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Article written and posted by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom  30  May  2019






LUXURY travel, free housing and domestic staff along with salaries in the R2m a year bracket are all in store for the politicians who woke up as freshly minted members of Cyril Ramaphosa’s cabinet on Thursday.


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NOT much to say about Cyril’s musical chair games here we’re afraid. The old crooks are back onto the gravy train seats with some new “tsotsis” who are to learn the trade of shagging the state coffers from the  Robbin Island Old Boys Club we suppose. To start off is the appointment of David Mabuza as deputy president.  David Mabuza is appearing on charges of corruption and conspiracy to murder in the Mpumalanga High Court in Mbombela. Ramaphosa is clearly now walking around with a big red target on his back by taking this stupid move to appoint a racketeer/conspirator to the top position. Mabuza is entangled in a string of corruption allegations- yet he lands with his arse in the butter. Same goes to the scrupulous nit-wit Nkosazana Zuma who still are liable for R 50 000 she wasted on her previous AIDS f*ck-up years ago. But then again- being an arid bottle baby she forms  part of the ANC’s good ol’ “Johnny Walker ” club – and therefore she had her seat secured   on  the gravy train again.Next we see Cyril appointing old Angie Motshekga back into a n education position which she already  totally screwed up BIG time with her dimwit erratic decisions to lower the matric pass rate and changing the curriculum . Then we have ex EFF loudmouth Ronald Lamola for justice and correctional services…God be with the poor white prisoners!

Then we have that clown Fikile Mbalula who was another erratic goon when he was minister of police- then even a bigger goof when he was re-appointed as minister of sports and recreation – now we suspect the transport section also is going to halt to a grind as well. Patricia De Lille – well..more you cannot say about this two-faced political harlot- hopping from one political prick to the next depending which one gives her the ultimate orgasm. We are glad to see that white commi gremlin Rob Davis got the sack- as that piece of filth saw to it that more than 400 000 white people ended up in squatter camps due to his radical Affirmative Action and BEEE discriminatory laws. As for Bheki Cele– corrupt ex police chief and Jacob Zuma fan that became Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries that now again became Minister of police once again underlines the ANC’s modus operandi of simply rotating it’s  criminals from one chair to the other. Then we have Nosiviwe MapisaNqakula- wife of another racist ex cader Charles Nqacula ( ex minister of corectional services whio vowed that Clive Derby Lewis can rot in jail)- now appointed as minister of Defense & military veterans She already f*cked up the army when she was appointed in the same portfolio in 2012 by Jacob Zuma- and we suspect she is going to f*ck it up even more this coming years. But again the ANC keeps it’s terrorist cadres in the top seats…if it is not Charles- then it will be his nanny! 

The old communist relic Blade Nzimande only is there to represent the communist polit buro– as Blade is the highest communist in the South African hierarchy- and as we all know does the SACP tail wag the ANC dog. So his appointment only is academic of nature as he per se is as useless as a roll of bob wire in a condom factory. What old dinosaur Naledi Pandor is doing there is a mystery- for her 3 best years in school happened to be in Gr. 2. She also is one of the ANC cadres that obtained her matric by doing Gr. 7 TWICE- then was dubbed a “knight” by the kings at WITS university because of being a good communist meeting attendant.  One wonders if she in the mean-time has learned to read and to write – because she still cannot think. Lindiwe Sisulu...yea well- she was a useless terror as Minister  of Social Development – then kicked over to an even worse appointment as Minister of Public Service and Administration, – and a total disaster as  minster of International relations. Being the ANC’s “Calamity Jane” she also is just an “academical” appointee that the ANC does not really know what to do with but are cursed with- and therefore the reason she gets kicked like a soccer ball from one gravy train seat to the next simply because the ANC honor their old cadre Walter Sisulu by giving his useless daughter a free ticket  on the gravy train for life. Zwelini Mkhize is yet another Jacob Zuma fan.In 2004, he was appointed the MEC for Finance and Economic Development in KwaZulu Natal and we can then understand the poor financial state of the province as Mkhize only looks after the interests of his Zulu king. His paternal great-grandfather was one of the great heroes of the Mkhize clan of Nkandla in the early to mid 19th century.  Ayanda Dlodlo is yet another corrupt ANC criminal who has a history reeking of fraud. She was fingered when ANC top criminals  scored millions of rands from a botched broadband project for the City of Johannesburg while its costs more than doubled to nearly R1.7bn. Ayanda Dlodlo, deputy defence and military veterans minister Kebby Maphatsoe and former diplomat Lerema Kekana were directors of the BEE partner involved, CitiConnect Communications (CCC). Now she’s back again in the gravy train seat.

Nathi Mtetwa is yet another devious appointment that gets rotated from one gravy train seat to the next every 5 years . Being a  family member of Jacob Zuma clan we again see the ANC protecting it’s own cadre interests by re-appointing previous scrupulous criminals. Do you see Jacob Zuma’s name keep on popping up here? As for Aaron Motsualedi– he was a disaster as minister of SA’s public health care services- and we expect the Home Affairs Department going the same way. Literally the only “white frog ” in the hoodlum line-up is another traitor to her race Barbara Dallas Creecy- who served as  Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries – and was re-appointed in that position again. Creecy has a long history of supporting terrorists during the white era- and also a member of the ANC’s Polit Buro. Another filthy commi in the line-up. Last but not least is there nothing to say about that old decrepit ANC relic Gwede Mantashe– as he – like ol’ Blade – will probably die in his ANC ministerial shoes as he is the “top rat” in the ANC/SACP diabolical devil’s Tri-Angle. Cyril surely kept the  capture and control of the state firmly  in the hands of the ANC family business. 


In Cyril’s new elite “politburo”  cabinet ministers will receive an annual salary of R2,401,633. Deputy ministers will receive an annual salary of R1,977,795. Ramaphosa earns R2,874,851 a year while deputy president David Mabuza’s salary is R2,825,470.

Let us see what “perks” Cyril dished out for his cronies: 

The ministerial handbook is a guide to the “benefits and privileges” that members of cabinet are entitled to, but government views it as a “classified, confidential document,” The ministerial handbook regulates everything from spending on Christmas cards to the picking of flowers at state residences (one needs permission from the chief horticulturalist to do so), but here is a look at the most often used – and abused – privileges.

Private cars

Members of cabinet get 25% of their salary towards a private vehicle, its running and maintenance as well as comprehensive insurance. At an allowance of just more than R600,408, a minister will be able to buy a 2018 Mercedes-Benz C Class sedan or an Audi A4 2.0TDI Stronic.

Official vehicles

Ministers (and deputy ministers) are allowed to purchase one car for official use in Pretoria as well as one in Cape Town. The value of each vehicle cannot be more than 70% of their salary. At the current salary determinations, a minister could therefore buy two cars to the value of R1.68m each. Official vehicles can be replaced as soon as they have reached 120,000km or have been in use for five years. Cabinet members are allowed to use official vehicles “for any reasonable purpose”, including taking their children to school.


Cabinet members can live free of charge in one state-owned residence in the capital of their choice. If they want to move into a second state-owned house for official purposes they must pay a “market related” rent. The formula provided in the handbook to calculate this is (salary) x 1% divided by 12. So R2,401,633 per minister x 1% / 12 = R2,001 per month. For this amount an ordinary South African can rent a “nice spacious room” in Boksburg or a “flat” in Gugulethu. The state pays for a domestic worker to clean cabinet members’ official and private houses and also picks up the bill for renovations.



Cabinet members and their spouses may book first class tickets for official international journeys. They are also both entitled to 30 single business class flights per year within SA. Dependent children get six single economy class flights per year. If the cabinet member is not flying to a destination, the handbook allows for them to travel by train – including SA’s luxury Blue Train. Rates for the Pretoria/Cape Town route range from R18,405 to R43,035 one way. When traveling on official business, members, their spouses and dependent children can choose any hotel to stay in.

Other expenses

According to the ministerial handbook a cabinet members’ department can pay for all “reasonable” out-of-pocket expenses (“including gratuities and reading material, but excluding alcoholic beverages not consumed with a meal”) connected with the subsistence of the members, their spouses as well as family members who need to accompany them when traveling. Slips only need to be supplied “if at all possible”. Because of all the variables and unknowns,  “it is impossible to predict what the cabinet will cost South Africans beyond the members’ salaries and their private car allowances.”


Fine print

As if cabinet members’ do not have enough scope in complying with the handbook, it is unclear which regulations they are supposed to follow at the moment. As far as it could be established, it currently sits awkwardly between the 2007 version of the ministerial handbook, cost-cutting measures announced in 2013 and a looming amendment of the handbook. A spokesman for the Treasury, Jabulani Sikhakhane, was reported to have said that “it is too early to tell how departments have responded to the cost-containment measures.” It has been reported that an inter-ministerial committee has completed a review of the handbook and it is expected to be presented to cabinet. However, it is unclear when this will happen.

Judith February, a senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies’ government, crime and justice division, argues that the amendment process should have involved the public. “It should be the subject of public scrutiny and discussion because after all, our public representatives spend public money when they spend money on accommodation and cars and other benefits of office,” she said. “The handbook is extraordinarily lenient in some respects allowing expenditure which could be excessive ordinarily. Ministers have therefore used the handbook as an excuse for expenditure which cannot be justified given the levels of inequality we live with.” These sentiments are echoed by Murray Hunter, spokesperson for the Right 2 Know Campaign:There’s no excuse for secrecy in these matters, not only because it involves the use of public funds for private comfort but because it shines a light on the distance between the lives of those who are elected to lead, and the ordinary citizens they serve.”


THAT is how the ANC “elite” operates- Cyril cut some cabinet posts in order to load that salaries onto the remaining cadres’ pay checks again! Never a dull moment with the state looters eh?  So we can expect Zuma and Joemat-Petersen to also make a comeback soon we suppose – as this lot criminals stick together like sh*t- something the whites may take note of….



White Nation