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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town 19 April  2019





THE South African open air  circus  is about to try to expand his seats to make space for even more dangerous clowns it appears. Taxi drivers and operators in South Africa want to go beyond just taxi ranks and the roads, they want a seat at the table in Parliament after the elections. It’s for this reason that the taxi industry has come together to form the “Alliance for Transformation for All (ATA)”–  which will be contesting the May elections.

The ATA is one of 19 new parties that will be contesting the elections. The four-page long ballot paper – listing nearly fifty parties – will include a number of new parties, ranging from the obscure to those focused on single issues such as land. ATA presidential spokesperson Sabelo Dumezweni said that his party would focus mainly on transport issues. “We want to go to Parliament to influence the powers that be through participation in the portfolio committees dealing with transport,” he said. He said that the party’s constituency was made up of voters beyond the taxi industry and named students as potential supporters. The party’s campaign will culminate in a rally in Durban on 28 April, which will mark its final campaign drive before the elections.

HOW can we expect the parliament to be when this hooligans get their  seats? Let us investigate how they run one of their taxi ranks then:

Commuters and residents who use the Bellville CBD taxi and bus terminal are disturbed by the state of the area. The high number of vagrants and amount of litter have prompted concerns over health and environmental risks. The Bellville bus and taxi station is one of the main transport interchange sections and a business hub for the hundreds of informal traders. Chairperson of Bellville South Neighbourhood Watch, Michael Graayenstein, said: “The filth in Bellville is a clear indication that the transport interchange section has been overdone by homelessness, vagrancy and social issues. The vagrants don’t have anywhere to dispose of their dirt. The result of the litter attracts all types of infestations and there an unbearable stench which everyone can smell when walking through the Bellville interchange.” Countless numbers of vagrants are squatting around the station and in the nearby parking lot, where they have set up structures. The whole area looks and smells like a dump site. Condoms lie scattered around- the dust bins are full and rubbish lie everywhere. The strong smell of urine and faeces hangs in the air. The whole area are strewn with trash and is a genuine health hazard.


Image result for dirty taxi rank south africa

Image result for dirty taxi rank bellville station

Image result for dirty taxi rank south africa

Image result for dirty taxi rank south africa

Graayenstein said the Bellville CBD was basically a free-for-all area which can be seen by the amount of informal traders there that are just disregarding all by-laws. There is no control over that area and this plays a large role in the criminal elements there such as the open drug use and sales. Jacoline Visser, DA Ward 10 councilor, which includes the Bellville CBD said all the litter found in the area was created by pedestrians, shop owners, informal traders and vagrants. This litter poses health hazards on people in the area, which extends to the environmental issues being experienced. “The current state and increasing problem regarding cleanliness around the station is a huge challenge for the City. People need to be considerate of each other and also the space they use by not littering and assisting the City with keeping the space clean,” said Visser.

Visser said the City was in the process of upgrading/maintaining the area. Bins which were stolen have been replaced, along with extra new bins. The mayoral urban regeneration program has also appointed an extra 15 expanded public works program workers to try to make a difference to the state of the area and more law enforcement officers to enforce by-laws. But Graayentstein was not happy with Visser’s explanation. “The City has failed to address and to do anything about the problem and it is affecting the communities surrounding that area. We are facing robberies, assaults, burglaries as a result of this toxic situation developing in Bellville.”

HOW will they run the country from parliament…the same way the run the show on the roads? Let’s have a look then how they behave on the roads:


Standard operating procedure SA ito taxi drivers

Posted by South Africa Southerners Civil Crisis on Monday, March 4, 2019

Taxi Problem – South Africa

So now taxis are carrying pangas??? Motorist didn't want to give way to the driver.

Posted by South Africa Live on Thursday, March 7, 2019



Image result for south africa taxi accidentsRelated image

Image result for south africa taxi accidentsRelated image

Image result for south africa taxi accidentsRelated image


In March 2017, the South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) estimated that there are more than 200,000 minibus taxis in South Africa – generating more than R90 billion every year – yet not even 5% of this operators pay any tax.  A report issued by the World Health Organisation in 2010 shows that South Africa has one of the world’s poorest road safety records – ±31.9 fatalities/100 000 people while comparable developing countries have a much lower fatality rate.  For African countries, the average fatality rate is ±24.1 fatalities/100 000 people, whilst, globally, the average is ±18 fatalities/100 000 people. In South Africa, approximately 1 million road accidents are reported per year. Taxis in South Africa are the single biggest cause for road fatalities. Most of the taxi operators cares less about road safety, rules and regulations. Every town and city have them….thousands of taxis operating in the streets.

Many are illegal aliens- and many also sport no drivers licenses or bought their permits through bribery. If you get into an accident with one of this death traps on the road- don’t even bother going the length in trying to find creature a few days later- registration number or not. They simply vanish from one taxi owner after an accident- and report to another just a few kilometers further down the road. You NEVER find them in the devil’s mazes called “black townships” in South Africa. The taxi operators in South Africa in general are a life threatening menace who think the road belongs to them and them alone. The speed up to 100 km p/h in a 60 km/h zone- swerve right in front of other road users to load and off-load passengers, make u-turns in the middle of roads in the face of oncoming traffic, stop smack bang in the middle of the road to load and off-load- and force their death traps in-between other cars as they wish- and overload as much as they want to. When they leave the rank in their hundreds every afternoon after work they exit like one huge tsunami into the adjacent streets, totally ignoring traffic rules and creating chaos for other road users. They deem themselves” special” and only they have the right of way on the streets.  Dare one open your mouth about this road hooliganism they become arrogant and violent- and will either damage your vehicle- or smash your face…or even shoot you as most of them carry illegal weapons in their vehicles. They are the “untouchables.” Traffic authorities long ago gave up the fight against these villainous  lawless undertakers.


Image result for dirty taxi rank south africaRelated imageRelated image

Related imageRelated imageImage result for dirty taxi rank south africa

Many  government officials have a financial stake in this deadly industry. For this reason this industry never are being taken to the sword.  They receive secret  government subsidies  for fuel- where-as white farmers for example receive none. They drive like hooligans, ignore about every road traffic law- and their arrogance knows no boundaries when confronted with facts that they are endangering other peoples’s lives. There is continuous “turf wars” between rival taxi factions- and hundreds of operators( and passengers) already have been executed mob-style in hit-and-run offenses. If you could imagine the worst kind of driver on the road, the most vulgar type of driver, the most arrogant driver- incompetent driver and the most dangerous, irresponsible  type of driver you have ever seen- you just have imagined the standard taxi operator in South Africa.



They literally have the whole public on the roads in a very dangerous vice every single day. When being acted upon the taxi bosses unite and start a taxi strike – leaving millions of peddlers with no way of transport. They know they can hold the country at ransom.- and not a single taxi operator contributes to the state coffers as most operate cash. Billions upon billions of revenue are lost through this business not paying their dues- but the ANC regime refuses to implement stricter measures to force operators to pay their dues simply because of threats of strikes from  taxi bosses. There are millions of traffic fines outstanding that cannot be recovered due to unregistered taxi operators that simply come and go as they please- disappearing when trouble appears on the horizon. They have no fixed addresses- especially in squatter camps. .  BUT SARS are targeting the dwindling 13% tax payers to choke them to death with threats instead of shifting their aim to this specific industry as  well as the thousands of alien businesses such as the Eastern aliens such as the Chinese , Bangladeshi and  Pakistanis to clamp down on their non-payment of taxes. AND they now want to go to PARLIAMENT to extend their evil reign there as well ? We already have two uncontrollable  renegade mobs in the EFF and BLF turning the highest legislature into a bloody brawling circus . South Africa already became a country notorious for it’s violent criminal extremists and political psychopaths- but having a THIRD  destructive mafia mob bringing in the guns and their street lawlessness as well to join them and manage the country from the top like they manage their taxi ranks and  roads at the bottom too. Would you like to have these wretched taxi mafiosos  determining your future and that of your children from the benches of parliament too? GOD FORBID!