesday morning just after 9am we suddenly lose the Internet and we resort to sms & phone calls. It’s very, very hard to lose comms. No public transport moves at all nationwide and everything systematically shuts down. The stories will come out. From Monday night Chiwenga sends out the arny/CIO/Zanu PF militia in plain clothes to break into houses: beat:shoot : torture and intimidate. Zimbabwe knew it was coming and the people fight back. The rumours fly thick and fast. The ZRP are totally overwhelmed by angry Zimbabweans. To be continued.”


TODAY Mugabe- destroyer of a country and the lives of approximately 18 million people is an old decrepit reflection of an era when the world was ruled by political criminals and dictatorships.  But what this detestable human excrement left behind is a country totally desolated and plunged into starvation. Through his misplaced hatred for white people he dragged a healthy Rhodesian economy into a ravaged Zimbabwean wasteland.  His  ZANU-PF successor Mnangagwa is doing not much better. Already he is starting to “enjoy” the spoils of being another tin-pot African dictator with no clue how to run an economy.

Zimbabwe in chaos

Zimbabwe again is in the midst of yet another civil unrest. The news from Zimbabwe this morning is grim. An activist in Harare  says they have never seen violence and brutality on this scale before.Shocking information coming from Zimbabwe is that the internet has been shut down by the Mnangagwa-regime to prevent information reaching the outside world.  Several reports of tests by individuals show that they could not access WhatsApp and Facebook anymore since yesterday morning. Some networks like Econet, have reportedly blocked the entire internet. The Mnangagwa-regime is cracking down hard on the populace who already destroyed two cities due to the humongous fuel price hike which now stands at R 45.00 per liter petrol.The crackdown came in response to protests against a dramatic fuel increase. Reports indicates that thousands  of illegal Immigrants can cross the border into South Africa in the upcoming days due to unrest.


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Despite Zimbabweans owning  100% of the land, there is still a numbing  95% unemployment. Poverty is now the order of the day in a once flourishing nation. Two days ago, Fuel prices in Zimbabwe literally doubled overnight. From 08:00 this morning petrol costs about R45 / litre in Harare. Zimbabwe now deals in bonds and US dollars because the currency finally collapsed. There is no employment, hardly anything to buy and nothing to buy it with. The deplorable economic situation in Zimbabwe is getting even more critical by the day. Stack poverty now stares the majority of the people on the face. The country once had a vibrant economy as Rhodesia, when agricultural investors where not arm twisted, their land taken away forcefully by the former regime in a bid to Redistribute land. The truth about Zimbabwe is that it has regressed, back to that ancient poverty which has been the historical lot of mankind. Say a business man from Harare: “Roads are killing innocent citizens daily, hospitals are death traps without medication, we do not even have our own currency, and the recently introduced bond notes have failed dismally to curb the cash crisis. Companies continue to close and leave the country and many are loosing jobs, farmers are being terrorized by police when they want to get what they worked for which must contribute to the gross domestic product.”

Crowd stands over the body of a man killed during clashes between police and opposition demonstrators in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 1, 2018.


Terrified child narrates how soldiers attacked many

Posted by ZimEye on Friday, January 18, 2019



According to a medical professional, doctors around the country have treated at least 30 people with gunshot wounds, and 80 cases of serious assault. At least 2 people have died. These are just the cases that make it to hospital.  Armed police have surrounded the home of a Pastor Pastor Evan, according to activists and family members. A “law and order team” is apparently en route to arrest him.
Getting news out of the country is really difficult because of the internet  shut down. Military helicopters have fired tear gas at demonstrators in the capitol Harare. Soldiers are patrolling the streets. There is a wide-spread military operation in Harare’s townships especially DZ and Chitingwiza. According to sources soldiers are beating people up – going door-to-door – kicking down doors and dragging people from their homes. Both men and woman are being beaten. People now are fleeing their homes. Reports state that many people have been shot by police and prevented from going to hospitals.


Unrest in Zim

Posted by News360 on Monday, January 14, 2019

US report on recent zim elections and reasons why zim has no US dollars

Posted by Zimbabwe Association on Wednesday, January 9, 2019


According to sources the Zimbabwean army is ready to take over the country. Intellegence information filtering through says the ZNA is about to remove Mnangagwa and Chiwenga the way they removed Mugabe. Friday the 18th of January has been set as a “final push” day. Only 4 army units will be central in this operation. However there is stiff opposition from the presidential guard which is strongly aligned with Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. Some SADC experts from South Africa , Namibia and Swaziland are involved in the operation. They are taking advantage of the prevailing economic chaos. A prominent NGO based in Zambia is receiving funds to prop up the operation which must be carried out over a 6 day period before “assuring” the Zimbabwean nation of the road map to “democracy.” Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa  is in Russia trying to drum up investment. He shows no sign of returning home.

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Wrote Ben Freeth from Zimbabwe:

” We are now in our third day of complete shutdown throughout the whole of Zimbabwe. Banks are closed, schools are closed, roads are closed in and out of the main towns and transport systems have shut down. There are no newspapers to be bought, the Internet has been shut down by the government and everything is at a complete standstill. People are too afraid to move around as a result of the burning of vehicles by vigilante groups and the complete dearth of any updated information or warnings due to the total social media blackout. This means that no WhatsApp messages or photos can be sent, no one can access Facebook or Messenger, and the situation is very tense.

Soldiers beat a supporter of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) outside the party's headquarters as they await election results in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 1, 2018.

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THIS is the face of a dictatorship- the legacy Mugabe left behind…

In some centres it almost feels apocalyptic. We have heard gunfire, and before the Internet was closed down, saw pictures of dead and wounded people. It is unclear how many people have died but before the media blackout, it was reported that there had been five deaths and more than 200 people had been arbitrarily arrested. Elements of the police and military are also involved in ensuring that there is a complete shutdown. People in civilian dress armed with AK-47 rifles have been seen in some areas. It is clear that these are military personnel.

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Amnesty International has condemned the military crackdown and has called on the Zimbabwean authorities to ensure restraint by security forces and respect the public’s right to protest. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights reported prior to the blackout that they had received reports of soldiers and police breaking into homes in townships overnight and assaulting suspected demonstrators. Contacts in the diplomatic corps and the political opposition are also completely in the dark, along with the rest of us.

This morning I spoke to Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance, and it is clear that no one knows what is going on because the entire country has been effectively silenced. I have also spoken to lawyers regarding the arrest once again of Pastor Evan Mawarire who inadvertently triggered the highly successful #ThisFlagsocial media protest action in April 2016 because he could no longer afford to pay school fees. This led to his arrest on trumped up charges and his high profile court case. Since then, his activities have been under constant surveillance.

Supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change opposition party of Nelson Chamisa demonstrate outside the party's headquarters as they await results of general elections in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 1, 2018.

Police officers arrive at his flat this morning in central Harare and took him to the Law and Order section, charging him under a false charge of incitement to commit public violence. The crisis was precipitated on Sunday (January 13) by President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he announced a shock increase of 200 percent in the fuel price – this in a country with more than 90 percent unemployment and where the struggle to survive escalates daily. Mr Mnangagwa promptly left the country for Russia and has not returned. Reports say that he has gone there to “discuss Russian assistance to modernize the military”.

Image result for zimbabwe chaos

Right now the situation remains eerie and uncertain. If this goes on for much longer, the humanitarian crisis will escalate. We cannot buy food because the shops are all closed and transport systems have closed down. Most of the hospitals are without essential medicines and also staff because doctors and nurses can’t even get to work. This is an unprecedented situation in Zimbabwe and internationally. Even in wartime Europe, the people could get newspapers, transport systems operated, retail outlets were still open and people could communicate. I cannot send you an e-mail or a photograph – it is a very weird situation. The only thing we can do at this point is to ask for your prayers as we face this time of escalating fear and uncertainty.

Ben Freeth

Executive Director

Mike Campbell Foundation

Harare, Zimbabwe”



Posted by Zambian Watchdog on Thursday, January 17, 2019


The number of people killed by Zimbabwean Police has risen to 276 and 3000 people seriously injured. Live ammunition is fired to any man or woman. Sick people in houses are being beaten.Old aged people of around 60+yrs brutally beaten. Schools are closed,Hospitals are closed and nurses brutally beaten up. 13 Nigerian nationals beaten and killed,shops looted and their identities thrown away. 3 believed to be Ethiopians brutally beaten and an undisclosed amount of cash taken by police. Army is taking groceries from the people for their own benefit. Other shops in town were vandalized by the military especially in town and townships over the night. People are busy preparing burials. Pliz tell your relatives to hardly hide cash bcz the military or police are demanding cash or groceries after beating as a bribe to avoid you being detained Army is blocking roads beating up commuters. A First class bus that was travelling from Msanzi blocked at Mbudzi groceries looted by army and police. Cash robbery taking place right now.

Key sectors have been grounded. At the moment the public transport system has come to a halt in Zimbabwe in the aftermath of protest action in the country. Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa who spoke about the unrest in the country and the dire economic situation blamed the west for stringent sanctions without proffering solutions. Pupils have also not been going to school due to the unrest. However, the internet services have now been restored, after a 24-hour shutdown.  Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is on a five-nation European tour, on Wednesday spoke out for the first time on the deadly riots rocking his country, indicating he had no plans to return home immediately to attend to the crisis.

Mnangagwa will instead attend the World Economic Forum gathering  in Davos, Switzerland, after his official tour of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Political analysts and Zimbabwe’s opposition accuse the president of “galavanting” in Europe as the country reels in the aftermath of  violent protests against a sharp fuel-price increase. More than three people died, public transport was set alight and shops were looted in major cities Harare and Bulawayo. Tension has been simmering in Zimbabwe for some time amid  shortages of cash, food, medicine and fuel.  Mnangagwa’s announcement of a 150% increase in the price of fuel before he left for Europe was the last straw for many.

Image result for zimbabwe chaos


MEANWHILE back in South Africa   Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says he believes the government must intervene in Zimbabwe. He says South Africa cannot continue to remain silent on the tense situation. Maimane has on Tuesday told the Cape Town Press Club that while he would not advocate for a border wall, the South African government must ensure its borders are secure. He says government can no longer remain silent on the tensions in Zimbabwe. In fact, Maimane says the turmoil in that country should be a wake-up call for voters. “We can’t approach silent diplomacy. We have to go in there and intervene, and ultimately hold the Zimbabwean government to account. It’s a plight in the brotherhood that the African Union has become, where they refuse to stand up to each other and say what’s happening in Zimbabwe is wrong.” He believes government should be registering all foreign nationals entering South Africa to ensure public services can cope. “It cannot be that we continue to allow illegal immigration to continue at the level that we are. If we fail to do that it will be to our peril.”


Image may contain: 1 person

BUT is seems the idiocracy sitting in the South African parliament has not learned the terrible lessons from Zimbabwe yet. Ramaphosa- another African tin-pot dictator-and his 400 gang -bangers   in Parliament also want to chase all the white farmers from their land. As African ignorance already have cost the majority African countries to become failed cesspools of degradation and poverty- these greedy  African tyrants simply does not learn from their own past mistakes. And that is yet another lesson Mugabe and his ZANU-PF ilk today have proofed  to the rest of Africa that greed and fascism simply is a failed combination for a country.

But as we also know does these black African autocrats feel no compassion even for their own people. History already have told us that as soon as a black Hyena  takes the presidential seat- immediately he start screaming “Gone with the colonials.” Then next were the white food suppliers to follow in multiple land grabs. A few months afterwards he start to beg that same colonials for ” investments”– and a  few years down the line his whole country start to beg for “donations” and “hand-outs” from this same “colonials.” Their once pride lands became desolate wastelands. Such was the cases with Amin, Bokassa, Kenyatta, Kaunda, Chissano, Eduardo Dos Santos, Mugabe.…and very  soon it will be Ramaphosa.


Image may contain: airplane, sky and outdoor

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Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner in which His Excellency, president Emerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe, gallivants all over Asia and Europe at R 1 million per hour while his people are being shot,starved and tortured. One man one vote, return the land and all those…the story of Tinpot African dictators and the foolish vain hope that they will ever change…South Africa is next!!

American think-tank, the Cato Institute, has published a warning of the possible effects that expropriating privately-owned farmland may have on South Africa. In the post published on Monday (20 August), the institute’s Marian L. Tupy said that eighteen years ago Zimbabwe embraced a similar policy. “As a consequence, South Africa’s northern neighbor’s economy collapsed and the country descended into penury and political violence,” he said. “This scenario is likely to repeat itself in South Africa. An attack on property rights will result in the destruction of South Africa’s farming community, dramatic reduction in agricultural productivity, and mass unemployment. “It could also lead to a collapse of the banking sector (which depends on land as collateral for loan-making) and the local currency, hyperinflation, and even bloodshed.”

Tupy added that in the early 1990s, the United States was heavily involved in negotiating the transfer of power from the ruling National Party to the current government, and as such bears some responsibility for ensuring that South Africa’s post-apartheid political settlement, including protection of minorities and private property, endures. “President Trump should warn the South African government that if South Africa’s Constitution is amended to allow for expropriation without compensation, South Africa will be suspended from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), as Zimbabwe had been,” he said. “Moreover, the US Congress should hold hearings on the situation in South Africa, if the government of South Africa continues its destructive economic policies.”

The African Growth and Opportunity Act

Section 104 of AGOA states that a sub-Saharan African country is eligible for membership of AGOA if it:

  • Protects private property rights, incorporates an open rules-based trading system, and minimizes government interference in the economy through measures such as price controls, subsidies, and government ownership of economic assets;
  • Respects the rule of law, political pluralism, and the right to due process, a fair trial, and equal protection under the law.

“Furthermore, the text of AGOA states that if the President determines that an eligible Sub-Saharan African country is not making continual progress in meeting the requirements described in … Section 104 the President shall terminate the designation of the country as being eligible for membership of AGOA,” said Tupy. “Considering that South Africa is in breach or is about to breach a number of requirements for membership of AGOA, the president should act by issuing a preemptive warning to the South African government.”

In Zimbabwe the populace supported Mugabe in his mad drive to rid the country of whites. The populace- like the South African blacks- also thought it was a good idea to “liberate” their country from all whites- and like Ramaphosa, Malema and Mngxitama- also had this very psychopathic narrative that Zimbabwe “belong to blacks” – and blacks alone. When white farmers were murdered in Zimbabwe the media- like the South African media- paid no attention. The blacks in Zimbabwe never uttered a single word of condemnation- just like the blacks in South Africa. Well- maybe rude to say- but Zimbabweans now have got what they have wished for. They were adamant they want their “liberty” from the white “colonial”  – the same the South African blacks say they want. They wanted “independence. ” They wanted all the trouble the “Van Riebeecks” brought with them. They also screamed “Give back  our land.” Now they’ve got it.


THERE IS PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE A COUP IS BUSY TAKING PLACE IN ZIM AND THAT THOUSANDS BEEN KILLED…This video is a bit more realistic and the Illuminati element do have an agenda, is why rumors of deaths and other threats are spread to start a war in South Africa too… There may be a possibility that General Chiwenga used the military to pull a Coup, but that info will surface soon and we will all know for sure. Be careful to who you are listening…without real proof.@Letichiarose150% fuel price hike, food shortage, inflation and blocking of social media access in Zimbabwe is causing frustration amoung residents.Here’s what you need to know about the country's anti-government protests, as it enters the 3rd day.

Posted by Letichia Roos on Friday, January 18, 2019


They have no food- but they have their land. They are poor- but they have their land. They are being killed by their own government- but they have their land. They have no jobs- but they have their land. They are impoverished and starving- but at least they’ve got their land. So…why do they now complain about the treatment they get from their own people? Why should we pay any more attention to a country whose populace wished for something- and now rightly got what they deserved? They have their land- “liberated” from those “oppressive” colonials- so why should we trouble ourselves paying any attention to them anymore…they only received the extra “perks” that came with their “liberation.”

Africa deals in a very uncanny way with it’s domestic problems…it is a “black thing.” When the white farmers complained they were murdered and chased off their land by the Mugabe thugs nobody cared- and the farmers were told to take their stuff and “go back to Europe- Africa is for Africans. ” So…Zimbabweans must now but be contempt to eat the porridge they themselves asked for.Why  should we now care if black Zimbabweans complain about their own chosen regime’s atrocities against them? Let them call Ramaphosa, Malema and Mngxitama to come and help sort out their sh*t. This three stooges seem to be having all the answers and solutions for Africa’s “struggling” populations. Was it not Zuma and Malema that said that South Africans rather follow the  Zimbabwe model- and that Mugabe was a “very wise man?” So….Let them then go help the “piepol”  of Zimbabwe. 

And so will the South African majority black population again vote the same corrupt ANC criminals back into power  in the 2019 elections- because they also want their “land.” They also want the white farmer to “go back to Europe.” They also blame the “Van Riebeecks.” They also are “unhappy” about the white farmer in their country. They also are complaining “Give our land back.” Soon they too will realize the ANC also have a few “perks” attached to that land “thing” – simply because blacks across Africa in 300 years also never learned that the biggest oppressors of their so-called “liberation” is their own greedy and corrupt black Czars….the same South Africa now experience. 

There is no whites to blame for the deep sh*t Zimbabweans  find themselves in now. THAT unfortunately- was the black population of Zimbabwe’s own doing. Now their boss-boy is complaining it was Britain and America’s fault they suffer due to sanctions….but who allowed Mugabe to be voted into power in the first place? Why is he now running to all the “white colonial”  countries – begging for money? Zimbabwe was a lucrative well functioning country and rich in abundance of mineral exports when they got their “independence.” THEY f*cked it up…so why blaming whitey again? But that also appear to be a “black” thing….constantly blaming whites and “apartheid” for everything. They also are “struggling” on a constant basis.We constantly heard Mugabe blaming whites and we constantly hear the ANC,EFF and BLF blaming whites too.


https://newsoweto.co.za/author/staff-reporter/ WROTE:

Zimbabweans Dying Of Hunger After Land Grabs And Killing Of White Farmers

“The deplorable economic situation in Zimbabwe is getting even more critical by the day. Stack poverty now stares the majority of the people on the face. At some point, the country had a vibrant economy, when agricultural investors where not arm twisted, their land taken away forcefully by the former regime in a bid to Redistribute land. The truth about Zimbabwe is that it has regressed, back to that ancient poverty which has been the historical lot of mankind. As I’ve pointed out before: The problem with this description is that it is actually accurate. Zimbabwe simply doesn’t have anything even approximating to a formal economy any more. And as such it’s one of the poorest places on the planet as a result. And yes, Mugabe is to blame for this. During his dictatorial regime, this is what the former and indeed the acclaimed most educated president in the world at that time Robert Mugabe said:

“Zimbabwe is one of the most highly developed countries in Africa and after South Africa, I want to know which country has that level of development that we see in Zimbabwe,” From 2011 to 2014, the percentage of Zimbabweans scrambling to make a living in the informal economy shut up to an astonishing 95 percent of the work force from 84 percent, according to the government. And of that small number of salaried workers, about half are employed by the government, including patronage beneficiaries with few real duties. In 2018, apart from the embarrassing unemployment rate, there is also no food for the people and the government seem helpless about the situation.”


Note that, Zimbabweans own millions of Land Hectors but remain Economically suffocated because whites left with Oxygen.Today the same Government of ZANUPF which instructed them to kill the innocent souls is killing them, Zimbabwean Citizens are today swimming in the pool of blood because they allowed to be deceived by greedy politicians. In South Africa blacks have not been in such a situation yet- so they still are arrogant and walk the same road blacks in Zimbabwe walked- and unfortunately- that road only leads one way- where Zimbabwe and the rest of black Africa finds themselves now. But South African blacks are clever people- they do not need to educate themselves about past mistakes- “liberation” again stands before “education.” The Zimbabweans quickly realized that it is their own kind- like in so many cases in African history- that is busy killing them. It was their own kind that impoverished them. It was their own kind that allowed all white food producers to be cleansed from Zimbabwe soil- and thus brought starvation to the masses. They also “Killed the Boer “ and “Killed the farmer”– the same  Mr. Julius Malema are and Mr. Mngxitama are advocating now.

And this is precisely what the ANC,EFF , BLF,  DA and AGANG promotes- the extermination of the white food producer in South Africa.  The half-wit political parties bluntly refuse to learn lessons from Zimbabwe- but that maybe is because the majority in parliament is not very well educated in economics as well…too much gravy train, black only “tribalism”-  and “black nationalism”  clouds their judgement. Is it not interesting that in 37 years the populace of Zimbabwe only showed a 3.8% annually without whites. In South Africa on the contrary- the black population growth nearly hit a 80% every five years. This fact comes to show that where there is whites- the black population growth is exploding. Make your own calculations.  BUT like their Zimbabwean counterparts  must black South Africans still learn the hard way that karma always ends up being  a bitch- and that lesson only will dawn on them when they also will stand with a R 5 Trillion bank note in their hands in front of an empty shelve. Now they still are too arrogant and too vindictive- filled with malicious ANC commi propaganda and misplaced hatred for the white farmer. They still do not realize it’s that same white farmer that keep the starvation and the black oppressor away from their doorstep  and their bellies full. Life still is too enjoyable with whitey’s nice cars, electricity, transport, etc. But their time will come when whitey will not be there to blame anymore- and they- like Zimbabwe- will be persecuted by Africa’s black tyrants too. And they too- like the rest of war-torn Africa- will flee again to white countries as “refugees.”  

SOUTH AFRICA has been a very stable country and an economic hub in Africa for many years- that is until Henry Kissinger and his NP/ANC rat pack took a hand in things.  The ANC never let go of the whites- and since 1994 constantly kept on pounding them with all types of discriminatory laws , blaming, – and slanderous narratives. Even now arch fiend and beetle dung Zuma said  that blacks are poor because they were “forcefully dispossessed of their ancestral land.” A seeming unhappy Zuma posted two videos, saying there is too much debate about land expropriation without compensation, and has suggested that land should be nationalized.

Zuma breaks silence about the land

Unhappy Zuma goes explosive about returning the land forcefully taken from Blacks

Posted by News360 on Friday, January 4, 2019


These ANC idiots simply never learn...do they? They simply just could not let the country and it’s people function in peace. This they did not plunder- they destroyed in typical “socialist” anarchy through their bastard unions. They have been preaching war for a long time now. They allowed South Africa to become the biggest haven for the worst type of criminals. They have been needling the whites for many years now- looking for confrontation on various occasions.

But whatever Ramaphosa has in his little ugly and evil Pandora’s box stashed- he will quickly learn that the white South African Boer/Farmer is not the common white British farmer that will run away with his tail between his legs out of  fear for the “Great” black oppressor. The fact that they kept their cool all these years do not by a long shot mean they are afraid or cowards. They simply are allowing the ANC and their vile cohorts enough rope to hang themselves. And hang they will soon. They have destroyed a once beautiful country in 25 short years.  The white Boers  have listened and watched Ramaphosa and the  thieving ANC play havoc with their country and economy. They took notice how suddenly arrogant idiots such as Malema and Mngxitame jumps up and “challenge” them, taunt them, threatening them, mock them- and demonized them. They have watched how more than 6000 of their people were brutally murdered while the ANC carelessly ignored their plight. They have seen how more than 70 000 whites were brutally attacked by black heathens. They took notice how the South African media and their anti-white racist editors played all along.

They saw how their people were persecuted and prosecuted- arrested and incarcerated on bogus charges. They took notice of leftist parties such as the DA, AGANG , white liberals and others turned in cahoots against them.

They have endured 25 years of utter demonetization, white genocide, oppression, discrimination and down-right racism against their nation. Ramaphosa and his arrogant gang of corrupt thieves keep on pushing  to follow the Zimbabwe model by changing section 25 of the constitution that protects private ownership- but will soon learn the terrible white back-lash and the determination of the white Boer fighter dare he and his “socialist” slouches touch their land. Ramaphosa already send a threat to the white farmers- “advising” them to ‘peacefully” hand over their private farms to his communist ilk– or do it the “hard” way. He-as his predecessors- have the idea he is “untouchable.” They are going to come for him and his communist cronies- whether the ANC criminals think they could hide behind all their stolen money and bank-rolled security forces – and they are going to bring hell with them! If the criminals in the ANC/EFF and BLF have not learned from Zimbabwe’s failures and the South West African Border war yet- they surely are going to get a tough lesson from the white Boers very soon. Kissinger and his evil Cabal is about to get one helluva surprise….Boers never forget! 



White Nation

Image may contain: text that says 'Julius Malema! There's a vacancy in Zimbabwe, I suggest you apply immediately. You will have a ready made country, without farmers and white people. You can show the world how to manage it! Good luck with your new venture.'