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Article written and posted by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritzburg  03  June   2019





WHILE Cyril Ramaphosa’s criminal ANC today are riding the high tides of their self proclaimed  “democracy” career – the ANC have successfully managed to hide their own vile past from public scrutiny. As years went by the ANC concentrated on high-lighting the alleged killings of black terrorists by South Africa’s special forces and their commanders- and people like Eugene De Kock, Wouter Basson and Clive Derby-Lewis to name but a few were continuously blamed and hunted down for those “acts of violence” against “our people.”

“Vlakplaas ” became a name synonymous to notoriety and resident evil- thanks to continuous demonization propaganda  by the ANC terrorist gang in control  and their leftist media alike. But Camp  Quatro became a forbidden name not even the bravest correspondent dare  whisper in hushed tones in the alleys of the media houses.  The Boeremag members were sent to lengthy jail terms for alleged accusations of “Crime Against the State” because they were people that wanted to free themselves and their people from the captivated chains the communist  regime tied them down with. But they are labeled as the “villains” that wanted to overthrow a “democratic” system. The ANC on the other hand did precisely the same for precisely the same reasons- but they are labeled as the “liberators” of their people.  The  whole Boeremag incident was a state- planned set up- and the prosecution procedure to entrap these people  was smut with political interference and accusations of a government organized entrapment operation (black ops COINTELPRO-style ) of the members as being pointed out by Capt Deon Loots’ Affidavid during the trail. BUT because of “political correct” meddling into the case by the ANC regime – liberal Judge Eben Jansen deliberately chose sides with the ANC terrorists and disregarded the accusations. Jansen became a curse to those white Boers as he continuously denied their bail applications and parole.

TODAY White Nation is going to rummage through the old cobwebs and have a peek into the ANC’s own dark Pandora’s Box full of worms- and highlight one of those “forgotten”  incidents the ANC so successfully wiped under the carpet of “forgetfulness.” The ANC never persecuted, prosecuted and sent any of their own perpetrators to jail for all their gross human rights abuses or murders they themselves committed against society during those years of turmoil. In fact  did most of them run like scared rabbits for “political amnesty” to ensure they would not be dragged before a court to be held responsible for their part in murdering many innocent civilians. Today  they still walk around freely like proud roosters  and sit in the highest positions of government- playing the “innocent victims” of“apartheid.” They now are the “chosen” government- irrespective if all the elections- and especially the most recent one- was rotten to the core with corruption and vote rigging. To them honesty does not count- politics has got nothing to do with honesty- only what the final analysis shows on the ballot board. So now they rule illegally as they have done so many times in the past. Nobody questions their motives, nobody ask how they did it. No investigator takes a closer look at their past. They deem themselves the “untouchables”– they are the “democratically” elected government..by hook or by crook- and they make sure their “Cosa Nostra” is honored by all members of their horrible clan on top. .

Today they want to be seen as the “liberation heroes”– a “democratically ” chosen government- and the white “Apartheid” government as the “villains”– and the “oppressors”– but when we look at the picture from “out of the box” and do a bit of research- we will find the ANC was responsible for double the amount of human rights abuses, murders and terrorist acts against civilians than the “apartheid” government ever was- even against their own people. But as lies , conspiracies and deception goes- will nobody ever point a finger at the ANC. Nobody ever mention their dastardly deeds against their own people at places like Camp Quatro where the ANC tortured and murdered their own cadres, nobody ever mentions their vile deeds of bomb car planting and the killing of innocent civilians like the Church Street Bomb, Amanzimtoti bomb, Magoos Bar bomb and umpteen limpet mines they planted in dustbins in busy streets to murder and maim innocent civilians- irrespective of race and creed. Nobody mentions the sick torturing and killing of many people by Winnie Mandla’s “necklace” methods that opposed the ANC those years- even teenagers like Stompie Sepei. We must remember Hector Petersen– but not Stompie Sepei. We must remember  the massacre at Sharpville– but we must “forget” the massacre at Marikana. 

We must remember how the “apartheid” police tortured ANC operatives at Vlakplaas– but we must forget how ANC  Umkhonto We Sizwe  caders tortured and murdered ANC operatives at camp Quatro.  (the ANC’s main detention camp in Angola, sometimes known as Quatro) Jacob Zuma was quoted in BDlive on 30 April 2013 as saying it was often the case that “the guards [in MK camps] would not eat, they would rather feed their prisoners.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The record compiled by the TRC and the details presented by the Skweyiya Commission showed that food deprivation to extract confessions at the Quatro camp was systemic, ‘unconscionable and pernicious’. The ANC knew about this. Joe Modise, Chris Hani and Jacob Zuma, with Thabo Mbeki were well aware of what was going on. During the inquest it was even alleged that Zuma himself were responsible for the deaths of his own soldiers- strangled  with his own hands! There were accounts of routine and bizarre acts of torture ­ beatings with barbed wire, bicycle chains and iron bars. Prisoners in the African National Congress’ Quatro camp in Angola were subjected to daily torture, an Umkhonto we Sizwe cadre imprisoned in the camp in the 1980s told the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  During his time in Quatro he was beaten with sticks and tortured with electrodes attached to his body. He and other prisoners were also forced to pull a heavy water tanker. “Twice I was forced at gunpoint to propose love to a tree and make love to it.” He was also forced to climb a tree full of wasps, lie naked on an ant-covered piece of ground, and chop down a tree in which bees had built a hive.” What then was  the difference between Vlakplaas and Quatro? Why was De Kock the only “soldier” sacrificed at the altar while all the Umkontho We Sizwe torturers an killers walked away free? 

uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA) president Kebby Maphatsoe threatened to reveal information about lies, rape and murder in the party’s military camps in exile. Maphatsoe told Eyewitness News African National Congress (ANC)members killed their own comrades in Uganda where he was exiled. The former deputy minister recently expressed his anger at the party’s integrity commission, saying the body had used false stories about how he lost his arm to question his credentials.  His critics have reduced his role in exile to camp cook and they have called him an absconder from an ANC camp in Uganda. But Maphatsoe said he was tired of people misrepresenting his struggle credentials and threatened to expose what he said was the mess that happened within ANC camps.I am very hacked because you are opening up very old wounds that have been healed. I have ignored these attacks for a long time. And the day I speak, it won’t be nice.” Maphatsoe admitted to running away from the ANC camp when he was shot, which resulted in him losing his arm. But he said he was running away from atrocities that were being committed by his own comrades, to report them to ANC leaders. “One of my friends, my comrade, was killed for nothing; beaten to death by our own comrades in the camps.”

 Nobody speaks a word about Mandela– who was a rogue terrorist and also partly to be blamed for many deaths and murders committed by his own monstrous creation- Umkhonto We Sizwe- and his personal protection of those ANC killers that murdered  nineteen Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) members in 1994 following a tip-off that IFP marchers were planning to attack the building. The Nugent Commission of Inquiry on what actually caused the shooting rejected this explanation. The commission’s conclusion was that the shooting by ANC thugs was unjustified. None of those killers were ever persecuted and jailed for their murderous deeds. Mandela himself ordered the murder weapons to be extracted before the police could investigate. Mandela forbid any police investigation until he gave the order to do so. The task was given to the then minister of defense- Joe Modise– who delegated the task to his two generals- Sipiwe Nyanda and Aboobaker Ishmael– both investigated for human rights abuses themselves as well. In the dead of night a military intelligence operative by the surname of De Priest went through in a soft – skinned vehicle and loaded all the weapons in question at Shell House. The weapons used in the massacre was brought back to 81 Technical Supply Depot under guardianship of one Col. Jan Theron– base commander- where it was kept out of the eyes of the media.   What happened to those weapons afterwards is anyone’s guess- but they were not destroyed. It is taken they also found their way across the Lesotho border for secret ANC operatives in training camps in Mozambique- but no proof of this exist. The whole incident simply went quiet...also wiped under the car Needless to say the ANC rat pack also made sure the Nugent Commission of Inquiry also met a silent death.  Nothing happened after that. It was purely a public promo stunt and only academical of nature. The ANC made sure it was silenced before it went viral. Now you ask yourself the question why people- especially the most revered Mandela himself- would do something like that? The answer is simple: These are no ordinary  people. They all are murdering psychopaths and hard-lined terrorists who has no respect for a human life. To them money and political power means everything- and they will stop at nothing to achieve their own selfish personal objectives- even callous murders. These killers got away with it– protected by the ANC- but all alleged white operatives were hunted down and persecuted!  Again the double standards were applied. 


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Nobody speaks or mentions Cyril Ramaphosa’s own dark history of terrorism , drug peddling, diamond smuggling, weapons smuggling , his terrorist activities involving a botched Koo de Etat, alleged child pedophilia , conspiracy to murder at Marikana and theft. Cyril the Jew puppet and racketeer  now is hailed by the media as the “Great black Redeemer” that allegedly now will save South Africa from sinking into the  financial oblivion he and his cronies themselves created- but nothing is mentioned about the multiple skeletons hiding in his closet.  Nobody speaks out as they know too well what happens if your tongue become too loose. Examples the likes of Peter Mokaba, Joe Modise, Eugene Terreblanche and more recently Seipati Lechoano  serves as  a warning to those that dare cross the line and expose this villainous mob for what they are- a bunch of corrupt mafia murderers posing as a “democratic” government. And the prospect for any correspondent crossing that line does not look too appetizing at all to say the least.


Ramaphosa– hailed as the “Great Black Redeemer” by the leftist press who again seeks to glorify their own human God- another “president”  with his own pet cemetery full of ugly skeletons.

The crimes against humanity committed by the ANC in years gone by are neatly  tugged  away under constant malicious white-only “racist” propaganda so the public must  forget that the ANC was worse than their adversaries when it comes to human rights abuses and murders.- all while the alleged white “atrocities” against “our people” by the white security forces are being high-lighted on a regular basis to “remind” the “people” of the evil being done by the “white colonials.” But nothing is said to remind those same “people” of all the evil being inflicted upon them by the black communist Czardom. As the years passes on- the ANC’s acts of treason, murders, terrorism and discrimination slowly sank deeper into the dark vagueness of oblivion.  While the leftist media Zerks stubbornly bite their tongues about the horrendous past of the ANC -they keep on with their malicious propaganda campaigns against the “apartheid” government.  The new generation of youths of today do not even know about the dark history of the ANC-they are thoroughly brain washed about the “heroes” of the “struggle” and the “villains” of “apartheid“- even in their school history text books. A new generation of communist puppets are now being cultivated as we speak. The world at large does not want to be reminded again of one of their biggest mistakes they made by forcing a murderous terrorist organization into power. So in silence about their own human rights abuses and butchering of innocent people the ANC now gained power and is glorified as the liberation “heroes” of the “people.” I never thought I will see the day that a lone fax machine in Dar-Es-Salaam one day would become the “democratic” government of South Africa!  They even stole the ” struggle” limelight punch-line from the PAC!

Carl Niehaus– like Max Du Preez and Piet Croucamp– yet another pathetic white pet monkey to his communist masters. 

And it is then no wonder that Jacob Zuma’s poor misdirected white treacherous pet monkey- Carl Niehaus– also sang the same rhetoric this past week :  Speaking at the Congress Of South African Students (COSAS) 40th anniversary in Kliptown, Soweto, on Saturday Niehaus slammed former apartheid-era president FW De Klerk’s attendance at  Cyril Ramaphosa’s inauguration at Loftus stadium in Pretoria last week. Niehaus said while South Africa pulled out the red carpet for De Klerk at the inauguration, he (De Klerk) has still not “answered for his crimes. ” “De Klerk has still not been charged. Even after the Truth and Reconciliation commission found that he had mislead them and that he was behind decisions that killed many people”. Niehaus- another white pink psychopath dearly in search for recognition- is halfway on the mark with his pathetic remark. De Klerk still must be charged- but not for handing the country on a platter to the demi-gods Niehaus now worship- but to the white nation for cowardly deserting them and handed them to a pack of ravenous wolves. Niehaus also very selectively (and conveniently)– forgot about all the murders and killings his masters and commanders committed. He can add 3/4 of his own leadership to join De Klerk on that BIG day of judgment as well. But then again we know that Niehaus by himself is a bit of a nutcase.

BUT Today we will look into one of those dastardly deeds committed by the ANC- and those responsible for it who never was prosecuted, never went to jail like the Boeremag members for their part in it- and the ostensibly double standards applied to persecute one offender into the darkness of the dungeons – and promote the other into the lime-light of stardom. We will look into the Amanzimtoti bombing- and high-light the hippocrisy involved. ON the 3rd of  May 2019 South Africa’s ex-president Jacob Zuma dropped a bomb-shell revelation and admitted in a speech that he ordered the bombing of the Sanlam Shopping Centre in Amanzimtoti in KwaZulu Natal on 23 December 1985. Four innocent white civilians were killed in the explosion of the Russian limpet mine: including two small Afrikaner children. For years Zuma kept this dark secret among many others  close to his chest.


The Amanzimtoti bombing took place on 23 December 1985 when five civilians were killed and 40 were injured when MK cadre Andrew Sibusiso Zondo detonated an explosive in a rubbish bin at a shopping centre.In the 1985 Amanzimtoti bombing on the Natal South Coast, five civilians were killed and 40 were injured when MK cadre Andrew Sibusiso Zondo detonated an explosive in a rubbish bin at a shopping center shortly before Christmas. It was a  boiling-hot Friday lunch time at Toti Mall. Festive season tourists wander in from the beach across the promenade. Faster-moving locals catch up on their shopping. The mall is a typical KwaZulu-Natal seaside shopping center – an eclectic mix of small shops spread out around a supermarket. A hair salon; a computer shop; a Chinese shop selling everything from flip flops to razor blades; an optometrist. The clientele is just as varied. There’s a run on the grilled brisket with chips, roll and salad for R30 a pop at Totilicious, one of a row of fast-food outlets in what used to be the Sanlam Center. In a submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the ANC stated that Zondo’s act, though “understandable” as a response to a recent South African Defense Force raid in Lesotho where ANC militants were trained for infiltration and offenses against South Africa. , was not in line with ANC policy????  Zondo was subsequently executed. The bomb attack was part of Operation Butterfly, conducted by MK, mainly from Swaziland. The aim of the Operation was to integrate the ANC’s political and military machinery. To achieve this, it planned to establish strong and viable underground structures of MK in the Durban area and to launch guerrilla activities against apartheid targets in Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal). The Toti Bombing, as it became known, was one of the ANC’s first operations against civilian targets (remember they stated at the TRC that this was not ANC policy) – and came in response to a series of deadly cross-border raids in Swaziland, Mozambique and Lesotho from 1981 to root out Umkhonto operatives hiding in that countries.

Dianne de Vos (50) then an apprentice printer at Republican Press, was at her flat in Afsaal, a block next to the mall, on the day of the blast. Her mother, Yvonne, was inside the center doing last-minute Christmas shopping. “I was on leave. It was somewhere between 11 and 12. I was watching Fame when the bomb went off. I thought the lift had come off its cables it was so loud. Then I saw the smoke coming from the center. All I could think of was my mum in the OK Bazaars,” she says. “I ran into the centre without thinking about it. I wanted to see that my mum was alright. There was a little boy lying on the floor. His face was blown off. Gone. His nanny’s foot was blown off. The three doctors who were in the center were attending to people. Ansie Prinsloo was carrying triplets. She lost two and the third was born blind and deaf, recalls De Vos. “My mum was in the OK Bazaars when the bomb went off. The people in OK were lucky because the windows just shattered, so nobody was killed or badly hurt. “It’s 30 years, but I can still see everything clearly. I’ll never forget that little boy with no face. I didn’t know what was going on until two cops caught me and brought me out of the center. That’s when the reality hit,” she says.

Eye-witness account 

“On the 23rd December 1985, I was with my Father, photo journalist Jo Toerien, in his studio in Amanzimtoti.  It was a hot summer’s  day, I was an 18 years old enjoying the coolness of the air-conditioned studio, casually chatting to him about an upcoming assignment.  I often accompanied my dad on some of his photo shoots. Our laughing and bantering was suddenly interrupted by a profound and heavy thud that made the windows shudder. Everything stood still, we both looked at each other bewildered and immediately his desk phone rang. It was brief conversation; he went white in the face,  slammed the phone down, grabbed his camera bag and bolted over to the Sanlam Shopping Centre. 
“You  could already see the grey smoke enveloping the shopping mall and billowing into the streets.  He dashed off in between the crowds and the chaos, the local police were trying to cordon off the road and do crowd control; they knew him well and ushered him through. He recalls the odd smells, a mixture of wet cement and iron and almost like that smell you encounter on Guy Fawkes day. There was screaming, crying, the wailing of the engines of fire trucks, the voices that shouted and echoed off the walls. 
“The blast had created a zig-zag effect on the internal structure. Then the reality of it all hit ….Bomb? what bomb, why?…. there were sheets of glass, bits of metal, his Nikon camera flashing into the darkness of the passages. “

People were sliding in the blood

“The blood lay everywhere, people were sliding in it. The smell of it was nauseating.  People were galvanized into action as they started to help others.  
“This was the day the name African National Congress became a name synonymous with cowardice, hatred and terrorism.   The people of this small coastal town’s reverie was knocked senseless that day. Blacks, whites, Indians and coloureds alike were affected by the senseless brutality.  This sickening act of the ANC did not encourage people to listen to their plight, instead it turned people against them, turned them into nothing but common criminals who felt nothing to murder innocent women and children.”

  • Recently, the current ANC government, incited further hatred in the people of this once glittering jewel of the south coast by renaming a main road — Kingsway Road in Amanzimtoti — after the bomber to “Andrew Zondo Road”.  This 19 year old ANC militant member, was thankfully hung on the 9thSeptember 1986.

The photos taken by my Father will always remind us of our bloody history and of the calibre of the men who now run this country.” (*Name withheld).

The photos taken by my Father will always remind us of our bloody history and of the calibre of the men who now run this country.” (*Name withheld).


Background details on Amanzimtoti bomb – testimony and aftermath:


As has become known with new information on June 25 2013, one of the children who was reportedly killed during the Amanzimtoti bomb, Isabella Margretha van Wyk, 5, actually survived the blast. Relatives have come forward including her husband and her mother, identifying her. Her little brother Willem Arie van Wyk 2 was killed in the blast, as were eight-year-old Johan Smit, Mrs Irma Bencini 48 and Anna Shearer, 43. Sixty-one people were injured: many were blinded and left permanently disabled. It’s not on record how many of those injured victims have since succumbed from their injuries.

The limpet mine had been placed in a refuse bin outside the Sanlam shopping centre. Most of the victims were holidaymakers doing last minute Christmas shopping. The shopping center was very crowded.

  • Sibusiso Andrew Zondo (19) was arrested in February 1986. Two other Umkhonto We Sizwe (MK, Spear of the Nation) male members thought also to have been involved in the bombing, Phumezo Nxiweni (20) and Sipho Stanley Bhila (31), were killed by the police during a shoot-out while they were trying to arrest them.
  • The state’s main witness in the case, A Mofokeng, told the court that he had provided the limpet mine and accompanied Zondo, 19,  to the shopping center. Mofokeng claimed that the explosion was in retaliation for the South African security forces’ raid on Maseru Lesotho four days earlier, in which nine people were killed. Zondo, who admitted his role in the bombing at his trial, was convicted and given five death sentences. He was executed on 9 September 1986. He refused to apply for an appeal against his death sentence.
  • In her statement to the Commission, Zondo’s mother said that Zondo had told his parents when he was in matric that he would leave the country when he finished school, as he was ‘fed up with the system’. His parents never saw him again, but he contacted them briefly a week before his arrest. She said that people leaving his memorial service in KwaMashu were attacked and two children killed. Zondo’s brother was seriously assaulted and subsequently suffered from epilepsy, which finally led to his death.

Johan Smit 8, is a martyr, said his father Cornelius to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Mr Cornelius Smit, whose little son Johan died in the explosion, told the TR-Commission that “he saw his son as a martyr whose death had helped usher in the new South Africa”. [JB00193/02/PS].  Other victims of the explosion who made statements to the Commission included Mr Ian Shearer [KZN/NNN/522/DN] whose wife, Anna was killed. Also, a woman named Ms Hluphekile Nkabinde [JB0020/03VT] testified about the death of two-year-old Willem Arie van Wyk. The domestic worker testified that she was taking her employer’s two-year-old son for a walk when the bomb exploded, killing the child and injuring the worker.

BUT the Amanzimtoti bombing was only a mere spec on the horizon measured to all the bombings and killings the ANC launched against military as well as innocent civilians alike. In the Church Street bomb blast the ANC was responsible for killing  19 civilians- , including the two ANC thugs that planted the bomb, – and wounded 217 more. A whole list of all their terrorist attacks , murdering sprees and human suffering they committed can be viewed HERE. and  HERE.

LIKE we mentioned before- today this same ANC butchers are parading  around like cockerels in their Gucci suits – creating an illusion of  being the “liberators” of the  “previously  disadvantaged”– blaming all the troubles of South Africa on “apartheid” and Jan Van Riebeeck. We hear on a daily basis how the “Apartheid” regime murdered “so many” poor innocent blacks- but we never hear about the same cockerels’ own dark and horrendous past. That is just ”  un-democtratic” to reveal your own hidden secrets. Jacob Zuma– a murderer, a thief- a rapist and a corrupt con artist became president of the country for his part of a very disgusting bloody past which the ANC rather would conveniently like to “forget.” Before him it was Thabo Mbeki- a sworn communist, racist, thief and orchestrator of murders committed- and before him it was Nelson Mandela– also a sworn communist, co-conspirator to mass murders and a terrorist. After him came Ramaphosa– also a murderer, a thief, smuggler, con artist and alleged pedophile- to become the next president. For this reasons as stated above the true people who knew about the ANC’s tainted history will NEVER accept them as their rightful rulers. Like the National Party before them is the ANC a fake organization with double standards-  filled to the brim with political criminals that have no qualm indulging themselves with greed, assassinations, mass murder, corruption, theft and looting of the state coffers.

Up to today not ONE National Party hoodlum or ANC mafioso member ever was brought to trail for their psychopathic abuse of state power or the human suffering they brought onto innocent people of South Africa. Only the “foot soldiers” such as Eugene De Kock and the Boeremag members were sacrificed in order for this political degenerates to scrape off the cream of the cake. Just recently the ANC went to court in a case against a so-called “Aaprtheid” policeman– Joao Rodrigues– now 80 years old- for his allged murder f an ANC terorrist  Ahmed Timol about 50 years ago. This ostensibly indicates that the ANC again is on a witch hunt to gun for all whites that supposedly committed “human rights atrocities.”  But still will they not apply the same standards against their own butchers that walk around free today. Why is it then so that Jacob Zuma are not charged for the same offenses and not in jail as yet?

In their high positions protected by hundreds of personal security guards and high fences they now act the “democratic” leaders- murdering psychopaths and con artists   fooling the populace in front with empty promises- all while at the back they are a cancerous tumor eating away the life blood of the same people they “promised” to protect. As always do they hide behind their political status and security personnel. Like the black heathens Malema and Mngxitama they continuously fuel the fires of race hatred to keep the populace divided among racial lines for their own selfish benefit.  They even laugh about it. Again- these are no ordinary people- they are psychopaths! 

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The terror campaigns against the white people in South Africa still proceeds at full steam. They (ANC) NEVER relinquished their acts of terrorism against the whites in South Africa- they only now use the country’s own resources, state funds  and organs to co-ordinate this attacks better. Where are the sanctions the international world so quickly were ready to impose on the previous government for human rights abuses now?


There’s been a bit of a buzz on social media after Julius Malema was the unlikely subject of calls to prevent farm murders occurring in South Africa. The bizarre exchange on Twitter started when a concerned citizen demanded his compliance on the matter, but it didn’t end too well…


Hallo @Julius_S_Malema hereby written confirmation to you to stop the call for farm murders within 72 hours. I beg you to. Do not make me come after you. I am not a paid bot, this is real.

Julius Malema issued a response, and it was as brief as it was uncompromising:

Julius Sello Malema


O tagilwe ke klipdrift n coke.

To translate, he implied that Miriam Botha was drunk from Klipdrift Brandy and Coke. The response drew thousands of likes, with supporters finding the exchange hilarious, if not a little bizarre.  Farm murders happen in South Africa due to the remoteness and isolation of these communities – it makes it easier for criminals to exert their brutality, and take what they want before making a clean getaway. However, some see the attacks as racially-motivated,. The most recently-released crime stats for South Africa confirmed that there were 62 farm murders in the country in 2018. We’ll only know how this matches up to 2019 in September, when the annual data is republished.

While  they can keep the “majority” constantly focused on Sharpville, Vlakplaas, Apartheid and Jan Van Riebeeck- nobody will think about it to look the “other way” and start focusing on Marikana, Quatro, the fake  “democracy”–  or Jacob Zuma. TODAY that same terrorist attacks and offensives  against the white innocent civilians still goes on. The ANC never denounced violence as a means to retain political power. Since their illegal capture of South Africa in 1994 more than 70 000 whites have either being either  brutally attacked – or murdered under the ANC’s rule. Only in the past 48 hours there were 7 farm attacks, 3 murders- and 16 transport trucks burned to ashes by black rioters in South Africa.The terror campaign of the ANC and their union cronies proceed unchallenged against the citizens of South Africa.  And as ever does Ramaphosa- a pathological lair by nature and creed- deny this fact in the face of a very gullible liberal world.


AND that we predicted would happen was EXACTLY what happened:

Khusela Diko, presidential spokesperson, says although the presidency is aware of the pleas, Ramaphosa has decided he will not express himself around  specific crimes. Despite pleas from farm communities that Cyril Ramaphosa expresses himself against crime on farms, he will not do it. Because Cyril knows if he dareadress the issue- the whole world will know he is a blatant lair! Now he very selectively choose to evade the issue! 

Dan Roodt on murdered Afrikaner activist Annette Kennealy. This is also on YouTube but you can share this directly on Facebook as a Facebook video. Parts of this were broadcast on Russian TV.

Posted by Dan Roodt on Saturday, June 1, 2019


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This is Sebenzile Simane, former farm worker, currently in court for a farm attack  in 2018. He shot through a glass door to gain entry, shot the mother in the buttocks, attempted to force the 15yo son to have sex with his mother. When the mother pleaded for this not to happen  he took the mother to the bedroom and raped her. He then fetched the 12 year old  daughter and attempted to rape her. The mother pleaded again and she was raped for the second time, this time in front of her daughter. He also tied them up with wire and threatened to shoot the kids if  the mother didn’t open up the safe. After the ordeal he drove her to an ATM to withdraw cash where she managed to escape. He is facing a a total of 17 charges. He sees nothing wrong with it- even laughing about it. The ANC and other political parties like the Eff and Blf encourage it by singing “Kill the boer”  and saying stuff like “We are not calling for the killing of all whites yet.” Another farmer- Jan Steyn–  nearly lost his life today  at Jacobsdal in the Free State as black thugs invaded his farm and nearly decapitated him. AS we print this article another white farmer –  Stefan Smit, of Louisenhof near  Stellenbosch, was again  brutally murdered in the Boland region of the Western Cape by three black thugs…a mere few hours ago. 

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Stefan Smit...brutally murdered a mere few hours ago. Tomorrow the terrorist onslaught will proceed and yet another farmer or his family will die. The ANC’s brutal legacy will continue in the face of a very careless international world and un-cooperative hippocritical human rights establishment . 




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Amid many cries for Ramaphosa to step in and initialize preventative measures to stop the escalating farm murders he still ignores the pleas- for he knows- should he adhere to it- the world at large would see him for the fake he is because just the other day he flatly denied in the face of the international world that there are farm murders happening in South Africa. AGAIN– these are no ordinary people…they are psychopaths posing as human beings. 











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