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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town    February 14 2019





” There is no longer any doubt in what causes Poverty in Africa . Black People in Africa “Love Poverty” . They will continually vote for Poverty Creation, no matter how much these Leaders steal from them, they will always believe it is someone else’s fault … “- Annon.

THE criminal ANC reserves absolute  no resources when it comes to deception and lies- even more so when it concerns their stay in power. One of their most revered lies is that they – the ANC- are responsible for paying out state grants- and if you do not vote for the ANC- you naturally will loose that state grants.That is one of the biggest fabrications in their devious deception election campaign  arsenal.

The national budget will shortly be debated in Parliament. Once again, like during every election year, the implication by the governing party, the ANC, will be that they are responsible and paying the social grants to people. THIS IS A LIE. Social grants are paid by the State from tax money; not by the ANC. By not voting for the ANC on May 8 you cannot forfeit your social grant. The ANC cannot bully you into voting for them if you get a grant, nor can they blackmail you that your grant will be stopped if you don’t vote ANC. Social grants in South Africa increased from an estimated 4 million in 1994 to 17,4 million grants at the end of 2018. If you are blackmailed into believing that the ANC pays your grant they are laughing all the way because it assures them of 17 million votes. The ANC made sure that nearly half of the population are poor and so they can manipulate these social grant beggars into voting for them- or else….

About 3,4 million people receive Sassa old age pensions of R1600 per month. You spent your life working and paying taxes. You are entitled to your old age Sassa pension if you have no other income or are earning less than R73800 per year. The ANC cannot take it away. It is anyway far less than the minimum wage, so, the threats of “losing it “ is actually an indictment against the government. You are a citizen like everybody else with a vote like everybody else. More than one million people receive disability grants of R1510 per month. You are entitled to it because there is nothing you can do about your disability. Veterans of the Second World War and Korean War receive R1600 per month. If you have an old age, war veteran or disability grant and you require full time care because of mental or physical conditions, you can apply for antoher R380 per month.

Even if you benefit from the controversial child support grant of R380 per month or the foster child grant of R920 nobody can touch it till the child reaches the age of 18. Everybody knows that this particular grant, to 12,1 million people, is abused by many and it also is counter-productive in ethics and morals as well as a let-off for irresponsible fathers, it is a reality that only the full Parliament, comprising of ALL political parties, can change or take away. We know that more than 300 000 such grants were cancelled due to fraud, but as long as you followed all the correct steps it is the status quo – it is the reality. Nobody can stop it before or after an election because of your vote.

South Africa spends about 4% of its income on social grants, which is far too much. If the same trend of the past few years continue social grants and civil service salaries will absorb the whole South African income by 2026. As a social grant holder you must thus remember one thing very clearly: you are entitled to your grant and it is actually the rise in civil service salaries eating sway at our economy – it is actually those people behind the counters where you have to stand for days in endless queues who are eating all our money. If they behave like little gods or goddesses to you, you walk into that cubicle on May 8 and you make your cross behind the name of any party you think will be able to sort this mess out. You have the same vote as any of those guys in their fancy BMW’s and new suits. Ramaphosa and his government lackeys have fewer votes than the 17 million grant holders.



THE ANC has brought the country to it’s knees in 21 years. The ANC made hundreds of false promises it never honored. The ANC is not the answer to South Africa anymore- another 5 years of their devious rule and South Africa will find itself being shy-ed by the world – hammered with economic sanctions again. Already they have received warnings from 5 Western countries two weeks ago- which their bimbo “minister”of International Relations and Cooperation- Lindiwe Sisuluarrogantly   laughed off. They have been robbing the country blind. They are nothing but a bunch of arrogant thieves. They have outstayed their welcome. They only looked after their own pockets and destroyed the South African economy in total- leaving it hovering just above “junk” status.

And this is the South African Minister of Social Development🤣🤣

Posted by Help South Africa please on Wednesday, February 13, 2019


The comedy of andile mngxitama is SHOCKING!

Posted by Help South Africa please on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

AND the lies and monkey business goes on……

IS it not ironic that civilians are locked up for mediocre offenses while national terrorists such as the NEC of the ANC, board of directors of ESCOM, SAA, TRANSNET, SABC  and TELKOM who is causing irreparable damage to the economy through their greed, corruption and incompetence never are dragged before a court and sent to lengthy jail terms for terrorism against the nation? Instead of gallivanting around the globe playing “ poor little rich boy” Ramaphosa rather should attend to more serious matters at home such as the greedy idiots in ESKOM that hold the whole country at ransom with their destructive childish “load shedding” games.


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IN 1947 it was world news if power to a city was down 35 minutes. TODAY the black ANC terrorists can down the power for hours on end each day- yet somehow the liberal creeps and terrorists in control seem to think this is “normal?” How long are we still going to tolerate their flagrant intimidation before we retaliate with our own sabotage against a useless greedy regime and their sack-of-sh*t cohorts such as ESKOM? 

It is time for a regime change and a hunt to capture each and every ANC-related viper that caused our economy damage and dragged a once flourishing country back into the stone age. TWICE a day these rats now cut our power for FIVE hours……and recon we simply must “accept” this blatant intimidation tactics? Which other country in the Western world do you know about that have such blatant discriminatory and flagrant mob-style hi-jacking methods as this bunch of mafioso criminals in South Africa? Systematically they have been mind f*cking the poor lesser intelligent populace into becoming their obedient submissive slaves and milking cows for the self enrichment schemes of the ruling mob. If the mob does not get their way (or tariff increases) they simply “punish” the populace by continuous power cuts. They are terrorizing the masses through deliberate pre-planned subversive malignant economic sabotaging offensives. Ironic is the fact that this lesser intelligent populace will AGAIN vote this malicious economic saboteurs back into power again. Only members of the Homo Africana clans can come up with such destructive backwards strategies to destroy their own futures. It’s time the people take some action and hunt these political and corporate criminals down.


A Facebook user wrote: 

“People are struggling to get their SASSA pensions just because you are white. There are millions of blacks drawing SASSA pension who does not even live in this country. Whites don’t get jobs loans bonds proper medical care free education. Blacks get it all. You only need to earn a salary of R2000 per month if you are black to qualify for all the above. Our country is in the dark. Why? They laid off all the qualified people with a very high standard of education and replaced them with uneducated unqualified thugs. Children and students education suffer due to this power cuts. Students cant do their projects and classes are running behind. Ekhurulenni municipality never paid their water bill although the white residents paid their bills.


ESKOM to shed white engineers again to make space for BEEE conscripts


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And now these retarded racist bastards are bringing in Italian engineers to try and help rectify the untenable situation our country finds itself in due to their gross  ineptitude, racial bigotry, crass stupidity and myopia.  Now ask yourself, what  color do these utter morons think these Italian engineers are likely going to be and why can they not use a couple of the more than 1000 white engineers they got rid of between 2015 and now instead of bringing in foreigners? The problem here is that the mentally handicapped patients are running the  lunatic asylum while the doctors are hamstrung to do anything about it because they are in the minority.



Please listen to this !

Posted by Stavro Michel on Thursday, February 14, 2019





They were left without water for nearly a week. That happens on a regular basis. You are going to have to pay VAT  on your car soon. More to pocket. A friend of mines brother switched his whole house to solar and the municipality have the audacity to send him a letter to pay for Gods Sun. Can you believe that? The money for the solar system comes out of his pocket. The sun shines down from heaven. How the hell can you pay for that? White people pay very high prices for education, electricity , water, property rates and taxes. In rural areas they don’t pay for electricity. Cape town is 18 million in the red because of that. They waste water and don’t pay. They get a 100 year lease on a property. They never pay more than a R100 for water and electricity. R50 for a stand don’t need house plans. Do as you wish. The war is silent so silent Trump and others dont see. They are politically blind.

The worst is traitors like Charlese Theron who paid Malema’s  18 million tax dept. Lord women-  you came from here -went to a small farm school called Pettit Laerskool. What is wrong with you paying for a murderer . Did you see what Vereeniging looks like where he is in charge? I dont think so. That place is a rubbish dump. Nothing works nothing gets fixed people are humping each other and animals in their front yards. If that is who you associate yourself with go ahead we don’t want to know you. There is less and less left in the country every passing day. Less whites , – less living. Zero economy. Zero food security. I think Germany is more man enough to handle this shit and save this shit hole from going up in flames and die in the ashes.”