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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  08 April  2019






THE City of Cape Town now want to tax your free God-given sun rays as well!  Someone very devious in that council came up with the distorted and cruel idea that the Council must dig out some weird sort of excuse to ram yet another tax down the already overtaxed residents  of Cape Town- that will  on top of their already failed scam to install “smart” water meters which they use to dig very deep into the pockets of the residents already. 

In a newsletter the City of Cape Town stated the following:


“Generating electricity is potentially dangerous. All generation equipment connected to the network is legally required to be authorized by the City of Cape Town prior to installation. Failure to register your small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) by 31 May 2019* may result in an additional service fee and disconnection of electricity supplyOff-grid systems must also be declared to the City to verify that they are not connected to the network and are not mistakenly charged a service fee for disconnection of unauthorized supply. Registering your solar photovoltaic (PV) systems with the City is free. Solar water heaters are exempt from registration. To begin the registration process, please visit For more information on PV and renewable energy, go” 

*A three-month extension has been added to the initial deadline of 28 February 2019 to give residents more time to register.

How sweet and “considerate” of the Council to actually  think about the “well-being” of their citizens indeed. Can you see the angle they use to try to con you into registering your solar panels? AND when you do…WHAMhere comes another R 1000.00 extra on your electricity bill. AND If you don’t and they by accident  find you having a solar panel installed, or generator- or any free electricity device not “registered” on their unholy list- WHAM– another R 7000.00 “fine.” How friggen greedy CAN you get one might ask? Well- in this case- they can stoop as low as the DA City Council of Cape Town apparently! We cannot phantom how these “nooks”  arrived at  the ridiculous  conclusion that generating free electricity is “potentially” dangerous. I swear their last free Nandos  Council meal was spiced too much with Ganja power! But when these vultures want to tax something- the most ridiculous excuse is plausible we suppose?

It is not so much “dangerous” for you to generate your own electricity- but what they actually mean to say  is that it will be “dangerous” for their own inflated BANK ACCOUNTS if more and more people are getting off their “grid.”  Now to prevent loosing that little ‘extra” income- they came up with this new weird and wonderful “ invention”  to tax your free energy systems!”We rather would assume using Eskom power is dangerous….especially for your business!! In Cape Town a councilor will never greet you ( that is only during election times this strange phenomena of actually seeing you eye-to-eye happens)- with the customary “Good day sir/ are you today”- but rather with a “Are your taxes paid up today  -good day sir/madam? ” opening punch line. They starkly reminds one of the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Walt Disney children’s movie Robin Hood.

If they so much as detect the  slightest deviation in your monthly consumption- immediately they will “suspect” you have a solar panel/bore hole/another means of becoming self independent- and will immediatelycorrect” their own figures on your account to match their “hunch” – and you will end up the next month with a staggering amount to  pay for their little “correction.”And do not even try to “re-correct” that inflated amount or try to find out how they calculated that astronomical literally will scream into a black hole while farting into the wind. The City Council of Cape Town  have a strange BEEEAA culture  to appoint one half of it’s employees that is stone deaf– and the other half that have serious chronic attacks of amnesia. After weeks and numerous calls  and e-mails to their “help-desk” you still end up nowhere. That fictitious amount was punched into the “system”  by yet another fictitious delusional stone deaf amnesia handicapped creature- and the “system” then will do the rest to bedevil you for the rest of your life until that fictitious amount is settled!

Helping their residents is not one of the City of Cape Towns priorities either. Coming out to do tests on say your water meter if you suspect it to be faulty in a predominantly white area – also is not one of their more “hospitable” ventures too . You can battle for weeks to get their inspectors out- and when there IS a problem with you water meter- they tell you straight you must obtain the services of a private plumber to first do “pressure tests” (at your own costs naturally )– then they “might “ decide to have a look at that suspected faulty meter. If they happen to find nothing wrong with it- (which is about a 100% certainty with all the AA incompetent appointments) well- you can guess who will be ending up paying for their “call out.” Now the question immediately springs up to mind: “WHY THE HELL ARE RESIDENTS STILL PAY RATES AND TAXES ON THEIR PROPERTY if all “services such as water, electricity and refuse  are charged separately on one’s account anyhow? What ‘services do I get for my rates and taxes if I already paid my taxes IN FULL when I purchased that property?

In the olden days your refuse , water and the general maintenance, up- keeping and neatness  of your residential area was covered by that taxes. You regularly saw council workers cleaning your streets, cutting the grass along your pavements, keeping your recreational parks and playgrounds neat, etc. THAT was why that taxes was implemented. Today you pay for EVERYTHING extra – and the council do not even come around ONCE to maintain or clean up your area to make it look presentable anymore.Since 1994 all that little “extra” services silently “disappeared”– and only the property taxes remained…obviously!  SO– your rates and taxes they charge you became just another money racketeering business– but because every City Council ostensible WILL have this “property taxes ” on their books which they inherited from the previous government- it is a convenient way of ripping you off with “this” and “that” municipal “by-law”  – even if you do get NOTHING in return for that taxes  you pay. So why must you still keep on paying property taxes over and over every month if you already paid all your taxes with the transferring of ownership when you purchased that property? 

If you stay in a predominantly BLACK area- well- that appears to be a “game changer “- and the council bends backwards not only to repair your faulty water meter- but will replace ALL your leaking taps, toilets, basins, etc FOR FREE. The council apparently cares more about votes that keeps them in power than services that cost them money- and on the other hand does their“stretched”  budget (that also must cater for all the illegal alien free loader squatters) -not allow replacing more than two burned out council vehicles or one torched council office building due to black  “service delivery” protests. Very strangely does it appear that the same Council that now is so “concerned” about your “safety ” during your own installation appear to be  quite unconcerned on the contrary about the thousands upon thousands of illegal electricity connections in black squatter camps and black residential areas for that matter.

You will never see the Council boys pull stunts like this in “Hot Spot”  areas such as Gugulethu, Nyanga, Langa, Kayamandi, – or even in the Cape Flats gangland such as Bonteheuwel, Valhalla Park, Bishop Lavis , Heideveld, Kreefgat, Mitchells Plain ,etc where there are many loose bullets flying around with strange  inscriptions such as “To whom it may concern” written on them. Most Council “babas” apparently do not prefer their early retirement salary packages paid out to them posthumously! So they rather would do “easy” tax rounds in predominantly white areas where bullets are fresh out of season-  as most whites already have been disarmed by the evil regime mobsters in any case. Their was a “migration” of weapons since the ANC took illegal control of the country- all the white “confiscated”  weapons  eerily “migrated” into black areas and into the hands of  gangland mobsters.

On the one hand does hundreds of advisors in government as well as acknowledged advisors advise citizens to start generating their own electricity as to ease the burden to the poor and dilapidated Eskom supply power stations- but lo- here comes the weird and wonderful Democratic Alliance controlled City of Cape Town with all their racketeering schemes and want to TAX their citizens for just doing that. BUT then again we are talking about the City Council of Cape Town here. They have been notorious for taxing anything they could lay their hands on – even bore hole water and rainwater. But we already are quite used to this specific council targeting especially white residential areas – the “easy “ targets- for this ungodly taxes- all while the “poor” “previously disadvantaged” illegal squatters get away with everything bar the kitchen sink. They want to tax you even if you have a storage tank or a bore hole on your property. Cape Town already sports the dubious honor of being one of the most expensive cities in South Africa to live in- but the Democratic Alliance gangsters now are taking that status to the next level! We pray they do not also want to tax the air we breath as well. ..”mistakenly” or not! 






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