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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom  August 08   2019






“When plunder becomes a way of life, men create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it”.- Frederic Bastiat:


LEAKED emails from the heart of  Cyril Ramaphosa’s successful 2017 ANC presidential campaign reveal the names of some of his potential donors and undermine the defence that Ramaphosa was kept at arm’s length of his funders.

News24 is in possession of several emails from inside the Ramaphosa campaign that have been circulated among his political opponents and by anti-Ramaphosa accounts on Twitter in recent days.We have verified the accuracy of these emails and understand that Ramaphosa’s campaign managers believe their communication may have been illegally intercepted.

The emails were referenced in Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s report on a R500 000 donation to the CR17 campaign from controversial Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson. Mkhwebane used a complaint of suspected money laundering with the Watson donation to obtain the CR17 campaign’s bank statements and warns in her report that Ramaphosa may have been captured by his private donors. She identified donations totalling almost R200m that went into the campaign, including three large amounts from the same donor. Mkhwebane found that Ramaphosa breached his oath of office by misleading Parliament about the source of the R500 000 and has referred that money laundering allegations to the National Prosecuting Authority, and she relied on the emails to find that Ramaphosa was involved in the fundraising efforts of the campaign.


The emails in our possession show:

  • Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan was central in raising funds for Ramaphosa;
  • Ramaphosa was consulted by the managers of his campaign about plans to approach several donors, including a Greek shipping tycoon with links to the arms deal and a politically connected “socialite” previously suspected of smuggling millions of rands of gold out of the country, and
  • Despite efforts by the CR17 campaign to keep its communications secure, the emails were seemingly obtained through clandestine methods.

Two emails from Ramaphosa’s long-time assistant and CR17 campaign manager Donné Nicol to Ramaphosa and an email from Nicol’s personal assistant to another manager of the CR17 campaign, Marion Sparg, are included in the leak. A typed note by Ramaphosa himself, to what is believed to be his banker, instructs the transfer of R20m from a Money Market account (believed to be Ramaphosa’s) to an account belonging to the Ria Tenda Trust, a trust used as part of the campaign’s financial machinery.


A typed note from Ramaphosa instructing the transfer of funds from and to accounts used by the campaign. The authenticity of the note has not been disputed.

It is understood this relates to a loan Ramaphosa made to the campaign. Members of the CR17 campaign expressed concerns that the emails were obtained illegally, but they have not disputed their authenticity. It is unclear how Mkhwebane obtained the emails, and her office refused to respond to questions over their provenance this week, or whether Mkhwebane had satisfied herself the emails were not obtained illegally before including them in her report. Citing thimpending court challenge to the report, Mkhwebane’s spokesperson Oupa Segalwe said the Public Protector could not comment. In her Bosasa report, reference is made directly to emails only once, while she refers to the content of the emails five times, in vague terms, such as:

“I have evidence which confirm regular updates to President Ramaphosa in the operations of the CR17 campaign by the campaign managers, his directives to them about payments if the money into the CR Foundation as well as being asked by the campaign managers for him to speak to certain donors,” Mkhwebane’s report reads.

Not a personal pursuit

In her report, Mkhwebane relies on these emails to show that Ramaphosa was involved in fundraising for the campaign and had knowledge of who donated. It has been a key defense of the Ramaphosa team that he was kept away from the identities of the donors to avoid a potential conflict in future. Ramaphosa has consistently maintained he was not involved in the fundraising efforts, including in his submission to Mkhwebane.

AS IT HAPPENED: Public Protector claims ‘millions’ of rands flowed through Ramaphosa’s campaign account

“The funds were raised by the fundraising committee; the president also contributed financially to the campaign, and party supporters as well as sympathizers, as well as South Africans generally who are invested in the democratic project were also approached for donations,” his submission reads. “This was certainly not a personal project or pursuit.” The emails dispute this explanation.

People I need you to call, please’

On November 17, 2017, just a month before the Nasrec elective conference was held and towards the final days of the campaign, Nicol sent an email to Ramaphosa, in which she makes several requests and statements. “Mick Davis to co-ordinate a group from London including Martin Moshal – ask for a collective R20m,” she writes, and provides a UK cellphone number, which turned out to be Davis’ personal phone. She also requests that Ramaphosa call Macsteel founder, Eric Samson to “thank him for the money and ask for another R10m“. News24 attempted to reach Samson this week, to no avail.


An email from Ramaphosa’s right hand, Donné Nicol, asking his permission to approach certain individuals for donations and asking him to call others

Sir Mick Davis, who was until last week the CEO of the Conservative Party in the UK, told News24 he was never approached by Ramaphosa or any member of the campaign. “I was not contacted by Mr Ramaphosa or by any other person in this regard, neither did I do any fundraising or contribute any funds myself. I had no contact with Mr Moshal in this regard and I am personally unaware of any fundraising activities in the UK,” Davis said.


Ramaphosa has raised questions about where  Mkhwebane received some of the bank statements contained in her Bosasa report, going as far as suggesting that she obtained them unlawfully. Mkhwebane’s office however maintains that her report is above board. On Friday, it emerged that Ramaphosa had approached the Gauteng High Court in a bid to have certain bank statements in her report sealed and not made available to the public. In the lawyer’s letter, which News24 has seen, the president’s lawyers argue that there are ‘questions about where some bank statements came from and how they would have landed in the possession of the Public Protector’. Four bank accounts have been noted by Ramaphosa’s lawyers, including his own foundation’s account and, the EFG2 account, which housed Ramaphosa’s ANC presidential campaign funds. The other accounts are Linked Environmental Services and Ria Tenda Trust. Ramaphosa’s spokesperson, Khusela Diko, told News24 that some of the documents belong to private entities and on that basis should remain confidential, as emphasised in the lawyer’s letter. Ramaphosa’s legal team has asked the Gauteng High Court to seal ‘certain information’ contained in the record of the Public Protector’s report on Bosasa.

Protecting privacy of private entities

“It is our view that the documents are unrelated to the complaint the Public Protector was investigating and were or may have been obtained unlawfully.” “Since she improperly broadened her investigation into what are private entities not subject to her purview, it is only appropriate that their privacy be protected as the law allows,” said Diko. She further said the Public Protector is bound to keep the documents confidential, in line with the Public Protector’s own rules and the Protection of Private Information Act.”The Protection of Private Info Act is to protect against publication of unlawfully obtained information and the PP is not exempt from that act.” “If it was illegal as we contend for the Public Protector to even look at them, how can their private info not be protected?” Diko added. Mkhwebane’s spokesperson Oupa Segalwe however said the investigation was above board. “The PP conducted the investigation by the book. There was no [un]lawful activity,” Segalwe told News24. Once filed in court, the documents become public information which would be available to everyone, Segalwe said.

Ramaphosa- The Faux Pharaoh

When he took over from the vile and corrupt Jacob Zuma- Ramaphosa was hailed as the ‘Messiah’,who will “bring glory back to the country, “-and the economy will “boom and prosper,”- as he was purported to be “free from corruption”, and was supposedly ” clean . “But that is what the South African leftist fake media want you to believe.  Of course we know Ramaphosa NEVER was “clean.”He has a very dirty and notorious past he has- smut with dirty deals and corruption. He already have been charged with leading a rebellion in Mozambique to oust the elected government when his arse nearly were iced, Contraband smuggling, Arms smuggling, Diamond smuggling and pedophilia formed  part of his “hey days” in the past. Then there is the scam of the medical aid funds he and his brother made millions out of. Then let us not forget he ordered the slaughter of 44 innocent miners at Marikana’s Lonmin tragedy. But fast forward to August 2019,the pseudo “Messiah ” again is proven to be a lying,and corrupt charlatan and a faux Pharaoh,just like the previous Zuma pharao was. The bigger the crook- the better the chance to expand his “territory” when president.   The Afrikaans language best describe this evil little man Ramaphosa- they called him a “Rampokker.” It is the same devilish,and satanic party,the real dragon from the pits of hell,that has unleashed this evil Pharaoh again  & Ramaphosa happens to be one of the heads of the multi-headed beast which is the ANC,that has come to kill and destroy!


After much wrangling about the BOSASA donation issue,since the scandal broke out,which was met with denials from the chief pathological liar, (as he also lied about farm invasions and that white farmers are murdered in South Africa) –first claiming that the donation was for the service his son rendered to Bosasa,and when he was caught lying with his pants down,he turned around,and admitted that the donation from Watson,was for his presidential campaign,but that he was not aware(another surprise from him)of who funded his campaign,until the #RamaphosaLeaks broke out over the weekend,which exposed emails that detailed that not only Ramaphosa knew about the donations,and where they came from,but he was highly involved in facilitating them.

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In one of the emails,Ramaphosa campaign manager,Dorne Nicol,asked Ramaphosa to contact McSteel founder Eric Samson, and thank him,as well as ask for a further R10 million towards the CR17 campaign. It suicidal for Ramaphosa to take on review the PP report on his findings that he misled parliament(lied),as this will further put him in a quagmire, as he continues to contradict himself,and lie at best.Of course i knew money has been sourced,but I was never told about the intricate issues that they got involved in.i never got to know about all the other details that went into the funding of the campaign”, Ramaphosa argued in his case against the Public Protector.

But the emails have already exposed this lying beast,that he actually knew what,who and how his campaign was funded, even rewarding the campaigners with top notch jobs in the government. The man whom Ramaphosa failed to act upon,after the PP findings against him,Pravin Gordhan,is highly implicated in the emails as the one person who took central role in facilitating the funds for the CR17 campaign, and then you tell me if Pravin Gordhan is a “ Saint “,who is vilified for no apparent reason.The entire SA Parliament is less than 500 people, so in essence the entire country of over 50 million inhabitants has been held to ransom & pillaged bare by a couple of hundred ANC  mobsters & their various acolytes, placed in positions of power & authority across the various provinces in SA. The whole ANC Party is corrupt!




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