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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town     March 04 2019







YOU most probably have heard Ramaphosa’s latest idea that city and town property also “may be included” in their evil little “land grab” plan. Ramaphosa- deception specialist  as he is- added that blacks must “move closer” to their workplace. Malema eerily enough- ALSO have this bright idea of moving black squatters/illegal aliens right into the city hubs to make it “easier” for blacks to reach their workplace too. How noble of Ramaphosa…thinking of all those poor black people that have to battle to get to work and back every day? Now one wonders where the Squirrel suddenly got this idea from? Did the red “weasel” speak again and the tail wags the ANC dog again? We tend to think so. But as usual is there a much darker conspiracy lurking in the minds of these political kleptocrats. So this then starkly  reminds us of that movie about the Russian invasion of America- called “Red Dawn”- and this factually is a devious plan by the red-cladded weasel and his masses of disillusioned  red communist gnomes….the invasion of our towns and cities. 

Malema wants to share your property! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Posted by This is South Africa on Saturday, March 2, 2019



BUT we all know that this baseless excuse to invade the cities carries no weight-  bar hiding yet another devious agenda to flood cities with millions of useless eaters from all over Africa. What Malema and Ramaphosa factually are advocating- is that black homeless squatters now will have the right “ to get free stands INSIDE  business CBD’s and surrounding areas of towns and cities . Did you notice- they are NOT mentioning whites, coloreds or Indians…no- just Blacks! So here we already are having the “dreadful” apartheid laws creeping back again…segregation..discrimination against other groups ….again using blacks as a vehicle to fulfill their Agenda 21 master-plan- the extermination of minority groups.  Does these two oafs recon all the other minority groups are staying right in the center of town already- or do all others also have to travel far to work and endure the stress on the roads and in trains as well? But NO– Ramaphosa and Malema ONLY caters for blacks. They are the voting masses that will keep these black despots in power …not the rest. They exploit the black masses to drive their own political agenda. And all the black dominated political parties- ANC,DA, EFF and AGANG work together on the same agenda- to destroy the economy for their British masters. This is also the reason why the black dominated the DA is against race or ethnicity- to destroy the ancestral heritage and values of all other races . They themselves care less about blacks. If they had- they would have mastered a strategy to uplift blacks from their poverty- but today more than half of the black population are impoverished. So there must be another secret agenda at play- and there is.: Absolute political power without any resistance from “free-thinkers.”


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This ostensibly will have a huge negative impact on the economy- as we already observed in slums once called “Johannesburg” and “Pretoria “ to name but only two examples. What factually will happen is that as soon as these uncontrolled squatters dig in their heels in now respectable business CBD’s and suburbs- immediately it will affect businesses in the area as well as properties in the area. The streets will become dirty, dangerous and riddled with crime- with millions of illegal street vendors packing their merchandise on pavements and in the streets. Rubble and waste will become a daily occurrence and sewer water running in the streets will be the norm of the day. Trash will be accumulated on every street and street corner- and rodents such as rats will also come to the party. Then plagues such as Cholera, bionic plagues  etc will start to develop in this dirty bio -hazardous environments.

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THIS is Ramaphosa and Malema’s future for your town or city.


When the first signs of this appears- respectable businesses, tenants and home owners will start packing up and move their businesses somewhere else- which again means open office blocks and flats will be invaded by illegal squatters from all-over Africa. Landlords will loose millions on revenue. In the suburbs respectable home owners will start selling off their property faster than the stock market – and start to migrate further outwards to where the new “criminals on the block”  cannot pose a danger to their privacy. The property market will receive a terrible blow as business and private home property values  will nose-dive . Banks and bond holders will collapse or loose millions as people simply will leave their homes and get out of the approaching menace. Within a short space of three years most towns and cities will be resembling slums we see in places like the Johannesburg CBD- Hillbrow which now resembles that of a Chicago slum district.  So we can expect a total collapse of the inner-city business sectors – and a  change in the migration pattern as there will be a huge white depopulation agenda from city hubs at play. And THAT is precisely the plans of Ramaphosa and Malema- to depopulate all towns and cities from whites. And they cleverly also stipulate in their devious “expropriation” white paper that “property” does not necessarily means “farms ” only. It could mean ANY property. Do you now see how distinctively evil these political thieves are? This sadly is what happens if you for too long tolerate filthy white liberals and racist African political idiots to ruin your country. As expected will you NOT find any of these white liberals OR black racist political idiots living in any of these squatter camps. NO– they all live in predominantly upmarket WHITE areas. 

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This is the type of malignant viruses destroying South Africa. Unfortunately there are many of them-callous planners of chaos  and grim reapers with no inclination to help the country  or show any real patriotism….they are puppets to their handlers’ master plan. That is one reason why Du Preez’ far leftist “Vrye Weekblad ” destructive tabloid is to be resurrected again- to spread false propaganda against conservative “free-thinkers.”  We wonder just who is funding this fake piece of leftist  prehistoric trash again ? All these wretches  do is done for selfish personal gain- even if it means  the massacre or extermination of their own kind. For them and their kind the jaws of hell is wide open.

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PLEASE feast your eyes on how Johannesburg CBD turned out after this illegal squatters moved in into a city center that once was the main engine room of South Africa’s pulsating economy pre-1994:

First- Let us show you how the Johannesburg looked -like during those “dreadful” apartheid years:


Image result for johannesburg 1980Image result for johannesburg 1980Related image

Image result for johannesburg 1980Related image

Joubert Park 1980


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Related image

NOW we show you how Johannesburg look-like now during your “democracy” ...





Related imageImage result for dirty hillbrow you tube

Image result for dirty hillbrow streetsRelated image

Related imageImage result for dirty hillbrow streets

Image result for dirty hillbrow streets

Image result for joubert park dirty 2019Related image

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Joubert Park now:

Image result for joubert park 1980Image result for joubert park 2019

Now THIS is EXACTLY what Ramaphosa and Malema plans for all the towns and cities in South Africa-. Already they have totally destroyed the infrastructures , services and functions of all municipalities through utter corruption and maladministration– now they want to invade the towns and cities with millions upon millions of squatters as well under the pretense that “blacks need to be close to their workplace.” WHAT “workplace” – may we ask- because we never saw blacks giving jobs to other  blacks- and most of the businesses that drives the economy and investors either are white,Indian or Eastern owned. Furthermore–  the moment this invasion starts moving IN- their “workplaces” also will quickly shut their doors- and move OUT because of looting , riots , theft and destruction this “migration” will bring with them! Secondly- just WHO is going to pay for  all the FREE services this millions of  squatters are going to “demand”- and who is going to pay for all the new installations of water and electricity connections…the white tax payer and businesses again? Like Johannesburg- all that will be left in CBD’s will be jobless and homeless bums on pavements, illegal squatters in open flats and office buildings, illegal alien criminals on the streets –  and non tax-paying street vendors selling freshly butchered chickens, cattle meat, drugs on the side-walks , etc ! Malema and Ramaphosa has all this figured out it seems- and may fool their naive black electorates for the coming elections- but they will never fool the law of reality. But this is the outlook Ramaphosa and Malema have for South Africa…..another  typical failed and non-functional African slum stuffed with rich African despots on the one side-  and millions of impoverished starving blacks on the other- JUST like Sudan and Zimabwe are now. During apartheid SA was the land of  MILK & HONEY. Under the terrorist ANC its  all about BLOOD & MONEY.


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Response written by Mark Philip Malcolm Horn – London Barrister. * No one does business with a thief, and no one extends credit to a thief. “You can not have land expropriation without compensation. It is illegal in international law. It is contrary to a dozen treaties that South Africa has signed and ratified. As such, it is a principle that is also enshrined in South African domestic law. You can not change the Constitution therefore to make it legal – Treaty law is superior law, it always applies. The proposal, if directed at land held by the white community, would also contravene half a dozen international treaties, notably those condemning apartheid, that South Africa since the ANC took power, has signed and ratified. The same argument applies above, but now with the ironic twist that any such initiative would result in the ANC being condemned under international law for actions that the world would condemn as being racist.

So no, it can not be done. When Mugabe tried this, the point was litigated. These were the legal conclusions. Now, Mugabe pushed ahead, so what happened? Well, the claims for illegal expropriation still are valid in law – at some point the Zimbabwean Government will need to pay them. The consequence of their illegal policy is not forgotten with time. If they ever want to be re-integrated into the global community, they will need to pay. As to the consequences of such a policy – Zimbabwe is a good example. There are no sanction on Zimbabwe. That is a myth. The only sanctions are those targeted on Mugabe and a few of his associates, and they are in place because of human rights abuses. The economy has crashed, there is a 90% unemployment rate, for the very simple fact that Zimbabwe has shown itself to be a thief. No one does business with a thief, and no one extends credit to a thief.

You can not run a modern economy without access to the international market, and for that you need credit. The Zimbabwean economy has declined by 70% from what it was at independence simply because no one does business with a thief. So what would be the consequence of a policy of expropriation without compensation in South Africa? Well, as noted, such a policy would be illegal. The international community will immediately take note that South Africa has become a rogue state. That is not too much to worry, about, its just political. There are plenty of rogue states around the world. What would happen, however, in terms of South Africa’s access to the international markets is of far more concern. South Africa would have signaled that property rights are insecure. That will mean that international investment in South Africa would come to a screeching halt.

This has been happening for many years in any event – that is why South Africa is now ranked no. 7 in gold mining, when it used to be no. 1. It is why South Africa has a 27% unemployment rate, and a 50% youth unemployment rate. So the response could well be: “who cares, we do not need their investment”. That may well indeed be true. But, that is not where the real crisis occurs. South Africa needs access to international financial markets because it has a trade and budget deficit. It needs access to international financial markets to pay for its bloated public sector, and to pay social grants to all those unemployed people. To raise that money, it needs the banks. Now this is where the consequences of a policy of expropriation without compensation hits home. Banks have, as is the nature of banking, highly leveraged Balance Sheets. They lend as multiples of the assets they actually have. They need to conform with the Basel ratio’s. If they have a rise in bad debt, they can easily wipe out their Balance Sheets – they then become bankrupt, and they collapse.

So what do you think will happen if land is expropriated without compensation to the Banks? The answer is, they will see a rise in bad debt, and they will collapse. That is not the end of the story. South Africa has seen its black population rise from approximately 2.5 m in the mid 19th century, to its current level of 50 m. The 2.5 m may be taken as the sustainable level of the black population without the benefits of colonialism, and of modern agriculture. That 2.5 m number is important, because only 13% of South Africa is suited for agriculture, and only 3% is high quality agricultural land. The vast majority of South African agricultural land requires the application of modern technology. Farming in South Africa is highly capital intensive. Farmers depend on bank lending not only to buy their farms, but also to provide essential working capital.

So, what happens if the land is expropriated without compensation, if the banks then collapse? Well it means no one is able to provide the essential working capital. If the farms then collapse, then up to 95% of the existing black population is at risk of starvation.
The banks can not access international markets, international lenders will not lend, South Africa then descends into chaos. At point, the international community would probably intervene military to restore order. As such, South Africa would have become yet another Failed State in the traditional African mold.”





HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT NEITHER THE ANC OR EFF HAS EVEN STARTED TO CAMPAIGN FOR THE COMING ELECTIONS YET? Second question for ANC. Why is all your generals called to headquarters?  Is it because they already are planning  chaos during the elections which will give them the power to call out a state of emergency – and thus take full control and ultimate power to change this ‘democracy” into  a socialist state then? Is this why so many military hardware are moved to cities under the pretense that it is only maneuvers? GO FIGURE WHY!