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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom      March 01 2019







“I will take back South Africa and make it enjoyable for blacks” Malema.

Zimbabwe needs R3.2 billion in aid donations to feed its people. The UN and Zimbabwean authorities on Thursday launched an urgent appeal for $234m (R.3.3bn) for more than five million people in urgent need of food due to a drought and a weak economy. – UN

The supporters of Zimbabwe president Mnangagwa have taken to grabbing productive land used by commercial white farmers in the country. According to reports of fresh farm invasions in some areas across the country.

Without light – there is darkness. Without the white- there is starvation. Blacks never learn. What will the blacks in South Africa enjoy the most….starvation while they enjoy their  “freedom”- or the white food aid they again are going to depend on? 







WHITE South Africans are facing a very precarious dilemma to which it appears- they are totally oblivious to.And  that is that the ANC criminal regime is steadily busy changing the sails of the property act winds to suit a full socialist storm. The white tolerance is about to be tested to the limit for a third time.

If you can remember a while back- 5 years ago- Julius Malema and his EFF thugs started to instigate the ANC to act upon the areas that the National Party goons evacuated people from in order to suit their own needs. Many claims were brought to the fore of displaced communities that rightly deserved to be moved back to their original areas they forcefully was removed from. BUT then after that the EFF -sly commi bastards they  are-  started to adjust the sails slowly- sending out  false propaganda and instigated the ANC to act upon white farmers that supposedly” owns the biggest part ” of South African agricultural land- and pressed home the attack that land claims must be formulated of land supposedly belonging to fictitious “ancestors”– and whites now have no right to that land. Historical evidence did not exist of such a flagrant lie- and no cart and transport ever was produced to substantiate Malema and his goons’ claims. However– the ANC again submit to this red weasel- and many fictitious land claims were forwarded by hundreds of oppertunist non-white zink hut dwellers to the newly orchestrated “land claims commission.” Then slowly a year or two ago this propaganda took yet another nasty  turn when Malema again started a new fake rhetoric that “whites stole our land.” Then Malema tabled the “Expropriation” of land to parliament in 2018 with another fictitious lie that “ No one is going to lose his or her house. No one is going to lose his or her flat. No one is going to lose his or her factory or industry.” Well- today that scenario and lie changed again as the ANC again listened to it’s wagging red tail.


Suddenly the ANC MP Thoko Didiza is to head up ‘land theft’ committee. The ANC (African National Congress) is now in the process of getting the ‘land theft’ program going, especially with an eye on the upcoming election. ANC MP (Member of Parliament), Thoko Didiza, has been appointed Chairman of the Committee to ensure that the constitution’s section 25 is changed. This will give the ANC government the power to remove land from any (read white)  landowner and can even take someone’s house in a town or city without paying a penny for it. Do you see how systematically this red demon has been adjusting the narrative from “displaced land to be returned to “land theft” all of a sudden? “Land theft committee” – where in hell did THIS spring from? Who stole who’s land? The ANC now – together with it’s bum brush the EFF- is trying to mind-f*ck the black populace that whites actually DID “steal “ their land. What a bloody lot of hogwash…but it’s WORKING so far- and not only working- this utterly preposterous lie  very soon are to become LAW! Ramaphosa took it a little further and contradict Malema’s lie that “ No one is going to lose his or her house. No one is going to lose his or her flat. No one is going to lose his or her factory or industry. There is no motion there saying expropriation of rural land. We’re saying expropriation of land without compensation. So the question of urban or rural doesn’t arise. All [that] we are saying is they will not have the ownership of the land,” he said. “They will have a lease, depending on what the arrangement is, particularly as it relates to the outcome of the Constitutional review process. “You’ll see, once we find land is owned by the state, we’re going to find a lot of idle land which is not being used for any purpose. And that land should then immediately be made available to be used, particularly by the previously disadvantaged people.”


Malema wants to share your property! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Posted by This is South Africa on Saturday, March 2, 2019

One just wonder just WHO is going to  foot the bill for all that “free services” , streets, electricity installations, water installations, etc the “piepol” of Alexandra will consume that settled on that land next to his 8 Bedroom house as we know the black culture of non-payment? The white taxpayer again? Now we also know where Ramaphosa got his idea of “moving “piepol” closer to their work from….his red weasel spoke again.

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“Property ” is everything you own including businesses, copyrights, intellectual property and anything the state deems “necessary.” WAKE UP WHITE MAN!


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Thoko Didiza- to head the “land theft” committee

So now the ANC devils’ nest want to steal your property from you and force you to “lease ” it from them? Like hell we will allow that !!  BUT  very interestingly- very cunningly enough is Ramaphosa (and the majority black political heathens) himself busy moving his own assets off-shoreclever rat he is-isn’t he? His own assets must not be “expropriated”– but everybody else’s can. Why is Mr. Cyril and his cronies moving their assets off-shore so quickly …do they also not want to share their loot with the rest of their “people” like every-one else will be forced to do – or are they suspecting some trouble brewing with their hare-brained scheme and quickly want to jump a plane to flee the country when that happens? Whatever the case- these ANC rats are moving all their assets overseas to prevent that from being “expropriated” as well. They want everybody else to loose their property- but their OWN assets and property must be stashed far away safe in some off-shore Swiss account and registered in some off-shore company. Clever bastards! 

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The black political demons simply  keeps on antagonizing the white Afrikaner into retaliating for a a full scale civil war

Well- The Squirrel just announced that urban properties for “expropriation”  also are looked at for “high density housing(i.o.w filthy unhygienic squatter camps) so ” people can move closer to their workplace.” What a lot of bullsh*t indeed!!! For decades blacks have been close to their workplace- and whites also have to travel sometimes miles to get to their workplace. All outer suburban- white and black- areas normally are situated around a 30 km radius from the industrial or CBD hub. So where does Ramaphosa want his squattering  black sheep to erect their Zozo huts  next…on the business premises maybe? So this stupid narrative from Ramaphosa does not carry any weight. It again is just another “sugar coat” to hide his devious agenda of stealing white private properties and force black occupants into it. Again the Squirrel is “sugarcoating” their devious hidden agenda to disown whites per se . The real thieves in this whole “land expropriation” farce is the ANC themselves….NOT the whites. But by shifting the focus to white to suddenly become  the ” transgressors”- they hide their own devious land grab agenda. By continuous propagating false claims that “whites stole our land” these political criminals brain-washed the naive black population into really believing that whites really “stole” their land- and also on the flip-side of the coin brain-washed many stupid whites into believing their ancestors actually DID steal South Africa from the blacks. Propagate a lie big enough for long enough and it suddenly become the “truth. “ But because lesser intelligent whites these days became just as gullible as the majority blacks are- they are sent on a guilt-trip and feel it is the “right thing” to do to secede their private property to blacks and “believe” amending section 25 of the constitution also is the “right thing” to do. Meanwhile back at the beach are Ramaphosa, the black demon Malema, Mngxitama and all these political spawn of Satan spreading lies about the land issue. As up to today not ONE single proof or evidence, not ONE piece of paper or transcript was presented by these black political  devils to  substantiate ANY of  their trumped-up claims that  the country belonged to their “forefathers.”


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MR. Jaap Marais from the HNP predicted this bad situation in South Africa long ago- but was ridiculed by the vile National Party as a “doom prophet.” Today we know otherwise. 


BUT idiotic whites- and especially liberals– now even tend to assist in  making laws and support this flagrant deception!  So now white governments in Europe also must start “expropriating” all property without compensation from all non-whites residing in all the various predominantly white countries too because non-whites stole the property they own in Europe  from whites too? What this heathens in the ANC now are doing is to amend the constitution to make their own land theft “legal.” They now want to create over 20 million private home/property owners NOMADS in one single swipe of the pen! Can you ever believe such blatant thievery? What else do they plan to “amend” in the constitution for later on? And all their claims are based on assumptions and false political propagated bullsh*t– not even ONE  single thread of evidence was presented or ONE documented shred  of proof was put on the table to substantiate what these bastards are trying to do now. Who was those  “ancestors” that land was “stolen” from? Where is the title deeds or cart and transport documents? Where is the historical evidence that this ever happened?


There is NOTHING they can present to proof their false claims…but they want to amend the constitution on that false foundation! And you BELIEVE this bullsh*t? Good heavens…what ELSE would you believe? This is nothing less that taking the silent white genocide a step further- disowning all whites. It almost sound like the biggest hoax of the century! They already have done all the other discriminatory steps…disarmed whites, demonized whites, pushed whites out of the job marked, impoverished whites, murder whites at a genocidal scale, took away white representation, ban white flags, ban the white national anthem, desecrate and removed all white historical monuments, pushed christian religion from schools, infiltrated the white churches and turned the white Reformed Churches into blasphemous dens of Satan with all disgusting  teachings and cultures, removed white history from the school curriculum, ban Afrikaans from most institutions…and now they want to disown whites as well. And still whites sit there and do NOTHING! They all are very scared of that Malema pikkanien! It will again take only a handful of REAL Boers and Boer women  – like so many times before- with balls and the right size tit cup  to take on this evil dispensation- and like so many times before- teach Ramaphosa, Malema et al NOT to f*ck with a real Boer or Boer woman. And after the dust eventually has settled one day and the country is free again- we can expect this white spineless Afrikaner “ex-pats”  sneaking back from abroad with their bags- too “happy” to be back “home”  to the old country they “missed” so much again- but themselves did NOTHING to fight for the sake of their “old” country. It must be there and then that the whites that stayed behind and fight ’till the last drop of blood must tell these white Afrikaners that deserted their country in it’s hour of deepest despair when it needed them the most – to please – if they cannot proof they have assisted the Boer’s struggle for his freedom- to board that planes they just arrived with again- and bugger-off back where they crawled  from because the “old country” do not miss them anymore.

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The Devil’s Tri-Angle participants who now are trying to disown whites. According to this political demons whites are not entitled to own or receive any rights the rest of the population enjoy. Only black lives matter.


SO – from giving land back to displaced communities the ANC thieves  have now  moved to blatantly calling whites “thieves” now! Even setting up a bogus committee to deal with the “land theft” program!!! Who stole who’s land that such a “committee” must be set up? You see how deviously datstardious are these bastards- they now are blatantly proposing  whites are the ones that “stole” the land and the “committee” must see to it that whites hand back that land. Whites are taken for a ride- they are blinded by their false spineless political “leaders” with useless empty promises and mickey-mouse politics. They are pummeled into submission by the fake South African media. The ANC is pinching their cheeks with the left claw  while stealing their lollipops with the right. The demonic National Party already swindled their country away- now the ANC also is going to steal their private property away- and all this happened by devious political swindling and deception. HOW  they ever plan to come up with the idea of a mass land theft plan and think they will get away with it simply by changing a few words on paper is still a mystery. The commi rats want to change a 300 year old history by thinking they again can just swipe a few pens…and that for their own selfish political gain! But that is how arrogant these political devil worshipers from Africa has become. They have tested their arrogance on the whites for 20 years- and because of the whites’ docile nature to rebel against the discriminatory oppression imposed on them for so long- the arrogance and blatant racist culture cultivated within the black political labyrinth  then decided to go for the “coup de grace” and see just how far they can push the white man in simply taking away his land.

The genocide against whites simply goes on- propagated, advertised and supported. Yet this is supposed to be “in line” with the so-called ‘constitution” and “human rights” charter of the United nations as well? 

What happens on land taken by the ANC?: The corruption the led to murder- the Estina dairy farm scandal

Say a media  eye-witness: “The purpose of the project was to build a dairy farm that would be owned by 80 black beneficiaries from the local community. We will arrange for them to travel to Parliament where they can tell their story, so that ANC MPs can see for themselves the very human face of the victims of corruption. Last week I visited the Estina dairy farm in the tiny town of Vrede in the Free State. This picturesque rural setting has in recent weeks been exposed as the scene of a crime that has enraged the nation and shocked us all awake to the reality of corruption. It has also introduced us to the people, mostly poor and black, who are the real victims of this corruption. For years we have said that Jacob Zuma is corrupt and that it is the poor who suffer most when public resources are stolen for elite personal benefit. But now we could put names and faces to those previously anonymous victims.”

The Estina farm has taken center stage in an international money laundering scandal – uncovered by amaBhungane and Daily Maverick’s Scorpio – that saw R180-million in public money being funneled through a complex web of local and international companies, all controlled in one way or another by the Gupta family. In the end, some of this money eventually made its way back to South Africa to pay for the costs of the extravagant Sun City wedding that the Gupta family hosted in 2013. This was the same wedding of Waterkloof Airforce Base infamy, when the Guptas showed enough clout in government to land their private chartered plane at a state national point air force base.

As the North Gauteng High Court hears the DA’s application for the review of Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s report on the Vrede dairy farm project – it has emerged that one of the whistle blowers in the project has been murdered. The body of Philemon Ngwenya, 53, of Thembalihle near Vrede, was found in his shack at Knelvlei Farm, outside Vrede, on a Friday in October 2018, police spokesperson Sergeant Mmako Mophiring said in a statement on Monday. “It is alleged that on the said day, a passer-by saw the bakkie of [the] deceased parked in the veld, not far from his shack. “He tried to call his cellphone but it was on voicemail and he informed his family. “Family members went to the farm where, on their arrival, [they] found his brutally battered body inside the shack. They reported the incident to the police at about 20:30 and a case of murder was registered,” the statement read.

‘Not murdered at home’

eNCA reported that Ngwenya had been stabbed with a sharp object and wasn’t murdered at home, quoting an unnamed source. He was reportedly wrapped in blankets and then moved onto his bed to make it appear as if he was asleep. In her report, Mkhwebane found procurement irregularities, “gross negligence” and maladministration related to the controversial project. Among other findings, Mkhwebane found that the agreement between the Free State Department of Agriculture and Estina, the Gupta-linked company that executed the project, seemed to have been invalid.  According to a statement by the DA, Ngwenya was outspoken about the “dubious” farm deal.

‘Beneficiaries were bitter’

In a news report in August this year, he admitted that beneficiaries were ‘bitter’ and that he ‘didn’t even get R2 from them (those who ran the project)’. “Recently, there were recordings distributed of a person in Vrede calling for all the beneficiaries to be killed. The recording was forwarded to the police,” DA spokesperson Patricia Kopane said. According to Kopane, Moses Tshake – an auditor in the Free State Department of Agriculture – was kidnapped, tortured and killed after allegedly questioning payments linked to the controversial farm project in 2013. “The motive behind the killing is not yet known and anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of the suspect(s) should please contact Vrede police,” the police’s Mophiring said.

Well– the next few weeks and months will show us just about how much the white man can still tolerate this devilish onslaught on his sovereignty.When are whites ever going to wake up and recognize this scandalous thievery for what it is? When are whites going to stop being cowards and stop fleeing the country- but stand fast and take on this black political thugs to protect what is rightfully theirs?   If the whites survive this ordeal- they must remember each and every black political demon that were behind this, each and every news editor, correspondent, white liberal that co-conspired- and each and every white Afrikaner– man and woman- the Potgieters, Du Preez, De Villiers, De Klerks, Wessels, Meyers, Bothas, Van Heerdens, Groenewalds, Viljoens, Terreblanches and every dastardly white policeman that all formed part of this orchestrated white genocide. The Nuremberg trails for high treason  is far from over yet. The rope for genocide against a nation is still waiting for those wretches that were in one or the other way part or responsible for another mass genocide of the Boer people.  Kitchener got away scott-free…this time it must not happen again. There will not be a shortage of hangmen – we can guarantee that. And as a gesture of goodwill they will do the job  for totally free as well. Retribution must be swift and final for those treacherous filth that gloried themselves in the death of so many white farmers and impoverishment of so many whites.

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” Vultures of the same feather flock together…”


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Thank you my poor supporters. I Build multi million rand houses fully equipped with a bomb shelter and all using my supporters’ money that I steal from you.”




“Yesterday afternoon I received Intel right out of their office. That they are busy draining all monies within all the departments, and advised top officials that they must prepare for war. Due to ANC survey that they are not sure they will win an election. So between the 15th march and 15th april they intend to stir things up to enable them to declare a state of emergency which is the only way they will be able to control things . Currently all the top generals of defense force are gathered behind closed doors. This will come as a shocker to all . People are concentrating on elections and not paying attention to what is happening. As whites we will be caught off guard . I have discussed this with a few groups. But somehow we need to inform people to stock up with at least three months of food water fuel as when this happens all shops will be lop and closed. We need to get people aware to make there way to farms where posible. And all wake up groups to inform thee supporters to be ready for action. The ANC will create a false flag which will be used to declare a state of emergency.They know what will happen if they lose the election. So rather take full control through a state of emergency to protect themselves . We need to make plans for everyone asap”



White Nation

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