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Article written and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town 13  June   2019






WHILE Cyril Ramaphosa and his band of political genocidal maniacs in parliament are busy playing their little “denial” games- another white farmer yet again  paid the price for their deliberate and reckless vindictive reluctance  to protect the white food producing community of South Africa.

67 Year old Moolman Meyer’s body was found just after 11am in a plantation, about 800m from the homestead, next to his red Massey Ferguson tractor on Tuesday.
He lay on the ground, near the left rear wheel, with his body away from the tractor. Blood splattered across the wheel testify to the brutal violence with which Meyer was murdered.
He had several deep cut wounds over his head, body and arms. “He was chopped apart with a machete. There were marks between his fingers as he tried to stop the attack. It’s not something you’d like to see, and not to someone you know, ”says Henry Geldenhuys.” Meyer lived alone on the farm. He has four sons, three of whom live in America. Doors Meyer, the fourth son, is a long-distance truck driver. He arrived in South Africa last night. He was on his way to Windhoek when he heard the news that his father was missing and later found dead.

It wasn’t nice to see. . . he is very horribly mutilated. “ TAU SA’s deputy president Henry Geldenhuys was on Wednesday at the scene where Moolman Meyer, 67, a farmer from Ermelo in Mpumalanga, was brutally murdered. Geldenhuys knew Meyer for years. Meyer’s farm Waaihoek is about 10 km from Geldenhuys’ farm.  A massive search has been launched by TAU SA members, police and farm watchmen after Meyer went missing this weekend. Meyer is thought to have been killed this weekend. He was last seen alive on Saturday when he and two black workers with a tractor and trailer were loading wood in the field.

This wood Meyer sold for an extra income, says Geldenhuys. Martin Struthers, a longtime friend of Meyer, arrived on the farm on Tuesday looking for him. Struthers said he was worried after hearing nothing from Meyer last week. Meyer would visit the town twice a week and drink coffee at Struthers. Struthers called for help on Tuesday when he found Meyer’s pick-up at home, but could not find any trace of his friend.  The housekeeper told Struthers that Meyer left with two black men on Saturday to pick up timber. One of the men later apparently returned and said Meyer was looking for his cellphone. The man was looking around for it and left with it. “It’s been a very sad moment for me, Meyer was a quiet man and we’ve known each other for years,” says Struthers. The search lasted until Tuesday night and resumed early on Wednesday morning. Even an airplane was used to help with the search. Meyer’s body was found just after 11am in a plantation, about 800m from the homestead, next to his red Massey Ferguson tractor. He laid on the ground, near the left rear wheel, with his body away from the tractor. Blood spatters across the rear wheel testified to the brutal violence with which Meyer was murdered. He had several deep cut and chop  wounds across his head, body and arms. “He was chopped in pieces  with a machete. There were markers between his fingers as he tried to stop. It’s not something you’d like to see, and not from someone you know, ”says Geldenhuys.

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IN yet another incident quick-thinking police officers in Fouriesburg, Free State are being hailed as heroes after they successfully prevented a farm attack in a remote area of the community.It’s understood that a group of five black terrorists were planning a murderous  armed robbery at a nearby property, before they were captured by the cops. They found the group near a farm, and managed to haul them aside and conduct a stop and search. The officers found a bevy of weapons and ammunition.

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The actions of local law enforcement likely saved some rural residents from a torturous ordeal. The gang have since all appeared in court and charged for their part in the plot. Roy Jankielsohn is one of the DA’s top representatives in Free State, and he saluted the alert officers for their sharp reactions: “The DA would like to congratulate the SAPS on their swift action that allegedly prevented what could’ve been another tragic farm attack in Fouriesburg. All indications show the suspects were planning to carry out an attack on farm dwellers.” “The action by the SAPS with the support of local safety structures supports the importance of intelligence in preventing such attacks. This specific incident proves that intelligence combined with the rural safety unit, as proposed by the DA, would’ve been of huge significance.”

Roy Jankielsohn

IN  another attack NINE black terrorists overpowered a white farmer in Roodeplaat in another farm attack which left two people injured.  A farm attack took place on 23 May 2019, in Roodeplaat, Gauteng province. A farmer on the Kameelfontein Road was attacked and robbed by nine armed black thugs  who then locked the farmer and others in the safe. Whilst no one was seriously injured in the incident, one person was hit by a stray bullet and another person had a blow with a firearm on the head. Two vehicles were robbed. The Mercedes was recovered and brought back and tracker is now on the trail of the VW Polo. Thanks to Maximum Security, Dristian Barnard, Chris Putter, Burger Nortje, Ruaan Ellis and Milydia Potgieter and Jenny Schutte Potgieter of Kameeldrift Trauma and APA’s prompt response. There is no other information available at this stage.

THEN there was another  brutal farm attack took place on 10 June 2019, in the Apiesrivier area, Gauteng province. An unknown number of attackers broke into a vehicle on the property, they then attacked and raped a female victim in front of her five year old son. The victim’s dogs are also missing. Police are investigating, there have been no arrests made. There is no other information available at this stage.

A farm attack took place on 9 June 2019, also  in the Apiesrivier area, Gauteng province. An unknown number of black thugs  ransacked a caravan on the property and threw a rock through one of the windows of the house. No injuries were reported. There have been no arrests. Police are investigating. There is no other information available at this stage.

A farm attack took place on 12 May 2019, in Frankfort, Free State Province. Two victims Tiennie de Jager (59) and his wife Elize (59), were attacked on their farm KatrenaVlei by 2 black thugs . Elize, who was tending to the chickens was attacked and beaten with a metal rod on her head and allegedly strangled with barbed wire, her hands and feet were then bound. Tiennie, who after a while went outside looking for his wife, heard her scream, he then ran into the house to retrieve his firearm when he was also assaulted with a metal rod. He managed to get his firearm a fired a few shots causing the thugs  to flee. Nothing appears to have been stolen. The couple were admitted to hospital with head and facial wounds. There is no other information available at this stage and no arrests.

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The international world knows precisely what is happening in South Africa. They are the planners of the murders on the white farms.  They – countries like the UK, Sweden, USA, Norway, The Netherlands, et al – deliberately  donate a great deal of money for weapons for so-called  “ black empowerment”  and terrorist factions such as the EFF and BLF to to destroy the white Afrikaner, even at economical level. There are many foreign embassies  in South Africa,- yet even  United Nations will not lift a finger to act upon this obvious genocide against white farmers. In stupefied “politically correct” silence they prefer to ” look the other way.” Mineral resources speaks louder than farmers’ lives. 

WHILE THOUSANDS OF CASES ARE REPORTED OF BLACK ON WHITE BRUTAL VIOLENCE AND GHASTLY MURDERS- NOT ONE CASE COULD BE HIGHLIGHTED OR TRACED OF ANY WHITE ON BLACK VIOLENCE OR MURDERS. YET THE ANC REGIME BLAMES WHITES FOR “RACISM.” IT IS TIME THE WORLD AT LARGE AWAKE FROM THEIR SLUMBER AND SEE WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON IN THEIR OWN “DEMOCRATIC” MESS THEY CREATED IN SOUTH AFRICA. If the world at large claim the white genocide in South Africa to be fake- so also must the Holocaust be fake- for you cannot be condemning the slaughter of one race- while in the same breath condoning the other. That qualifies you as an ignorant lying hippocrate.

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About a year ago the plight of white South Africans, and especially the farmers reached an awareness “peak”, for lack of a better term. Stories were finally being published in the mainstream media, commentators were discussing it, politicians were making statements and “promising ” action – even Donald Trump tweeted about it. In South Africa, ownership of the land has emerged as the most explosive issue faced by the country’s leaders. The government has pledged to redistribute land from white farmers to millions of black people who work on it. But groups representing white farmers say the dispute is inflaming violence in rural areas. Some white farmers have resorted to learning self-defense and weapons techniques from a former member of Israel’s special forces in case they are targeted. In South Africa the “law” works against the victim: If you dare act in self defense and kill a terrorist in your bedroom at night- you will be locked up immediately without hesitation for first degree murder and dragged before a court of law with all the accompanied media coverage while political instigated black mobs dance outside the court-  slapping white baby dolls on poles and shout “vengeance for the racists.”    But if a terrorist murdered you in your own bedroom the police do not even attempt to visit the crime scene right away due to a “shortage of vehicles”–  and only tick their duty sheet as ” busy investigating” – as they note the case  in their incident register as “another farmer succumbed today due to natural causes.” Later that night the farm murderer will change his clothes- and go back to police duty again to  investigate your murder himself the following morning .

Katie Hopkins speaks about recent farm murders in South Africa They were tortured – with boiling water. She was stabbed. They made a leash of barbed wire……..

Posted by This is South Africa on Tuesday, May 21, 2019




Plaasboer vermoor – Farmer killed – Sheepmoor – Moolman Meyer


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AND still the communist  Ramaphosa and his murderous ilk keeps on lying that farm murders do not exist in South Africa.