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Article written and posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg 29 May  2019








IT is with quite an  interest that  I see the media now try to blame so-called “zamma-zammas” ( a slang locals call illegal alien gold diggers from abroad) for the Putfontein murder of the two white kids – Johanco Fleischmann and his girlfriend Jess Kuhn– this week. The killer allegedly call Fleisschmann a “Mhlungu” before he shot him multiple times. This “zamma-zamma”  excuse quickly was use directly after the murder when a faceless and nameless (as usual) “witness” alleged the killer was a “zamma-zamma.” Just a bit of info as to why this is another  DELIBERATE lie to hide black on white racism again:

“Mhlungu” in Xhosa lingo literally means “Trash from the sea”– a terminology referring to Jan Van Riebeeck that came by ship from the sea. Zuma, Malema et al poisoned the black infertile mind that all their problems came with Jan Van Riebeeck. This means the “zamma-zamma” story is a lie- as “Mhlungu” is a local term and not a alien term as “zama-zammas” normally is a term attributed to Zimbabweans, Malawians, etc- the same as the term “Makweri-kweri”– which again means ” infiltrators/rubbish from abroad.“Zamma-zamma” again means “illegal thieves.”– for the many illegal alien mine operators.

But this all is terms coined and used by SOUTH AFRICAN blacks- and the fact that the killer used that word- substantiates he was a LOCAL black…and not a “zamma-zamma.” as the media would like to have it- and the ‘establishment” tries to vindicate that fact. Why would an alien specifically use a South African black term if they have their own homogeneous slander terms? Aliens in any case hate South African blacks due to the Xenophobia attacks on them. It is most unlikely that an alien would use a local lingo to slander whites.


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THIS is a good example why the killer was a local South African black- Malema et al did a good job in instigating hatred against whites among blacks. Never did any group of white people since 1960, go around and killed black people up to date. White people don’t form small groups, attack, rape and murder black people, and or any other race, as a matter of fact – as the case on farm attacks and farm murders these days. This poor ill-informed black girl knows nothing  about  “apartheid”-  but her feeble  mind- as with the majority of black youths- also has been poisoned by scum the likes of  Malema and Mngxitama. 

He wanted to assist a stranded motorist near Bokfontein at Brits yesterday when black thugs suddenly appear and started  shooting at them. 

But blaming a faceless untraceable alien is more convenient to wipe under the carpet than fingering a local black as a racist killer we presume. The regime and media continuously use aliens as scape goats- as with the case with Eugene Terreblanche’s murder as well..also an alien was used as the “fall guy”- and today no-one knows what happened to him. As we read the “Security Expert” Mr. Henk Bolhuis also was quickly reeled in rather hastily to DENY the fact that the killers was LOCALS– and that it was a down-right RACIST murder- another piece of evidence how shrewd the “establishment” tries to cover-up the truth. They (the media) even want to go as far as taking Bolhuis to the crime scene to “substantiate” their own propaganda narrative and brain wash the public again that this dastardly act was not race-related. This derogatory term “ umhlungu” are being used by blacks more often these days against whites as a counter slang for the term “ka**ir”- and although the regime knows about it- do nothing about it bar laughing their heads off as they reason the poor stupid whites in any case would not understand what it means as the majority whites do not understand black languages- but some of us do!

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Last night another white couple were brutally  attacked near Kleinskool in Port Elizabeth when black thugs shot the male through the mouth  and threw boiling water on his 34 year old lady friend. Was this also an attack by “zamma-zammas?” Last week, a 17-year-old teenager near Fochville was raped and seriously injured. A man was burned with an iron, and the week before that, Liezel Wessels was burned with boiling water and stabbed with a knife shortly before her husband, Tool Wessels, was murdered execution-style.  Annette Kennealy, 50 was brutally bludgeoned to death on her farm in Louis Trichard two weeks ago.Then there was another incident in Louis Trichard where an  aged white lady and ger son was brutally attacked by black thugs with iron pipes as well. There have been 179 attacks and 20 farm murders to date. Was this also the work of the media’s “zamma-zammas?” This was no “zamma-zammas” This heinous crimes were committed by ANC and EFF TSOTSI’s!!


This piece of filth was raping a white woman while her half naked daughter was forced to watch

According to testimony in the Port Elisabeth High Court, Sebenzile Simane had tied up all the victims in the Hankey farm attack in 2018 then told the eldest son to rape his own Mother. The child refused so He then dragged her to the bedroom where she said he raped her on her bed. A short while after the rape Simane returned with the woman’s 12-year-old daughter. “He made her sit on the bed next to me and removed her shorts and ties on her legs.” The mother said he saw Simane touching her daughter’s private parts. “I was screaming please don’t rape her she’s too young. She’s only 12 it’s not possible. Please don’t rape her,” she recalled. “He took his penis and moved it towards her and I started kicking and screaming begging him not to. He eventually stopped.” The woman said Simane then made the child watch as he raped her again. “He would make sure she was watching even though she tried to look away.”

But whites still remain in a stuporous condition and have as yet not start to retaliate against this brutal onslaught against their elderly, women and children. Like lambs they await their time to be slaughtered while they slog it out on Facebook – all while the barbarous regime and their cohorts launch one after the other “black ops” onslaught against them- killing them one-by-one –  and still keep on denying the fact that these horrendous murders are taking place in South Africa. Now the media – as ever- are taking a new angle and start blaming nameless and faceless “zamma-zammas” for the murders on whites- all while the truth is that this is the work of an organized assault on the white community by the regime’s OWN secret service and their so-called “third force” operatives.

Elderly woman and her son was brutally attacked by blacks with pipes in Louis Trichard 

No photo description available.


While Ramaphosa and his narcissist ilk are busy stuffing their fat faces with champaign and caviar over their stolen victory at the polls and their leftist media trying their utmost to downplay the murder of this two innocent kids as just a“another crime”– more  innocent white people are being murdered like flies on a daily basis by black thugs who are thoroughly being mind-f*cked by political filth the likes of Malema and Mnxitama. When will whites stand up and start taking down these political demons  that are directly responsible for this silent genocide against their people? ANY sound-minded outsider will immediately tell you there is s a definite WAR going on against the white community. ...a war co-ordinated between the illegal communist regime and their “zamma-zamma” media skunk  factory. So why is it so that the whites do not start to defend themselves and their families against this military offensive as yet?  It is as-if the white community themselves  somehow do not want to realize this fact as it appears  they still appear to be very docile….awaiting the lamb killers to come and take them when it’s their turn.

Did we hear any outcry about this murder from the media? Did we see blacks rioting , looting and burning down whole suburbs like they did in Coligny when the white farmers Pieter Doornwaard and Phillip Schutte allegedly “murdered” a young black thief? Did we see any politician going “viral” on the black social mafia sites? Did we hear any politician objecting or condemning to this callous murder?  Did we hear one or the other black minister promising the families of this two innocent victims new houses like they did with the black “victim” in the coffin case? Did we see any black baby doll slapping going around? Do we see ANC and EFF members toy-toying about it? No we did not! There is an absolute SILENCE in that corner! South Africa is rotten to the core with hippocracy and double standards– especially where whites are concerned.  We still await the VF PLus and a whole string of “ we fight for white rights” political parties to make a  feeble sound of  condemnation  to tell us where they stand in this affair as well. Up to now all of them also have been very “diplomatically” quiet about it. The election is something of the past now…no more bulsh*tting promises anymore. What did Ramaphosa said 25 years ago,-“  We are going to boil them like frogs in a pot, slowly that they don’t jump out until they get financial control. ” Now- 25 years later and they still haven’t got financial control but  now start accelerating boiling that “ umhlungu”  frog on a genocidal level.


Wrote one Facebook user- Ina Du Preez:

This situation is much worse than we think. The hatred for white people is very very pervasive. It’s growing. We’re at the early stages of the Rwanda Genocide. The persecution stage. This is not going to end well because it is already a cultural phenomenon. The government will not be able to stop this snowball. Malema and Zuma started the ball rolling and now it’s out of control. Hatred for whites is now endemic and pervasive. Not among the middle and upper classes, but among the masses. I can see it in their eyes. I can hear it in the tone of their voices. The middle class black people deny it, because they don’t live in the townships anymore. They don’t know what’s going on there. The shebeens are filled with white hating people and it’s all they talk about every evening. They are teaching their children that white people are the root of all their ills. We are the reason why they have no work, no electricity or no running water. We are the reason why they are earning minimum wage. The hatred is palpable and pervasive.

If this was a virus, it just broke through the quarantine. It’s out and in the open, infecting every child and every person. It’s a virus that only infects black people. The politicians will deny it. Your black friends will deny it. But they’re not there where the hatred is consumed like cheap Umqombothi. And those that desire this division are cheering. Their campaigns of hatred are working. They are winning. Moderate, clear thinking South Africans are losing. They don’t want moderates here. They want anger. They want to go to war. It fits their political agenda. As Malema said, “we’re not asking for the killing of white people. At least not for now”. And then he laughs, and the journalists laugh. And the people laugh. And in the meantime innocent people die. Children like these are gunned down. Shot like dogs. Because that is what these murderers see. Dogs.

They don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong. It’s their civic duty they think. Their duty toward society. Ridding South Africa of 2 more molungu’s. This has now gone beyond crime. It used to be crime. Now it’s just sport. White South Africans. You are now the hunted. You are now the game. Every time you get in your car you are being stalked. Every time you go to a mall you are being hunted. Maybe you’ve not seen it. Is that because it didn’t happen? No, it’s because you’ve been lucky. You don’t know how many times you were almost a victim. You don’t know how close you’ve been do you? But they’re there. Watching, waiting and looking for the right opportunity to strike. Because it’s a game.

Kill a molungu.

Where to now Mr President? How do you reverse from this inevitable doomsday? How do you turn the country around when you have lost touch with the people on the ground? This hatred has now gained critical mass. We’re nearing terminal velocity. What now Mr President? Please share this so that we can get people to realise that they need to be careful, be cautious and stay alive in these very, very dangerous times.”

While we were busy writing this article another brutal farm attack took place today on 29 May 2019, between 01:00 and 01:30, on a Hoephoep smallholding in Honingnestkrans, North of Pretoria, Gauteng province. Three armed black thugs wearing balaclavas, one of which was armed with a firearm, seriously injured a white man during an assault with a machete. The man suffered severe injuries. How many whites still have to be brutally murdered on farms , how many old people still have to be horrendously tortured with hot irons and choked in their own blood, how many women still have to be brutally assaulted and raped- and how many innocent white  children still have to  be shot execution-style before the white people eventually start to wake up and start taking on these black  tsotsis? At least if one then have to pay the ultimate price you have done it  so  fighting,– taking some of these vile creatures  with you- instead like now paying that same price without having a chance to get revenge for the inhuman attacks orchestrated against you and you family. Talking or negotiating with this illegal communist regime long ago already proofed to be a waste of time- especially if you happen to be white. If they could defy the United Nations ‘ demands on human rights issues and blatantly lie to the international world that there is no farm murders in South Africa- just how much can you trust the heathens to honor your demands.?  If they proceed with their discrimination against whites with Affirmative Action policies and oppress whites for 25 years already- just how ” passionate” do you expect them to act on your pleas? If there ever was a call for whites to unite and start taking action- this is it. Other than that there will soon not be many whites left to answer that call anymore.




White Nation


“It is not the sh*t we face that defines us- but the way we react to it” Annon.