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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation editorial   June 28   2019











SOUTH AFRICA is edging closer and closer to the dawn of a very turbulent civil conflict. While the deceptive media trolls are busy soothing the public with their normal propaganda bullsh*t that there is nothing “wrong” with their so-called “democracy”- reality tells a much different tale as all the big cash racketeers and corrupt political “tsotsis” now are busy shifting all their stolen assets overseas and start  jumping ship at a staggering rate.

While Cyril “the Squirrel” Ramaparra and his screwed-up commi ilk are busy keeping the stupid and naive populace occupied with all kinds of theatrical oratories about  “land expropriation“, fairy tales about  castles in the air and cities with supersonic trains that could beam you from one city to the next in seconds  in the “democratic” land of the matrix- a much darker and more sinister picture is emerging in the realm of Middle-Earth with plunging markets, closing businesses, downgraded ratings, soaring job losses, escalating taxes and commodity price indexes, wide spread poverty, union chaos, racketeering banks,  rioting exterminators in the streets ,uncontrolled crime in the urban jungle ,  imploding state  hospitals,  barbaric slaughterings on white farms…and fleeing state-capturing mobster rodents. While Ramasquirrel is talking sweet little tales of foreign “investments” in their failed South African ventures and  “urging “ South Africans not to give up on the dream of a “better society ” and to return to the objectives of the National Development Plan (communist take over of all private assets) – the country is busy falling apart at a rapid pace. “Let us imagine this South Africa that we so long to have,” Ramaphosa said in his reply to the debate on his state of the nation address, delivered last Thursday . Meanwhile  he himself and his cronies are not so “comfortable” returning to a “better society” themselves –  but on the contrary  are fast dis-investing their own stolen assets to safer off-shore havens.

HIDING behind their illiterate black masses to keep voting them back into power with empty lies and promises-  and exploiting Jan Van Riebeeck and “apartheid” as convenient scape-goats for their own selfish racketeering ventures- the African National Corruption Inc. and their British Jew cohorts have been robbing the country blind this past 25 years of it’s mineral resources and treasury. A  cool R 700 BILLION have been lost due to this Mafioso gangsters and tsotsis’ corruption sprees alone! Add to that the uncountable billions upon billions lost to violent union riots and strikes which became a common feature on a daily basis in South Africa- the billions lost to failed ventures such as Transnet, SAA, Eskom, Telkom, SABC and the  Post Office –  the millions lost due to the Eskom black outs and the billions lost to non-paying leeches such as Soweto, the billions laundered through  scams and scandals , mismanagement, incompetency and maladministration by state departments, regional government provinces and city councils  as well- then we start looking at a financial disaster brought about by this corrupt communist political villains  that only could be measured on an economic apocalyptic level. And still Ramasquirrel and his deceptive media buffoons are soothing the masses with sweet little fairy tales of uber cities , castles in the air- and trains that rather resembles Stark Trek fantasies  than the  broken down Transnet junkyard littered with the remnants of burned-out trains and empty pension funds.

Now that the game is nearly over and we already can hear the last echoes  of the dying fat lady singing after they totally f*cked up the country- the pesky commi rodents are jumping ship at a staggering pace to save their own scrawny arses and run for safer havens. The first rodent to pull out of the great South African  gravy train disaster was that white British heathen Rob Davis that suddenly was found “missing in action” from  his usual destructive portfolio as minister of Trade and Industry after the Squirrel’s cabinet “reshuffle” – a position he kept for almost 10 years and  exploited to impoverish thousands of white Afrikaner people with his discriminatory Affirmative Action and BEEE laws he tabled and imposed onto the labor market. He man alone destroyed a whole nation. He is the personification of his vile predecessor Lord  Robberts. Now my daddy used to say if the Jew start spreading  his wings to flee – then you can also grab your suitcase  and start running as well. Jews have this uncanny ability to smell a financial disaster from miles away- especially disasters they themselves created! 

After this despicable little rodent disappeared from the political arena- the tsunami of rats jumping the sinking ship was set in motion   when the second rodent- Nomaindia Mfeketo- followed suit and announced his”‘resignation.” After him the portholes opened and one after the other rat start running for the life boats. They came in droves…Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba,Susan Shabangu,Tokozile Xasa,Siyabonga Cwele, Jeff Radebe and Bathabile Dlamini . Other gravy train rodents that also went for the life rafts are  Sandile Shabalala of  TymeBankBonang Mohale of SA Business Leadership, Maria Ramos  of ABSA as well as the top rats of Comair, Old Mutual and Massmart that now are heading for the life rafts.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text that says 'Khulani Qoma Follow @KhulaniQoma As soon as we accept that blacks have let themselves down by electing useless leaders & consequently squandered their political dominance, there wouldn't be a need to stoke racism & blame whites for our own uselessness as blacks. Let's put pressure where it belongs politicians'


Financial expert Dawie Roodt has explained in a more “diplomatic” manner the chain of events he believes will see South Africa follow the same path Zimbabwe has. Roodt wrote in a column for the Huffington Post this week how South Africa’s economic woes will eventually lead to state looting of taxpayers, then savers, and eventually investors.  Given that there is a R50bn tax hole South Africa needs to fill, the state may already be moving onto those with money invested in the country (those with pensions are a particularly vulnerable target). The economist explained that SA looks likely to follow trends set by other states who have drained their reserves: “In short, once the state’s finances reach a certain level of sustainability, a typical pattern is for a state to first steal from its taxpayers until it runs out of taxpayers, then to steal from its savers until it runs out of savers and then, depending on other things, the country repents and gets its house in order at an initial and very dear political and economic price.” “But if it persists in its sinful ways, it enters a weak growth trajectory with continuous tax evasion, road blocks, political uncertainty and protest marches. Or, in a bad scenario, dictatorships, states of emergencies and so on. Or, in a very bad scenario, a total collapse of the state — à la Somalia and, probably soon, Zimbabwe.” 

He’s already suspicious that South Africa isn’t legitimately repaying its debt. He worries that this country may begin to print more money in a bid to solve a cash crisis, leading to hyperinflation as seen across the border in 2007. “The most popular way by far, however, for the state to get rid of its debt is to pretend to repay it.It works like this: the independence of the central bank is somehow compromised (sounds familiar?) and the central bank then allows inflation to accelerate, which reduces state debt in real terms. An extreme version of this approach is also quite popular, where the central bank under control of the state starts printing money like there is no tomorrow; Germany after World War One, Zimbabwe 10 years ago, and Venezuela right now.” Roodt has faced leftist  accusations of drumming up hysteria. But his comparisons between SA and other failed states seem somewhat corroborative. No doubt, Zimbabwe would’ve appreciated a warning like this a decade ago. Meanwhile Ramaphosa and his gangsters are selling South Africa out to to the Chinese.

NOW that the “clan” has destroyed the country in 25 short years,- robbed the state coffers empty, destroyed the economy with their greed and gluttony, enriched themselves in typical African-style – and subjected the whole populace under the heel of socialism- the dictatorship of crooks now quietly  are starting to  “disappear “ from the political scene a-la-Mugabe-style to go and enjoy the spoils they have stolen from the country. While the “Squirrel” is left standing as the ‘rearguard” – the rest of the black kleptomaniacs are fast making their exit through the proverbial “back-door.” NONE of these white collar political embezzlers ever were prosecuted, charged – or sent to jail for their grotesque state coffer robberies. They were protected by their cohorts and self-fabricated “laws.” The populace are going to be left stranded poor, disillusioned and directionless by their own appointed plundering mobsters. Ramaphosa only acts as a temporary conductor to make the fall a bit more “acceptable. ” But the country’s fall is imminent and guaranteed!

They have broken every rule in the book- overstepped every lawful line, violated every human rights directive, defied every rule of justice, abused every position of power and scandalously raped every opportunity to defraud every functional state department into bankruptcy. Now comes the time these political and business scavengers start to flee the country they  have destroyed. They are ravenous predators- mindless creatures from hell that have no compassion- no respect and no guilt for what they have done. They have brought down a once prosperous first world economy to the level of a unrepairable  failed African state prepping itself for a full scale civil war. AND when that day come that chaos and bloodshed, hunger and famine  become the norm of the day- these hounds of hell and their media thugs will be no-where to be seen. They all will be hiding comfortably in places they have prepared for themselves such as  Dubai, Zimbabwe, Switzerland and other “safe havens” while millions of innocent people will be dying. Behind they will leave a barren  country filled to the brim with terrorizing scavengers , hungry people and squads of murdering savages– like they did with Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan , the DRC and many other African countries they also ravaged.

Millions upon millions of their own kind will die of hunger, pestilence and hazardous diseases like they do in the rest of Africa. To them it only is merely another “game of thrones.” The day of total extinction for the tribes of South Africa and survival of the fittest is at hand. Ramaphosa’s lies and deceptive promises only stalls time for a bit longer to give the rest of the political thieves and business vultures enough chance to syphone all their assets out of the country and execute their escape before the British-corporate constructed omen and “scorched-earth” policy will again  be released for a second time upon the hapless half-wit populace of “Free Mandela” worshipers.


Amidst all this you will find the directionless white Afrikaner– still fighting among each other, still playing their  “cockerel on my own heap” games,still oblivious to the nearing disaster, white defunks still snitching on their own brothers and sisters on social sites, white liberal  garbage still sucking up to black commi arses, white rats    still betraying their own people- still praise and worshiping their rugby gods around Castle laden braaivleis fires, –  and the rest still singing their pitiful  “Kumbaya My Lord” hymns on the deck of a sinking ship. They never paid attention in class- they never learned from past mistakes- and that sadly will also be their epitaph and legacy one day after they engineered their own  total extinction and destruction  of their once flourishing Atlantis kingdom down South.




White Nation