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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   June 20   2019







THE pinnacle of hippocracy again is playing itself out on the South African Savannah of racism when the ANC- the prime evil of racism- now all of a sudden feel “offended” that Steve Hoffmeyer constituted a fact they do not like- and that fact is that the tax payer IS the government’s employer as it is the tax payer that pays their salaries for services not rendered at this point in time.


The ANC will lay a charge of crimen injuria against Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr on Thursday for “racist and inhumane rants on social media whichsmacks of barbarism, white supremacy and toxic masculinity”. This comes Hofmeyr tweeted on Tuesday: “Dear Phumzile van Damme and Zindzi Mandela, I’m a South African tax-paying citizen. Effectively, I AM your boss. You WILL jump when I say so and you WILL ask how high. And when you come to take our lives and land, you WILL die. Our contract is that simple. And don’t you forget it.” ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe arrogantly said in a statement on Wednesday evening that Hofmeyr’s tweets “hark back to the crude apartheid past” and are “something that no South African should tolerate”. “This in our eyes demonstrates white arrogance and is a textbook example of white privilege, which must be nipped in the bud,” he said. Mabe said the ruling party will continue to campaign “for the total isolation of apartheid remnants masquerading as advocates of racism at every public opportunity they get”. “Racists have no place in our democratic country,” he added.The ANC is expected to lay a charge of crimen injuria against Hofmeyr on behalf of Mandela at the Cape Town police station at 11am on Thursday.

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Steve Hofmeyr


Dear @zilevandamme and @ZindziMandela I’m a South African tax-paying citizen. Effectively, I AM
your boss. You WILL jump when I say so and you WILL ask how high. And when you come to take our lives&land, you WILL die. Our contract is that simple. And don’t you forget it.


NOW according to our latest observations Mabe and his gang of corrupt commi  thugs are the last remaining skeletons of an era loaded of black racism, corruption and blatant discrimination-  and also the last in the que that can speak of racism and the “  crude apartheid past” Not even to mention “ Racists have no place in our democratic country”– as the ANC’s own AA and BEEE policies itself smacks  with utter discrimination and racism against the Afrikaner. The ANC deem themselves as “overlords” of South Africa- “untouchable” to destroy the country’s state coffers, holler naked racism against whites from podiums, steal the treasury empty- and fabricate one after the other brutal discriminatory and racist “laws”against white Afrikaners  as they deem fit- but once THEY are opposed or taken to the sword for their own racist behavior- they suddenly feel “offended.” It came through ironic how quickly these commi  reptiles can throw the “democratic country” in your face – when they themselves venture onto the worst kind of human rights abuses, corruption, blatant racism and a total dictatorship when confronted  with their own transgressions. Do they really think the whites must simply sit there passively and  endure this blatant onslaught against their nation from heathens such as Mandela, Malema , Mnxgiwhateverhisnameistama – and just “hand over” their private land and property which they paid for with hard earned money and interests on bonds just because Ramaphosa and his thieving ilk decided to change the constitution to their thieving agenda and  liking? And if they get opposition from the whites now the bastard children suddenly start to slander and threaten Hoffmeyer because he dared standing up against their blatant racist oratories and threats? 



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BUT Mabe and his rat pack will not act or lay charges against THIS blatant racism…simply because these villains are not Hoffmeyers!

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And THIS is the result of the above black hate speech- something psychopaths such as Mabe, Mandela , Van Damme et al does not understand at all. Their deep rooted black hatred prevent them from reasoning like normal human beings. 

This disgusting hoodlums in the commi ANC REALLY think the country belongs to them! They REALLY live in a world of fantasy that whenever the “lords” speak- everybody must drop their pants and run because the “mighty”, the “invincible” ANC has spoken!  For 25 years this despicable bunch of crooks has had it their own way- and along the way- lost their touch with reality- becoming more and more arrogant! Mabe and his nest of vile snakes still will learn the hard and painful way that in every war the devil brought to the white Boer/Afrikaner– the white at first sat quiet and endured whatever the devil enforced on him. But then at a certain point the Boer/Afrikaner had enough and stand up- take his Bible in the one hand- and his rifle in the other…then retaliate with a vengeance rather not to be discussed in a “democratic” sense.

The arrogant British found that out…the arrogant Tsjaka Zulu found that out, the self-confident Dingane found that out, for 25 years 5 of the most powerful nations in the world and 7 “liberation” movements in South West Africa found that out…and soon the arrogant ANC with their AIDS-riddled obese army and corrupt poorly trained and inactive police force gangsters are going to find that out too. And the ANC rats and their white liberal trash such as Niehaus, Du Preez, Irwin, Davis, Croucamp  & Co treacherous wretches are fast approaching that point. They actually already overplayed their paw and soon they are going to pay the price for their arrogance. And the Boer/Afrikaner does not easily FORGET the names of those that has transgressed against them. Their BRITISH skunk masters should have educated this poor misdirected black hoodlums about taking on the Boer/Afrikaner and overplaying their hand…but they will soon learn the consequences of their grave mistake that cost many white lives this past 25 years.

Further-more did the ANC rubble long ago targeted Hoffmeyer as their main “villain“simply  because they sense Hoffmeyer is busy turning into a national  hero Afrikaner activist that is busy uniting white Afrikaners behind him against their despotic dictatorship and black communist  oppression. And a united Afrikaner nationalism is the last thing the ANC reptiles want to tolerate in their midst as it can totally destroy their evil reign of terror.  But when racist degenerates the likes of Mnxwhateverhisnameisgitama, Malema, the ANC’s own Pajamas Lesufi, Van Damme or Mandela – or hundreds of racist black les miserables on the black social mafia sites for that matter utter derogatory racist statements against whites – the ANC finds no problem with that- they either ignore them or protect them. Just  as long as Hoffmeyer does not pay back the same respects…then all of a sudden it is ” racist and inhumane rants “ and ” advocates of racism.”


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CAN the arrogant Mabe now tell this racist bigot the same sh*t he vomited against Hoffmeyer?

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And the racist black madness to cerate a civil war goes on among non-white half-wit imbeciles such as Lindsay Maasdorp.……unchallenged. White Europe…America…learn a very expensive lesson from the blacks in South Africa…

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Half breed Lindsay Maasdorp…big mouth  Cape Town gangster who is  spewing toxin at whites on a continuous basis. 


Phumzile van Damme, the DA member of parliament who went out of her way earlier this week to follow a woman into a parking lot for bumping into her in a Clicks pharmacy – and who then punched the woman’s son in the face because she “felt threatened” because they were supposedly “racists “ – is now laying criminal charges against Steve Hofmeyr because he said if they come for our lives and land, he will resist them. These black communist political heathens became too arrogant for their own liking- and it is time they get sorted out and taught a lesson they will never forget. They already surpassed the level of self-proclaimed “untouchable” little demi-gods. Their blatant disregard for other races is mind boggling. Like Maasdorp Van Damme is an excellent example of a nobody that “think” they are “invincible” because they enjoy a bit of political recognition and media status. If we were at the spot I personally would have slapped Van Damme right into Davy Jones’ locker with her “racist” bleating and all. 


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THIS is the crown of discrimination against the white AfrikanerBAR the Affirmative Action discriminatory laws against whites that prevent them from entering the job market- has the ANC their BEEE system in place barring whites from any Government contracts- and now again BILLIONS of rands are wasted into black farmers that for 25 years could not even successfully achieve blue chip status in feeding the nation- while the white farmer who has been doing it for nearly 60 years get bugger-all from this racist government- but on the contrary are facing eviction from their farms due to yet another discriminatory policy-“ expropriation without compensation”  and constant terrorist attacks against their farming community to impose fear and force the white farmers to abandon their farms to make way for so-called “black farmers” to take over their farms. AND yet the prime racist ANC and their donkey-cart drivers the likes of   Pule Mabe want to scream “racism” against Hoffmeyer????

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IF Mabe want to observe barbarism and see black supremacy that seeps toxic – he better start looking at the inhuman level of farm murders HIS oppressive regime allows to take place in South Africa and their zest to destroy the white Afrikaner by imposing human rights abusive laws , cultural genocide – and inhuman treatment upon the white Afrikaner. 119 anti-white Laws is hard evidence of that offensive they maintain to destroy the white Afrikaner nation. If he wants to observe real racists in their “democracy” – he just have to take a  peek into their own parliament and laws. – the poor sod! Where was this “holier-than-thou” ANC when Malema, Mnxwhateverhisnameisgitama and the hundreds of black racists utter ten times worse raw racist derogatory slanders and statements on public podiums and on the black mafia social sites against whites ? No- the ANC was no-where to be seen or heard- for they are  smut with double standards which is true to their deceptive communist agenda and nature. And for Mabe’s information is their so-called fake “Democracy” ten times worse and commit hundred times worse human right abuses than “apartheid” ever was or did. But like the rest of the ANC. EFF and BLF cockrells is Mabe just another useless insignificant “wannabe” with a big mouth that made it his quest to spew loads of anti-white bullsh*t venom against the white Afrikaner again.

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The rats responsible for the chaotic state the country now finds itself in.