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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  July 07    2019








GREED ostensibly is one of the main factors that- through the ages- destroyed healthy societies. But not only humans suffer under this demonic onslaught against our societies,- but also nature and it’s inhabitants. Where money comes into the equation normally someone or something will pay the terrible price for greed. And most of the times when the money devil enters the game the results is devastating. Such again is it the case in South Africa too- a country that since 1994 became a land of deep troublesome chaos, unlawfulness and greed by those convisticles that only hunger for power and might. And as always is the case- the poor animals are the ones that suffers the worst- for they have no voice to speak for them.

In what is being called “one of the most shocking cases of animal neglect” in South Africa, more than 100 lions and other animals were discovered in an abandoned facility in South Africa’s North West province. The creatures were diseased, overcrowded, and in some cases, close to death. According to National Geographic, the situation received attention after an anonymous tipster contacted a journalist, who then contacted the National Council for Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA). The organization is tasked with enforcing South Africa’s animal welfare legislation.

NSPCA inspectors ventured to the facility, located at Pienika Farm. They discovered 27 lions afflicted with mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites. The condition was so severe, all of the lions lost their fur. The inspectors reported that the animals were being held in filthy, overcrowded enclosures. In a space meant for two, thirty were contained. At least three of the lion cubs were suffering from a neurological condition called meningoencephalitis. The inflammation of the brain left them unable to walk. As a result, one cub was euthanized by a veterinarian at the facility. Said Douglas Wolhuter, manager of the NSPCA wildlife protection unit that inspected the farm: “It’s hard to describe because it leaves you feeling hollow, knowing that you’ve got the king of the jungle in conditions like that. It’s soul-destroying.” The situation isn’t entirely unique in South Africa. In 2015, the documentary Blood Lions estimated that between 6,000 and 8,000 predators — mostly lions — were being held in captive-breeding facilities in South Africa.  The film’s protagonist and narrator, Ian Michler, estimates that number is now 10,000. Furthermore, there have been multiple reports about South Africa’s captive lion industry revealing that the animals’ living conditions are often less than satisfactory. 

Facilities of the kind exist primarily for tourism purposes. Visitors pay to pet, bottle-feed, take selfies with lion cubs, and even walk alongside the mature animals. According to Michler, most of the lions end up shot by trophy hunters — the majority of which come from the United StatesMichler theorizes that the Pienika Farm’s lions were being breed for the lion bone trade. As National Geographic reports, the trade serves an an alternative to the tiger bone trade for traditional medicine in Asia. Though the lions intended for the bone trade need to appear healthy, it is common for many of the beasts to be neglected. “If you’re breeding lions for the lion bone trade, they don’t care what those lions look like,” he said. “Because at the end of the day, all they’re going to do is end up in a sack, a bag of bones that’s going to go to Asia.” Now, it’s up to the courts to punish the accused. But, Michler isn’t optimistic this will occur. “If the lions had a voice, of course they would be roaring for the courts to come down and decide—say that, yes, we actually do need fair and first-world standards for welfare of our species,” he said. “But I can’t see any outcome ending the breeding practices or the lion bone trade.”

The surviving lions are still being kept in the same facility. Their fate depends on the results of the investigation and the following court case. According to the Humane Society’s Delsink, things are “very uncertain.” If the lions survive, they can’t be released into the wild because all they’ve known is captivity. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough reputable sanctuaries in South Africa to care for the animals. “The future for these cats is bleak,” Delsink said, “because there’s very few options available to them.” Humans have truly lost their way when they have no consciousness about animals they are entrusted with to care for . Human nature has changed for the worst- making us worst predators that the lions itself. Through our own greed and selfish quests to become uber survivalists in a demanding world that became overpopulated due to our own uncontrolled  breeding  appetites- our natural world is fast degenerating and aiming for a cataclysmic disaster. From the rain forests of South America to the black rhino in Africa- from the sperm whale in Antarctica to the buffalo in America- God’s creatures are mercilessly hunted down, exterminated and neglected to extinction levels-  their natural habitats destroyed , invaded  and plundered by greedy  human predators seeking for more riches.

GONE  are the days of caring and respect for our nature and the conservation of other species. Gone are the days of big names such as Joy Adams,her husband George,  Dianne Fossy , Chico Mendez, Dr.Karl Van Noppen, Joan Root and many other activists that stood up for the rights of our natural environment. They all were brutally murdered by greedy corporate assassins for they stood in the way of greedy capitalism.  Their voices has been silenced forever.Standing up for the environment or animals in the face of overwhelming and powerful capital opposition can be a courageous but dangerous act. Whether the opposition takes the form of a legal corporation, organized crime, or a gang of rogue poachers, the threats against these do-gooders are all too often deadly ones. For many activists, unfortunately, taking a stand for what’s right becomes the last thing they ever do. Between 2002 and 2013, for example, an incredible 908 people in 35 countries were murdered for trying to defend the environment, according to an April 2014 report from Global Witness. During this period only 10 perpetrators were caught and punished for these crimes.

Natural conservation is fighting an uneven battle against reactionary capitalism. A total democide against the animal kingdom and a war against it’s watchers  is in progress across the globe.   What is the matter with our world leaders? Every year millions of undocumented greedy corporate plunderers and white collar  fortune seekers break our laws, cross our borders, invade our seas and plunder our natural resources. Yet politicians prefer to “look the other way.” Many “laws” are continuously manufactured to keep the local citizens “in control”- but a the same time this corporate killers and butchers are looked-over. While local fishermen are hammered with ‘quotas”- big fishing companies gets the lion share to empty our seas. Why– because the big poaching fishing companies are paying much better bribes to politicians than local fishermen do. Our problem lies with your politicians- that evil“gatekeepers ” of the Illuminati corporate predators.

This brings us back to the lions . If the useless corrupt ANC regime was anything close to a proper “government”  they should not have opened South Africa’s borders to millions of invading alien African, Chinese and Eastern  bogeymen to come and plunder, ravage and destroy our natural resources. Sadly- as with all the other failed state departments the environmental departments also became the victims of communist and corporate greed. These corporate and political vultures  destroy our forests, plunder our mineral resources, kill our animals to extinction levels, pollute our air, pollute our water and seas, destroy our natural eco systems and empty our oceans just for the sake of capital selfish greed. If the greedy ANC communists was anything close to protecting their natural resources hundreds of illegal Chinese fishing trawlers would not have been busy at our WC coastlines such as Gansbay, Fishoek and surroundings- depleting   OUR fish resources.

If the ANC useless regime had any knowledge of governance they would have steal less tax payers’ money and allocated it for better protection for the country’s  borders, their people- and their animals under their control. If the ANC regime was anything of a proper government South Africa would not have been in such a chaotic situation and dangerous place to live in- both for it’s people and it’s animals. . But unfortunately a terrorist organization never could govern anything bar their destructive natural chaotic culture. Unfortunately Africans already proofed themselves as willing “expendable” slaves of the Jewry corporate vultures. Unfortunately the South African regime proofed themselves as utterly incompetent and corrupt. For this reason hundreds of illegal syndicates are operating within the lawless confinements of South Africa’s borders with no fear of retribution from toothless AA  legislators that cares a sh*t about a few dead lions, a few extinct rhinos, a few million less fish species in their oceans – and a few thousand  less game in their parks.It all boils down to the main culprit of destruction again…..GREED! In politics money talks and bullshit becomes the new ruler of the day. 




More Than 100 Neglected Lions Found at Abandoned South African Facility


Quote of the day:The only way to force a politician to become a normal and honest  hard working man again- is to cut out his tongue. – Andrew K”