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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town       March 21  2019







SOUTH AFRICA: Cyril Ramaphosa was up to his old tricks of blaming “apartheid” as usual for all the mess-ups the ANC created again….especially the latest ESKOM disaster which is a direct result of the poor maintenance of systems and greedy ANC kleptocrats stealing the utility to a total collapse.







The “Squirrel”  says the energy crisis currently faced by the country will “soon come to an end. “ South Africans have expressed frustration, as Eskom (deliberately) battles to keep the lights on with stage 4 load shedding currently in place and was expected to last until 11pm. Ramaphosa, speaking in Sharpeville on Thursday in his black “Human Rights “ Day speech, said he put measures in place to ensure that the country comes out of the dark.  “We will overcome this electricity crisis that is engulfing our country at this moment. We will overcome it just as we overcame the apartheid challenge,” he said. What Ramaphosa factually was trying to hide is that the inhuman barrage of load shedding was neatly orchestrated to bombard the poor naive black voting sheep into submission- where-after the “mighty” ANC will come to the “rescue” (just before the elections that is)- and “save” the country from any further financial losses and utter inconvenience caused by the rats running Eskom into the ground. Now ain’t that sweet- what a very devious pre-planned conspiracy to clinch the ultimate prize at the ballot box! Then he also have the audacity to neatly shift the blame onto “every-one“…and spiced his deception with a bit of “apartheid”  herbs- damn shrewd con-artist he is.


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“Collective” mistake the conman said…NOT the ANC’s 25-year old mismanagement disaster- but “every-one’s ” mistake. 

While the racist PAC was happily singing “One Settler-One Bullet” at the memorial service  which was specifically held in Sharpville (not at Marikana …no Sireeeee!) SA has been engulfed by rolling blackouts over the past few weeks as “stage four ” load-shedding was introduced by power utility Eskom. Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan said earlier this week that it could take up to two weeks before the government could determine how long the power outages, which have crippled industry and prompted some economist to revise downwards their their forecasts for economic growth this year, will last.

Elections 2019

The load-shedding comes less than two months ahead of the national and provincial elections in which Ramasquirrel  and the ANC hope to get a fresh mandate from the electorate.  He said the government was putting in place “measures ” (that would be a single phone call to Phakamani Hadebe to tell him to stop the bullsh*t power cuts) -which included ensuring the restoration of power lines from the Cahora Bassa Dam that were destroyed  by Cyclone Idai, which hit the port of Beira last week and killed more than 200 people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. The Squirrel said despite this SA faced a “severe energy crisis”, which has had a profound impact on  the country’s citizens and the economy. He said restoring (that would be the phone call I mentioned earlier) reliable electricity and ensuring a reliable model for sustainable electricity in the future were urgent priorities.

WELL– we all know how the Squirrel garble  anything to “please” his naive black followers. While he was buttering some thousands of misdirected black sheep at Sharpville with sweet little empty promises-  Phakamani Hadebe was singing quite another tune in a Radio 702 talk show. Phakamani  said load shedding could end within the next six months. Speaking on Radio 702 on recently, Hadebe explained: “It will be something that we will be working on to conclude at least for six months or so. After six months, it [load shedding] will be far less than where we are.” His comments come after Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan earlier said at a press briefing that Eskom would be out of the woods in the next year or two. Then that little fat ANC clown Fikile Mbalula sang yet another tune:  At this stage, I wouldn’t say to South Africans ‘do not be angry’. I am personally affected by this load shedding and the president is hard at work, task after task but we are fixing things for good. “In the next couple of weeks, the issue of load shedding would’ve been resolved permanently. The president, leading from the front, is doing everything to stop this – there will not be a quick fix solution to this,” he stated.  SO this is now how the ANC’s ” priorities ” work… couple of weeks…six months….a year or two?” Does this idiots EVER have a chat with each other before getting onto the public stage and talk a lot of  crap- contradicting each other?  



BUT luckily Phakamani also held a “ray of hope” for this” next couple of weeks” or  “six months” or “a year or two” of dark nights and empty business days up his sleeve he did.  Hadebe has also defended government’s decision to bring in “external engineers “ from Italy to assist the beleaguered power utility with its challenges. South Africa has more than enough WHITE engineers that even offered their help for FREE to solve the Eskom crisis- but NO– white Afrikaners are “racists” – and the ANC fear a back-lash from the black social mafia if they DARE appoint white Afrikaner engineers. So they rather opt for white ITALIAN engineers. They are less “racist” and will cost millions of rands at ..yea…the tax payers cost than get help for free from white “racists” -it appears.

Hadebe said there was nothing wrong with government bringing in ” additional experts”  to help Eskom with maintenance. “I think this [load shedding] is a “challenge ” and everyone is aware of the impact it will have on the South African economy, and for that we are apologizing. There’s nothing wrong about government deciding to bring in additional experts to come and assist in moving this forward. And I think it will be very naive of us to assume that we are the only ones who can solve this.”  This is a bit of truth as the ANC rat pack NEVER were able to solve ANYTHING that is. In February, Gordhan announced in Parliament that engineers from Italian energy company Enel would assist Eskom with investigating the structural challenges facing the power producer. So we take it Eskom’s problems will still be with us for another 25 years– as that is how long the ANC are still struggling to get over apartheid’s “challenges.” (Especially when the ANC made another mess and need to shift the blame again.) Let’s not forget that the future does not look any more promising. South Africans can expect an electricity rate hike in April, that of which will only exacerbate the problem, not solve it.


GOOD SPEECH….EXCEPT for that last  “Miamane for president”-part. That would be a  friggen  disaster!!


BLAME -SHIFTING naturally is one of the ANC’s top forte’s. The culprit/s for Eskoms woes already is legendary:

First- it was State Capture-

The corruption

Then “Political Meddling”

Then “shortage of coal”

Then “bad maintenance by contractors”

Then Corruption by contractors

Then break downs due to age

Then “apartheid”

Then “diesel shortage”

And lastly-  “all of us collectively”

In all of this “excuses” we are missing the main ingredient for Eskom’s total collapse: THE ANC LOOTING AND ESKOM MANAGEMENT CORRUPTION.




John Kane-Berman maybe sums it up the best when he wrote:

  Twenty-five years ago the African National Congress (ANC) inherited from the practitioners of colonialism and apartheid one of the most admired public utilities in the world. They proceeded to give it a hefty dose of radical economic transformation. The result is the Eskom of today, which is trying to entice back from Tunisia and elsewhere some of the “top engineers” who left during what the minister of public enterprises, Pravin Gordhan, likes to call the “period of corruption and state capture”. He finds it “fascinating” how many former Eskom engineers, having been “pushed out” by “state capture”, are now in the Philippines or Indonesia and many other countries.

Blaming a “period of corruption and state capture” conveniently enables Eskom’s problems to be passed off as historical aberrations that are now going to be rectified. But this is only half the story. Eskom was in trouble before “corruption and state capture” kicked in. Mr Gordhan says South Africa is legitimately asking “why is this happening?” His unenlightening answer is “wrong choices and wrong designs”. He does not tell us who got everything wrong. Eskom itself provides a whole bunch of technical reasons for the major blackouts last week. Mr Gordhan promises that there will be litigation against those responsible for them. It would be nice to see the culprits punished, whether in the public or the private sector. But blackouts date back to 2008, and if Mr Gordhan and his party really want to know who is responsible, they need only look in the mirror. For there can be no doubt that incessant interference by ignoramus ministers, cadre deployment, affirmative action, and racial procurement policies were also part of the transformative dose to which Eskom has long been subjected.

According to Mr Gordhan, loss of senior skills at Eskom was “not a small matter”. Now he tells us. Anyone paying attention knew years ago that Eskom was “pushing out” (white) engineers and other people on racial grounds. In doing so it was faithfully following ANC policy and legislation. Like other state-owned enterprises, Eskom was further regarded as a place of sheltered employment, one result being more and more people who are less and less productive. The normally complacent Cyril Ramaphosa now proclaims himself shocked and “quite angry” at the state of Eskom. Perhaps he picked up this line from the corrupt police chief in Casablanca who declared himself “shocked” at all the gambling going on in Rick’s Café Americain. Plausible suggestions have been made that last week’s blackouts were in part the result of sabotage by unions and/or managers determined to warn Mr Ramaphosa against interfering with their entrenched positions and lucrative jobs at Eskom. But the ANC has done to South Africa’s intelligence services what it has done to Eskom, so the government does not have the capacity to investigate whether there is any truth in these suggestions. And even if it could turn up sufficient evidence to bring a prosecution, there is no telling when the National Prosecuting Authority will be restored to the level of competence needed to bring a successful case. “If we do not understand the problem, we are not going to get anywhere near the solutions,” says Mr Gordhan with reference to Eskom. The real problem – as he may or may not be willing to recognize – is the ANC’s overarching ideology of radical economic transformation as a means of bringing about its national democratic revolution. Among other things, this means more and more state control.

Commitment to this ideological objective helps to explain why the ANC, despite its track record of imposing disastrous policies, is still determined to implement what may turn out to be one of its most destructive policies yet. Both in his recent state-of-the-nation address and in a speech delivered on his behalf a few days later,  Ramaphosa announced that legislation to implement national health insurance (NHI) would soon be ready for submission to Parliament. NHI entails the deliberate destruction of the private medical aid industry, and is also calculated to destroy private medical care more widely. NHI will certainly cause an exodus of medical professionals. Perhaps one day some future health minister will find it “fascinating” how many South African doctors are working in the Philippines, or Tunisia, or Indonesia. He too may then try and entice some of them back to fix what his party has wrecked. Just as Zimbabwe is now trying to do with white farmers.”

MEANWHILE South Africans in their millions and businesses have to endure yet another state capture at the hands of criminal elements running the government and Eskom. For up to three days at a time many South Africans are without power. While Eskom and their government handlers are playing dangerous  little “load shedding” games- South Africans are suffering job losses, income- and are on the brink of a total revolt .  Businesses start closing down and many investors are busy packing up. For the normal South African this is a total disaster- and many that could afford it- now revert to alternative energy sources to move off the grid as soon as possible. A campaign across the country are taking shape where people are stopping to pay their electricity bills anymore- to follow Soweto’s example.

But the rest of us must suffer black-outs  and pay exuberant tariffs because of Eskom’s “sympathy ” with Soweto to keep the ANC in power. 

WHAT factually is happening in South Africa is an evil circle-. The fact is that the Eskom drag queens have running contracts with 7 African countries they have to honor- simply not because they are honest- but if they do not- their money fountain from abroad will be held back. So now they had to come up with a “quick solution” to repair their problem of supplying these countries all while their mismanaged systems start to fail one after the other. So the most “obvious “ solution would be rather to “punish” the local users before picking up problems with their money pipe-line from abroad and start loosing contracts. AND we know how crucial that contracts is for the ANC and Eskom hoodlums- both to keep the lights on- and bank accounts bulging. The locals in any case is a useless venture as they never pay for their electricity anyhow. So sacrifice them – give Soweto free electricity- and keep the money line to Africa open. Two birds with one shot- keep the paying customer happy- and keep the non-paying black populace happy. They again in turn will keep the ANC happy at the polls- and the ANC again when in power- will keep the Eskom trolls happy! Evil circle running- and meanwhile all people in South Africa- including those that pay- must suffer under the curse of the black plague. 

Amidst this total onslaught against the populace- many now revert to additional sources to bridge all this power cuts. BUT then you get those filthy politicians in the Democratic Alliance in Cape Town that threatens their ratepayers with hefty fines of even jail time if they dare revert to alternative sources without paying the greedy DA blood suckers in the council  their due on free energy as well. So now the DA want to charge their ratepayers for using God’s sun to generate their own free energy as well- even threatening to dish out heavy fines or worse- lock them up !  When are they going to charge their ratepayers for breathing oxygen as well? The DA in Cape Town council  would rather see their ratepayers suffering under the heel of Eskom’s dictatorial rule or pay exuberant tariffs for 3rd class services and live in the dark than reverting to free energy God gave to mankind. How damn evil CAN you get? Then again- this is the “New” South Africa- and nothing in this God Forsaken country full of corrupt politicians, political looters, street criminals and opportunists surprises us anymore!

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EVEN the DA is corrupt…money mongers and greedy sharks. SO– please stay away from them as well.


ESKOM had many opportunities to rectify the problems- but because of corruption and GREED they never did. . When they inherited the utility from the white government in 1994- they already were TOLD by the previous Atomic Energy Corporation that time already that the coal generators and stations were old– and will last maximum 15 years. There were enough funds left in the AEC for the new “masters” to maintain- and start building new power stations. Then also did South Africa have lots of Hydro Electric plants at big dams and escarpment resources such as the Vaaldam, Hartebeespoort, etc that also was generating power. However– greed and anti-white sentiment from especially the new “government” side saw to it that all that back-up funding was stolen – and systematically all white engineers were chased away to make place for new incompetent “cadres” to be deployed…votes counted more than common sense. The hydroelectric plants never were utelized- and today we only see the derelict remains of that once productive plants at the dams. Why it was  never utilized is still a mystery. The old power stations were never maintained and also no new ones built. Kelptocracy started to wreck havoc in the system- with one “board” after the other replacing the previous corrupt “board.” Not ONE of these white collar thieves ever were brought to justice- and as soon as a scandal was discovered by the media- the “board” simply “resign”-disappeared with all the loot- and the next “board” was appointed to simply proceed where the previous “board” left off with the looting. So was it then that millions upon millions of rands were looted and siphoned into private accounts of “disappearing” board members. And every time the public was castrated with exuberant tariff increases to pay for all the money stolen by this “board” members.

NERSA was created to supposedly keep Eskom “in check”– but then NERSA also formed part of the unholy Tri-Angle...The ANC fat cats- Eskom- and NERSA. Between this three scrupulous entities that started to rob the public blind the country spiraled into a financial power abyss. During the world cup a French and German consortium offered to build FIVE new power stations for South Africa- power stations that would run at a MUCH lower cost- produce DOUBLE the amount of energy that could be placed back on the grid- low maintenance needed- and thus bring down electricity tariffs to be affordable for all. BUT the Eskom thieves were not happy with this at all. They quickly ran to NERSA- complaining bitterly that Eskom has “enough” capacity to supply South Africa sufficiently- and South Africa do not need this new power stations. And as expected- NERSA- being part of the conspiracy- immediately rejected the consortium’s offer.

Then private companies- lots of them- approached Eskom- offering various solutions such as solar power, wind power- even magnetic power to install in all the homes- generating MORE than enough electricity to such an extend that home owner would have reserve power left to sell back to the grid. Well- again this was like dangling a red flag in front of  the eyes of the corporate Eskom thieves. Again they ran to NERSA- bitching and complaining- and  again NERSA played along and rejected all the offers. Because the old coal power stations was in dire need of maintenance on a continuous basis- all the ANC “brothers and sisters” that dug deep into the treasure cove – set up all kinds of companies- tendering to supply coal, maintenance, material, etc to Eskom. It become a lucrative robbers haven with every political thug setting up bogus companies to tender and now joining the feast.  The looting frenzy just escalated into a mega money laundering mob syndicate through the years. And as ever the consumer was reeled in to pay for this exuberant theft spree. Meanwhile the old power stations and generators started to pack up one after the other.Today we are sitting with a typical African culture- paying double than we are supposed to- and getting lesser electricity. And meanwhile South Africa is hi-jacked by this poliotical and white collar thugs through rolling “black-outs.” Although Ramasquirrel and his half-wit cronies comes up with the one after the other “explanation, promise “and “ plan”– we all are well aware the ANC is fighting for survival in the coming elections. Ramaphosa- as with his cronies- are natural thieves and blatant lairs. Nothing has changed in 25 years with the Eskom debacle- and nothing will change in the next 25 years UNLESS the black populace stop being culturally racist– stop voting with their bellies- and start voting with their brains and get rid of this destructive ANC terminators. As with the rest of all the state departments , provinces and SOE’s- Eskom also now also  became an empty vault full of corrupt ANC skeletons. One such a skeleton is the irony that South Africa is exporting millions of tons of coal to China- but on the same instance are IMPORTING coal again from India! Now the question is just WHO is behind such a devious deal….the Zuma/Gupta gangs again? Why export and import the same product that we have an abundance of anycase? Go Figure! 

. Ramaphiosa ostensibly will try to bullsh*t the naive public again with all his faux promises, smooth talking and fake smiles. But the horrific truth is that we endure utterly inconvenience with half our productive days being destroyed by this same kleptocracy that have no conscience, sympathy  or remorse for what they are doing to our economy. It all revolves around their own greedy pockets. The ANC keeps on building this delusional fantasy  castles in the air- but as up to today still could find no-one to paint it for them. Ramaphosa must stop being a pathological lair, stop trying to play the “good guy”– and stop trying to bullsh*t the public into buying their lies and deception anymore. Eskom is the hard core reality what the ANC is doing behind closed doors- and how they for 25 years- have destroyed our economy, sow division between races- and robbed the treasury empty. It is now time to stop paying for electricity- time for the public to say “enough is enough“- and join the black “majority” in the same “Soweto” drive of “no play-no pay“-  and let the ANC and their Eskom thieving buddies sort out the problems they themselves created and try to win their 2019 elections based on their own failures. Let us see if ANC T-Shirts and free food parcels at the voting booths will again pull this one off for them. The ANC never was a government“, never is- and never will be. They came from a prison- and back in a prison they belong again- PERIOD!  Apartheid was not responsible for this mess,- neither were Van Riebeeck or Verwoerd. The blame for this disaster can be attributed to much more recent villains such as “Democracy“, Mbeki, Zuma and Ramaphosa. Meanwhile we have to face yet another day, another week-end, – another week- another month of utterly destructive and frustrating rolling black outs THREE times per day for 9 hours on end because Ramaphosa is still playing the fiddler of the roof while he and his thieving ilk are still busy building castles in the air- running election campaigns and pinching the naive black public’s cheeks with the one hand  – all while they steal their childrens’ food off their plates with the other. ONE thing that is crystal clear this “government ”  COULD deliver among all their failures is “load shedding”ON TIME…EVERY TIME!







White Nation


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