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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritzburg      February 26 2019







ONE of the most disillusioned and controversial black political hate instigators of our time ostensibly must be that poor forgotten “son of the soil“- Julius Malema. Now we all know very well that Malema is a paid secret service agent of that filthy British corporate establishment- and his sole purpose in politics today as a paid insurgent of the British Agenda 21 plan to exterminate whites from South African soil – is to whip up diversion emotions and keep black and white apart in order for the Soros/Renwick  mass murderers to rule supreme. WE know about the hidden “divide and conquer” strategy behind Ramaphosa and Malema’s continuous anti-white rhetoric.

Malema again worked for his pay check this past week.  Speaking to a sea of red T-shirt-wearing supporters, Malema said: “I don’t want blacks to work for whites, I want you to work for yourselves; white people will work for you. That will be true freedom. You must teach them how to carry babies on their back. They must feel what our parents have been feeling.” He told them that he ” longed for the day ” when white South Africans served black citizens. “We are not calling for white people to be killed, but for white people to be our domestic workers.” But whites could only work for blacks when the country’s land was returned to the majority, he said. Malema said the EFF would “take this land and make it more nicer and enjoyable for black people”.

He wasn’t calling for whites to leave the country, said Malema, because they weren’t going anywhere; there was no “ship” waiting to take whites away, a sentiment he has expressed before, often after these court postponements. “I long for the day when a white man will be driving a tractor on your farm. I long for a day when (Democratic Alliance MP John Steenhuisen ) will be driving a tractor on [EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi’s] farm. White privilege will come to an end under EFF,” Malema said, to cheers from the crowd. “White citizens who wanted to leave the country because they were “threatened” by black ownership should just leave, ” he said.“We will stay here with whites who appreciate that blacks must own all strategic things in the economy – land, banks, mines,” he said. “When the black child is liberated, you will not worship everything white.”

Malema reiterated that he wasn’t “scared of going to prison to fight for the land”. The African National Congress was scared of white people, he said, because they were “too old”. “They have been beaten by them, arrested by them. [But] I don’t understand why, if you are young, you are scared by white people,” he said. “They have never beaten you, they are equal to you,” he said to cheers. “This is Shaka Zulu’s land, not Van Wyk and Van Tonder’s land,” he said. “This land belongs to our forefathers, who fought these bastards. And they thought they defeated our forefathers, and [that] they will defeat us now. Let them come. We are ready for them.” (We believe even Hitler and Goebbels would have stood in awe listening  to this lot of propaganda bullsh*t Malema let loose on his poor deaf and dumb audience.) 





Deputy President David Mabuza: "the shortage of electricity is a sign of growth." @OpenNewsSA

Posted by Andrew Sokolic on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Can you believe it? The ESKOM debacle and load shedding is a sign of “growth????”


NOW we all know that Malema is living far, far away in Cuckoo-land with this illogical utterances- it will never happen and also for the following simple reasons:

  1. Blacks never invented anything bar primitive clay huts, spears and “stertriems.“Nothing above one story structures ever was designed or developed by a back man in Africa.
  2. Since the white man set foot in Africa the white man was the creator and the black man always came to the white man begging for a job- hence the reason why you still see black squatter camps around white-created towns and cities – and not visa-versa.
  3. All modern infrastructures and technological advances in Africa was brought about from the white man’s design
  4. The white man was responsible for stopping the bigger black tribes exterminating smaller tribes in Africa in murderous clan battles- hence the reason Malema- who belong to a minority  Pedi tribe- still had the opportunity to be born in a free country – and survived long enough to come and talk all this bull-shit he does today.
  5. For him to bring about that pipe dream that whites would become domestic workers of blacks and John Steenhuizen to drive a tractor on the farm of Mbuyiseni Ndlozi means that the tractor itself would be a white invention- because if whites did not invent the tractor – John Steenhuizen would be driving a donkey on  Mbuyiseni Ndlozi ‘s farm as no black ever invented any farm equipment in 400 years bar a piece of tree trunk  to plough with.
  6. As far as blacks owing  all strategic things in the economy – land, banks, mines- that already is the case in South Africa and frankly- in 20 short years they totally made a monstrous f*ck-up out of it as well. The whole of Africa speaks of black incompetence , maladministration, kleptomania, dictatorships and neglect.
  7. As for white being equal to jobless young blacks only applies to a certain extend we agree- due because of the racist discriminatory black BEEE policies enforced by the British paid communist hooligan Rob Davis. More than 400 000 whites already were pushed into impoverished conditions in squatter camps as well.
  8. As far as Julius’ “forefathers” defeating the whites – well- we all know history shows that the only thing the black “forefathers” ever defeated was their women , Mahewu (corn beer) – and other smaller black tribes. White inventions and strategies saw to it that the black ‘forefathers” were stopped dead in their tracks when they tried to exterminate the white trekkers in their murderous sprees 300 years ago. We very much doubt if Julius himself even know who his “forefathers” were- least what the true history reflects. Julius never was an avid reader of history books anyways.
  9. Without the white man around to supply the black man with all the “nice things” such as SUV’s, electricity, medical advances, taxis, cell phones, water systems, electrical equipment, monetary systems, fine “Rolex” watches , Sushi, blue chip Whisky and Gucci suits Julius’ white bosses in Britain pay for, scientific developments – and even the microphone Julius uses to talk kak on- blacks long ago would revert back to ancient clan/tribal wars, barbarism and most probably witch doctors and cannibalism.


HOWEVER when one looks past all the idiotic non-sense Malema and many other opportunist black African  political Stalinist rabble  blabber to gain political power from black voters for the upcoming elections- their is a real danger lurking behind  all this non-sense ramblings. Because the African black by nature is a vindictive specie that generally hates and despises whites out of sheer natural  jealousy- it then is that mush easier to mind-f*ck the black masses into a rebellious black Tsunami to support their own misdirected propaganda ideas. Whether it is the pope telling the Catholics that he is the true “son of God” , – whether it is Ramaphosa lying to the populace that land “expropriation” without compensation will benefit agriculture – or whether it is Malema that tells the black Africans that by taking away all white property will make South Africa more” nicer ” and” enjoyable “ for black people- all these despots have one thing in common- they seek absolute power for a much darker hidden agenda.  We know the pope talks a lot of blasphemy to get support for the New World Order Agenda of One church, One monetary system- and One clique of rulers under One dispensation. We know Ramaphosa supports land theft agenda because he is playing all along what the devious white monopoly handlers want- and Malema talks lots of anti-white rubbish because the British “masters” paying him wants to keep control over South Africa’s mineral and natural riches.


On the other news today at Limpopo State of the Province Address .

Posted by Sd Mononela on Friday, February 22, 2019

THIS is how the black man- and especially Malema– rule South Africa. Would you obey the “laws” these imbeciles put on the table? Such is their “land expropriation” law also just like they pretend to “rule” the country…totally FAKE!


The problem is that this political stray dogs will keep at their misleading propaganda simply because that gives them political support from the illiterate and ill-informed masses- especially the poor jobless blacks that also is a direct result of the black ANC mismanagement , incompetence to create a healthy economy- and scandalous corruption.  Now this “hans  donkies” of South Africa’s political circus are advocating malicious propaganda against whites- thus assisting the power play between all these black political bank-rolled parties – shifting the blame for all their incompetence onto the white minority again. They are creating a “common” enemy again. Thus- focusing the attention of the black masses onto the white again relieves the responsibility from themselves to answer to all their corrupt deals and mismanagement of failed state SOE’s and state departments. The land issue are held as a yellow carrot in front of the noses of a very naive black population to hide all the corruption and ineptocracy the BOSASA investigations started to reveal against the ANC and EFF. So now Ramaphosa and Malema are pulling resources to assist each other as a unified force to shift  the blame to the white man again.


Image may contain: 1 person

The real danger of the ANC, BLF and Malema’s false propaganda rhetoric…..many half-wits tend to believe him and the consequences are extremely dangerous- even aiming for a Tunisian spring situation. 

What  Ramaphosa ,Malema and “toy boy “ Mngxitama  fail to tell their naive followers- is just HOW do these clever “Johnnies” plan to redistribute all that land they now try to steal from whites among the millions of black supporters. Secondly just WHO will on the end be the real beneficiaries of all this stolen land….the top cliques and their families- or the black masses they promised it to? Should it be the black masses- then again the evil trio  fail to explain to the naive vindictive masses just HOW are they going to manage that land without financial support once they have the title deeds. They furthermore fail miserably to tell their supporters where the supporters will get the finances to build structures on that lands, where the finances will come from to procure new farm equipment, seed, service delivery such as water and electricity, diesel, reticulation equipment, etc. Then also they have no idea just how they will manage to train over 3 Million blacks to become productive farmers on their “lappies” land- and just how long it will take. Malema try to be clever and tell the population that all property will be confiscated and managed by the state. So now Malema on the one hand tells the black masses they will inherited the stolen white land- and in the same breath informs them that nobody will own any land- but the state will be the “curator” of all private property. Just how Malema will get past thousands of private property and business owners without a very expensive court show-down and just who is going to pay that exuberant costs for every case the ANC and EFF looses – is still a bit unclear. Political heathens like Malema never learn. His “uncle” Bob Mugabe also tried this dangerous stunt- and today the same Zimbabweans that so gleefully participated in kicking the “white collonial” out of Zimbabwe now again stands with their empty plates in their hands- begging that same white farmers to return and feed them!  NOW all of a sudden they “realized” that it was a “mistake” to “expropriate” land. How ironic indeed! Such will the millions of racist blacks supporting the ANC and EFF also realize their grave mistake- but then it will be too late because the white farmer will not return to serve a racist starving black population again. 



Looking at the past history of the useless ANC’s agenda – as well as many African dictators that pulled the same stunt such as Kenyatta and Mugabe– to take land from whites and give it to blacks- we already are faced with a 99% fail rate. This is even worse than their failed education disaster. But small insignificant little problems like business plans, financial support,historical research, SWOT analytics,  feasibility studies, food security and the logistics behind such a hare-brained scheme simply do not cross the minds of these devious political opportunists. It’s quite easy and simple to jump on a podium and incite the black masses into a hysterical frenzy how they now are to become the new “owners” of white properties- but quite another kettle of fish trying to explain to these same masses just HOW are they about to deal with  the aftermath. But as we know evil politicians and African dictators- once their lies and deception start catching up with them- they simply “abandon” politics and their whole bravado charades and “disappear” from public view to go lick their wounds and enjoy the spoils of their stolen loot. Meanwhile they left a total destruction of an economy behind and millions of starving ex- black supporters...like Kenya, Zimbabwe and Sudan for instance. Ethiopia never had any white “colonizers”– but since it’s origin Ethiopia never could sustain itself and ever since history was recorded- was begging for Western food aid. So where is all the ” enjoyable” and “nicer” environment in Ethiopia Julius so much promised his naive followers then? And that goes for neighboring Eritrea and most of the African continent as well. Then it’s back to the same white man – ( or the Chinese) they just stole the land from to go and beg for food relief and financial  hand-outs again.


Malema and his false cohorts are continuously blaming the white for “racism” – but conveniently miss the fact that blacks- and especially policemen – are the worst racists in South Africa...see video below: 



THE African mind appears to be working either backwards- or in circles. I don’t know which of the two- or sometimes maybe both. Africans never fully understood Western politics- whether they are not able to understand it-or simply cares a sh*t about understanding it does not matter much. The African long ago could not really fully understand why white Westerners had such an interest in them- but to the African this new interest  suits them well. Here they now had a host they could sap anything from.  SO a very strange diabolical “partnership” developed over the centuries – with naturally the African continuously receiving the short end of the stick . So much for Malema’s “ you are equals” theory! HAD the African the knowledge of minerals things might have been a bit different for the starving Africa- but because the African for 300 years never even was aware of the precious metals under his feet- he never cared much about it. It was the white man that came to educate him about it and it was the white man that added value to it. Before that it simply was a glittering useless rock to the African which had no value to him. You could not eat it-nor exchange it for cows- so it lay useless around until the white man came about. AND when the white man came about- things changed dramatically for the black African…..his outlook of life, whole culture, future- and political/clan  status. The black African quickly learned to adopt to the white man’s system- though not understanding the deeper consequences fully- but just enough to survive in the new Western environment.

Still- now 300 years later the black man understands politics his way- still not the deep secrets of politics- but again enough to survive. And still 300 years down the line the European Jew and Chinese are exploiting the African black for the same reasons they did 300 years ago. As the black African developed into the Western system- so did the Jew and Chinaman altered their approach to keep the black African enslaved. Like they traded useless mirrors with the African 300 years ago for precious minerals- so they again trade mirrors today with the African for minerals- only with a small alteration that the mirrors now are attached to a Mercedes or BMW SUV’...but the principle remained the same.  And that is precisely where we find Cyril Ramaphosa, Mngxitama and Julius Malema today- again selling their  country out to the British Jew and Chinese for glittering mirrors, Gucci suits – blue chip whiskey and Rolex watches while they blame whites for the poverty their own people suffer due to political sell-outs and corruption. As for Malema’s dream about whites becoming the slaves for blacks…well…not likely. The whites already are busy adapting again to the ANC/EFF’s discriminatory system and beating it. Whites are sick and tired of this black  political villains that keep on targeting them with one after the other baseless racist attack. Nothing is done against this political thuggery- they are above the law- “untouchable”– and keep on agitating whites. Yet when one white say something that remotely reek like a derogatory term- immediately the media scum and black social mafia makes one helluva “do” out of it. Whites are totally shy-ed from the rest of the population- mostly due to false propaganda by heathens such as Malema et al and the Soros media gangsters. Say a white something against a black – then comes a law barring him from saying it again. Do the white something against a black – comes a law preventing him from doing it again. Write a white something about a black- comes yet another law preventing him from writing it again. But these political thugs can do, say and write about whites whatever and whenever they wish. They have political “indemnity.” So basically does this communist pigs use the western law system  to firstly discriminate against the white- and secondly to hide their own corrupt scams behind.


Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting and text


These African despots may be able to lie to the black masses for eternity- but they cannot fool the white man too long- NOT in his own created environment that is. That is whites for you- they quickly can adapt and conquer. The sad part is loud mouth politicians like these promise millions of people objectives they know cannot be reached- and when that promise fail- they simply – as the cowards they are- cunningly shift the blame on the white man and “apartheid.” How come blacks keep on believing these false narratives and hogwash propaganda AND still keep on voting these political lairs and con-artists back into power  will need another deep probe and full investigation into the African mind. But one thing is clear- soon there is going to be a terrible white back lash- and that we guess will come with the evil “land expropriation” conspiracy. As for Steenhuizen driving that tractor for Mbuyiseni Ndlozi – well….I tend to think not in Malema’s lifetime. Malema is dreaming a wonderful African dream…surreal- but still an unreachable dream. But sadly for him as long as he and his cronies in the ANC and BLF works for the “white money capitol”- dine and wine with their white British masters and keep on taking out loan after loan from the new Chinese “masters”- well  that only will remain  exactly what it is….a wonderful dream. Ironically will it be the normal African populace that voted for Ramaphosa, Malema & Co that will be the ones that suffer the most – if we could take any lesson from the rest of Africa’s sad tale of misfortunes- with Zimbabwe as the latest victim of black hatred towards the white man and it’s “Malema-like ” political lairs. The fact that the majority blacks in South Africa still supports this black Nazis is yet another proof of the majority blacks in South Africa’s racist attitude towards whites. There never was, never is- and never will be a “rainbow” nation in South Africa- not while political thugs the likes of the ANC , EFF and BLF still have a free hand to dominate the political environment.   As for the whites- well- they’ll be “Ok”- for they long ago identified the Devil the moment they saw him ascending the throne- and made the appropriate preparations to fight , overcome and survive.





Please take note White Nation is A-Political. We do not support political parties- we support solutions.