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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  13 May  2019






”  25 Years into our democracy, the ranks of the unemployed have swelled to nearly 10 million people who cannot have the dignity of providing for their families. In many communities, a young person now has a greater prospect of becoming a drug addict or prisoner, than an accountant or lawyer. 25 years into our democracy, it is our law-abiding citizens who live in fear and the criminals who roam our streets without concern that they will ever face justice.The ANC has operated for years, one term after another without ever having to fear being voted out. They have done this precisely because they know that they can rely on a majority of South Africans voting them back in, again and again. The reality is that the last 25 years have been a life sentence for the citizens of our democracy. ” Herman Mashaba– Mayor of Johannesburg


IT was May 12- mother’s day- a day when sons and daughters throughout the country paid tribute to their marvelous moms for all the love and support given throughout their lives.  There is ONE mother though- who did not get a call from her son on that fateful day. She is the mother of the innocent truck driver who worked at a company called “Time Link Cargo” – a company that specializes in long distant truck haulage Services.

Approximately 05h00 AM the driver passed through the De Doorns area in the Western Cape- when a black criminal dropped a huge boulder from a bridge that is constructed  over the road the truck was traveling on. The boulder nearly disintegrated the windscreen of the truck- hitting the driver full in the chest and face. This dastardly action caused the driver to totally loose control of the huge vehicle and trailer- the momentum carrying it off the road and it overturned. There were two drivers in such vehicles- and the other driver present – although also injured- tried his utter best to free  his seriously injured comrade who was pinned between the steering wheel and his driver’s seat.


Image result for crashing truck de doorns

BUT as we already know the sickening culture of the majority South Africans- murderous and destructive as they are–  barbarous black  mobs immediately descended on the vehicle- and started to loot it’s cargo. It is not known what the truck was transporting, or whether the murderous scum that dropped the boulder was aware of the contents of the truck, but the black thugs  of De Doorns allegedly then looted the truck.And if that was not enough- they start to clamber into the mangled cabin of the truck- clambering over and onto the already seriously injured driver- just to proceed to loot the poor innocent cabin personnel’s private belongings too. The injured driver was laying there- trapped and helpless- all while these plundering  filth was trampling all over him in their zest to steal his belongings rather than help him. The driver died on the scene- not only through his injuries- but mostly because he was trampled to death by this filth. The entire cargo load was stolen and carried away by this despicable “poor” South Africans living next to the highways and byways- usually leeching on state grants– that can do nothing better than to destroy everything in their wake.

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Time Link Cargo CEO Kamal Mitoo confirmed the identity of the driver who died as Christopher Kgomo. Mitoo said Kgomo and a second driver were transporting R2.5m worth of clothing to Cape Town when someone threw a rock at the truck. The rock struck Kgomo, but it did not kill him on impact. The second driver, who was resting in a bunk bed, tried to take control of the truck before it crashed. Mitoo said Kgomo was still alive after the crash, but thieves trampled him before looting the truck. Mitoo said Kgomo’s death was a “tragedy”. “It’s a sad day for us.” Mitoo said Kgomo was the second driver from the company to die in the past 15 years and added that the company had been relatively lucky in escaping such incidents. “Stoning trucks is becoming the norm.” The company wants the police to change the case from malicious damage to property to a murder charge. Gavin Kelly, CEO of the Road Freight Association, reported that residents of a nearby informal black settlement looted the contents of the truck.”These incidents happen frequently and it is concerning that this type of lawlessness is allowed. It is shocking what these people do to one another.”

Yea- what can we say: For too long all this heinous crimes committed by the “majority ” was hidden and sugar-coated under a cloak of “previously disadvantagedness” while the ANC and their evil media was happily hunting “white racists” to keep the attention of the world away from the REAL culprits that destroys South Africa’s economy…the masses and masses of alien and jobless blacks that on a daily basis ravage the economy by burning and looting everything they can lay their hands on. Shall we ever forget how they torched half of the Cape Winelands farms and how they burned more than 180  kilometers of fauna and flora down in the Hermanus and Knysna fires they set alight- causing millions of rands in damages and destroyed the lives of more than 40  families? This black squatters ostensibly are the biggest scourge for South Africa’s economy- and both the ANC and the DA must share responsibility for this evil that now got out of control – as they kept on allowing them to invade private land next to freeways and roads- illegally erecting shantytowns infested with criminals- feeding them with social grants , “rights” -and free services in return for their votes. What this two misdirected political parties created- was an unchecked influx of more and more jobless blacks from all over Africa, the rise of more filthy and hazardous squatter camps- and more crime as law and order became obsolete which in turn rendered this slums to become breeding grounds for incidents like this. The N2 between Cape Town and Somerset west- as well as the N2 between Somerstet West and Grabouw is another example of this villains stoning vehicles and setting tyres alight in the middle of the highways.


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THIS is the ANC and DA’s legacy….this is their own filthy creation- and it’s out of these slums criminals are cultivated. In the Western Cape the DA even build shacks to accommodate this criminals. 


BUT the regime. political parties and the media for too long made sure they keep this type of crimes out of the spotlight as not to “agitate” this criminal mobsters too much- rather venture on campaigns seeking out white “racists” and “hate speech” than addressing the real issues suffocating South Africa’s economy and tarnishing it’s already blemished  name. Now-like the cash in transit heists and car hi-jacking-  it already escalated into  becoming a lucrative “business”-  stoning trucks and looting their cargo- irrespective HOW many people they injure or kill in the process. It became a sick culture- not a crime anymore- but just “business” to venture on this disgusting type of actions. Because of their limited mental capacity this hoodlums cannot reason logical anymore- they are rather like mindless greedy bloodthirsty predators  out on the prowl. The lousy black culprit responsible for this driver’s death will NEVER be found or apprehended. The vile reptile quietly disappeared into the night- careless and without guilt what the low life scum has done to a family that now lost a father, an income- and a mother that lost a son. Tomorrow night the viper will strike again- and yet another mother will loose a child and a family left in grief. These people doing this are not just “poor”they are down-right f*ckin too LAZY to work!They have become human parasites! 


Is this right what the community is doing? Is this because they claim they are "poor"?Do the government just sit back and see how the country goes backwards? The majority of poorer areas community are just lazy to work and believe in stealing!

Posted by SA Long-distance Truckers on Thursday, May 16, 2019



But neither the ANC or DA will do F*CK-ALL to curb this evil omen they allowed to breed among law-abiding citizens. TO bring about justice it will be more pleasing  if we could see one dirty politician  killed for every innocent life lost on the streets of our towns and cities. THAT will be justice pour exelance – and we will see sudden rapid changes in policies and quick responses to jack up law and order once a few of this political scum get whacked for every innocent life lost- one innocent victim…one dead politician. We as South Africans are sick and tired of this criminals destroying  our lives and the political/media/union   Omerta code that protects them. It’s time the politicians pay the price for their own dastardly actions which led to South Africa becoming yet another failed state. Had we a proper government and proper political parties in parliament that actually honor their own election promises and cared more about the country than their own friggen pockets  – Christopher Kgomo , more than 4000 white farmers – and thousands of other crime victims might still be alive today. But because evil works hand in hand with evil- the black squatters which forms the basis of the political establishment’s rule- vote the same political criminals back into parliament time and again- and the political criminals in return allow and protect this type of sick behavior – and even  import more and more black squatters by the bus load to riot against opposition parties  and vote for them – causing this diabolical circle of destruction to grow bigger and bigger by the day. While this fat cat politicians hide behind their security walls and personnel- it is the normal citizen that have to carry the brunt of this crime infested system created by this political party hoodlums in Gucci suits.

Yea..that’s right- While the corrupt ANC goons were celebrating their stolen elections with caviar and a sip of blue chip – one mother never got a call for her boy that fateful day on May 12 2019- never again will  hear her son’s voice that would say ” Hi Mom- this is Christopher……Happy Mother’s day.” South African blacks fast are becoming a menace of Africa…murderous, hate filled , jealous and destructive they are. It is their culture. If they are not rioting, burning tyres, looting shops, burning transport vehicles, murdering refugees, killing white farmers or murdering each other- they are now killing the life blood of the South African economy as well. And this all started when the international world forced a deadly menace onto a once peaceful country in 1994- an omen called “The African National Congress.” 


THIS is what your black South Africans are doing…littering high speed highways with rocks and sharp objects….careless of who is going to die next through their mentally retarded actions. 

In another incident on the N3 highway near Durban another filthy thug also dropped a stone from an overhead bridge onto a passing truck.

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This sick president is happening all over South Africa- and especially truck drivers are targeted because of the valuable cargo they transport. It now became an organized crime for a mob to lie low in the grassy embankments next to the road while one culprit waits for a passing truck with a brick or bolder on a bridge constructed  over the highway. As soon as the brick or boulder smash the windscreen and the driver looses control over the vehicle- the pack of Hyenas lurking in the bushy embankments  pounces. There is not a day that goes by that someone does not loose his/her life due to this malicious black barbarians who now calls themselves “The Rainbow Nation.”  These reptiles  have NO respect for life anymore. South Africa under the ANC communists have become a very sick bloodthirsty nation indeed!!  BUT to kill a snake you cannot simply just grab him by the tail- you have to cut off it’s  head!

“Dear ANC – Thank You For Accelerating Your Demise

A massive wave of protests post election is eminent, led by disillusioned black South Africans. These protests will clearly validate the cavernous disconnect between the huge increase in anti-ANC sentiment these last few years, and the ‘manipulated’ results of the election that only the blindest of supporters would believe. We will steadily learn more in these next few weeks of the horrific voter station ‘rigging’ that occurred😕..and what is quickly becoming an overwhelming sentiment of betrayal felt by South Africans of every shape, size and color. To top this, the return of load shedding will occur next week as ANC caviar gulping cader puppets pull the lever, and shut down the flow of diesel fuel to the generators that were keeping the power grid ‘propped up’ to curb anti-ANC sentiment going into the voting booths.

My strong prediction:

This act of betrayal in the election will backfire on the ANC. This morning while the ANC wipe away their champagne stains from their fancy suits, they have no idea the chain of events that they have triggered.They have sparked the true revolution, unlike the fake revolution the ANC claimed credit for pre-‘94. This revolution over the next few months is the one black South Africans have been waiting for…this one does not need ‘permission’ to protest, this one cannot be stopped. This revolution places the ANC Cadres necks snugly in the guillotine, with freshly sharpened blades that have an NEC member’s name clearly etched on each one…and none of these names can be easily rubbed off. Let’s rejoice South Africa, the ANC’s rigging of the elections will awaken all of us, and will free us from the last few years of mental foreclosure. Our freedom from the corrupt and incompetent ANC awaits us….”






White Nation