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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA  16 May  2019






I DO not find it surprising how the South African liberal media grossly discriminates against the white Afrikaner anymore. After all it already is a substantiated culture among the mentally retarded trash writing the media reports to go the extra mile in demonizing the white Afrikaner. The South African media– together with the political  rat pack in parliament – and white liberal scum forms the devil’s tri-angle in their quest to totally destroy white nationalism in South Africa and promote socialism– which eventually will pave the way for full-out communism. And the worst kind of racism against the white population comes from this three corners ( and their hidden masters) as well. 

I was reading through some recent articles just now and it became obvious what type of game this media sensation seekers are playing. A total psi-ops war is definitely in progress against the white  Afrikaner– and that did not start yesterday- it has been going on for a long time now. Two articles that immediately drew my attention to this fact is :

Image result for farmer murdered in bonnievale

Tool Wessels , his wife Liezell and two daughters- he was brutally murdered by non-white savages , she assaulted with a sharp object and hot water poured over her while the politicians, media and white liberals kept a very low profile.


  1. A white farmer – Tool Wessels ( 55) was brutally murdered  on his farm in the Kapteinsdrift area near  Bonnievale in the Western Cape just this past week. His wife Liezel , also 55 , was attacked by the 4 black  attackers involved, all 4 of them farmworkers on the same farm and all of them hailing from Lesotho, when Tool left to drop some other farm workers at their homes in town on Monday evening. Liezel was stabbed in the chest with a knife and tortured with boiling water which was cooked in their kettle and then thrown on her face and body several times. Tool was also grabbed when he came back home. Liezel was then tied up after which the attackers left with her husband. She managed to untie herself and drove to a neighbouring farm to get help . Nobody was home. She then drove to a second farm where there was somebody who alerted Police. Tool’s body was found around 2300 on Monday at an abandoned pump station on the farm about 2km away from the farmhouse. He was sitting upright against a wall , with his hands tied behind his back with a tie tied through his mouth. He was assassinated with a single bullet through his head.His lifeless body was found near a pump station meters away from where the non-white scum brutally murdered him. As ever the South African media  made sure the name , race and sex of the 4  non-white thugs was kept out of the front pages. The media only would report that” Police are questioning a 19-year-old man in connection with the killing of a Bonnievale farmer and the serious injury of his wife during a robbery this week, Western Cape police said on Thursday.” No name. no face…no identity. NO riots, cries of “racism, “ no front page news, no burning of towns , looting of shops, outcries of revenge from the local communities , no organized gatherings at the court by political parties was noticed as this evil and despicable “New South African” thugs did during the alleged “racist” and “murder” trials of the white farmers in the Coligny and Middelburg incidents  . Nor would this sick deed make headlines for weeks on end  like the case where a 20-year old rapist raped a 4 year old black girl in a DROS restaurant either.  The roles were reversed- black on white atrocities and racism barely reach the headlines in South Africa’s hippocratical society. Another white farmer was cold bloodied murdered in silence – and his wife Liezell (55) was stabbed with a sharp object and burned with hot boiling water all over her back. One of the savages responsible for this sick and despicable act was caught- and will appear in the local magistrates court soon. Then also we have a case  at De Wagendrift on Tueasday May 14 when 9 black thugs attacked a farm , assaulted both the male and female domestic workers , tied the white  house occupants- and robbed them. Again- NO media frenzy, no riots- and no rowdy crowds about black on white “racism. ”  It did not even hit the headlines. So also was the case of Marina Otto that also was attacked and robbed by black thugs and robbed on her farm near Sannieshof tonight . Every day, every week- and every month more and more white farmers and their families are brutally attacked and murdered by black savages– but the politicians, media and white liberals all are eerily silent about it. That is the filthy type of reptilian scum they really are. 
  2. No photo description available.NO media outcry about this- NO  politician making inflammatory speeches against blacks because of this- NO black riots- slapping black baby dolls on poles to air their disgust against this black attackers and killers, NO white liberals  the  likes of  Sloet De Villiers, Max Du Preez, Piet Aucamp , Carl Niehaus or Adriaan Basson uttering a single sound about it- Not a word from the VF Plus about this either- and NO social outcry for “retribution” against any of this black killers are noticed.

  3. But then  I flipped through the pages on the same day I found another case- a case of a white professor that allegedly called  a restaurant employee the”  k*ffir “-word and making sexual advances towards a woman. The South African media thugs spared no effort to immediately name the “culprit” and state his race for all to see.  Leon de Kock has been charged with crimen injuria, after an employee at an Observatory restaurant opened a case with police. He made his first court appearance last week and is currently out on a warning to appear at his next court date. Needless to say the South African media and black social mafia once again went “ballistic” over this alleged “black racism”– and De Kock’s name and race was immediately splatted all over the front media pages and black social mafia sites. Again….I repeat... That is the filthy type of reptilian scum they really are. Faceless and nameless trolls behind their little electronic devises and in their media offices  they spew venom against anything remotely white. These media thugs and social media mobs  are the abominable curse of South Africa- they are. But this only is a step-by-step phase to suppress Afrikaner nationalism which is directly opposing communism. 

Leon De Kock– the new white target for the filthy media and social media thugs to offload their “racism” venomous garbage onto.

The role of the media in promoting communism.


THE South African media effectively is used to promote communism and on the other side of the coin suppress nationalism. Most of the ruling regime today is hard lined communists- and therefore the communist agenda also therefore is promoted and advocated by the media. The past elections was only a clear proof that the communist dispensation will not relinquish power to nationalism- whether it has to rig elections like they just did –   or create a war to prevent it. Communist propaganda is the scientific, artistic, and social promotion of the ideology of communism, communist world view-  and interests of the communist movement. While it tends to carry a negative connotation in the Western world, the term “propaganda” broadly refers to any publication or campaign aimed at promoting a cause and is/was used for official purposes by most communist-oriented governments. Rooted in Marxist thought, the propaganda of communism is viewed by its proponents as the vehicle for spreading their idea of enlightenment of working class people and pulling them away from the propaganda of who they view to be their oppressors, that they claim reinforces exploitation, such as religion or consumerism.Suppressing  Afrikaner nationalism then is one of the main objectives in order to eliminate opposition for communism in South Africa- and the South African media is exploited as a mouth piece for the communist ideologists to promote this specific agenda.

The “Polatriat.”

BUT maybe we are looking in the total wrong direction when we seek the origin and culprits responsible for the dilemma the white people in South Africa finds themselves in. Maybe we are too focused on the horizon in search for that  villain killing white South Africans- maybe we should look a bit closer to “home” to find that devil we are searching for. Under this offensive against Afrikaner nationalism we find various attacks, strategies  and methods such as the banning of the old national anthem, old national flag, banning of Afrikaner conservatism- and an all-out onslaught against the Afrikaner language, religion, history and culture. For this reason also Afrikaner activists such as Steve Hoffmeyer that pretends he is promoting Afrikaner nationalism also are attacked without mercy. And in all this the South African media plays a crucial and integral part. Everything they promote always is to the benefit of the “people”– but in reality you can replace the term “people” with the term “polatriat.” The “polatriat” is another term for a small clique of “elite” capitalists  that controls it all- and not necessarily an Eastern creation- but also a Western creation.You must keep in mind that communism was not invented in China, Russia, Vietnam or any other Eastern country- but factually designed in Germany and France as Karl Marx – the architect of communism- was a German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist.  Engels stayed in Paris when he met Marx and started to share the same philosophies!   Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels met in the second half of the 19th century. Marx and Engels met in 1844, and discovered that they had similar principles. In 1848 they wrote and published “The Communist Manifesto.” So as you can see communism was a Western creation- although we normally attribute that honor to the Eastern block.

The communist polatriat sees themselves as “the people”– and not the black masses. They are using the term “people” to confuse you in order to mobilize the workers class masses who also believes that they are “the people”  to drive their principles- but the truth is when they talk about “the people”– they factually means “the polatriat”– the small elite that aims to control everything. The black masses only are cleverly exploited to promote the communist ideologies of the “polatriat”– or in the South African context- the National Executive Council (NEC) who totally controls the ANC and SACP policies.Thus all laws created in South Africa directly comes from the “polatriat”- and thus South Africa then effectively is ruled by the communist polatriat already. It only is a matter of time when this “polatriat” will reveal itself for what it truly is by imposing full communist legislation such as nationalizing the whole country for “the people”(i.o.w for the polatriat. )  South Africa was being controlled by the Jewish and Afrikaner Broederbond “polatriat” since the days of John Vosrter already. The current communist dispensation is not the first onslaught against Afrikaner nationalism.- it only is an extension of a communist system that already was created after the death of Verwoerd.  The onslaught against Afrikaner nationalism already started when Dr. Hendrik French Verwoerd was deliberately assassinated to open the way for the rise of “soft” communism in South Africa. He was one of the last “hurdles” in the road to control South Africa. He was deemed “expendable” and thus was earmarked for “extermination.”  The fall of free South Africa is much deeper- and went way further back than this you see happening today. The ANC only is “new kids” on the block. Let me explain:

Meet the “Enlightened Action Group(EAG)”

You must keep in mind that the National Party was a pseudo British creation in order to oversee and promote British interests in South Africa. The British globalists created the National Party and hand it over to Afrikaner front men to control just after the second Boer war. By the extensive usage of white Afrikaner traitors they infiltrated the Boers – and successfully hi-jacked and incorporated the two Boer republics into the greater “Republic” without the knowledge or consent of the  Boers – who was the true owners of the two Republics- them not even having a say in the proceedings. The “agreements “ also was signed by these white Afrikaner traitors- and not ONE true Boer representative was present. The British basically steam-rolled over the Boers to steal their rightful heritage away. The last true Boer representative- Genl. Koos De La Rey– who was a hard-line promoter of Boer independence- was assassinated in Johannesburg on 15 September 1914 by National party police.  De la Rey was on route to Potchefstroom military camp from Johannesburg. His driver did not stop at a roadblock set up supposedly  for the Foster gang and police opened fire on the car.  De La  Rey was killed in the incident. Although many historians would say he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed by a ricochet bullet- the normal version- many others had their doubts and say that the roadblock was in fact set up for De La Rey himself under the pretense that it was meant for the Foster gang as to keep the National Party”s involvement in the assassination  out of the picture. As with Eugene Terreblanche years later on- the removal of Boer leaders by the Afrikaner scum already was in progress. Without a leader the white populace would become directionless and submissive slaves. to the pseudo British rule. To ensure that the Boers are suppressed and oppressed as not to start a third Boer war again- the National Party was created to control the white Boers under the false pretense that South Africa at last received her ‘freedom” from the British rule- which factually was only a smoke screen as the National Party  introduced and enforced British imperialism onto the white Boers from that time on.  The National Party kept a tight control on the economy and social behavior while it kept on promoting and protecting British interests. The true story of the rise of subliminal communism and total control of South Africa is quite clearly explained in the book ” High Treason” by author Gunther Schickelgruber. Let us have a closer look what  Schickelgruber said:

The first group to start to lay down the path for communism and total control of Afrikaner nationalism  is the Enlightened Action Group– or  EAG. This name was given to this elite group of individuals that formed this group because there is no specific name for them, although they base their plans on Joseph’s plan from the BIBLE (The MOSSAD is using the same principle in recruiting agents). The EAG meet on a regular basis and the association in essence is economic. It is not limited to South Africa but the whole region of SADC. The Enlightened Action Group (EAG) is also called the” Old Boys Club, Third Force, Action 2000, the Brotherhood”  and the” Inner Circle. ” For practical purposes the abbreviation EAG will be used throughout. The EAG was established during middle to late eighties when it became apparent that apartheid’s days were numbered. With British power still in the back of their minds the so called “Super Afrikaner (EAG) ” started formulating a plan to again get into power by the year 2004 (The Afrikaner had decided after British rule that they would never be ruled by somebody else). Important to mention is the fact that the EAG know that whites will never rule the country again, well, not directly anyway. General Tienie Groenewald had mentioned to the author that they (referring to the Freedom Front) accepted the fact that whites would not rule South Africa again.

The EAG consists of about 38 white South Africans who come out of the apartheid era. They are former Politicians/Government officials, Economists, Generals (Police and Defence Force) and Intelligence operatives. Politicians/Government officials that are involved are Pik BOTHA, Neil van HEERDEN, Roelf MEYER, F W DE KLERK and Rusty EVANS. Economists that are involved are Barend DU PLESSIS, Chris STALS, Chris BALL, Anton RUPERT, Meyer KHAN and Danie CRONJE.  Generals that are involved were Magnus MALAN, Tienie GROENEWALD, Basie SMIT and Mike GELDENHUIS and Intelligence operatives involved were Dr. Neil BARNARD and Sean CLEARY. The names mentioned here are those of EAG members and don’t include the people that co-operate with them.


The plan has different dimensions and includes:

  1. The identifying of ANC leaders as well as the ANC alliance leaders for recruitment and/or contamination for manipulation purposes by the EAG  (The actual work was done by the apartheid Intelligence apparatus);
  2. gaining control over the economy. If you control the economy you control the government ;
  3. manipulation of Intelligence (Chapter 4) (Police, Military, South African Secret Service [SASS] (external) and National Intelligence Agency (NIA), (internal);
  4. Destabilising actions through escalation of crime, creating chaos in public works  and;
  5. Finding international partners to help execute the plan and destabilisation of African  countries  together with their international partners for the purpose of  establishing the so-called globalization process.

The EAG methodological process in achieving their goals is very complex. They make extensive use of compartmentalisation.  For example, in the economic compartment they have different projects like SUNROCK and ODESA and the people involved with SUNROCK only know about SUNROCK. So there are a lot of names within the group, and even within these groups the people don’t know the bigger picture. The name EAG was given to this group by the author and is not its official name, because nobody outside the group knows the real name. 

There should be no doubt that the group exists. Die AFRIKANER, the official newspaper of the political rightwing group, the Herstigte Nationale Party (HNP), published three articles. The first publication was on 7-13 February 1998 (Revealing of EAG a hoax?) . It is significant that this article was leaked by SASS because of the same mistakes made as in the STAR article (Canary Islands-SASS and Cayman Islands-Internal Security). The second article appeared in the 13-19 February 1998 issue with the heading: Tienie Groenewald and Pik Botha together with Roelf Meyer (with under-writing of shocking revelations of secret meetings)   . The third article appeared in the publication of 20-26 February 1998 with the heading, names of other attendees revealed (with the under-writing of a secret meeting in Lyttleton) . The article refers to the meeting as an “EAG meeting ” and the following names were mentioned in the article: Pik Botha, Rusty Evans, Magnus Malan, Roelf Meyer, Dr. Corné Mulder, Sean Cleary,  Quinten Coetzee, F. Du Randt, George (The butcher) Darmanovich, Johan Smit and Johan Lehman or Leeman.


The result that the EAG want to achieve is a new political movement (controlled by the EAG) in power, as well as control over the economy. The initial plan to achieve this goal was to recruit as many high ranking ANC, COSATU and SACP officials as possible, establish a new political movement, and let all of them walk over to the new movement. Also part of this process is to destabilize the country to the point of anarchy, blaming the ANC for it and alienating the people against the ANC. When the leaders walk over to the new movement with the people following, the process would have been completed. Eight of the top ten leaders of the ANC national list before both elections were directly or indirectly, part of the EAG plan. (Former President Nelson Mandela had mentioned at an ANC NEC meeting that he has files on all of them regarding the NEC members’ involvement/co-operation with the apartheid Intelligence.) The reason for also including people indirectly is because some people are used through the direct people without their knowledge. A resent example is the investigation into the arms deal where “clean” people where used to cover up for the “criminals” within the ANC, so the “clean” people became contaminated in the process.  The newspapers already speak of Cyril Ramaphosa   as the next President as soon as 2003 and the author had reported it already in 1996. However this plan is very flexible. If Ramaphosa comes into power, it will be for about a maximum of four years before the next phase of the plan will evolve, namely the repeating of the European history of the 1940’s, but only in the form of an USSA. “

The “Wise Men”

CYRIL RAMAPHOSA  told Generals Constant Viljoen and Tienie Groenewald on a hunting trip they took him on before the ’94 elections, that he would always be a communist. The only problem with communism previously was that they never gained control over the economy. They still do not control the economy and never will, because the EAG does, but they do control almost all RDP appointments with an iron fist. All press releases and public speeches of these RDP appointees are overseen by the Wise Men.  The “Wise Men” are  6  secret super rich white Afrikaners that control the economy. According to sources these appointees live in fear and they had never seen anything like this before. They will go against their own better judgment but not against the “Wise Men.”  The “Wise Men ” make extensive use of the media (an old communist instrument) to disguise their (ANC alliance) incompetence and blame all their “weaknesses” on apartheid. This is a very dangerous game the “Wise Men ” are playing because they are busy with a process where they alienate white and black and in the process cause more racial divisions than apartheid ever did. Isolated racial incidents are blown out of proportion creating the false impression that it is the norm.  As far as possible they also don’t allow any publicity that might be harmful to them. In essence there is no difference between the old apartheid censorship and the present “censorship”.   

The ‘Wise Men “also started creating business for themselves because of the fact that the economy is controlled financially by the EAG. If you look at simple things like number plates, new drivers’ licenses, new passports, new firearm laws to mention but a few, it all costs money. It also benefits certain people. It is interesting to take a look at which people got these tenders. Take then into account these people whom own their own businesses, cannot speak freely and have to get approval of the “Wise Men ” before they are allowed to make even a public speech. It is then pretty obvious that the “Wise Men”/PRESIDIUM/communism is very much alive and flourishing. It goes beyond comprehension how the ANC can allow this to happen, considering that the SACP only has about 18 000 members. If you look further into the privatization of ESCOM, TELKOM, TRANSNET and DENEL, it will be quite interesting to see who are going to be the major shareholders. More evidence of the communist nature of the “government” (Wise Men) is the name changes of streets, towns, airports, dams, etc. This is typical of communist tactics. What amazes one is that there are supposedly “educated ” people among the people of color, but these people although openly (not publicly) unhappy about the situation in the country, don’t try and rectify the situation either by becoming involved with politics or by publicly supporting somebody else. But taking into account what the author exposes, it should not come as a surprise that people don’t want to become active in politics because of the rotten nature of South African politics.


Another point to take into consideration is the role of DIS. DIS “was” the ANC Intelligence agency. Within DIS there were different departments. One of them was, or still is the security department of DIS. Most of these people are presently in directorships or higher positions in the Intelligence services. Who are these people loyal to? South Africa? No. Major countries supporting the “Wise Men ” are China, Russia, Pakistan, Libya, Palestine, Iran, Iraq and India. Taking into account how many of them are also Muslim countries, the reader will begin to understand the enormity of the problem. It also becomes logical to ask oneself about the relationship between communism and the religion of Islam. The most recent information indicates that the “Wise Men ” were infiltrated by the EAG when it became apparent that the EAG had been exposed. It also serves as a mechanism to identify problem areas that hadn’t been covered by the EAG’s initial plan. One of the other main reasons for the “Wise Men ” is to create friction within its own ranks without causing too many problems for the white group EAG, is because it is black on black confrontation. It also serves as a bridging group to the Islamic Extremists. Infiltrating and establishing the “Wise Men ” by the EAG is a typical example of the EAG conniving to position themselves for manipulation purposes, but it also shows the tactical brilliance that makes them very dangerous. What’s particularly worrying, are RDP appointments within government, especially in strategic and sensitive positions.”The Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging(AWB)

The Afrikaner Weesrstands Beweging (AWB)

It was widely rumored among intellegence agencies that Eugene Terreblanche had worked for the Security branch of the police. Some former members made affidavits in this regard, confirming the rumor.


Boere Krisis Aksie (BKA)

The BKA was also a Security branch project. It drew all right wing radicals within the farming community into an organization that was monitored by the Security Branch. This made it very easy to identify all future suspects. 

Herstigde Nationale Party (HNP)

Although widely believed to be the only clean political party, it is not to be. The Editor of this party’s newspaper is working for SASS.

Freedom Front (FF)

Once again a lot of speculation went around that, the Freedom Front was established by the Intelligence community, to draw right wingers into a party to prevent a civil war. If one looks at the facts, it is quite possible that the rumors can be true. Jaap Marais(now deceased) told the author he had proof that Constand Viljoen and Tienie Groenewald had received money, but failed to say from whom and why. In advocate Piet Pretorius ’ book we also mention here, “Volksverraad, (later published in English as ‘SELL OUT!’) he mentioned that Tienie Groenewald was a NIA informer. Another source told the author that there were suspicions within the party regarding Groenewald because of an alleged housebreaking where Groenewald’s  computer, with sensitive information on it regarding Freedom Front information, was stolen.

General Constand Viljoen has not received amnesty for the Freedom Front’s planning of a military intervention, confirming that there was a plan for a civil war. It might sound contradictory; because the author has just mentioned that the Intelligence community established the party, but the NP government needed a party that would have been able to intervene militarily if the negotiations had gone sour. It again sounds contradictory to the reader, for if the negotiations hadn’t worked, the NP could have used their own power and intervened, as they would have had the Defence Force behind them. However, internationally the NP wouldn’t have survived if they had done so themselves, so they needed someone else to blame hence the reason why the Freedom Front was created. So if military intervention would have been necessary, they could have used the Freedom Front as a scapegoat and blame it on the right-wing elements in the country.” 

THIS only is a very short extract we took  out of a very long in-depth report about what the Broederbond and  National Party was up to- and the whole report is a lengthy one we cannot place here- but a report that exposes how dark and disgusting party the National Party and all it’s Broederbond thugs was- rotten to the core with conspiracies and political assassinations. But what  Schickelgruber explained here- was the creation of the first cornerstones of a group of individuals that wanted to gain full control and the ultimate power over South Africa- iow the creation of a socialist system under the control  of a white ” polatriat.”

NOW– in the book “Fraud of South Africa” we learn where there is a distinction between Boer and Afrikaner. Most of these National Party members and their cohorts was Afrikaners. This is how the author of the book “ Fraud of South Africa ” explains it: ” Although the Boer and the Afrikaner speak the same language, the differences in being makes the Boer and the Afrikaner incompatible. This conflict exist for more than 340 years, and it is time that the Cape Dutch Afrikaner accept – and get over it – that the Boer is not like him, and the Boer is not there for the Afrikaner to parasite on. Jan Diederiks explain: “The Boer’s being is based on moral principles, the Afrikaner’s being is based on the materialistic. The Afrikaner seeks honor and glory, because he does not have it in him, because if you are faithful to your Creation, then you are part of the Creation, what honor and glory will one seek ? Honor is honesty towards your Creation purpose, honor and glory does not apply. The Afrikaner seeks something which he can display, and he craves position and glory.

The more possessions the Afrikaner have, the more glorified he is in society. This cannot end here, because the more he has, the more power he craves, and this is why he creates politics and organizations through which he can suppress and exploit others. It is like a cancer, because he can never get enough and always wants more and to achieve this he use the most devious methods to get it. This is the necessity for organizations through which he can make laws and rules for his own benefit, while reducing others. That the Boer is not a fame seeker, excites the Afrikaner to force the Boer out of the way, because the Boer is in his face an accusation, and therefore attempts to humiliate and embarrass and subject the Boer so he can step on him, because then he is the superior – so he sees himself. This trait is an illness with the Afrikaner, because it intensifies jealousy, contempt, envy, animosity, hate, because he cannot accept that the sun shines on the Boer. The Afrikaner tries to force the Boer into all forms to destroy him. This hatred the Afrikaner have is what made him the Boer’s prosecutor. This motivates the Afrikaner to always take from the Boer, because he cannot otherwise get it, and hence needs rules and regulations to limit the Boer. The Afrikaner made himself the prosecutor of the Boer, and the Boer is the prosecuted throughout history. The Afrikaner is the shiny and easy life with jealousy towards others. Always creates laws and rules to prevent others from exceeding or bypass him, while at the same time he scoops the cream off for himself. This is why he participate in religions and freemasonry and politics, because he does not want to be tantamount to others. In an equal system he must maintain himself, and use his own hands to do work. He does not want to do that, he hates it, because there is no room for exploitation. The Afrikaner needs the Boer to parasite on.

Now you must take in context what Schickelgruber explained in his book “High Treason“- and add it to what the author of the book ” Fraud of South Africa” mentioned here- and slowly the picture now take shape why white nationalism in South Africa experience a total onslaught of suppression and oppression. It is not the ANC that is responsible for that- but factually the white Afrikaner Broederbond behind the ANC that is responsible for the oppression of the white minority in South Africa. But where did the Afrikaner Broedebond spring from?  The Afrikaner Broederbond were created by the English in 1875 as a Freemason organization by reverend S J du Toit, his brother D F Du Toit and Gideon Malherbe called the “Genootskap van Regte Afrikaners”, hence the Afrikaner exist as an organization, and not as an identity. The injustice towards forcing this fraudulent non-identity on the Cape Dutch (referred to as Afrikaner) can hence never get recognition as an “Afrikaner volk”, unless by fraud. (The religion scam aka churches in South Africa are operated by Freemasons, see studies done by Eben Swart). The Afrikaner Broederbond organization were created by the English so the Cape Ducth (who spoke Dutch) can learn the Boer language which was called “de Taal”, it’s purpose was so the Cape Dutch can infiltrate and betray the Boers, and this is where the “Boere verraiers” (traitors) in the 2nd Anglo-Boer War originated. Examples are Lt Gen Piet Joubert, Genl Louis Botha and Genl Jan Smuts. Considering the circumstance and conditions, it was possible for the English to instate colonial spies and “Boer officers” serving the English and their pursuit of world dominance. Even the Boer’s language were stolen by the Afrikaner and renamed to “Afrikaans” after the War... it should have been Boers.
The term “Voortrekker” was created to create the impression that if there was a “Voor” trekker (Boers) then there has to be an “After” trekker (Cape Dutch colonial) and hence have claim on the Boer Republics.  The Cape Dutch were generating their Cape Coloureds race fornication in the Cape when the Boers made the Groot Trek. There is no such thing as a “Boere-Afrikaner”.

SO- what is the objectives of the Afrikaner to destroy the Boer- the suppression of white nationalism

  • The objective of the Afrikaner is to destroy and humiliate the Boer identity to ensure the Boer Republics remains an English colony under “South Africa” and to to suppress any Boers attempt to regain sovereignty so the English Crown can continue exploiting the Boer Republic’s natural resources.
    * Commit genocide on the Boer by destroying the identity through the “Christelike Hoer Onderwys” to ensure the Boer children never learn their own history or heritage. It is then not surprising that children leave school dumber than when they start going to school and cannot find work, hence learn only to become”  proletarians “(state bred slaves). The ability
    to learn to think (reason) is suppressed and initiative is killed.
    * Take control of as many organizations (for personal gain) to extend control over every facet to ensure the Boers can not gain control of their own. Re-write the Boer history to include the Cape Dutch colonial into the Boer history as beneficiary and create terms like “Boere-Afrikaner”, “Afrikaner volk” and “Voortrekker” in an attempt to vague the prominent differences in all aspects between the Boer and the Afrikaner.
    * Attempt to involve Boers in Afrikaner activities and institutions to win the Boers over to become identity-less squatters with no claim to their own Land. Attack any Boer related issue to humiliate the Boer to a misfit who nobody will associate with, you never hear of any atrocities the “Afrikaner“, Jews, English or other “white” foreigners commit, every misdemeanor is diverged to the Boer who has to be accused of every one else’s crimes.
    * Create guilt through continuous accusations of land theft and murders which never happened. It is an old technique to accuse someone else of your own atrocities to create guilt. Create black against white polarization to flare emotions to incite conflict on a large scale between and justify attacks under “crime” to scare Boers who is expected to side with the “white Afrikaner”.
    * Deliberately advance race fornication which will destroy a Volk, while the Afrikaner bond has strict rules to marry only “white Afrikaans” women to maintain their “superiority” through race. (according to Document X). It is known for thousands of years that a race’s properties are destroyed through racial fornication, a continuation of Lord Milner’s quote, “the Boer is a proud nation, the only way to destroy him is to impoverish him and force racial fornication on him”.
    In short, the purpose of the Afrikaner Bond, apart from exploiting the Boer Republics, has been to destroy the Boer identity completely since the English-“Afrikaner” Union where the Boer Republics were forced under the Cape colonial rule, ongoing to today. This is genocide. To pretend the Boers got their land back, the English instated two Cape colonials, Jan Smuts and Louis Botha as “Boer generals”. The extermination of the 35 000 Boer children in the concentration camps were merely extended to continue today.


Now you can draw a parallel between what is happening today with whites in South Africa- and what has been said in this previous extractions- and it will become clear that the white genocide perpetuated against the whites in South Africa is not instigated by the black ANC per se- but behind the ANC we have white villains from the Afrikaner Broederbond orchestrating the total onslaught against the white minority in South Africa. It was the Afrikaner reptiles that handed South Africa to a new “dispensation- and that the reason why many National Party scum such as Martiens Van Schalkwyk, Piet Koornhof, Dawie De Villiers, Koos Van Der Merwe , Pik Botha , et al then also joined the ANC . It then also comes as no surprise that Carl Boshoff also now want to join the parliament in the VF Plus- another Broederbond ceration. Boshoff merely will be “going home.” The Afrikaner made sure he is represented in parliament through his VF Plus party.  Interestingly the main collaborator with the Afrikanerbond is the German group, Adler, which “represent” the “ Fourth Reich.”   Futhermore is it  important to note that an exact replica of the Liechtenstein Castle was built in Hout Bay, South Africa. This castle was told played a major role in the history of the Third Reich. And so far no one has ever attempt  to clear this mystery as to why that replica was built in Houtbay. .




The leader of the VF Plus Pieter Groenewald (another Broederbond apprentice) this week declared the following on radio RSG- and we quote: “ The FF “is of course” fully “part of” SA’s democracy and its meaning.We fully associate ourselves with the rainbow nation and its goals. If we did not fully support the new SA, we would not have participated in the elections. I see the VF Plus promote “diversity” within the framework of SA. The VF Plus  does not agree with everything Steve Hoffmeyer says.” SO– here Groenewald openly acknowledge and exposed the VF PLus for what it really is-  an Afrikaner creation aiming to destroy white nationalism and as Afrikaners go- again acted in their treacherous way to mislead white people in South Africa to propel themselves  into a powerful position from where they could further oppress the white people in South Africa and suppress white nationalism. It is much speculated that Steve Hoffmeyer also belong to this network. Taking in consideration that most of the South African media and business  are in firm control of white Afriklaner moguls- one then can clearly see why the media in South Africa are on a constant witch hunt against white farmers and white conservative activists such as Steve Hoffmeyer.  The Afrikaner Broederbond inflicted so much collateral damage and human suffering against  the Boers and white people of South Africa through the ages- and still they relentlessly proceed to oppress the white people of that country even more. They control every aspect of the South African society, the banks, business, politics and economy.  They have not denounced their treacherous ways  as yet – and still pursue their objective of ultimate power- as the VF Plus yet again has shown us this past week. They are th secret “3rd Force” behind all the farm murders and genocide against the whites in South Africa. They promote “democracy” – but Democracy is communism, a failed state of government ideology, Anti-apartheid is genocide, the intention to destroy a group in part or in full.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, text

The Afrikaner Broederbond became an instrument for the Freemasons (as well as the American Intelligence Service, Central Intellegence Agency- as well as for the Council Of Foreign Relations)  – iow  the international money powers which in turn abuse the Free Masonry to serve their self-interests. Many of the Dutch Reformed Church clergymen also belongs to the Free Masons. One of the biggest mistakes made by white South Africans is to follow the so-called “politicians” blindly– like they just did with Groenewald . Tienie Groenewald…Pieter Groenewald– it appears the Broederbond is LOADED with the Groenewalds! Because of  their desperate search for freedom, whites followed politicians blindly merely on face value of their promises. As we can clearly see- both the whites in South Africa as well as all the black political parties including  the  ANC are tightly controlled by the Afrikaner Broederbond “elite.” One thing whites in South Africa still has to learn is NOT to  follow politicians blindly- for politicians normally are pathological lairs that only will tell you this you “need to know.” ! This the white Afrikaner again learned with trusting the VF Plus with their votes in the recent elections . The VF Plus again took them for fools. Now you can understand the total onslaught against the white Afrikaner in South Africa- why nobody seems to care about the whites in South Africa: It all forms part off a very, very secretive agenda that started long, long ago- organized and controlled by the Broedebond “Deep State”  polatriat . Clearly by November 1986 the Afrikaner Bond (New name for Afrikaner Broederbond) had already decided for the rest of South Africa that every other vote, political debate, referendum or speech was all maculatus …South Africa’s fate was sealed on the inside of a Afrikaner Bonds meeting: it was decided that South Africa has to become just another failed African state on the way to revolution. For this it’s top members will be greatly rewarded.

The transformation that started with the death of Dr. Hendrik Verwoed is complete… The Afrikaner bond has turned from guardian to handler. The Afrikaner bond is today the new world order’s local management team, it serves as watch dog & controls every aspect of ‘Afrikaner life’ & enslaves and control the black nations of South Africa. 
It control the ‘Afrikaner’ through its influence in culture, finance, education, religion, media, labour & politics. The Afrikaner bond ensures that all the Afrikaner conform to the international agenda of multiculturalism & multiracialism, political correctness , feminism, sexual promiscuity and homosexuality, financial dependency through debt, multi religions & occultism, blind obedience internationalism instead of nationalism, destruction of families, slavery through socialism…they know perfectly well the misery they are unleashing on South Africans.
IRONICALLY did Cyril Ramaphosa  call on whites who to a large extent operate in the private sector to invest in the youth and offer them job opportunities. Ramaphosa addressed asset managers in Johannesburg on Wednesday. The president said he’ll pick ministers who will help grow the economy. This all while the ANC enforce discriminatory laws such as Affirmative Action that  pushed more than 4 million whites out of the labor market- and created BEEE laws to enrich blacks. Now why does he not appeal to that black business tycoons that enjoyed the BEEE spoils to employ other blacks? Or ask Rob Davis to create that jobs- seeing that Davis seems to be a master in tabling all kinds of crazy discriminating labor related laws…not so? .   His administration is under pressure, with more than six million people unemployed. Was it not him that promisedhis mad hatters 1 million jobs during his election campaign? So…why asking the whites to help unemployed blacks while there is 4 million unemployed whites ? This sounds a bit arrogant I dare say. Or maybe Ramaphosa’s fast talking is about to catch up with him now that reality starts to sink in.

BUT do not blame the ANC alone for all the white suffering and discrimination  – rather look deeper and see that it is again as ever the white Afrikaner’s own kind that is behind the extermination of the white race in South Africa. The ANC also only act as “front men” for this evil organization- taking all their orders from them. And behind the white Afrikaner traitorthere is the British controllers. You remember Julius Malema – on a permanent basis- referred to the “white money power”- until he was lambasted by Gwede Mantashe to stop using that phrase? The reason is that Malema was referring to this specific  EAG and “wise men”– an scratching too much where it does not necessarily itch may find Malema “wanted”- and Mantashe was wise enough to realize that Malema could be lined up for an unscheduled  “meeting” with his ancestors much sooner than he planned if he keeps on poking a very dangerous predator. You must first investigate what is behind the scenes before you continue!The UN must redress it’s intentions and it’s existence and can only be A-political. The world may have a need for a fair and just society-  but it cannot exist as a tyranny which serves a one world ideology, and definitely not under communism. As for Tool Wessels and Leon De Kock- well-sadly they only were part of a much bigger and much more diabolical agenda like so many before them- and many still to come. As for the media- well- they will never stop  with their witch hunts against whites as they are an integral part of the Broederbonder propaganda machine- and also belong to the Broedebonders such as Ton Vosloo and his cronies. Real peace will NOT prevail in South Africa- neither for white or black- NOT as long as mass murderers such as the Broederbonders still reigns supreme.


White Nation