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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   June 17   2019








YOU most probably have heard of the latest black psycho  attack from that poor uninformed lost soul of the Mandela graveyard- Zindzi Mandela….daughter of South Africa’s own created demi-god Nelson Mandela– which now features in every leftist news headline and black social mafia site? 

The young fool decided that she also needs a bit of “scoop” to enlighten her otherwise dull existence-  and as black misinformed little insignificant  racists go- again picked the poor innocent whites to carry her fading legacy to “stardom” when she dropped another unsubstantiated and uncalled for rant in the black social mafia matrix.

Mandela this week went on the black social mafia matrix and laid a bunch of the usual “I hate whites” rotten eggs when she alleged the following bullsh*t statements again:


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Mandela broke all the “racist” rules her own nepotist regime laid down- and slandered whites as “Trembling white cowards “ and “ Thieving rapist descendants of Van Riebeeck“- all while blacks hold the notorious status of committing the most rapes in South Africa and the world and not even ONE white rape case recorded in 25 years!!  Clearly this poor pathetic communist specimen also missed her history classes as well as she has no friggin clue what happened in the past- and also derive her “ thieving” narrative from the ANC’s own big hoax  “whites stole our land” conspiracy to actually steal the land AND private property/assets themselves! This comes to show Mandela also is just another ANC parrot squawking the same tune as her commi masters.

When Mandela’s undiplomatic comments were criticized, she said she was not answerable to any white man or woman. “No missus or baas here. Get over yourselves,” was one response. “Will be back for the Msunery #OnMyTsnCs. Miss all these trembling white cowards, shem. Botha, Potgieter, Thieving Rapist Descendents of Van Riebeeck, etc: how are you my babies? We shall gesels more Mr Skont and Ms Unus #OurLand,” she wrote in another tweet. Mandela also re-tweeted several posts by other Twitter users, including one that used the pejorative reference “1652” to refer to white people. It read: “I am not surprised by the reaction of the 1652’s really but their time is coming to and [sic] end Shem and these are the last kicks of a scared and dying horse.”


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ARROGANCE never seem to be this little old twat’s weak point!

Reacting to the tweets, DA leader Mmusi Maimane said it felt as if the reconciliation project had “stalled”, and that it left a lot of South Africans feeling like they “no longer had a stake in a democratic South Africa”. “The climate allows divisive and damaging politics to take root insofar as people withdraw back into their racial and cultural laagers.” “Zindzi Mandela’s comments are unfortunate because they attempt to blame government’s failure to grow the economy and accomplish true empowerment on specific parts of the population.” Inkatha Freedom Party spokesperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa said it was wrong to “further escalate tensions” about the land question, which is a “legitimate issue”.An antagonistic attitude is not going to aid land reform,” he said.

SO what triggered the poor “disadvantaged now heavily advantaged” offspring of a terrorist and necklace murderess to suddenly decide it’s time to “bash whitey” again? No white that we know off provoked  or harmed her in any way. Why now this utterly racist and uncalled-for tantrum? If she hates whites so much why is she still and “ambassador” in Denmark- and not one in Khartoum in Sudan instead of being in a white country full of “stealing and raping” Van Riebeecks? At least there she would feel more “safer” and more comfortable between the  black terrorists of  Omar al-Bashir- taken in consideration her daddy also was a terrorist , she is supporting a terrorist movement- and after all she then would feel more “at home” between her own kind.  The reason: Her ilk at home still get “hand-outs” from the white “bosses “ in Denmark and she is there to make sure that hand outs keep on flowing down South! Chris Barnard learned the basics of heart surgery from his black gardener? Where the f*ck did this little dupe crawl out of?? If Barnard  did get his basics of heart surgery  from his black gardener he would have left  the patient to die and most probably broke into his hospital locker and  stole his personal belongings as well! 

The poor thing was “knighted” with the portfolio as “ambassador” to a WHITE country by the ANC black Czars – Denmark- because she carries the iconic name “Mandela” –  where she now must endure  quite a boring life being incarcerated between the four walls of the embassy-  caught up in the midst of all those whites she hates so much. And as quite expected- did the little racist also receive support from black supremest bigots such as  EFF moron Julius Malema  and another schmuck 5FM presenter Thando Thabethe together with a bunch of radical black narcissists on the black social mafia sites – who took to Twitter to calling for “Hands off #ZindziMandela”  for her little racist rant.

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Like mother like daughter…Zindsi Mandelatrue communist to the bone!!

When   Adam Catzavelos, – the white South African man who went on a  video rant while on holiday on a Greek island last year utter that dreadful “K-Word” in a video that again went “viral”,– all hell broke loose and he was called back to South Africa immediately to face one -hundred-and -one thousand charges for naked “racism”-laws the commi rubble could generate and not only that- he also was charged to face prosecution in Greece too! But here comes lady “Kakka”– and also  publicly committed the sin of the century by demonizing whites in a brutal racist attack- but now suddenly because she belongs to the “halo” group of ” exalted” black hero families- she suddenly gets protected by the same black social mafia that had a field day screaming their heads off for Cazavelos to be slaughtered publicly for daring to use that “dreaded” K-word- and also sympathized by the  radio fraternity who cared a f*ck about Catzavelos- but now sides with her even if she discarded a whole load of false bullsh*t about whites!


Adam Catzavelos appeared at the Randburg Magistrates Court on 13 June 2019. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN

Adam Katzavelos– publicly slaughtered because he dared uttering that holy upon holy ANC-made slander “K*ffir.” Yet now the same predators that seek his blood for alleged “racism”  vehemently now are protecting another brutal racist just because she belongs to a communist-created”holy” outfit! Blacks can slander whites every which way but loose- no offense taken! BUT let a white DARE slander a black- and all hell broke loose from the political skunk factory. 

BUT you see Mandela belongs to that small group of rich “elite blacks” that exploit white Afrikaners to their own benefit- JUST as Zuma, Malema, Andile F*ckinxitama or whatever his surname is, Pajamas Lesufi and the rest do to score some cheap political points. They pretend to hate whites- even ranting and raving in public about whites- but mean-while they get PAID by the WHITE masters to do so. You see- the war is not waged against whites per se– but against white  Afrikaners in particular. Because there is an age old power struggle between the British colonizers and the Dutch colonizers among many other colonizers such as the Portugese, French, Spaniards et al– the British want to  retain, strengthen and enforce their iron control  grip on the South African economy. Because the white Afrikaner mainly started from Dutch (Jan Van Riebeeck’s) origin- who was kicked out by the British from the Cape Colony- the psi-ops war therefore mainly is  concentrated against the white (Dutch) Afrikaner. Was the Afrikaner from British origin….not a word would have been spoken against them. The power struggle for South Africa’s untapped riches are still raging on between the global vultures.

But then Mandela herself is a measly rogue racist bigot filled with hippocricy. What Mandela- who now are throwing tantrums against Afrikaner Dutch descendants of Van Riebeeck – wisely does not include in her rants against the “whites’ – is the term ” Adultery”– for her own mother- Winnie Mandela– had an illegitimate affair with one of those “Van Riebeeck” descendants- one charcoal burning liberal John Voster– a WHITE “Dutch”  thieving raping Van Riebeeck descendant who cavorted with Winnie while ol’ Nelson was running classes at the National Party University how to become  a “president” in the Victor Verster institution for good communists. Now THAT is a dirty little secret neither the National Party hoodlums nor the communist ANC rat pack or the leftist media  wanted to be revealed at any given time…but the secret was still revealed a few years later.  Maybe that is why Mandela refer to Van Riebeeck’s  descendants as “rapists”– because we bet  her own mother tried to hide the fact that she was bonked by a Van Riebeeck’s descendant-  and then used the excuse that  he “raped” her- shifting all the blame on him as not to be shamed in front of her and the rest for her loose moral values. Now THAT makes a bit of sense we figure!

Maybe sis Zindzi must rather do a bit of “in-house” investigations and find out where that elusive secret illegitimate half-brother of hers is roaming about and what he does for a living- what happened in the past before she  start flinging bullsh*t at the white Afrikaners again.After all- thanks to her mother’s loose moral values she  became part of the Van Riebeeck” “family” now...isn’t she? As for the Van Riebeeck teaching Zindzi and her predecessors how to make fire we agree with her. Blacks in general are synonymous with fire- that we already noticed today as well as we see how they destroy the infrastructure on a daily basis that  cost the country millions of dollars with their arson attacks on buildings, streets,whole farms,  transport trucks, trains- even in their necklace executions. Everything must be burned to ashes. So yea- Zinzi- we agree with you on that point. Jan Van Riebeeck’s descendants never destroyed any of the above on the grand  scale that blacks do in South Africa  by torching their way into making a political point , feel “unhappy”, protest against “service delivery” against a government they themselves voted into power- or seek political acknowledgement. So no...Van Riebeeck factually DID find the remains of your fire experiments when he came here…hundreds of whole smaller tribal villages burned to ashes by the hands of bigger conquering tribes. Since the Renaissance of the black African that was a trade mark of Africa…destruction by fire. Torching, burning and destroying appears to be Africa’s favorite pastime.

Van Riebeeck’s descendants may not have taught you how to make a  fire- they only taught you how to make fire faster and easier…they introduced and taught you how to use a Lion match and a Bic lighter…something no black man would have invented by himself for another 300 years – taken in consideration black people today still struggle to invent their own alphabet and mathematical systems– but rather prefer to use the white man’s English language and Greek mathematical system.  So let us give ‘ol Van Riebeeck a bit of credit here…shall we? After all you still use some of his inventions such as you beautiful SUV you drive, lipstick, plastic hair, skin lightener, handbag, electricity, electrical commodities,false eye lashes, nail polish, Deodorant,  currency, plastic credit cards, dresses, high heel shoes, public transport, airplanes, Rayban specs, medicines, medical services and technology, scientific inventions, electricity, Gucci suits, Rolex watches, toiletries, cutlery, dishes, computers, – and even down to your condoms and Stayfree sanitary pads. It’s not much…but acknowledge it- ol’ Van Riebeeck DID leave behind a good legacy for the black man’s social upliftment in Africa  too…now did he not?



So while you are ranting about Van Riebeeck…why don’t you rant about Tsjaka Zulu too? I mean he killed THOUSANDS more black tribes in his Mfekane operations than ol’ Van Riebeeck ever did. AND since your own idolized farther took the reign in 1994 THOUSANDS of black people are murdered every year which outnumber even the blacks killed during the whole 40 years of Apartheid!! So when you again start to blow some hot unsavory air about the white Van Riebeecks….please remember the black Tsjaka Zulus and the black Mandela ANC’s  as well will you? But we could understand your quest to move South Africa back to the stone age and the  rule of the black African again- we can see that already by the total destruction you and the likes of you have caused this country the past 25 years. Just another 10 years more of your “democratic” rule – and we all will be happily riding mules and donkeys again in the dark with hippopotamus and pig oil flaming torches to find our way to our mud and grass huts at night where we all then can dance again bare feet around the big fire and celebrate our freedom from all the Jan Van Riebeecks with a slaughtered cow or six we stole from a smaller tribe which our hunting party of brave warriors conquered with their spears. Good for you! We can then send signals on a tree trunk to nearby villages to come and join the celebration feast as we will not be in need of Van Riebeecks cell phones , his WhatsApp and all that unnecessary high cell phone fees again as we will also rid ourselves of all Van Riebeeck’s pay methods and currencies as well. You will be the proud grandmother of a new generation beautiful and natural African grand children – waking around uneducated by Western standards , bare feet with “ stertriems” – and growing strong on pots and pots of Sorghum beer and fresh cow’s milk the true African way. No more flying around in planes, no more driving around in cars, no more electricity bills- everything back to “old school” beading, witch doctors to operate on us, cow dung floors , you women foraging  for food in the veld by day, and carrying piles of  fire wood on their  heads at night for that feasts.


A 42-year-old father and his 17-year-old son were brutally gunned down while fighting off a group of armed suspects who forced their way into their Richards Bay flat in northern KwaZulu-Natal on Tuesday. A 61-year-old neighbor was killed by a bullet in the chest when he responded to the cries for help. THIS is what psychopaths the likes of Mandela advocate- murder , misery and chaos to other people.

Julius Malema Youth Day whiteness

Mandela’s psycho partners….a bunch of anarchists that think they could turn a whole country in chaos.

ABOUT the white “apologists” we TOTALLY agree with you. NO white man should EVERapologize” to a black man- not for the modern upliftment, the education, the technology, the scientific developments, the food programs, the medicines, the hospitals, schools, universities, transport systems, electrical networks, telecommunication networks, job creation, food production or any other advantages the white man brought to Africa! Here us and you are on the same page. That is why only white liberals will apologize and Boers not. The white man simply should take all his “bags” of development, white capital and technology-  and get the hell out of Africa- leaving Africa for Africans- and never come back...just as ol’ Julius said once! And when they arrive back in Europe- also send ALL the black Africans in Europe and America  BACK to Africa to help other Africans to develop their hunting , farming, hut building, architecture , spear throwing and breeding skills to be able to defend Africa if and when those white “colonials” ever try invading Africa again! It may take another 300 years as the “dreadful ” system of white apartheid” already re-adjusted  many rural black minds to forget their ancestral “roots’ how things was done 600 years ago…but Africa will on the end look after it’s “children from the soil” without the interference of the ” white colonial”..agreed!


There are a few little “nyani” problems with this wonderful “African Dream” though before Mandela and her ilk can go to the processing department with the “plan” though:

  1. Who is going to convince “apartheid enlightened” blacks such as Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Aliko Dangote, Tyler Perry,  Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Mike Adenuga, Mo Ibrahim and the rest to leave the comfort of their “white capitol” mansions and limosines in Bel Air to return to Africa’s mud huts and riding donkeys?
  2. Who is going to tell Ramaphosa, Motsepe, Zuma, Tokyo Sexwale, Sipho Nkosi, Julius Malema, Phuthuma Nhleko, Vincent Mnthambo, Leonard Sowazi and all the other rich tenderpeneur black millionaires to sell and distribute their ” white capitol” inherited wealth among the poor- and return to mud huts and riding donkeys?
  3. What are Mandela and her gang of “Africanized” activists going to do with the colored community as they are direct descendants of that hateful Van Riebeeck “rapist”  himself?
  4. Will Mandela’s OWN clan sell all their riches they inherited from Mandea’s own deals and assetsderived from “white money capital”  also rid themselves of all white Van Riebeeck legacies and sell their land at Qunu  and share it among the poor to move to clay and mud huts riding donkeys? I don’t think so!

BUT like we said- Mandela  belongs to that small clique of “rich elite” black “untouchable”  hippocrates that uses most of their spare time to demonize, belittle and attack white Afrikaners for personal political gain- just as Malema on a daily basis daily spit fire and brimstone against “whites”– but receives his pay cheque from the Lilly- white Robin Renwick, George Soros, Nicky Oppenheimer and the rest of the British “elite” fraternity. And so does all the other black hippocrates such as Thabo Mbeki who hated whites but bonked white nannies in London hotels, Mmusi Miamane who hates “white racists” but is married to a white nannie,  Ramaphosa , Zuma, Mngfuck*gitama or whatever his surname is, Malema, Shivambu,   et al – who rides on the same band wagon and get remunerated handsomely by that ‘white money capital.” Even Mandela and Mugabe themselves  ran to the ” great white mother” for their monthly salary cheques!

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As long as only white Afrikaners get bashed but British interests are protected. The British hounds of hell made sure the white Afrikaner lost all his human rights, dignity- and freedom already. The British scum made sure the white Afrikaner were disarmed and left defenseless against this barbaric attacks on the farms. The British rubble attacked the white Afrikaner’s history, language and national flag through the extensive usage of it’s black communist despots such as Malema. Rob Davis– arch fiend and British communist– was effectively used for that role- to impoverish the majority Afrikaners and pushed them back into concentration camps (squatter camps) to die from starvation and malnutrition again.  In the past 4 black presidents the ghosts of Kitchener and Robberts were resurrected by the British elite  to continue their “Scorched Earth” offensive  on the white Afrikaner. Today there is no Emily Hobhouse to report this inhuman atrocities created by the British to the world anymore. She was technically murdered before the onslaught began. The” Hobhouse “ news media of today was truly choked to death and threatened not to report it again so the British elite demons could proceed unchallenged to destroy the last remains of the Boer/Afrikaner once and for all. History is repeating itself again. 

The bottom-line is that whites in general are very fed-up for this renegade black “elites” that-on a constant basis- are targeting white Afrikaners and “apartheid” to carry the blame for their own misdemeanors, failed policies , political f*ck-ups and when comes election time- exploit “white racism” to “ divide and conquer.“Whites are very “gatvol” to use the Afrikaans term- for this British oppression they now enforce through their Nguni puppets to persecute, prosecute, incarcerate, murder and exterminate the white “Jan Van Riebeeck” decedents to a brink of extinction. We are quite aware of the fact that the British vulturous corporate bloodsuckers  are behind the white oppression, discrimination, genocide against the white Afrikaner – and the escalating farm murders in order to rake in that farmlands’ rich untapped mineral deposits through their appointed black dictators and Afrikaner Broederbond “ controllers . “ Thus- the more media attacks, social media psi-ops wars, race division, demonization, dehumanization , racist slandering and false accusations contelpro-style there is – the better it fits the “ Agenda 21″ narrative to rid South Africa from  it’s Boer/Afrikaner “Van Riebeeck” descendants- as they did with Verwoerdwho  also happened to be a “Van Riebeeck” descendant.


Image may contain: text

THIS is typical the fake racist media in South Africa…distortion of the truth!

However– that being said- Not all blacks are this racist  or this down-right stupid. You get very respectful  blacks that want nothing to do with this whole viper’s nest of deceptive communist  aliens. We are working with some black people that are genuine honest and only want to live as we do- in a country of peace and prosperity- hand in hand with all the other races. We have blacks that distance themselves from this small band of political power hungry crooks. The majority local blacks are too busy struggling from day to day under the same despotic rule and taxes as we do- blacks that also do not qualify for a seat at the gourmet table fit for only those  “chosen ones” belonging to the “anointed” group. IT only is a small band of renegade greedy black corrupt  political  terrorists at the  top that forever are fueling the flames of division and race  hatred specifically aimed at poisoning  the minds of the masses in order to stay in power. It only is the leftist deceptive media correspondents that are deep rooted racists that on a daily basis advocate violence, division and promote racism to keep those figures on their reader sales tally ticking.

It only is a very few political anarchists the likes of the  the Malemas, the Shivambus, the Zumas, the Mngfuck*gitama or whatever their  surnames are that will obey the powers of dankness and as paid agents render the country ungovernable in chaos and war. They are the ones robbing us blind through imposed taxes. They are the ones receiving humongous salaries and perks, they are the ones living in grand mansions and drive state of the art cars – wearing the Gucci suits while they gorge themselves in Sushi and sip blue chip while the rest of us suffer in squatter camps and choke on poverty. They are the ones creating racism and riots. They are the omen and the curse of this country. They all sit in parliament and in security complexes while we are hi-jacked, robbed,murdered and our children abducted as sex slaves  on the streets on a daily basis. They all form not even 6% of the population- but they- with the help of their corporate controllers and lying media propaganda machines – are the ones that captured the “state” and see to it that they are the only ones living off the spoils of the misery of others while the rest of the population must suffer the indigestion of impoverishment , oppression, taxes and high  crime. And they will always protect each other- never will you see any one of them doing jail time. Jail only is for the “commoners”- the “expendables” of society….not for the ” chosen” ones – the “untouchables” of the elite.   But as long as the “people” will keep on believing their deception and lies, as long as the media correspondents keep on acting bias and dishonest, as long as the law enforcement agencies keep on being corrupt themselves, as long as the judiciary keep on being politically influenced– a long as we allow fake insurgents such as Mandela to keep on making such inflammatory speeches to again fuel hatred between color lines, – and as long as we as the normal man on the street will tolerate this small band of political thugs to rule is- we will forever be their useful slaves and the riches of this country be out of our reach and into the hands of those greedy corporate  wolves and their political  “decepticons.”




White Nation