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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   June 22 2019






SOUTH AFRICA – after the illegal capture of the State in 1994 by the ANC- became the 3rd  tri-angle of mysteries – situated between the ANC/EFF in the North, IFP  in the East- and the DA  in the South-  to join the Bermuda and Devil’s tri-angles of notoriety where assets (especially the tax payers hard-earned money) disappear never to re-appear again. The sheep again have made the wolves the guardians of their lambs.

At current state, approximately only 8% of the country ‘s working class pay taxes which support 80% of the non-productive  grant-thieving leeches. This area needs urgent attention to reduce our drain on international aid and donations by boosting the employment rate which stimulates the economy, generates taxes as well as grows the GDP.

CYRIL and the disappearing R 1.5 Trillion

If there is one question on the subject of the economy Cyril “The Squirrel”  Ramaphosa should have answered  during his State of the Nation Address which should be this: Why did pumping R1.5-trillion into the economy over the past decade have no effect?

Cast your mind back briefly to the heady days of 2009. What salad days they were. At that point, things were flying, but danger loomed. The SA economy was just about to be caught up in what was to become the great global recession. But as it happens, the extent to which it would affect SA economically was at that point not really clear. In the longer span, SA had just had a decade of above-average growth. Confidence was high. The regime’s coffers were overflowing, so much so that an incredible thing happened. One year, the government actually spent less than it took in. Crazy! The national debt was coming down — and gradually, the surplus gained by having to pay off less debt was being spent on expanding social services. The African National Corruption Inc.  had astounded the world by being a prudent, careful government financially speaking, despite fiery leftist rhetoric at every public occasion. What happened then was a kind of internal coup; the coalition of the spurned in the party had their revenge. The trade unions, impatient for real change, allied with the left-wing economists, frustrated with “austerity economics”, who allied with, well, there is no other name for them, the looters. They came together to oust the ancient regime. Then-chief jet-setting clanster Thabo Mbeki was booted, the 2009 election was won, and Jacob  “The Teflon Don” Zuma was ushered in to much acclaim

Economically, however, the country took a terrible turn for the worse. The global recession hit hard in 2010, and growth plummeted. Hence emerged a new economic consensus: The SA newly appointed mobsters  should spend like a Kardashian at Hollywood molly party. The mob should “lead” the economy, and everybody should fall into line, including those pesky private sector businesses, just as those dutiful Chinese corporations do. All members of the coalition of the spurned had a stake in this process. No more “austerity” economic policy for the left-wing econo-crackers. No more circumspect increases for public servants, which pleased the unions. And no more parsimonious government contracts for the looters. But the coalition extended further. Conventional economists agreed that “leaning against the (economic) wind” was prudent. After all, the government had paid down its debt precisely for this kind of emergency. The government needed to step in, which it did.

At this point, however, something odd happened. Emerging market countries around the world rebounded and even grew. But SA didn’t. In fact, it got worse. Economic growth kept on surprising on the low side. Treasury’s growth estimate at the budget time was not realized every year for a decade. As a result, the mob has had to take a series of emergency measures, including increasing taxes, tariffs and excise duties on petrol and cigarettes and everything else. But each time it did so, it added gloom to the economy. And increasingly, it tapped the debt markets. And that’s even before we start talking about Eskom and Transnet, and so on. As they say,” a billion here and a billion there,”- and  soon you are talking about real money. In a decade, SA dropped R1.5-trillion. SA’s national debt is now R3.16-trillion. Just paying off that debt costs the mob in control  just under R500-million a day. Some economists have suggested SA should continue borrowing. The country’s debt is, after all, not out of line with other emerging market countries. Which is true, but their debt is static or coming down, not going up at a furious rate. SA should have huge, new infrastructure projects. New investment. New efforts. The supposed-to-be “government”  should “take the lead”. Yet, this is exactly what they were arguing a decade ago. It didn’t work then; and now? Well, the situation is just not the same. SA’s businesses are under enormous strain. Private sector credit extension has been flat for seven years. The savings rate, never great in the first place, has come down from 18% of GDP to around 14%. House prices have, everywhere other than the Western Cape, shown only incremental increases for a decade.

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So what did happen there? Answering this question could help answer what Ramaphosa should be doing now. Economist John Ashborne at Capital Economics says if you look long term, SA debt problems are more the result than the cause. It’s just become harder and harder to fund the economy as it slowed down. The commodity price boom in the 2000s obscured some structural problems, and when that tailwind was removed “things slowed down quite a bit”. The most obvious of these was SA’s low savings rate. Growth has traditionally come from consumer spending, which hasn’t done much to establish future growth. The sectors that were the backbone of the economy during the apartheid era, mining and manufacturing, have declined dramatically and have been replaced by the banking and service sectors. But these are comparatively small, so they haven’t been able to replace what was lost in mining and manufacturing, he says.

“Les Incompetents” versus the looters

A total of R400 000 of money looted from the North West government is alleged to have been used to pay for the African National Corruption’s ’ 104-year celebrations. Koroneka Trading and Projects’ Director Babadi Tlatsana has told the State Capture Commission she got to a point where she had enough of her business account being used for money transactions between SA Express and the North West Department of Transport that she did not understand – or receive invoice for. She later had a meeting with SA Express General Manager Brian van Wyk who was desperate to have a discussion on how she can release the last R20-million that had entered Koroneka’s account. In a tape recording, Van Wyk wanted Tlatsana to release the money so they could pay back R400 000 for 150 reflector jackets they had bought for the ANC 104-years celebration.

The commission heard the recordings on Saturday: “So he said he had paid R400 000. That is the amount of money they had spent in connection with ANC 104-year celebrations. Yes chair. (Zondo) was he talking about money that had been taken out of the account of your closed corporation for that purpose? He was telling me to pay back this money; this money was to be paid back to him.” Tlatsana has told the State Capture Commission that she became concerned, and confused when no one could explain why millions of rand was going through her business account. SA express sub-contracted Koroneka to do ground handling services at two North West Airports. She told the State Capture Commission that Van Wyk and others hijacked Koroneka and utilized it like a “shell company” to siphon off millions. Tlatsana told the commission how R14.9-million was paid to a company called” Neo Solutions ” for so-called “airport security ” which was non-existent.

She says R9.9-million was later transferred to Batsamai Investment Holdings – which was registered to the mother of Van Wyk’s life partner. “I was just going along with this and I didn’t want to be hard on him, indicating that I’m not happy. I was just being underground so that I could end up getting information, what is he trying to do with all these monies because when I ask for invoices I am not getting any information. And should I talk to, it never came into my mind that I should contact the lawyer.”

All the failings of Zumanomics fall more or less into this category; huge public sector wage increases; throwing money at problems for grand purchases of foreign goods such as railway stock; increasing social spending such as grants left right and center when there is no money to pay for it; allowing bad actors to infiltrate project spending and cream off small mountains of boodle. All this we know. So coming back to the key question: What does the failure of the economics of the spurned tell us about where Ramaphosa should head now? They might be summarized thus: Boosting growth through consumer spending is a short-term fix, like drinking a fizzy drink. You feel better, but it doesn’t last. What the economy needs is energy drinks. What provides a permanent fix are slower, longer-term, more difficult challenges focused on building piece-by-piece. And speaking of Eskom…


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Economic destroyers back into the “Squirrels'” parliamentary seats…...the wolves are back as guardians of the lambs.  If SA has been on a downward spiral for the past 24 years, it means it will still carry on in that same downward trend, but getting even worse as it falls. Nothing other than a massive interference form a super power like the USA, chucking all the looters and scumbags out of parliament and reinstating a decent government that have an IQ of at least over 100, will stop that downward movement.

The time for dreaming is over..

In 2018, Cyril Ramaphosa asked us to send him Thuma Mina, he implored us, borrowing from the late Hugh Masekela‘s hit. He had just taken over from a disastrous Jacob Zuma and SA was depressed. Ratings agencies had either downgraded the country or put it on notice, the state was in the clutches of Zuma’s cronies, unemployment at an all-time high and we were sinking fast. In came the former businessman and paid Oppenheimer unionist with a bagful of promises. “Trust me,”- he said, “Send me, “- he asked. The “sheeple ” did. The sheeple  gave him a 57%-majority mandate. On Thursday, we listened to our chief honcho  addressing the country. What we heard were again  dreams and long-term plans in typical African National Corruption election-style. The mob boss is dreaming of a new city, he is dreaming of high-speed trains connecting the cities of his dreams.

But how can we trust a man that still is dodging his terrible past of gun smuggling, drug smuggling, diamond and gold smuggling…and elusiveness to take responsibility for the Marikana massacre? How can we trust a man that blatantly lies in the eyes of the world about the farm murders in South Africa- or that no private land will be invaded? How can we trust a man that want to steal private land , property and assets by bluntly changing our constitution- all while he himself and his cronies are fast shifting their own private assets overseas to escape their own created disaster?How can we trust a man that threatens our food security?  How can we trust a man that himself have lots of security personnel to protect him- but leave us to face hardened criminals in the streets of our cities and on our farms? How can we trust a man representing a party that still have discriminatory laws such as Affirmative Action and BEEE on their books ? How can you trust someone who’s party still grossly  discriminates against minorities? 

How can we trust a man who’s party cadres have been plundering our national treasury for 25 years onto the edge of implosion and leaving our economy lingering just above junk status? How can we trust a man who’s party is living off the spoils of Sushi and blue chip Whiskey while our children must drink sewerage water in squatter camps? How do you expect us to believe a man who’s minsters earns nearly R 2 million a year while 47% of our children have to walk the streets of cities everyday- begging passers-by for a few rand to buy a bread? How can we trust a man who himself is implicated in corruption dealings by the Zondo commission ? How can we trust a man that himself have millions and millions derived from illegal and back-door deals- but up to today have not donated one single penny to the poor out of his own pocket? How can we trust a man that just recently  bought a 30 million rand castle in an elite area mainly white residential of Cape Town which is overlooking the 500 rand mainly black  “pondokkies” of Langa – and not feel ashamed about it? How can we trust a man who’s party can splurge over R 400 thousand rand on a centenary celebration while we have to survive off a mere R 1500.00 a month state grant? How does Ramaphosa plan to change all this in TEN measly  years which they could not change in 25 years of utter corrupt rule? That is a HELLUVA lot of trust asked I might say! 

He is talking of creating 2-million jobs for young people, but only in 10 years. Ramaphosa “urged” South Africans to buy “local” manufactured goods- but meanwhile a Chinese economic and trade delegation consisting of 60 entrepreneurs from more than 40 major companies are expected to sign 87 cooperation agreements with their South African counterparts during a signing ceremony to be held in Cape Town on Friday. So just WHO is the Squirrel trying to bullsh*t? While he is making all this promises in parliament about “creating jobs” – he and his union cronies  in the mean-time are selling out South Africa to the Chinese and pocketing the bribes that comes with this “deals!”   He told us of plans to fast-track civil claims arising from investigations by the Special Investigating Unit, so that money stolen by those mobsters who captured the state and he re-appointed into his cabinet  can be returned to us. He boasted of plans to double international tourist arrivals to 21-million by 2030. But Cyril deliberately are chasing away Western investments with his “expropriation” nightmare to give his Chinese buddies a better foothold in South Africa as they pay better back-handers than the West.

He promised future economic growth, and of halving the rate of violent crimes- a situation which the ANC  themselves created and never were able to control in 25 years. The problem, Mr Squirrel, is that South Africans are not living in 2030; they are living in the present. Their reality is one of extremely low employment, slow service delivery and dimmed economic prospects. Another example of ANC failure to govern a country. A majority of our children go to schools that do not have the basics – no libraries or laboratories, and with dilapidated buildings. Some schools do not even have proper toilets or running water. Our public health system is in tatters; patients wait in long queues and are often treated by rude and uncaring staff. Crime levels are high. But the sheeple already gave your pack of wolves a mandate FOUR times to correct your mistakes.


“Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I’ve looked at clouds that way

“I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow
It’s cloud’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all

But now it’s just another show
You leave ’em laughing when you go
And if you care, don’t let them know
Don’t give yourself away” 


People do not feel safe outside their homes, or even inside them. Farmers- our food life line- are murdered at a genocidal rate– but you keep on denying the fact that it happens- and that we are now fast approaching a Zimbabwean-style food disaster as our food production declines at an alarming rate  as farmers now stop producing crops due to these attacks and also your hair-brained policy of “expropriation without compensation  ” which directly affects the security and safety of our food producers. We are not unrealistic; we know the elected “Big Chief” does not possess a magic wand that will fix our problems overnight- but you yourself connived the delegates with promised bribes at NASREC to get voted into that position- and your own party made sure rife corruption took place at the election booths this last election  to keep you in power. Now you must produce. But we are running out of patience, fast. How long must we wait for the country to be fixed? How long must we wait for those who have stolen public funds to face justice- including yourself and your son? How long must we wait for violent criminals to face the full weight of the law? How long must we wait for proper roads to be built, for schools and hospitals to be fixed, for leadership that inspires economic growth so that we can start attracting investments and create jobs? How long must we wait for protection for our farmers your party took away in 1994? From a president with a 57% majority, we expect more than just dreams and long-term ideals. We expect a proper plan of action with measurable deliverables. The problem with this president is that he defers too often to his party. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, dubbed the leader of the EU because of her enormous influence in that bloc, runs a coalition government with 33% of the vote.

The German political system allows her Christian Democratic Union-led coalition to rule because it has the highest number of seats in parliament. Merkel uses that opportunity to lead not just her party but the EU. She is decisive and makes choices that strengthen not only her country, but the entire region. Ramaphosa, with a clear majority, must take a leaf out of Merkel’s book and start leading this country, the region and the continent. He runs what used to be the most powerful economy in Africa, (that was before the ANC took power) -a country that should be the engine room of the continent. This is a country with immense challenges, which has been led down a ruinous path for almost a decade. The Sheeple  want to hear that the man they elected is up to the task, and that he has plans to take this country forward. We are tired of the ANC’s factional fights and do not need a president beholden to them. These are the early stages of his five-year term; we are wary but compelled to  give Ramaphosa a chance, his supporters will argue. Sure, we will give him time. But how long does he need? If Ramaphosa wants to build a new city, he must stop dreaming and get to work. He must also include huge crops of food to feed  that city. He must instruct the National Treasury to allocate budgets and get other departments to do their work and turn the sod. The time for dreaming and making more ANC election promises is over.


Trending the Zimbabwean line

Reading Cathy Buckle’s front-stoep reporting on Zimbabwe, I can’t help thinking how many ANC mob policies, officially adopted at the party’s Nasrec conference in December 2017, echo those of Zimbabwe. Then I look at the Zuptoids heading the various parliamentary committees and remember that the State Capture allegations (and others) against them probably mean they’re as oblivious to citizen-suffering as their Zimbabwean counterparts. It’s the accountability bit that worries me. How much more damage might their inaction cause before Cyril’s various commissions and his newly-muscled NPA actually begin charging them and former MPs, plus various former SOE chiefs? Once charged, will they lose their posts, or invoke the Constitution to say they’re innocent until proven guilty? In which case they can continue beavering away at their Zuptoid agendas while professing Damascene conversions to the new political clean-up of Cyril’s faction. Only when orange overalls cover sufficient portly bellies will I be convinced that we can safely avert a similar scenario. The Zuptoids have created  their own newly formed Financial Tri-angle where tax money now are fast disappearing into ANC-lined  pockets  without it re-appearing in any form of social or economic development projects again. Then the  sheep again  made the wolves the guardians of their lambs in the recent elections again. We hopefully got past the “see no evil, hear no evil,” stages with bells on; now we just need to ensure the Zuptoids can do no more evil– and that means we have to keep them away from our Reserve Bank, Section 25 of the constitution,  our private properties.…and our pension funds!