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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA 30 March 2019




Socialism’s Bloody History 

1955 ANC Freedom Charter

Darkness clouds the Boeremag members

It’s Not ‘Identity Politics,’ It’s Anti-White Politics





IN South Africa- and most probably the world- there is no nation that is so much being persecuted and oppressed as the white Afrikaner of South Africa. What happens in South Africa is something we as modern human beings are not aware of- not used to- cannot contemplate- and something that would rather belong to the Middle Ages or pre-modern era during the rule and times of horrible dictators the likes of Vlad the Impaler, Stalin, Genghis, Atilla, , Nero, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, Yomo Kenyatta  or Mau Tse Tung– but NOT in modern times….not in this modern era. It is a combination of a genocide and deprivation. It is something that remotely resembles a modern era barbarism. It simply is unheard of! And while the white Afrikaner is oppressed beyond human imagination- the black elite rides “high” on the shoulders of the same Zionist corporate thugs such as George Soros that is behind the oppression of  the white Afrikaner

Yet these gross human rights abuses and gross  atrocities against a small nation is happening right under our noses. But because of flat denial from deceptive politicians, politicians with hidden agendas, false media coverage and a total blacked-out silence on the issue- the persecution of the White Afrikaner simply proceed cloak and dagger-style without the international world blinking an eyelid.Although it is open on the Internet- most people across the world still believe it to be a “conspiracy.”  And it’s all because South Africa is a jewel with an abundance of natural mineral resources which the greedy corporate world are desperately seeking to control. But because the white Afrikaner is out of the normal environment where you normally find whites- this has become a thorn in the side of the corporate werewolves. Whites belong in Europe…Australasia…America...but NOT in dark Africa. The corporate thieves has now for a long time being plundering Africa- and by the hand of a treacherous coward in FW De Klerk– these hounds of hell now also have possession of that jewel down South.





Traitors to the end.


TWICE this corporate demons has tried to exterminate the white Boer/Afrikaner through the meaning of wars- and twice the white race defeated them – stood up again against all odds- regained their strength in nationalism- and twice became a powerful nation again. Now the corporate hounds of hell are using a very different approach- one of prolonged impoverishment, suffering, oppression , genetically pollution of their blood lines by enforced cross-breeding with non-whites-  and deprivation of basic human rights to slowly suffocate the white Afrikaner in South Africa. And this now has been going on for 25 years on end. The corporate degenerates want to control all of South Africa…it’s natural resources, mineral riches- and vast land resources. The only problem they now still encounter- is that within South Africa’s borders  the white Boer/Afrikaner nation still exists- a very cunning and brave fighter that throughout history- build a reputation of being hardened fearless  fighters- defeating humongous odds and powerful nations. Only through treachery and a silent genocide does the corporate demons now attempt to totally destroy the Afrikaner into extinction once and for all.


Interessant om nou n terugblik te hê oor "daai tyd"…Nou sien ons wie is wie… En hoe min hulle reggekry het… Die leuens…. Die oë

Posted by Tiekie Papenfus on Saturday, March 23, 2019










It started in Kenya…..



Then it again happened in Mozambique…


Image result for portuguese flee mozambique

Spilled over to Angola…..

Image may contain: text

Then Rhodesia…..

Image result for zimbabwe whites fleeRelated imageImage result for zimbabwe whites land invasions

Now eventually South Africa…..

Image result for south africa whites land invasions

Are you following the trend? Still having “rainbow” illusions about your fake “democracy?”When will the ANC follow Verwoerd’s example and give the whites their own sovereign independent state? In contrast with Verwoerd- the current regime rather decide to….






THE blatant arrogance of the communist rubble in South Africa  is simply becoming implausible as the elections-  and the struggle for their maniacal survival-  draws closer.  Between the 4 main anti-white Soros -funded terrorist organizations- the ANC,DA,EFF and BLF- there is a mad drive to score as much political points by threatening to disown  white Afrikaners- displaying  white owned farms as a decoy. There is a direct onslaught orchestrated against whites in South Africa. Even the DA now admits that their sms / email campaign about not voting for smaller parties is aimed at scaring white and coloured voters. The DA has lost a lot of support and a poll by Citizen indicates that only 30% of DA voters approve of Maimane’s leadership.

MEANWHILE Squirrel  Ramaphosa is really testing the Afrikaners’ patience and tolerance when he said white land owners are” no longer in a position to resist government’s land reform policies. “  Ramaphosa was again emptying his head from all the garbage accumulated in the swamp between his ears at a government function to hand over title deeds to the Griqua and Khoi communities of Ebenhaeser on the West Coast.


The Squirrel then blabbered on and said it was time for white land owners to “cooperate ” with his administration in changing land ownership patterns and to stop “frustrating”  the process. In other words this cretin expect all white farmers simply “fall over “  and play possum when being robbed blind of their land –  the land they have bought rightfully by cart and transport – and have been farming on for centuries- even before Ramaphosa- or for that matter the ANC- ever existed. . He said the “ new administration “ to assume office after the May 8 election would “pick up the pace of land reform”.There are those farmers who are agreeing to work with us, who are part of this settlement. We call on those other farmers who are still resisting, who are still doubtful about the future, we want to say to them, who are still asking many questions, we must say to them: the restitution of land to its “rightful owners, ” it’s time is now. “We call on them to come forward so that this matter can be settled, the people of this area are hungry for land.” he insist. Please come work with us. this is land that we must all share.” The handover of title deeds to the three community property associations (CPAs) on the West Coast was part of a land claim that took twenty years to settle at a cost of R362m. It’s also the first land claim by the Khoi and the Griqua communities to be finalized by the regime after they were removed from the “lucrative “ farms back in the 1920s. The returned land would see the local communities partnering with established commercial farmers in wine, livestock and game farming on  53 farms comprising 1,566 hectares of land. “I am pleased that the community wants to use the land for productive purposes.”

Ramaphosa said the CPAs would be closely monitored to ensure that all proceeds accruing from the commercial farming were not abused and were used for the upliftment of local residents. “We must not hear that the CPA is going to exclude the views of the people. Let the community know what the money is going to do. I ask that the CPAs must work in a transparent manner. “Many CPAs have collapsed because the chairpersons and the secretaries are doing their own things. We must be able to account for every cent. Ons moenie geld steel nie (we mustn’t steal money),” said the Squirrel  in a mixture of English and Afrikaans. How dastardly arrogant this communist sleeze-bucket has become!

BUT the Squirrel conveniently “forgot” to tell his naive followers about the government’s OWN land that still is not distributed!   In a statement earlier  in parliament  the Democratic Alliance said that the ANC government was withholding the transfer of 1.4 million hectares of land, the equivalent to R8.6 billion, to its rightful owners. Since 1996 the ANC has spent R21-billion on acquiring 3.4 million hectares of land. Despite that‚ only 2 million hectares have been transferred as of 2018. Which leaves 41% of the state-owned land yet to be transferred to its rightful owners. Leaving many without income and in some cases without homes.

BUT  then it will not be the first time the Squirrel garble a lot of trash about whites. In an earlier speech the word sinner said that  foreigners (whites) were received “open arms ” when they arrived in South Africa . The Whites were provided with” food, friendship and land “- but it was apparently not enough. Then, according to Ramaphosa, the Whites came to “steal ” the blacks’ land. Who was in the Cape in 1652 with Jan van Riebeeck’s arrival? Who killed the Boers on the eastern border? Who attacked the ‘trekkers’ at Blood River? Who are murdering the Afrikaner farmers on their farms? Observers believe lies remain lies by the ANC president both overseas or anywhere else, his credibility sinks further every day.

CYRIL the Squirrel and all his escapades…

Let us have a bit of a peek into Ramasquirrel’s history:


Ramaphosa was an Oppenheimer “padawan”- picked up, nurtured , trained and showered with blue chip shares by the Oppenheimers. They gave him the opportunity to become a Union boss. Without them he also would have been a “nobody’ today. He belonged to the ANC and  his first time in jail was in 1974 when he was imprisoned for 11 months in Mozambique for involvement with the terrorist group that the Mozambican government wanted to throw away, then in prison again for 1976 for illegal marches and incitement to strikes and violence in 1976 at universities.

Then back in 1980 for 3 months  again landed in prison on alleged planning and organization of terrorist attacks against the old government.In 1989 he led ANC  terrorists to Transkei to take on the government of Bantu Holomisa there – but he botched up and more than 50 of his ANC buddies died during that attack . Ramaphosa just escaped and fled to safety.  In 1990, he accompanied the political prisoners that were released by De Klerk and his cronies   after meeting in Lusaka between the treacherous National Party and their ANC buddies. Ramaphosa became the organizer of more cowardly terrorist  attacks against innocent whites and – establishes the Black Mine Workers Union with the funding and help of the Oppenheimers. .Her the became the communist union  COSATU’s  chairman. 

Image result for harry oppenheimer and ramaphosa


He was chosen by the ANC “Robbin Island Old Boys Club “ to be the  Chief negotiator with the NP idiot and sell-out Roelf Meyer during the CODESA takeover of the  old NP traitors to the new communist ANC government. Ramaphosa  mentioned at the ANC’s national conference in 1993 that white people-  like a frogs-  should be treated in boiling water, then gradually the heat must be escalated and steadily heated up to lukewarm water or else the frog might realize what is going on- and jump out. In essence what he said was whites should be systematically murdered – being wiped in small stages  or else the world will see it as genocide . However– a few white farmers murdered each week at a time could easily be “written off”  as “ordinary crime”  …. and not big fuss is made. That is exactly what is happening today. 




He also mentioned 2 years ago that the so called “White Business Monopoly”  supremacy  should be terminated and destroyed – and subsequently Ramaphosa start to fund  Julius Malema to hit it .He also is suspected of millions of rands of illegal interests at companies and pays a lot of bribery and dirty money all around  to keep his name clean. Ramaphosa also was the one ordering  the police to shoot the miners at Marikana – and later on bribed the families in order to keep his name out of the lime-light and keep it “ untarnished.”  There also is strong roamers he bribed many ANC delegates to vote him into power as “president” -rather than that other half-wit oaf Nkosazana Zuma. He is one of the richest black Czars  in Africa due to BEE transactions and illegal industries – and is currently worth almost R 7 billion . Another cretin that benefited humongous  from the “apartheid” spin-offs. Ramaphosa is no “democratically” chosen president- but like Zuma is he yet another greedy usurper to the throne.

Related image

He has also recently said that land claims will convert South Africa into the new “Garden of Eden ” without remuneration and that the ANC has the “right people “ (the same les miserables  that has been screwing up the country this past 20 years) – to establish SA within 2 years as the “richest “ country in Africa and food exporter to the rest of the world. This now is supposed to happen AFTER all productive white farms was “expropriated.”  But this just comes to show  again how sly and back-stabbing communist Ramasquirrel really is. He also is a stern follower and advocate of the  New World Order – and is a member of the International Communist Council .But there is still a LOT of hidden secrets about this cretin you do not know about. Do a bit of research- and you also will be startled to see what kind of creature now want to tell whites they have “no option” but to ” co-operate” with him and his devious ANC cronies in handing over their property to this viper and his band of communist  reptiles  in Lethuli House. Ramaphosa is just another reincarnation of Bob Mugabe...just a bit more devious and much, much  more dangerous! He is a con artist, a word spinner, a lair, a capitalist – and a mass murderer…all sugar coated behind a friendly smile. Keep an eye on  this evil critter!

Image may contain: text

 Yasmien Ebrahim wrote: 

“Dear Cyril Ramaphosa,

This is for you Cyril Ramaphosa, if anyone knows how to get this post to him…do not hesitate! I am prepared to go to jail, and I am not emotionally fuelled, I am calm….so don’t get it wrong. I want you Cyril Ramaphosa to know that I believe you are an idiot. You may have money but No brains nor feelings for the rest of the nation….least of all white people. Firstly you are loaded with land, buildings, mines and money….land you bought from white people, you have paid for….but the farmers must give their land freely to WHOEVER YOU CALL SA CITIZENS ( BLACKS) is my guess…WELL FUCK THAT, it does not add up! Why don’t you toe the line, lead from the front, give of your property and land to the SA folk staying in squalor, especially the ones who vote for you and your party year in and out for empty promises????

Today, three clients of mine all three husband are dead in one week….HACKED with pangas, two wives succumbed to their wounds after being raped and one is fighting for her life….they were attacked in this week. Those children are devastated….along with the farm workers, and their children. You and your cronies are turning a deaf ear, blind eye, speak about other countries who offer help to these farmers as-if they are interfering???? My sorry ass!!!! You all walk around with body guards!!# We the taxpayer our money protects you but our white Afrikaner brothers and sisters get killed….they too pay tax man. I wish honestly that all of you get some rubber bullet treatment up your asses today so that you can stop sitting in those chambers and talk your ignorant shit!

These particular farmers supplied major food chains, fed families for decades….supplied workers for free year upon year, schooled their workers kids, clothed them….some of the kids are at university….I guess you are going to fund them now???? Blinking fools you are! Then you know full well that the EFF forms a large part of these farm attacks, fueled by the fact that you asked them to come HOME. So you are silent, again turning a blind eye… are a moron deluxe, not to be trusted….cause anyway the EFF are waiting in the wings to make your party ungovernable….I pray that day to come fast, I pray that every dead farmers and their deceased families come and choke you, haunt you and never give you rest untill the last days of your lives……you must know Karma is a bad thing.

My children, like many others may want to buy small holdings one day…..they will have to pay….cause they are not black enough! I wish your conscience… which I know every one of us have, rich or poor….never gives you any rest… so much you get shingles. Now you can call this hate speech, send your body guards, after me I am Colored not Afrikaner…I am prepared to die….cause I know dead I will haunt you and All your good cronies no end! Julius Malema…wont escape me! Here is my  pic, your body guards won’t have, a problem finding me.” 

  • Yasmien Ebrahim

Mozambique. No food. People will do anything for food.

Posted by Ina Du Preez on Friday, March 29, 2019

THE direct result of “land expropriation” fun and games in Africa. When African dictators ascend the thrones after “independence” all of them immediately starts with their “get rid of the white colonials” rhetorics. Such was the cases in Kenya, Tanganyika, Mozambique, Zimbabwe – and now the ex-cons  in the ANC also want to implement in South Africa. Africans will NEVER abandon their racist culture against the white man- and will never learn from past mistakes. As long as there is a white man in Europe that donates food and money- or a Chinese that gives loans- the black man will proceed on his road of gluttony and corruption – which eventually will lead his country to become a beggar’s paradise where the populace battle each other for scraps of food  while the “fat cats” stuff themselves with the creme-a-la-creme. 


Wrote Anand Chetty about the “land expropriation” issue:

Anand Chetty is with Anand Chetty.

July 8, 2018

I SPEAK ON BEHALF of a sizeable portion of South Africa who would once and for all like to know exactly which whites stole which pieces of land and from which blacks. The message that goes out from the presumptious EFF and thus indirectly from the ANC is that all land was stolen from all blacks by all whites… Not only does Juliass malema makes such false statements, but many others too who support him, so this is a serious issue which requires serious clarity.

Let’s look at one small example. In 1834 the king of the Pondos, King Faku, gave the land between the Mbashe and Mkomazi rivers to the Dutch settlers on the condition that they go and live there. He wanted them as a buffer between him and Dingane who constantly stole his cattle and tried to chase him off his land. Another agreement was in February 1838, when Dingane himself signed a treaty allowing Piet Retief and his group of approximately 100 Voortrekkers to occupy the land between the Tegula River and Port St. John’s.. (a copy of this agreement can still be found today). In 1825, when Shaka met the British for the first time, he allowed the British to take control of what was then called Port Natal, and, in return for this gesture, 2 British commanders, known as Fynn and Farewell, presented Shaka with beads, brass, blankets made of cloth, and other small inventions that could have very easily been brought over by ship.

These are just a few examples of some land that whites legally, or by mutual agreement, acquired from blacks. These stretches of land, and the farms on this land today, certainly cannot be defined as stolen… Our history is littered with such barters and gifts, where land was traded for cattle or in many cases given as a reward for returning lost or stolen cattle from a neighbouring tribe to its original tribe. As for King Faku, the question is whether the land was Faku’s to give in the first place. He, or his predecessor, undoubtedly took it by force from another hapless black tribe… Stealing, you may call it. Of course Dingaan also tried to get his hands on it. He, and particularly Shaka before him, “stole” massive pieces of land; in fact they chased the Matabele people off their land, all the way to Zimbabwe where they still live. The Matabele may argue that a large part of South Africa rightfully belongs to them and that the current black inhabitants should depart.

Needless to say that, even before the black tribes started “stealing” land from each other, the San people lived here. They have the strongest claim of all. To add a twist, by studying old documents and reading old diaries, you discover that vast areas of land were uninhabited when the Dutch arrived, basically no-man’s land. These areas got occupied and vacated almost at random, as a result of regional wars (or exterminations by other tribes) that took place from time to time. The only difference between the Dutch who settled there and the previous occupants, who were gone, was that the Dutch were able to defend their positions and were not driven away. I’m not sure how to bring this letter to the attention of juliass mal malema and those who think like him. It is a very serious issue, since the disregard of treaties, no matter how old, tends to de-stabilize whole regions. We need clarity about the grounds on which juju mal malema’s own claims are based… If he is not interested in historic fact or the historic treaties that his forefathers entered into (not to mention those made by the ANC with the NP in 1994), and if he simply wants to seize land belonging to whites, then he is of course, planning to cause unrest.” 

More malicious false propaganda spewed by the corporate – controlled donkeys.


We all know it’s a fact that Ramasquirrel, The “Weasel” Malema , “Zille boy” Mmiamane and that degenerate communist orphan Mngxitama all are spreading fake communist propaganda rubbish that “whites stole the land”– as none of these expendable black corporate slaves ever produced a single thread of proof or piece of evidence that the land was factually possessed by any black tribe in particular except documented history pinned down by the white man. What this idiots are doing is spreading a myth created by assumption provoked by their evil  corporate masters.



As far as 200 years ago blacks could not even read and writethe white man even had to come and teach them that. So on what basis can this four circus clowns base their preposterous claims bar pure political opportunism to score cheap political points for the coming election? But if you keep on telling a lie long enough- it becomes the “truth”– and then it becomes a “law”– precisely what this useless  Zionist  fools are doing now in South Africa. Blacks up to today could not even progress to a point where they invent their own alphabet– but summarily exploit white inventions to enhance their own greedy agendas.  Thus there is NO historical factual proof by ANY black historian that the South African land -or even any piece of the land- historically belong to a black. If one must go by this evil noise makers’ rhetoric- then all blacks in Europe immediately must give up all their possessions for “expropriation ” to the whites.  If “Africa is for Africans” then all non-whites must immediately be repatriated by the European white countries back to Africa as well as Europe is for Europeans. Ironically does thousands of Africans jump ship on a daily basis and flee to Europe because of their own countries that now are ravaged with rebel wars and persecution. . But the Squirrel – as with Zuma, Malema, Mnxitama cares less about those blacks and the European question- for they and many other black socialist cretins only acts as paid  front men for a much bigger and darker agenda- an agenda created and driven by the most powerful corporate forces active in the world today- the Corporate Powers– in other words Big Business in South Africa.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

What more can we say….” .Please pray for this white liberal idiot?”



” Land expropriation without compensation is illegal in international law”. International court warns SA

HEREWITH Highlights to the Human Rights pertaining to this sensitive matter;
Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Article 17.
(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.
South Africa has signed and ratified a number of similar treaties.
Expropriation, in particular if there is a racist angle, without compensation is illegal in international law. International Law is superior law, it takes precedence over municipal (national) law.
The African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR).
Article 14:
The right to property shall be guaranteed. It may only be encroached upon in the interest of public need or in the general interest of the community and in accordance with the provisions of appropriate laws.
International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.
Article 5
In compliance with the fundamental obligations laid down in article 2 of this Convention, States Parties undertake to prohibit and to eliminate racial discrimination in all its forms and to guarantee the right of everyone, without distinction as to race, color, or national or ethnic origin, to equality before the law, notably in the enjoyment of the following rights:
(d) Other civil rights, in particular:
(v) The right to own property alone as well as in association with others;
(vi) The right to inherit;
These are just a few of the Treaties and Conventions that prohibit the expropriation of property without compensation.
Also to be noted is that any attempt at expropriation motivated by racist objectives is expressly declared to be illegal in international law.



Die Skuim van SA

Posted by Ben Almero on Tuesday, March 19, 2019



IT is Big Business in South Africa (Like in the rest of the world) that is the driving force behind the total onslaught against the white Afrikaner minority in order to keep it suppressed, impoverished , alienated– and now also are behind the “land expropriation” agenda to disown white Afrikaners. White Afrikaners became a convenient scape-goat for the rest of the populace, business and politicians to blame, demonize and accuse for all kinds of misdemeanors and failures of others. Players such as Rothschild, Rupert, Renwick, Oppenheimer, Soros, et al are pulling the political puppet strings. It already became a national culture in South Africa to discriminate against the white Afrikaner. And the South African media are in the front row of slandering and dehumanizing the white Afrikaner. But the ANC did not start this agenda- factually it was the Free Masonic National Party that already started the agenda to victimize and oppress the white Afrikaner  – and De Klerk had no other option than sell the country out to these hideous corporate powers. If he dared  resist their demands- he would quickly found himself wanted – and the corporate assassins surely would have visited him and pay their “respects’ the same way they visited his ex wife Marike De Klerk, HF Verwoerd, Eugene Terreblanche, Robert Smith , the PW Botha assassination attempt, Chris Hani, Joe Modise, Peter Mokaba, Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski and many others that dared oppose the “deep state.”(Corporate rulers) -that also became a “liability” for this corporate killers. De Klerk knew the score all too well.

So De Klerk ironically spoke the truth when he said he had no option– it was either a R 300 million rand “golden handshake”  for him and his National Party traitors- or a wooden suit as little “accidents” sometimes do happen when this “big bosses” start taking control and decide to be  part of the “conquest of the paradise. “ That is the price you pay when you play with the “Big boys.” De Klerk literally was looking after his own interests (and survival.) He was one very nervous traitor- literally squeezed in-between the hammer and the anvil. IF the white populace decided to revolt and called for a military -style coup de etat (which was a huge possibility at the time as the Afrikaner controlled all the security systems)-  De Klerk and his treacherous National Party rats would surely would have been in BIG trouble. If he buckled under the Afrikaner pressure  and their evil “CODESSA” plan back-fired (like it nearly did)– he and his devious cronies would have been running for their dear lives- being  wanted both by the corporate assassins- and the Boer executioners alike – depending who got their hands on them first . These National Party scumbags nearly pis*ed their pants the day Terreblanche bashed their little party they were having with their communist safe-cracker cronies  while they were busy looting the Federal Reserve – swindling it out of R 4 trillion worth of gold- and fraternizing with Satan  at Kempton Park.  They were all seeing imaginary bullets flying around with their names written on it.

Luckily for them Terreblanche was a compassionate man- and let them off the hook- now with hind-sight  another big mistake on his part. But with a stroke of luck the villainous cowardly traitor  De Klerk found that  the Afrikaner nation also is loaded with traitors such as Constant Viljoen, Tienie Groenewald, Pik Botha et al that also would turn their backs on their own people for a few dollars more. Terreblanche was the  only outside horse that had the power to destroy their evil little scheme- and had to be eliminated as he was the “only rogue” horse in the pack and the only power that could sink their little ship of horrors. We all know what happened to Terreblanche!  The Free Masons saw to it that he was quickly “removed.” Any refusal, objection or resistance to the “New Order”  might have end up in a few more unforeseen “fatalities.” And the National Party traitors knew this very well as most of these cowardly political turncoats and Reformed Church pulpit pigeons  wasn’t really interested in an unexpected and unplanned “early” retirement program. The white Afrikaner nation was thus then sacrificed on the altar of perdition in order for a few treacherous Free Masons to enjoy their old age pensions in luxury.

TWO evils conspire about the future destruction of South Africa….George Soros and Nelson Mandela. 

Today the game in South Africa has changed dramatically. Oppression and discrimination against the white Afrikaner became a standardized norm….a political and national escape plan before  being exposed by their evil deeds and corruption.  If you want a promotion, in need of sympathy, want a pay raise, need a bit of scoop for your newspaper, need cheap political points during the election- want free services, get your newly cerated organization into the spotlight for a few dollars more, pitch up your sales – or just whatever your needs may be- just have a bash against a white Afrikaner or anything remotely associated with  white Afrikaner nationalism-  let the media in on it- and hit the jackpot to the gold nuggets of Eldorado!  We are so use to this evil black politicians , their media and corporate villainous cronies pulling the old race card every time they need a bit of “recognition” or try to cover for their “politically correct” wickets. Poor old Jan Van Riebeeck never could have imagined he will receive his greatest  honor posthumously 400 years after his death.  You see- “racism” is the holy grail in South Africa- the gateway to either fame and fortune- or the “final solution” that will ultimately financially destroy you. “Racism” became a humanistic created god of the underworld  to South Africans living in “Middle Earth.”  It became a dimension and a line you do not want to cross and a purgatory filled with a deadly and destructive virus you do not want to find yourself in. Black racists such as Malema and Mngxitama  can say whatever they want- slander whites-mock them…threaten them…instigate murder against them… and so also the black racists on Twitter social mafia with all their derogatory comments against whites. Not a word is said against them…the racist anti-white media falls eerily silent.No charges are laid...ZULCH! BUT dare a white say something “offensive”- immediately the media jump him/her. …labeling him/her as a “racist.”

Jan van Riebeeck arrived in South Africa 2000 YEARS AGO! 😂😂😂

Posted by This is South Africa on Sunday, February 24, 2019



It is against this deadly virus then that a bitter war is being waged- a war where the stakeholders many times make use of this deadly omen to the best of their abilities to defeat the opposition- or run away and hide  from the omen in order to survive another day. And it is here where  you will find most of the cowardly corporations operating their survival strategies. We can name a few of these corporations and organizations  that are cunningly exploiting this virus to enhance their own greedy agenda- companies such as Woolworths, SPUR, Landrover, First National Bank, ABSA,  Standard Bank, Engen, KFC, Pick & Pay , AGRISA, The Dutch Reformed Church and many others that vehemently try to “duck and dive” around the “racism” virus just  not to evoke the retaliation tremors of the racist black Twitter and Facebook mobs, media- or communist black political predators…. maybe antagonize the howling creatures  in the EFF or scumbag Tony Ehrenreichs mobster COSATU Unions.


Posted by Gert Jordaan on Sunday, March 24, 2019



Such then was another case recently when another turncoat sponsor has withdrawn from the Afrikaans is Groot music concert amidst backlash over the event’s inclusion of the much feared and newly created “villain” – singer Steve Hofmeyr on its lineup. Media24 announced on Tuesday evening that all its titles previously associated with the festival, including Beeld, Huisgenoot, VIA, and Netwerk24, will no longer continue their involvement. “Our titles continue to be at the forefront of news coverage when it comes to Afrikaans music, artists, and a variety of other projects – including AIG. We’ll also continue our coverage and support of creative Afrikaans creators of festivals and projects like KKNK, Aardklop, Innibos, Stellenbosch Woordfees, and Optog,” the company said in a statement. The decision came just hours after Toyota SA confirmed that it had ended its partnership with the show. In a statement, Toyota mentioned that it would instead be involving itself in “creative and musical events that promote “diversity ” and “social cohesion ” in the country”It sounds so much as-if Toyota got their punch-line from New Zealand. Toyota South Africa Motors and the organizers of Afrikaans is Groot (AIG) have amicably agreed to discontinue their sponsorship association as of March 2019 – which also marked the end of the 2018 AIG season. “Both parties have honored their contractual agreements since 2015. The partnership was mutually beneficial to both parties,” the company said.



eff gala dinner


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The Big Corporations would rather sponsor a dangerous lying black homicidal terrorist than a white honest Afrikaner activist simply  because Big Corp CREATED that black terrorist an still are bank-rolling his evil mob of terrorists – THAT is the sad mental degradation of corporate politics in South Africa-you can just  follow the money – line.

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EVEN city council police are helping black terror movements win elections on false “land” propaganda lies…..

Municipal fire truck transports shooting men in funeral procession in eMzinoni

Municipal fire truck transports shooting men in funeral procession in eMzinonieMZINONI – Men dressed in cammoflage uniforms fired off random shots atop a moving municipal fire truck in what appears to have been a funeral procession in eMzinoni on 20 March.A video of the procession has surfaced on social media and shows marchers with ANC banners leading the procession followed by several traffic department vehicles and the fire truck of the Govan Mbeki Municipality. Men who are dressed as soldiers can be seen among the front runners and atop the fire truck.A handgun can be seen being shot off in the air.The funeral was that of a late traffic official, Mr MG Shabangu, and the memorial service was held in the Bethal Town Hall.#RidgeTimesMunicipal

Posted by Echo/Ridge Times Newspapers on Saturday, March 30, 2019


A video of the procession has surfaced on social media and shows marchers with ANC banners leading the procession followed by several traffic department vehicles and the fire truck of the Govan Mbeki Municipality. Men who are dressed as soldiers can be seen among the front runners and atop the fire truck. A handgun can be seen being shot off in the air. The funeral was that of a late traffic official,  MG Shabangu, and the memorial service was held in the Bethal Town Hall. What shall we say…..municipalities now aiding gun slugging terrorists too? South Africa truly has been turned into a friggen circus full of very dangerous clowns! 


RACISM against whites- yet nothing happens to these black racists- the ANC regime appear to be very “tolerant” with them- but on the other hand have programs and “anti-racism” weeks against whites.

Image result for Panyaza Lesufi

Communist Payaza Lesufi– vindictive anti-white hater in the corporate pockets behind  the Big Corp to sanction Hoffmeyer’s presence at the AIG and other festivals. 

It added that it was “fully committed” to developing arts and culture in the country. Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has been one of the most prominent black racist voices in calls for sponsors like Coca-Cola, DStv, Toyota and MTN to boycott Steve’s shows after a tweet from the musician in 2014 resurfaced on social media earlier this month. In the tweet, Steve claimed black people were the “architects of apartheid”. (which they are) Following public calls, MTN, Coca-Cola and Toyota all “politically correct” distanced themselves from the muso and the event, while Emerald Resort and Casino in the Vaal canceled its concert featuring the musician. MTN announced they had withdrawn their sponsorship from the event and said it was not in line with their objective of trying to “connect South Africans and bring people together”. Afriforum challenged MTN over the decision and questioned the organization’s standing on the “personal views of artists performing at the music festival”.  Coca-Cola told TshisaLIVE it was approached to partner with Afrikaans Is Groot but declined. It also ” distanced “ itself from the event and said it had inquired as to why it was advertised as a sponsor. Its logo has since been removed. On Tuesday, Afrikaans is Groot organizers announced that it would turn to its supporters for financial assistance. In collaboration with Solidarity Helping Hand, organizers announced a #JouAIG campaign where the public will be the “main sponsor”. They also confirmed that that there are no plans to cut Hofmeyr from the lineup, despite the backlash.


BUT whites are not only targeted for insidious attacks by the leftist heathens  in the real word. In the cyber world and social sites there also is a crushing onslaught launched against white conservative people. The Jews in control of Facebook Inc like Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday banned praise, support and representation of white nationalism and white separatism on its social media platforms, bolstering its efforts to tackle so-called “hate speech. “ The policy will be enforced next week,”-  the social media white haters  said in a blog here post. Facebook, Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc’s YouTube are under pressure to remove “white supremacist ” and “neo-Nazi ” content from their platforms. In response, Facebook has “beefed up”  its lousy double agenda ” community standard violation” content monitoring teams – and has taken down event pages that were used to promote and organize rallies by White “supremacy “ groups. The company previously allowed some white nationalist content it did not view as racist, but recently decided to change course. So now suddenly free speech are not so “free” anymore as these ghouls now decided they will decide what whites are allowed to say…and what not. “Over the past three months our conversations with members of civil society and academics who are experts in race relations around the world have confirmed that white nationalism and separatism cannot be meaningfully separated from white supremacy and organised hate groups,” the company said. “Going forward … we will not tolerate praise or support for white nationalism and separatism.” Facebook said it would also start connecting people who search for terms associated with white supremacy to an organization called Life After Hate, focused on helping people leave hate groups. Life After Hate did not immediately respond to a request for comment. SO– as you clearly can see- all this demonic “laws” and “bans” are aimed at whites only. Black gangs, black rapists, black and Muslim terror groups have a free hand to write and say whatever they want. Racism against white people is “acceptable”–  but the reverse is promoted openly. The left narrative that white people are the enemy is destroying all structures around the world. Civilization is being destroyed by this demonic forces and their liberal Zionist degenerates.

  • It took 320 years to build the country;
  • It took 18 years for the international community to grind it into the ground ;
  • It took three years of subsequent political mayhem; and then
  • it took the ANC government just 25 years to destroy the results of 320 years’ worth of hard work handed to them on a silver platter.

Along the way we had a stupid and insensitive White government. But it was competent. Now the place has a stupid and insensitive Black government, and it is incompetent.

Zionist scum also have captured white New Zealand….

When Muslims were “attacked” by a “white supremacist” in New Zealand- the whole liberal world hollers indignation and feel the “pain” with the Muslims- but when hundreds more dead and wounded Christians lay in villages in Nigeria – murdered by Muslim extremists– suddenly the liberal world sleeps and have attacks of Laryngitis and amnesia. Christians again were the target of yet more bloody attacks in the last seven days as Boko Haram terrorists captured the town of Michika in Nigeria’s far eastern state of Adamawa. It was a scorched earth attack with little left standing and few people left alive.This time, however, the Muslim terrorists exchanging fire with government troops but the response was not enough to save families. According to an op-ed in the Washington Examiner by journalist Douglas Burton, the attack continued for hours with an unknown number of casualties, although initial reports mentioned: “scores killed.”  Burton is a member of the advisory board for Save the Persecuted Christians (STPC), which advocates on behalf of more than 300 million persecuted Christians around the globe.


  • Worshippers celebrating Palm Sunday were targeted by ISIS terrorists with suicide bombs
  • At least 27 people were killed in Tanta while a further dozen died in Alexandria earlier today 
  • Three officers died at St Mark’s Cathedral while preventing bomber from entering church
  • Egyptian President El-Sissi has decided to declare a state of emergency for three months


This is the moment an ISISsuicide bomber detonated outside an Egyptian church after being turned away by three hero policemen in the second of two attacks that killed more than 45 Christians and wounded 100. CCTV shows the fanatic, dressed in a blue pullover, approaching the gate at St Mark’s in Alexandria but being told to go through the metal detector first by officers. He then passes a female police officer talking to another woman, and enters a metal detector before an explosion engulfs the area.


Nearly four dozen people were killed after two explosions targeting Coptic Christians in Tantra and Alexandria today. Pictured, the blood covered floor in St. George's Church in Tanta 


The atrocity, which followed another attack in Tanta, was thought to have been aimed at Pope Tawadros II, leader of the ancient Coptic church, who was worshiping in St Mark’s at the time but escaped unharmed. The dead officers were named as Ahmed Ibrahim, Brigadier General Nagwa El-Haggar and Emad El-Rakiby.  The blasts, claimed by Islamic State, came at the start of Holy Week leading up to Easter, and just weeks before Pope Francis is due to visit the Arab world’s most populous country.  Egyptian President El-Sissi has now declared a state of emergency for three months. Yet not ONE word of condemnation will come from these leftist rubble. Liberalism is a very dangerous mental sickness that ultimately will destroy our societies if not stopped immediately. 

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For those misdirected liberal  New Zealanders that have so much “compassion” and so desperately want to “protect” the “religion of peace” careful what you wish for.


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AND the direct onslaught by the Zionist filth against the white race continues unchallenged…


Citizen Editor: "KILL ALL WHITE 'Right Wingers'" | Daniel Friedman, South Africa

Remember Daniel Friedman, Editor of the Citizen Newspaper? The one famous for Making the "White Genocide song in which he joked about Genital mutilation and torture of WHITE victims. He made another "Joke" in which he humorously advocates for the Killing of all WHITE "Right Wingers". SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE! PS: If you don't know what is considered a "Right Winger" according to Friedman, it is Afriforum…

Posted by De Petzer on Thursday, March 21, 2019

While these leftist Zionist scumbags continue to slander, belittle  and dehumanize whites, propagate genocide against whites and demonetize whites- they write laws against whites to oppress and persecute whites – and at the same time also write laws to protect themselves against any attack from whites. This fake “laws” all are centralized around “racism, hate speech , white supremacy, neo-Nazism” and “Far right wingers.” They infiltrated the judiciary in our countries- moved to the top positions of legislation where they sit on a daily basis- writing discriminatory laws against white Christians. This is the criminals now controlling the ANC and all three parties in South Africa as well. 

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“PRIDE by Wikipedia – in it’s promotion of cultural Marxism defines the different types of “prides ”  as such:

Asian pride is a broad term that can cover several topics. Within the international relations context, Asian pride can be seen within Asian politics as advancement of Pan-Asianism through heavy criticism of the West

Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Pride, as opposed to shame and social stigma, is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT rights movements throughout the world.

Zionist Pride  (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת Tsiyyonut after Zion) is pride in the movement of the Jewish people that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel

Black pride is a movement in response to dominant white cultures and ideologies that encourages black people to celebrate black culture and embrace their African heritage



WHITE PRIDE, or white power, is an expression primarily used by white separatist, white nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations in order to signal racist or racialist viewpoints. It is also a slogan used by the prominent post-Ku Klux Klan group Stormfront and a term used to make racist/racialist viewpoints more palatable to the general public who may associate historical abuses with the terms “white nationalist”, “neo-Nazi”, and “white supremacist”.  

So ALL the other groups are allowed to have “prides” – except whites- the New World Order decided that whites are not allowed to have any pride. GUESS just who is controlling Wikipedia?


The Corporate plan: Kicking out the white Afrikaner in exchange for the money-lending Chinese….the new “masters.” 

SO– just why is Hoffmeyer now singled out to carry the brunt of the leftist racist political , corporate and media Luciferian dynasty? The answer is simple: The corporate vultures seriously want control over all South Africa’s assets and resources. They are doing to Afrikaners in South Africa as they do with all whites across the globe. The agenda is to eradicate the white race globally through wars, cross breeding, persecution, food poisoning such as Monsanto, Chem trailing, vaccinations and many more very sick methods in order  to replace it with a much lesser intelligent specie Hybrids that could be controlled much easier and cost effective.


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Because the corporate war mongers control the political clowns globally- and the political clowns again in turn control the media jackasses–  the “system” needs to “rid “ itself from free thinkers, free market systems, free speech , freedom to own property- and freedom as a sovereign system as a whole. They are very well aware that Afrikaner unification poses the single biggest threat to their “world domination” agenda- thus Afrikaner nationalism simply HAVE to be eradicated on all levels of society….historically, in school syllabuses, socially, politically, religiously, lawfully and homogeneously. That is why the Afrikaner have such a battle to gain it’s self determination. Once they do- the socialist advocates sees a new Afrikaner homeland as a “breeding ground” for “white supremacists” that again will pose another major threat to their evil world domination agenda.

The drive to substantiate a full socialist dispensation in South Africa is a much sought after agenda.   In order to promote a socialist dispensation  and exterminate freedom to own property-we need to create  two opposing camps-a “friendly us”…and a ” bad-ass them”-  so we can nurse the majority of disillusioned liberal minded honkeys to our camp to   advance our agenda .  Communism always create two “opposing”  sides of the equilibrium- like the ” Republicans” and the ” Liberal Democrats.” This two sides must at all times stand “against “ each other. That is on the surface only– for behind the curtains both are funded and controlled by the same powers. In South Africa- as across the globe- we also have this two “opposing” powers- the ANC (leftist )– and the Democratic Alliance (moderate left) on the one side- and on the other side we have the EFF and BLF- both radical leftist.  To create a division between the “us” and the “them”– we at first need a common enemy- the “them” in order to substantiate  a reason for creating  a camp for the “us.”



No photo description available.


George Bush and his gang of corporate  thugs demonstrated this false flag “ them” and “us” agenda perfectly with the 9/11 Twin Tower fiasco. They (CIA) at first created a illusionary “Al-Qaeda “ terrorist group that never existed before-  or never even was heard of before.  Then they created a phantom  “Osama Bin Laden”– in the South African context a  “Steve Hoffmeyer”  if you wish. Hoffmeyer is real alright- but the illusion was created around him as well. Now they have created the “them”- and the scenario was ready to start creating a “us” on a massive scale – in other words to gather the support these criminals need to advance their dark agenda/s they needed something BIG to happen that would  involve the whole nation. Mass hysteria was the key. So they created a scenario of gross human suffering as this was the only way they cold involve a whole nation of fools at once. …the 9/11 attacks (which never happened.)  3 Days prior to the alleged twin Tower catastrophe- a “dead zone” was declared around the Twin Towers (Ground zero) -and the power was cut in the area. Specialist explosive experts secretly entered the Twin Towers and planted high explosive charges  in strategic positions all along the main support beams of both towers and nearby buildings…demolition-style. After 3 days the stage was set for one of the world’s most notorious ”  black ops” operations to be executed. By using 3D holographic images they projected illusions of airplanes coming in at low level –  striking the Twin Towers. Because nobody actually recollect seeing the airplanes actually  hitting the towers as most people were busy on the ground with their own bustling “little things” among all the sky-scrapers obscuring whatever goes on above their heads – the only evidence available and what the public was bombarded with-  was this they want us to see- edited versions of “footage” coming from co-conspirators such as CNN, ABC and the rest of the fake media networks – allegedly/ accidentally  taken from this or that bystander that just “happen” to be at the “right place” at the “right time.”

On the right moment the planes was suppose to hit the towers- charges placed 3 days earlier were detonated by remote control and as clearly could be seen- explosive charges went off in sequence from the tops of the buildings to the bottom. 2753 Innocent people died through this evil conspiracy. The Pentagon again was evacuated long before  that moment- and at a pre-planned time a ground-to-ground missile was launched- targeted at the Pentagon. No evidence of a plane was ever found at the Pentagon that could hit the building at the angle and height above ground level it allegedly was said to have traveled. The “us” was created!. Immediately the fake media jumped into action- and as pre-planned.Al-Quada was born. So was it’s “leader“- Osama Bin Laden. Many pictures of this much elusive “terrorist” start to circulate the media. (Many swear this was pictures of Barack Obama with a beard- referring to the incident as the “Obama Bin Laden ” conspiracy.) But the “us” now was created as millions of Americans sat in shock about this dastardly “act.” Bush, Cheney and the whole caboodle of NWO gangsters immediately went into action and asked the UN Security Council approval for “retaliation” actions against these “terrorists”– singling “Bin Laden” and  Sadam Hussain out as the first two “thems” that had to be “exterminated.” Ironically the corporate gangsters were after Afghanistan to build a  gas pipe-line through the territory- so the Afghan leadership that was against it had to be exterminated. Saddam wanted to stop dealing oil in American dollars- and start another trading method in gold coins. No wonder this two countries was in the cross hairs of the corporate thugs.


Translation of the UN’s “2030 Agenda blueprint for globalist government” (controlled by corporate interests)

Both posed a thread to the American corporate vaults. Most Americans were still shell-shocked about what they saw on their television screens and as one nation- supported the evil corporate killers to start a war against “terrorism.” The evil little game had begun. The “them” were created- and they now had the support of the “us”  as well. The game of death was set to begin. Off to war they went to go murder thousands more innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq in order to complete their sadistic capitalist agenda to topple healthy governments and replace them with more “user friendly” puppets that would allow them to control  all the mineral resources in that regions …the same they did in Libya and South Africa. What is left today of this four countries and economies are the ruins ,  the chaos , destruction , lawlessness, poverty and dysfunctional  police-states that once  use to be self healthy independent sovereignties. We still await confirmation and hard evidence of this ever elusive “Osama Bin Laden”- and concrete proof of that mysterious  “weapons of mass destruction” Sadam Hussain was supposed to be “hiding” somewhere God knows where. The only ones now benefiting from this utter destruction is the greedy corporate pigs and their lap dog “governments” they forced into power in that countries. THAT is how this corporate “New Order” operates. And THAT is who the likes of Hoffmeyer and the Afrikaner today faces. Still wonder why all these corporate heathens all of a sudden decided to dump Hoffmeyer and not sponsoring him anymore? Follow the agenda and the money-line. 

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The world of the liberal infestation……


So now this then brings us back to Steve  Hoffmeyer. Hoffmeyer-  (like the Afghans, Saddam Hussain, Muhammar Ghadaffi and the white Afrikaner)  was targeted by the leftist media years ago to be the “fall guy” – the “devil in the paradise” – to be labeled as the  “them.” Because of his outspoken pro-Afrikaner sentiments- (as Terreblanche already was “taken care of” ) -he (together with  Sunette Bridges and Dan Roodt) was the obvious choice to  be targeted for the attention of the leftist media predators- and not long after they were singled out- the leftist mob quickly gathered in numbers behind the media front-line. THREE antagonists- Zuma, Malema and Mngxitama– was created to form the “us.”  They would spear-head the attack on the white Afrikaner minority in order to unify the black masses behind them against a “common  enemy.” In the broader context this is precisely what happened to the white Afrikaner in general as well- they also were targeted to be labeled as the “them”– carrying all the sins , corruption, mismanagement and incompetence of the “Rainbow Nation” on their shoulders. Behind the scenes evil hard-line communist criminals such as Rob Davis were hard at work to table  one-after-the-other “Affirmative Action” and “BEEE” law through parliament to push the white Afrikaner out of the labor market- into impoverishment- and into Squatter (concentration) camps again. The white Afrikaner thus then became a national symbol representing  “Apartheid.

Without the “them”– the “us” cannot exist. Without “apartheid” the “Democracy” have no significant  meaning anymore – and thus have no bases  to exist. Bridges fled for America and Roodt went to ground- which left Hoffmeyer alone facing the storm. So as long as “Apartheid”, the Afrikaner and Hoffmeyer exist- so will the “Democracy” prosper,- and  the leftist vultures and the ANC exist. They NEED this three ” racist” components in order to rule. Without this three integral components the whole “Rainbow Nation” will become an empty shell. For this reason “Apartheid”, racism – and the “Afrikaner Jan Van Riebeeck are kept well and alive by precisely those that supposedly “despise” them- but factually benefit the most from their existence. The more prominence “Apartheid”, racism and “white supremacist” Hoffmeyer  enjoy in the media and on political podiums- the more prominence the communist agenda enjoys as well. This also was what recently happened in New Zealand this past week as well- a copy-book blue print of the 9/11 stage-act….”white supremacist” and all! The agenda in New Zealand is to disarm the white population.

If you want to know what tyranny looks like in a “democracy,” turn your gaze towards New Zealand, where liberal tolerance and acceptance has been replaced by anti-gun zealotry and authoritarianism, thanks to a single act of violence by a man who wasn’t even born on the island. Following Brenton Tarrant’s “terrorist attack”  on a pair of mosques earlier this month, the New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, and her government wasted no time in declaring that an entire class of firearms that were previously legal to own were suddenly illegal to own. “Assault” weapons of the type used by Tarrant during his attack have no place in a civil society, you see, even if 99.999 percent of them are owned by law-abiding people and used responsibly.  As such, they must all be confiscated because getting rid of them will also stop future acts of violence and terrorism. Or so New Zealanders have been told. The Truth About Guns is reporting that, according to the country’s biggest firearms forumDoor-to-door gun confiscations began in New Zealand; one gun owner is already dead, with thousands more targeted by armed government thugs.Kiwi cops are now going door-to-door to gun owners’ places of business, their homes, and even gun ranges “in an attempt to gather information and get gun owners to relinquish their firearms.” The “them” is the “white supremacists”– and the “us” the “poor innocent Muslims “ and “caring” liberal populace. Whenever you hear or see the term “white supremacists” you immediately must know the  Zionist pigs and liberal rats are behind whatever is happening. They simply will not stop their evil onslaught against the white Christian populations of this world. 

Here is a typical leftist propaganda news clip propagating the “them” and the “us” agenda:





South Africa is controlled by the Ruperts, Rothschilds, Soros, Oppenheimers, Bekkers, Guptas, Watsons , Afrikaner Broederbonders and many top Free Mason corporate state capturers- who controls and finance all three main political parties such as the ANC,DA,EFF and also the funders of the BLF. In turn these parties again controls the media, security forces , policies and all clandestine “black ops” operations.


ANC EFF exchange shirts and R20 for votes 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Thus then can the horrendous farm murders, the BEEE and AA discriminatory laws, the oppression, persecution and prosecution of white Afrikaners directly be linked to these Big Corporations and the Free Masons operating and destroying South Africa through “secret societies” such as the Afrikaner Broederbond– which in turn again have their own devious networks of front organizations. It then comes as no surprise that most of these big businesses such as Toyota, Pick &Pay, Nedbank et al are withdrawing their sponsorships where prominent Afrikaner activists such as Hoffmeyer is involved. Ironically does the same corporate thugs such as Pick & Pay donate lavishly to blacks in need.   Pick n Pay Group has on Monday committed to donate food worth R200 000 to aid millions of black Mozambique people who have been affected by Cyclone Idai– but not ONE single penny’s worth of food  to poor white squatters in their own country.  It all forms part of a huge corporate octopus that has three main goals only: 1) To destroy white Afrikaner nationalism, 2) keep the black financial slaves such as Zuma, Ramaphosa, Mmiamane and Malema in power- and 3) plunder the country’s  resources at will.


Donald Trump has been said to have written  the following:


“White South Africans were the reason South Africa became a successful, peaceful country. Just look at the rest of Africa and the abject failure it is as a continent, and then look at South Africa under Apartheid. South Africa (and Zimbabwe) were the beacons of light on the darkest continent, showing the way forward, becoming the financial hubs of Africa. The Whites built South Africa up; they planned the roads; they planned the factories; they grew the food to feed the nation; they developed the mines (didn’t own them though); they were the industrious people who took a land of wild animals, bush and low-IQ blacks and made it the country it was at the time of the handover. Everyone had access to schooling, further education, health, food and policing. All the cornerstones of any civilised society were present in the country. And then the country was handed over to the black liberation terrorist ANC Party and today we sit with what we see in front of our eyes – proof that sub-Saharan blacks can’t make a success of anything, even when given everything on a silver platter.

They can’t create wealth without taking from someone else. They can’t grow food, proved beyond any doubt when once successful farms given to them lie barren and dead, returned to bush. They can’t even maintain the education system, which is now in a mess, with the health system not far behind. Crime is out of control. Infrastructure is collapsing. Farmers are being murdered without government standing up and denouncing the slaughter. The blacks can’t make sport teams on merit and so have to use quota systems to force teams to incorporate them. They can’t get jobs without Affirmative Action being implemented. In short, the ANC has killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. Millions of white South Africans sit outside the country, looking in, waiting for the pin to finally drop. The hungry, forgotten blacks look with big eyes at their leaders who live in obscene luxury whilst they scratch in dirt for food. This is what Africa is all about. Tribalism and status, and using their fellow man to get to the top, and once there, forgetting their fellow man. White South Africans knew all of this. They knew the black-man’s behavior. They knew what he was capable of. The rest of the world tried convincing every one that they knew better than the people living day-to-day with them, for hundreds of years. And they continued to agitate for them to take the country over. Well, reality has certainly met the rainbow nation dream and it’s not looking too good… My, my, look how far South Africa has devolved under the black man. I would love to say that I’m shocked, but I would be lying. Welcome to reality…”



EXUBERANT salaries for the Brothers Inc.  The head of one agency was paid nearly R9 million in 2017/18 and another only worked for three months of his final year. Top executives in at least 24 government-funded agencies were paid more than R3 million in the 2017/18 financial year — more than the salary allocated to Jacob Zuma in his final year as state president. Five of the 24 black executives were paid more than R5 million each. Three received packages worth over R7 million. GroundUp used official reports to analyse executive pay at more than 100 “Schedule 3A” entities: bodies such as the South African Revenue Service, the National Lotteries Commission, and South African National Parks. (Treasury records list 153 such entities; we were able to locate reports for 111 of them.) These agencies enjoy varying degrees of autonomy from the government, but generally have much less autonomy than parastatals such as Eskom and government-run enterprises such as Prasa. All Schedule 3A entities are publicly funded.

At the 111 agencies analyzed by GroundUp, the average top executive was paid nearly R2.5 million in 2017/18 — more than the average salaryof the ministers to whom they reported. Executive pay packages often included lavish bonuses, and sometimes significant allowances for everyday expenses, such as mobile phone use. The best place to lead a 3A entity in 2017/18 was within the Department of Transport. At the eight transport agencies analyzed by GroundUp, the top black executive was paid on average R4 million. The next-highest averages fell under Treasury and the Department of Human Settlements. The highest-paid 3A executive identified by GroundUp was Samson Moraba, CEO of the National Housing Finance Corporation, which works on affordable housing models for low- and middle-income South Africans on behalf of the department of human settlements. Moraba was paid almost R9 millionin 2017/18, including a R4.1 million bonus. He was given a similar bonus the previous year. Makhosini Msibi, CEO of the Road Traffic Management Corporation, was paid just under R8 million in 2017/18, including a R2.7 million bonus.

Dube Tshidi, the former head of the Financial Services Board, which is now known as the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, had the highest base salary of any top executive reviewed by GroundUp. Before any bonuses are taken into account, he was paid R5.6 millionin 2017/18; with bonuses, his pay rose to R7.3 million. Xolile George, CEO of the South African Local Government Association, and Philisiwe Mthethwa, CEO of the National Empowerment Fund, also received more than R5 million apiece. Some top 3A staff got huge pay packets despite problems at their agencies. Eugene Watson, the former head of the beleaguered Road Accident Fund (RAF), for instance, was paidnearly R4 million in 2017/18 despite only serving in the post for the first three months of that year. His pay included a R2 millionperformance bonus.” (It also included a payout for unused leave.)

The previous year, Watson was paidnearly R7 million, despite the agency facing sharp challenges on his watch. In February 2017, the RAF had its bank account attached by the Sheriff of the Court over R8 billion of unpaid debts to creditors. A month later, workers at the agency went on strike complaining of low wages and chaotic working conditions. In May 2017, the public protector’s office was investigating the RAF for maladministration. Watson’s term expired at the end of the following month. Tom Moyane, the Zuma-appointed former head of SARS, meanwhile, earned R4.3 million in 2017/18 before new Cyril Ramaphosa suspended him towards the end of the financial year. Moyane was later fired for “reckless mismanagement.” Spokespersons for most of the agencies and departments named above did not provide comment by time of writing. An RAF spokesperson told GroundUp the agency achieved 90 percent of its performance targets under Watson, and transformed, during his tenure, “from an institution perceived as incompetent, uncaring and wasteful into one driven by a pursuit of excellence in service delivery”.

A SARS spokesperson said: “Schedule 3A institutions are allowed to set their remuneration against the general market in order to attract the best skills into these institutions. Individuals who get appointed into these roles are paid according to what the role is worth in the market. The private sector works in a similar way.” The spokesperson continued: “The incumbent may turn out to be unsuitable for various reasons, but that is beside the point.” Rules limiting the pay of departmental officials don’t apply to Schedule 3A agencies, even though these bodies are publicly funded and perform specific functions directly delegated by departments. Executive pay is set by a board and signed off by the relevant government department. Here are the top executives who earned more than R3 million in 2017/18:

Schedule 3A agency Top executive Pay 2017/18 (R)
National Housing Finance Corporation Samson Moraba 8,855,000
Road Traffic Management Corporation Makhosini Msibi 7,969,420
Financial Services Board Dube Tshidi 7,284,482
National Empowerment Fund Philisiwe Mthethwa 5,522,657
SA Local Government Association Xolile George 5,339,467
Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors Bernard Agulhas 4,719,514
SA Civil Aviation Authority Poppy Khoza 4,715,758
SA Revenue Service Tom Moyane* 4,321,000
Brand SA Kingsley Makhubela 4,145,556
State Information Technology Agency Setumo Mohapi 4,124,944
Housing Development Agency Pascal Moloi 4,028,000
Road Accident Fund Eugene Watson* 3,985,000
Railway Safety Regulator Nkululeko Poya* 3,783,528
Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Cameron Morajane 3,593,000
Water Research Commission Dhesigen Naidoo 3,444,896
National Lotteries Commission Thabang Mampane 3,382,000
Media, Information and Communication Technologies SETA Oupa Mopaki* 3,325,000
National Research Foundation Molapo Qhobela 3,242,000
Office of the Ombud for Financial Service Providers Noluntu Bam 3,229,047
Agricultural SETA Jerry Madiba* 3,185,000
Cross-Border Road Transport Agency Sipho Khumalo 3,138,688
Rural Housing Loan Fund Jabulani Fakazi 3,109,000
Human Sciences Research Council Crain Soudien 3,087,830
Road Traffic Infringement Agency Japh Chuwe 3,033,513

* Served only part of the 2017/18 financial year.


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AND as ever does Ramasquirrel and his band of kleptocratic thugs  again blame “apartheid” for the terrible state the country now finds itself in…NOT the black “elite” , humongous salaries and bonuses or the rife ANC corruption– but “apartheid.” He said that the ANC government in 1994 “inherited an economy in crisis”, saying it was an economy designed to serve the interests of the few, and to consign the black majority to poverty, marginalization and mass unemployment. “The state was crippled by massive debt and large deficits, jobs were scarce and growth was on the decline. There is broad agreement among all South Africans that our most pressing and immediate task is the creation of employment on a far greater scale than we have achieved to date.” Fact is the ANC rats inherited a WEALTHY and FUNCTIONAL economy- but because of their natural African GREED and uncontrolled CORRUPTION the country now faces a financial and economical catastrophe. As we understand does foreigners  getting rid of shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and on government bonds on a large scale.


Image may contain: text


According to Dwaine van Vuuren, a financial analyst, foreigners are getting rid of shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and on government bonds on a large scale. Figures show that more than R450 billion has been withdrawn from the country since September 2013. Even after Ramaphosa’s takeover as chief Induna, a sharp outflow occurred while the ANC government announced it full of bravado that money was “ flowing to the country. “ A political analyst from Pretoria says it seems as if another lie has reached voters shortly before the election. Is this also “apartheid’s” fault Squirrel ol’ chap…or is it totally Aye En Cee MISMANAGMENT and kleptocracy, uncertain investors future due to YOUR own gang’s inability to curb your millions of unruly union mobs that are destroying that  beautiful country, callous criminals in the streets, lawlessness – and your stupid vindictive “land expropriation” games you idiots play? But it will not be the fat cats that suffer if the country experience a financial melt-down- for they quickly will jump a plane to Dubai. It will be their own stupid racist electorate that kept them in power that will suffer- the same as what now happens in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Sudan. 

AND Ramasquirrel is not the only political idiot blaming whites for all the miscarriages of the black political oafs:

DA leier mnr Maimane gee wittes die skuld vir swartes se armoede. Wat vertel die DA leier aan swartes in Soweto as wittes nie teenwoordig is om te kan hoor nie. Dan gee hy nie om om wittes se naam sleg te maak sodat hy swart stemme kan werf nie. Hierdie was n jaar terug. Nou dat dit n maand voor verkiesing is, nou skielik praat hy oor Afrikaans en skud blad met wit omies. As jy n politikus wil leer ken, kyk wat se hy in n nie – verkiesingstyd.Die vraag is het die swart gehoor meer of minder van witmense gehou toe hulle hier wegstap. Die antwoord is minder.ANC en DA en EFF dieselfde whatsapp groupDie video net 1 minuut lank. Kyk gerus en share.Moenie dat die DA jou flous nieShare asb nou

Posted by DA Ontmasker on Friday, March 29, 2019




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Boeremag members (from the left) Wilhelm Pretorius, Dr Lets Pretorius and Johan Pretorius. (Gallo)

RECENTLY there was a spite of court verdicts that were totally anti-white political influenced in their judgments and verdicts- and as ever was it smut with “bash the whitey” sentiment. The judiciary system only acts as an extended tentacle of the socialist agenda- expanding it’s devious power into the courts. And again the  Afrikaner must be targeted for exposure as the “them.” Cases that quickly jumped to mind is the Boeremag case, Penny Sparrow case, Vicky Momberg case, The Reitz case, Colgny farmers case, Middelburg Farmers case, The Sunette Bridges HRC case- The Julius Malema HRC verdictAdam Catzavelo case- and most recently the application denial case of Karlien Mathee of the Boeremag Pretorius family.

The Boeremag case per se was a case of enforcing power. It was an ANC communist power play to “teach” the white Boers a “lesson.” Even the liberal judge was politically intimidated. The whole case reeked of nepotism, human rights abuses– and down-right hippocracy- and the judge- Eben Jordaan– was forming part of this devious conspiracy to make sure the white Boers do not receive any leniency.

Questions that must be asked is:

Why did the Judge not take into consideration the fact that Capt. Loots of the SAPS crime intelligence service indicated under oath in court that these men were framed by white policemenIn his sworn statement submitted to the Pretoria High Court on 7 February 2013 in defense of the convicted men, Capt. Deon Loots described in detail the agent-provocateur activities of the SAPS and in particular that of agent-provocateur Johan C. Smit who was the main witness against these men. Through various testimonies it has come to light that the men have been set up by the very same people of the South African Police Services that were handling the investigation. The whole case has been orchestrated by agents of Criminal Intelligence. They not only planned it, but also through agents, provoked the people to take part in illegal actions and just stood watching for months, with full access to all the pertinent details, watching idly while more innocent people (academics – medical doctors, teachers and university lecturer) were becoming part of this while receiving money from the secret fund. They call it “entrapment.” They were taken into custody in 2002, awaiting trial for eleven years while living under inhumane circumstances before eventually sentenced in 2013 to a further 10 to 35 years imprisonment. Eben Jordaan must be feeling very “chaffed” with himself- seeing that he also denied their applications for parole too. He destroyed the lives of many honest people, destroyed many marriages- destroyed many people’s futures with one single verdict. And that all because his stupid excuse was that ”  They wanted to destroy democracy”- a “democracy” that is just another term for a Zionist take-over and destruction of a once flourishing country. But terrorists like the EFF can go  ballistic and destroy 100 times more state assets- and pose a 10 times more bigger thread to his ‘democracy” than those innocent Boers ever did. But to Jordaan and his ilk who plays “god” in their little courtrooms this does not matter. His ANC communist bosses has spoken- and Jordaan et al listens to their masters’ voices. But that is your cut-through  liberals- they have no feeling, no compassion, no remorse- and no guilty conscience. 

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Deon Loots in court testifying


The judiciary system in South Africa- and especially the so-called “Human Rights “Court- has become a spectacle of anti-Afrikaner racism and intolerance. The judges in all of this cases were liberal  puppets that were either influenced or pressurized by the media, black political groups or that villainous black social mafia. White Afrikaners cannot depend on the courts anymore for a fair and just verdict. The odds are stacked against a so-called “accused” even before he or she enters that court. The media and black political degenerates see to it that enough anti-white propaganda are sown and the so-called white Afrikaner accused already being found “guilty” before he or she even enters a court room.


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ALL these cases of “racism”  involves only  whites that has been prosecuted- but in the meantime these are more blacks on the social mafia sites uttering extreme slandering and promoting racism on a much more serious level than whites do. But because it is “politically incorrect” to prosecute a black in South Africa for “racism”– the tolerance level seems to be much higher. And the liberal leftist orchestrators always have a very devious and “comfortable excuse” why they target whites for their villainous racist attacks against whites. Take for instance their most recent “tool” they invented to even persecute white Afrikaners- “Hate Speech.” Now this “Hate Speech” -thing is a total new invention by the socialist prairie donkeys. This “hate speech” is something they themselves cannot even define themselves- but because it is undefinable- these mad hatters on the left includes about everything bar the kitchen sink to substantiate their evil agenda against white Afrikaners. 

Take for instance the far-leftist bozo “Dr” Danny Titus- previously from the Human Rights Commission. (Now we all know that anything that includes “human rights” is a anti-white racist Zionist invention.) Now on a local radio station  on RSG (Radio Sonder Genade)  interview this poor misdirected race-baiter gave HIS version of an “explanation” what “hate speech” is all about- and we quote: ”  If a White says some words, it can be considered ” Hate Speech”-  but if a black person implies the same to White people, it is NOT “hate speech.”  The reason is that the “Suffering” of the Past is also taken into account. Blacks or their parents who led under apartheid’s ” suffering” are taken into account. Whites have not experienced a “”suffering” in the past-  and are therefore guilty of the same words….”  Do you ever believe such bullsh*t and openly anti-white racism?? BUT they get away with it! 

Image result for danny titus

Danny Titus– Off-Loading a pile of anti-white garbage about “hate speech.” 

And these leftist gremlins always have a water-tight reason for their attacks on whites. It normally goes like this: “ The racial comments made by “racists” (whites) undermine the gains made towards social cohesion‚ nation building and strengthening our “vibrant”  young democracy. It is an insult to human dignity and to the fight for freedom. South Africa is a democratic country that is governed by the Constitution and the rule of law applies and all who live within our borders should be promoting social cohesion and peaceful co-existence.”

Now if you ever heard a bag full of utterly trash- this is about it in a nutshell! In South Africa there IS no “social cohesion”– nor “nation building”– because the black politicians and in particular that “weasel” Malema , Mngxitama, Ramaphosa et al all are doing their utmost to tear the country’s races apart with inflammatory speeches, anti-white laws and threats. So please stop talking bullsh*t! South Africa NEVER since 1994 was governed by the constitution or by the “rule of law”– but rather by the greedy  communist thugs in Lethuli House, communist unions-  and the black social Twitter mafia! “Peaceful co-existence ” my ARSE!


In this Wednesday, March 27, 2019 photo, signs posted on the doors of the Bolten Street Baptist Church are seen during a meeting coordinated to garner support for one black candidate in Savannah's mayoral race, in Savannah, Ga. Organizers of a meeting to discuss an upcoming mayoral race in Georgia barred reporters from attending, unless they were African-American. (Eric Curl/Savannah Morning News via AP)

In the liberal realm this is totally acceptable- like Titus explained- black racism factually is “suffering from the past” we take it?

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No photo description available.

AND the poor blacks in South Africa  “suffer” so bad they have to burn and destroy everything in their wake….but “white racism” apparently is much worse than violent blacks destroying the economy on a daily basis- according to the leftist narrative …….they  even have to create their  own “white racism” to actually produce such a faux  incident. BUT the leftist psychopath will always find a “smart term” to slander a white conservative- like  “racist” or “white supremacist”  – but on the contrary also find another smart term like to hide black racism….“Xenophobia”– it sounds so much “politically acceptable” than “black racist” or “black supremacist”…doesn’t it? 



Road rage between a taxi driver and a woman, man can swear.

Road rage between a taxi driver and a woman, man can swear.

Posted by Breaking News Gauteng on Thursday, March 28, 2019

WELCOME to the “non-racist” South African euphoria- a country where the whites are supposed to be the “racists” and the blacks the “previous disadvantaged victims.” It appears this taxi driver MUST be from another country- as South African blacks NEVER will be THIS racist! 

No photo description available.


The Communist regime, their media – and black Twitter mafia became obsessively  paranoid with “racism” – introducing more and more strangely invented ” toys” in order to now try to totally take away the free speech and silence the voice of the white Afrikaner on the Internet. Their definition of “hate speech” naturally also includes anything they themselves deem “racist” according to their very deranged interpretation of what their own weird created bogus “racism” may be- such as show or telling the world about the horrendous farm murders, dare saying a non-white was involved in a hate-crime- or even dare calling a black a black. South Africa totally has lost it and became one very  mentally unstable open air asylum – ruled by mentally handicapped freaks with a very detrimental   social behavior . These leftist insane villains now take their own race hatred for the white Afrikaner to the next level. 


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South Africa is burning, the country is under siege from communist unions with hundreds of violent black riots every day. The ANC plutocrats are stealing the state coffers into a total collapse. Farm murders are touching genocidal proportions. Crime is spiraling out of control. Rape is so bad that the country stands at the top of the most violent rape statistics list. More and more investors flee- and the  unemployment figure already touches near 45%. The ruling regime is rotten to the core with corruption. The economy is imploding at a rapid rate and gangs rule the streets. Illegal alien influx is so bad due to no border control- it is busy paralyzing the few social services still  left. Education is a total disaster, most of the state departments and municipalities face financial catastrophes. The Defense Force is near non-existent and the police service became the biggest cash-heist syndicate in Africa and the electricity supplier is non-existent with hoodlums stealing it’s coffers empty. The national carrier, Rail transport service  and national broadcaster sinks faster than the Titanic – and  the Squirrel and his  communist rats are selling the country to the Chinese...lock, stock and barrel!! Yet with all these malicious economical and social disasters facing them– all the  God-forsaken liberal communist  scum can worry about-  is pumping out more and more anti-white “racist”  laws and toys! They falsely accuse our past, to shame our present, to steal our future. The communists and their media thugs are busy with a huge psychological warfare against the white Afrikaners.

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South Africa is in a grip of this self-induced inferior complexed  “racismaphobia” poison  in order to even oppress white Afrikaners more. But “racism” must be kept alive and well- as we said- the  survival of the bogus “democracy” rest on this integral  pillar.  And “racism” is a very important job creator for otherwise useless lazy politicians, judges , gold digging union bosses and greedy attorneys. The communists and leftists now even has a national action plan to combat ( read white) racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and ethnic “intolerance. “ It was launched on Monday March 25 2019 by Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development John Jeffery at the St George Hotel in Irene during an event attended by civil society organizations and government officials. Jeffery said Cabinet’s approval of the document followed a “rigorous process “ overseen by a steering committee comprising stakeholders, including government departments and broader civil society organizations. Another leftist invented tool to even get another swipe against white Afrikaners for we doubt if this bunch of leftist retards EVER will persecute or prosecute any non-white offender- least political criminals the likes of Malema. 


The leftist anti-white conglomeration celebrating the birth of yet another anti-white bashing instrument.

BUT you will never finds these leftist honkies tackling the real problem in South Africa...the racist black majority. For example a strange note has reached our eyes:



*We are giving you a month to pack all you bags and leave South Africa, whether you have working permits or not. Just wait for us to vote on the 8th of May, then on Monday the 13th of May we will close the roads, stopping all the taxis every foreign nationals will be dealt with accordingly. *What happened in KZN are just highlights of what we are going to do on the 13th of May . We are kind enough to give you more than a month time to pack yours and go to your own countries peacefully.  *We will stop all cars taxis, buses, trains, we are going to enter work places, contract sites, security sites, searching every one , Anyone found without South African ID will be dealt with mercilessly. It’s been long we sent our request to the government , but it seems our request is being ignored , now we will deal with it our own way.

Black racism- the unspoken curse of South Africa NOT being exposed by the media or leftist honkies

The border post between South Africa and Mozambique was closed today after an unruly black Mozambique mob barricaded the N4 near Ressano Garcia, targeting trucks with South African registration numbers. “Trucks with South African registration plates have been stoned in Mozambique. A volatile crowd of between 200 – 300 Mozambicans barricaded the N4 about four kilometres east of the Resano Garcia border post, where there is a truck stop,” “It is suspected that this action in related to the Xenophobic ” attacks which have erupted in various areas of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng this week.” Shall we leave this to our “esteemed” Mr. Jeffry & Co to sort this out? Or are they too much engaged in searching for that white “racist” again to be bothered by a few hundred murdered foreigners? 

When Elias Twaibu, 30, returned home to Malawi after becoming a victim during the 2015 attacks on foreign nationals, he did not think that he would come back to South Africa, let alone suffer the same fate. In 2015, I was with a friend who owned a shop on Broadway when his store was attacked. A group of men armed with axes and knives came in and attacked us. They accused us of stealing their jobs, told us to leave their country, then beat us up. They demolished the store, then proceeded to steal items at my friend’s shop,” he said. Twaibu, injured at the time, packed his bags and left for home.
“I came here because of the economic situation at home. I wanted a better life, so I travelled to Durban, but after being attacked and treated like a criminal, I thought it would be best if I went home.”

But he struggled to make ends meet and decided to return. “Coming back to a country that stripped me of my dignity became my only option. I was so desperate and impoverished that I came back here. It’s a decision I truly regret making,” he said. Today, Twaibu and hundreds of other Malawians want to go home, having been attacked and displaced from their homes in Burnwood in Sydenham, Durban, on Tuesday. They claimed local blacks  went on a rampage, broke into their homes and looted their businesses. Attacks on foreigners started after midnight on Sunday. They began at Kenville Informal Settlement and spread to Sea Cow Lake and Burnwood. Local blacks  were allegedly angry that foreigners were taking their jobs.

Loveness James, 22, who is nine months’ pregnant and due to give birth on Friday, said all she was left with were the clothes on her back and she and her husband were chased from their home in the early hours of Monday morning. “It was a normal day. I went to work at the salon, came home, cooked for my husband and went to bed,” she said. At 2am they were interrupted by loud bangs on the door, which was eventually forced open. “They started shouting, and telling us to leave, they kept chanting that we must leave their country, they hit and kicked my husband. All I could think of was my unborn baby, my water breaking and me giving birth in front of people who wanted us dead,” she said.

James said her only wish was to return to Malawi, and the only thing that could stop her was if she gave birth before she boarded a bus back home. “The people in power keep telling us that in three days the people at Burnwood would have calmed down and we can all go back. That is not what we want. We want to go back home,” she said. Addressing the displaced foreigners living under a marquee erected at Sherwood Hall, eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede said residents of Burnwood informal settlement were ready to welcome the Malawian nationals back. “It was also agreed during meetings that leaders of foreigners should form part of community development forums in the area and the displaced should go back to their homes within 48 hours,” she said. Gumede said the attack on Malawians was not xenophobic but a criminal attack, as their belongings were stolen by an angry mob. But Gumede’s statement angered the foreigners, who questioned why Malawians in other areas such as Springfield were also attacked. They blamed government officials for the ongoing attacks. They said that politicians on the campaign trail had used a fear of immigrants to drum up support by, for example, promising to tighten borders after the coming election to control the number of immigrants entering the country.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane said three people had died and several had been injured. “The two people who died were shot and killed on Monday night during the protests, and one died at China Mall,” he said. Political analyst Imran Buccas said the fact that there was a significant element of xenophobia attached to the attacks was not surprising. “In a society as unequal as ours, with all of the fractures that we have, it’s clear there’s huge contestation at the base of our social structures. This is not the first time we have seen xenophobic violence in South Africa and particularly in Durban. “We saw toxic elements of xenophobia in 2008, and can all remember the attacks that happened in 2015 when many of us were surprised by the extent of the violence,” he said. He said the other element complicating the context was that elections were approaching. “When you have disenchanted parts of society like we have, be they truckers or people in search of houses and service delivery, opportunists will exploit the moment. “As we are a few weeks away from an election, it’s an opportune time to mobilise and try to get the most out of political stakeholders. I think in the time we’re in, these protests are likely to continue,” he said. (Link) 


Image may contain: text


BUT political leftists like John Jeffries and Danny Titus will not peep a WORD about this brutal black racist omen destroying societies in South Africa. It simply is not “politically correct.” Was it whites that did this to foreigners- then surely  whole liberal vipers nest and their political thuggery would have come down on those whites- screaming blue murder and threatening “tough action.” The black social mafia on Twitter would go ballistic with thousands of threats of “retaliation” against the whites. But now that it is BLACKS that are the culprits…an eerie silence prevail. Such is the brutal hippocracy and double standards upheld in South Africa against white Afrikaners.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

As much as these non-whites in Africa hates the white man-as much as they discriminate against the white man- as much as they want to rid Africa of the “colonials”–  it is always the white man that have to step in when the black African suffers famine. Such is the case again when the US army has joined the huge humanitarian aid efforts with an around the clock operation through which food and relief supplies were being airlifted from Durban to the cyclone Idai-hit Mozambique. Spokesperson for the US mission in South Africa, Rob Mearkle, said the US Consul General, Sherry Zalika Sykes, visited King Shaka International Airport on Sunday to view yet another shipment of food and other supplies from the UN World Food Programme (WFP). Mearkle said the US army was providing airlift support in South Africa for the USAID-led humanitarian response to cyclone Idai. He said the first batch of supplies were jetted out of Durban on Saturday. So…when the “good” is going for the black man- the “settler” also must go. BUT when the “bad” is going for the black man- the “settler” suddenly must return and help that black man again…just to be chased away when the “good” returns again. They call it parasitism! 




Member of the European Parliament from the British United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Stuart Agnew’s report on his mission to South Africa: ‘I seized the opportunity in mid March to go to South Africa with another MEP (Italian) from my ENF Parliament Group to gain more information on the South African farm murders. We were accompanied by two staff members, one of whom was born as an Afrikaner and the other an Italian journalist.”

” South Africa receives 50 million euros per year in aid from the EU. I lived in the country 45 years ago for six months and one very negative development that hit me immediately is the appalling functioning of the electrical grid supply. A generator is essential for all power consumers to cover two lots of two hour blackouts per day, which is about to increase to three hours. They call it ‘load shedding’. It has a direct effect on farm security, eg, fences and lights, but also the strength of signal on mobile phones. The reasons for this disaster are twofold. The racial employment policies enacted by the African National Congress (ANC) Government have resulted in a loss of experienced technicians at ESKOM (the power company), who have been replaced by people with the correct skin colour but incorrect qualifications. At the same time, colossal sums of money have been siphoned out of ESKOM,creating yet another corruption scandal.

The structure of our visit was to first meet the EU Ambassador and tell him the purpose of our trip. We were then to meet ‘stakeholders’ over three days and, finally, report back to him with our findings. His line at our first visit was a repeat of the ANC line, that there is a lot of murder in South Africa, with more Black victims than White. As Whites are only 10% of the population, this is disingenuous.
We were based in Pretoria and drove out to venues east of the city to meet politicians, police stations, farmers union leaders, farm watch organizers, race relations organizations, private investigators and, of course, survivors of farm attacks. To put the problem in perspective, the murder rate in most countries is under five people per 100,000 of the population, in South Africa as a whole it is ten per 100,000 and for White farmers it is 132 per 100,000. As a result of these discussions, I felt that motives for attacks on farms fell into three categories.

The least bad are the ‘food thieves’, groups of illegal immigrants who have arrived (fleeing hunger) in very large numbers from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They set up shanty towns beside municipal rubbish dumps, scavenging what they can, and then at night roam farms, taking maize cobs and trapping livestock. The site I visited was estimated to hold about 3,500 people and all adjoining White farms had been completely abandoned. The farms are smaller than I expected, at least in this region, with most being under 100 hectares. These are desperate individuals and easy recruits for the next category, which I class as ‘organized crime’, usually involving pre-meditated murder because dead men and women tell no tales. The leaders are local people with local knowledge. Their casual attitude to murder is partly due to the popular song of the far left Economic Freedom Fighters Party (EFF) that chants “Kill the farmer, kill the Boer” at EFF rallies. The EFF is steadily gaining seats in the Parliament. Sometimes, the police will make a genuine effort to help and a prosecution is achieved. However, usually, they attend the scene with no follow up. One victim told me that, after his wife had been shot dead and he in the spine, the robbers fled with some valuables taken from one particular room. When the police arrived, they spent a lot of time collecting ‘evidence’ from another room, which they removed from the house in bags. This ‘evidence’,which included items of value, was never returned.

Police numbers are inadequate due to budget constraints and they themselves get killed in urban gang conflicts to the tune of 50 per 100,000 per year. The third category ‘racial terrorism and genocide’ involves gratuitous sadism prior to assassination. Terrorists will break into a property and wait for the arrival of a White person(s). Tortures include burning after being doused in fuel, emersion of limbs in scalding water, being ‘ironed’ with a hot electric iron,being drilled through hands and feet with an electric drill, conventional rapes and rapes using broom handles or broken bottles. A baby was microwaved. The private investigator we met had a portfolio of gruesome photographs. We were shown the less bad examples. The farmers are reacting by operating night patrols in pickups with searchlights, which will divert immediately to a distress call. Funding these, and other security measures, now accounts for about half of a farmer’s disposable income.

The justification for these farm attacks is that Blacks own very little farm land whilst (apparently) the Whites own most of it. In reality, the State owns 22% of all land and a further 24% is owned by trusts. There are 4,000 unallocated farms on the Government’s books awaiting distribution. The website of the ruling ANC Party openly declares that they support the expropriation of property without compensation. Property is considered to be anything of value owned by an individual. When I met the EU Ambassador for the second time, I urged him to encourage the Commission to divert their financial aid towards the purchase, on behalf of the Government, of some of the viable farmland that regularly appears on the market. EU auditors would monitor the use of this farmland, using some of the aid as grants or loans to the new occupiers. I pointed out that a profitable farm business would pay tax, produce food and have a Black farmer. All boxes would be ticked. This suggestion, incidentally, had been put to me by the President of the Farmers Union. South Africa is going down the route of Venezuela, this depressed me. What hugely impressed me was the unity and fortitude of the Boers and the support they are starting to receive from Black informers’.

Stuart Agnew MEP

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LIBERALS are not from this earth. They are a strange sub specie that were genetically mis-formed in some test lab way out on another planet…PERIOD!


WELL FOLKS- THERE YOU HAVE IT! South Africa is one very screwed-up country- filled to the brim with the worst kind of mentally handicapped leftist psychopaths, common criminals,misdirected liberal academics, racist media reporters,  anti-white race baiters and corrupt communist bottom feeders. South Africa is under siege by communist filth and liberal reptiles. The white Afrikaner– as with his international white counterpart- faces a very uncertain future- loaded with demonic  odds stacked against him. If he plans to survive this total onslaught against his race- he better turn back on his sinful ways-  and put a bottle of God’s elixir back  into his survival kit- for only a divine intervention or miracle can still save that God forsaken country from a total collapse and a Tunisian Spring now.

UNBELIEVABLE that a WHOLE country could be held ransom by this 5 sub-intelligent creatures.But then again never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups- the groups that give this 5 imbeciles the power at the voting booth to specifically hold the country at ransom.

AS for the ANC bombplanters and Rhamaposa: They were jetted into South Africa by the Zionist scum. They never were a “government”- but a bunch of opportunist jail birds with two agendas in mind: To “Kill the Boer ” and “Kill the farmer”- and plunder the country’s state coffers empty! They are not the Afrikaner’s  government– never was- and never will be. As with the ANC during their so-called “struggle”  – they despised the white NP regime. Such way does the Boer/Afrikaner also despises the ANC , their communist lackeys and white liberal “honkies.” And as the PAC and ANC once rejected the white regime- defied them wherever they could- so does the Boer/Afrikaner reject the ANC rat pack and defy them wherever  they can. The ANC , their Zionist filth and white liberal “ honkies” can sh*t out as many anti-Afrikaner “laws” as they want, introduce as many “racist” toys a they want, hire as many white treacherous Afrikaner scum as they want- but the Boer/Afrikaner already is getting stronger- and the day for reckoning is very near where the white back-lash will start….and that day it will be so horrendous – that every communist heathen, every Zionist pig- every Chinese invader and every white traitor- will be put to the sword. The prophecy already is coming into fulfillment. We that were pushed out of our homeland through discriminatory AA and BEEE laws will return- we will come and aid our kinsmen in their fight against the forces of the dark underworld. When black stands up against black again- the bugle for the Boer/Afrikaner will sound – and every true pure hearted Boer/Afrikaner will answer to that call. The names De Klerk, Botha, De Villiers, Meyer, Zuma, Ramaphosa, Malema, Mngxitama and all the prominent heathens that were part of the white genocide and still alive – even all the newspaper editors that helped oppress the Boer/Afrikaner through false propaganda, all the judges and prosecutors that were part of the oppression of the Boer/Afrikaner- company CEO’s and traitors on the social sites  will be remembered. God will have to have mercy on their dark souls that day – for the Boers/Afrikaners won’t! 

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White Nation