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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   March 07  2019






Article taken from Harry Booyens

THE first ever White South African farmer and his family have asked for asylum at the US border with Mexico. After waiting in a Mexican holding facility for three weeks, they met with US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and spent three days in the custody of that agency. Over that period they had extensive interviews, including a “Credible Fear Test”, which they apparently passed.

Their daughter, a minor, was questioned for two hours without the presence of her parents. They have been paroled into the custody of friends in the US without having to wear ankle bracelets for tracking. Based on what Customs & Border Patrol learnt in the process, the family has been allowed to at least APPLY for asylum. There is a long road ahead for them, but they have done it all the correct way as far as the United States authorities are concerned. They did not jump a fence. They were not handled by “Coyotes”. They did not clash with ICE in any way. They simply presented themselves properly to Customs and Border Patrol and asked for asylum from those who threaten their existence. The attorney helping them (below) has made a video and provides some background. Listen to her for a description of what happened to this family in South Africa.


While I, Harry Booyens, have not personally heard of such cases as theirs in South Africa (yet), their claims as to the events that transpired in South Africa sound entirely credible in the current climate in that country. I am in no position to confirm their specific claims. However, I defer to a body of people better placed to assess the veracity of their story, namely, Customs and Border Patrol, who should be able to sniff out liars, cheats, and chancers by now.

I do not know the identity of the family and I would under no circumstances divulge it if I knew. The reason is simple. The moment their name is known, the Communist controlled ANC government in South Africa, along with their staunch allies, the BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, will start to assail the character of the family and that Government will serve a demarche on the US Ambassador to South Africa demanding any possible asylum be withdrawn. Again, without me getting into the specifics of a case, the ANC Government did that in Canada and the Canadian Conservative Party, of all organizations, rolled over, suing its own Refugee Board to reverse a decision. As you well know, white people in North America only have to hear the word “racist” in a sentence somewhere on the horizon, before they will drop their guns, throw away their shoes, and run for their very lives in the four wind directions, no matter what the truth or reality or the nature of the party uttering that word. As to the formal media, always remember Lenin was a newspaperman and the first issue in December 1900 of his newspaper, Iskra (below), had an article on South Africa’s white Afrikaner people.


This poor farmer and his family were visited by the ANC government and stock was taken of everything as their land is up for grabs…they were told they’re not allowed to sell anything and when they come for the land everything “better be there” …needless to say they fled with the clothes on their backs and had to go Mexico as they couldn’t get a USA VISA…they were held in custody for 3 weeks by Mexico and another 3 days by US government whilst being interrogated all the time including the young child…

When my book AmaBhulu was published in February 2014, I warned that South Africa was 5 years away from its racial crisis point. I also warned that the United States would unavoidably be dragged into it. My prediction was disturbingly accurate. The above family arrived in Mexico on 15 January 2019 and saw CBP in February 2019, almost exactly five years after publication of the book. The new South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, first made his announcements about Expropriation without Compensation (EWC) of the Property of white people (Legalized theft of the property of Whites) at roughly the four year mark in early 2018. Seven months later, in November 2018, the South African Parliament approved moving forward with EWC. The ordinary hard-working and award-winning white commercial farmers in South Africa, such as Abraham C. van Wyk and his wife Lizelle (below), are the equivalent of the Kansas corn-farmers of the United States. Men like Abraham and his ancestors before him, working this soil since the 1850s, figured out the all-important dryland farming science in a countryside where indigenous Black people never farmed in history because they never knew how.


Ramaphosa is, of course, the protégé and “favored child” of Mandela, who has since been revealed to have been a central member of the Politburo of the South African Communist Party (SACP) all along. You can see:

(1) the media dodging around the issue HERE in 2012 when Mandela was still alive,

(2) Award winning post-apartheid author Rian Malan addressing it objectively based on the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT of Mandela’s autobiography HERE in 2014, soon after his death, and you can see

(3) the South African Communist Party admitting his membership HERE, the moment he was dead in December 2013 (See the fifth paragraph in that link).

■ One of the Oldest Communist Parties on earth

The SACP is one of the very oldest Communist Parties on earth, originally founded largely on expatriates from the Baltic States, particularly Lithuania, and on expatriate Welsh coal miners. The founding organizations of the party were, according to A. Davidson et al (South Africa and the Communist International, Vol.1, p. 69 (2003)):

The International Socialist League of South Africa;
• the Poalei-Zion (linked to the international Marxist Jewish organization of the same name);
• the Jewish Socialist Party of the Cape;
• the Marxian Club (from Durban);
• the Communist Party of the Cape;
and individuals from the Labour Party of South Africa.

The Lithuanian influence has remained to this day (See for example Ronnie Kasrils, the white man singing “Kill the Whites” in that video, and trained to the level of brigadier in Odessa by the Soviet Army).

In 1927, James Laguma became the first Black South African Communist to visit the Comintern in the Soviet Union. On his very next visit, he took with him Josiah Gumede, the president of the African National Congress (ANC), which is now the government in South Africa. South Africa, while having a parliament, is de facto governed outside parliament by the “Tri-partite Alliance” of the ANC, the Communist Party, and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU-read “Black unions”). The Communist Party does not contest elections, it just festers in the middle of the ANC, providing its Brains Trust. Due to the massive majority of the ANC in parliament, they make all their decisions outside parliament and simply take them to parliament for rubber-stamping.

There is no real Democracy in South Africa, but its utterly irrelevant parliament (see above) makes excellent YouTube entertainment. Of course a few deluded whites cling to its benches in the rather naive belief that they are doing something useful beyond filling YouTube channels with the joke of the day. It is time they walked out of that place to discredit it. Their presence makes them complicit in its excesses. I do not understand why they feel welcome in Parliament if the people they represent no longer feel welcome in South Africa.This scene should tell the reader everything.

When one adds to the above the claim that none of the land obtained by the government from white farmers has been transferred by title to black farmers since 2009, then it becomes quite clear that what the world is looking at is straight-out nationalization of property. That government already owns a massive portion of the country. In this respect, a black South African farmer recently sued the ANC government for the title to his land. Furthermore, Black non-profit organizations are admitting that 90% of land given to Black people is going to wreck and ruin. How is this place going to feed 50 million people given the marginal nature of its major grain-growing areas? What will happen when Abraham van Wyk above gives up and leaves or is driven off his farm?

Come, black man, black woman in South Africa – tell us this: You are poor. You are unemployed. You are still in the shack. You are still hungry.

“25 Years ago the ANC took all the political power in the country and launched initiatives such as BEE and Affirmative Action to help you. Why are you still poor after all this time? Is it Jan van Riebeeck or HF Verwoerd or Eugene TerreBlanche? Is it any of them who tells you how you were robbed of land and abused and disadvantaged, but behind your back they pose for pictures with their personal fashion designer? No black man, black woman – these are the men who live in opulence, with their bellies full with your children’s food, who wears the fancy suits and expensive watches and live in mansions with many rooms, who drives a fancy car and never bothers to ride in a bus or a train – these are the men who do not lie awake at night worrying about the candle that might set the shack alight, or the child that might be raped on her way to school or the little one who cries with only hot water in her tummy. These are the men who do not care about the woman who starts walking at 5 in the morning, to work all day, and then walk all the way back to get home only at 7 in the evening. They come to a home where the little ones are on their own and the old grandmother, who is also ill, is too weak to go the clinic and wait in line all day. These are the men who try to convince you that the white man does not care. The question is: For what purpose would they tell you or try to convince you that the white man does not care about you? The answer is glaringly simple: They care only for themselves. These are the liars you sell your trust to. We ask you: “Why?”Front National

THE ANC communist regime proceed to discriminate and oppress the white Afrikaner people in South Africa- irrespective of mounting international attention and pressure groups now speaking out against the human atrocities committed against the whites in South Africa. FIVE nations already sent a stern warning to the ANC regime by mouth and letter of their ambassadors in South Africa to stop their madness- but as we all know the sheer arrogance of the ANC by now- they only disregarded and brushed this warnings off the table  through their very incompetent and down-right idiotic and cheeky Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco ) cadre minister – ex terrorist Walter Sisulu’s offspring Lindiwe Sisulu. Clearly this woman has a) NO international relations training- and b) Have no clue what repercussions such a foolish act may create. But then if one looks at the level of intelligence this “cadres” display in general- one can fully understand why the ANC is acting irrational. They still have not figured out that they are not the international world’s beloved “liberation” pets no more. The ANC and their George Soros-controlled media simply keep on using the power of flat denial and ignorance when their henious discriminatory actions against the minority groups- and especially the horrendous farm murders hit the spotlight. . Such again was the  case of discrimination  when Barbara Creecy, Gauteng’s Financial ANC MEC, announced that her communist government would fund a joint venture with the private sector to help ‘location’ entrepreneurs. The project is designed to raise funds and create markets for emerging entrepreneurial products. About R124 million has been allocated for the project. Now this is money gained from taxes which the whites contributed the most-.A similar project is being launched in the Western Cape where Tourvest Destination Retail, together with the West Coast District Municipality, will give opportunities to local manufacturers to market their products to tourists. But here comes the evil twist: Preference will be given to businesses owned by blacks to prevent the same whites this ANC devils took taxes from-  from “gaining control over the projects.” You NEVER read about the ANC giving THIS type of opportunities to any minority group- least whites. So whites must pay taxes- but are not allowed to benefit from those taxes. 

In another discriminatory move the ANC regime also announced that discriminatory “quota” systems will be imposed on school sports teams to start excluding whites from competing in provincial and national events. Now does this sound SO much like “reversed apartheid to you? Indeed it does. But this time it is a BLACK regime applying the same “apartheid” laws the previous white regime applied. That time it was deemed “discriminatory”– but today with a black regime doing the same- it is deemed “ politically correct.” Now how more devious than this can you get? 


No more merit systems will be applied- only skin color will fit the criteria. This is in stark contrast with the ANC’s own “policy” they so vehemently “advertised “ to fight against during their campaigns in 1971. Somehow they have disbanded their earlier policy and now are doing exactly the opposite they propagated in the 70’s. 


THIS – as always- we find the devious  ANC communists backing down on their own “promises” as ever again. BUT it appears there is a LOT more earlier ” promises” the ANC backed-down from….



How quickly the anc forgot.

Posted by Frank Haas on Sunday, July 30, 2017

AND here we have yet ANOTHER word-spinner the doubles up on his own political lies…..


Still remember this liar?

Posted by Rolani Ronald Masindi on Thursday, February 14, 2019


AND this is the idiots that rule a country…


This is South Africa 😂😂🤣🤣🙈🙈

Posted by This is South Africa on Sunday, March 3, 2019


They simply cannot be trusted– and this also will be the case in their “land expropriation” land theft attempt whereby they will claim ALL property (read white owned property only.) We ask the international community to stop this flagrant and arrogant ANC communists as there are many international companies that also will be “expropriated. ” The ANC regime is no different and a copy-blue print of  the Mugabe ZANU-PF thuggery-and the result also will be the same. Although the untrusted South African media hails and worship Ramaphosa as the “great black savior” of the country- the stark reality is that just  the  opposite is the truth- Ramaphosa is a hardened communist, white hater- and a racist black dictator that not only want to wage a war against whites- but also is selling out South Africa to the Chinese. 


Meanwhile the heinous FARM MURDERS not only goes on in South Africa – but factually it is escalating albeit the blatant lies from Cyril Ramaphosa that he is not “aware” of any farm murders in South Africa. This we all know is a blatant lie and total disregard for the lives of the white food producers and white lives in general. That is only typical the ANC thugs’ way to totally flat deny any “knowledge” of the farm murders- and deny they will as they are running “on schedule” with their murderous manifesto agenda. Ramaphosa is the “rubber chap” of  the hateful ANC NEC- which on their turn again- is puppets to the Communist Party. So Ramaphosa will keep on ignoring the farm murders- and keep on denying it while pushing through the section 25 land theft program.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Recent attacks on whites and farm murders that were recorded:

Barbaric violent attacks by blacks on whites in South Africa

  1. Bethlehem, Free State Province. 16th January, 2019. 6 armed black thugs attacked 5 workers and stole several firearms, computer, tv and jewelry.
  2. Heinrich Nel (21) was shot in the chest by four black thugs on a game- farm  Natshana outside Rust de Winter North of Pretoria. He walked nearly 1 kilometer to summons help while being critically injured.
  3. Another farm attack- this time between Hertzochville Bloemhof and  Hoopstad. Seven armed black thugs attacked the farm- residents were not at home at the time of the attack.
  4. Local farmer’s wife, Carolyn Muller is lucky to be alive after being brutally attacked and strangled by two large black thugs on Saturday afternoon on the farm, Tweefontein, just outside of Kokstad.


6. A 72-year-old white Kensington woman was raped inside her residence on February 4 2019. It is alleged that she was raped by a black man  she had employed as a garden worker. The incident occurred at about 6.30pm when the victim, who was indoors at her house, answered to a knock at the door.

7.  The South African Police Service in Patensie have launched a manhunt for two black  suspects who allegedly attacked a white couple (both in their fifties) on their farm in Patensie. According to police information, as the couple arrived home with their vehicle they were overpowered by two unknown black thugss. The suspects were armed with a knife and a machete. They threatened the couple and demanded cash. On the night of Tuesday 12 February 2019, at 22:00 a farm attack took place in Bean se Bos in Patensie. A couple in their fifties, Stewart and Jackie Riddle , were attacked outside their home on their farm by two machete  wielding black savages when they arrived at the house. Stewart was assaulted and hacked on his head and body by machete  strikes by one of the attackers and was then also stabbed twelve times in the back by the other one. Stewarts wife managed to get away and run for help.

8. A White woman from Vredendal in the Western Cape in the Elephants valley was brutally tortured and murdered just after her husband and son left the house. She died due to multiple stab wounds and she nearly was decapitated.

9. An elderly white woman was found murdered in her back yard apartment in Hodgson Street on, 23 February.

10. An 84-year-old white woman was tied up and robbed by four black armed thugs inside her home in a complex in Dianne Road, Brymore, at 2.30am on Friday.

11. The residents of Kroonstad was shocked when a much beloved white senior citizen- Gert Burger (65) was found stabbed to death and covered with a blanket in his garage.

12. A white woman- Elize Vermeulen (58)–  who was repeatedly raped by two black thugs after she was bludgeoned over the head with a pipe on her farm kept her poseur and that may have saved her life.

13. A farm attack took place between Senekal and Ficksburg on the farm Franschhoek, in the Free State on Tuesday 19 february 2019, at 21:35. Johan van Niekerk was attacked, severely assaulted and tied up. The black thugs  robbed his white Tata Bakkie with a trailer, reg: HB18VWGP, possibly with sheep on the back. The victim was only found the following morning tied up on the porch of his farm house.

14.  A German tourist received treatment in a hospital in Port Elizabeth after assailants assaulted him with a bat and then stabbed him with a knife.The 69-year-old man’s right arm is badly injured because of the assault with the bat. It is believed that the incident happened at the Bydand Guest House in the Addo area around 01:15 on Thursday morning, about 60 km outside Port Elizabeth, where the man and his wife stayed overnight.

15. Jurie Kemp and his wife Marlene was attacked by black thugs inside their home . Marlene was assaulted and landed in hospital. Her husband was not injured.

16. A Farm manager from the Rosendal district in the Free state was attacked by black thugs and robbed . Johan van Niekerk (41) was critically injured during the attack.

Regering is tjoepstil oor plaasaanvalle en moorde, intussen is nog ’n plaasbestuurder van die Rosendal-distrik erg ‘verniel’ in nuutste voorval

17. A farm attack took place in White River, Mpumalanga on 18 February 2019, the attack was tweeted by Ian Cameron of AfriForum. Two white female victims were attacked by black thugs and one was stabbed with screwdriver. Two black thugs  have already been arrested in connection with the attack and assault.

18. A 58 year old White woman was attacked on their farm near Makwassie and abducted . She was bundled into her car by two black thugs and they drove off with her. When the vehicle stall 8 km outside Makwassie- the thugs jumped out and fled.

19. On Monday night (18 February 2019) at around 23h30 four black male thugs  wearing balaclavas and armed with machetes  attacked the residents of Going North Farm in Darling. The thugs  gained access to the house by lifting each up onto the 2nd floor balcony at the Main Bedroom. The thugs demanded money. The owner’s wife was hit in the face with the back-end of a machete. The owner’s son, who was in the room next door, heard the commotion and immediately called the neighbor on his cellphone. The thugs  fled on foot.

20.  The police have reported a farm attack that  took place in Brits at Mamogaleskraal in the North West on 17 February 2019, at 02:20. A white farmer was seriously wounded during the farm attack by three black male thugs. The man was shot in his left side and projectile went out on his right side. The farmer, returned fire on the attackers, one was left paralyzed and the other fled the scene wounded. Two cell phones and two rifles were found at the scene. The farmer, Kasper Burger, is being treated in the Milpark Hospital. His condition is stable.

21. Vorstershoop, North West Province. Elderly white female victim allegedly hacked to death with an axe. Her husband found her upon arriving home on the farm.

22. This family we helped from last year to get back to their feet , was just attacked by a  black thug, they had knives held to the mother the kids , which caused the mother to have a slight stroke.

Mr. Joubert Conradie (47) was murdered on the farm “Klapmuts” – Thousands show up to support widow #StopFarmMurders

Mr. Joubert Conradie (47) was murdered on the farm “Klapmuts” – Thousands show up to support widow #StopFarmMurders

Posted by South African Videos on Tuesday, January 29, 2019






IT is posters and advertisements such as these allowed by both the ANC regime and their “Human Rights” gangsters that provoke and openly instigate violence against white people and white farmers. Yet this same devious gangsters from the regime and human rights are more interested in banning the Old SA Flag and anthem- zeroing in on white on black “racism” than the brutal attacks and murders on whites. And this is the attacks and murders Ramaphosa flatly denies happening in South Africa and Facebook admins in South Africa try to hide by deleting such postings. 


According to a disturbing report, a white SABC journalist, name withheld, who is a field journalist at SABC said she was told to stop covering farm attacks and farm murders by her superiors. She has being working with the media body for several years.  She said she had submitted more than 5 farm attacks exclusive news in the past 4 month and they were not aired on radio or broad casted on TV.  When she asked why her reports never reached the people her bosses told her that her reports are not good for the country’s image and told her to never bother with farm attacks. It would also be recalled that a video by Maimane is being barred to be aired by the SABC recently. The ANC and EFF are serious about amending the Constitution to allow for Expropriation Without Compensation. They want the State to own all land and for citizens to rent their homes and land for life.



 Lindsay Maasdorp of the Black First Land First group  said that “if famers felt blessed by God when it rained on their fields, then oppressed black people could feel blessed if white-owned farms (are) burnt down”. On Facebook Maasdorp write: “Black god needs servants in CT: wind + matches + white owned farms.” On a previous occasion, on his Facebook page, he had asked the question: “When will we kill them?”  The fact that Maasdorp’s statements – among them the question: “When can we start killing white people?” – are not denounced on the front page of every newspaper indicts politicians, opinion formers and the media of selective racism. South Africa is far too patient with crude black racism that has an overtone of violence. It should be rejected by white and black alike. Double racial standards do not belong in a democracy that rejects racism.

Related image

Deranged hybrid Lindsay Maasdorp– deep rooted racist slug

This is ongoing for 25 years in South Africa already. There is not a single Afrikaans family who do not know a family member or friend that have been attacked, tortured, raped or killed in one of these attacks. The media continues to deny it, whites  are ridiculed by liberals and black politicians alike . The EFF & BLF say whites  deserve these attacks. Mandela was originally imprisoned for planning terrorist attacks, which means murdering men, women, children and animals indiscriminately. He continued sitting in prison for masterminding terrorist attacks in which men, women children and animals were indiscriminately killed. He turned down every offer to be released in return for denouncing violence or quitting politics, and was eventually released after 27 years in prison. He never ever expressed any remorse for any of the mass murders he masterminded.

Janusz Walus, on the other hand, is soon going to enter his 27th year in South African prison, for killing one mass murderer. Every plea he made to apologize in return for being released or paroled had been rejected. Where on earth is the international outcry regarding this absolute injustice??? And if stupid people would argue that Mandela did all his terrorist activities in order “to liberate his people from oppression”, the answer is that White people bought and paid for the land on which they eventually created South Africa. Before and after Whites came, there were different nations living in little houses made out of mud on that land, fighting each other, and that included the original inhabitants of that land, as well as tribes and nations from the north, who came, killed and destroyed. And when one man of them killed another in war, he would also take the later’s wife and children as booty. And according to any international law, when people buy and pay for the land, the land becomes theirs, and they are entitled to rule it, and it makes no difference if they are the majority or the minority.

This will become YOUR PROBLEM, dear white ignorant America. You are warned.


(The full article can be viewed HERE)




What they say

Police figures show that between November [2013] and January [2014], 2947  service delivery protests took place across the country, most of them in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape. In contrast, between January 2009 and August 2012, 3258 protests took place.The protests, the police figures show, are also becoming increasingly violent. In all provinces except the Western Cape, significantly more violent protests took place in January than in the previous two months.November saw 115 violent protests take place across the country, but by January, the number had risen to 180.

“If you want to start a civil war in this country, do that, do that.” Dr Pieter Groenewald, MP, 14/06/17






Property Expropriation Without Compensation