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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg 09 May  2019






YESTERDAY saw millions of South Africans streaming to the voting booths to cast their votes for a new dispensation of rule again. Among those millions we saw many white Afrikaners as well- casting their vote in the hope for a relieve of the inhuman atrocities and discrimination currently imposed onto them by a filthy regime that has no tolerance for them. Needles to say……it ended in another corrupt catastrophe for them as it always does. 



Social media was abuzz after videos surfaced, showing two IEC officials breaking protocol while handling ballot boxes after the voting stations were closed. These ballot boxes held special votes. The Highvelder contacted Mr Sibusiso Nkosi, provincial IEC spokesperson, who confirmed the incident. He said two officials admitted they did not follow proper procedure, but dismissed that they were rigging votes. According to information received an EFF party agent, noticed a woman handling the box. Mr Nkosi said the occurrence took place in the open allowing for the person to record the incident. When asked whether legal steps would be sought, he said: “Presently, we do not suspect that an offence was committed, but the proper protocol was not followed and therefore the officials were dismissed. “The ballot box has been quarantined so that at the beginning of counting we will determine if the content of the ballot box reflect any irregularities.”


Goudrif Ballot Box open. It is becoming increasingly clear that this election is being cooked. ANC…Let me be clear. My people will NOT accept an illegitimate government.

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The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) said this was the first time it has faced allegations of multiple voting. Several political parties have lodged complaints, while South Africans took to social media claiming they were able to cast ballots more than once. Eyewitness News has seen videos of people able to vote more than once, easily breaching security measures at polling stations. The commission held a briefing just before midnight, as social media went on overdrive about discrepancies in the disappearance of what is supposedly indelible ink and claims of multiple voting. The IEC has confirmed it was investigating two cases of multiple voting brought to its attention. Commissioner Mosotho Moepya admitted that they have never crossed this road before. “We’ve never been here before, it’s possible that something has happened. We’re saying we’ll pursue every one of these instances.” However, he said if evidence of electoral fraud was found, the results from those voting stations would be quarantined and suspected fraudsters prosecuted. “They’d have left footprints with us and we’ll pursue those footprints.” Despite the allegations, Moepya insisted the integrity of the sixth democratic elections was still intact.

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They found one of ANC member with ballot paper outside voting station, they caught him while he is busy put crosses on it, this is how ANC win, but anyway politics is deadly game

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The DA will call for a full audit of all the voting stations, after several complaints were lodged with the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) over its voting process.  DA federal council chairperson James Selfe said there were compelling stories that the party had received from voters about glitches in the voting system. “We don’t know whether its material or not, but what we do know is that there were more than a dozen stories of people who have managed to easily obtain second votes.”

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These pictures were taken about 30 min ago at Turffontein Primary, a voting station and school in the south of Johannesburg. The Ballot boxes in the pictures can be seen as not sealed on both ends of the boxes and it is supposed to be sealed.When I confronted IEC staff with regards to this as I was helping my Father in Law to place his vote, the staff said its fine, they will seal it when the boxes are full…This is an illegal act and definitely not the way a DEMOCRATIC SOUTH AFRICA should be handling something as serious as Voting. The staff members were also smelling like ALCOHOL and eating KFC during all of this. 

#OFMElectionWatch: Ballot boxes found abandoned in troubled Bloemhof | News Article

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it found two ballot boxes abandoned in the Lekwa Taemane Local Municipality, that includes Bloemhof. The party says these boxes were found in Ward 4 near Bloemhof Primary School, earmarked as a voting station by the IEC. OFM News previously reported that two ballot boxes were found burned in Ikageng Extension 19, Potchefstroom, on Monday. The EFF has since called on the IEC to investigate the incident and bring those found to be on the wrong side of the Electoral Act to book.

United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa on Tuesday took to his social media to share a video of what he believes to be Electoral Commission (IEC) officials rigging votes. Following the casting of special votes around the country, Holomisa shared a video which seemingly showed IEC workers stuffing papers into ballot boxes outside the voting station. Details of where and when the incident took place were not provided. “Depositing ballot papers long after the party agents have left. The so called IEC officials,” Holomisa tweeted. The IEC has confirmed it was aware of the video, but was not immediately investigating the matter as it didn’t have enough details.


Congress of the People (Cope) MP Deidre Carter has claimed that she had seen EFF members “high fiving” one another after allegedly managing to vote twice in the elections on Wednesday,The Citizen reported.  According to EWN, Carter then decided to test the system, claiming that she could have voted a number of times using her own ID. She reported the matter to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) nationally and provincially and has also reported the allegations against the EFF. When Carter returned to the voting station where she had cast her vote, she reportedly removed the mark on her thumb with bleach.

The United South African Coalition USAC Inc. Declares the elections in South Africa invalid due to massive voter fraud on many levels. USAC demands the South African IEC declare the elections a failure. USAC demands there be new elections in December 2019 with international observers. USAC calls on all international communities to follow suit.

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Western Cape 

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Free State

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Kwa-Zulu Natal


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42% votes counted






THIS is but a few examples of all the fraudulent activities going on during the so-called “election.” AND the IEC ( on orders of the ANC)  WILL sweet talk and sugar coat all these non conformities and corruption going on during this hoax “election “ – and call it “Free and fair. The ANC – as ever again- will walk out the “victors” with a lying Ramaphosa – now king for another 5 years of waiting turmoil , chaos and LOAD SHEDDING– “promising” to “investigate” the “allegations.”  Case CLOSED! For a few weeks this will be main stream front page news while the other political parties “Hum and Bum –  fret and freak” about it until Ramasquirrel and his commi ilk start to turn the media volume down step by step until after a month-or-so- the case silently will be wiped off the table – after which Ramasquirrel and his merry gang will turn up the media volume again- only this time on a different station which will slowly start advocating the election was “democratic. You simply cannot beat the bastards at their own gameNow Afrikaner– how in Hades did you think will YOUR little insignificant  vote stood a chance against this utter and blatant corruption that will see to it that the “chosen” party will again steam roller this election? Only over  the barrel of a gun will this illegal communist criminals be removed from power… definitely NOT through  your treason against your people and the  little eeny weeny little “x” you just made on an eeny weeny little ballot paper. As in 1994 and this past 25 years you AGAIN misread the signs in the times. You have been warned again- and again like idiots you foolhardy blundered into the execution chambers. SADLY That will be your epitaph one day as well…blundering idiots! 



VOTING  is how we participate in a civic society – be it for president, be it for a municipal election. It’s the way we teach our children – in school elections – how to be citizens, and the importance of their voice. God has called us to be His representatives in our nation and in our world. Normally we select candidates who represent our  views and carry our best interest in their hearts. However– in South Africa’s case we could rather quote Cal Thomas ‘  when he stated :”  One of the reasons people hate politics and loose faith in elections is that truth is rarely a politician’s objective.” And nothing could be more closer to the truth in South Africa  than that.

In the South African context creatures  who relieve others of their money with guns on a daily basis are called robbers. BUT It does not alter the immorality of the act when the income transfer is carried out by the ANC government. It already became a culture within the communist ANC to plunder their people’s pockets for self enrichment. The current ANC regime  couldn’t   even impose morality on themselves for 25 years. How can they ever hope or promise impose it on the country within the next 5 years? In the violent streets and broken homes of South Africa today , the cry of anguished souls is not for more oppressive laws-  but for a government with more conscience and character- which none of the ANC, DA or EFF have the ability of producing. Still the Afrikaner went to the polls with a faint ray of hope that a political party will be their answer to survive the terrible onslaught against their race.

Yesterday most of the “Afrikaner” sheep went to that polling stations with that faint ray of hope to  go choose their new “kings “ to rule over them again. Sadly- this is what brought them the wrath of God in the first place- they turned their backs on God and  voted for the wrong political “king “ in the 1992 referendum already. For those that refused to vote yesterday : You are the true men and women – the 300 chosen ones that refused to partake in an evil dispensation giving away your soul to corrupt political wolves now roaming and scavenging the wastelands that once was called “South Africa.”  You are the “free thinkers” and “intelligent” ones that did not kneel before the statue of BAAL and distanced themselves from a system you already identified as a hoax to lure unsuspected prey into their “democratic”  lairs .You are the pure of heart that had the intelligence and knowledge to know evil and distinguished between the truth and a lie.

For those Afrikaners that have not as yet seen the light that went and knelt before the statue of Nebuchadnezzar yesterday – well- sadly you are the classified by these same political con-artists as part of their flock of “sheep” – together with the rest of the naive populace that became a lost and confused tribe that just submitted their birth right and entrusted their  freedom into the hands of earthly “kings” with an “x” – kings who factually cares a sh*t about you and will NOT improve your current situations as whites- but only use naive sheep like yourself to put THEMSELVES in positions of power . Name ONE politician today that is honest and did something for YOU personally that you have to give your birth right to to do whatever he/she pleases?


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When will the Afrikaner EVER learn the hidden secret that ALL political parties are created and master-minded to DIVIDE them as a nation- irrespective WHO they say they are and what they represent? Did the Afrikaner not pay attention in class? Have they as yet not learned from history as yet? Political parties  all are bank rolled and controlled by the same masters. Why else then will you have so many political parties? Why else does the Afrikaner have to be divided among political lines of the VF Plus, Front National, etc? Simply because the “rulers  ” WANT Afrikaners  to be divided! But then again- sheep are not supposed to think…that s why they are called SHEEP! SO– if you are to be oppressed and discriminated again this next 5 years- please do NOT complain-keep your complains at endless night-  as YOU just gave the “system” permission to use your voice and consent to take any direction and apply any measures which suits them best- even if it means impoverishing and alienating YOU from your property and your country.


That even means the EFF can win this farce election and become YOUR masters. YOU agreed to this process by leaving YOUR mark on that ballot paper. In the correct terms we technically used to call it SUBLIMINAL “TREASON – when someone was part of a process that eventually oppressed and discriminate against other people. Please remember when you hear about gruesome farm murders and white impoverishment again – or more laws pushing you out of the labor market that YOU were PART of that process that formed the situation as well. Have you ever heard about Yehashua belonging to any political party while he was walking among us? Now you can start with all your excuses and motivations why you “had ” to go and vote. That’s everybody’s “ right” to do as he pleases….and you are ABSOLUTELY correct. Adam and Eve ALSO had a free choice and the right to choose whoever deity pleased them best to vote for . And as we all know- they made a CATACLYSMIC error  that still reverberates along history today. And so will your “x” also have the same effect the next 5 years…because you were PART of the “democratic” elections that put who-ever..friend or foe- darling or demon in power. What you have done yesterday was basically went to the wolves’ lair as a lamb- and give your consent to the  pack to decide what’s on tomorrow’s menu for supper.


Think of it this way …have you as an Afrikaner gained ANYTHING this past 25 years with all your “voting? ” No? So why do you still form part of a system that keep on screwing you? Hope? I thought all your hopes is in God? God appoints leaders? Yes..GOD does…not YOU! Have any of your so-called “conservative” political parties that promised to ‘represent” you in parliament ever done something to elevate your dire situation this past 25 years? Except for being promoted into the parliamentary seats, getting a fat pay check-  and mumble a few words now and then- have they progressed past lip service as yet- or did they neglect the white Afrikaner – turn traitor-  and joined the rest of the country’s liberal views by allowing openness for all races in their ranks and become bum brushes for the communist regime like the VF Plus did? They long ago do not carry the best interests of the white Afrikaner at heart anymore. Like the rest of the political wolves they only now are caught up in a battle for political survival– irrespective WHO vote them into that position.  Who invented politics…the Afrikaner? No? Then why take part and play a game you don’t even know the rules of and keep on losing time and again? You stupid? Or do you play “Survivor Afrikaner- see how many times you can loose the game before you TOTALLY are ELIMINATED as a race?


Why do you choose a corrupt politician to be your “representative? ” Are you incapable to function without a politician?  First you chose the NP- a disgusting party that sold you out. Then you chose the CP- another Broederbond creation that divided you- then you went left and chose the DA- another evil party that eventually now only caters for non-whites- then you turn to another Broederbond creation- the VF Plus– another party that pretend to start right and eventually also  ended up left. Now you are again dancing on the deck of a sinking ship – seeking refuge between multiple so-called “white “ parties and Steve Hoffmeyer  – all  while still trying to to keep your spirits high by singing “Kumbaya My Lord.”  Are you lost and need a “leader?” Then why not  use God as you guidance.? Does a country necessarily need politicians to rule the country? NO– countries can function even BETTER without this political vultures!

BUT we understand you exercise  your “democratic rights.” God never said that you have no rights- ( He never mentioned the term “democracy” in his Word though- THAT comes from the Devil) . We also understand that “everyone” is innocent…that is why all our jails are so full of “innocent” people too. And we know how the Afrikaner mentality normally operates- today we have 2 million Afrikaners that will flock the voting booths- and when it turned out the results to be a major disaster for the Afrikaner – we will again have the SAME 2 million Afrikaners who will vehemently deny their part in it – and declare that they “luckily” did NOT go and vote….just as in the 1992 referendum when all the “yes” voters suddenly “disappeared” into thin air. That is the character of most Afrikaners- first and foremost largely traitors to their own kind- then secondly blatant lairs and deniers. Maybe the Afrikaner  need a kick in the arse  to get them to do what they would be doing if politicians  weren’t there as  perpetual herdsmen for a current disillusioned and directionless flock. That is the Afrikaners age old motto: “Together we stand- divided we fall. ” 




The Afrikaner and his political dilemma today

THE Afrikaner sometimes reminds me of an orphan child in an orphanage- who every 5 years get the opportunity to choose  a foster parent he/she can live with. In their excitement to at last have an opportunity to free themselves from the walls of the orphanage that held them captivated for so long – they randomly jump around – picking among multiple foster parents without weighing the positive and negative factors of each parent before making a choice. On the end of the day they blindly pin their hope onto the parent with the biggest smile that on face value “appears “ to be an attractive prospect. Normally they then end-up with a parent that applies for child maintenance from the government- and then receives a lot of child maintenance funding to care for the child – but on the end of the day a  parent that disappointingly never allocate that funding  to the child’s best interests   in any case. For this reason many Afrikaners become desperate without a leader- and choose the worst parent- the oppressor,  the child abuser and child trafficker  like the ANC or EFF as parent- just to be able to escape the humiliation of being rejected again  and the  loneliness of being homeless and neglected.

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standingImage result for white eff supporters

To substantiate my statement I attach a few inserts of the infighting now already taking place between the Afrikaners on the social sites- a precise syndrome of that desperation of an orphaned child I was talking about- and the perfect division political parties create among Afrikaners to keep them apart in order to neutralize their ability to unite.  I quote some replies (Afrikaans) :


”  Geen regmatige persoon kan hierdie gedroglike duim druk merk op sy hand he nie. Steek dit weg of gaan krap dit met ‘n lemmetjie af want jy verdien elke enkele smet en skande gepaardgaande met dit. Jy is dan nie veel beter as die EFF of die ANC nie. Jou nageslag sal jou veroordeel vir dit wat jy gedoen het. Jy neem deel aan ‘n GODDELOSE SPUL… STAAN AF.



  • ” Jy is n verknogte ou sot wat oordeel spreek oor ander, Wie dink jy is jy? Jy lewe in jou eie dog en gedrog wereldtjie, skrik wakker! As jy nie wil stem nie dan stem jy nie. Los die wat wel wil stem en moenie jou mond uitspoel oor hulle nie. Jou wereldtjie is seker baie klein….”
  • ” Al die negatiewe groot pratery, ek wil net graag hoor, in watter oorlog het julle die troepe mag tot oorwinning gelei…. wonder maar net.”
  • ” Wat het jy gesnuif. Jy is seker een van daai draadsitters, stem nie want……
    Dan kak en kerm jy vir die eerste span na die tyd. Ek en my vrou is op pad om ons kruisie te trek. Merk of nie.
    GOD woon in my hart, en as dit teen hom was sou HY my die teken gegee het.”
  • ” Waar val jy uit die bus. Is jy in jou balls gepik. Klink vir my so”
  • ” Om te vote was nog NOOIT so belangrik soos nou nie, Wil julle nog 25 jaar van hel he? “dan staan op en vote, ons moet nou saamstaan en alles doen vir verandering en verbetering, maar begin by plan A, kry korrupsie uit!”
  • ” Vrek maar julle praat mooi met mekaar. Geen eonder die blankes kon nog nooit saam staan nie. Kry julle nie skaam nie magtig.”
  • ” Well ek het gaan stem…gee my die reg om te kla en ongelukkig te wees,my klein deeltjie vir my land gedoen…as jy nie stem nie is jy laks en slapgattig en bly stil oor ander mense…”
  • ” Ek kyk graag na dienste v Jimmy Swaggart. Ek glo hy is soos David n man na God se hart. Snaaks genoeg het hy sondag n boodskap gegee oor stemmery vir jou land. Sy bewoording was soos volg…… nie een party is reg nie maar stem vir die naaste aan reg. In hierdie geval het ek vir VF+ gestem want hul het Christelike beginsels en het ook al baklei vir die boere. Ek glo ek het vandag die regte besluit geneem”
  • ” Ek is nou moeg om hierdie snert te lees. Die man preek gedurig van saam staan en afrikaner volk, wanneer die oomblik kom om n verskil te probeer maak word daar slap gelê en by die huis gebly. Ek stem vir n party wat my, my volk en my land kan help. Om ‘n regverdige goeie Suid Afrika te hê, een nasie onder God ons vader. Moenie stem nie dan het jy geen klagtes oor die foute van die partye in die toekoms nie!”
  • ” ******. Jy is werklik dom man verwyder jouself van ****** af.”
  • ” ********  die poephol”
  • ” Ek kan nie wag day hierdie stemmery/joinery nou tot n end kom nie. Die LAAAAAAAAANG trane en laaaaaang gesigte van die JOINERS gaan my dae lank laat skaterlag. En hoe hulle die merk van die dier probeer wegsteek”
  • ” Jyt wheat bix gerook chom , dit doen dit aan mens !!!”
  • ” Ek het net so gescan deur al die kommentaar ek het nog altyd gese dit sal net n klein handjie wees wat sal staan. Julle sien die dinge is nie vir almal om te te verstaan nie, 92 herhaal hom die JA stemmers was gewaarsku en daar was nou weer gewaarsku. Nooit maar nooit sal een kan omdraai en se… Jammer ek het nie geweer nie…… N paar sal my maar seker stenig waarheid is waarheid…”
  • ”  Dis nou ‘n pot SNOT!!!!!”
  • ”  Ek sal ook nie stem nie, wil geen deelname he met die goddelose spul nie. Die wat dink hulle stem gaan verskil is die met oogklappe aan. Daar is soveel bedrog by stem tellery, afrika manier.” 
– ” Maar kies jy uit die hele volk bekwame manne wat God vrees, betroubare manne wat onregverdige wins haat. En stel dié aan oor hulle: owerstes oor duisend, owerstes oor honderd, owerstes oor vyftig en owerstes oor tien;” 
– ” Dom dom dom, dom Afrikaners se redding kom? Dom dom dom, stem hulle vir hom, dom dom dom Afrikaners kom, hulle kom om vir jou te sê jy moet kom stem? Kies wie gaan praat vir jou by die terroris? Dom dom dom! Maak dood die witman skree die dier! Maar die dom Afrikaners kom! Hy kom en noem jou tjom? Ja nee, dit is die dom Afrikaners wat kom!!!” 
– ” Dis hoekom ek nie gaan stem het nie, en hoekom ek nie sal stem nie.”
– ” en so is nog ‘n vreeslike scam voltooi!!!! miljoene die drein af vir ‘n verkiesing wat se uitslae al ‘n paar maande voor die tyd beplan was!!!! wel ek het my afdag geniet…… rustig by die huis, lekker gebak en brou, en sommer my laaste eiervrug ingelê!!!!” 
  • ” Dank Die Vader ek het genoeg verstand om my eie kop en hart te volg. Dier ofte nie, ek sal veg vir my kinders en kleinkinders se toekoms. Yes, I am a voter.”
  • “******- wees eerlik en se vir my watter party gaan keer dat ons mense verkrag en vermoor word?  Watter party gaan ons werke terug kry?Watter party gaan ons mense uit die plakkers kampe haal en help? En watter party gaan vir ons kinders n toekoms verseker in die huidige bestel. ??”
  • ”  Dink julle nou regtig die vyand (ANC) sal al dit toelaat. ??”
  • ” Hulle probeer darem nog. Die 2 partye wat voor hul is, da en anc, het dit geensins maklik gemaak nie. Maar hulle is daar. En dit maak ñ verskil.”
  • ” Maak dit saak aan jou wat ek dink? Ek dink vernaam na my man se dood vir myself. Moenie wakker lê oor my gedagtes nie.”
  • “Jy kan dink net wat jy wil. Dit is nie nodig om aan te val nie. Geen party kan vir ons iets doen nie. By my gaan dit nie hulle probeer darem nie. ?? Of jy kan ons onstandighede verander of jy kan nie. Die vyand probeer nie ons mense vermink en vermoor nie,,,HULLE DOEN DIT. En geen party kan dit met n stem stop nie. ??”
  • ” Ek tik nie in hoofletters vir jou nie. Ek val nie aan nie. Ek staan by my standpunt.”
  • ” Net idiote stem en dink hul “doen hul deel”. Wat het geword van hierdie volk? Het ons so slapgat geword dat ons, ons hoop op ‘n kruisie vestig in die vyand se verkiesings? Pateties soos bedelaars hoop op erkening en genade by ‘n vyand wat jou haat en onderdruk? Nee….redeneer en selfregverdig julself soos jul wil, die skandvlek op jou duim sal deur die geslagte wat kom en ook in die hemel weergalm.”
  • ” Ja, na n lank tyd stem ek weer want ek het besef dat as ek nie stem nie Dan help dit die korupte gemors om sterker te staan en deur te stem verbind ek my nie aan die dier of sy merk nie maar help n Klein bietjie dat die idiote wat ons land so verwoes net n stem meer moet hê on ons land se grongwet te kan verander. Jy wat nie stem nie moet gladnie kla as jou huisie onder jou gegee word aan jou tuinier nie. Wat julle nie-stemmers ookal verder wil comment, ASB, hou dit vir julle self.”


I rest my case! Already so much confusion ,  division and in-fighting…and that only on ONE topic and ONE posting on ONE social site  I took a copy of. How many more are there? This is PRECISELY why there are multiple political parties in politics… they are specifically created TO SOW DIVISION among the Afrikaner. in order to “divide and conquer”- .and the “controllers”  succeed EXCELLENT in doing so!!

As it stands, just 65.34% of the electorate voted on Wednesday. This would be the lowest recorded percentage in South African history, and a whopping 8% less than what was recorded in 2014. You can follow all the results as they come in, thanks to our live blog. A lot has changed in five years: Tell that to the ANC, who have shed hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised voters since the last general election. Current projections suggest that they will end up with 5% less of the vote this time around, but they’re set to hold on to their majority in government.

Voter turnout in South Africa since 1994
Voter turnout in 1999: 88%
Voter turnout in 2004: 76%
Voter turnout in 2009: 77.3%
Voter turnout in 2014: 73.48%
Voter turnout in 2019: 65.34%
More than 26 million voters were able to vote this year, but almost 10 million unperturbed souls have opted out. Current predicts suggest that the final number of voters will be between 16 – 17 million.

SO when you see the results in the newspapers this week- don’t be disappointed or angry when your political “king” did not make it into the throne chambers….YOU were part of it- and as ever this past 25 years you again misinterpreted the truth that it is not the one that cast the vote that determines the final outcome – it is the one that count the votes that have the final decision. Accept the outcome then and LIVE with it. After all- you gave your blessings and consent for it with your little “x.” However– we more enlightened ones will not hold it against you…..after all- we more intelligent ones realizes you are just a SHEEP.  Election days come and go. But the struggle of the Afrikaner to create a self determent government which also represents the interests of the Afrikaner – a fair government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice – that struggle continues.




White Nation