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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA  July 08    2019



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Jews are in essence the reptilian human impersonators   in service of their Annunaki masters.  Their sole  objective is to destroy the intelligent white Aryan race across the globe in order to wrestle  world rule  back from an intelligent race  that once refused to be obedient slaves to the snake gods.” –Annon

 The West Is Controlled By Satanic Pedophiles . Europe and the West thrives on a culture of pedophilia and Satanism. I observed that supporters of an extreme, Western-style liberalism were overlooking the fact that military-political problems and general social conditions are worsening, with much of the world forgetting the value of basic human decency. “- Vladimir Putin 

IT becomes a very annoying issue the way these Jews simply cannot leave the white conservatives alone. They continuously are busy conspiring  hate and resentment against the white conservative people. The general white conservative have done these little Ashkenazi demons no harm- but their deep-rooted hatred for the white Christian conservative drive them on a fanatical quest of hatred, jealousy and blatant race discrimination against all that is white. Such again are they busy attacking white conservatives on their Joo-site for alleged “racism” and “hate speech”– two terms they themselves invented to slander and demonize white conservatives. The irony is that they infiltrated  white countries -now busy with their destructive work against whites. 

TWO Jew she-lizards  from Zuckerberg’s anti-white reptilian factory again on Monday went on agitating white conservative people when they again blabbered that their beloved discriminating Jewbook  would take new steps to eliminate content promoting white nationalism and white separatism after an external audit said its efforts were “too narrow.” The audit led by civil rights attorney Jewstress Laura Murphy indicated Facebook’s policy did not go far enough by only barring “explicit praise, support, or representation” of these terms. “As a result, content that would cause the same harm is permitted to remain on the platform,” said the audit team led by Murphy, formerly of the American Civil Liberties Union. What the little demon tries to say is that being a “separatist” prevents them from destroying white DNA by interracial humping- thus only producing hybrid half-wit offspring who they can fully control for their one-world order “plan.” 

Responding to the “civil rights “ audit begun last year, Jewbook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg – another Jewster Zuckerberg bunny- said Facebook would seek to” tighten”  its policy on these kinds of “hate speech.” (Another Jew-invented term they themselves invented and gleefully and loosely use to slander and accuse whites conservatives with  in order to prosecute them unlawfully.)  The social network has been battered by criticism that it was more focused on growth than protecting users or thwarting deception, bullying and harassment. “Today’s report recommends we go further to include content that supports white nationalist ideology even if the terms ‘white nationalism‘ and ‘white separatism‘ aren’t explicitly used,” Sandberg said in a statement. “We’re addressing this by identifying hate slogans and symbols connected to white nationalism and white separatism to better enforce our policy.”

The report was the second by Murphy, who began a civil rights audit in May 2018 at the request of the leading social network, which has more than two billion users. “While this audit report shows Facebook is making progress, there is still much more work to do — and Facebook acknowledges this,” Murphy said. “As the company’s work in this area continues, I want this effort to be even more robust and deeply embedded in the company’s DNA.” The auditors pointed out that Facebook has been plagued by “persistent enforcement errors” in its efforts to remove “hate speech.”  “For example, sometimes users post photos that would otherwise violate Facebook’s hate speech policies, but accompany those photos with captions to indicate they are not embracing the hateful content but instead are calling attention to racism or hate,” the auditors said. “Facebook’s investigation revealed that its content review system does not always place sufficient emphasis on captions and context… More explicitly prompting reviewers to consider whether the user was condemning or discussing hate speech, rather than espousing it, may reduce errors.”

On a related matter, Facebook said it would ramp up efforts to thwart any effort to manipulate the 2020 US census, treating the population survey as if it were an election. Sandberg said Facebook has made it a priority to prevent manipulation in elections and census counts, as noted in the audit. “We’re building a team dedicated to these census efforts and introducing a new policy in the fall that protects against misinformation related to the census,” she said. “We’ll enforce it using artificial intelligence. We’ll also partner with non-partisan groups to help promote proactive participation in the census.”

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SO as we can see- these vile Zionists are continuously targeting innocent white conservative people for their villainous psi-ops contel-pro – style  attacks. Through shrewd , devious and deliberate statements and actions against so-called ” white supremacists ” they orchestrate unprovoked  hate and resentment against white people of this world. They want to destroy white nationalism- that much these Zionist criminals acknowledged. Black nationalism, Indian nationalism, Arab nationalism, Chinese nationalism- that all is a-ok…just not white nationalism- that is “white supremacy” and “racist.” They made sure they control the biggest media outlets to convey their subliminal dirty messages of race hatred against conservative white people to non-white peoples. O- and DO they invent many “smart terms” to hide their evil agenda behind. But all these “smart terms” were invented for one objective only- to demonize and slander white conservative people. Across all their media outlets, social sites and blogs you pick up the same orchestrated hatred against white conservative people. And these vile cretins are the ones calling white conservatives “racist” and “white supremacists?” Through this media outlets they drive their dirty extermination programs against whites on a daily basis.They deliberately invoke unnecessary emotional feelings of race hatred among non whites in order to turn non whites against white conservative people. What this two she-lizards do is to subliminally instigate race division  against that so-called ‘white supremacists”– another “smart term “ this filth invented. Then shrewdly they hide it behind another one of their vile inventions- “human rights” organizations.

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Jewbook, Twitter, Instagram and many open social sites all are Jew-created propaganda platforms and  forms part of this dirty Jew conspiring networks together with the Main Stream Media to promote anti-white sentiment and pro-black “consciousness. “ They are exploiting the “masses:” to drive white people out of their own countries like they now are trying to do in Europe. Germany, France, Norway, Britain, The Netherlands, Sweden- you name them- all these predominantly white bastions already has been deliberately  flooded with non-white aliens. And behind all this is the Jew-controlled European Union. They want to destroy white Europe once and for all. They are some of the worst type of hippocrates imaginable. While they scream ” racism”, white “supremacy” and “ hate speech” – they themselves are waging a racist war against whites- on their social sites – and in governmental institutions. Like the devious usurpers they are- they capture the highest government portfolios, infiltrate the legislative organs-hide behind and ultimately control  visible regimes.In dark offices and behind propaganda machines, “Human Rights” organizations  and uncountable “ unions” they conspire  – driving the vehicles of race division, socialism, communism and genocides. They only “pretend” to side with the non-white majorities – but the end result is always they who reaps the benefit off the blood spilled by others.

In their own little country Israel they apply brutal racist policies themselves- that is bar the human rights violations and atrocities they commit against the Palestinians for nearly 60 years already. But these crypto-Jews deem themselves “holy” and arrogant as they are- accuse others of being “racist.”  Another huge demonic lizard in this category is that vile reptilian Barbara Spectre– also a demon in a human skin sitting in Norway while she drives the interracial agenda. The whole agenda of these villainous dirty Jews is to try to force white pure breeds into fornicating with non-whites- thus systematically destroying the pure white genes over a couple of generations. Now they invented a new “smart term” called “racism” to be used as a vehicle to manufacture laws to implement and force whites into a potpourri environment where they must start to have interracial interactions and relationships with non-whites. The result will be  to say the least- disastrous! The whole world will be populated with only semi-intelligent  hybrid slaves and Jew controllers. BUT that is precisely what these scrupulous Jews are driving at- a “final solution” for the homogeneous white race’s extinction agenda.

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BARBARA SPECTRE– evil jewstress with an evil anti-white agenda to drive whites out of Europe- replacing them with alien non-white invaders.. 

Blatant discrimination against whites on Facebook

LOOK at this blatant discrimination by the hybrids running the F*ckbook show from Johannesburg: A white girl  placed this post- it was immediately removed by the liberal pro-commi cyber trash controllers- and now she was banned for it due to contorted selective discriminating “Facebook Community Standards. Do you find anything wrong or “racist” about this posting?  BUT ten times worse black violations of their fake “community standard regulations” on black social sites are left alone.

This chick’s post was taken down and she was banned off Facebook for this posting!

THUSFacebook’s “Community Standard Violations” are a racist set of discriminatory rules aimed SPECIFICALLY at the white conservative community sites. YOUR freedom of speech as a white is violated on the basis of RACE by the very same deranged faceless anti-white criminals that now accuse YOU of alleged “violations” of community standards. Even when you do NOT place anything close to violating any of their fake “community standards”you are banned- as the attached pics CLEARLY shows!



Klaus Zwiegler se foto.Klaus Zwiegler se foto.Klaus Zwiegler se foto.


Klaus Zwiegler se foto.Klaus Zwiegler se foto.No photo description available.

AS you noticed- this posting by  black “racists” was not penalized- nor removed and the black racists not banned by Joobook – but the Jew hippocrates has all kinds of “diplomatic “ excuses for keeping the posts alive. Then we tested the racist idiots at Face book with THIS post – and got their reply:

Klaus Zwiegler se foto.

THEN we asked a WHITE  “friend ” to test them again….and this was the result:



Klaus Zwiegler se foto.

THE same discrimination against whites also happens on Joo Tube too:


Klaus Zwiegler se foto.


How these Zionist criminals persecute white conservatives:

On Thursday 23 May, 2019, Sylvia Stolz was incarcerated in Germany to serve an 18 month prison sentence for a speech she gave in Switzerland in 2012. If ever there was a demonstration of the absurd lengths the occupiers of Germany will go to suppress the truth, this story has to be their crowning achievement. Layers upon layers of legal back-flips are required by the criminal regime to keep their holocaust fairy tale going. First, you are not allowed to say “XYZ”. Then, at trial, you are not allowed to explain how you reached those “XYZ” conclusions. That would constitute new crime, because you would be talking about “XYZ” in public, i.e. in court. It is debatable how “public” those trials actually are, because neither recordings nor transcripts are made or kept. It is an intimidating place to go, and for those brave enough to attend in the public gallery, note-taking is restricted. Evidence for your defense is also not permitted in those courts. You read correctly!

The next layer of the “speech crime” inquisitorial legal construct is that you are not allowed to describe the above. Because that is exactly what Sylvia Stolz did in her approximately 90 minute speech entitled “Speech Forbidden, Evidence Forbidden, Legal Defence Forbidden: The Reality of Freedom of Expression”, which she presented at the 2012 Anti-Censorship Coalition conference. For that, she is now in jail. She did not “deny the holocaust” per se in that speech, she simply described Par. 130 of the law in Germany and why it is problematic. She spoke about evidence or lack of evidence, and what is allowed or not allowed to be said in court. She recounts what happened to her while she was acting as defense attorney for Ernst Zündel years earlier. Sylvia Stolz is a lawyer who went to jail for doing her job too well while defending her client. She spent three years and three months in prison from 2008 to 2011.

My own story ties in with that of Sylvia Stolz, in that I was arrested during one of the dates of the Inquisition – sorry – her trial, on the 3rd of January 2018. I was in the public gallery when “they” spotted me, called a recess and hauled me away. In an interesting twist of fate, Sylvia Stolz was arrested right in the public gallery at the end of Day 1 of my brother Alfred’s and my trial, for expressing in a word her strong disapproval of the day’s proceedings. That was July 2nd, 2018. She spent the next two days in prison for that. Back to her trial. She received a guilty verdict in February 2018. She appealed. Her appeal process finally ended, failing to overturn the verdict. Sylvia Stolz was arrested at her home on Thursday, taken into custody to serve an 18 month sentence. For a speech she gave in another country – essentially about speech.-  

Facebook– a racist  medium to spread anti-white sentiment

FACEBOOK, Twitter , Instagram and many other so-called social sites were specifically created to attract as many users as possible under one umbrella. When there are enough members on these sites- the anti-white propaganda starts with “new” laws introduced that supposedly acts against “racism, white supremacy, far right new nazi’s etc. The whole conspiracy behind this “social” sites is to create the impression that across the “board” socialites “reject” this ‘whiteness.” If all the “ social” sites have bans on “racism” it becomes a general consensus that “racism” and ” separatism” is  “bad” omens. Mean-time these Zionists themselves sits behind the creation of all these “social sites. ” By creating as many “social” sites as possible they are creating a whole network of cyber  “camps” where they attract the “cattle” (goyum) into divided  sectors. Inside this “camps” they create race division by introducing this “anti-racist” policies in order to rule and promote their dirty anti-white agendas. As always they instigate hatred against white  “racists” (read white conservatives/white free thinkers)  See it this way” The Zionist organization as  the “mother ship” – and all these multiple so-called “social sites” are the many “satellites” being created across the web but being controlled from one central main center. Whatever instructions they receive from their “mothership” these “satellites” impose and enforce  in their “camps.

Everywhere where big groups of people gather on Internet sites these villainous Zionist creatures at first infiltrate– then start to take “command” of the site – then start to enforce their anti-white agendas  among care-free socialites- at first only introducing just a few “do’s and don’t’s-”  but as the membership grow- the more they introduce “stricter” laws of the site- until they end up controlling that site/s and openly attack conservatism like these two she-lizards now do. This is why most Main Stream Media outlets also start their anti-white narratives in their columns with the phrase ” A white supremacist video went “viral on the social networks.” So now we see why the “social sites” were created- to form part of the global media structure to work in synchronization with the leftist MSM agenda – to attack white conservatives. They now use their multiple social platforms as a “support” base to spread their lies and anti-white narratives through  their Main Stream Media clusters to brain wash the global community.  If all the social sites and the Main Stream media say something is wrong and “unacceptable”– then it must be the “truth. “  If all the social sites and media outlets say white “supremacy” is evil- then it must be evil- and therefore it becomes a global acceptable “norm” to hate white “supremacists.”

No photo description available.

ACCORDING to this document whites are no more South Africans. See the BLATANT discrimination against whites again- but they have the audacity to call whites “racists?”


By creating as many “social sites” as possible they divide the whole global community into different camps already. Their “Divide and conquer” strategy is to keep the Facebook users apart from the Twitter users, and the Twitter users apart from the Instagram users and so on. But across all these sites (satelites) their is a common strategy and the same “rules” apply (as per instruction from their “mothership.” ) Together all these different sites act as one unified control mechanism belonging to one central control center and serving one single purpose only- to divide the “goyum” and conquer/control the global societies through misleading and false propaganda. Wherever there is an android app or site that attracts many users these vile creatures will appear- infiltrate- and if possible- take over that medium just as they did with WhatsApp. Inside the confinements of these different platforms they again devide the “goyum” along race lines- mainly between whites and non whites. Whites immediately are attacked for “racism” and “hate speech” while non-white racism is ignored. They want to control the global social media in total, break up conservative societies, silence the white nationalist voice – and through the media impose leftist policies to control the global society to act as a vehicle to support their vile agendas. Now add their multiple “human rights” networks and organizations that supports their anti-white conspiracy  to it-  and there you have a global demonic system that persecute white conservatives with the support of the indoctrinated “masses.”  Now they can move to  create “anti-racist”  “laws” to persecute and prosecute whites for the simple reason for being white.


Where freedom of speech is concerned, double standards abound.

This is a blatant attack on whites-only sites by this anti-white FB control freak-ish morons…simply because you are WHITE – and they apply brutal RACIST POLICIES against whites under the fake cloak of “human rights violations “ in their false anti-white ‘democracy.” Their “violations against our community standards” is just another convenient tool for anti-white haters in control to enforce and exploit the system for their OWN personal anti-white racist views and to silence the white voice. These FB  fools should be BANNED from even being appointed as so-called “administrators” of social sites.This is the pinnacle of anti-white hippocracy enforced by very mentally sick anti-white liberal and Jew  race-baiters applying DOUBLE STANDARDS in control of the social sites. The white voice must be silenced. Again we see the psi-ops war against all white conservatives from the psychopaths in control of the social media house of harlot networks. And now this two female reptiles still complains the level of discrimination against whites on social sites is not bad enough?



This is how JPMD takes blood from a white lady who they thought had too much to drink.🔴update This happened in the Douglasdale Police station. This girl said she had only one drink, but the issue here is the procedure when someone is scared of needles. I’ve seen a big guy cry if you bring a needle close to him. And then we have to look at the procedure to follow in these situations. 1) Who is the doctor or nurse in the video?2) Why was this procedure not done in an ambulance at the road block or in a sterile environment? 3)Where is the breathalyzer? 4) Did this girl lose her human rights the moment these officials thought she’s over the limit?

Posted by Katherina Rodriguez on Monday, July 8, 2019


If we are successful in our goal, expressed in the Fourteen Words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children,” …then your treachery will be appropriately rewarded. If not, and the White race goes the way of the dinosaurs, then the last generation of White children, including yours, will pay for your vile complicity at the hands of the colored races who will inherit the world. Therefore, we, the aware body of those people identified historically and properly as the Aryan (or White) race, declare the following…

1) All existing governments in the once White political states now deny us hegemony and the exclusive territorial imperatives necessary to our survival as a biological and cultural entity.

2) The inevitable result of racial integration is genocide for the White race through miscegenation. The promotion of miscegenation between White women and colored men is self-evidently a priority in all existing system approved methods of communication.

3) White men who resist genocidal practices against their race are destroyed economically, politically and socially. If they continue to effectively resist they are assassinated or falsely imprisoned.

4) The life of a race is in the wombs of its women, and today approximately 2% of the earth’s population is White female of child-bearing age, this being the essential demographic statistic relative to survival.

5) That economic, political and religious systems can be destroyed and resurrected, but the death of our race will be eternal.

6) That the instinct of White men to preserve the beauty of their women and a future for White children on this earth is ordained by Nature and Nature’s God.

7) That all Western nations are ruled by a Zionist conspiracy to mix, overrun and exterminate the White race.

8) That America is the world, Zionist police department. America’s military and police powers are used to destroy every White racial state or territorial imperative on the globe. Examples are the forced integration of Southern schools by the 101st Airborne using bayonets, the use of clubs by police under Federal edicts to beat and bloody the White mothers of South Boston when they protested the integration and destruction of their neighborhood schools, and the destruction of a White racial state in our ancient European homeland through war and subsequent occupation by colored troops. This is after Germany attempted to perform its historic function as defender of the race, as demonstrated against the invading Moors and Mongols.

9) That the denial of jobs to White men through so-called affirmative action and other nefarious schemes by result decreases White families and our population.

10) That multi-racial sports, entertainment and integration are designed to destroy the senses of uniqueness and value necessary to the survival of our race.

11) That history is being re-written to obscure the accomplishments of our ancestors and credit them to colored races.

12) That Judeo-Christianity is dedicated to the concept of racial leveling the oneness of mankind and, therefore, genocide.

13) That the Zionist occupation governments of America and other Western nations promote the unnatural act of homosexuality, knowing full well the power of the male instinct for sexual union must be directed toward procreation with females of the same race to ensure racial survival.

14) That the Zionist occupation governments of America and other Western nations promote and protect infanticide of healthy White babies, now called abortion, immensely to the detriment of the race.


DAN ROODT wrote:

Following on the Marikana massacre where 36 black miners were killed , shot by the ANC’s police service, the usual nauseating comments about “apartheid “and “Afrikaner racism ” are being made by the BBC and other British media. As if we have any control over the behavior of mine workers at, in this instance, a British-owned corporation Lonmin. Not to mention the ANC regime’s corrupt and often incompetent police force. A few years ago, the BBC broke into a hysterical fit when an Afrikaner rugby player, Geo Cronjé, moved to share a hotel room with a friend rather than with another player who happened to be “of colour”. The bearded Cronjé was immediately accused of being an odious “racist”. That prompted me to tweet : “Wonder whether British Lonmin management will share a hotel room with a black miner? BBC please investigate.”

However, on Facebook I was immediately accused of  “dividing South African whites”. I do believe that South Africa’s increasingly oppressed and marginalized white population, who even get blamed when the mostly black police fire upon some very violent and aggressive miners, should find some common ground. But not at the expense of the truth that Britain has always posed a real threat to us. Once again her media are exploiting a tragic incident to cast us in a bad light. Historically, all the poison against South Africa and Afrikaners was spread by the BBC, The Observer, The Guardian, as well as of course the local English newspapers who, according to Communst Party leader Bram Fischer,were doing a splendid job”. The caricature of us as khaki-clad Nazis who were barely literate was broadcast all over the world. Then the English are always going on about “anti-Semitism “and “Nazi propaganda, “- but their propaganda has actually played a big role in reducing us to a threatened minority in our own country. If blacks today feel justified in torturing and killing us, it is due to the venom and hate pouring out of London, as well as the pens and minds of London’s local sycophants. No wonder Napoleon spoke of “perfidious Albion”.

The problem is, our people have been so damaged by anglicisation that they see the world through Anglo-Saxon eyes and prefer emigration to other Commonwealth countries where they try to assimilate, ashamed of themselves, hiding from John Bull’s hate. Many Afrikaners disdain the French, the Germans, the Russians, the “dumb Dutch” (Holland actually has the highest average IQ of any white country) and even the Americans as if they were part of the infernal Empire themselves. In Afrikaans literature, especially in the Cape, there is a nauseating obsession with British literature, as if no books had ever been written in other great European languages. There are some exceptions, such as Jan Rabie who married a Scotswoman in Paris, but refused to speak English to her. To her death she spoke Afrikaans with a kind of Scottish drawl. The blacks around us are Englishmen gone wrong. Only an Englishman can be so megalomaniac as to think he could completely anglicise an African and make him into something which he is not. The English churches in South Africa, especially the Anglican Church, have been in the forefront of inciting South African blacks against the indigenous whites, bearing a large share of the responsibility for the black-on-white  atrocities currently taking place in South Africa. Our only hope is that Germany might colonize the European Union to such an extent that Britain becomes finally marginalized. There is a rumor that the US wants to “move the City” to New York and so take away 25% of British GDP. We can only hope.

In a recent edition of Die Afrikaner newspaper there was an article on how the infiltrated SA Foreign Ministry prevented immigrants from the Netherlands from coming to SA in the 1960’s but threw open our doors to Britons, fleeing Harold Wilson’s socialist Britain. The author argues that those British immigrants, many of whom still have dual passports, tilted South African politics in favor of the British view of capitulation to the ANC. Although conservative, their children were often radicalized by the local English universities with their neo-Marxist leanings and so became converts to South Africa’s left-wing, anti-Western revolution. They also voted overwhelmingly “yes” for black rule in the fateful 1992 referendum.

But the tide is turning against the island of hate, in France, in Germany, Russia, South America and even parts of the USA. Once our story gets out into the world, we will again enjoy the sympathy of the whole world, with people volunteering to come and join us in our struggle for liberation here. While I was indulging in these thoughts of casting off the British yoke – the ANC is largely a creation of the British Left and the Anglican Church – my wife reminded me of how the English had messed up our indigenous Cape Dutch architecture when they first started buying up such properties in the nineteenth century. The English have always been ranting against us for having owned slaves during the early Cape period. Of course, they forget that Britain was heavily involved in the transatlantic slave trade. A recent book by Marthinus van Bart shows that they even traded slaves in Cape Town.

Not all Afrikaners at the Cape owned slaves in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, however. But the Dutch East India Company’s representatives in the Cape normally did. My wife comes from a family that owned one of the magnificent Cape Dutch houses, Rhone, which is today a tourist attraction. It had no slave bell, indicating that there were probably no slaves. However, the English were keen to pass themselves off as “landed gentry” and therefore preferred the official residences of former Company officials, having slave bells, such as Vergelegen. Lacking our sober, Germanic taste, they erected horrible kitsch copies of Cape Dutch houses such as Groote Schuur or destroyed the original architecture as at Lanzerac to add servants quarters. Otherwise, they removed those stately gables.

Today the ANC regime is continuing the proud tradition of name changes, first brought by the British. They invented “classy” French-sounding names like Lanzerac, replacing the poetic Schoongezicht, meaning “fair countenance”. The Arts and Crafts movement in Britain further added to the aesthetic degeneration of the Cape in the nineteenth century. Since the ANC came to power and with Afrikaner influence on the wane, we have had a similar explosion of ugly, Tuscan-style buildings on the Transvaal Highveld as another British fashion got imported to South Africa. A black man in an ugly, quasi-Italian house, speaking English and watching soccer on TV; that is about the contemporary definition of British civilization, as can be seen in South Africa.

  • Dan Roodt

In light of these and innumerable crimes against the collective White race, as well as the self-evident policy of genocide, we hereby forswear allegiance or support for our executioners’ institutions. In obedience to Nature’s Laws and recognizing that Nature and her Laws are the work of God, whatever a man’s understanding of the Creator might be, and that the highest law is the preservation of one’s own kind, we further demand the formation of exclusive White homelands on the North American continent and in Europe. If denied, then we will seek redress in whatever measures are necessary.

Why conservative whites  never designed their  own created workable counter measures or alternatives for this Jew-created propaganda social sites-  is still a mystery. They simply keep on jumping onto the Jew propaganda wagon- irrespective the fact how many times they get bumped off for alleged “racism” and “hate speech.” After their ban- they simply return to the Jew wagon and keep on riding it until they get bumped off again. Ironically they then complain bitterly for being banned from the Jew sites. Yea Bru- natural  stupidity simply has no borders and there is no artificial remedy for it either we reckon eh? As long as white conservatives will keep on subscribing and supporting these dirty crypto-Jew concocted social media sites the onslaught against their rights, their race,  their sovereignty and their free speech will continue. They will stay the oppressed slaves of their Jew masters such as Zuckerberg and his two lizard concubines.