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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  18 May  2019







THERE  are varied reactions today across South Africa as two men were arrested for allegedly having direct involvement with farm attacks on N1 between Modimolle and Mokopane.

Lesiba Sebajane and Rudzani Sadiki, both chicken farmers in Mokopane expressed their relief. They had been constantly living with a heightened sense of vigilance, and felt that their family, and their neighboring farmers were constantly under threat. Both farmers were constantly on alert as word of these terrorist attacks quickly spread across the farming community. Many EFF supporters openly express disappointment and frustration that these men were caught, since in potential damming evidence, at least one of the men purportedly has strong EFF ties. Other EFF supporters roll their eyes and chuckle. They seem, indignant, callous and uncaring about the link between the EFF and hired killers who infiltrate our farming communities to attack, and kill, and sometimes torture South African citizens. Often there is nothing stolen or taken from the farms, they are there just to spill innocent blood.

The hate speech and vitriol the EFF party spews, and the subsequent threat and uncertainty it poses to our farmers, is a direct affront to the safety and security of South Africa’s citizens. The claim of EFF ties, once substantiated, is expected to prove direct connections between these terrorist activities (premeditated farm murders) and Julius Malema and his blood-letting followers. It is no coincidence the EFF uniform of choice is red, synonymous with the color of blood. Interestingly enough, an EFF supporter recently told us that it is not a coincidence that their coveralls are loosely worn, they allow for bullet proof vests and weapons to be worn underneath very comfortably. Is this indicative of a party who is trying to build our economy, or a terrorist group preparing for civil war against fellow South Africans who they ‘pick’ as their ‘enemy of the month’.

In Durbanville- Western Cape- this housebreaker was arrested in the act by a  security company – and also confessed that he belongs to the EFF.He allegedly said that Malema told them they could take anything from whites because everything whites have was stolen from blacks. An axe was confiscated from him. 

The violent hate speech and rhetoric the EFF constantly emanate, creates much angst, fear and uncertainty for millions of South Africans. The ANC make no effort to curtail this, since they clearly are complicit. Yes, the ANC is led by Cyril Ramaphosa, a man who betrayed the real apartheid struggle, by choosing to line his silk pockets while our heroes were imprisoned in Robben Island – a silver tongued devil of a man who is hypnotized by money, and who has not a care in the world for our poor & suffering black South Africans. His ‘pilot fish’ partnership with the EFF is apparent, and reveals the evil underbelly of the ANC’s agenda to drive hate into politics, as a ploy to guarantee an election win, and divert attention away from the massive corruption occurring in the ANC cadre ranks.

We are glad these men were captured, and hope this will lead to the fall of the EFF sponsored terrorism promulgated by the ANC/EFF secret alliance. We are eager to see normalcy and law and order become the news article of the day in the months/years to come, but unfortunately black South Africans have been taken for a ride, and the ANC totsi’s have been entranced by corruption and hate, and are still driving the gravy train…all whilst our dream of building an robust Afrocentric economy are soon to be destroyed in a train wreck of massive proportions, one that will be written in the history book of the ages. And black South Africans are left to suffer…again.