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Racist EFF Attacks “Eureka” White Settlement But Ignores Hundreds of Larger Blacks-only Towns Like Soweto Which is More Race Pure Than Orania, 1,000 Times Bigger AND Doesn’t Pay its Own Bills!

Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom    March 09 2019








” The “Land Expropriation” amendment bill has nothing to do about taking your land- it’s only a smoke-screen and  all about grabbing  your PENSIONS!“- Andrew K. 


SOUTH AFRICA boasts with the most uneducated political donkeys on the block in the world. And where they lack intelligence- they substitute it with lots of idiocracy. Such again we have that half-wit “fire and brimstone” wanna-be black racist klutz Andile Mngxitama shooting off his ugly trap again against whites. This poor idiot simply cannot capture the lime-light if he is not constantly trying to have a “go” at whites. Between him and that other unwanted orphan stooge Lindsay Maasdorp– the two are becoming South Africa’s newest national donkeys on the political block.



Their most recent stunt they now ant to pull is to open “charges” against two white enclaves.  This two idiots  said in a statement that they would open a case against “apartheid enclaves Eureka and Orania”. This comes after reports surfaced of a new settlement in the Northern Cape which is exclusively for white South Africans. IOL reports that the founder of the settlement called Eureka, Adriaan Alettus Nieuwoudt, promised white South Africans wanting to help in the “fight against the uprooting of the white race” free 1,000 square metres of land. It was reported that the settlement, which is located just outside Garies in the province, is described as a place where people can retire in safety, live and work and have their own schools, shops and medical services all the while using their Afrikaans mother tongue and reverting to their rural culture. It was reported that Nieuwoudt said he acquired the land which had been named Eureka back in 2016 with his personal funds.


A view of homes in Eureka. Picture: Adriaan Nieuwoudt/Facebook

Eureka white settlement with neatly  constructed homes – a far cry from the millions of  rag-tag bio-hazardous black squatter camp death traps  across South Africa – now suddenly a thorn in the side of the ANC-controlled Kammiesberg municipality and black radical leftist  heathens such as the BLF.

The BLF said it was “appalled by the appearance of yet another openly racist, apartheid enclave”. ( But conveniently mention  nothing about the hundreds of racist , apartheid black settlements) “BLF will not allow racism and apartheid to normalise itself. The so-called Eureka farm for whites only is not just illegal but shows how “arrogant “ some whites have become. First, it was Orania, now this. South Africa belongs to black people. Whites stole the land they have. No one white person has a right to be racist,” the BLF statement reads. The organisation said part of the reason behind the rise “of this kind of racism” is due to “some political parties” empowering whites. “Right now, the strategic cities of Johannesburg and Tshwane are run by colonialism-praising Helen Zille as a result of votes given to her party by Julius Malema. We should therefore not be surprised by the brazen arrogance of white right-wingers. “BLF shall not allow Orania and Eureka to exist in our land. The leadership of BLF will be visiting both Orania and Eureka for inspections. Furthermore, a case of racism against both will be opened. “One of the first tasks of BLF in parliament will be to launch its Anti-Racism Bill as a private Members Bill. Only BLF can fight and end racism because BLF is guided by Black Consciousness. This is why racist formations like the Democratic Alliance (DA) and AfriForum are doing everything in their power to stop BLF from going to parliament. Unfortunately for them, they shall not succeed. BLF is going to parliament.”


Image result for adriaan nieuwoudt

ADRIAAN NIEWOUDT– rattling the poor racist ANC and BLF canaries in their cages again by setting up a white enclave.


Image may contain: 1 person, text


AS expected the poor insecure and jealous liberal cretins all are vehemently opposing this newest Afrikaner attempt by Niewoudt.  Rufus Beukes, the municipal manager of Kamiesberg was one of the anti-white “makoekoes” that stretched his mouth about Niewoud’s intentions. . He was far from happy with Nieuwoudt’s attempts to start a racially-segregated town, and poured scorn on the proposed development: “The land they are talking about is agricultural land. There has been no application to the council for the build and if it goes ahead, it will be done illegally. They will be flouting building regulations and won’t get planning permission.”Our municipality 100% condemns these plans. We all live in a democratic society where this sort of thing should not exist. This is not something we support at all.”-  Racist…eh sorry- Rufus Beukes

Image result for Rufus Beukes kamiesberg municipality

ONE look and one can clearly understand why Mr. Rufus Beukes had much to say about a white enclave rising under his potpourri municipality. BUT Mr. Rufus does not say a WORD about the millions of BLACK illegal squatter camps- even in his area- that mushroom all over South Africa that does not even come NEAR anything regulatory to say the least. Was it a black settlement Niewoudt planned- Mr. “Rufus” would 10 to 1 “promised” that the council would assist Niewoudt in supplying electricity, sanitation and water for the “needy” South Africans. Rufus and his gangsters do not lift a finger against all the non-compliant informal structures of non-whites in their district. As with Mngxuitama and his political robbers- such is Rufus and his municipality vindictive criminals that does not allow the white man anything bar ” rules and regulations”, tax, levies and financial enslavery – something the black in South Africa cares little and knows little about as blacks simply torch and riot their way to “freedom.” 

Image result for adriaan nieuwoudt

The Eureka development project made the leftist commi racists see red


NOW HERE COMES THE DOUBLE STANDARDS OF THIS MUNICIPALITIES  INTO PLAY AGAINST WHITES: The town’s magistrates court this week ruled in favor of the Kammiesberg Municipality’s application to halt further construction at the site.  The municipality’s attorney David van Niekerk says no approval has been given by local authorities for the construction to go ahead. “The court judgment states that any person who acts on behalf of the owner or with the owner’s consent is continuing with further unlawful construction of any building or property.” Van Niekerk says the second part of the court application still needs to be heard, with the municipality seeking to remove of the buildings. “With agricultural land you need to comply with building standards and processes. You must also apply to the minister of agriculture for some division of the land.” It’s understood at least 20 families already live on demarcated sections of the three-and-half hectare plot. SO– according to this leftist narrative “agricultural” land needs to comply with ” building standards and processes“- but on URBAN land blacks can erect millions of UNPLANNED sink  “Zozo” structures that fits NObuilding standard.” In a jiffy the council will supply free water , one toilet – and free electricity! Maybe Niewoudt must organize a couple of hundred homeless poor whites – start rioting and storm the municipal buildings, burn a few tyres, loot a few shops and set the municipal building and courthouse alight for Mr. Beukes and his ANC cronies to change their ” point of view.” It seems to be the only way and reason the likes of Mr. Beukes do understand. It works for the blacks- so it surely  ought to work for the whites as well! 

Image result for adriaan nieuwoudt

For YEARS there was no intention of any “agricultural” development in this arid part of the Northern Cape that the ANC was interested in- only now that Niewoudt want to settle whites there and the BLF rat Mngxitama made a “hoo-haa “ in the media about it is there a sudden zest from the ANC about “agricultural” issues and as ever again does their media tramps go ballistic about another ‘racist” white town the same as Orania  in the making . Racist coloreds in Kammies such as Paulus Swartbooi from the Koi and San “community” among other colored racists also had a mouthful to say.  And the media is quick to again demonize Niewoudt as an “ex-con” but did not say a word about all the “ex-cons” that sits in their parliament and in council benchesFor years the white man has been making a terrible mistake: He felt sorry for the non-white and gave him a job, place to stay- and food to eat. Now the non-white is in charge- and what happens- he spins around and stick the white man in his back! That is the gratitude of the black and colored man in South Africa for you. All across the country this evil regime and it’s demons are attacking everything white- even companies now are targeted if they are deemed “too white.”

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text





But then the same ANC recons with all this anti-white sentiments it will win many white votes during the coming election?? The racist jealousy and discrimination against white Afrikaners runs deep indeed! 

Black Orania

MORE than 100 municipalities have either a majority black population- or totally black population- worse than Orania and Eureka– but because black thugs such as Mngxitama are out to tempt and mock whites for a war- and the ANC mass murderers waiting to unleash their hordes- white enclaves are under constant verbal attacks and threats  from political trash such as Malema and Mngxitama.  SHOULD a war erupt- there is going to be a lot of killing- and trust you me- blacks are going to pay a dear price for their obstinate racist hatred and constant attacks on whites. Whites can be mighty innovative when pushed into a corner- go ask your Renwick handler what the Boers did to his vile predecessors. 

Predictably there will be the defense spat out that whites are supposedly welcome to live in black towns and townships, but are they really? Just as there are allegations that Orania does not welcome blacks, the same can be said about these black Orania’s. Firstly however, any new white resident in a black town will soon be targeted for all types of racist attacks and robberies and will have to live in a castle of steel. There have been many blacks recorded saying that whites are legitimate targets because of the distant past… one well known black actress even said (while she was blackmailing a white person) that she thought whites received money every minute by default! Secondly, Europeans have a totally different culture of individuality and the principle of reward for merit. Certainly the African concept of bribery and corruption is considered illegal by most Europeans.

Thirdly, whites are definitely not welcome to live in the town and townships where large mines etc. are the major employers, with racist Black Economic Empowerment and affirmative action laws.
Europeans also prefer justice and not lynchings where mobs take the law into their own hands, as we often see in black neighborhoods where people are just killed with a “Winnie Mandela necklace” without trial. We are not even talking of ancestor worship, witch doctors and muti killings…

SO– The ANC controlled Municipality quickly ran to the court to stop a white settlement- even planning to remove structures built on PRIVATE land simply because it is a WHITE enclave...NOT because of the bullsh*t excuse that it is” agricultural” land as this is a PRIVATE property. Now we see the ANC controlled municipality pulling out all stops to prevent a white enclave developing. BUT in the meantime this same “municipalities ”  overlook the BLACK settlements where there also is NO authorization given:

Related image

Image result for SQUATTERCAMPS SA


Related image

Related image

Image result for SQUATTER CAMPS SA

AS you can see- the ANC municipality of Kammiesberg want to shut down a white enclave on private property and throw out 20 white families because they say- no plans are on the table for building a settlement on “agricultural” land. GOOD ONE David Van Niekerk! Now in the pictures above you can see millions upon millions of BLACK only squatter camps all over the country- every town and city have lots of them. They are illegal, dirty, bio hazardous- and downright a danger to every-one living in and around them. These structures also are erected illegally without the consent or building plans of municipal councils- yet the ANC and DA are bending backwards to tolerate this evil under a smart term “informal settlements.NO court orders are obtained and no black squatters in this areas removed because of “agricultural” issues. FREE services and programs to install electricity, sanitation and water are delivered at the doorsteps of this black squatters. AND now Ramaphosa and Malema want to move these dirty unhygienic structures INTO towns and cities so the squatters can be “closer to their work place”– but white squatters that are far away from the municipal area pose  such a “danger”to the building rules  that their homes must be demolished and they left homeless. Figure THAT out for anti-white racism and hippocray! 

Now can the Kammies Municipality please explain to us why they have not also obtained a court order to either prevent the building of structures- or remove the black and colored squatters that also stay illegally on properties across the Kammiesberg region such as Kamassies, Rooifontein, Nourivier, Leliefontein,  Paulshoek, Kamieskroon, Kharkams, Tweervier,Koiingnaas, Hondeklipbaai, Soebatsfontein, Spoegrvier, Garies, Lepelfontein, Klipfontein and Kheis  as well- and why are they only target a white settlement? I BET they will not even respond because for years nothing has been said about that 20 white families living on Niewoud’s farm- that is  UNTIL  Mngxitama howled about it and it became national news. Now the ANC must quickly jump to save their arses from their own non-white electorate before they are taken to the  sword by eg. the EFF for allowing  a “racist” development right under their noses- and may stand a chance of getting fried in a council meeting – or even worse- get lambasted in the media by the EFF – causing the ANC loosing votes in the coming election. So again the poor WHITES are sacrificed in exchange for  black and colored votes!

WHAT this political racists   conveniently forget is that there are more than 700 “blacks only” settlements across South Africa, “Black only” lawyers organizations, “Black only” writers forums, “Black only AA and BEEE laws, their own useless “Black land first” troll movement and so on and so on. But because their minute intelligence do not allow them to reason beyond their limited tertiary capacity which is 4 years in Grade 2- this two nincompoops now revert to naked vindictive racism to try to capture a bit of notoriety. Why are liberal whites and blacks/others so obsessive if Afrikaners and Boers (whites) to build their own? If it is not the ANC leaders the DA, EFF and others follow the ANC. But who implemented the racist and discrimination against whites? Both of them and even more… Why on earth do you burn down schools, businesses and then expect everything from government and our tax payments – everything must be on your free terms – free housing, free studies, free electricity? Blacks are flooding all sectors of the country- but are so vindictive jealous they do not want to allow whites ONE piece of land for themselves- all while during the white government- blacks had SEVEN independent homelands to govern themselves. Blacks can set up blacks only regions, towns and even illegal squatter camps. In no time the government and councils drop their pants and run to offer free services.


What about B-BBEE – all whites are EXCLUDED in this economy and legislation – so, why do you discriminate against ONLY the whites in this country?There is nothing wrong with Eureka, Orania, Kleinfontein. Most of those areas are a farm areas and people can live there and work there and make a living. They do not ask the government 1 cent to help them. Do you help them? NO! What about Ingonyama Trustland ? There are 9 different big areas only in KZN and it is only for black ZULU people. Do we say to the Zulu people you are not allowed to live there in those areas, if it is on farmland or in cities, so is it.? We did not stop them. I am not a Zulu and can not live there. Is their businesses. But, we must not pay for 8840 tradtional leaders they must pay their own traditional leaders.

ALL homelands became Trustlands after 1994. Before 1961, it was reserves, or British crown lands, before 1910, way back to 1840. for them. We did not create the segregation, the British did! What about the Richtersveld, only for the Khoi San people?  I can not go and claim a piece of land there. I can not stop Khoi San people to live in those areas – BTW – Khoi San and colored people have 6 Trustlands. ALL land claims are based on segregation – go and check the CPA legislation. Every land claim is only for blacks and coloreds, and only they can live there. So why not us? We also have a right to Self-determination as well, go and read the constitution and also international rights . Even if the Zulu want their own country of Ingonyama trust, we can not stop them – it is their right. If the Khoi San people want independence on their 6 Trustlands, who will stop them if they have an international right?  BUT when a group of whites set up a community- immediately the non-white racists and their drag queen media are thumping the “racist” drums. Bloody hippocrates! Whites will get their independent state- by peaceful negotiations- or over the barrel of the gun-which-ever proofs effective. 



Image may contain: 1 person, text


NOW – you are well aware of the fact that white South Africans were made to be the skunks of the world by especially the British media and extremist left newspapers such as the New York Times. White Afrikaners in South Africa are not allowed to own anything, not allowed to start anything, not allowed to voice their frustrations- and not allowed to set up their own communities to protect their cultural heritage. But blacks are allowed to have the rights to all the “constitution” can offer- simply because they are the “majority” and it’s their votes that count. You also have been getting quite used to white Afrikaners being lambasted and demonized on a daily basis by the so-called “democratically” elected ANC and all heir devious hoodlums in their communist  “think tank. ” Also it is no big secret that the far leftist South African media tagged along with their communist masters in banning any atrocity by blacks onto whites- whereas they game rules are turned around when the opposite happens and a white dare touch a “poor previously disadvantaged” black- irrespective what the circumstances were- and whether the “poor” black really “suffered” as being propagated in this same two-faced media.

Because of a total media black-out about black on white human rights abuses- and only the opposite were “exposed” in the media- a very distorted image of the Afrikaner was created by both the vindictive ANC communist rats and their pet media pigs alike. This then developed in a very false reflection of what is really happening in South Africa- but because the communist rats made sure that “special effects” were deliberately created such as the Boeremag spectacle where white Boers were deliberately entrapped in a government false-flag operation – then pimped by white trash policemen and informers-and  these Boers were sent to jail for lengthy times by a pre-selected liberal judge.  The whole objective with all the false flag operations such as the Boeremag fiasco, the assassination of Eugene Terreblacnche and the multiple witch hunts on innocent farmers was to create a picture that the white Afrikaner is still that same “old villain ” the British media contortionists labeled them as before 1994. Furthermore is it necessary for the new generation non-whites to be brain washed to hate whites as well. That is the “ politically correct” narrative to stay in power- keep the whites poor , despised- and  suppressed. Therefore the ANC rats had to continue creating false “racist” scenarios such as the Penny Sparrow incident, Vicky Momberg incident, the Reitz white boys incident, Coligny white farmers and recently Middleburg “racist” incidents. This devilish agenda is 1) To impose fear and oppression upon  the white Afrikaner community. 2) To “unite” the black tribes against a “common ” enemy. 3) To portray the white Afrikaner to the world as a “racist” villain- and 4) To proceed a clandestine “black ops”  extermination program against all white Afrikaners while the whole world focus on this “beautiful” Mandela “democracy” and in contrast- see that the white Afrikaner really IS that “bad boy” on the block. This gave the ANC rats ample time and space to start their horrendous farm murder exercise, to disarm, disown, oppress, discriminate against, exterminate white nationalism, persecute and to demonize the white Afrikaner under the faux sugarcoat of “democracy” and power of flat denial.





Image may contain: one or more people


THE political “democratically chosen” criminals that were instated by the World Order- that devious money powers that have no feelings, no remorse, no compassion or no respect for human lives bar plundering, absolute control and greed- now are taking their toll on South Africa. The country since 1994 became a synonym for crime, impoverishment, lawlessness, corruption, ill-governance, human rights abuses, kleptocracy, political mismanagement and government orchestrated oppression of minority groups. A dispensation of fake  morals and values , fake accreditation, fake media, fake human rights policies, fake governance, fake legislature, fake justice  and fake leaders became the norm of the day. Criminals of the highest order became leaders of political parties, politicians, judges and law enforcement officers – and respected intelligent individuals became the outcasts and scorn of the media. Destruction and chaos in the streets of towns and cities , implosion of the of the economy and infrastructure through destructive union and political hooligan organizations is at a all time high. Anti-white racism became the cornerstone of the majority’s progress towards state-grants and free services. The  political “democratically chosen” criminals now are ravaging each and every financial sector they can lay their hands on…the state organs, treasury, mines, financial institutions, provincial councils, pension funds- even the Reserve Bank. It became a frenzied “free-for-all” at the trough as too many political pigs now want to have a dive out of this meager bit of  morsels that is still left. The curse that is the ANC and EFF  and their communist demons now are sparing no effort to have a last ditch onslaught on the power and riches of the country before they maybe are ousted from power in the coming elections. South Africa became a feeding ground for political and radical vultures. AND it is out of this “Pandora’s Box” full of detestable worms devil spawn the likes of Malema, Mngxitama and Maasdorp were created. They are the products of a very sick Godless society under communist rule – and reflection to what a detrimental wasteland  the country has become. The total communist onslaught against Christianity, conservative societies, the Church  and Biblical norms and values became a ferocious spiritual war against the Biblical principles and against  God Himself. “Political correctness” became the foundation of rule and  the Achilles heel of a country that once stood strong against the onslaughts of the United Nations orchestrated diabolism. 


The governments of Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA, the Netherlands and Switzerland have written to the presidency through their missions in Pretoria, warning that South Africa needs to make clear moves against corruption. Speaking to the Sunday Times, an official in the presidency said that the move was ‘unprecedented’ as foreign countries typically only step in when governments violate their laws or commit human rights violations.

Here – in this videos below-  is the same people that are supposed to”rule ” the country- and the same people Mngxitama associates with who have so much to say about white own societies in South Africa. These are individuals that earn humongous salaries, individuals that lives in splendor , individuals worshiped by millions to run the state affairs, take crucial decisions, write laws, occupy the highest positions in the legislature- and individuals that are responsible for the future of South Africa, it’s people- and the next generation of children that one-day must take their places.  But remember- these individuals also are the ones that  constantly blames whites for being” racist.” They are the ones that does not allow a day to go by without slandering and demonizing whites. These individuals are the ones that keep on telling the world how “bad” white people are. Now we are going to present to you a series of videos- videos that will introduce to you the daily occurrences in South Africa’s politics, what is going on in the streets- and moreover- what affect these “politicians” decisions they take- have on the youth of South Africa NOW-  Judge for yourself if you would feel comfortable to have them in your parliament to act as your representatives- if you will feel safe with them managing your legislature- and if the results you are about to see- will make you feel at ease if they were your “government. Above all- do you think they are fit or intelligent enough to rule a chicken  pen :


FIRSTLY– This is what happens to a multi-million dollar white productive farm when given to incompetent black “farmers.”: 

These were multi-million Rand farms given to black people 11 Years Ago, now worth nothing. From 237 hecteres of farming land to less then 10. This is the future for #SouthAfrica. The government needs to be exposed. #LandExpropriation #LandSeizureAccording to the South African government, about 9% almost 8 million hectares of agricultural land has already been distributed to black African people. However, it was admitted that more than 90% of farms distributed by the state to black African communities failed and usually reverted very quickly either to subsistence farming or to squatter camps. A study by the Land Bank found that approximately 4000 farms had been acquired since 1994 at a cost of R10 billion, of which only 10% were productive. While the South African government had already spent more than R45 billion on land reform, only 6,3% of the land that had been acquired by the state had been transferred into private land. Want to see the largest Circus on Earth come to South Africa

Posted by Thomas Anderson on Thursday, December 13, 2018


These were multi-million Rand farms given to black people 11 Years Ago, now worth nothing. From 237 hectares of farming land to less then 10. This is the future for  South Africa. The illegal communist government needs to be exposed. According to the South African government, about 9% almost 8 million hectares of agricultural land has already been “distributed “ to black African people. However, it was admitted that more than 90% of farms distributed by the state to black African communities failed and usually reverted very quickly either to subsistence farming or to squatter camps. But you will not see the likes of Rufus Beukes asking court orders to demolish that squatter camps although it also is build on agricultural land! A study by the Land Bank found that approximately 4000 farms had been acquired since 1994 at a cost of R10 billion, of which only 10% were productive. While the South African government had already spent more than R45 billion on land reform, only 6,3% of the land that had been acquired by the state had been transferred into private land. Wait a while and you will see  the largest Circus on Earth come to South Africa!


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PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT SOUTH AFRICA’s POLITICIANS ADVOCATE AND you still blame whites for moving away and refuse to became part of a f*cked-up country full of  warmongering vindictive idiots?


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Now this hooligan must continue to be called a learner! Even the female teacher is afraid of accosting him for fear of being moered as well. She had to summon the help of a male teacher.Bloody #hooligan in a school uniform, nxa!!!!

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Police officer in uniform assaulting female officer in full view of laughing colleagues

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See how black mob are turning a police van on it’s side.

Gewonder waar die AK's heen is???

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REMEMBER the ANC’s “Hawks” recently arrested an alleged “right winger” for having two old relic guns without a licence? Well- this idiot above was never arrested as yet- and the gun he is toting surely is not a relic by the look of it either. ANC police hippocracy against whites are rife!!

Mother holds onto her toddler while trying to fend off gunmen armed with assault rifles trying to break into her property in Pinetown

Mother holds onto her toddler while trying to fend off gunmen armed with assault rifles trying to break into her property in Pinetown

Posted by Breaking News Gauteng on Monday, March 11, 2019

ARMED black gangs attack you at night with assault rifles in your private homes. 

Studente van die Universiteit van die Vrystaat is besig om die standbeeld van CR Swart in Bloemfontein te vernietig.

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SO much for “Health & Safety “ at South Africa’s power stations….

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My 2sente omtrent die. Gaan kyk op google wat die Mau Mau's gedoen het. Hierdie is absoluut presies dieselfde modus operandi. Ons tyd is min. 🔥 *Mulati Wild op Brits se hokke het gistraand afgebrand met meer as 200 diere vir saterdag se veiling in, Alles dood – brandstigting.*

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Substasie in Curie boulevard in Vanderbijlpark het ontplof.

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Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Die bravos het gister hierdie sub stasie by vsn der Bijl Park gebrand. Ons probleme het nou amptelik begin!!!!

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220 stuks wild is Maandagaand in ‘n brand by Mulati Wild Dienste buite Brits dood. Sebras, volstruise, en rooibokke asook ‘n mak Elandbul wat onlangs van ‘n jagplaas gered is en bestem was vir ‘n beskermde plaas is dood. Mulati-eienaar Gustav Strydom sê die trauma om die diere te sien doodbrand is erger as die skade van die brand wat R 8 miljoen beloop. Die polisie het bevestig dat dit deur brandstigting veroorsaak is. Vanaand op eNuus

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-AND everything get’s torched….businesses, Oil refineries, campuses, factories, schools, hospitals, vehicles- the black destruction in South Africa  is destroying  the country.This is your “socialism” and social justice” at work in South Africa.  So far 5 power substations -Pinetown, Witbank, Chatsworth, Winburg and  Van der Biljpark has been fire-bombed by vigilante godless  blacks in South Africa. 


Ons Kak en Betaal… ek gaan more n Erf koop in die Township😉.

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Before Malema accuses his black lawyers of being "incompetent" again, Front National would advise him to find out what makes it acceptable for these lawyers to sit in court and waste time watching pornography.And that, Julius, is why the acceptable standards of the New South Africa is not acceptable standards for us.

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eff gala dinner


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A  17 K suite and 5 K Italian shoes, Rupert & Rothschild wine –  not to mention his Watch 


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HAIBO.…….The Squirrel at his best position we suppose. Uhamba ngokuzungezile njengo Zuma manje !



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THEN you get liberal idiots like this lost girl above, “Danny K” and  Trevour Noah  that still side with the destroyers!

The worst feature of ANC rule has been the continuation of racist policies — Apartheid Part II. They are called ‘Affirmative Action’ and ‘Black Economic Empowerment’. Both promote ‘demographic representivity’. This is the belief that at every level of employment, the percentage of the races should be the same as those in the total population. Since whites are now only 9 per cent of the population (down from 11 per cent when Mandela came to power in 1994), whites should not consist of more than 9 per cent of engineers, managers, doctors and maths teachers. Black Economic Empowerment, which is simply legalized corruption, states that all companies wishing to do business with the government must hand over a proportion of their ownership to black people. Naturally the black people in question are always connected to the ANC: relatives and chums.

These policies have been ruinous, especially for poor white people. Qualified, experienced white managers and engineers have been replaced by unqualified, inexperienced black ones in government service. (This is also known as ‘cadre deployment’.) In a municipality serving a poor black community, the unqualified black cadre in charge of water and sanitation is often out of his depth and poor black people die of cholera. If you question this policy, there is an automatic response: ‘You think blacks are incompetent!’ That shuts down the argument. Black babies have died in state hospitals thanks entirely to the incompetence of black affirmative action hospital managers. Anyone who points this out was decried as a racist. None of the ruling ANC politicians would dream of sending their own children to schools where 91 per cent of the teachers were black. They want the best teachers, and if they are all white, that’s fine with them. Indeed many black parents, rich enough to choose, deliberately seek out white teachers for their own children. If they are not rich enough to choose, their children suffer inferior education.

The ANC has no economic ideology except Marxism. It loves state control and hates private business. It would like to nationalize the whole economy but economic reality stops it from doing so outright. So it proceeds by stealth, introducing laws that gradually reduce property rights and free enterprise. This racist legislation and a strangling web of red tape makes the cost of doing business in South Africa prohibitively high. It is getting worse. Labor laws, drawn up by the rich and the powerful, make it so difficult to hire and fire that only the relatively rich may become employers or employees. Poor people are shut out of the economy. With a growing multitude of unskilled blacks, thanks to poor education, this explains our appalling levels of unemployment. South Africa, with the world’s greatest mineral treasure, missed out on the greatest commodity boom in history a few years ago. This was because of vague and arbitrary allocation of mining licences according to the whims of ANC politicians.


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Many African countries are now booming. South Africa is not. She has become unattractive for investment. Skilled whites are emigrating. Manufacturing is in decline. Labor relations are dire and, in a violent strike on a platinum in 2012, 34 miners were shot dead by the police. Electricity blackouts have become routine. There are only five million taxpayers but 16 million who receive welfare grants. Debt is growing. There are weekly protests, often violent, against the failure of government to deliver services. After 20 years of democracy, and 12 months since Nelson Mandela was laid to rest, the mood in South Africa is bleaker than at any time in recent history — and with good reason. Thabo Mbeki, ruling from 1999 to 2008, was a neurotic racist with intellectual pretensions. Like Robert Mugabe, he worshiped everything European while deeply resenting it. His racism led him to believe that Aids, then decimating the black population, was caused not by the HIV virus but by some sort of imperialist machination. His denial is estimated to have cost 300,000 lives, nearly all black. (Today 11 per cent of South Africans are infected with HIV.)

Jacob Zuma, was corrupt, incompetent and likable. He has no political ideas and simply implements the ANC’s prevailing ideology. He is a master at manipulating the party machine. Staying in power is his only ambition. He has survived scandal after scandal. He rewards political allies through an immense system of patronage, and has composed an enormous cabinet where a multitude of ministers, mainly useless, receive huge salaries. Unlike Mbeki, he is proud of his African culture. He boasts of his many wives (all big, strong, black mammas) and delights in dancing in leopard skins, disporting the big belly that marks the traditional African man of substance. His personal demeanor is humble and endearing. Helen Zille, the leader of the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance, was once railing against his abuse of government. The interviewer said: ‘But he’s very charming.’ Zille sighed and said wistfully, ‘Yes, I know.’ 

BUT Cyril “The Squirrel” goes on with his secret theatricals with tax payer’s money:


8 March, 2019

The Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN) has been reliably informed by highly placed sources within the South African and Swaziland governments that the president of the Republic of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has agreed to bailout the Swaziland government from its self-made financial crisis. This hand out is said to be more than double the R2.4 billion that King Mswati had requested from the South African government in 2011.  This secret agreement is believed to have been signed during President Ramaphosa’s so called “working visit” to Swaziland last weekend and later celebrated by both leaders at the Buganu (Marula) Festival in Hlane Royal Residence. 

As SSN we still stand by our views which we clearly expressed in 2011 during the failed attempt by President Zuma to gift Swaziland R2.4bn of South African taxpayers’ money. At the time we said, “The reason why it should be aptly named a hand out rather than a bailout, is that due to the fungibility of money, this loan will go towards funding Mswati’s lavish lifestyle and his ‘Las Vegas in the midst of poverty” dream which is a nightmare for most Swazis who live in extreme poverty”. We strongly believe that President Ramaphosa’s handout will not benefit the people of Swaziland but the royal family, whose interests supersedes those of the people of Swaziland. It boggles the mind why President Ramaphosa would offer a handout to King Mswati when a year ago, during his 50th birthday, he unashamedly wore a watch worth R21 million and a suit beaded with diamonds that weighed over 6kg. Not only that but he also bought himself a second jet for R200 million and spent a further R500 million refurbishing it. A king who has the best interests of his people would never do such when over 65% of his people live below the poverty line.
It is in that regard that we call on all progressive South Africans to stand up and call on President Ramaphosa not to play sugar daddy with their hard earned taxes to a bonafide feudal overlord who rules over his subjects with an iron fist. We further call on the African National Congress to implement its 54th National Conference resolutions which are clearly at odds with handing out billions to Mswati. 
Issued by the Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN) South African Chapter. 

Lucky Lukhele-Spokesperson 
0814586658 or 0725024141

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Your typical ANC/BLF supporter….when bullsh*t becomes your  holy  grail…

TODAY– because of this direct and blatant racist attacks on white Afrikaners and demonization by the British hounds of hell – and the ANC devious method of singling the white Afrikaner out as the devil in the garden of Eden- the dehumanization by the leftist media- and the persecution by villainous black political heathens such as the ANC,EFF and BLF- white Afrikaners are not tolerated by the “majority”– and not allowed to have the same human rights as the rest of the population. They are the skunks, the chained stray dogs that simply must go sit in their make-shift kennels and just be thankful they are still fed and alive without uttering a single sound of objection. For their service to the country they are remunerated with  kicks, slaps, scolded , murdered, alienated, dehumanized, persecuted , targeted for slander and bashed on a daily basis- and still be expected to bark income tax friendly  sounds whenever their black “masters” demand it.  It does then come to no surprise that the BLF rat Mngxitama called whites in Eureka and Niewoudt “arrogant”– he only reflects the general narrative  the malicious effect the communist propaganda and destruction the ANC  vipers inflicted on the weak mind. Still, the weather is lovely and the scenery beautiful.



White Nation

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