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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent London  08 April  2019







BRITAIN is poised to be dumped out of the EU without a deal this week as a chorus of European politicians attacked Theresa May for failing to put forward a concrete plan while requesting a Brexit extension.Theresa May continuously  tried to stall the Brexit move against the will of her people’s referendum vote  for several months now. Brexit could be ruining Macron’s ‘utopian dream’ – a journalist claimed.

Germany, France and Holland made it clear they would not bow to Britain’s demands for a three-month delay if the Prime Minister could not offer a credible reason why extra time would lead to a deal. Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte said Mrs May had provided “only part of a plan” when she penned the humiliating request to the bloc, while Paris said it would refuse the extension if a concrete solution was not offered. Mr Rutte said “intense discussions” needed to take place before the EU summit on April 10 when European leaders will decide whether the request should be honored.  He said: “The plan was that the British would explain what they wanted from the EU. “A letter was sent today which, as far as I am concerned, doesn’t answer this request. I hope it will be possible to give the answers to these questions.” Mr Rutte said the letter contained “no full plan, there was only part of a plan” and said he hoped Mrs May’s Government “will provide more clarity before Wednesday”.  France’s finance minister Bruno Le Maire said President Macron would need to know the exact reasons why the UK needs extra time before he could agree to delay Brexit until June 30.


Macron, Merkel and Rutte are showing signs of wanting to dump the UK out of the EU with no deal (Image: GETTY)


Mrs May has asked the EU to extend Brexit until June 30 (Image: GETTY)


EU leaders said Mrs May failed to offer a concrete plan (Image: GETTY)

Mr Le Maire said: “If we are not able to understand the reason why the UK is asking for an extension, we cannot give a positive answer.” One of Mr Macron’s aides said on Friday it was “premature to talk of an extension” while the EU awaited a “credible alternative plan” which it has requested from Britain.  Mrs May’s letter was met with equal skepticism in Germany, where Norbert Rottgen, chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the German parliament, accused her of “domestic tactical maneuvering”.  And the German foreign minister, Heiko Maas, said London still had “many questions” left to clarify.  He said: “We will come together with our European colleagues at the next council meeting and come to an opinion over the question of an extension and how long such an extension should be”.  If the EU refuses to extend Article 50, Britain risks crashing out of the bloc on April 12 without the security of a deal.  But if the Prime Minister manages to get her deal through Parliament, it’s likely a Brexit delay would be granted until May 22 – the day before European elections.  In order for Mrs May’s request to be granted, all of the other 27 member states must agree to it.

mark rutte

Dutch PM Mark Rutte attacked Mrs May’s letter for an extension (Image: GETTY)


Paris said Mr Macron would not agree to extend Brexit if credible reasons were not offered (Image: GETTY) 

European Council president Donald Tusk has said a year-long “flextension” remained “the only reasonable way out” of the Brexit impasse.  But his idea was shot down by EU leaders including Mr Macron, who said the UK deserved to leave “in a disorderly manner” if it failed to provide a clear plan.


EDITOR’s Footnote:

(THE question remains why should anybody still belong to the European Union anyway? The European union members does nothing constructive to contribute to the uplifment of any of it’s member states. None of the European Union members ever did a decent hard day’s work. All they do is sit there all day- making “laws” and rake in billions of dollars each month or an organization that is totally meaningless for all practical reasons. The EU was started as the   European Economic Community (EEC) by Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in the 1950’s in an attempt to create  a organization who’s members could trade more easily with each other. But is was not before long and the scrupulous Jew banksters captured the organization – and quickly changed it to a “union” – as Jews simply LOVE creating money-making ” unions. ”  From there on the whole noble idea of trade went out of the back-door and the organization changed into a racketeering business where only a few “elite” get to enjoy the cream of the cake while white European countries’ taxpayers end up with the indigestion. We already have seen what the Jews controlling this “union” are up to when they “demanded” that all white countries in Europe now are “obliged” to take in MILLIONS invading terrorist Muslims into predominantly white Christian countries- and failing to do so- immediately got “stern” warning from this devious EU Jews of financial “back-lashes” and “fines.”

GERMANY– Once a proud white bastion- now nearly overrun by Muslims. Each green emblem represent a Muslim mosque. And this all is directly because of the Jews in the European Union and their paid puppet Merkel. Britain and France are even worse off- with about 8 Muslim invaders for each homogeneous white in that countries. 

‘  BUT white European countries must pay exuberant member fees and taxes every month to this factually non-functional “union.” Again the poor tax payer have to foot the bill to fill the union members’ pockets again. SO now the once friendly ECC became a threatening mob of Jews- threatening and “demanding.” Now that the British people want out of it- again “stern” warnings sounds and exuberant charges and fines are laid down should Britain withdraw. Claude Juncker previously suggested €60 billion should Britain decide to trigger Article 50. Normally such actions from the Jews are called a dictatorship. -Ed)