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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria July 03    2019








AMIDST many promises and assurances before the general election, the lies have triumphed again, as Eskom seems to be getting more money from the government. Stubborn reports indicate that an Eskom delegation has visited the ANC’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, and some of his cabinet members, and talks have been held in Genadendal.

The ANC “Brotherhood”  now are planning  about coming up with yet another scheme/scandal to rip the tax payer off yet again   to support Eskom, including swapping the financially troubled state power firm’s debt for government bonds or ring-fencing it in a special account, a senior Treasury official said. Discussions are at an early stage, and it is not yet clear which option will be chosen to again save the corrupt  Eskom, which has this year been forced into implementing rolling power cuts across the country that have hurt local businesses. The Squirrel Cyril Ramaphosa has already pledged R230 billion of tax payers money over the next 10 years, but officials say other steps will be needed to make the corrupt firm financially sustainable. Ian Stuart, acting deputy director-general for National Treasury’s budget office, said various scenarios were being considered for resolving the “large and complex” issue, with implications for South Africa’s credit rating a key criterion. “We are looking at which option is best both in terms of fiscal costs and support for the reform process,” he told Reuters. The failed power utility had around R440 billion of debt as of March, of which more than R270 billion was government-guaranteed. In 2018, South Africa’s gross domestic product was $366 billion, according to World Bank data. Eskom is due to release results this month that could show a loss of as much as R20 billion for the financial year to the end of March.

Unconfirmed reports state that Ramaphosa has over-emphasized the importance of Eskom for the umpteenth time, as if alternative solutions do not exist. Eskom has already splurged billions of rands, a large part of which “has landed in the sewer ditch”, and with the unprecedented and unfair tariff increases approved, it remains inexplicable to taxpayers why the government is again willing to put money into Eskom’s bottomless pit. Although amounts are not mentioned, the ANC head honcho confirmed that further assistance to the power provider was in principle approved.

ESKOM’s main problems are:

1) Incompetent Management-

2) Corrupt Senior Officials funneling tenders to their own families and cronies-

3) Clandestine money laundering schemes by ANC politicians using ESKOM like all the SOE’s to “wash” money and syphone it through tender channels to family and friends-

4) Senior politicians and ESKOM management wasting loans and tax payer’s money to enrich themselves-

5) Deliberate stalling of projects such as Kusile and Medupi to generate more loans and funding for personal gain-

6) Deliberate refusals and delays  to change over to nuclear driven power stations but keep vintage out-of-date coal driven systems to enrich personal friends and families for maintenance and coal supplies-

7) Deliberate refusal of offers by specialist countries and companies to rectify the problems in ESKOM-

8) Deliberate refusal of organizations offering skilled artisans based on race to assist incompetent Affirmative Action operators in training them and assisting them to get ESKOM back to be a productive SOE-

9) Deliberate refusal to privatize ESKOM and allow other private investors to compete in the power supply market-

10) Incompetent semi-skilled Affirmative Action operators acting in managerial positions-

11) Incompetent semi-skilled technicians and maintenance staff operating vital functions-

12) Too much meddling from ANC government officials conspiring  and controlling both ESKOM and NERSA to capitalize on electricity tariff hikes for personal enrichment.

13) Black communist unions controlling ESKOM through strikes and threats.

ESKOM – like all the other government SOE’s such as the South African Airways, Transnet, SABC and Post Office– are deliberately exploited to suck the tax payer dry- laundering millions of rands through the “back-door” through  this entities into the hands of an “elite” few. And it does not matter how many billions more will be pumped into this lost venture- the corruption, maladministration  and blatant government thievery will go on and on.  And nobody will be prosecuted. In February 2015 , Solidarity presented Eskom with a list of experienced and skilled persons who can help the electricity giant to make a turnaround. This list was also presented to Pravin Gordhan, Minister of Public Enterprises. Unfortunately, not one of the 480 experts’ offers were accepted. This follow Gordhan recently complaining in parliament about the “skills shortage “ at the electricity giant. The selected experts on the list include project managers, engineers, artisans, technicians, technologists and financial managers who all made their services available. However, Eskom deliberately ( and conveniently) denies receiving such a list. Solidarity believes that affirmative action is just as present as before, since many of the selected experts on the list is white and Eskom merely don’t want to appoint them because of their race.

IN 2015 ESKOM was serious about reaching its “race targets” it meant up to 3,400 white employees would lose their jobs. This is reportedly part of a plan to reflect the national demographic by 2020. Labor analyst Jan de Lange reflected this saying over 1,000 white engineers may lose their jobs as a result. Eskom has denied (as usual) this job cuts, saying” all skills “  were needed at the moment. “Racism” is a BIG money-spinner in South Africa- and as long as the devious ANC rat factory keeps “racism” on the books- the “clique” on top will keep on making money by the million. Affirmative Action and BEEE is just two more spin-offs from  the ANC’s own discriminating racist policies. And as long as the ANC is in control and the white Afrikaner exist- so long “racism” will stay on the law books. It was placed there and maintained there to make the ANC fat cats money….BIG money. Old Jan Van Rioebeeck again turned out to be quite a smart money generator- even 400 years after his death. It’s high  time the ANC honor him with a citation like the Star of South Africa for his tremendous uplifting program of the “poor black disadvantaged” millionaires we have today. Was it not for old Jan then we reckon most of the ANC “elites” would still have been “trapping” around on thick-wheeled bicycles.! While the ANC rats are getting the scoop of cream coming from “racism”- white Afrikaners are getting kicked out of their jobs and land in jail because of this same “racism” conspiracy. So “racism” makes  the elite black society rich- and the other minorities  poor. They are playing the Robin Hood fable in reverse…stealing from the poor to feed the rich.  That is how it is supposed to work in the new “democratic” South Africa.

In an interview with BizNews Radio founder Alec Hogg, Paul O’Sullivan revealed that South Africa’s electricity woes are directly linked to corruption. Eskom bosses deliberately allowed coal supplies to run down so that they could activate contracts that would make it easier to access funds. That, in turn, means rolling blackouts were the result of graft. O’Sullivan says it will take decades to investigate and prosecute Eskom bosses for every crime they have committed.

A BEE shareholder has lifted the lid on how he was offered a substantial stake in a company – for doing nothingIn exchange, Eskom bosses received millions, with one receiving more than R20m. The corrupt manager, Magope France Hlakudi, granted contracts worth billions to Portuguese citizen Antonio Trindade – banking bribes worth tens of millions for his imaginatively designed “translation” services, Paul O’Sullivan of Forensics for Justice told BizNews Radio’s Alec Hogg. That senior employee – three or four levels below Gupta pal Brian Molefe – had a “level of authority” that enabled him and his team to spend up to R750m without having to get board approvalFraudulent VAT schemes, using fake VAT numbers, were set up to funnel money from Eskom to its senior employees, including a procurement executive. Transactions were deliberately convoluted to allow funds to flow to corrupt individuals – at the same time contributing to the increase in the price of electricity.

O’Sullivan said a company was set up to “avail of a rather sizeable project at Eskom”. “When I say sizeable we’re talking in the billions of rand. And the arrangement he entered into with the company was that he would become a 30 percent shareholder,” said the anti-graft sleuth. They didn’t really have to do anything. And I think you really have to be suspicious if you don’t have to do anything but your name is there and you signed for the loans and so on and so forth. “We looked into it and we’ve uncovered a massive fraud and corruption, and payments to senior managers at Eskom. “There was a steady deterioration in the relationship, which started probably last year and it reached a point where there were unfriendly letters going backwards and forwards. And he approached us and he said he suspected that there was hanky panky going on,” continued O’Sullivan. “We managed to go and speak to another person who is now a whistle blower. They brought us a whole lot of documentation which clearly shows that this company in order to gain these lucrative contracts from Eskom paid millions and millions of rands to a senior Eskom employee . So they weren’t very smart about it they left quite a nice audit trail.”

O’Sullivan said the point he makes is that when you’ve got bad leadership in any company or the leadership is distracted doing its own thing corruption can thrive. The forensic investigator recapped how senior executives of Eskom prior to Brian Molefe were all turfed out, paving the way for Molefe and friends to “rape” Eskom. We hear stories like coal being dug up from mine A, which happens to be adjacent to Power Station A, coal being dug up from mine B which happens to be adjacent to Power Station B and the coal from mine B is transported by road to power station A and the coal from mine A is transported to Power Station B because the managers can make more money on the kickbacks“So that kind of massive cost incurrence that was taking place – all it did was increase the cost of of electricity.” It led to a situation, said O’Sullivan, in which managers deliberately allowed the stockpiles of coal to go down so that they could use emergency purchasing procedures and bypass normal procurement regulations and spend billions and billions – ultimately to feather their own nests. The super-sleuth noted that taking the culprits to court could tie law-enforcers up for more than a decade. “We’ve said: look here, there’s some low hanging fruit. There’s copies of invoices with copies of the bank statements. There’s the payment vouchers, the money was paid,” he said.

ESKOM- as with all the other regime parastatals- will never “recover” from it’s  “woes”- simply because this alleged ‘woes’ are there to enrich the small band of “tsotsis” running the racketeering business in South Africa. As long as Big Business ( deep state) are controlling the South African economy the tax payer will keep on funding this devious white collar criminals. They are relentless in their selfish greed and their priorities are definitely not with the country or it’s people- but are confined only to supreme power over the country’s mineral assets and their own bank accounts. How much is enough? How much more do they want to steal before they have enough? This will never happen because greed is a chronic liberal mental sickness for which there is no medical cure. The politicians are mere lapdogs placed there to ensure the channels are open for the country’s riches to flow unhindered and uninterrupted to the international bank syndicates. The only solution to stop this dubious corporate thieves and political con artists is a full tax revolt or a koo-de-etat to kick Ramaphosa and his thieving co-conspirators out of government-  and preferably out of the country.



“Eskom: No thank you, we don’t need your help!”