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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  19 May  2019





IT  is with a cynical chuckle that I read about the most recent “Bitch Bang” that now ensues between that liberal Jewster Hellen Zille and the previous ANC appointed Public Prosecutor Thuli Madonsela.


NOW as we all sort of getting used to now is the social sites effectively utilized to a great extend these days to influence public views, policy making, slandering, media sources, threats,  news and yea….bitch fights! On a constant basis we read about this “shebangs” going on between the “chosen ones”- especially going on which  Twitter appears to be the playground or boxing ring for the “elite.” Such again was it then this past week when Hellen Zille donned her social boxing gloves again- and zipped  in under the South African black racketeers. With a barrage of “tweets” she ruffled more than a few black feathers it seems. And as ever again- race was the main topic of the day. Race always is a big issue in South Africa since the ANC took illegal control of the country in 1994 – as the whole ANC existence and political  survival in South Africa is solemnly based on race. The South African extreme leftists simply LOVE their racism… next to football the most revered culture.  And as always it will be the poor innocent whites that are targeted by the poor “previously disadvantaged ” blacks  for this race phobia.

But this time whites got support from a totally unexpected direction. Helen Zille got herself into a spat with actor Hlomla Dandala, which culminated in her responding to a tweet from Dandala accusing her of not understanding “white privilege” by countering that he “doesn’t understand black privilege”. “You clearly don’t understand white privilege. We had plenty technology here that was eroded/annihilated by colonialism. You did us zero favors by colonizing us,” a very historical misinformed Dandala tweeted, in response to a Twitter user who asked him why he was wearing a suit in his Twitter profile picture, implying that he should not be criticizing  colonialism while wearing something “associated with colonial influence”. “Well you clearly don’t understand black privilege. It is being able to loot a country and steal hundreds of billions and get re-elected. If [people] want permanent poverty for the masses they are going about it the right way,” was Zille’s response.

Well….that brought the fat to the did indeed. The tweet got Zille facing the whole bucket full of the “previous disadvantaged” victims on her neck for daring to “insult” blackness. She immediately got accused of “racism,”- (as it appears to be the only term with which the poor “disadvantaged ” blacks always retaliates when confronted with hard facts) –  and in response she proceed with her attack- , asking: “What is racist about an obviously factual verifiable statement?” The battle lines then was drawn and  began when a Twitter account shared a clip of an American poet addressing “white privilege” in a poem, with the caption “White privilege? This outburst sounds more like ‘I hate whites’” Zille responded to the tweet, asking: “Why is she saying this stuff in English?”, at which point Dandala jumped in, tweeting: “Occasionally, you say some really daft things, European Helen in Africa”. This was the comment that inspired another Twitter to question Dandala’s suit, leading to the “white privilege” vs “black privilege” debate. During the ongoing twitter debate a user tweeted about colonial influence and where one should draw the line: “Suits are associated with colonial influence no? How about all the other privileged colonial stuff we take for granted, the car, the suit, the cell phone, iPad, bank account, internet, mansion in the burbs, where would you like to draw the line?”

THEN it was that Former public protector Thuli Madonsela joined the spat on Friday- and  called for Helen Zille to withdraw and apologize for comments that “black privilege” was looting and getting re-elected. “To brand blacks as looters and political pretenders is wrong. Please withdraw and apologize,” said Madonsela to Zille on Twitter. Madonsela’s sour notes  comes after Zille once again took to social media to express her often-controversial and divisive views. Then- as expected again…was that ever-present nemesis in the black society’s room which were brought to bear as well….that devil that keeps on haunting the ANC  from progressing past their corruption, maladministration and looting of the state coffers – and keep the poor blacks permanently on the “struggling” list…“Apartheid”

It was then that the leftist flood gates were opened and everything that remotely looks like, sounds like, supports or sympathize with blackness jumped onto the wagon and attacked Zille with a barrage of denial, accusations and “reprimands. ” Well- I must say- for being a liberal herself Zille picked  the right defense strategy- she attacked evil with evil– and for every move that was made against her- the retaliated in the most cunning way only a liberal can- attacking the attacker personally…iow play the man- not the ball. She really did piss on their batteries when a few personal dirty pieces of linen  about their private lives was hanged out in the open for all to see by Zille. A few clangers here about child support negligence..a bit there about someone stealing money and so on seemed to put the brakes on to a few liberal opponents revving her up too much.


That about seem to have dampened their “fighting spirit” – and discouraged any other possible political  “heavyweight” to enter the boxing ring again-  as many of them were a bit cautious what Zille might know about their own personal dirty linen too- and just now they also might find themselves facing a few very ‘unpleasant” moments when their own dark little secrets appear on the Internet for all to scrutinize. Antagonizing the old girl might not be the best option. She’s been in politics too long to risk finding out  what else she might be aware of. They are not sure what Zille knows about them too – so they rather decided to abstain from entering where angels fear to tread.One never knows what will come out when Zille opens her  little Pandora’s box full of dirty secrets. Another “Bosasa” repeat of bean-spilling or another “Zilleleaks”   is the last thing the political “heavyweights” needs now- and Zille seems to be charged-up to start just that. Even ANC heavyeight Tito Mboweni begged Zille to put her tweets  to “endless night ” when he cautiously tweeted: ” “My sister, please don’t tweet today. You are in a wrong psychological space. Take it easy today. Ok. Uzaba strongo (you will be strong),” read Mboweni’s tweet. She played her cards brilliantly indeed. How does they saying go:” Even the flames of hell cannot be compared to a woman being scorned.” 

NOW I am not quite sure what “spirit of enlightenment”drifted  through the corridors of Zille’s epicenter- but the old battle tank has been onto the children of the lesser god’s case  for some time now- and trampled on a few toes this past months with her anti-black apathetic  tweets– and the most recent shebang sort of put her own party’s black “disadvantaged” shenanigans  in a tight corner again. After a trip to Singapore in 2017, Zille took to Twitter to express how colonialism had helped the southeast Asian nation prosper, detailing how the legacy of colonialism on South Africa had been positive. “What a revelation Singapore has been. I can see why it prospers. Ppl understand the past but work in the present and plan for the future,” she tweeted. “For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc,” she said in response to South African critics.

Her party, the Democratic Alliance, attempted to discipline her but that process was eventually abandoned after Zille agreed to apologize for the tweets and not participate in party activities. In June 2018, Public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane found Zille to be in violation of the Constitution and “divided society on racial grounds” because of her tweets on colonialism. So far we have not heard a word from Me. Mkhebane about the racist oratories and social messages against whites from Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama as yet- and we suspect we never will. Racism only comes from one side according to the ANC and South African black narrative…the white side. Anyhow–  Later that year however, Zille waded in on the Life Esidimeni tragedy,  tweeting: “It is good that the families of the Life Esidimeni victims have received a measure of justice and compensation. I would like an answer to this question: What did they do, before these tragic deaths, to raise the alarm about their loved ones starving + living in profound neglect?” Section 27, which represented 63 families affected by the scandal, described Zille’s comments as” regrettable,”-  saying that the premier’s question was answered at length through testimonies during the arbitration process as well as through personal stories reported on by the media. Weeks before the May 8 polls, there had been suggestions been that Zille had been sidelined from party activities ever since social media storms erupted as a result of her unchecked tweets. In April, she again tweeted that colonialism wasn’t all bad.

Following Zille’s latest controversial tweet, the Democratic Alliance top  echelon  is yet to respond despite an uproar on the  social mafia  media.  Mabine Seabe, the party’s national director of communications asked the Mail & Guardian to speak to James Selfe or Solly Malatsi. Malatsi, the party’s national spokesperson in turn said to speak to DA chairperson Athol Trollip. Selfe, the chairperson of the DA’s federal council, told the M&G that following several complaints by members of the party, the matter has been referred to the federal legal commission for investigation.  The party is yet to take an official position or address the latest Twitter furore over its former leader’s tweets. I wonder what Zille’s aide de camp- Tony Leon has to say about it- but we suspect we will only hear the sound of crickets from that corner too. Ostensibly the ‘democratic correct” Leon and many other fat cat politicians realize too well all “rainbow ” bullsh*t are wiped off the table-  and it’s a battle between two rival  arch enemies….Ebony and Ivory. And they dearly do not want to get caught in the middle of it.


Helen Zille


Well you clearly don’t understand black privilege. It is being able to loot a country and steal hundreds of billions and get re-elected. If ppl want permanent poverty for the masses they are going about it the right way.

zaida dalvie@ladyzai

If that was then All black people would of benefited from corruption only the ones who stole benefited from corruption. All of the white people continue to benefit from systems set out by apartheid that is

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NOW one wonders what made Zille tick lately. For years she was an avid “ I love my black pet” advocate. But after she stepped down as party leader I swear I detect some stone aged ” Deutchland Uber Alles”  blood pumping through that Lithuanian veins. She’s slowly moving to the right side of the street one dare say. Keep a good eye on this space Afrikaners– maybe – just maybe you still might receive aid in your battle against the dark forces from a totally  unexpected corner. . But that’s liberals for you- they can change their colors faster than a friggen chameleon- depending on the type of environment they inhabit- that is.