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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  July 27   2019








SOUTH AFRICA is entrapped in a silent war with itself. The people of South Africa is at war against their ruling regime that exploits them for their votes, illegal rates  and taxes – and poor service delivery. The communist regime is at war with it’s people to disown them and abuse them in favor of the international corporate vultures such as China. The leftist globalist newspapers is at war against the white Afrikaner , the  Indian and the colored minorities and visa versa. The police is at war with gangsters in the Western Cape. The radical ultra leftist politicians such as the EFF and Union bosses  is at war against  the capitalist corporate “deep state ” they call the “white money capitol.” 

The Nguni tribes on their turn is at war against each other for tribal dominance for political power. The ruling regime is at war with itself between the current Venda usurpers-  and the previous Zulu mafia.  Underneath the fake cloak “democracy” the war for control of the illegal ANC, regime  and state resources is raging. This week alone two ANC big shots  have been shot dead in Limpopo in what is believed to be part of the continuous in-fighting which has claimed several lives of the polatriat party  members in the past 12 months. Valtyn Kekana, 54, who was chairperson of municipal public accounts committee in the Mogalakwena municipality, and Alf Kanyane, 32, who was the party’s branch secretary in the region, were shot dead in Mokopane by gunmen on Tuesday.    The polatriat’s  provincial spokesperson Donald Selamolela hinted that the shooting may be politically motivated.

Slogging it out top-sides…one BOSASA scandal after the other Gupta scandal

The slogging war between the top “clique” and the public prosecutor continues. First she attacked the Squirrel for his son’s part in the BOSASA/Watson scandal. Now the  Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane, will square off against the “Squirrel”  Ramaphosa, a mere 24-hours after getting a bloody nose in the North Gauteng High Court. On Monday, her remedial action relating to the so-called SARS rogue unit was found to be nonsensical. Now, she faces the Squirrel in the same court but on a separate matter.  It’s about Mkhwebane’s finding that Pravin Gordhan wasn’t authorized to approve the former SARS deputy commissioner’s early retirement with full pension benefits.  The Squirrel says he was forced to approach the court because he doesn’t want to discipline Minister Pravin Gordhan now, on the Ivan Pillay pension payout saga. He wants to wait for the outcome of the review application by the minister. He says he doesn’t think Gordhan’s application is frivolous, and therefore doesn’t want to take an irrational decision that would be susceptible to litigation.  According to the Squirrel, if Gordhan succeeds in the review application, it would not be lawful to discipline him, as directed by the remedial action.   The Public Protector has repeatedly argued that her remedial actions are binding and can’t be ignored.

Mkhwebane reckons she has been given a raw deal by journalists, who keep trying to link the head of the anti-corruption body to the Gupta family at the centre of the state capture scandal. However, it’s hard to imagine that Mkhwebane is an innocent who is doing her utmost to fight for truth and justice in South Africa. This is because she was appointed to this anti-corruption role when former president Jacob Zuma was still clinging to power and had surrounded himself with friends. In addition, Mkhwebane has concentrated on trying to pin dirt on anyone BUT Zuma and his friends while in office, even though there is a surfeit of evidence in the public domain of industrial-scale state capture and corruption. Global journalists have evidence that HSBC has joined the dots from Mkhwebane to the Gupta family. Unsurprisingly, Mkhwebane has “rejected with contempt” the details in the report.

Infighting among the mob for top spot- Ramaphosa vs Magashule

The ANC can sometimes appear so divided that its National Executive Committee (NEC) runs out of words trying to express something important while creating no internal waves wrote the Daily Maverick. The statement released after the NEC meeting that ended on Monday July 29 demonstrates this. The party now wants an “expedited solution” to the e-tolls problems and, at the same time, to “reaffirm the user-pay principle”. It wants to create the impression that action is being taken against an official who worked with an opposition party and yet that person is not going before a disciplinary hearing. It wants to make some comment about the public protector when it is obvious that it is divided on the issue and so offers “principled support to the Office of the Public Protector” that is pursuing its leader, and to “the judiciary” that could well overrule that office.

Despite this continuous balancing act, there are indications of a slow shift in the balance of power away from ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule and towards  Cyril Ramaphosa. This NEC meeting that started on Friday was foregrounded by an incendiary statement in which Magashule claimed that NEC member (and former tourism minister) Derek Hanekom was a “charlatan” and a “wedge-driver”. The timing of the statement (Thursday, 11.28pm) led to suspicions that Magashule had not consulted with any of the top officials before releasing it, and had only spoken to people in his own office (which would include Carl Niehaus). That Magashule released this statement without consulting other officials would appear to have been proved by the NEC saying: “The issue of allegations against Cde Derek Hanekom was also raised in the meeting. The NEC referred the matter to officials for processing.”

A man described by Magashule as a “charlatan” for allegedly working with the EFF to remove then-president Jacob Zuma in 2017 is not being summoned to a disciplinary hearing. And such is the balance of power in the top six national mobsters that it seems unlikely Hanekom will face any sanction at all (it should not be forgotten that were charges to be moved against Hanekom, Zuma could also face charges for his meeting with Black First Land First during the election period). From this, it appears Magashule’s authority has been dimmed somewhat. At the very least, it demonstrates that he does not have the power to follow through with what he appeared to be promising in his statement of last week.If there is one thing the ANC’s communication machinery has become good at, it’s confirming what every voter knows, without actually naming names. This time is no different. The NEC refers to its intention to restore the unity of the party before saying that it “recognized that there is certain persistent behaviour, particularly at leadership levels, which undermines this program. These include factionalism, untested and wild accusations, use of social media to attack each other and policy positions of the ANC, leaks to media and taking the organisation to court without first exhausting internal processes.”

As anyone on Twitter knows, NEC mob like to spend time fighting with each other. If it’s not Tony Yengeni tweeting pictures of the ANC constitution and claiming it will be “thrown in someone’s face” before an NEC meeting, it’s Finance Minister Tito Mboweni lambasting those who want to change the Reserve Bank’s mandate (or just learn how to cook). Soon before the NEC meeting, Zuma tweeted that he believed Hanekom was a spy, with no evidence to back up his claim (this brings to three the number of people that Zuma “believes” are or were spies that he appointed to his Cabinets). Despite this context, despite it being obvious who is being discussed, the NEC – because of the politics of the situation – cannot bring itself to name names. While it is not the only political formation in the world that has had this problem, it gives the impression it is too weak to grasp an important nettle. The balance of mob power also appears to be shifting slightly even when it comes to the situation around the SA Reserve Bank (SARB). Magashule had put intense pressure on Ramaphosa’s faction by saying the mandate of the bank should change and that there should be “quantity easing” as part of our monetary policy.

In the end, the NEC simply appeared to copy the text of the Nasrec Conference’s resolution, “to return the sovereignty of this important national institution to the people of South Africa as a whole”. But it then went on to balance out the political factions by quoting the Constitution and the fact that the SARB has operational independence. In other words, the situation appears to have not changed in this regard. Which again suggests that Magashule has not been able to have his way – at least for the moment. Such is the situation in the ANC that it appears a movement that was able to win the liberation of this country is unable to solve the governance problem that is e-tolls. The debt that was incurred by the government for Gauteng’s highways continues to rise, and the percentage of people who pay to use the highways appears only to fall. This situation is not going to improve. The Gauteng ANC has pushed consistently against e-tolls, to the point where it has held protests against its own national leaders. Mboweni has said that the user-pay principle must apply, and people who use infrastructure must pay for it. Talks to find a solution to this problem are supposed to be underway. Mboweni may have more political power than previously thought. While he was derided by some leaders for his statements (again, this ended up on Twitter), the NEC itself called for both “an expedited solution” and affirmed the “user-pay principle”.

None of this makes sense. A cake cannot be both had and eaten, yet the party appears to be trying to do just this. The situation will not improve, a solution will not appear out of thin air. The scale of Eskom’s losses and the problems in other SOEs means there is no money to repay the e-tolls debt. And the users will not pay. Wishing it will not make it so. Which means that the situation is likely to get worse before any solution can be found. The main issue facing South Africa, the huge and increasing unemployment rate – it hit an 11-year high this week of 29%, with youth unemployment at 56% – is another example of a problem it appears the ANC cannot resolve. While the party does talk about this problem and calls on all South Africans to be “part of this national effort to accelerate inclusive growth and transformation”, no solutions are offered by the NEC. Again, jobs and the economy appear to be a victim of the party’s inability to make economic policy. While there are many reasons for this most important of problems (and a problem that entrenches racialised inequality), it is up to the ANC as the party that won the elections to find solutions. So far, it has failed to do so. Worse, no solutions are on the horizon.

Unless there is some unforeseen (and unforeseeable) wave that bolsters the global economy and picks us up with it, the number of young people sitting without a job, with hope turning to despair, is only going to rise. However, some form of economic policy could be implemented once the internal power battles in the ANC come to an end, or if one side gains ascendance. While the past performance of this NEC is not necessarily an indicator of future economic results, Ramaphosa making some progress would be great news to many. Magashule’s repeated missteps around media statements, his apparent inability to make good on his own promises, and Ramaphosa’s ability to stop any major policy changes (even if they are included in Nasrec resolutions) indicate that Ramaphosa is gaining ground. If it continues, this process could lead to improvements in governance. Ramaphosa has said he wants to create two million jobs in the next 10 years and to eradicate poverty within a generation. He will be aware that it is on these issues he will be judged. The situation in the ANC is such that making any hard and fast predictions is foolish. At the moment our politics give the impression of chaos. Creating order from this chaos is difficult. There now seem to be small glimmers of order. They are vulnerable and can be dashed at any moment. Stay tuned, stay very, very tuned.


Who is killing the blacks?

Blacks up to today contributes for the most killings among themselves- as they have done so  since the 70’s in their Hostel wars and Natal Midlands wars between the Zulu and Xhosa tribes. Can we ever forget the multiple “necklace” murders – execution by ramming a car tyre over the “accused’s” head and shoulders, douse it with flammable liquid and set the poor wretch alight that was invented by  Winnie Mandela – a practice still used  today? They still are continuing that slaughter among themselves up to today. Whites in South Africa are continuously falsely accused  that they killed “hundreds” of blacks during “apartheid.” This false rhetoric is one of the biggest propaganda lies advocated by the extremist left-wing newspapers and lapped up by all the radical black vindictive political war mongers that seek to justify their own hateful and murderous intentions . The black tribes have their own historical wars among themselves as well- as they had since the white man set foot in Africa over 400 years ago.

South Africa…a very dangerous battleground

In the midst of this diabolical warfare  is the law abiding citizen again at war against the criminals in the streets that hi-jack, rob and murder them – and farmers at war against the continuous orchestrated terrorist attacks against them on their rural farms.  In the cities the ratepayers are at war against the devious racketeering city councils, corrupt Councillors  and non-functioning state parastatals such as ESKOM to keep them  away from their wallets. On the roads the heavy hauling companies are at war with black renegades that smash their trucks and loot their cargoes.  In South Africa everybody is entangled in a war with someone else. South Africa equals a country at war with itself.   More and more people are slipping out of the middle classes into the new precarious class, called “the precariat”. This refers to people who frequently have more than one job and still can’t keep head above water. Neo-liberals regard such people as “the redundant” who did not take the right decisions, or who are “inherently” inferior and therefore could in any case never succeed. In such stressful times, it is no wonder that “the redundant” grab at collectivism. And this is what the authoritarian populist lives on.
Ramaphosa- pathelogical lair, thief  and con-artist….another Jew puppet

Cyril Ramaphosa is well known for being a thief, a  smuggler, callous killer ,usurper, blackmailer,  terrorist, extortionist , money launderer and word spinner. It appears every time the ANC sends in a new Mobster boss he is a worse specimen than his predecessor. But behind every black dictator you will find the Jew conspirator. The close interaction between the Jew and the black African spans decades ago. Jews exploit black Africans for their own personal devious agendas.Many were Communists. Most were lawyers. A few had money. But all faced what has been described as a “double marginality”: not fully accepted as white, while also alienated from an organized Jewish community beholden to the powers that be.  Jews such as Lazar Sidelsky,Nat Bregman, Arthur Goldreich, Harold Wolpe, Harry Oppenheimer, Yossel Mashel (Joe)  Slovo, Ruth First , James Kantor,  Helen Suzman, ( née Gavronsky) and Nadine Morimer have been lining themselves up to exploit the rise of  Mandela for example. Once Mandela was pushed onto the throne these Jews made sure they occupy the most powerful positions in the new government. Jews never do something without claiming their ‘rightful” compensation.

Mandela meets with Jewish communal leadership in 1990

JEWS were thick in the fry to support the communist ANC and overthrow a healthy white government. The historic first-ever meeting between Mandela and the Jewish communal leadership in June 1990. Back row, left to right: Solly Sacks (Chairman SA Zionist Federation),Abe Abrahamson (President SA Zionist Federation), Michael Katz (President SA Jewish Board of Deputies), Thabo Mbeki, Yusuf Surtees. Front, left to right: Helen Suzman, Mandela, Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris, Advocate Isie Maisels. (South African Jewish Board of Deputies)

The kenniving Jews and dodgy Ramaphosa

TODAY the Jews  still are dictating the ANC from behind the curtains- but not only the ANC- most of the black political parties are deep in their pockets. For instance every single leader of the DA has been a Jew including Helen Zille, who fakes it as a Christian but in fact both her parents are German Jews who fled from Germany before WW2. Perhaps the buggers are getting holocaust pensions – I’m not kidding. 9 million Jews, including Jews born AFTER WW2 get a $2,000 per month pension from Germany to this day. One wonder how many high level Jewish conspirators  in South Africa draw such pensions now? Maimane is the first “non-white” and “non-Jew” to run the DA, but rest assured the DA is 100% Jew Big Business funded. We have nothing but contempt for black Christians, which goes back to the actions of the very stupid, very weak, Bishop Abel Muzorewa, a Christian who was the first BLACK leader of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and who then handed over the country to Mugabe, a blatant communist. If more than 70% blacks are supposed to be “Christians” – so why is the communist who worship the devil ruling the country? 

It seems that Maimane has done something decent for once in his worthless life. It seems he has proof and has exposed Ramaphosa’s son as being involved in the massive VBS heist by the super-black criminals, all of them high level scum. NB: Ramaphosa is himself very dodgy. Ramaphosa and his brother are big con artists in business in South Africa. Ramaphosa and his bro have been stealing billions of Rands through their dodgy medical businesses. Other blacks have exposed this. It would not surprise me if Ramaphosa’s son had his fingers in the cookie jar … a chip off the old block I’d say. VBS has been fun because the blacks have been stealing like pigs, gorging themselves on their own bank, their own race, etc and this is one of the rare instances where everyone was caught. In the past, the dog shit worthless South African Police scum, a criminal organisation in its own right, along with Govt, etc always helped to hide black high level criminality.

Ramaphosa said he was aware of the business relationship Maimane was talking about but said it was legally instituted through a company Andile did business with. “It was brought to my attention a long time ago and I proceeded to ask my son what this was all about. He runs a financial consultancy business and he consults for a number of companies and one of those companies is Bosasa, where he provides services of entrepreneurship, particularly on the procurement process, and he advises both local and international companies,” he explained. News24 has subsequentlyreported that Andile Ramaphosa has denied receiving the particular R500,000 payment flagged by the DA. He said he would welcome an investigation of the matter. The Squirrel said he asked his son about the payments being obtained illegally, which he denied.

Finally, some of the disgusting truth comes out. Will the young Ramaphosa be properly punished? Of course not. If true justice had to be at work in South Africa then the hangman would be busy 24/7 hanging all the garbage who need to be hanged. Here is a closeup of the deposit slip. This is definitely an FNB (First National Bank) slip. “VODS” is the FNB transaction system.


Communist thieves gearing up to steal all your  property:
The country’s radical left-wing and anti-white government is intent on confiscating land belonging to white farmerswithout compensation. The process of state-sanctioned land grab was given further momentum when another parliamentary motion was passed on Thursday.

This week saw anothervote in the ANC-dominated parliament in favor of changing the South African constitution to allow for expropriation of property without compensation. On Thursday a motion to establish an ad hoc committee to draft an amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution, protecting property rights, was passed with 189 votes to 67, without any abstentions. A broad coalition of anti-white parties, including the ANC, EFF and NFP voted for the motion, while those in opposition such as the DA, IFP, FF Plus and ACDP voted against.

The ANC’s chief whip, Pemmy Majodina, introduced the motion which stated that the fifth parliament had already adopted a report by the constitutional review committee (CRC) recommending the Constitution should be amended so section 25 “makes explicit that which is implicit in the Constitution, with regards to expropriation of land without compensation, as a legitimate option for land reform, so as to address the historic wrongs caused by the arbitrary dispossession of land, and in so doing ensure equitable access to land and further empower the majority of South Africans to be productive participants in ownership, food security and agricultural reform programs”.

Agricultural reform or “land reform” in South Africa is a communist euphemism for expropriating farms belonging to whites. Prior to voting on the motion, MPs from the ANC and EFF, the latter clad in their customary red uniforms, stood up and sang some anti-white songs in the house of parliament. “We must complete this. We are hungry, we want our land back,” Majodina said after tabling the motion, to applause from the ANC and EFF. His counterpart from the opposition DA, chief whip John Steenhuisen said it was a “smokescreen for the government’s failure with land reform over the past two decades”. He added the process to change the constitution was “legally, procedurally and constitutionally flawed”.What this motion is, it is the greatest hoax perpetrated on the people of South Africa,” Steenhuisen added.

IFP MP Elphas Buthelezi saw no justification for amending the Constitution. “The Constitution has not failed our people, it is the policies of this (ANC) government that failed our people,” he said. Pieter Groenewald, the leader of the Afrikaner party Freedom Front Plus, said that the motion should have been named “the “motion to destroy the economy and the future of South Africa”. He also felt that the radical Marxist party, the EFF, was more honest than the ANC with its pretense of “setting preconditions” to land grabbing. “The EFF is more honest than the ANC. For them, it is an ideological issue because they say they want the land,” Groenewald said.

Bennie van Zyl, general manager of TLU SA, highlighted the corruption in the Land Affairs Department. Photo: FWM

Bennie van Zyl, general manager of TAU SA, told Farmer’s Weekly that he worried about the fact that the land affairs department was mired in corruption.

Both major farmers’ unions in South Africa responded negatively to the motion. A spokeswoman for the liberal farmers’ union, Agri SA, expressed her disappointment as she had always believed that the ANC regime could expropriate without actually changing the current constitution. Agri SA is in favour of so-called “land reform” and has even offered to cooperate with the ANC. “Whether land reform will be speeded up, must be seriously questioned,” said Annalize Crosby, spokeswoman for Agri SA. “The failure of land reform has a lot to do with the bad implementation of policy and laws and inadequate budgets and little with the unwillingness of sellers (of land).”

The more conservative union, TLU SA, described the passing of the motion as “short-sighted” and “hugely irresponsible”. “Expropriation without compensation will not deliver any good results,” said Mr Louis Meintjes, the president of TLU SA. “Research shows most of the applicants do not have the knowledge or capacity to sustainably manage the land, which at the moment contributes significantly to the rural and national economy. In most cases, they would instead opt to be financially compensated than to be in charge of the land. “The past has shown us most of the land previously expropriated now lies barren because the government did not care enough to support the new owners to manage the land successfully.”

This should  sent alarm bells ringing for anyone that owns property in South Africa- from the smallest “Spaza shop “ to the land owner and the business owner. The black socialist mob simply force this unheard of property grab agenda through into “legislation” – set it in stone- and soon will start activating their provincial and municipal wretches to start “identifying” their first targets to “expropriate”  for the “piepol.” NO black-owned property will be “expropriated”- ( for instance the illegal Ramaphosa regime  has been handed a political hot potato by the presidential expert advisory panel on land and agrarian reform, which has recommended that the Ingonyama Trust Act either be reviewed or repealed. Controversies around the Ingonyama Trust flared up after land expropriation without compensation became a policy position of the governing ANC communists. Senior ANC  big shots  were at pains to stress that land under the custodianship of traditional leaders was safe. The Ingonyama Trust was established in 1994 to be the custodian of land that was previously administered by the KwaZulu-Natal government. It comprises 29.67% of the land in the province)- .and already Ramasquirrel and his ilk are fast siphoning their own assets overseas to avoid being “expropriated” themselves.
 The Socialist ‘Polatriat” now gears itself to slam dunk all properties (read mainly white)  in South Africa and turn South Africa into a fully fledged communist state where only the “elite” few in Lethuli-House’s NEC (and their Chinese and British money-masters and commanders) will reap the cream of the crop while the rest of the population will suffer the indigestion of their error in voting the same communist slave masters  back into power. The ANC’s motion to establish a parliamentary ad-hoc committee to make the final arrangements regarding legislation that will make expropriation without compensation possible should actually read: “A motion for how to destroy South Africa and its economy”. It will place the country on a one-way track that is headed straight for disaster, just like what happened in Zimbabwe. There are still people who are under the impression that it is only agricultural land that is at stake here. Section 25 of the Constitution clearly states that property is not limited to land. It includes movable and intellectual property. The people of South Africa need to understand that expropriation without compensation will seriously jeopardize the future of South Africa and they will have to voice their misgivings about this.
“Racism” still running like “Big Time” in South Africa to keep the communist “Polatriat” in power.
Sandy Shipman during a previous court appearance. Photo: Billy Sibuyi
IF there is one thing the crypto Jew has taught the communist “polatriat” to stay in power- it is the extensive exploitation of alleged “racism.” Now this is a term that never found it’s way into the South African culture or Thesaurus  before 1994- but since it was introduced by the socialist liberal crypto-Jews in 1994- it became one of the main pillars onto which the illegal regime of the communist African National Corruption Inc. has based their success  of power onto. Since their mass “Penny Sparrow” awareness campaign in 2016 to brain wash the poor illiterate black masses into believing that all their woes is a direct result of the white “racists”(even ol’ Jan Van Riebeeck)- the racist horse was saddled time and again on a continuous pre-planned media psi-ops drive to keep the poor black masses’ attention focused on those “racist whites” in order to hide the real truth of mismanagement and corruption by the ANC criminals in power. Afrter “Penny Sparrow” there were numerous other self-manufactured “racist” incidents such as the Vicky Momberg case, Chris Heart incident, Sunette Bridges , Steve Hoffmeyer, Dan Roodt , The Reitz incident, Middelburg white farmer incident, Coligny white farmer incident and most lately the Sandy Shipment incident where especially whites were targeted to carry the brunt of the neo-liberal leftist media  sensation campaigns. Any white that promotes white nationalism is deemed by the leftist media ghouls as  a “racist” or “ white supremacist.” Black war mongers  such as Malema, Zuma, Mnxitama ,  John Nyathi Pokela and Sankara  that directly call for a genocide of whites or promote a civil war never will be labeled as “racists” by the liberal media skunk works. They are deemed black “activists ” that promotes black “consciousness” against the evil system of “apartheid.” 
In all this incidents the regime, their fascist liberal media and their corrupt kangaroo courts worked  together as a unified dark force  to demonize and persecute especially whites in their own “inquest” agenda and ensure hefty sentences for these alleged “racist” whites. With their newly found  whip to lambaste whites now- they added another tool – “hate speech”- to persecute especially whites with. Now we see today that the poor ol’ Penny Sparrow eventually found peace from this villainous pro-communist onslaught when she two days ago also went to “happy hunting grounds” at the age of 70. Whether she actually existed or not or only was a creation by the criminal regime in co-operation with the leftist media scoundrels in a contel-pro-style campaign as a conductor to introduce this new “racism” tool and divert public  attention  from the incompetent ANC regime’s mass corruption  is for you to ponder about.
Whatever the case- the crypto-Jew and their communist “polatriat” lap dogs made sure this two evil twins- “racism “ and “hate speech” are here to stay to further antagonize and persecute innocent whites for some time to come still. Mean-while black racism is rife in South Africa- but the demon media conveniently will not report it. They even black it out on social media- and when it do get reported- the person that report it immediately gets banned from the social site for 30 days.  The South African communist media is totally bias against white Afrikaners and white nationalism. South Africa finds itself in a vice of destructive social liberalism. Even staunch socialist lefties such as Helen Zille these days acknowledge the fact that there is a global drive to target especially white conservative males to be demonized as “racists.” This drive is to destroy the pillars of white conservative societies by attacking the strong foundation in the family- the Alpha male- in order to destabilize our societies and  leave the home weakened  and without protection for the villainous liberal demonic powers to destroy at will. This way “woke liberalism ” will  force the world into its devilish framework of procrastinated obedience.
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Running the illegal private black armies
Image result for narysec
IT ihas been long since the communists in South Africa has been creating their own private armies- on the tax payer’s cost that is. Now they have been adding quite “politically correct” terms and names to these privately black armies to confuse the tax payer and make this terrorists legal- but never the less this political thugs in control have been creating their own “brown shirts.” Such private armies are the ANC Youth League, the South African Communist Party Youth League, Veterans Association, NARYSEC, and private security companies. All of them totally “legal” on face value that is- but underneath the whole communist organization is one huge military setup. Each and every black communist despot runs and controls their own private army-from the ANC to the EFF to APLA, the SA Police,  Black Panthers , and the Democratic Alliance. Each and every clown is wearing a military uniform and a  beret-  and run his private circus in South Africa. That is bar if you happen to be  a WHITE naturally. Even the small political Stalins such as Malema et al wear berets. South Africa has been turned into a pseudo military state by the communists. South Africa must be the only country in the world that have all political party members wearing military uniforms and berets. But then again South Africa also must be the only country that fights a war with itself.
Image result for eff private armyImage result for apla armyImage result for julius malema
Image result for black panthers south africaImage result for azapo soldiersImage result for da berets
ANCYL spring getaway pamphlet. (Supplied)

Jacob Zuma’s legacy includes a 6‚600-strong private army that costs R2.6-billion a year and is accountable to no one‚ according to new research. In a report entitled “South Africa’s Secret Police”‚ researcher Gareth van Onselen says spending on VIP protection “exploded” during Zuma’s presidency. In nine years under his predecessor‚ Thabo Mbeki‚ it cost R4.3-billion. Over the next decade‚ that rose to R18.2-billion. “Now that Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected  just the first two years of his new administration will cost R5.8-billion in VIP protection‚” Van Onselen says in the new South African Institute of Race Relations report. The document bristles with statistics‚ yet Van Onselen says the budget for VIP protection is “shrouded in bureaucratic obfuscation”.

Some of the figures the report reveals include:

– 6‚585 people work for VIP protection;

– 4.4 guards are allocated to each of the 450 South African and foreign dignitaries they protect (2012/13 figure);

– 24.6 protectors guard each of the 137 residences and locations they are assigned to (2012/13);

– 47 guards are assigned to each of the 18 dignitaries covered by presidential protection services (2012/13); and

– 88 protectors are assigned to the president.

Van Onselen points out that these figures are in sharp contrast to the one police officer for every 346 citizens revealed in a parliamentary reply in 2014. In other words‚ the president’s level of protection is 30‚448 times what is available to each ordinary South African.The private security industry in South Africa is among the largest in the world, with over 9,000 registered companies, 450,000 registered active private security guards and a further 1.5 million qualified (but inactive) guards; many times the available personnel than the combined South African police and army. Now add to this all the secret military personnel the ANC is supporting and secretly training  in private camps in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Angola- and the dark military net spans across countries. And all of these illegal private armies are called “revolutionaries.” What “revolution” are the communists then preparing for if they are in control of the country? Who do they want to “revolt” against? 

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Black Centric Forum [BCF] will be Hosting a Shooting Range Session for all Members and external volunteers. You are hereby Invited to join the Training Session which Will Be Taking Place On The 3rd of August 2019 At an undisclosed Venue. Cost: R400 per Participant (Includes hiring of ammunition, 30 rounds, safety induction, ears and eyes protection kit and range hire)

Please Contact 
BROTHER THABANG [065 273 1640] for More Information and Booking.”


The question is why- and for what war are they preparing this masses of illegal private military organizations? Ironically was it the British Press made one big issue of the white Commando Corps training camp for young white South Africans- and immediately(as expected)- labeled it a ” white supremacist” camp with the usual demonization rhetoric with all the fitting slanderous terms such as “racists”, ” white supremacists,”, “Neo-Nazis” and G-d knows what else they could come up with- but conveniently forget about the hundreds of illegal black military organizations running rampant in South Africa of which the EFF is the one most prominent. But then again it was the British “ establishment” themselves that funded and created the EFF- so why would they expose their own demonic agendas to destabilize South Africa and keep the communists in control? Britain’s direct influence  is the one most evil force in South Africa.




Rats now  abandoning  the sinking ship in droves :
IT became quite obvious that the Corporate vultures also smelled the proverbial rat in South Africa and are fast abandoning ship to get their assets out of the country before an expected civil war breaks out sooner or later. The tell-tale signs are there that very soon the powder keg will explode- and there is no clearer indication to this than the amount of business vultures fleeing the country in droves these days. The latest is a large company in Escourt- Masonite–  that has been operational for yeas-but suddenly decided it became “unhealthy” to do business in South Africa and time to pack up and leave.  The most noted ones are companies such as General Motors, Anglo Gold, Edcon, Group Five , Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins , Lion of Africa
and Ice For Africa . And the more these big companies close down- the more jobless potential criminals are created. SA’s official unemployment rate jumped to 29% in the second quarter of the year, the highest jobless rate since the start of 2008. South Africa became a wasteland full of rich political opportunists and poor common survivalists.  The more people loose their jobs- the more the human nature to survive kicks in and the more the criminal nature take over in order to survive another day in the G-dforsaken land. Thus the communists are creating more and more criminals every day- and in South Africa- with all the criminals running rampant and hundreds of new security companies popping up- crime surely does pay! 

“As Rupert thinks about leaving SA, I feel sorry for the many black owned businesses that he funds and for the Black owned NGOs that he donates to, let alone the taxes and the thousands of South Africans that he continues to employ.Not mentioning the billions that he would take out the country. Whilst some of us wish he could take us with him as the Titanic continues to sink, my heart goes out to the many Africans who had called SA home! The fall of SA will have dire consequences for the entire continent…Businesses are shutting down for various reasons…No new wealth has been created over the past 25 years. Fitch has downgraded us and guess what, the Anc is busy fighting among themselves !As if that’s not enough, LEWC is back on the table. Its impossible to be positive please forgive me. Its game over…”– Thandeka Khoza


Businesses now are shutting down at an alarming rate- and the looming civil war is not the only reason- but also the haphazard policies enforced by the communists that force companies to close down or get liquidated. Stats SA’s April Statistics of Liquidations and Insolvencies paint a very grim picture. The number of business liquidations increased by 53.1% between April 2018 and April 2019. The number of insolvencies increased by 30.1% between March 2018 and March 2019. Given that the economy has been growing at a pedestrian 1%-2% for a few years now, it is highly unlikely that this increase is due to more businesses being opened. South Africa is becoming an increasingly hard place to do business because of the regulatory and tax burden. A total of 83 000 businesses closed their doors since the illegal state capture by the communists in 1994.  Other reasons is that South Africa has the fifth-highest cost of crime in the world. Whether it’s petty vandalism or full-scale robberies, picking up the pieces of a criminal operation can often be the death-knell for a business.Around 400 000 skilled professionals have left South Africa since 1994. They are taking their money with them, of course, but we’re now seeing a new trend where the wealthy who stay behind in the forgotten land  also send their savings abroad. This “financial emigration” means that there is less and less work for domestic experts.Economist Mike Schussler said: “We are in trouble. A lot of firms are in trouble and South Africa is getting poorer. I think we are in a space where its not going to get easy getting the economy going.

Tourists now abandoning the sinking ship…

A tour guide said a number of foreigners have cancelled trips to South Africa after hearing of attacks on tourists. Over the weekend, Ukrainian Ivan Ivanov was robbed and murdered while hiking near Hout Bay. The Table Mountain Watch Group said at least 14 people were attacked in the park since January, significantly down from the 42 attacks during the same period last year. Tour guide Ida Torres said she was concerned that ongoing attacks on tourists were having a devastating impact on the industry. Late last year, she took a group of tourists to the Simons Town area and while they were having lunch, their bus was broken into and valuables were stolen. Torres said a honeymoon couple, part of the same tour group, was held at gunpoint while walking on Signal Hill. “I must be very honest, we’ve lost a lot of tourists because of the crime,” she said. Torres said she no longer allowed members of her tour groups to get off the bus while visiting the iconic Bo-Kaap community due to an apparent rise in crime in that area. She said police visibility was desperately needed in and around popular tourist spots in the Cape.





Investors now abandoning the sinking ship…..

Foreigners are ditching South African assets at the fastest pace on record as concern mounts that the government will lose its last investment-grade rating.Overseas investors have sold a net $4.8bn of South African equities and bonds in 2019, the most on a year-to-date basis in data going back to 1998, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Outflows, particularly from fixed-income securities, have accelerated since the start of June as ratings companies and banks turned more bearish about South Africa’s fiscal outlook. The rand weakened 2.5% against the dollar last week, its worst performance since February, after Moody’s Investors Service warned that the government’s plan to double financial support for state power firm Eskom was “credit negative”. Moody’s is the only major ratings company that still grades South African debt higher than junk. Fitch Ratings followed on Friday by cutting its outlook for Africa’s most industrialized economy to negative. JPMorgan said the same day that a rally in the rand since the start of June was more to do with a supportive global environment than improvements in conditions locally. “We now believe levels are stretched enough to enter outright rand shorts,” JPMorgan analysts including London-based Anezka Christovova and Robert Habib in New York said in a note. “South Africa’s fundamental picture remains very challenging with a ballooning fiscal deficit and structurally low growth.” Despite the outflows, demand among local investors is helping to prop up South African assets. The country’s main stock index has risen almost 11% in dollar terms this year, compared with the MSCI Emerging Market Index’s 8.2% gain. And while local bonds have sold off in the past week, they have still handed investors a dollar return of 7.4% in 2019.


Farm murders- the Sudan and Zimbabwean models for a declining food production 
SOUTH AFRICA’s food security is under siege with production declining at an alarming rate since the country’s downfall was set in stone by the National Party Broederbond  conspirators at CODESA in 1990. Food production in South Africa’s doom was sealed when Peter Ramoshoane Mokaba shouted the first time “Kill the Boer- Kill the Farmer”  in a packed stadium in Pietersburg. Nobody paid much attention to his inflammatory yelling then as the media quickly downplayed it- but that first chant in 1994 was to set off the start of a terrible aftermath that would not only put the country in shame- but also initiated a slow and silent war against the white farming community that 25 years down the line- would have dire consequences not only for the farmers and their families- but also for South Africa’s food production as a whole.
South Africa’s decision to play by the global rules of free trade post 1994 put the country’s agricultural sector in a difficult position. While it was expected to compete against the best in the world, the support that could have helped it was taken away. At the same time, the countries it was competing against were very supportive of the sector – some times as much as three times more. This meant that small farmers missed out on the opportunity to catch up with farmers who had been supported previously. Beyond that, there was the problem of land distribution of mainly government-owned land which needed to be addressed without putting the spirit of reconciliation as well as productivity at risk. South Africa has limited agricultural potential and produces at relatively high cost to attain the same unit of output as most countries in the world. It is classified as a semi-arid area, meaning its rainfall is low and erratic. The country has an average annual rainfall of less than 500 mm compared with the global average of 860 mm. Only 12% of its 1.2 million square kilometers is suitable for agricultural use.Although the agricultural sector had to provide food, the new incoming communist  government also needed it to address political challenges related to rural development, social and political issues. The focus at the time was on transforming the sector to achieve these political goals rather than to prepare for global competition. Looking at land ownership, this is understandable. More than 80% of agricultural land was owned by white commercial farmers- people who had the know-how to cultivate crops. Black farmers on the contrary had no idea how to farm effectivly and productivly- although there was much being done by the previous government to educate and train black farmers to be self sustainable in their own independent states such as Bophutatswana, Transkei, Venda, Ciskei and Kwa-Zulu Natal. The black upcoming farmers never caught up with an ever changing farming technology of first world countries. On the end of the day the previous government was pumping in  millions of dollars into a lost venture- which led to a total agricultural disaster in the so-called “home lands.”
Addressing the  land distribution would also contribute to overcoming the socioeconomic challenges the country faced. These included unemployment, income inequality, food insecurity, poverty and malnutrition. Possibly the biggest of them all is unemployment, which has remained at more than 20% in this 20-year period. The majority of the unemployed are unskilled or have low skills and are affected by low and poor levels of education. Although the communist regime received billions of dollars for upliftment programs from international  benefactors such as Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and America- this funds never reached the people it was destined for- but the lion share disappeared into the pockets of scrupulous black politicians. The agriculture and mining sectors absorb the majority of the left overs that fell off the political table. Employment in the sector has declined substantially over time. In the 1970s agriculture used to employ over 2 million people on farms alone, or about a quarter of the employed. By 2014, fewer than 700,000 were employed on farms, less than 5% of the employed. The reason for this can be laid squarely in front of the door of the Communist ANC’s bias and anti-white approach towards it’s white farmers- as well as incompetent policy making.Within a year of the communist government coming into power it had to accede to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). This meant that South Africa entered into an agreement that exposed its economy to global competition and had to play by global rules, both at home and internationally. Other agreements were signed with the European Union (EU) and Southern African countries. Some are still being negotiated. The direction taken by the communist government was contrary to the stance adopted by the white government which protected and supported white South African businesses. The agricultural sector was a beneficiary through various forms of support. This included direct subsidies or through institutions such as commodity boards. The boards were responsible for regulating and supporting commodities through price setting, inputs, throughput and final products. But the support suddenly became  a “burden”  to Trevor Manual’s national fiscus.To reduce costs the communist regime  got rid of the boards. The regime would not have managed to finance 60 000 white commercial farmers only, while there were an estimated 3 million smallholder farmers who have not received support from the pre-communist government. To balance the scales, it was more convenient to remove most of the support than to expand it. But because of ill-planned financial outlays and corruption- and also a zest to rather accumulate votes at the poling stations than care about the food securities for the ever exploding black population- the ANC regime started to dis-invest the support for farmers and re-locate the funds to non-productive black squatters in the form of government “social grants” – and the creation of thousands of jobless private milita organizations. Add to this the millions upon millions of dollars squandered by the new fat cat “establishment” in wasteful expenditures rather than channel it to the agricultural sector to assist productive farmers and train and uplift new black farmers- and it spelled certain disaster for the food security of South Africa.

Related image

The farming community were left defenseless as Thabo Mbeki and Mosiuoa Gerard Patrick Lekota disabled the rural commando system that were there to protect farmers against attacks, cattle theft and plundering of their farms by vigilante black terrorists. Since this mind boggling stupid decision farm attacks escalated so much that it left close to 5000 white farmers murdered. With the new and upcoming Stalinist Julius Malema also reverberating Peter Mokaba’s old inflammatory chant of “Kill the Boer- Kill the Farmer”- things were set to become mighty unstable in the farming community. What could have been a smooth transfer of  useless government land and a serious program to allow white farmers to train and teach new black farmers systematically in the art of farming- now turned into a total slaughter of white farmers and destruction of the food producing sector. South Africa’s farming community declined from   57 980 in 1994 to approximately 41195 in 2019….a decline of nearly 32 %.


South African farming activists are outraged at the lack of police action following a series of brutal attacks on white farmers. Many in the farming community are disturbed by a newly introduced motion that rules land can be seized without any financial recompense. Critics believe that the proposal to amend Section 25 of the constitution has enabled disgruntled members of the community to invade and steal farmland without fear of legal consequences. Civil rights organization AfriForum has alleged that there have been 109 recorded attacks so far in 2018 and 15 farm murders, which means that one white farmer has been killed every five days this year.  “Our rural areas are trapped in a crime war. Although the South African government denies that a violence crisis is staring rural areas in the face, the numbers prove that excessive violence plague these areas,” said Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Safety, as reported by Newsweek. A 35-year-old farmer, Gabriel Stols, told the Independent that his brother Kyle, 21, was shot dead by four terrorists on a game reserve near Bloemfontein. “What is happening to us is torture, it is slaughter, it is brutal, it is revenge. The world doesn’t know what is happening in South Africa,” he said.




The policy was originally proposed by the leader of the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)Julius Malema, who has insisted that it is the “right ” of black South Africans to take back the land. In a speech delivered Wednesday, Malema said it was time for the white farmers to leave. “They must leave the keys of the tractors‚ because we want to work the land,” the controversial figure declared, as reported by Times Live. “They must leave the keys of the houses‚ because we want to stay in those houses.” Mr Malema has previously described land seizures as “teaching whites a lesson.” “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land,” he said in response to the motion passing by 241 votes to 83. His fiery response was, in part, as a response to remarks made by an Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, who has offered to explore options for issuing visas to stricken farmers.

Image result for 1993 farmers in sa

Race hatred was one of the most destructive components the communist ANC exploited to blame the white farmer to score political points and hide their own incompetence rather than acknowledge their own disastrous ineptocracy to address the problem and correct their mistakes. Flat denial about farm murders was in the order of the day as the ANC communist regime tried their utmost to hide this dastardly deeds- even banning the local media from reporting any attacks by blacks on whites including attacks and murders on white farms. Attacks on farms by vigilante terror groups spurred into action by despots such as Malema- linked with the total destruction of crops by black masses who are  instigated by communist  union leaders such as Marius Fransman and Tony Ehrenreich  – supported by ANC big wigs such as Mildred Oliphant and Tina Joemat Petersen also contributed to the rapid decline of food  productions. But the spiral of corruption and looting the state coffers already had started  – and the process of sucking in whole departments and provinces followed soon afterwards. The signs of the devastating effect maladministration and corruption the communist regime’s careless looting had on the economy was beginning to show.  One after the other political scandal rocketed the public – starting from Mbeki’s oil scandal through to Ramaphosa’s own VBS scandal. Zuma was the worst of them all.
Hannes Engelbrecht wrote: 
” Ignorant brats like Julius Malema can shout their lungs out about “our people” and “white and Indian settlers” – all Malema does is exposing his own lack of historical knowledge. On the other end of the scale are those shouting about white supremacy, the Boerevolk and propagating hilarious circus solutions such as an Independent Cape for the Khoi and San.
Let’s deal with that first: very, very few descendants of the San are left in South Africa, having mostly settled in Namibia and Botswana. As for the Khoi, most fled to the Northern Cape because of the devastating effect of the smallpox epidemic in 1713 while a single tribe (the Katrivier Khoi) remained in the Western Cape where they completely integrated with the amaXhosa (Gunukwebe).Most of the Khoi then ended up with the “Basters” and Griquas.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s take a look at the “settler” and “Indian” problem, Mrr Malema and Ramaphosa:

Yes, they were the first Freeburghers, the first to claim independence from the Netherlands and Britain, the first to cultivate land and the first to settle permanently on farms, in small towns and districts. What’s more, they were an integrated community (long denied by the “racially pure” and tucked away in dark, inaccessible archives). SLAVES: You see, slaves were not Xhosas, Pedis, Zulus (which did not exist then) or Venda. Slaves were from India, Bengalia; Angola, Madagaskar and… wait for it… 32 white slaves (“knechte”) mainly from Ireland.
The first known marriage was between Jan Woutersz and Catharina Anthonis van Bengale in 1656. He was, incidentally, the caretaker of Robben Island. Next came Jan Sacharias with the Indian lady Maria, also from Bengale in 1658. Up to 1800 about 5500 to 7000 of these marriages took place. Only one marriage between white and Khoi is recorded in 1664 between Pieter van Meerhoff and Eva/Krotoa.

A high profile marriage was between Arnoldus Willemsz Basson (or Wesel) to Angela of Bengale in 1669. She became the founding mother of the Basson and many other Afrikaner families. In 1676 Cornelis Claasen married Catryn van Bengale. An indigenous nation was well on its way which would eventually culminate in Afrikaner, coloured and the Afrikaans language. Contrary to popular believe the segregation between The Hollandsche SA Natie (Afrikaners) and the “coloureds” was not so much based on race, but more on class.It so came about that some “whites” ended up as “bywoners” while some “coloureds” like Jan Bantjes became the official notary of the Great Trek and later secretary of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republic.
In 1700 Christoffel Snyman and Marguerite de Savoy van Paliacatte got married. The Indian, Salomon Jacobs married a white woman, Anna Elizabeth Zeeman.
Then came: Christiaan Bok (1713), Gerrit Romond, Hendrik Willem du Plooy, Oltman Ahlers (1780), Johann Ehrlich (1796) and Jacobus Matthiam Kluysman, who all married Indian women, followed by Paulus Hartogh in 1791 to Petronella of Bouton, Hendrik Heyns to Delia van der Storm van Batavia, Hendrik Thiart to Regina Elizabeth also van Batavia, and Gerrit Gerrits to Susanna van Bombassa. 
Andries Beyers married Catharina Vrijman in 1683; Matthys Greeff to Susanna Claasen; Douw Gerbrand Steyn to Maria Lozee in 1685; Dirk Pretorius to Maria Hansen; Barend Pieters Blom and Catharina de Beer/Barre; Paulus Heyns to Maria Schalk (daughter whom Willem Schalk van der Merwe fathered with a slave).
Lourens Campher and Andrie Voormeester lived with their former-slave wives in Stellenbosch and Guilliam Frisnet, Christoffel Snyman and Barend Janz van Zwolle were in Drakenstein.
And so the list of marriages and baptisms go on and on, Malema, of a truly indigenous people settling here long before you arrived – and now you have the audacity to call them “strangers” and “settlers”?

I, for one, regard myself also as an Afrikaner/Boer, speaking Afrikaans, cherishing my history and heritage and loving my people warts and all, whatever they achieved and whatever they buggered up. Indigenous like all the other later arrivals who made South Africa their home. South Africa has a wonderful history with thousands of untold stories of our different cultures and traditions; unfortunately this history had been manipulated by two consecutive governments for decades for their own political agendas. It is time to take our real history and our real South Africa back from politicians like Malema, Maimane and Ramaphosa.”
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The call for a civil war against whites on black social sites. Yet these extremists black racists never are banned or reported for “hate speech.” They are left alone to continue their race hatred and instigation for a civil war. 
The top “clique” was too busy enriching themselves- and busy to drift further  away from the reality. The state funds start to drain fast into the pockets of the communist looters and non-functional state SOE’s such as ESKOM, (which  has reported a net loss after tax of R20.7bn for the 2019 financial year, with municipal debt rising to some R20bn.)– the SAA and the SABC took heavy tolls on the dwindling tax payer’s  contributions. To counter their terrible economic mistakes did the ANC regime opt to impose even more and harsher taxation methods and impossible laws to control private companies. This ostensibly had a devastating effect on smaller companies. Companies start closing their doors in a domino effect as liquidation figures start to soar and big business start pulling out of the country. Job losses start to accumulate and the government SASSA “grant” scheme numbers  suddenly start to bulge as more and more jobless people log onto the scheme. Again more and more money had to be found to supply the ever growing numbers. Generating money from empty state coffers and dwindling tax payer base became  about impossible. The South African Revenue Service itself was dealt a terrible blow and things start to fall apart under the incompetent and corrupt management of Tom Moyane. SARS ran into a shortfall of R 52 billion during the 2018/2019 book year and corruption within the department itself was rife. To try to compensate their uncontrollable  losses the ANC ineptocrats again revert to….more taxes! Investors now showed their discontent to the regime’s greediness and incompetence to run an economy by leaving the country in droves. 
Crime start to escalate to uncontrollable proportions due to companies retrenching staff at an alarming rate  and the general working public were choked into poverty by ever rising taxes and fuel levies. The Sudan/Zimbabwean syndrome was fast taking shape.The war between the state and the people was intensifying with literally hundreds of violent riots and strikes taking place on a daily basis across the cities. The “elite” distanced themselves more and more from the people on the ground and the reality. They became schizophrenic white collar criminals on a quest to loot even the last penny from the state coffers. The financial status of the country became viced between the looters on the one side and the drainage of much needed taxes on the other. The private Federal Reserve was foreclosed on December 25 2013-  and now are operating only as a ghost entity in a land of faux governance- pumping out more and more fictitious money to try keeping the economy afloat with loans, lies and deception. But the bottom is about to fall out as deception also cannot continue forever. South Africa was stolen bankrupt and is hoovering a notch above a total collapse- irrespective what regime-paid ‘economists” and finance “ministers” try to flog the careless populace. The country’s annual GDP start to rise sharply as the commodity market reacts to a disintegrating production sector. More and more people battle to make ends meet every month. Squatter camps start to expand by the day and the immigration out of the country became a daily occurrence as more and more expert people leave South Africa. 
Image may contain: car and outdoor
THIS is how South Africa’s capitol Pretoria look today after 25 years of incompetent communist rule…and it is about to get worse as the unions declared : ” Comrades the municipality has left us with no option but to take our strike to another level. Its time for flames and smokes. We will switch off water and electricity supply for the entire CBD. Sewage pipes will be opened to run through the entire CBD until we get our monies.” The war between the populace and the corrupt councils is about to get nasty. 
The once most revered beach of Margate– now nothing less than a refuse dump.
 25 Years later the country is staring total financial and economic implosion in the face with a staggering international debt of R2,2 trillion plus. And still the communist regime carry on taking loans from China they cannot repay. To balance the sheet does the incompetent and careless communist regime now only roll money from China to Britain to America and to Sweden. They are now borrowing from Jinping in order to pay May  so they can get a reasonable credit record in order to take out more loans from Malpass. And the communist regime clocks up debt at a staggering rate of R 1.5 milliard every week. It became an evil circle that only spells disaster as credit houses such as Moodys, S&P Global and Fitch continue to downgrade South Africa’s credit ability to BB+ . ..a notch above junk status. Amidst this financial turmoil the regime still siphons millions of dollars in useless unproductive vacuum cleaner SOE’s such as ESKOM and the SAA to keep them afloat.Government Treasury is Bankrupt! National Treasury director director-general Dondo Mogajane has said “National Treasury’s box is empty” So the straw is about to break the camel’s back. The government is now contemplating a 10% reduction in all government employee salaries.
Image may contain: 1 person, text
The Unions have said if that happens all hell will break loose. So stock up on the popcorn the show is about to become real. However we might not be able to watch the comedy on TV as SABC CFO Yolandi van Biljon has warned that “Day Zero” shutdown is fast approaching as funds have run out. With that being said, many municipal workers are still owed money, the government still owes money to the worker’s pension funds and medical aids as well. There are still nurses and doctors at government hospitals that are owed money from a few months back and the ‘Treasury Box is stolen Empty’. For the last 18 months they have been conducting all kinds of corruption scandals investigations, at enormous expense to recover stolen funds and to date not one cent has been recovered, and even while the investigations were going on another 149 Billion Rand vanished off the face of the earth at Eskom. Eskom needs more money, SAA needs money, SABC needs Money, Municipalities need Money, SA Post Office needs more money, and the list is ongoing! If they cut all employee’s salaries by 10%, The lower income earners will bear the brunt of it and they are not prepared to that, these include, the Police services, Health Services, Teachers, Municipal workers, Defense force, SAA ground staff, Eskom etc etc. Inside information says the workers are “Gatvol ” of the situation, and WILL go on massive strikes in retaliation. This is going to happen it is inevitable, not maybe, but definitely! The pressure is building up in the ranks of the ANC because of empty promises and no solutions. You can have all the land in the world but with no income you are stuffed!

Now it is much too late to pay any attention to the agricultural sector anymore. Food production became a proverbial “back-bencher.” Food imports start to rise.  Instead of designing a constructive business plan to address the fast declining food sector- does the ANC communists decide on the final disastrous venture in changing Section 25 that still protects private ownership in order to steal white productive farms and dish them out to so-called “black farmers.” This idiocracy was tried and proven to be another disaster in the making as the whole “land distribution” agenda that already cost the tax payer millions came crashing down  due to incompetent black farmers and zero government support.  Many previously white owned productive farms bought by the regime now lays barren and unproductive. 
Image may contain: outdoor
This blatant stupidity leave the mind gobsmacked- but the real agenda is to sell that farms to the Chinese for mineral excavation operations. This is truth the ANC doesn’t want the world to see is that the land expropriation is not about farming. It’s all about keeping power and  it’s GREED. The land is very rich in minerals and the Chinese  rooted there to plunder these minerals for  dirt cheap. This “expropriation without compensation” agenda will be the last straw to break the proverbial camel’s back and send the country into a Sudan/Zimbabwean starvation agendaand a looming civil war.  BUT African black despots such as Zuma and Ramaphosa  have as yet not pay any attention to what happened in other African countries ruled by the same nincompoop greedy dictators such as Bokassa, Amin and Mugabe. The sound of money in their pockets counts MUCH more to them than the sound of the cry of a hungry baby in a squatter camp. To them- on the end of the day it’s not about the country or it’s people- it’s all about numbers , greed- and power. On the end of the day was South Africa -as with many other African countries- destroyed by British Imperialism, the evil of liberalism. 
Liberalism destroyed South Africa- liberalism with all it’s fake “human rights”, fake “democracy“, fake “rainbow” propaganda, fake “racism” and “hate speech “ laws,  fake Social site  “community standards”, fake religions, fake churchesand a totally fake government….a potpourri of fake governance of utter greed that on the end led to enforced communism. When all is said and done- the word “Democracy” only is a smart term invented and used to  by the Crypto Jews to hide their orchestrated mass murders, , oppression, racism, race discrimination, alienation, suppression, violations against free speech, extermination, impoverishment  and witch hunts against the white Afrikaner people of South Africa and elsewhere in other e white countries. “Democracy” is a system invented specifically to “lawfully” exterminate the white Christian race across the world through exploitation of the enslaved non-white masses.  “Democracy” thus then is just another word for the orchestrated inhalation of the white world by the Crypto Jew Zionists- and a silent white genocide. 

WROTE Dr Anthony Turton:

“What shocks me is the rate of deindustrialization in SA. Remember that just 25 years ago:

– We had specialist entities like USCO that made sophisticated steel used for example in gun barrels;

– We were leaders in oil from coal;

– We were the only producer of steel in Africa at Iscor;

– We made copper cables at African Cables;

– There was more energy concentration in a 100 Sq km area in Vereeniging than in any other African country’s entire energy usage per hour

– Samancor produced specialist alloy feedstock and Stewart’s and Lloyd’s manufactured a range of sophisticated products of great precision like pumps

– Dorbyl fabricated heavy engineering components;

– On the military side we were nuclear capable and on the threshold of weaponizing nuclear warheads exactly like North Korea is doing today.

All of this was possible – and I am not saying it was good or bad to be nuclear capable – only because we had sophisticated technical capacity. In two decades that world class capacity has been lost and raw sewage now floods the basements of buildings. The collapse has been total and rapid. The epicenter of the most concentrated form of primary production on the African continent has been wiped out with one sweep. The country that pioneered heart transplants now breeds new pathogens that are likely to create a health catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. This speaks to the inability of a liberation movement to govern. This is a shocking truth that few want to admit. The army that just 25 years ago produced the most sophisticated artillery, and which was at a stage considered the most advanced military force in the world after Israel and which saw the creation of an attack helicopter equal to the Apache, is now retreating from Emfuleni unable to execute the mission given to it last year.” Cry the beloved country. Soon SA will be just another African sh1th0le like Zim.” – Dr Anthony Turton, – professor at the University of the Free State




White Nation