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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Witbank  06 April  2019






Pres. Trump just now: “Elect a socialist and the USA will go same way as Venezuela” Do you now understand what’s busy happening in South Africa?”


TOP  hoodlums of the ruling ANC gangters own large farms which they are not prepared to “expropriate”  but are ready to take 139 farm lands belonging to white people. Expropriation means the act of a government in taking a privately-owned property, ostensibly and supposedly to be used for purposes designed for the benefit of the overall public…but NOT in the ANC’s case.

The concept of expropriation in its legal meaning has an implicit recognition of the legal title of the property to be expropriated. In simple terms, expropriation recognizes the legal ownership of those to be expropriated or their property is to be acquired by the government for the public benefit. Given, therefore, our jurisprudence, ‘expropriation’ and ‘without compensation’ cannot be in the same sentence because the concept recognizes the legal title of those whose property is to be expropriated.”Without compensation” simply means illegal theft by the ruling regime.  Some of the ANC hoodlum “Fat Cats”  are allegedly hiding their farms, which is why ANC national chairperson and Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe and his wife, Nolwandle, fired one of their employees after she allowed an investigator attached to the state capture inquiry on to theirfarm near Elliot, Eastern Cape.

Because the employee allowed investigator Patrick Mlambo on to the property, they axed her. Mlambo told the commission, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, he had pleaded with them not to fire the unnamed woman. Mlambo said the former ANC secretary-general called him in February soon after he visited Mantashe’s farm and residence in Elliot and Cala, also in the Eastern Cape, to inspect security installations apparently installed by Bosasa to properties belonging to several high-profile ANC hoodlums  and members of the governing party. Mlambo said he had earlier been called by Mantashe’s upset wife.

Now we await investigators to also pay a visit on:

  1. Ramaphosa’s  two cattle farms
  2. Gwede Mantasha’s farms
  3. Julkius Malema’s Polokwane farm
  4. Thandi Mopdise’s Kaktus and Modderfontein farms
  5. North West agriculture MEC Manketsi Tlhape’s farm
  6. David Mabuza’s farm
  7. Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla farm
  8. Zoleka Capa’s farms
  9. Errol Velile Present’s farm
  10. The ANC’s Vrede and Estina farms
  11.  The farms bought by the eThekwini Municipality from Rainbow Chicken two years ago

Black people already own more than half of all agricultural land in two of South Africa’s most fertile provinces: the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. This is according to an audit of land ownership that was released.  Landowners who are not white own 26.7% of agricultural ground and control more than 46% of South Africa’s agricultural potential. Twice as much land has been transferred to black entrepreneurs and farmers through ordinary commercial purchases than the state has managed to buy for black owners as part of its land redistribution program, the study found. These statistics are contained in a comprehensive land audit undertaken by economist Johann Bornman in partnership with magazine Landbouweekblad and Agri SA, which, with a large donation, made it possible to obtain data about hundreds of thousands of land transactions from the deeds office, as well as geographical data.

An audit of this type has never been done in South Africa and is being released amid huge political pressure to increase the pace of land reform. Ernest Pringle, chairperson of Agri SA’s policy committee on agricultural development, said the organization realized long ago that a comprehensive land audit was imperative because policy was being driven by perception and emotion, instead of facts. That is why Agri SA invested about R1m in the project. “The picture of land ownership – and, more specifically, land ownership of high-potential agricultural land – actually looks totally different to what the perception is,” said Pringle. More research will be done to formulate a clear strategy for a land plan that is consistent with the National Development Plan and the Constitution, and that will advance job creation and the protection of property rights, said Pringle. Agri SA released the audit, along with additional research,  at its offices in Centurion.


– In KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo, which have some of the nation’s most fertile land, more than half of agricultural land is owned by black people. In three of the most fertile provinces – Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo – more than 50% of agricultural potential is in black hands. In KwaZulu-Natal, 45.4% of the agricultural land, in terms of surface area, is owned by black people. This land represents 73.5% of the agricultural potential of the province. – White farmers’ ownership of agricultural ground declined from 85.1% in 1994 (82.5 million hectares) to 73.3% in December 2016, and altogether 5 million hectares of agricultural ground was bought by black people in this period, as well as 1.7 million hectares for purposes other than agriculture. In the same period, government purchased and redistributed only 2.1 million hectares of agricultural ground.

In addition, provincial governments and municipalities bought and redistributed about 600 000 hectares of land, said Bornman. “It’s interesting to see that emergent black farmers are buying land in the areas that they originate from. isiZulu speakers usually will not buy in the Eastern Cape and isiXhosa-speakers will not buy in Limpopo.” Bornman initially began the audit out of personal interest because “so much nonsense is spoken about land ownership”. It was later expanded into an extensive, nationwide audit after sponsors Agri SA and Landbouweekblad got involved. Since then, Bornman has been working with a team of 10 researchers. He admits it was “uncomfortable” to do research in which race played a role. “We determined the race of new landowners by looking at names. That can lead to errors with names such as Des van Rooyen – also the name of the cooperative governance minister – but it would be a small minority and also, mistakes would lead to black ownership being underestimated, not overestimated,” he said.

“People of color who bought agricultural land clearly focused on land that has high potential for agricultural development. We measured this by linking the land they bought in every district to the carrying capacity of the agricultural land in that district, as recorded by the department of agriculture. “Altogether 221 000 transactions involving land between 1994 and December 2016 were analyzed. To do a proper assessment of all the transactions, we built an internet platform to determine exactly what the situation was in 1994 and how it compares with land ownership today,” said Bornman. It was an exhausting process because deeds office data had to be rectified when it contained mistakes. It also had to be adapted to provide for changes in the boundaries of provinces and agricultural districts. The result is that it is now possible to determine exactly who owns what land in each of the country’s 340 agricultural districts, in respect of surface area (hectares), monetary value and agricultural potential.


South Africa’s borders need to be open for people – particularly Africans – to move more freely and to promote business”- said Cyril Rhamaphosa(Ramaphosa neclect to spesify WHAT type of “business” he is referring to- but we already know what type of “business” African aliens like to “promote”: The “business” of farm murders, house break-ins, car hi-jacks, drug peddling, human trafficking, internet and cell phone scams, cash in transit robberies,  vice related crimes such as illegal brothels, smuggling,  armed robberies and just any old “business” they could conduct to enrich themselves while they leech on the social welfare, health budgets, free housing and services, etc,etc and send ALL their “takings ” back “home ” instead of investing it in South Africa.  ) That is the ANC for you- law abiding tax paying white farmers is OUT– African leeches and criminals is IN.…the “African Renaissance” in full swing. 

To determine how much agricultural land there is in the country, a complete set of satellite images of the country’s total surface area of 122.5 million hectares were obtained from 1994 and from 2016. A disturbing fact that emerged during the audit is that available agricultural land had declined by 4% over the past 23 years, from 97.03 million hectares to 93.25 million hectares. “It’s agricultural land that has been sucked up by mines, industry and the extension of municipal boundaries,” said Bornman. The effect of market forces was also surprising. In the 23-year period examined by the audit, R90.3bn has been spent on land that is now owned by black people. Of this, government bought 2.8 million hectares, for which it paid R20.5bn. Large areas of this land are today underutilized or fallow. A large portion of the 4 million hectares of land that the government said it redistributed, is in the former homelands. The true figure is closer to 3.5 million hectares. “One wonders how much success government would have achieved had it simply made the R20.5bn available to prospective black farmers who want to buy land through a financial institution such as the Land Bank,” said Bornman.

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AND so the bribery for votes began! How pathetic to turn your back against your own people and the decay of your country  for the price of a food hamper?

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White liberalism is a serious mental deficiency bordering to schizophrenia...STREWTH!


It also is no state secret that these same ANC hoodlums are fast busy transferring their personal assets to overseas safe havens. So- their dark agenda is at first make sure their own assets are safe before they push through their devious “expropriation” plan to disown all the properties in the country belonging to private owners. People really must start waking up to this Mafia mob’s hidden  intentions and pay less attention to their blatant political lies. It’s time the ANC along with their extremist EFF and BLF terrorist movements get the boot out of the country. Malema admits it openly – One wonders wonder why now suddenly? Malema is nothing but a terrorist and a p[aid instigator- so is Mngxitama….both political opportunists,. So is the other coalition” political partners ” also have been in the conspiray about “you stole our land” , along with BLF, ANC and even the DA who also now joined the fry about was here first. Hence Malema  submitted the motion of “supposedly stolen land” seconded by the ANC. The devious DA is also running this theft over land rhetoric to encourage the ANC’s radical war or revolution and wipe out whites. The same as it happened during  the Anglo Boer War.



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South Africa has suffered terrible and near irreparable financial and economical damages under the nonfunctional rule of the incompetent plutocracy now in control. It is time for a regime change in order for the new management to sit down and take inventory of all the losses-  introduce common  sense again – and restructure a workable governing management plan to replace  the current financial and social disarray , crime infestation, uncontrollable alien influx  and union chaos  again – and take control of a country that now is fast tracking towards  an irreversible point of no return before it is too late.

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ANC top leaders own large farms, which they have refused to expropriate and hand over to poor blacks