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Article written and posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg 26 May  2019










SOUTH AFRICA is a very dangerous place to be living in. It tops Venezuela when it comes to crime. In South Africa your life is worth about as much as you have on your possession- whether it is money, groceries…or a cigarette. You could be attacked, assaulted- or even murdered for it. Life in South Africa these days comes cheap- and even more so a white life.  The lawlessness started in 1994 when the media gods catapulted the grossly inefficient ANC into stardom and FW De KLerk and his the National Party hoodlums sold out the country to a renegade bunch of terrorists.

Crime immediately escalated and soon the terrorists in Lethuli-House lost all control of the spiraling crime wave that mainly derived from across South Africa’s borders. Because of maladministration and corruption- thousands on companies shut their doors- and millions became jobless and poor. To add to the cauldron of chaos did the ANC and their EFF thugs start to promote  hatred against whites and instigated a white genocide. South Africa’s streets became a war zone where only the fittest survive. And many a time it is innocent people that have to pay the ultimate price of an incompetent bunch of psychopaths in control that only hunger for power and the sound of money.

SUCH was the case again today when an innocent young white couple met their fate at the hands of very sick black thugs. The incident happened on the Putfontein off ramp on the N2 near Benoni where a young white couple aged only 19 and 23 was brutally mowed down in a hail of bullets today between 12h00 and 12h30 PM today  for nothing else but because of naked black racist hatred.  The two youngsters was driving in their pick up with some workers on the back when the gas in their vehicle ran empty. The couple stopped at the side of the road and send out messages for help. While they wait for help in their grey  Toyota double cab LDV to arrive-  three black African thugs came walking past the stationary vehicle.


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The lifeless bodies of two innocent white teenagers lie sprawled out on the tarmac- murdered in cold blood by black racists simply because they were white. NO media outcry. NO political condemnation. NO black social media hysteria. 

The thugs walked by- and then suddenly one of them turned around and called a racist Xhosa slang – “ Umhlungu”( which literally means rubbish from the sea) to the white boy. The derogatory term  is a usual standard slang especially Xhosa blacks use for whites to slander them. The next moment- without any provocation from the two white youngsters- the black thug pulled out a firearm and start firing at the white male driver randomly- hitting him several times. The workers on the back immediately jumped off and ran for their lives. According to witnesses the black thugs then walked towards the vehicle-  and also blatantly without remorse shot the young female passenger once through the head execution-style  for no reason at all. Another witness- one “Sekele” said that four motorists were traveling from Delmas when their LDVran low on fuel. “The victims, with two of their workers in the bakkie, took the Putfontein off-ramp due to the fuel shortage. “The motorists exited the vehicle while waiting for assistance. “The victims were sitting on the barrier on the side of the road and the workers were standing nearby waiting. “Three armed suspects then approached the victims and opened fire. “When the workers heard the gunshots they ran away.”

To complete their dastardly deed- did the black thugs also start to set the vehicle alight. Passers- by saw what happened – stopped and grab fire extinguishers to douse the flames. Both the kids were declared dead on the scene. . As always- as cowardly as the thugs were did they disappear. The workers said they were atttacked by ” zama zamas.”

The two young teenagers- Johanco Fleischmann and his girlfriend Jess Kuhn who were  brutally murdered seen here in happier times.

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Now this will not receive the same political and media attention or black social mafia condemnation that any of the so-called “racist “ farmers of Coligny, Middleburg or Reitz received at all. But this murder has a long history- a history that began in 1994 when political filth the likes of Peter Mokaba, Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama hollered hatred and murder against the white people of this country. It was fermented when the wretched ANC advocated death and naked black racism against the whites- and still proceed today. If South Africa had a more caring government that could impose law and order- these kids might have been still alive today.

No photo description available.


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Almost 500,000 South Africans have been murdered since 1994, according to findings from the 2017 South Africa Survey released by the IRR. In its 2017 South Africa Survey‚ the IRR noted that approximately 445,835 murders had been recorded in the country between April 1994 and March 2016. IRR crime analyst Kerwin Lebone said: “South Africans live with horrific levels of violent crime. While the murder rate has fallen since 1994, at 31.9 per 100 000 people, it remains one of the highest in the world.”

According to Lebone, South Africa’s murder rate is:

  • almost 29 times higher than that in Australia, which is at 1.1 per 100 000 people.
  • almost 30 times higher than that in the United Kingdom, and 45 times higher than that in Germany, which are at 1.0 and 0.7 per 100 000 people respectively.
  • almost nine times higher than that in the United States of America, which is at 3.8 per 100 000 people.

Now these kids  became just another statistic like the thousands that already paid the highest price for a useless corrupt regimes incompetence and black political filth such as Malema and Mngxitama that gambles with other people’s lives on a daily basis  for selfish  personal political gain- calling for even more slaughtering. But these vile political creatures are left alone to proceed with their instigation for a genocide while whites are persecuted and incarcerated on a monthly basis for alleged “racism.”   This two children were murdered for no other reason but because they were white. Where is the outcry from the black politicians….where is the media frenzy about “racism?” Where is the “viral” actions the social black mafia normally condemns an incident where a black was “offended” now?  A deafening silence now prevail .

BELOW  is the PRECISE type of sentiment coming from the black social mafia- misinformed and never even being part of the so-called “apartheid”– but using it and exploiting this tragedy  as a convenient wagon to express their deep rooted jealousy and hatred against the white man. Yet Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al will not delete such sick comments as “hate speech “ – or ban this imbecile for violation of “community standards.” Typical of the gross hippocracy ran by the anti-white wretches controlling these social sites. Just another form of the psi-ops war waged by the media against whites world-wide.

AND the wretched liberal Facebook admins in South Africa try to hide this racist murder as well because it was committed by blacks:


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The murders just go on and on….


Anette Kennealy– strangled with an iron rod and bludgeoned to death by her black worker on her farm. 


I know I’m risking my own life by posting this but…please stop farm attacks in South Africa. Protect our great farmers. Enough is enough. 🛑

Posted by Sammy Morifi on Tuesday, May 21, 2019




AND Because these innocent victims were white– it will only be written off as “normal crime.” Last week it was  Annette Kennealy who were strangled with an iron rod  and blungeoned to death with a hammer on her farm by her black worker-.and in Welkom an unidentified woman was found with her throat slit and breasts cut off – her body burnt beyond recognition in Dagbreek on Wednesday. It has been reported that the woman’s body was found with a knife still stuck in her neck. Her lower body and face were burnt, and her breasts cut off. The Free State police have declared the alleged killer wanted for torture and premeditated brutal murder.On May 26  a father who was praying when a black thug  pointed a firearm at his daughter was shot twice at their home in Maraisburg, west of Johannesburg, on Saturday, paramedics said.  In an attempt to fight off the robber, the father was shot, leaving him injured and hospitalized but the daughter was not seriously injured. “The man, believed to be in his early 40s, is in a serious condition after being shot twice by a suspected intruder at his house in 1st Avenue, Maraisburg,” said ER24 spokesperson Ross Campbell. “The man said that he had been praying at the time of the incident and had attempted to subdue the intruder who was allegedly pointing a firearm at his daughter.” Campbell said when ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene, they found the man had been shot in the arm and leg. In Potchefstroom a young white couple was brutally attacked by SIX black thugs in their home. Albert John (23) and his girlfriend Nanna Viviers (25) was sleeping in their bed when they was surprised when 6 balckk thugs was standing around their bed- armed with guns, shifting spanners and knives. The thugs then suddenly lashed out and start to assault them with shifting spanners. They also threatened to rape her- after which the two put up one helluva fight. When Viviers pressed her panic button that activated the alarm the filth fle with cellphones and their purses. In another farm attack  this morning at about 10:30 on the 81 year old Mrs Joekie Nortje and her 61 year old son, Johan. They live at ‘Die Skuur’, just outside Louis Trichardt on the Vivo road, near the new dumping site. Johan was outside feeding livestock when 5 black thugs  attacked them. Mrs Nortje and her son were both injured during the attack and taken to hospital by ambulance. Their employee was not injured.


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In yet another farm attack a white  man and his elderly mother have been shaken after being tortured and robbed, the second incident to occur in the region in a week.  A manhunt has been launched for three male suspects after a brutal farm attack in Limpopo took place on Saturday, Letaba Herald reports. The attack took place on a farm in the Georges Valley area, leaving a man and his elderly mother physically and emotionally scarred. According to Sergeant Maurice Nkhwashu of the Tzaneen SAPS, three black thugs  attacked the man, who is in his late 40’s, as he was about to enter his home that evening. The thugs  are said to have tied the man up before entering his house. They took R2,000 from the man and an additional R15,000 from his mother who was found in the house, according to Nkwashu. “After ransacking the entire house, the suspects then plugged in a clothes iron. When it was hot, they burnt the man’s buttocks and his stomach,” Nkwashu told the Letaba Herald. According to a family member, the man and his mother are receiving counseling to assist them in dealing with the incident.  Another farm attack took place on 23 May 2019, in Hartbeespoort, North West province. Seven black thugs  with balaclavas attacked three workers and stole a cell phone and a laptop, there is no report at this point of any injuries sustained by the workers. No arrests have been made. There is no other information available at this stage.

Also  another white farmer Janus Powell was fatally shot during a farm attack and shooting that took place between Hoopstad and Bloemhof in the North West province. Powell managed to kill one of the attackers. One of the attackers was wearing a SAPS uniform and others SAPS reflective jackets, they were heavily armed and driving a Silver or white Camry that was fitted with blue lights. This week began with yet another farm attack by black thugs. A farm attack attack took place in Boschpoort, Ottosdal in the North West province on 5 May 2019. Koos (74) and Loraine (69) van der Merwe were ambushed at about 12:00 when they arrived home from church. Five black thugs  armed with a firearm and knife assaulted and tied them up and demanded money. Earlier today another 45 year old man was brutally stabbed on a farm  in Nelspruit. His colleagues found him lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds throughout his body. He was immediately taken to hospital for medical treatment, Later today  it was this kids. The blood letting in South Africa continues unchecked at a rate of 50 murders per month. And the criminals sometimes are as young as 15.

This young piece of garbage (left) strangled and murdered this old white woman (right) because she unexpectedly returned home while he was ransacking her home. He then strangled her- and then later on  intended to rape her corpse!!

In a case in Port Elizabeth  Phumzile Mabope, was on Friday found guilty of raping and murdering a 95-year-old white woman in Uitenhage in  Port Elizabeth in February 2017 . In court this young thug revealed that  he  opened her food cupboards, she [Vermaak] again returned to the house. She opened the door to a room when he unlawfully and intentionally assaulted her by grabbing her around the neck and strangled her with his  hands. He then reportedly proceeded to strangle the 95-year-old woman with a telephone cord, then left the property to continue his crime spree elsewhere. However, few hours later, he returned to devolve into something far more sinister. Mabope said at his hearing. “I thought that she was dead. My intention was to have sex with a corpse.” How dastardly vile do these criminals get?  And you will NEVER read about a white that does this evil deeds against a black.  It always is the other way around.

Even in hospitals does this vile black thugs attack and discriminate against whites for no reason at all.  An 87-year-old white man’s family has taken to social media after he was allegedly injured and bruised by black staff at the Tshwane District hospital, reports Pretoria Moot Rekord. A piece of skin on his upper right leg has been ripped off. He has so many bruises and there was blood. The attack happened after the old man, who is fluent in isiZulu and Setswana, overheard the nurses making fun of his genitals. After he confronted the black nurses, they allegedly attacked him. Then the hospital management try to hide this heinous attack by stating that ” Mr Johan Coetzee has a history of poor peripheral perfusion and dementia. On the 19/05/2019 during nappy changes, the patient’s skin peeled off,”  In an earllier incident an Irish social worker who tried to assist poor black communities also was brutally murdered. John Curran, 60 was found hacked  to death in his Cape Town apartment. And in yet another incident was a young white woman attacked ,assaulted and sexually molested by black bums in Langenhoven Park inm Bloemfontein when she decided to take a stroll through the park. So far there has been 126 attacks and 16 murders by black thugs on farms alone this past year. The question is who will it be this coming week and who next week…YOUR family?

n Jong vrou van Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein, is Sondagmiddag laat deur twee bosslapers in ’n veld aangeval en seksueel aangerand toe sy ’n ent gaan stap het.

Farm attacks. Do watch how it is planned

Posted by Suzette van Zyl on Saturday, May 18, 2019

When will somebody decide enough is enough? The police- because of Affirmative Action policies – are totally incompetent to handle the situation. With hundreds of police officers themselves being criminals the situation totally got out of hand. Because of the abolishment of capitol punishment these vile characters do not even fear retribution from the law. It’s open season in South Africa to murder and maim. It is then no wonder that people are leaving South Africa in their droves. South Africa has become a killing field since the murderous ANC captured the country in 1994. AND instead of looking into and solving this horrendous crime curse- does the ANC criminals still drive their “land expropriation” property theft agenda while Ramaphosa and his political hoodlums are standing on podiums- looking “impressive” and feeling “important” –  making idle promises they in any case never honor.  In South Africa there are three sets of laws: One to protect corrupt politicians from going to jail ; one that favors blacks ; – and one that persecute whites. The entire SA Parliament consists of  less than 500 people, so in essence the entire country of over 50 million inhabitants has been held to ransom & pillaged bare by a couple of hundred ANC politicians & their various acolytes, placed in positions of power & authority across the various provinces in SA.We do not want to politicize this murder of the two kids- but we want to know from these  hippocrates where is your condemnation of this black racism now? Where are those white liberals the likes of Melanie Verwoerd, Nicki Güles, Debra Patta, Sloet De Villiers  Max and Piet kopdoek now that normally has so much to say about that ‘white racists? Why so quiet? 

For hundreds of years, Whites have been going to Africa to help “uplift” the Black race, and for hundreds of years Blacks have been paying back their generosity and altruism by literally eating them for dinner, raping and murdering them, yet remarkably Whites seem to be undeterred and continue to put their lives on the line for these savages.  If the Black race were redeemable, we would have seem some results by now, but we haven’t.  They have failed as a race, and without the White incentive system in place, even the best of them would backslide into primitive tribalism.

Of course, the jewish-controlled media quickly sweeps these stories under the rug and write them off as “random acts of violence,” and to a certain degree that’s true, but only in the sense that Blacks are violent, and they randomly attack Whites for no reason other than the fact that the Jews have taught them that the White man symbolizes everything evil in their lives.  This kind of violence was far more rare under Apartheid, which was actually good for Blacks, contrary to how the Jewish press portrayed it. If Whites simply abandoned Blacks to their own devices, Blacks would be begging Whites to come back and help them within a few years, like they are now doing in Zimbabwe.




White Nation






The Editorial, Admin and correspondence of WHITE NATION want to sincerely convey their condolences to the grieving family of this two youngsters.