A VIDEO has surfaced on the social media that went viral because of it’s black racist content. The video was uploaded on many postings,- but as soon as it gets shared- Facebook “admins” immediately removed it…… time and again.

White Nation managed to  capture the video- but as we also learned- as soon as we place a link of the alleged racism- immediately the double standard “policemen” strikes again and remove the video from the link. So White Nation managed to download the video with special web tools and upload it again with screen shots.

DO you still remember the now well known Middelburg “coffin case” where the two white  farmers was found guilty of kidnapping, assault and intent to do grievous bodily harm after shoving a black man in a coffin and threatening to set him on fire have been sent to prison? Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson were sentenced to 11 and 14 years in jail for this “despicable” deed of “racism.” The reality was that Oosthuizen and Jackson caught a cable thief – Victor Mlotshwa– on  August 2016 on their farm. In an attempt to distract information from him who his accomplices were- they put him into a coffin and pretend they are going to set him alight if he does not talk. But nothing happened to him. They took him out again and he was set free. Cable and stock theft is a huge problem in South Africa and farmers loose millions of dollars every year due to illegal squatters that simply cut their boundary fences and steal their stocks. Furthermore is farm murders on the rise with a murder of a white farmer about every week. The death tally is simply horrifying:

334 Attacks 64 murders 2016
342 attacks 74 murders 2017
433 attacks 47 murders 2018
184 attacks 51 murders 2019

So one can understand the actions by the two white farmers.

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Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson were sentenced to 11 and 14 years in jail for alleged “racism.” 

HOWEVER– a video was taken of the incident- landed in some very anti-white racist hands- and hit the black social mafia. From there on it was all hell for the two white farmers as the extreme leftist South African media got their dirty paws on it. The case was blown totally out of proportion and became the “scoop” of the month as the video quickly made it’s way through all the liberal media editors’ offices – locally and abroad. Extra “ emotional “ terms were added and the media ghouls spiced the story with their own natural anti-white sentiments. Needless to say it also was some fuel for cheap political trickery as one after the other racist black politician also want a piece of the cake- and soon the video  became a political issue with the filthy South African media vultures now thoroughly enjoying the freak show- and lapped up every little morsel that fell from the “sensitive” nerve  table.

Political, union and media trash quickly organized riots , racist toy-toying with some white baby doll slapping, some anti-white derogative statements  and God knows what else to turn the incident the freak show of the year. The two men pleaded not guilty to the charges but the black judge would have nothing of it.  In her judgment on August 25, Judge Segopotje Mphahlele found the men guilty of kidnapping and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm to Mlotshwa. Oosthuizen and Jackson pleaded not guilty to the charges of attempted murder saying they merely wanted to scare Mlotshwa, who they accused of cable theft. But because of political meddling and media pressure the black judge capitulated and  found  it “appropriate”  to act “politically correct”- and sentenced the two men the harshest deal the law could allow.


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Segopotje Mphahlele– cast a judgement to appease his political and media masters

As a “gesture” of “goodwill” the ANC- as concerned as they always are and felt it their “moral obligation” to also do something  – stepped forward and offered  Mlotshwa’s parens a brand new RDP house for free. Liberal black lawyers also felt it to be their “obligation” to inform  Mlotshwa to sue the two farmers for personal “damage” and “crimen injuria.”  Mlotshwa became a national hero and “martyr” of “white racism” overnight with his praises sung on every media outlet and black social mafia site. The two white farmers- who was the actual victims- quickly was labeled as the perpetrators by the vile sub human South African media stray dogs…and now are jailed for a long time because they dared touch a black protected pet.

NOW White Nation want to present to you a videos showing the opposite side of the coin….BLACK RACISM! WE all are quite aware that the South African blacks are some of the most hated people in Africa for their violent , brutal and erratic racist behavior, destructive culture, lazy nature- and their racist killing of other black ethnic groups. But the word “black racism” quickly was re-named into a “smart term” called “Xenophobia”- which factually is nothing but a synonym for  BLACK RACISM.” In the video below we now see the same type of racism perpetrated by South African blacks this time of which the media accused Oosthuizen and Jackson for- and for which they were sent to lengthy jail terms for . AND this is not an” isolated incident “ either. It happens on a daily basis where blacks commit worse racist acts than whites or any other race in south Africa- but the media selectively cover it up while social site “admins” do their darnest to delete the evidence as fast as they can. Please watch:



IN this video it can clearly be seen how THREE dogs were let loose on a hapless BLACK victim.  Now White Nation is not sure what the poor “accused” did to deserve such inhuman treatment from his own kind-  but the aftermath was quite disturbing as the dogs waded into him- ripping his clothes off and inflicting some serious bite marks into his flesh. The poor man was screaming of pain and pleading the dogs’ (black) handlers/owners to call them off- but all you can hear is laughter in the back ground as these black  racists thoroughly enjoyed their own macabre “gladiator’ show- even instigating the dogs to “kill him.” We took some good screen shots in case this video also goes “missing.”

AS you clearly can see- the owners of this dogs are  BLACK– there was not ONE white man involved. The poor victim was exposed to the worst kind of human humiliation possible. While three dogs was tearing away at him- his continuous cries for help was ignored- only to be met by a chorus of laugher and mocking. This incident did not hit even the front page of ONE South African news site while the Middelburg white farmer incident that was not half as brutal as this incident- hit ALL the media outlets local and abroad …how is it possible? Simple: Black politicians, liberal trash , black social mafia hoodlums and media skunks  do not like reporting their own racist misdemeanors…it would expose themselves  as worse racists than whites-  make them look bad and expose the leftist media scum for what they truly are!  

IN another 2 videos we can see this same black and colored racism against their own kind- how a black men  was literally stoned t death and the other kicked like a dog. The question is how can you describe these monsters as ‘people?” Yet whites are labeled “racists? Whites were sent to lengthy jail terms for much lesser offenses? Click on the link below:


NOW we ask the questions: Can anybody “out there” explain to us as reasonably as possible  the difference between what happened in Middelburg coffin case- and what happened here? Can anybody explain to the rest of us why two white farmers was sentenced to lengthy jail terms for  “alleged” kidnapping and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm -which was not HALF as brutal and humiliating as what we see in this video-  while this incident in all it’s horror and dehumanization are deliberately deleted from the social sites such as  Facebook and kept well out of the media? Can anybody explain the reason why one human rights “abuse” was  hung on the big bell- while the other was quietly wiped under the carpet? The simple answer is because the worst instigators of racism in South Africa can be found in parliament, the media offices- and the black social mafia sites…PERIOD!

Can we ask the editors of City Press, Al Jazeera, News 24,  Molaole Montsho and Andrew Moses of IOL, Dispatch LIVE, Weekly Expose, Kayleen Morgan and Thando Khubela  of EWN, Mia Arderne of Cosmopolitan, Boythumelo Tshehle of Sowetan Live, HOWZIT entertainment channel, enca, Daily Maverick, Expatica, Power 987, The Telegraph,, BBC News, ALLAfrica, TheEastAfrican,, TiimesLive, Politicsweb,  Newsweek, PressTV, North Coast Courrier, Reddit South Africa  and the many other “guardians of morality” news  sites to apply the same vigorous persecution methods and wide media coverage to these black perpetrators as you did with the Middelburg  case of this two white farmers?

Can the Mpumalanga MEC for Human Settlements Speedy Mashilo now also step forward- fulfill his” moral obligation” –  and offer this victim a new RDP house as well as he did with Victor Mlotshwa? Can the ANC now also stand by this victim as they did in the coffin case with Mlotshwa? Can we ask Victor Mlotshwa– our latest  hero “martyr” please repeat what he said  that ” The  judgment against two white men who forced him into a coffin will serve as a “lesson” to racists.” against this black racists as well? Will the Facebook “admins” in that Johannesburg  labyrinth of double standards now also start doing their “community standards” duty and remove all black racist postings the same way they do on white social sites as well? Will DA federal youth leader, Luyolo Mphithi please stand up and also “expose” this naked black racism the way he ‘exposed” Elana Barkhuizen ‘s “racist” behavior in the Sweitzer Reinecke primary school incident?  Can we please hear from the same  Democratic Alliance Youth to report this incident to the SAHRC the way they reported Adam Catzavelos for using that dreaded no-no word “k*ffir? Can ANC MEC Phanyanza Lesufi please condemn this black racist act the same way he condemned the incident at the crèche at Centurion? Will the  EFF Gauteng Acting Chairperson Mandisa Mashego also tell this black racists they can go back to North Africa as he told  Anell Engelbrecht – principal of Koeitjies en Kalfies creche where a black child was photographed sitting alone during a class party at her school?  I honestly do not think we will see any of this news hippocrites or political parties  making a singly “chirp” nearly as loud as they did in the coffin case and many other “white racist” cases about what happened here…do you?

Image result for SOUTH AFRICA XENOPHOBIAImage result for SOUTH AFRICA XENOPHOBIARelated image

Related imageImage result for SOUTH AFRICA XENOPHOBIAImage result for SOUTH AFRICA XENOPHOBIA

SOUTH AFRICAN blacks are some of the most violent,  brutal and murdering racists in Africa- if they are not murdering innocent white farmers – then they are killing their own black brothers. Yet innocent whites are continuously falsely accused  for alleged “racism”  by the leftist media and black political power treasure seekers for their own selfish benefit. 

Black privilege is being able to say and do what you want and NOT get prosecuted for it. Like Mrs Munyai Patricia that works for Vodacom and is calling for the killing of white people and their children. A black petrol attendant helps a white lady with a R100 of petrol and it becomes international news. Its sad, to say the least, because making such a big hype about it shows us that its something so rare and it never happens. Its being forced down our throats that a black man helped a white lady. If she was raped and murdered it would have not made any headlines what so ever. 3 Farmers have been brutally murdered in the time spent to gather R500 000 (Half a Million) for this attendant. Has it become so rare to journalist that a black man has done something good that every news paper in South-Africa needs to write about it ? Should we forgive every farm murder, rape and attack ? Lets see if those ponytail unicorn journalists at Netwerk24 will write about this.

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The fact of the matter  is NOTHING will happen about  this case. As with so many other black racism incidents this one also will be “conveniently “ and deliberately ignored by all the black political parties , leftist media vultures-and black social mafia. RACISM keeps South Africa alive...SELECTIVE  “racism” that is…iow “White racism.” We can show you umpteen incidents of black racism here- too much for our server to handle…there simply is not enough space on our server- but black racism never even hit the headlines. As soon as this bunch of South African and social hippocrates are confronted with this issue- they all suddenly seem to experience  attacks of amnesia and laryngitis. The silence becomes unbearable. Adam Ctzavelos is their latest “scoop” of the year- and you can watch their zest again as they again will pursue that case right to the end to keep it alive and well- anything to send out their fake propaganda that whites in South Africa are the “racists” and blacks the “victims”- that keeps the donations rolling from liberal abroad and news sites up and running. “White Racism” is a BIG money spinner for the useless media rats in South Africa (and abroad) to keep their pockets filed and keep their jobs. ‘White racism” keeps black politicians in power. “White Racism” keeps the SAHRC otherwise useless employees having a job. “White racism” keeps black and white divided so the communist despots can stay in power.




“White Racism” sells more liberal news sites than any other topic. “White Racism” keeps the courts busy. “White Racism” keeps the lawyers busy. “White racism”  keeps idiots the likes of Julius Malema and  Andile Mngxitama in the spotlight and in parliament. “White Racism” now also are the reason for the “Expropriation without compensation” drive to give useless non-productive blacks lots of property. “White Racism” propelled more black politicians into stardom than any other venture- from presidents to street sweepers. Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema , Mmusi Miamane and Andile Mnxitama all used the power of “White racism” to propel them into political stardom and win election votes. If you want to boost your otherwise dull political or media career in a jiffy –  just use “White racism.”   “White racism “ surely are the one most powerful job creator in South Africa- far more than the ANC themselves could achieve . That is why “White racism ” will never die in South Africa. As long as “White racism” are kept alive MILLIONS of black politicians and common racists will at least have a future. ‘White Racism” keep the majority back racists unified. “White Racism” saw to it that Affirmative Action and BEEE laws saw the light- which created  more than a few black millionaires and supplied jobs to thousands of jobless blacks.


Image may contain: 2 people


“White racism” see to it that the ANC receive millions of dollars and pounds for “black upliftment” programs from international liberal sympathizers. .  “White Racism” keeps the “Rainbow Nation” alive and  the ANC fat cats rolling in  the dough.  “White Racism” swings votes at the polls. Let us now thankWhite Racism” for it’s contribution to black uplifment programs , keeping black politicians in power, keeping corrupt politicians “honest” by taking the blame from them, creating millions of jobs and keeping South Africa such a vibrant place. If “White racism” should disappear – so will all the black political parties loose power and many black racists loose their jobs. The black social mafia sites will become a very boring place to be. As for this specific case… can write it off- for it is counter productive and has no significant financial value to any of these before mentioned hippocrates. There simply is nothing to gain for the greedy by exposing this blatant black racism or any kind of black racism for that matter to anyone.Black South Africans simply cannot function properly without their ” White racism. ” Shall we then conclude and say: ” LADUUUUUMA!!!! VIVA WHITE RACISM!!!?

White Nation