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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom     February 23 2019






YOU know- ONE thing that really troubles one’s mind is the double standards this useless communist ANC regime apply when it comes to class/race differentiation. Now we already know that this Robin Island criminals will go out of their way to try to oppress, subdue, discriminate and down-right massacre anyone that remotely looks like an Afrikaner descendant- least being a patriot.

For years now this criminals in Lethuli-House has been waging a war against the Afrikaner population. To them- there is no one on this God forsaken earth that poses a greater threat to their criminal rule than the white Afrikaner. On every level they try to dehumanize, demonize and plan vindictive offensives to keep the Afrikaner oppressed and suppressed. It is mind boggling that the white Afrikaner and especially the international jack rabbits tolerate the inhuman atrocities committed against the Afrikaner. When the “poor” blacks was supposed-to-be “oppressed”– the mentally deranged liberal international asylum were going ape-shit- and George Soros and his British/American demons were hard at work to wrestle power from the white minority into the hands of the black 3rd world invading majority. Lies, deception and treason formed the nucleus of the liberal offense to bring about the capitulation of the white government– just to replace it with a totally useless, incompetent, illiterate and downright criminal terrorist organization that so far has done nothing yet bar bringing pain , poverty, modern slavery , criminally, corruption , economic implosion and a genocide into the borders of a country that once pride itself being a world leader on many technological, industrial , scientific and medical levels.

WE all are aware of the fact the the whole “apartheid”  conspiracy was a pre-meditated  scam from the CIA/British Intelligence terrorist organizations  to deliver South Africa into the hands of the Illuminati ghouls – using the ever “demanding but never satisfying” black masses and especially the British media-created demi god Mandela as a vehicle to overthrow the white government right from the start. We know that the bad -ass Jews such as Oppenheimer, Soros, Bush, Carnegies, Rothschild, Windsor and Rockefeller gangs were funding and mastering the whole operation. We also know the bad-ass minion Jews such as Jeremy Cronin, Joe Slovo, Helen Suzman, Zille, Sacks, Goldstone, Bernstein, Kasrills, Schwartz , Morimer and many other filthy Lutheanian traitors to their own kind participate under cover to assist their demonic bosses in America and Britain to bring South Africa to a fall. We also are aware of the fact they paid devious scumbags such as De Klerk, De Villiers, Botha, Wessels, Meyer, Groenewald, Van Heerden and many other useless yellow-bellied  white Afrikaner filthy vultures  to betray their own people and sell out the power to the bad-ass Jews to plunder the country at will. Also we know about the devious role the “church” such as the Dutch Reformed Church and Anglican Church played- hid many terrorists , funded them, channeled dirty money from Britain into ANC accounts, – and participated into mind-f*cking the poor naive church-going Afrikaner into submitting his power to a destructive terrorist organization he fought against for more than 25 years. Yea- we all knew that.

We know about the Helderberg airplane crash conspiracy and threats to Dawie Uys to assassinate all South Africa’s nuclear scientists in one go. We know about the “black ops” assassination of Afrikaner leader Eugene Terreblanche and the non-traceable Zimbabwean and minor “fall guys.” We know about the assassination attempt by the National Party Broederbond hoodlums on PW Botha to poison him. We know about the National Party assassination of Robert Smith and his wife Jeannie. We know about the R 4 trillion gold stolen from the Reserve Bank by the NP and ANC which was funneled through City Bank to the New York Jews, – We know about the Shell House massacre ordered by Mandela to prevent a Zulu uprise. We know THEN about how the British/American bad ass Jews captured the South African state through trash such as the Afrikaner Broederbond  and Nasionale Pers hooligan traitors as early as their “secret” meeting in 1984. We know about all the white liberal traitors such as Max Du Preez and the whole DAKAR gang- how they conspired to sell South Africa to the commies. We know about the National Party and the ANC cavorting in London hotels already long  before the CODESA hoax. .We know how that traitor Roelf Meyer danced with jubilation at their after-party  when he put the last signature on the paper that eventually would finally give power to the communist rats. We know about Pik Botha’s murder he committed. We know about the 6 “enlightened “ ones who eventually will control South Africa’s economy after it was handed to the criminals from Robin Island.Did you know that the Republic of South Africa is registered as a corporation under CIK No. 0000932419? Since 1994 South Africa no longer belongs to the people but to a foreign corporation run by the Oppenheimers, Rothschild, Rupert, Renwick, Soros etc. The above mentioned have been milking this country and it’s resources ever since the dawn of democracy without the public knowledge. Wanna guess who signed our country to the highest bidders? . We know about Mbeki’s humping sprees with white British whores and his drunken stupors.  We knew that already when Oppenheimer ordered the assassination of Hendrik Verwoerd by the hand of John Vorster and the nutcase Dimitri Tsavendas. We know that  both John Vorster and  Pik Botha  were CIA spies. They thought we did not know- but Yip….we already knew a lot what’s going on behind the curtains of the dark “underworld” of politics.

MANY of us even knew what was going to happen when liberal dinosaur  Max Du Preez’sRooi Gevaar” he and his treacherous cronies joked about in his little pony tabloid “Vrye Weekblad” eventually will come to it’s real form. When Mandela stood on that podium that fateful day on 10 May 1994 I told my friend I had a bad dream about this. I told him I dreamed I stood on a beach. I saw three different tornadoes approaching from the sea….two with double  funnels- and one with a single funnel. I saw three people on the beach. I saw lightning and thunder in the ominous clouds- I saw three British Mosquito warplanes in formation astern in the clouds – illuminated clearly  every time the lightning flash. I recognized the RAF insignia on their fuselages. I asked a man standing next to me on that beach what could it mean. I did not understand the meaning of this dream. His answer was that I must calculate the numbers….three score three.

Three tornadoes, three people on the beach, three Mosquito airplanes in the sky above us…3 x 3 x 3 = 27. It then was revealed to me: THREE destructive presidents coming from the sea (Robbin Island) will ascend the throne in South Africa. ONE will complete his full term. That is the one tornado with the single funnel. TWO will not complete their full terms- but will relinquish part of their terms to another king- that is the tornadoes with two funnels . The dark ominous clouds meant that a very dark era await the white Afrikaner- the thunder and lightning symbolizes a war will be waged against the Afrikaner. 27 Years will the reign of the four kings be. Three British Mosquito warplanes was the British establishment waging a war against the Afrikaner from behind obscurity of the dark clouds- iow from behind the obscurity of the three / four destructive kings. Mosquito airplanes was called the “whispering death” by Germans in WW2- as they flew low and fast on their targets and suddenly would appear out of no-where….unheard…unseen. These planes in my dream represent the British establishment- attacking the Afrikaner from behind the protection of the ominous clouds….faceless and unseen. As we know only Mandela completed his term in office. both Mbeki and Zuma did not complete their terms. AS for Max Du Preez’s “Rooi Gevaar-“ It eventually came to be a real threat today…24 years later.”


Image result for down arrow


Look at this.Look at it very carefully and then tell us: Can you see a Communist Revolution waiting to happen?Now ponder the following questions:1) do you see these terrorists asking permission to take your property, business or posessions or waiting for the constitution to allow them to do so?2) do you seriously believe that a vote for any Parliamentary, multicultural party will stop this? Do you believe the DA, Cope, Freedom Front+, ACDP or any of them will have an influence on what is happening here? Be realistic and answer yourself honestly…do you think they can stop this?3) do you still think these people are interested in whether you are Afrikaner, Boer or Englishman?If you still believe that you can call on state structures and constitutions to protect you, you are living a dream – one which is about to become a nightmare.There is one way to protect yourself and your family and that is to unite for self determination and drive that at all cost, whatever it may take of us, whatever we have to sacrifice, however hard and however long it takes.That is the policy of Front National SA.That is the only way. There is no other way out, apart from running. And we refuse to run.

Posted by Front Nasionaal SA / Front National SA on Sunday, February 10, 2019

The “Rooi gevaar” we warned Max Du Preez and all the white liberal filth years ago  about which they never believed  – became a horrible reality in South Africa today.


Today we stand 24 years down the line. Three destructive kings- Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma reigned. Zuma relinquished part of his term to another king…Ramaphosa. The British establishment started their onslaught against the Afrikaner from behind the obscurity of the kings the moment Mandela ascended the throne. First their was Peter Mokaba hollering “Kill the Boer- Kill the farmer” …later on followed by another despot Julius Malema. Then the disbanding of the farm Commandos followed, then the gun laws to disarm the white Afrikaner followed- then Affirmative Action to impoverish white Afrikaners with British communist ghoul Alec Irwin behind it. Soon he was replaced with the personification of Lord Kitchener- Rob Davis– another stern communist ghoul. Then BEEE followed from the pen of Davis, changing of Afrikaner City, Town and street names were next. Then the old Afrikaner flag was abolished. The onslaught against white Afrikaner nationalism was in full swing.Mean-while the horrendous farm murders started as well- instigated from deep within Lethuli-House and the National Intelligence dark war rooms. The media was reigned in and a ban on reporting any farm murders or human rights abuses against white Afrikaners was put in place. Historical books were re-written to exclude Afrikaner history. The old Anthem was abandoned and a new “God save Africa” anthem introduced. Afrikaans as their language was ridiculed and abolished from the job market.  Afrikaner monuments and statues were either desecrated or removed. The Afrikaner now were alienated totally from the country that he once called “home.” He became a homeless nomad in his own land.

Demonization and ridicule of Afrikaner activists such as Dan Roodt, Steve Hoffmeyer and Sunette Bridges was launched from within the new pro-governmental news media networks such as Al Jazeera, Media 24, New Nation and Africa Check. Witch hunts on white farmers by the newly formed South African NKVD Communist Police started in all earnest to impose fear and obedience to the new Stalinist rulers. And like their famous predecessor Stalin – the ANC communist Czars created their own Gulags (Squatter camps) where Afrikaners were forced into. Many Afrikaner leaders were deliberately  targeted for persecution- and many were thrown into jails for either false trumped-up accusations- or during  entrapment operations organized by white traitors such as with the Boermag case. Relentlessly the black Czars escalated their formidable onslaught against the white Afrikaner with each new Polatriat king that came to power. The murders on innocent farmers escalated into a silent white genocide- with the ANC communist regime now pulling it’s resources from the state organs such as it’s National Intelligence, Police Force, Political instigators , white treacherous agents and informants and Zimbabwean 3rd Force insurgents to attack white farms in military style operations with sometimes 20 insurgents at a time in carefully pre-planned “hit and run” operations. To add to the clandestine war waged on white farmers and Afrikaners in broad- the black Czar Ramaphosa announced that his communist Polatriat will seek to amend the constitution to be able to “lawfully” disown all white Afrikaners from their legal property rights without any compensation.

TODAY– 24 years down the line the British war against the Afrikaner still is in full swing. The evil circle of a human genocide nearly came to it’s point of completion. And again the witch hunts on innocent Afrikaners pick up momentum. Again as ever the white traitors, pimps, agents and informants are doing their dirty jobs in bringing white Afrikaners into disrepute and persecution. In the latest incident another white Afrikaner nationalist was betrayed by a white rat paid by the communist regime.  A white Afrikaner nationalist supposedly suspected of having ties to a “far right group ” appeared in the Hankey Magistrate’s Court on Thursday on charges of alleged possession of illegal weapons, the Polatriat’s NKVD Hawk squad  said.  Danie Groenewald, 52, was arrested by the NKVD police on a farm in Thornhill, Port Elizabeth, on Wednesday night.  “The search uncovered an assortment of illegal ammunition ranging from handguns to rifles. A .22 and .303 rifles were also seized,” said NKVD spokesperson Polatriat Captain Philani Nkwalase. Groenewald was arrested after the NKVD ” crimes against the state ” team acted on intelligence (From a white treacherous rat) it had received.

THIS is the face of the white rat from Jeffreys bay that betrayed Groenewald for a few Jude dollars more. He also sports a fake FB profile which is a typical trademark of white ratsWhite Nation have his identity but until we see where this faux charge leads to- we will keep his mug hidden underneath the rodent’s face he personifies. He starkly reminds us of yet another white “Cuban” rat from Port Elizabeth whom we also know quite well for betraying his own people. Unfortunately the white Afrikaner community is rotten with this disgusting liberal defective DNA strands – who in the face of an extermination of his race still sells out their own kind to the highest bidder . 





He was charged with possession of illegal firearms and ammunition. A .22 small rifle and .303 collectors item. That now was a “huge” arsenal found by the NKVD police that made “headlines”  in the fake South African media. The case was postponed to May 22, pending further investigation, and Groenewald was released on R1 000 bail. A cap bearing the name “Boerelegioen” (Farmers’ Legion) was found, leading the NKVD police to question whether he may belong to the group. According to the group’s website, it describes itself as a protection unit whose aim is to protect white people from murder and safeguard their property.  Boerelegioen also aims to counter attacks  by the Ultra left wing insurgents from the EFF, Black First Land First and other enemies through the formation of small protection groups. The group says its members would also be ready to defend themselves against protest action as well as assist the police with criminal investigations. Groenewald was released again and the ‘Crime against the State” charges dropped eventually. Groenewald said he for a long time have a passion restoring old antique guns and busy with his applications for competency certificates which is a standard procedure with all tools, etc in South Africa. As for the newspapers and their fake “Right Wing Extremist” labeling- that also is a clear indication of the bastard liberal media’s witch hunt and pre-meditated judgement against white Afrikaners. 


IT is ironic how quickly white rats can ‘pimp” on Afrikaner nationalists that did them no harm- but white liberal scum was the cancerous malignancy in the white Afrikaner society for years already. As for the communist police NKVD operatives – to want to charge Groenewald for “ Crime Against The State” perfectly display your own detrimental double standards with witch you persecute innocent white Afrikaners in your quest to execute your masters’ very deranged “Agenda 21 “ plan  to exterminate the white race in South Africa. The biggest question of all is why these imbeciles below never were charged with “Crimes against the State” :


The EFF leaders Malema and Shivambu:


On the other news today at Limpopo State of the Province Address .

Posted by Sd Mononela on Friday, February 22, 2019



Black Land First Leaders Andile Mngxitama and Lindsay Maasdorp:

The ANC leadership Cyril Ramaphosa and David Mabuza:

COSATU leaders Tony Ehrenreich and Zingiswa Losi:

Malema was not arrested for firing an AK 47 in public- or instigating violence against the ANC regime:


Malema or Shivambu was not arrested for setting up their own armed private militia:

Image result for eff members carry guns


Image result for eff members carry guns

Cyril Ramaphosa and Zuma never were arrested for setting up their own ANC private army:


Related image

Andile Mngxitama never were arrested for instigating war against the state or certain parts of the population:

Image result for blf private army


JUST IN……….February 23 2019

Corby Hill Estate And Donalds Saints Farm in the ESHOWE AREA is UNDER ATTACK …

A mob have burnt the farm houses…..workshops…. tractors …farming equipment and have torched thousands of hectares of the sugar cane crops in Eshowe. Apparently one farm is completely burnt down and the other is alight as well. It’s been said that the victims are battling to get services to respond.  There is a desperate plea for help from Saps .This is a developing story and I will try to update as soon as I can  Please note TST MEMBERS have NOT responded and as such the info we are relaying are from 3rd parties on the scene.

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, outdoor and natureImage may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoorImage may contain: one or more people, mountain, outdoor and nature


Image may contain: house, sky, outdoor and natureImage may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature


Where are those ever vigil NKVD police now that they are needed in Eshowe where a clear Crime against the State is in progress?  Are they too busy hunting white farmers down? These insurgents above all are directly involved with violent Acts against the State to either destroy state property , inflict irreparable damage to the economy, setting up rebel militia against the state or part of the state- or threaten the safety of the public. This political terrorists  and union insurgents with their “ revolutionary” narratives are direct subversive threats to the country- yet both the regime and security forces idly stand by and watch them develop into a  powerful possibility for a Tunisian spring agenda. The whole country are held at ransom with multiple riots and war mongering politicians yelling for blood. In many cases people died during this violent protests, millions of rands worth of private and state property destroyed , businesses looted and genocide against a minority group advocated- which is a direct violation against the constitution, the general public and the state- yet the NKVD troops never arrested ONE of the leaders of these organizations  on charges of  “Crime Against The State.” The latest data compiled by Municipal IQ, and released by The Citizen, point to 244 violent service delivery protests during 2018 alone. These riots were so bad that Ramaphosa once had to cancel his trip overseas to come and stem the violence of this barbarous hooligans- yet again not ONE organizer, political leader or Union boss was arrested for “Crimes against the State” this far. BUT one single  white  Afrikaner immediately were arrested for Crime Against The State because he had two little derelict antique guns he restored. How utterly pathetic must this white traitor and the “Hawks” be ? It borders close to insanity! Black “revolutionaries” are turning the whole country into a war zone- yet the ANC and their despicable side-kicks are hunting white “right wing extremists????”  They either are demonic -possessed racists- or they are downright friggen IDIOTS!

With all the lies, the deception, corruption , discrimination, demonization, alienation and conspiracies the NP and ANC committed against the white Afrikaner – all the corruption committed by the ANC on a daily basis, the injustice against the white Afrikaner through discriminatory and racist legislation,- the theft, assassinations, plundering of the state coffers, corruption , bank looting  and money laundering going on – they now have the audacity to charge innocent white Afrikaners – not the ANC,NP,EFF or BLF thieves , murderers and hooligans- for “crimes against the state”can you believe it? The hippocracy of the ANC regime and their private NKVD police army reeks of double standards and hidden agendas against the white Afrikaner minority. It appears the useless ANC regime simply cannot stay in power without the exploitation, demonization and false accusations against the Afrikaner as a “common enemy” for cheap political points.

As for you – Mr. white liberal rat– your dastardly deed will still come and haunt you for you are a despicable disgrace to that white skin you are wearing. Through despicable traitors such as you hundreds of innocent people were killed, incarcerated with  families torn apart- and children left to suffer. The Afrikaner history is littered with bloody trails left by liberal remorseless and greedy parasites  such as you. The best you liberals can do to rectify all the pain and human suffering you already have caused the world is to do the “right thing” and commit Hara-Kiri to help rid the world of all  it’s human parasites.  REMEMBERWe know who you are  and will expose you and your filthy kind!

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