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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town 25 April  2019












Trains in Cape Town again are set by non-white vigilantes

Dog eats dog: Another EFF MP accuses Julius Malema of abusing party funds

Anti-white Multichoice sticks to it’s guns in it’s war against Steve Hoffmeyer.

Islamists attack French church, slit priest’s throat

Horrifying video shows little boys exploited by ISIS shooting and beheading prisoners in  Syria. 

Six bombs exploded in churches and hotels  in Colombo Sri Lanka- killing 30 and injuring 280. Will the world now also weep like they did with the Christchurch Musli

mosque bombings? 


POLITICS is nothing else but big business. AND of all the big business ever created- this (politics) is the one Behemoth accumulating  the biggest cache for pay day.  But big  business in turn have a  tendency to attract and suck  the worst kind of detestable greedy sycophants  into it’s calamitous core to form the nucleus of it’s ambulance on the road to El Dorado- with both parasites being an appendage  on it’s host for their own  selfish benefit . In a very strange mutual and diabolical relationship the two parasites – business and sycophants-  adapt to each other in order to progress for a unified objective of avarice domination of riches and power. It is then in this dark and murky environment where we will find the politician coming into his own right– and this is where we also will find the answer for  South Africa’s destruction today !”Andrew K.




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“I put this on Facebook so people can understand why South Africa is such a violent place. This is about my friend of 53 years, Herman Scoltz. He was stabbed to death in his house last night. We grew up together, went to school together and stayed friends our whole life. He was a gentle soul and a gentleman. The person that stabbed him 4 times in the chest worked for him for 26 years. Herman put this guy’s children through school and college. Cared for his familie and still he stabbed him 4 times in the chest at 3am in the morning. Herman traveled the whole of Africa for his work to see that people get good health care, which most people will consider dangerous but Herman was killed in his own house in Pretoria the capital of South Africa by a black local.”



Kill the Farmer- kill the Boer.

Farm attacks- a violent offensive against the white farming community


The daily occurrence of violent attacks on people in South Africa and the ongoing farm attacks and farm murders is not acceptable in any civilized society. Far to often it is argued that this violent and demonic behavior does not affect only white civilized communities but that it is the norm in townships and black rural areas where black on black violence is just as prevalent. Well that’s the point! Why should civilized, functional communities suffer this barbaric savage behavior? But it’s deeper than that, the attacks on whites and especially on white farmers is also driven by political parties and those scrupulous villains that calls themselves “leaders”  in South Africa today.




Whilst the president of South Africa, Ramaphosa, and the ANC government deny that farm attacks and farm murders take place in the country there have already been, as at 15 April 2019, fifteen farm attacks and one farm murder. During March 2019, 28 farm attacks took place and 2 farm murders, whilst 2 farm attacks were successfully averted. The statistics were released by the Rome Research Institute of South Africa. In a book by Ernst Roets, “Kill the Boer”-  it is argued that the South African government is complicit in the crisis of farm murders. Ten reasons are supplied for this allegation. Various incidents of political incitement to farm murders, as well as farm murders where political or racial motives clearly played a role, is stated in the book. Yet this same government that is guilty of the worst kind of racial abuses are the ones now want to manufacture new “laws” against racism? Even the display of the old South African flag became intolerable for the leftist rubble.

Katie Hopkins | The Killing Fields of South Africa.Please Keep Sharing These Videos To Raise More Awareness About The Ongoing Racism & #Genocide Against The White Minorities Of South Africa." #Farmlands #Plaasmoorde #FarmAttacks #FarmMurders #LandTheft#KillTheBoerBook #StopWhiteGenocideInSA#DisruptedLand #SlaughterInSouthAfrica#LandExpropriationWithoutCompensation

Posted by Lauren_Southern Fans SA on Saturday, April 13, 2019


Farmlands#Plaasmoorde #FarmAttacks #FarmMurders #LandTheft
#KillTheBoerBook #StopWhiteGenocideInSA
#DisruptedLand #SlaughterInSouthAfrica


I want everyone to Share this | This is the reality of Farm Murders and Farm Attacks in South Africa and the victims and their families who has to live with it.The Attacks and Murders are getting covered up by the Complicit South African Government, and ignored by MSM.THESE ARE VICTIMS OF FARM MURDERS, FARM ATTACKS AND LAND THEFT IN SOUTH AFRICA, AND THIS IS THEIR #TestimonyPlease Keep Sharing These Videos To Raise More Awareness About The Ongoing Racism & #Genocide Against The White Minorities Of South Africa." #Farmlands #Plaasmoorde #FarmAttacks #FarmMurders #LandTheft#KillTheBoerBook #StopWhiteGenocideInSA#DisruptedLand #SlaughterInSouthAfrica#LandExpropriationWithoutCompensation#BoerTestimony #DonaldTrump

Posted by Lauren_Southern Fans SA on Thursday, April 18, 2019




It’s ‘less condemnable to kill a white farmer’ in SA than other forms of crime.

Ernst Roets, deputy CEO of minority rights group AfriForum, is currently in the United States to promote some of his organization’s causes. Roets landed an interview with conservative radio host Todd Starnes on Fox News on Tuesday, discussing farm murders and land expropriation without compensation, and on Wednesday he once again discussed these issues in an interview by Israeli 24-hour news channel i24, which has studios worldwide, including one in New York’s Times Square, at which Roets spoke to South African-born Michelle Makori. He began the i24 interview by disputing AgriSA’s (a pro government agricultural organization acting as a counter intelligence organ to deny farm murders) stats, included in a report released last year, which stated that farm murders are at a “20 year low. “ Roets said farm attacks are at a 13 year high, adding that AfriForum has the statistics to back this up. Roets conceded that farm murders have declined (The AgriSA stats said that attacks had increased slightly but that murders were at a 20 year low), but attributed this to South African farmers being more vigilant and protecting themselves. Strangely the same Agri-SA that tells the world that farm murders is at a ” 20 year low” now seek the assistance of private security companies to curb the escalating crime on rural farms and farm attacks.


| #AfriForumVSA / #AfriForumUSA |

Posted by AfriForum on Saturday, April 20, 2019


Roets said his concern is not only the sheer number of farm attacks but their brutal nature, and said the issue is a bigger thing than just the ratios. According to Roets, in South Africa there is a climate in which violence towards farmers is being romanticized by politicians. He argued that it’s less condemnable to kill a white farmer  compared to other forms of violence such as xenophobia. Roets wants farm attacks considered a priority crime  by government, saying other forms of crime such as rhino poaching and cable theft already have this status. “Our leaders should stop singing about murdering people,” he told Makori, saying not only Julius Malema but former president Jacob Zuma had been seen publicly singing about shooting farmers.  Singing of these songs is a regular pastime in South Africa,- Roets said.

Roets is likely referring to the controversial song “Dubula iBhunu,”–  containing the words usually translated as “kill the boer”, which Zuma and other ANC leaders have sung in the past- and still do today, leading to a hate speech charge laid against Zuma in 2012. The party had promised to stop singing the song in 2010. More recently, the song is mainly associated with Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema, who has been the subject of various cases as a result of singing it. The Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) – another mouth piece for the ANC regime- strangely but not unexpectedly- found earlier this year that the singing of the struggle song did not constitute hate speech as the song was “figurative and political” and “does not call for the killing of boers”. AfriForum rejected this finding and said they would oppose the ruling. Curiously, at times the EFF leader and his supporters have been seen singing what appears to be a parody of the song with the phrase “kiss the boer” substituted for “kill the boer”. It has been argued by some that the song has been misinterpreted, with Gwede Mantashe quoted by the University of Cape Town’s Joelien Pretorius in a research paper that “ibhunu” is a metaphor for oppressor. “When we talk [about] amabhunu, we were not talking [about] whites, we were talking about the system [of apartheid]. The biggest problem I have is when journalists interpret (Dubula Ibhunu) as ‘Kill the boer, kill the farmer’, which is a vulgarized interpretation of the song”, Mantashe said. AS always the ANC will find word conundrums and excuses  to hide their evil agendas behind.

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The ANC is masters in playing “mind-games” and twisting words to justify the deadly instigations and war talk uttered by political criminals such as Malema and Mngxitama– but NEVER will reprimand or openly distance themselves from hate speech or provocation wretches such as these keep on hollering on a daily basis. Malema and Mngxitama acts in contravention with the constitution of South Africa which clearly states:

Constitution Chapter 2: Bill of Rights

(a) propaganda for war;
(b) incitement of imminent violence; or
(c) advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and that
constitutes incitement to cause harm.

It is because of these verbal oratories that uncivilized black thugs adhere to- and proceed killing innocent farmers. Let us rephrase this words: “ There is no freedom without the shedding of blood- use violence against the ANC and EFF to rectify the injustices committed against whites of today! ” Does this also sound “politically acceptable?”  But the useless “Human Rights Commisssion” cleared Malema for his incitement of imminent violence? Double standards again? 



Turning to land redistribution, Roets acknowledged the need for some forms of land reform but said he considers it “just plain racist to say the color of your skin determines if you are a legitimate owner of land”. The ANC government, according to Roets, have these ideas and they have these proposed outcome regarding land reform but there’s no link between the two.
Roets says explained what he believes the SA government’s position is: “We’re gonna take property rights, we’re gonna start taking people’s property, but it’s going to be good for the country,” which he said is like saying we’re going to expand KFC but no chickens will be hurt in the process .

The constitution states:


25. (1) No one may be deprived of property except in terms of law of general application, and no law may permit arbitrary deprivation of property.
(2) Property may be expropriated only in terms of law of general application—
(a) for a public purpose or in the public interest; and
(b) subject to compensation, the amount of which and the time and manner of payment of which have either been agreed to by those affected or decided or
approved by a court.
(3) The amount of the compensation and the time and manner of payment must be just and equitable, reflecting an equitable balance between the public interest and the
interests of those affected, having regard to all relevant circumstances, including—
(a) the current use of the property;
(b) the history of the acquisition and use of the property;
(c) the market value of the property;
(d) the extent of direct state investment and subsidy in the acquisition and
beneficial capital improvement of the property; and
(e) the purpose of the expropriation.
(4) For the purposes of this section—
(a) the public interest includes the nation’s commitment to land reform, and to
reforms to bring about equitable access to all South Africa’s natural resources;
(b) property is not limited to land. (PLEASE take note of this clause!!) 
(5) The state must take reasonable legislative and other measures, within its available
resources, to foster conditions which enable citizens to gain access to land on an
equitable basis.
(6) A person or community whose tenure of land is legally insecure as a result of past
racially discriminatory laws or practices is entitled, to the extent provided by an Act
of Parliament, either to tenure which is legally secure or to comparable redress.
(7) A person or community dispossessed of property after 19 June 1913 as a result of
past racially discriminatory laws or practices is entitled, to the extent provided by an
Act of Parliament, either to restitution of that property or to equitable redress.
(8) No provision of this section may impede the state from taking legislative and other
measures to achieve land, water and related reform, in order to redress the results

Roets said in the interview that South African government leaders consider people such as Zimbabwean former president Robert Mugabe and Venezuelan former president Hugo Chavez heroes while simultaneously saying that they would be able to implement similar policies without it damaging the economy. Roets told his interviewer he had met with a lot of people on the hill, including “media and think tanks”, to speak out about what his organization believes is happening in South Africa. He said he wants to convince the US government of the different ways of putting diplomatic pressure on the South African government. “We believe there are important reasons why the US should take a stance on what is happening in South Africa.”

AGAIN the devious ANC want to wriggle their way past Section 25 and amend the constitution to fit their own selfish political agenda.

EFF members starting with land grabs! "EFF told us to do so"

Posted by This is South Africa on Tuesday, April 16, 2019


AfriForum has lobbied in the US before, with CEO Ernst Roets telling the Sunday Times that he believes his organization has influenced US President Donald Trump to take an interest in the land situation South Africa. “I believe our trip played a role,” he said.  Cyril Ramaphosa slammed US President Donald Trump’s take on the South African land situation in an exclusive interview with CNN last year. Ramaphosa – as with that other ANC sectarianist Lindiwe Sisulu–  immediately went into defense mode.  According to Ramaphosa, “fringe groups” lobbying in the US have led to Trump’s views on the topic, which the South African head honcho called “ill-informed.” Ramasquirrel  blatantly lied and said during a Bloomberg interview there was “no killing of farmers or white farmers in SA”, a statement which was harshly criticized by lobby groups including AfriForum and also his lies were debunked on Africa Check. The fact-checking site said while the fact that “people on farms and smallholdings in South Africa are victims of murder is not debatable” it’s “unclear” if claims by groups such as AfriForum that farmers “are murdered at a higher rate than other South Africans” are true. Following an outcry after the Bloomberg interview, Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Khusela Diko quickly back-paddled- trying to sugar coat the Squirrel’s idiotic sentiments- and said Ramaphosa was simply” dismissing Trump’s referral to large-scale killing of white farmers and not necessarily denying that some white farmers were victims of violent crimes.”  Presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko then tried to save Ramaphosa’s back-side and start making excuses that “Ramaphosa’s comment was a “direct response” to Trump’s claim of “large-scale killing of farmers”. Diko said this was “a characterization everyone knows holds no truth in South Africa”- which ostensibly is a big lie .

Luister na die man…hy vlek ANC en EFF en BLF oop….jipeee die buiteland weet van ons stryd hier

Posted by Elza Venter on Wednesday, February 13, 2019


CELE preparing to disarm whites a third time


Speaking during an exercise in which he and national police commissioner Khehla Sitole oversaw the destruction of 30,039 firearms at Arcelor Mittal’s plant in Vereeniging on Wednesday, ANC re-appointed scandalous Police Minister Bheki Cele (Cele was part of the ANC’s “re-locating” programs where corrupt ANC officials caught in the act simply are “relocated” into other positions of power. Cele went from being a corrupt Police commissioner to be promoted a corrupt Police minister) said South Africa would be better off if only its armed forces, and not private citizens, had access to firearms. “It would be better if one day we don’t have private citizens having guns at all. It’s a tall order going forward but it would be better if, one day, only the armed forces – namely police and soldiers – have [access to] guns,” said the minister. The government news agency reports that most of the firearms that were destroyed were surrendered to the state by their rightful owners while others were either seized or forfeited to the state. But Cele did not say a word about the masses of illegal firearms coming into the country via Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Swaziland which found their way into black squatter camps and gang land areas in the Western Cape. 

The last time such an exercise was conducted was in October 2016, a delay Cele attributed to firearms that were sought for historical purposes. “We have organizations with requests to find museum material, which are taken to museums. We [have] since spoken with the commissioner. We will need a memorandum of understanding with those organizations to say we are no longer going to wait for too long because we all realise that keeping them there in the storerooms is tempting criminals,” explained Cele. “We still have 60,000 of them in the storeroom. I can assure you that it will not take a year to destroy them to cut off naughty ideas people might have,” he added. Capitalizing on the occasion, the minister highlighted the importance of getting guns off the streets. “It’s important to say that we are looking at the next batch [to be destroyed]. We are trying to squeeze in the time for that so that we don’t keep these guns in the crime market for very long,” Cele explained. But Cele simply cannot explain why- after 25 years of so-called “governance”- the ANC still could not rid South Africa of all the illegal guns in black townships and Cape Flats gangs- but only were able to zoom in on legal white gun owners.  The minister believes the removal of guns from the streets, either through the actions of the police or by citizens surrendering them, is of significant importance to the country’s crime statistics. “Remember that when we make our murder stats, most of the people in South Africa are shot. Even those guns that have been surrendered here – usually they all come as legal firearms and then they get stolen and converted into illegal firearms,” he said. Cele also cannot explain why most of this illegal firearms are stolen by his own police cadres themselves – and sold to gangsters and criminals . How Cele ever imagine to disarm criminals – or convince them to hand in all their illegal fire arms is still a 25-year old mystery to be solved.

WHILE Cele again is trying to disarm mainly (white) legal gun owners– the gangs and thugs in South Africa are running rampant with illegal fire-arms with no WAY that Cele and his ANC rat pack ever will be able to disarm them. Gangsters, farm attacking terrorists and criminals in cash heist operations are turning South Africa into a huge gangster’s paradise – worse that Al Capone , Gotti , James “Big Jim” Colosimo or any Sicilian mafia mob ever could dream of doing.  Illegal firearms have been identified as the weapon of choice for murders in South Africa’s nine metro cities, where the average murder rate is well above the national average murder rate, according to the 2018 State of Urban Safety in South Africa Report. Cape Town, which has the dubious honor of leading the country in murders, has experienced a steady rise of almost 70% in murders between 2009/10 and 2017/18, followed by Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) and eThekwini (Durban). According to the report by the South African Cities Network (SACN), the increase in the murder rate in Cape Town is presumably driven by mainly colored  gang violence, which has been exacerbated by the supply of thousands of illegal firearms to criminal gangs in Cape Town. SAPS investigations and court proceedings have implicated corrupt police officials as one source of illegal firearms. The report also found that there was evidence to suggest that similar illegal firearm transfers into Nelson Mandela Bay have significantly contributed to the city’s elevated murder rate in recent years. The nine cities covered in the report are economic centers and home to about 40% of the country’s population. They are responsible for more than 80% of the country’s economic productivity.

SA cities murder rate graphic.

Good party leader Patricia de Lille, who was until recently Cape Town’s mayor, said the city’s standing as the murder capital of the country, as revealed by the study, had been going on for a long time and when she was mayor, she wanted to take a different holistic approach to the way crime was handled in the province. “It is true that we need more police, but police alone is not the answer to the high crime and murder rate in the province. “We need to deal with the social issues behind the crimes. To deal with it, I combined the safety and security department with social service,” said De Lille. In so doing, she said she discovered she had to deal with various social issues, including drug and alcohol abuse, high levels of school dropouts and rehabilitation. De Lille said she had several campaigns in place to deal with these issues, including focusing on drug and alcohol prevention among the youth. “However, when I resigned as mayor, they broke up these departments and invested R135 million in the police department to arrest more young people. “Cape Town must get it right. Just the safety and security department is not going to help deal with social issues, because the police can’t deal with social issues. We must deal with the social issues and policing, hand-in-hand,” said De Lille.

She called on the education department to help with the high school dropout rates and on the women in the city to play the role of mothers and social workers which, she said, was lacking in the province. SACN is a network of South African cities and partners that encourages the exchange of information, experience and best practices on urban development and city management. This year’s report is very clear that there is a need to jointly explore support mechanisms that assist municipalities to assume their central role in the development and to increase their performance in building safer communities. The City of Cape Town failed to respond to questions about its performance and plans to improve by the time of going to press.


Fairest Cape leads the pack with worst stats

  • Cape Town (Sincity) has the highest rates of murder, robbery and property-related crimes.
  • Johannesburg is ranked number one for police activity, but robbery is its key crime problem, followed by assault.
  • Durban has some of the lowest rates of violent crime, such as assault, but the murder rate is still a challenge. Durban is ranked second (after Cape Town) for access to alcohol, drugs and firearms.
  • Ekurhuleni is ranked second (after Johannesburg) for income inequality and second (after Buffalo City) for informal housing.
  • Pretoria has the lowest rates of murder, assault and sexual offenses of all the nine cities, but has fairly high levels of property-related crime (coming third after Cape Town and Buffalo City).
  • Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) has the second-highest murder rate and robbery rate.
  • Mangaung is ranked second for sexual offenses, after Buffalo City, but has the lowest robbery rate of all the metros.
  • Buffalo City ranks highest among the cities for assault and sexual offenses.
  • Msunduzi has the lowest human development index (a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators) of the cities and the third-highest level of youth unemployment. However, its informal housing is on par with NMB. It has the second lowest robbery rate (after Mangaung) and is ranked fourth among the cities for property-related crimes and fifth for assault.
  • BUT the ANC again is on their witch hunt to disarm mainly white gun owners as they have been doing twice before- which led to most of the white legal guns finding their way into the hands of  illegal gangsters, killers and criminals.


Black  politicians proceed their offensive of instigating hatred against whites

Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzwandile Masina has issued an ominous warning to white South Africans and the Save SA campaign. Masina says if they don’t participate in nation building, things might get tough for them. Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzwandile Masina has issued an ominous warning to white South Africans and the Save SA campaign. Masina says if they don’t participate in nation building, things might get tough for them. He was speaking at the Chris Hani lecture on Monday night. “This thing of being shown a middle finger by white people because they’ve gained confidence must come to an end,” said Masina.

Meanwhile, the DA strongly condemned Masina’s “unconstitutional and undemocratic threats”. The party said in a statement that it referred Masina to the Ekurhuleni Ethics and Integrity Committee for this “war talk” and called for these threats to be investigated. The statement said that Masina used the most reprehensible terms to describe how he believes opposition to Zuma should be dealt with: it should be “crushed”, and reprisal would be “very, very rough”. “He used a platform at the Chris Hani Memorial Lecture, and an Ekurhuleni-branded event, to make these threats and as such he must be investigated in his official capacity,” read the statement. “We have written to the Ekurhuleni Speaker, Alderman Patricia Kumalo, to launch this investigation with the Ethics and Integrity Committee, as no person in South Africa who respects the Constitution can allow this to go unpunished. “We are also considering laying criminal charges against Mayor Masina for incitement to violence and intimidation.”  THEN black people commonly refer to whites as “Umhlungu”- which if translated- means “Sh*t  from the sea.” Now we are aware that the ANC is a devious organization that uses the power of flat denial very effectively as Ramasquirrel already proofed to us- and again in his case their old decrepit dinosaur Carl Niehaus vehemently denied that blacks are using this derogatory term to slander whites. But if you dare call a black a monkey all hell brakes loose.

BUT then Maimane himself trapped into the same racist fish tin he accused Masina of!  Maimane went into the heart of “human rights abuses ” when he laid a wreath in the Sharpeville Human Rights Precinct in honor of the 69 people shot by police on March 21 1960. (He conveniently did not go to Marikana in  honor  of the  44 black mineworkers that were also shot by police on August 16 2012. ) He was joined by DA Gauteng provincial leader John Moodey, Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga, Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba, and Midvaal mayor Bongani Baloyi. Maimane said to Sharpeville’s residents that Human Rights Day is to commemorate the lives that were lost 57 years ago and the “gross human rights violations”  that continues to plague the country today. “This is not about politics,” said Maimane. The DA leader continued: “Our struggle is to fight the oppression of colonialism and apartheid … [which I will do] for as long as I live.” His comment alluded to the tweets sent last week by DA Western Cape Premier Helen Zille. She wrote: “For those claiming legacy of colonialism was only negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc.”

So – blacks can call whites “shit from the sea” , blacks can wear T-Shirts with the words ” F*ck whites” – and Malema can holler “Kill the Boers” – and Mngxitama can holler “revolution”– but whites dare not call a black a “k*ffer”  or refer to him as a “monkey.” Again we see the ANC pump out laws to protect themselves and the majority while that same laws discriminate against minorities. Laws are eerily fabricated on a monthly basis to protect the majority against the minority in South Africa! But this demonic strategy is applied to dehumanize and oppress whites in order to promote a white extinction program. And psychologically this is working on the common black population. The psychological warfare waged against the whites by the Main Stream media, Politicians and racist black socialists are having a damaging effect and promotes farm murders and attacks on whites in general.Blaming whites for everything also is part of the agenda-for instance following the Eskom substation in Randfontein that exploded on Saturday, the power generating company are blaming white contractors–  who are – according to the BEEE utility- “out of jobs are burning down the substations to get tenders to fix them. “We have proof that this is an act of sabotage by white contractors who have experience in this field because after every substation explosion same white companies apply for the jobs to fix them” .

Another example is now when the ANC again blames the moral decay and social ills in the country on apartheid. This was said by ANC national executive committee member Mathole Motshekga during an election manifesto briefing on social cohesion and moral regeneration. According to Motshekga, the ANC leadership “recognise the deteriorated moral fibre and social ills which is part of the legacy of apartheid”. Blacks never gets blamed for anything- irrespective if they already are in “control” for the past 25 years-. Whites, Van Riebeeck and “apartheid” still gets to be blamed.   Denying the truth also forms part of their strategy.  So far 13 farm attacks was reported this week in the news and Social media- but this is something that according to the ANC’s main peanut Ramaphosa-  simply does not happen in South Africa. But this is precisely the objective of the communist onslaught against white Christians. We now see it start to happen in France and China as well where Christian churches are destroyed as part of the extinction Agenda 21. But then again the SACP already boasted that they are controlling the ANC. That now is their definition of a “Democratic State.


Posted by Front Nasionaal SA / Front National SA on Wednesday, April 24, 2019



Farm murders continues unchallenged -still no government intervention. The Police being involved? 

A Bloody Easter Weekend In “The New South Africa” (2019) | White South Africans are getting Raped, Tortured and Murdered almost on a daily basis in the “New South Africa”,and all of these are Purposely ignored by MSM world wide, because no-one wants to except that their own creation- the “New South Africa“is a Failed State with a Failure of a Government since 1994. If this was any other race,it would have been reported World Wide – BUT because the victims are White- the world doesn’t care. During this past Easter alone there were no less than 13 farm attacks in which 3 farmers lost their lives.  One white  female victim in her 70’s were raped. A 4 year-old boy is left fatherless and 2 families without loved ones. 2 Black thugs  in one incident were both wearing police uniforms of some sort. THAT is the reality Ramaphosa and his communist thugs want to hide from the world. In more attacks this past month recorded :



A whopping 4,174 members of the police have criminal records, for a variety of crimes such as assault, theft, kidnapping and fraud. This was revealed in a parliamentary reply by police minister Bheki Cele, who also told parliament that among them were 32 senior managers who had convictions for crimes such as fraud, public violence and assault. Among the rank and file of the SAPS were officers convicted for assault, theft, kidnapping and murder. In his written response, Cele did not comment specifically on murders but their existence emerged in the statistical tables attached to his response.  The Hawks arrested three of their own in Pretoria on Friday for their alleged involvement in crimes related to corruption, extortion, intimidation and defeating the ends of justice. The members were aged between 49 and 55.

Killing that Boer and that Farmer

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  1. Members of the South African Police Service at Waterval Boven are looking for six black terrorists s who robbed a house at a farm in the early hours of Sunday 14 April 2019. The owner, a 72 year old man, was home alone sleeping when he was awoken by the men, who were balaclava clad, with two of them armed with firearms. They reportedly requested him to give them money and firearms to which he said he did not have any. They threatened and tied him up before searching the house, taking an undisclosed amount of cash from the safe as well as a .38 special revolver as well as other property before fleeing the scene on foot. No arrest has been made as yet
  2. Prayers continue to go out for the Coetzee family who were brutally attacked on their smallholding on Thursday night 18 April 2019, in Potchefstroom, in the North West Province. Savages attacked the family seriously injuring the Dad, Mario and his young son Marlu. Young Marlu was flown by helicopter to a Johannesburg hospital for reconstruction by a plastic surgeon for a terrible facial wound after the attack. The little boys face was crushed and he has bleeding behind one eye and on the brain. His Dad Mario is in a critical condition in a coma and it is reported that his ear was also cut off during the attack. The grandmother received stitches to her head and has been released from hospital. The grandfather and daughter (6) who are severely traumatized were not badly injured. The black thugs gained entry through a kitchen window and brutally attacked the family.  It has been confirmed, that the father’s Mario’s ear was savagely cut off, and he is in a serious condition. His son of eight years old, has had to have surgery done to his face.
  3.  Another farm attack took place in the Redelinghuis area.  The black thug was arrested by the Redelinghuis neighborhood watch.  One victim was  a 72 year old white lady who  was rushed to Hospital .
  4. A father, Janus Powell was fatally shot during a farm attack and shooting that took place between Hoopstad and Bloemhof in the North West province. The man managed to kill one of the attackers. One of the black terrorists was wearing a SAPS uniform and others SAPS reflective jackets, they were heavily armed and driving a Silver or white Camry that was fitted with blue lights.
  5. A brutal farm attack took place on 13 April 2019, in Bela-Bela, Limpopo province. Two victims were surprised by an unknown number of  black assailants. A male victim was shot below the chin and passed away on the scene his wife was shot in the chest but she managed to run away and was taken to hospital by a neighbor. The home was ransacked and possessions and their pick-up was stolen.
  6. A farm attack happened a few weeks ago to a white family when the black  they tortured the victims for hours with a blowtorch and clothing iron. 
  7. An 18-year-old white boy from Riversdal, Meyerton, was hospitalized with a gunshot wound in his leg after being robbed by black thugs  in his home last night. According to Jackie Brits of the Esters (Stop the Farm Murders and Violence Group on Facebook), the boy was at home alone to look after the house while his family would be away for the Easter weekend. He fell asleep on a sofa but was awakened by his puppy during the night. As the boy got up to go and see what was going on, one of the thugs was already in the hallway.

  8. Another farmer was murdered on his farm near Potchefstroom this past week.  One white  male victim was found dead next to bed in his room with a head wound. The black attackers gained access to house by breaking open a gate. The home was then ransacked before the attackers fled. There is no other information at this stage, police are investigating and at the time of reporting there had been no arrests.
  9. A  17 year old white boy was shot by a black Police officer for no reason at all on Friday 20 April 2019. Was this a black boy and the policeman white-  all hell would have broken loose in the media an social black mafia-   like the Coligny spectacle– and the white policeman would have being dragged to court for murder an jailed for life.

10. Our Condolences goes out to Mapogo a Matamago and to Christo Basson’s family and friends. He sadly lost his life on April 10 2019 while responding to a armed robbery in Tarlton.

11.The Harm Bonneman farm on the  Slagboom road was attacked by three black terrorists. Everybody survived and the thugs are still at large.

12. On April 09 2019 an elderly white farmer (72) was attacked by three black thugs on his farm near Marble Hall. The black terrorists fled and the victim was raced to a hospital in Groblersdal.


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

13. Martie Louw (77) was brutally murdered in Vredendal on April 04 2019.

14.  A farm attack took place on 2 April 2019, in Derby, North West Province. Five black thugs viciously assaulted a white male victim after which they tied him up. Four of the thugs were armed with handguns. During the attack, among other items that were robbed, forty four sheep were also stolen. There is no other information available at this stage , police are investigating and there have been no arrests.

15. AN elderly white man was (82) shot through his kitchen window by black thugs in Springs  whereafter the criminals entered the house and robbed  the aged couple’s belongings.

16.  Members of the South African Police Service in Witbank are looking for an unknown number of men who shot and killed a prominent woman, Helen Fanourakis, before speeding off in her brand new vehicle. Information from police reports suggests that the victim, a local business woman, arrived at her house at Natasha Court in Estelle Street, Del Judor, Witbank, around 18:30 on 31 March 2019, when she was at the gate, an unknown number of black men suddenly approached and shot her twice, before taking the vehicle, a Mazda BT 50 and fled. The police were called and they in turn summoned other role players to the scene, where the victim was certified dead by paramedics. The pick-up was later found abandoned around Schoongezicht, approximately 10 km from the scene.

17. In Port Elizabeth an elderly white man was brutally assaulted by  black thugs with a steel pipe in his home.

18.  A farm attack took place on 22 April 2019, in St Albans, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Three black masked savages attacked a couple aged 55 and 53. The man was was stabbed in the face during the attack as he attempted to fight off the attackers. Another one of the attackers had a firearm. They raided the safe and stole firearms and ammunition, jewelry, cash and cell phones before fleeing the scene. There is no other information available at this stage. Nor, as yet, a clear indication of the seriousness of the injuries sustained by the couple.

19.    The Van Emminis family was brutally attacked by a black mob while on ther way to Postmasburg from De La Rey Ville. Their vehicle was forced to stop when a mob of black thugs barred the road. It was then that their vehicle was stoned and a rock that was flung at the vehicle hit Miss Van Emmenis in the face. They were robbed of R 5000.00 cash in the process. After the robbery the black thugs ran away. Me. Van Emmenis  was injured when the rock struck her.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupImage may contain: car and outdoorNo photo description available.Image may contain: car and outdoor

20.  A farm attacktook place on 24 April 2019, in Onderstepoort, Gauteng province. An elderly white female victim was attacked and assaulted by seven armed black thugs. Cash and cellphones were robbed during the attack. There is no other information available at this stage, police are investigating. The extent of injuries incurred during this attack are not available at present.

21.  A farm attack took place in Villiersdorp, Western Cape province, on Easter Monday, 22 April 2019. A farmer,Mr Lingevelder, was busy at his chicken run when his son Albert allerted him to the fact that two black thugs were assaulting his wife (70) in their garage. The thugs  wanted to know where her husband was, she remained calm and said he was inside. The thugs suddenly attacked her and started stabbing her relentlessly. The woman pushed the remote to close the garage and this caused the two thugs to flee. She suffered extensive wounds and was rushed to hospital where she was operated on in at Worcester medi clinic. The two thugs  were later arrested by a farm guard, they had the bloody knife in their possession.

22. A farm attack took place on 25 April 2019, the attack occurred on the Rouxdeel farm, in Winfield between Frankfort and Villiers, Free State province. Mr. Louis Roux (70) was attacked by an unknown number of attackers and severely assaulted and was rushed to hospital badly injured.

23.  A farm attack took place on a guest farm outside Machadodorp, in Mpumalanga province. An elderly couple, their daughter and two grandchildren aged 3 and 5 years old, were attacked by five armed black thugs. The family was having a barbecue  when the attack took place at 22:30 on Friday night, 26 April 2019. The family was assaulted and all tied up, fortunately there were no injuries, however they are all extremely traumatized. The chalet they were staying in was then ransacked. The families Toyota Hilux pick-up with REG: BB84VBGP was also robbed during the attack.

24. TWO white people-  Louis Coetzee and  Marlene Matthysen – was shot execution-style from behind in their heads when black thugs robbed the Mashie (pub) they were visiting.   Coetzee died on the spot- but Matthysen miraculously survived and is currently in ICU.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, outdoor, nature and waterImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, text



Butchering farm animals and intimidating white farmers


This week, violence flared in Donnybrook on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast where a group of former black workers allegedly butchered 17 cows owned by a farmer they accused of employing Zimbabweans. Charles Anderson, 62, of Emerald Dale Farms and Patula Sawmill, said despite building a creche for the community, paying teachers’ salaries and donating part of his farm for a soccer field, his farm has been targeted by bitter former employees. His wife, Luan, said she was heartbroken to see crippled cows with deep wounds gasping for air before dying. “It is painful when all your animals are lying crippled and can neither move nor walk because they have been butchered,” she said.

She added that 10 cows had to be put down due to the injuries they suffered. Five of the cows were on the mend and two were killed. The family has bolstered security by hiring armed guards after attempts to petrol bomb the home of a Zimbabwean farm manager were unsuccessful. Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed that six suspects had been taken in for questioning yesterday. “A case of malicious damage to property is being investigated by Donnybrook SAPS. It is alleged that on Thursday, a wendy house was set alight, two cows were maimed while another 12 sustained injuries,” Gwala said. She said the motive behind the attack was being investigated. Anderson said since last year the group had accused him of employing foreigners. He said at a recent meeting attended by ex-employees and unemployed individuals he was told in no uncertain terms to dismiss all his Zimbabwean employees otherwise there would be trouble. He said he promised he would not employ more Zimbabweans.

There was, however, no compromise and the attitude was simply “we as the Andersons must leave the farm or the Zimbabweans must leave”. “It is totally unacceptable to dismiss employees who have done nothing wrong but were dedicated to their duties. “But I will wait for the employees to come up with proposals on how we can move forward. For now, production has been stopped with very little happening on the farm,” he said. Speaking after a meeting yesterday, community leader Silwanaziphi Jama said locals had begged Anderson not to leave because many families relied on the farm for employment. “We are happy that he made that sacrifice, but we also commit ourselves to protecting the property. The community is convinced we need the farm to exist,” Jama said.

A qualified harvest manager, who has a diploma from the College of Forestry in Zimbabwe and who asked not to be named, said he left the farm for a safe place until the situation had normalized. He said the attacks were xenophobic because they flared up after foreigners in Durban were attacked three weeks ago. “These issues regarding their dismissal were supposed to be raised last year, but it waited until attacks flared in Durban townships. They were really taking advantage of the recent attacks. “I was told by local employees that because I hold a senior position, my life was at stake. When employees get fired for misconduct we, in senior positions, have to carry the blame,” he said. He said four Zimbabweans, one Angolan and a Malawian had been employed on the farm and all had left.

The attack on Thursday night took place hours after an urgent court interdict was obtained from the Pietermaritzburg High Court. Anderson said there was a delay in serving the interdict to the attackers because police needed back-up. He said it was only formally issued on Friday. The interdict prevented employees, former employees and anyone else from gathering or organizing protests at any of the farms or public roads allowing access to and from the farms. The “trouble-causers” have also been ordered not to burn tyres, logs, trees, plantations, building structures or any substance on the farms. The application was brought on an urgent basis by advocate Chris Snyman, SC, before Judge Piet Koen following protest action that worsened on the farm this week.

Anderson said both farms employed between 350 and 400 people, injecting R2 million monthly into the local economy through the wages that were paid. The Anderson family has worked on the farm for the past century. He said the hate was perpetrated by a few former employees who were fired for misconduct. He said although his two sons William and Phillip wanted the family to leave, he was convinced he should stay after local support poured in from traditional leaders and the community. Project manager at the Institute of Race Relations Terrence Corrigan said there was a strong element of xenophobia which was recklessly stoked up by unscrupulous politicians. “A lot of frustration regarding the lack of service delivery causes people to be impatient and to blame foreign nationals for their situation. Although there were only a few Zimbabweans employed on the farm, locals found an excuse to use to push for the dismissal of foreign nationals.”

They are destroying everything in their destructive wake!

  1. Two train sets that were burnt to ashes at Cape Town station on Sunday were worth an estimated R33m, according to Metrorail. Richard Walker, regional head of Metrorail, said that two platforms were also damaged during the blaze and warned that commuters would feel the knock-on effects. “A [train] set was torched on platform 13 and high winds immediately fanned the fire and moved to an adjacent train set. The final count now is 12 coaches with an estimated value of damage to the train sets alone about R33m,” he told CapeTalk radio on Monday. “Then obviously there is the further damage to infrastructure and facilities at the station as well.” Taxi bosses that want to run the public transport monopoly are long ago being suspected to be the instigators behind the torching of trains and public buses.

2. The Public Order Police and Police Airwing are on the scene and are trying to contain the situation after protest action broke out in Brits once again on Thursday, Kormorant reports. This follows a siege two weeks ago when taxi drivers held Brits hostage for most of the day in protest against the arrest of seven of taxi operators for damaging Nigerian shops and attacking Nigerian immigrants because of their alleged drug dealing. The taxi drivers are appearing in the Brits Magistrates’ court again on Thursday and currently, most of the access roads to Brits have been closed off. The R511 at the Alpha crossing was closed by traffic police after taxis blockaded the intersection at the Brits Mall. Other roads that are currently closed are the silos road, Wagpos road and possibly the Sonop road. Oukasie was closed off early this morning, preventing residents to go to work. According to information from the scene, shops had been forced to close in Tom Street after armed protesters invaded the area. Shops in other areas of Brits have followed suit. The media has also received reports from the Brits industrial area about employees being beaten up in order to force factories to close. People are warned to avoid Brits until further notice.

3. A concerned member of the public posted on social media. “It feels like I can scream this morning … !!! Weep …. or whatever …. With what is happening in our country !!! …. This is at Steynsrus, damage amounting to millions of rands caused by a mob that is worth nothing to this country with absolutely no contribution except to plunder! One lorry containing frozen chicken was attacked half of which has been looted with pieces of raw meat lying around everywhere!

4. Commuters and residents who use the Bellville CBD taxi and bus terminal are disturbed by the state of the area. The high number of vagrants and amount of litter have prompted concerns over health and environmental risks.

5. Mobile classrooms as Oakdale Secondary School in Ennerdale near Johannesburg have been burned down. This came as part of several protests that have broken out across Gauteng over the last two weeks. The protesters who burned the classrooms were reportedly unhappy because government had been slow in repairing the school’s damaged roof.

6. Black riots erupted in front of the police station in Houtbay on April 25 2019 regarding the demolishing of illegal  squatter huts  in the area. In Siqalo in Philippi black thugs  have set tyres alight in Vanguard Dr in an apparent “service delivery ” related issue-(iow they want something for free which the white taxpayer must foot again) 

7. Unruly black aliens demanding houses blocked roads and stoned passing motor vehicles in Reservoir Hills Durban since 2 am this morning. They have littered the road with rocks and debris. The situation is volatile. They damaged infrastructure like water metres and pulled down trees. They lit items on fire and placed them on the roads. Police have tried to clean the roads as much as they could.

8.  In Mitchell’s Plain Cape Town , black mobs from the Siqalo informal settlement caused heavy backlogs in traffic on Jakes Gerwel Drive, a key route for travelers that want to connect to the N2 highway as well as the northern parts of the city. The vagrants burned tyres and rubble forced authorities to close off the busy road, as well as Highlands Drive and Weltervreden Road.

9.  A wellness centre in Khayelitsha, started by Medecins Sans Frontieres several years ago, was burnt in a protest on Thursday morning by black rioters.  Black thugs from QQ section, who demanded to be relocated to Mfuleni, burnt a community clinic in France informal settlement, Khayelitsha, at about 6am on Thursday. The unruly mob  smashed windows of the community clinic, chased a guard away, and forced it to shut down, said France community leader Noziphiwo Lokhwe.






Durban Staats Hospitaal……

Posted by Johan Taljaard on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

DURBAN STATE HOSPITAL….but please do NOT call them “monkeys”- remember Penny Sparrow?



South Africa and the biased ‘race’ conundrum

LIBERAL  Why hasn’t Die Stem been tossed into the dustbin of history yet?”

“After Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren blithely butchered our national anthem at a rugby match last Monday night – less than two weeks before we mark 25 years of democracy – he was shocked that his negligence had made the news.”


How dare we mention “race” when telling the world about the FACT that 7 WHITE women were raped, tortured and murdered by BLACK men in the very same period that 7 foreigners were murdered by BLACK South Africans? We shouldn’t see race, they say. Stating the race of the victims and the perpetrators is what is wrong with this country, they say. Colour of skin shouldn’t matter in South Africa anymore, they say. Most women in South Africa are killed by their intimate partners, they say. People from all races in this country are being murdered, they say. The violent Apartheid regime is to blame, they say. Whites deserve what they are getting, they say… and many, many more statements of utter disgust at the fact that we dare mention race.


Image may contain: text




Forgive us if we do not agree with you on this. Here is why:

“We live in South Africa. A country with more race based laws than any other country in the world and more than ever in the history of this country. So it is okay to see Ethnic groups and call it Xenophobia. We can see sexual orientation and call in Homophobia. We can see relationship status and call it Femicide. White people involved in any conflict against a black person of any kind can be called racist. We can see color when people are appointed in jobs. Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is fine. Quotas are fine. Employment Equity is fine. Seeing race when allowing students into university is fine. Having a Black Business Association is fine. Having a Black Consciousness Movement is fine. Calling out White Privilege is fine … but whatever we do, we must PLEASE not see color when white people are murdered!!! Still blaming Apartheid and even Jan van Riebeeck is the most pathetic excuse for these murders ever!

So 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 year old rapists and murderers were born this way? Due to something you perceived happened to your grandfathers? Seriously? More people are murdered in this country in ONE YEAR at the moment than during the entire period of Apartheid. So what are you saying? That future generations, because of the fact that they are growing up in this violent society, are going to be even more violent than the people living here now? If that is your reasoning, then Heaven help us! In that case the Afrikaner Boer people should have been the most violent, criminal nation on earth after what happened to them during the Anglo-Boer Wars, but guess what… They’re not. The murder rate for all South Africans are at 38/100 000. The murder rate for white farmers are at 120/100 000. There is a massive difference. Why should we keep quiet about that when this group of white people in THIS country happens to be the “most murdered group” in the WORLD!

In 2008, 62 foreigners were killed in South Africa in what was called Xenophobic murders. In that very same year 235 white South Africans were murdered by black attackers and no one seems to think it is a problem. And this is the case EVERY year for white South Africans for more than 25 years now. As long as this government chooses to see race and make race based laws, race WILL matter. As long as the president of this country blames all the ills of this country on white South Africans and their ancestors rather than take responsibility for the complete failure of this government, race WILL matter. As long as psychopaths  like Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama are allowed to spew their hatred against whites from public platforms, openly advocating for the destruction of white culture and the killing of white people, calling them Settlers, Colonialists and thieves. Or when Mmusi Maimane shouts white privilege or shouts white racists when there is none… then race WILL matter!



It is true that most women in this country are murdered by their intimate partners… that is, for ALL races in this country EXCEPT white South African women. The only time we are not allowed to mention color or race in this country is when it comes to black crime. White crime, no problem… A white dude swearing at a black women is a racist, but a black man raping, torturing and killing a white woman is just a “criminal. ” If these arguments had any merit, there should be NO reports about Xenophobic murders, Femicide or Homophobic murders. Fact is, there are. Telling us to shut up about the race of the victims and the race of the perpetrators is utterly ridiculous. It is what it is and keeping quiet about it because some liberal, politically correct individuals don’t like facing the facts, is not going to change anything. You cannot address a problem until you are willing to admit that there is one… and there IS one! Here, in THIS country RIGHT NOW! And no multicultural party, including the DA, VF+, ACDP, Cope et al can NEVER change our disposition. We need to break away from this race obsessed nightmare. We need to vote for our freedom. We need to vote for our own sovereignty where we can be equal again.”

Written by : Front National

Applying double standards: Deliberate attack on white Afrikaner Nationalism by the black political communists and the  Main Stream  Sewer Media. 


I wanted to show a comparison of how unfairly Steve Hoffmeyer  is judged. Julius Malema can sing “Kill the Boer” and not be considered a racist or guilty of hate speech. On the other hand, Steve Hofmeyr speaks truth to help his people, is proud of his heritage, seems to long for a time before ANC reign of terror. The attacks against Steve are so disgusting and biased. He has used his platform to try and tell the world his people are a dying tribe, yet he is crucified at every turn. Their government nor media want us to know the truth. This is why they attack him so viciously and try to humiliate and destroy his reputation. Do not believe the fake news.  Why is Malema not all over the media as an evil racist? Why has the ANC allowed him to continue to hold a place in politics? Why has he not been removed for being a genocide inciting, racist? None of this makes sense does it? That’s because it’s insanity of the highest order and I needed to speak the truth.

When you walk through the exhibition hall on the way to the Progressive Business Forum at the ANC’s national conference, you can’t miss the double-storey MultiChoice stand with its colorful multimedia displays. Despite being implicated in the #GuptaLeaks, the video entertainment and internet company isn’t keeping a low profile about its sponsorship at the ANC conference. MultiChoice sponsored a Friday night’s gala dinner and Monday morning’s Progressive Business Forum breakfast, where Small Business Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu addressed guests. MultiChoice SA CEO Calvo Mawela, who was appointed in November, would not be drawn into commenting on an internal probe being conducted after it emerged in the #GuptaLeaks that the company paid then Gupta-owned TV channel ANN7 millions, allegedly to influence South Africa’s long-stalled digital migration switch from analogue to digital TV. Multichoice, who allegedly manipulated ANC policy to effectively block small black business and withdrew it’s sponsorship from the Goemas because of  Steve Hoffmeyer – apparently have no qualms in sponsoring  ANC business breakfasts– a party that is rotten to the core with corruption– and have a stained history of violence, racism, murders and terrorism. Shall we ask “Que Vadis Multichoice?BUT Multichoice only is one of the many South African businesses that applies double standards when race becomes an issue- others are NASPERS, Landrover, FNB, ABSA, Woolworths, Engen, SPUR, Standard Bank,  Toyota, Pick & Pay and many more who started  their “humble beginnings” and enjoyed super growth through support from the white Afrikaner support during the “apartheid” years- but now conveniently turn their backs on white Afrikaners for the sweet smell  of money in the “democratic” promised land of Mahewu and Putupap!


Steve is too  bad for Multichoice – and Malema is good enough? 

MultiChoice in a previous statement said that iinstructed its audit and risk committees to assess whether there were any corporate governance failures in the ANN7 deal, and report back to its board. “Based on what is contained in that report, the MultiChoice board will take the necessary action,” it said in early November. Mawela did, however, speak out against corruption within the private sector. “Corruption is corruption, everybody needs to steer away from corruption and there are law enforcement agencies that have to deal with corruption and it should be discouraged at all levels, big business, government, everywhere,” he told Fin24.  Former DA leader Tony Leon has lamented the discriminatory Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policy of the ANC government as “a scam” that only benefits those connected to ANC leadership. Leon said this while campaigning for the DA in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg, on Tuesday morning.  “I have not met many people on the ground who have benefited from BEE. I, however, know a lot of people in Luthuli House and their relatives and friends who benefit from BEE,” said Leon. “I have been in many places, seen BEE beneficiaries, and I think in many ways it is a scam.”

They are leaving South Africa in droves

In a 2018 report, Pew Research estimated that some 900 000 people born in South Africa were living abroad in 2017. The firm indicates these are mostly skilled professionals. South Africa’s skills shortage is preventing the country from achieving the 5 percent annual GDP growth that is our only real chance of making a dent in poverty.



About 3 000 super-rich (those with wealth of about $1m or R14m or more) “migrated” from South Africa over the past 10 years, Andrew Amoils, head of research at New World Wealth, told Fin24 on Monday. Most of them went to the UK, Australia and the US. Switzerland and Portugal are also popular destinations for them to migrate to, according to Amoils. He defines migration as those who have in reality “left” South Africa and are living in their new country more than half the year. Among the estimated 108 000 dollar-millionaires globally who migrated to another country in 2018, Australia came out as the top destination, according to a new report by AfrAsia Bank and New World Wealth, which examines recent wealth migration in the world.

Mauritius is the only African country on the list of popular destinations high net worth individuals (HNWIs) migrated to in 2018. According to the report, this is because it is seen as safe and business friendly, and has low tax rates when compared to the rest of Africa. “It is a hotspot for migrating HNWIs. We expect it to benefit from strong growth in the local financial services sector,” says Amoils. For the purposes of the report, “wealth” refers to the net assets of a person. It includes all their assets – property, cash, equities and business interests – less any liabilities. The report, for instance, estimates that about 42% of the wealth held in South Africa is held by these so-called HNWIs. Migration accelerating According to Amoils, global wealth migration is accelerating. He estimates that in 2017 about 95 000 HNWIs migrated globally.

Popular places for them to move to in Australia included Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Perth and Brisbane. Other popular destinations for migrating HNWIs in 2018 included the US, Canada, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Caribbean, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Monaco, Malta, Mauritius, Latvia and Hong Kong. The most popular cities for migrating HNWIs in 2018 included Dubai, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Sydney. According to Amoils, wealth migration figures are a very important gauge of the health of an economy. For instance, if a country is losing a large number of HNWIs to migration, it is probably due to serious problems in that country – like crime, lack of business opportunities and religious tensions, he told Fin24. It can also be a sign of “bad things to come”, as HNWIs are often the first people to leave, since they have the means to leave.

Far leftist media hitting out at white conservatives a global tendency of killing free conservative speech

THE leftist media now also are waging a terrible war against white conservatives on a global scale. Facebook permanently banned 12 “far-right”  groups and figures including the BNP, Britain First and the EDL for being”  dangerous”  – according to their own misinterpreted narratives. Facebook never will ban Far Left groups- that is simply not “ politically correct”– and a clear  indication just WHO is running Facebook! Facebook has banned “far-right ” groups including the British National Party (BNP) and the English Defence League (EDL) from having any presence on the social network for” violating the site’s rules”  around promoting “hate and violence. ” The banned groups, which also includes Knights Templar International, Britain First and the National Front as well as key members of their leadership, have been removed from both Facebook or Instagram. So basically the leftist-controlled media networks banned ALL conservative organizations in order to “silence the voice of the lambs.”  Their contorted excuse for doing this sounds typical leftist propaganda: “The social network’s policy does not allow groups or individuals which engage in ‘terrorist activity, organized hate, mass or serial murder, human trafficking or organized violence or criminal activity’. Convicted Neo-Nazi Jack Renshaw, who plotted to kill West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper and exact revenge on a female police officer who was investigating him for child sex offenses, has also been banned.”  But Facebook did not mention any ban on Muslim fanatical sites promoting organized violence  – or Jewish sites promoting war against Palestine. Facebook said it uses an “extensive process “ to determine which people or groups( basically all right wing groups)  it designates as” dangerous,”–  using signals such as whether they have used” hate speech,” (another smart term to prevent white people from speaking the truth) –  and called for or directly carried out acts of violence against others based on factors such as race, ethnicity or national origin. Individuals and organizations who spread hate, or attack or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are, have no place on Facebook,’ a spokeswoman for the social network said. ‘Under our “dangerous individuals & organizations policy,”–  we ban those who proclaim a violent or hateful mission or are engaged in acts of hate or violence. The individuals and organizations we have banned today violate this policy, and they will no longer be allowed a presence on Facebook or Instagram. But Facebook never mentioned ISIS, Black Panthers, the ANC, EFF or BLF in this category. Jew hippocrtacy at best! 

Image may contain: text




‘Posts and other content which expresses praise or support for these figures and groups will also be banned. Our work against organised hate is ongoing and we will continue to review individuals, organisations, pages, groups and content against our community standards.’ Former BNP leader Nick Griffin, Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, EDL member Paul Ray, Knights Templar International’s Jim Dowson and the National Front’s Tony Martin have also been banned as part of the crackdown. Golding and Fransen’s official pages were removed by Facebook last year for violating the site’s community standards, but the new ban will prevent them from having any presence on Facebook or Instagram, including a personal profile. Praise and support by others for any of the groups or individuals named by Facebook will also no longer be allowed on either social platform. Now the question is when are the right going to break the evil monopoly Zuckerberg and his gangsters have on the social media– and start creating their own social sites? 


Here is examples how deviously Facebook “judge”  you if you appear not to  fit their very screwed-up liberal “community standards”: 

FACEBOOK and it’s merry band of liberal village idiots are waging a psychological war against conservative whites- irrespective WHAT you post. 

THIS- ostensibly- is against the constitution of South Africa – which states:


Freedom of expression

16. (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes—
(a) freedom of the press and other media;
(b) freedom to receive or impart information or ideas;
(c) freedom of artistic creativity; and
(d) academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.

In February, Facebook and Instagram announced a permanent ban for far-right activist Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, for behaving ‘in ways that” violate our policies “around organized hate’. In March last year, Yaxley-Lennon was also banned from Twitter after breaching its ‘hateful content’ policy. Although Yaxley-Lennon’s videos are still on YouTube, he faces more restrictions on his channel. Videos now come with a content warning and are removed from recommendations. Viewers will no longer be able to comment, suggest or like the videos. YouTube had already, in January, been prevented from making money on his videos with adverts.



Election time– the lies, false promises, bullsh*t –  and sucking up to to whites with ANC T-Shirts..


ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule hands out T-shirts in the Western Cape, where ‘the worse racists (DA) were removing white people from where they have been’. He promised these people they would not be evicted.  Ace Magashule brought the residents from a mostly poor white community in Hermanus to tears after he promised to “secure their land”  even if it means expropriating it. (Now please explain how the hell do you “secure” somebody’s properties if you intend stealing it from them in any case? ) Magashule paid a visit to the former holiday resort, now home to dozens of families, while he was on the election campaign trail on Wednesday. Many families face eviction after the 22ha plot on which they live changed hands. The new owner, a developer, has begun eviction proceedings. The visit was almost foiled when Magashule’s entourage was denied access to the park by security guards, who had locked the gate. The police were called to intervene and ANC supporters eventually made their way inside to speak to residents. Speaking to sobbing residents, Magashule claimed the DA were “worse racists, removing white people from where they have been”.

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Videos from his official Twitter page showed him handing out ANC T-shirts and telling the residents in Afrikaans that they should vote for the ANC on May 8. “Nobody removes you from here. The land cannot be stolen from you, you guys … The DA is claiming to be a non-racial party. It’s really worse racists removing white people from where they have been,” said Magashule. He claimed that land was “given to individuals who were leasing” the Paradise Park property. He vowed to “fight and remain” with the residents in their struggle to avoid being evicted. One of the residents can be seen on a video speaking with Magashule, saying that they bought their houses on the land.  Magashule then tells him in Afrikaans: “That’s why we say today the ANC is the only hope, for white and black people.” In another video, a female resident claims to have lived there for three years and that she was going to be moved to Stanford as part of the eviction process. She pleads with Magashule, claiming she can’t go to Stanford. Magashule told the resident that she must stay in Paradise Park.  “Don’t go anywhere. Stay here. We are going to make sure that even if we have to expropriate this land, because initially this land belonged to government and somebody was leasing it, and in the middle of the lease somebody wants to say I’m the owner … It can’t be, this is the corruption we are supposed to be investigating,” he said before handing her a T-shirt and telling her to vote ANC.

Ramaphosa again- faced a string of questionsfrom wine farmers regarding land and economic issues. “This new era, starting from 9 May, I really want thing to be done correctly, without any corruption and done for the interests of the people of South Africa.” Ramaphosa also took the time to allay fears and concerns on land reform while calling for greater unity. “There’s not going to be land grabs where you grab land outside of the parameters of our laws.”





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The main contestants to take your right to freedom away with your consent are:





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THAT’s it folks….now go and hand your democratic freedom away on a platter to one of these wonderful gravy train representatives to do with it whatever tickles their fancy!

A hard lesson for South Africa…


Bitter truth from Dubai…

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